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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  December 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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everybody just hustled to get out. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, a bomb scare had shoppers rushing out of stores in delaware county, what witnesses tell us police were focused on after they received a phoned-in threat. it is super saturday, stores prepare for the procrastinators as it's the last weekend before christmas. coming up, the perks and deals you get if you waited until now, and i'm one of them. i have not even started yet. oh, well. it is starting to feel like december outside, downright frigid weather. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. meteorologist bill henley is with us this weekend with the forecast. >> super saturday because it's super windy and cold compared to last weekend when we had temperatures climb into the 70s? not happening today. the coal is here. look at the wind too. that is a steady wind in center city.
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winds gusting nearly 30 miles per hour and 40 this afternoon, and riding in on the wind is cold air. temperatures have been plummeting overnight. right now thintiv philadelphia, are in the 30s, just above freezing. south philadelphia also at 30 degrees, at 5th and warden. the winds, gusts at 32 miles per hour in wildwood. 26 miles per hour winds gusting in philadelphia topping out here 35 miles per hour, possibly a little stronger at times during the day. the wind is blowing a few clouds through the area, and there were some snow flakes that tried to fall out of the clouds, but that's all fizzled and no sign of any on the horizon. plenty of cold. today you'll feel it. 33 degrees at 8:00, and 39 degrees at noontime, and in the low 40s this afternoon. we'll have to deal with the wind
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chill through the day. >> today's stores are preparing to welcome the procrastinatorpr. it is the last weekend before christmas meaning a crush of shoppers met by a flurry of final sales. nbc 10 monique braxton is live this morning, and kohl's is doing something special for shoppers looking for last minute deals, right? >> reporter: they are, rosemary. they now 24 hours until 6:00 christmas eve, less than a week away until christmas. today is super saturday. look at the parking lot here. we've seen all of maybe five workers coming out, looking really, really tired, working no doubt around the clock since thursday making sure the stores are stocked. we also have seen a few employees going inside. now, shopper track says super saturday is the second largest day for sales and traffic in stores. behind black friday. after a season marked by warm
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temperatures, the slow store traffic, a boom in online spending, all of this means fewer people headed out to stores like kohl's, and retailers are keeping fingers crossed that changes today. several retailers are getting a jump start on the deep discounts commonly found after christmas. things like coats, sweaters, and boots already deeply discounted starting this weekend in stores again like macy's, kohl's, k-mart, and sears. now, the early bird specials just got underway here at kohl's. the managers tell us they run until about 1:00 and hope people show up and take advantage of that. we'll reach out to the first shoppers to arrive and what their feeling is, their mood, and how much money they hope to spend in an hour. monique braxton. >> thank you. police give the all-clear
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after a threat evacuated businesses in delaware county. sky force 10 was out last night where police investigated a situation in a walmart and nearby rite-aid. nbc 10 was on scene on the ground as the bomb squad arrived just after 10:00. police responded to a phoned-in threat. they checked out a report of a suspicious package left under a car, this as police and k-9 units searched the stores. a shopper explained what he witnessed. >> everybody just hustled to get out, get out to the car, sat there, got fuel up, figuring out what was going on, and the girl next to us on the way out, she said something about underneath her back tire, and the cops went to go, you know, over there and start looking, backed up, cleared the area, got everybody out. >> a police helicopter scanned the roof of the rite-aid a mile and a half away from the walmart. investigators have not said if they found a suspicious package.
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today, pennsylvania lawmakers vote on a tax plan that could help end the state's budget battle. it's. almost six months now since pennsylvania had a budget. the lack of a spending plan has been hurting cash-strapped school districts and social service agencies. governor wolff's office says they are confident they have the votes in the house for the tax bill. there could be an increase in sales tax or personal income tax. they expect after the tax plan is settled, other votes on the budget should follow. issue resolved. the democratic national committee is restoring voter files to the bernie sanders' presidential campaign hours after he sued the pear. the dnc disciplined the sanders' campaign for accessing key volter data from hillary clinton campaign. nbc 10 news caught up with the sanders' staffer. >> i did not download voter file
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data. >> sanders fired josh from philadelphia. he says he was not trying to be sneaky. nbc news learned for 40 minutes, the sanders' campaign searched key clinton voters and information. the campaign manager accused him of trying to sabotage the bid for the white house. sanders' bid for the white house. this issue is likely to come up at tonight's democratic debate that's happening tonight. hillary clinton, martin o'malley, and bernie sanders square off in new hampshire, the state with the first in the nation primary in less than two months. tomorrow morning, house speaker, paul ryan, sits down with chuck todd for an interview on "meet the press", and on tomorrow's show, chuck talks with bernie sanders. that's coming your way at 10:30 in the morning on nbc 10. i view it as the same thing as somebody hag a glass of wine.
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>> marijuana decriminalized in del delaware, but what does that mean? where can you smoke it? breaking down the new laws coming up. then, a former police officer accused of stealing evidence. we'll explain what it means for the cases he was involved in in delaware county.
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nine minutes after 6:00, hour away from sunrise, and we'll see the sun, but we have to deal with this all day long, that steady, cold wind this morning. it is in the 30s most of the areas. a few spots dropping in the twep20s. it's 34 degrees, 15 degrees colder than yesterday in philadelphia. winds steady at 15 miles per
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hour, gusting at 30 miles per hour. futurecast shows 7:00 this morning, 30 miles per hour gusts in philadelphia. winds stay with us at 1:00 this afternoon. strong winds around in the evening hours, and, in fact, a bit stronger this evening at 7:00, 35 miles per hour wind gusts, and topping 35 miles per hour in reading. a windy day with cold, gusty conditions, blowing the clouds out and a lot of sun today. warmer weather, not that far away. your seven-day forecast when i'm back in a few minutes. eagles' excitement is building, the football bus in town for the game with the cardinals. on the bus, check out memorabilia, have fun with social media, all kinds of things. >> it's a lot of fun when fans act with the bus and see everything on sunday night football. we have a lot of good energy here and it's cool to see. >> looking to get on the bus?
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well, it's going to be outside xfinity live before the eagles' game tomorrow from 2:00 in the afternoon until kickoff. can't make it? don't worry, we have you covered for tomorrow night's big game. at 6:30, the pregame special playoff push live from lincoln financial field and kickoff at 8:30. after the game, don't miss highlights, interviews, and reactions on nbc 10's eagles' game day final. next on nbc 10 news today. not sneezing or coughing as much? a different flu season from years past. >> i will finish what you started. >> the force is with disney at the box office as "star wars" is smashing records. a look at the unprecedented numbers after the break.
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new video of president obama and his family leaving california and headed for holiday vacation in hawaii. president obama and his family landed last night. the president met privately with the 14 families of the terrorist attack victims. meanwhile, investigators learn about the alleged failed plots of farook and his friend. court documents say the two planned to kill students in a community college they attened with another plot that involved dropping pipe bombs on a freeway and shooting stalled drivers. >> crazy want to hurt so many people you know. >> he's now facing conspiracy charges in the plans. we've an update this morning
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on a harrisburg teenager accused of supporting isis. take a look. this is 19-year-old jaleel, accused of using twitter to build up support for an attack in the u.s. 57 twitter accounts traced to his house. in one tweet, he threatened to behead president obama, and feds say he tweeted about pennsylvania's gun laws writing, quote, pennsylvania has light gun laws. it's very easy to arm yourself. mixed verdict. this bucks county woman could face jail time for the role in an attack on a gay couple in philadelphia. a jury acquitted knott of felony charges in the assault, but found her guilty of four misdemeanors. yesterday, the jury agreed with witnesses saying she shouted slurs and hit a man in the center city attack last year. she turned down a plea deal that two of her co-defendants accepted. they got probation. some juries were not satisfied
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with the verdict. >> i think in her mind she had no idea why she was there because she saw nothing wrong with what she did. that's -- that is so bad. >> sickening to watch her try to explain that those words were okay because they are not okay. >> knott is free on bail until sentencing in february. she could get probation or as much as two years in prison. delaware county prosecutors say drug cases will not be affected by the arrest of an officer accused of stealing from the evidence room. brad ross is a 17-year veteran of the upper darby police department, arrested yesterday and charged with stealing pills, money, gift cards, and more from the evidence room. prosecutors say he became addicted to prescription pills and stole to feed his habits. >> nobody expected him, you know, to be a thief. nobody expected him to commit criminal activity. he was a respected officer, and it's a shame that he engaged and decided to go down this course
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of action. >> ross resigned from the upper darby police department in  march. he's now out on bail, $,000. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 17 minutes after 6:00. december arrived. winds are blowing. that's cold air that's rushing into the area. look at the flags on top of the aramark building in center city. winds at 30 miles per hour and temperatures inspect lower 30s. clear skies clearing out nicely in northeast philadelphia. temperatures down to 34. millville in for a lot of sun in an hour's time, 33 degrees. that's when the sun comes up. the temperatures will be a little lower at that point. cold enough for snow making in the pocono mountains. that's blue mountain. busy this morning. they'll be able to make snow this morning and afternoon as temperatures in the mountains should be below freezing. gusts at 26 miles per hour in philadelphia. they have been stronger at the
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shore, settling down in wildwood, but that's not going to be the end. it's not a. we'll see the strong gusty winds throughout the day. the wind chill is a factor throughout the day. now 19 degrees, colder in pottstown, 22 in wilmington and northeast philadelphia. a cold, blustery day. riding on the wind is a few clouds, scattered clouds, but mainly, we'll see sun today and we'll see temperatures climb, but it's going to be a typical december day. we have not had many of those in the last month. gusty winds, cold, temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s. tomorrow morning, coldest of the season so far. 28 degrees, but with sunshine, we'll see a nice warmup sunday afternoon and less wind too. 45 degrees the high temperature. sunny but cold, especially in the eagles game, sunshine for tailgaiting, but the temperature drops throughout the evening and wind up in the 30s. close to 35 degrees colder than
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last week game. monday, though, a warmup. 55 degrees, breezy with mostly cloudy skies monday. then the clouds take over on tuesday. we will see scattered showers, but even with the showers, the temperatures will climb up to 60 degrees after a milder morning tuesday, 48 to start with. that warmup continues right on through christmas eve. sunshine won't find it wednesday, 65 degrees, and record temperatures, 71 degrees to break the record of 64 that we set last year on christmas eve, and friday, 55 degrees, breezy, cooler, but a lot of sun for christmas day. folks in delaware no longer have to worry about going to jail if they are caught with small amounts of marijuana. as of yesterday, the drug is officially decriminalized. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter, tim furlong, explains the new
6:20 am
law. >> i view it as the same thing as somebody having a glass of wine. >> reporter: this woman proposed decriminalizing marijuana in delaware, now the 19th state to do so. >> crack, heroin, cocaine, something like that, absolutely would not be having the conversation. >> reporter: to be clear, it's not legal in delaware, but if caught with an ounce of it, there's a civil fine, not the $1150 fine, pay the fine like a parking ticket, no prison sentence, and no criminal record. the law is clear it's illegal for anyone under 18 to have any marijuana, and nobody will be allowed to sell it or use it while driving. there's a number of restrictions on where you can smoke marijuana. if you're caught with marijuana and committing another crime, there's circumstances in which you could find yourself in significant trouble. supporter of the law say it basically just allows people to smoke marijuana in the privacy of their home and keeps people
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from having a criminal record that prevents them from getting a job years down the road. >> that person comes to me saying, you know, i'm trying to find a job of the what's holding you back? i got arrested for pot 1 years ago. >> reporter: surely many people in law enforcement disagree with the changes to the law. some see marijuana as a gateway drug, and some argued this opens a door for kids to try it. some supporters of the changes hope they lead to more changes. delaware has a medical marijuana dispensa dispensary, and some call for the full legalization and sale to the public. delaware's governor said that will not happen on his watch, nbc 10 news. a break from the flu. health experts say flu season is off to slower start this year, a change from the last three flu seasons. you may remember doctors offices were filled in the last few years with patients and illnesses peaked late december last year. scientists in new mexico lab used mathematical modelling to predict there's a 67% chance
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this flu season will be mild. last year i think we had three or four inches of snow on the ground. >> folks have been enjoying ice cream in december in what's known as christmas city usa. not your average holiday season, but shoppers tell us this year is better than ever. details coming up. soon, more cameras watching you on the atlantic city board walk. we'll tell you where they are going up and why some think it's the wrong place.
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this is nbc 10 news. ♪ >> they're real. >> it's going to be a very big weekend at the box office. it's been big since "star wars" game out, this is expected to surpass $250 million, surpassing the record opening of justic ju
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krrgs world in june. many graduated from the police department yesterday, joining forces in three coupes and the delaware river port authority. there was a special moment when family members who work in law enforcement pinned the badges on some of the new officers. >> i got pulled over and you're giving me a present. oh, mied go, thank you, guys. can i hug you. >> christmas gifts rather than traffic tickets, a surprise police in florida near tampa had for some of the drivers this week. while one officer stopped drivers and took down their information including what was on santa's list, another officer in a nearby store would fill that order by radio and then deliver it. police in florida say the presents are way to spread holiday cheer and build trust in the community. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> well, it's a busy weekend in
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bethleh bethlehem, the city known as christmas city, usa this time of year, packed with all shoppers, and merchants say the spring-like weather is good for business, and now with temperatures feeling wintery, visitors say it's a nice change of pace. >> actually kind of nice to have it a little cooler today. feels more holiday. >> it's warm inside the tents. not snowing. that's kind of disappointing. >> holiday events like this ice sculpting display go on all weekend. countdown to christmas is on. have you finished shopping? monique braxton is following some procrastinators. checking in with her in a moment. bill? >> rosemary, feels like a december day. temperatures for saturday and sunday with cold gusty winds typical this time of year, but there are changes ahead. that's a live view in center city, inching closer to sunrise.
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the skies are mostly clear, but cold. 35 degrees at 6:28.
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♪ more people protect their homes with state farm.
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talk to a local agent or find one at right now on nbc news, a bomb threat sent shoppers running from stores last night. an update on the investigation next. i'm monique braxton live outside kohl's. folks are not running because of a bomb threat, but cold temperatures into the stores here. we'll see what's happening after the break. >> december for a day. okay, maybe two. the whipping wind is finally making it feel like winter, but don't get used to it. you'll be surprised by how warm it will be on christmas eve. welcome back. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30 on saturday. let's get to the weekend weather
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now with bill henley. sounds like we have to get through the winter-like weather first before we get to be in florida, right? >> a weekend of winter-like weather. it's not winter yet, it's on the 21st, monday, but it feels wintery this morning for, really, the first time in a while. the temperatures have really dropped overnight, and the winds are blowing to make it feel colder. 35 in philadelphia, windsing to close to 30 miles per hour. you see the flag moving there at the studios, nice and clear. 35 degrees, winds west, north west at 14 miles per hour with gusts of 26 miles per hour now. nothing to show on the radar screen. skies are clear. plenty of sunshine, and we'll see a bit of a warmup, but it's going to be typical for december. your hour by hour forecast, sunshine, 33 degrees at 8:00.
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by 11, it's 39, and in the afternoon, it's bright and sunny skies. the stores are counting on procrastinators to make today a huge shopping day as well. monique braxton is live at kohl's staying open all day and night through christmas eve. >> reporter: hey, rosemary, it's blustery out here, six days and counting. it feels much more like the holiday season is upon us, and you can see there are a few more cars, and shopper haves been showing up, running inside. according to four square foot traffic data, super saturday, the final saturday before christmas was the busiest shopping day last year. retailers are keeping fingers crossed today will be a repeat performance. now, retail metrics, which tracks shopping trends, says while the holiday season is a
6:33 am
hit for online retailers, store traffic has dragged, and apparel retailers have been struggling to sell the cold weather gear due to an unseasonably warm start to winter in most of the country. well, details this weekend on coats and sweaters and boots could be better than earlier in the season. a lot of deals out there to be had as retailers are making a last ditch effort to boost sales and grab your money. this year, super saturday has the added benefit of coming the day after the release of "star wa wars: the force awakens," look inside the kohl's here, you see the "star wars" sign inside. many stores like kohl's release new "star wars" merchandise making it a compelling destination, according to retail analysts on the hunt if you're a parent, hunting for "star wars" gear, and we have to say there's an added bonis. the early bird specials got
6:34 am
underway about 30 minutes ago, and we've seen five shoppers running inside to take advantage of it. live in andora, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> try to stay warm. thank you. it's a busy weekend for retailers and postal service. today is the deadline for mailing first class mail to arrive by christmas eve. if you pay more or just need more time, monday is the deadline for priority mail prices, and wednesday for priority mail express. now from overnight, police give the all-clear after a threat evacuated businesses in delaware county. nbc 10 was out last night where the bomb squad investigated the situation at the walmart and nearby rite-aid. police responded so what they called a phoned-in threat. investigators checked out a report of a suspicious package undera car, but they never said if they found suspicious material.
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what comes next after the historic climate agreement signed in paris? that's what local environmental experts discuss today in a panel in center city, philadelphiaing about their experience at the climate meeting and impact of the historic agreement. in other news this morning, a north philadelphia childcare center where a baby died this week is now closed. state officials have cited gross incompetence and misconduct as reasons for the closure. a makeshift memorial is outside of sister's child care avenue. bears and messages are left in memory of the 10-month-old girl who died. a man whose granddaughter attended the center says he was impressed with the facility. >> any time you had any problems, you know, they were there for you. they were really good. i think the school was great. i was surprised it happened with a little child here. >> according to a state report, no one at the day care had up-to-date cpr training, and a report said no one called 911
6:36 am
when the baby was unresponsive. in, someone walked the girl to the hospital. convicted philadelphia cop killer says he's received poor medical care while serving his life sentence. he told a federal judge yesterday that when he asked for a drug to treat his hepatitis c, he was told he's too healthy and the drug is too expensive to give to him. he's suing the department saying he was ignored. he asked the judge to dismiss the deal, but the judge refused. he spent 30 years on death row for the shooting death of the philadelphia police officers faulkner. the sentence was overturned. he's now serving life in prison. the budget battle in harrisburg could be close to an end. the governor's office says it the support needed to pass a major tax bill in the house. lawmakers vote on that today. if it goes through, a vote on a
6:37 am
new budget could follow. speaking of taxes, montgomery county approved a new budget thursday night acalling for an increase in the property tax. that works out to about 52 dollars a year more for the average person whose home is valued at $168,000. the county says the tax increase is necessary because of the significant increase in the cost of health care at the county prison. remember this taxi cab protest in philadelphia wednesday? hundreds of drivers caused gridlock in center city after leaving their vehicles marching to city hall. i hope you were not caught in it. we learned in this case the district attorney plans to meet with the taxi and uber drivers and concerns. they say uberx is taking money from them offering cheaper rides while not having to pay for a license. it's beginning to look a lot
6:38 am
like christmas in california. yep. wait until you hear the forecast out there, and coming up, bill henley back to fill us in on the seven-day. [ dog barks ]
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[ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no!
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look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ] now your first alert weather. nice and clear it is, but that is cold, a cold december morning. the temperatures have plummeted and the winds are blowing to make it feel even colder. that's what's bringing in the cold air. winds of 22 miles per hour, gusting in northeast philadelphia at 28 miles per hour. 34 degrees right now, and it's coming down a little bit more. these will be coming up as the day goes on, winds topping 30 miles per hour this afternoon. in fact, the futurecast shows as we go into the afternoon hours,
6:41 am
winds at 25 miles per hour for trenton and northeast philadelphia, look what happens as we go into the evening, still strong gusty winds, 30 miles per hour gusts for doylestown at 7:00 this evening. there's going to be sun throughout the day. clouds that came throw overnight p blew out of here. there's a warmup, but not much, the wind is blowing, it warms into the low 40s for morristown, it feels like it's in the 30s, and at the shore, gusty winds to near 40 miles per hour. for philadelphia, wilmington, woodstown, sunshine, but the winds blowing throughout the day today feeling like it's in the low 30s this afternoon. warmer weather ahead. the seven-day in a few minutes. starting to feel like winter heer here, and looking like it. this is in northern california, a foot of snow could fall by this afternoon. this as folks on the east coast,
6:42 am
us included, prepare for some christmas forecast for more than 70 degrees. today, your chance to get the perfect holiday picture with your pet and help out a good cause at the same time. the philadelphia spca is holding a santa paws event in fishtown. bring your pet and have your picture taken with your pet all for a $5 donation fee. santa paws will be held from noon until 4:00 today. also today, a pet adoption event, homes for the holiday event, held at buzzy's bow wow meow. they are live in studio later today with a four-legged friend to talk more about today's event, part of nbc's clear the shelters campaign. that's coming up.
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i just feel safer with cameras. >> not everybody thinks that adding cameras is a good idea. we got both sides coming up. next in sports, the favor of the cardinals player asked jenkins ahead of the big sunday night game. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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learn more at
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keeping you safe. hundreds of cams ra going unon the board walk. ted greenberg has the story. >> i just feel safer with
6:46 am
cameras. >> reporter: nancy and jerry feel comforted by the cameras and look forward to more electronic eyes that will soon go up on atlantic city's board walk. >> maybe it prevents people from doing things they should not be doing once they realize you're on camera. >> reporter: 230 cameras set to hit the famous wooden way next year, part of the $11 million project funded by a loan through the casino reinvestment development authority. >> safer for the tourists, the people that live here in atlantic city. >> reporter: the cameras on the board walk are primarily owned by casinos and other businesses, but atlantic city police will operate and monitor the state of the art system from a command center at the resort's public safety building. >> live pan and tilt and zoom monitoring gives police direct information what they would see in the field as it's occurring. >> reporter: dozens of cameras
6:47 am
positioned at street ends, giving authorities to watch what's happening on and off the board walk. >> we have good coverage on the atlantic city board walk, and we're going to move to excellent coverage. >> reporter: cameras mounted on displays like these. some believe the money should be spent elsewhere. >> cameras with well suited off the board walk where the crime is. not on the board walk. there's enough cameras up here in the board walk. >> reporter: those responsible for safety here say more is always better. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with bill henley. >> cold this morning, winds are blowing, and temperatures have dropped into the mid-30s in philadelphia, and with gusty winds, it feels even colder than that. but as you can see, by a live view in center city, the skies are nice and clear. clouds we had overnight already moved out. the temperatures have come down, just below freezing in
6:48 am
allentown, a degree above freezing in mill philadelphia, and philadelphia at 43 degrees. the winds blew the clouds offshore. a live view from cape may. the wind chills in cape may are in the 20s as they are for most of the area. look at the winds gusting to 28 miles per hour northeast philadelphia. they were topping 30 miles per hour in wildwood, and likely will see that happen again as the gday goes on, with wind chills in the teens and 20s. the clouds, sun today, and because have that steady wind, it's a minimal warmup this afternoon. gusty winds and cold. high temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s where they should be this time of year. the winds, that's the big change. winds west, northwest, 15-25 miles per hour. some spots high as 38 miles per hour this afternoon. colder tomorrow morning. 28 degrees, the coldest of the
6:49 am
season so far. plenty of sunshine sunday afternoon. 45 the high temperature. going to the eagles game? cold, dropping into the 30s in the game. what a difference a week makes when the game was in the 70s last weekend. another warmup. monday afternoon, 55 degrees after a morning low of 34 degrees. warm showers on tuesday, and the warming trend continues for wednesday and thursday, and that temperature on thursday, 71 degrees, that breaks the record of 64, which we set last year on christmas eve. christmas day, plenty of sun, breezy, cooler, a high of 55. >> looking forward to it, thanks, bill. it's 6:49, a few minutes before the start of the "today" show, and we are live now from new york with more on what they are working on. hey, guys. >> hey, rosemary, good morning to you. ahead on saturday morning on "today," latest on the late night reversal from the democratic national committee giving the sanders' campaign
6:50 am
sesz to the voter data. could it come up at tonight's debate? we are live with the preview. >> this morning, why some parents and critics are concerned that a new barbie doll could put children's privacy in danger. from "star wars" to "al vin and the chipmunks," the movies for your holiday season. >> the star attraction with the hilarious court side celebrations. >> those stories and more as we start on a saturday morning right here on "today." >> thank you. see you at 7:00. >> see you in a bit. good morning to you. we are inching closer, eagles, cardinals tomorrow night. the birds are healthy, speaking of the eagles, that is. no one on the final injury report listed as questionable, doubtful, or out. eagles' safety, jenkins, if you did not know, knows fitzgerald
6:51 am
early on when jenkins atended a camp in minnesota. they need dbs to guard wide receivers, so fitzgerald has ties to the area, attending valley forge military academy. john clark has more on the relationship in this interview for the playoff push special. >> called me to get tickets this week for his family, so, you know, hopefully our fans do not treat him too bad. >> is there going to be friendly fire with trash talk between the guys this week, or is it not like that? >> you know, he's not a trash talker. he's, like, one of those guys where he's really friendly and it's annoying, helps you up every play, like, gives you a tap on the helmet. and it's really annoying, so i try to ignore him half the time. >> hey, stay with nbc 10, your official eagles station all sunday long. fun starts sunday morning at 10:00, and john clark talks with nelson agholor and the crew of
6:52 am
sunday night football. don't meet us there, beat us there. the playoff special at 6:30 kickoff at 8:30, and after the game, don't miss eagles' game day final. brett brown is the new top atlanta. sixers hired mike dantony. this your's third overall pick takes on the fourth overall pick, second quarter, the big fella shows what he's got. he had 20. later in the quarter, open for the flush. he had eight, sixers down 21 at intermission. fourth quarter, a st. joe's product busy in the paint. the floater. the foul. sixers fall 107-97, 1-27 on the season. high school football, yeah, still playing. taking on cathedral prep in the class 3a state championships, and mike waters, man about his
6:53 am
business. here is one of the three touchdowns. they win 40-3, the first philly public led team to win a state title. a big tip to the cap of the christy who earned her 600th career win as the irish win. that's sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net.
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this is nbc 10 news. it appears philadelphia has hit the bull's eye. cementer city getting a third target store. according to our partners at the philadelphia business journal, target signed a lease to move into this space here on pennsylvania avenue. currently houses the whole foods. this is all happening in fairmount, but the whole foods, of course, is moving to a bigger location. target has plans to open two center city stores, one at 19th and chestnut streets, and the other at 12th and chestnut. a lot of people shopping this week. >> and bundled up this weekend for a change, a typical december day. this morning, the temperatures have come down enough that they are making snow again in the pocono mountains. you can count on one hand how many times they've done that
6:57 am
this month. clear skies in philadelphia, clouds move fthrough overnight, blowing through, and the winds are going to be a factor all day long. right now, 34 degrees in philadelphia. look at that win from the west at 12 miles per hour. we are running 12 degrees colder than yesterday. gusts of 30 miles per hour. more this afternoon, settling down a little bit, but they will not die down until overnight tonight. a windy and cold one. 2 t 29 now, and trenton at 32 degrees, and 33 degrees in northeast philadelphia. sun throughout the day, but winds west at 12 miles per hour at 8:00, higher gusts at 11:00, but it's in the lower 30s this afternoon thanks to the strong gusty winds. >> looking forward to the warm weather next week. >> next week. "today" is next. have a good one.
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good morning. breaking overnight. reversing course. the democratic national convention reaching a deal with the sanders campaign allowing access to voter files. this after a staffer is fired accessing data from the clinton campaign. will it impact the debate? we are live in new hampshire. comforter in chief. president obama meeting with family members of the victims of the san bernardino attack. >> we meet some of the folks despite the pain and heartache, they could not have been more inspiring. >> details about what one of the shooters and friend were planning years before the attacks. weather


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