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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  December 20, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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three people are dead and a major intersection in northeast philadelphia is closed this morning. we'll have a live report from the scene with details on what happened from witnesses and police. another day of wintry weather is ahead. temperatures will hover around the freezing mark for much of the morning, but a warmup will be here by christmas. we have you covered in the first alert forecast. i am rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. we will get back to the breaking
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news in just a moment but first let's talk about the weather and bring in meteorologist, brittney shipp. i hate to say it, but winter is just about here but sounds like it's going to be short-lived. >> we are going to see a winter-like sunday, and then by tomorrow night we are going to start warming things up, and that warmup is going to lead us into the 70s by christmas eve. we definitely have much warmer weather on the way. not today and not for the eagles' game. 26 in allentown. 31 in philadelphia, and 27 in millville and in the mid-30s to start off the morning in millville. temperatures range between 42 and 45 degrees today. here's a closer look at the eagles' forecast for you. the game starts at 8:30. by kickoff, 37, and by the fourth quarter, 35 degrees. i will go over more details on what you can expect as you move closer to christmas.
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now to that breaking news. a stretch of torresdale avenue in philadelphia shut down after a deadly crash. three people were killed and now crews are trying to clear the scene. matt delucia is live, and somebody that witnessed the crash is talking about what happened. >> reporter: police tell me the car went airborne at one point. we are 150 to 200 feet from the intersection the turz dale and rhawn street. the car was going at a high rate of speed and lost control and crashed into the tractor trailer on the left. police showed up to find both, the tractor trailer and car, engulfed in flames. we spoke with police and one of the witnesses that tried to
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rescue the people in that car. >> with the holiday season coming up, it's a tragic loss of life for one or tw families right now, and for what? >> before i knew it the entire car was engulfed in flames, and there was nothing i could have done further than that. i want the families to know of whoever these victims are this close to christmas, i tried, i tried to do everything i could to get them out of that vehicle. i tried, and i'm sorry that i couldn't. >> reporter: here's another issue that complicated things out here. herbicide was onboard that tractor trailer and some of that leaked and was running down the street, and hazmat crews are coming to handle that, and this cleanup could take quite a while, so avoid torresdale at rhawn street. torresdale here is shut down, so
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keep that in mind if you head out in this area, because it's going to take time. the fire department is still out here, so it's going to be a little while longer. we will stay out here and keep you updated, and right now we are in the holmberg section of the city. >> thank you, matt. to developing news out of kenya this morning. a bomb scare forced a flight to land. six passengers are being questioned about a device that forced diversion of the air france plane. the device is expected to be a bomb, and it was found in the rest room onboard the plane. as we mentioned, they are questioning several passengers in this case and the flight was heading back to paris and carrying a total of 429 passengers and 14 crew members and everybody safely made it off the plane. it's the last chance weekend to grab those holiday gifts or
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to start, if you are like me and are a procrastinator. this is what i am not looking forward to. hundreds of shoppers, thousands searching. stores are extending hours, and the rush was in full force. >> parking was crazy. just got in here but not looking forward to the madness here. >> my first shopping day of the year, five days before christmas. >> one thing that people still are looking for this christmas, snow. not going to happen. if you want more information about which stores have extended holiday shopping hours, we have you covered on the website and nbc10 app. next, the battle of the birds in primetime.
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nelson agholor talking about this move in the end zone last week. the third democratic debate of the 2016 presidential campaign is now in the books. this morning, how bernie sanders handled the data breach involving hillary clinton and his staff. s haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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good morning. it's a cold sunday morning and
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you will see temperatures staying close to average. in the mid-40s for us as we go into the afternoon. we're still dealing with a cold wind moving in from the west, and a closer look at our temperatures as the sun continues to rise. plenty of sunshine today, a beautiful day. 26 in allentown, and 28 in quakertown, and close to 30 in doylestown. below freezing for lots of locations. 31 in philadelphia, and only 30 degrees in wilmington. 31 in mount holly, and 34 degrees in beach haven. here is how your eight-hour planner will break down today. push into the 40s by lunchtime. and then today's range between 42 and 45. i am tracking next week. expecting record-breaking warmth by christmas eve. >> i am looking forward to that i don't have to be jealous of
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our friends in florida or in california. it's going to be a cold one for the eagles game tonight. it's a battle of the birds. the eagles are taking on the cardinals at lincoln financial field. it's a showdown on sunday night football. here is john clark with a preview. >> coming up later today on "eagles game day kickoff" -- >> going deep for agholor. touchdown. >> the rookie stepped up in a big way last week and he'll sit down with a former eagle grade at his position. mike quick goes one-on-one with nelsoning ing agholor. >> sam bradford is having his best stretch as a bird but is he the answer long term? >> they care about the community and foundation -- >> we profile a special day in philly involving your philadelphia eagles, and that's
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this morning at 10:00 on "eagles game day kickoff." >> today, plenty of fans will pack the lincoln financial field, and yesterday the linc was packed with kids for a carnival. they served 700 families in the greater philadelphia region. they enjoyed carnival games, and dancing and face painting and balloon animals. each child received a personized holiday gift and a new winter court through operation warm. a charity that offers home during the holidays is keeping up its charity. there were workshops on resume building and computer literacy. i love this. i think i am going to do this this year. a tradition, the ballet, "the
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nutcracker." it's a timeless classic. yes, i apologize. >> we should move on because i don't think the american people are all that interested. >> just like that, what could have been a messy fight is over. what the democrats focused their attention to after that apology. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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bernie sanders's campaign
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suspended two workers for accessing files kept by the hillary clinton camp. that data breach scandal took center stage at last night's third democratic presidential debate. the opening comments included an apology from bernie sanders. >> i apologize. this is not the type of campaign we run and if i find anybody else involved in this they will also be fired. >> hillary clinton said she wanted to move on from the controversy because americans want to know more about the real issues. those issues include the recent terror attacks in paris and san bernardino, and gun control and national security. clinton then took a shot at the republicans. >> we must work more closely with muslim american communities, and we need to work with them and not demonize them as the republicans have been doing.
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>> martin o'malley went on the defensive attacking clinton and sanders on the gun control views and he trails the two by a wide margin. senator ted cruz took aim at the democrats while on the campaign trail. >> it really is striking they are scheduling the democratic debates at 2:00 in the morning on a saturday on alaska pbs. it's not like they don't want anybody to see their candidates for president. good morning. temperatures today starting off on the cold side, below freezing. most locations in the 20s and 30s. and it's going to be a cold
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eagles game for you and then as we get closer to christmas, i am tracking record-breaking warmth. clear skies right now and winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. feels like temperatures in the mid-20s for philadelphia and across the rest of the region, 31 degrees in mount holly, and if you are closer to reading, our temperature is at 29. the feels like with a little wind speed is closer to 18 in allentown, and 23 in wilmington. our temperatures are actually colder this morning than yesterday morning and i am sure yesterday felt pretty cold to you as well. this is a peak of the coldness and as we head into next week, we will start to see our temperatures warming back up. in mt. pocono, the wind speeds up to 21 miles per hour, and elsewhere just breezy conditions but enough to cause a windchill. and then high pressure builds across the region and we are tracking a warm christmas week.
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by tomorrow, 58 degrees, and by tuesday, 61, and then we get near a record as we head into wednesday, take a look at what happens into thursday, record-breaking warmth expected with a forecast high of 70 degrees. the record is 64. we definitely have a lot of confidence we will break that record. take a look at what happens on christmas day. temperatures drop back down into the mid-50s. a 15-degree drop, which will leave us 11 degrees above average, so still going to be a warm week for us. 43 in philadelphia, and 44 in allentown, and if you plan on heading out to the eagles game as they take on the cardinals tonight at 8:30, kickoff, 37 degrees and cold by the fourth quarter, we're talking about the mid-30s. for today we'll ring between 42 and 45, sunny and cold. lighter wind speeds towards the afternoon and also the evening, so it will feel a little more comfortable out, but still close for this time of year, monday
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night, officially winter starts and then temperatures will feel more like spring as we head into thursday. now to pennsylvania's budget battle. the state is still in limbo this morning after a tentative deal in harrisburg fell apart yesterday. the pennsylvania house overwhelmingly rejected changes to pension plans and that effectively collapsed compromise on a new state budget. the state has been without a budget now for almost six months. and house leaders want to get rising pension costs under control before any new hikes. tom wolf had been negotiating with house republicans this week agreeing to the deal with leadership but the pension bill defeat leaves it all in shamb s shambles, and we got reaction yesterday from a fill councilman. take a listen. >> if you try to compromise,
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people think you are a wuss. i don't know if it's a good way to go, and it's a democracy, and people need to know when to compromise. getting things done is what is best for the people. >> governor guwolf issued a statement on this. republican lawmakers are discussing a temporary budget solution in the meantime that could bring state help to local school districts but it would be lower than the record spending the governor had promised. we are hearing a rallying cry from some of philadelphia's thousands of muslims, and they are asking for support for two islamic holidays and they want the public schools to add the holidays to the calendar, and other school districts in the country already acknowledge the holidays.
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started driving and didn't make it to the hospital. >> a baby born in a speeding car. that was not the only scare for the parents. we will explain what was more frightening than delivering their daughter down the highway.
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it's out. she's got it. >> she's holding the baby now? >> yep. >> born at 80 miles per hour. that was part of the 911 call you just heard from a utah couple speeding to the hospital. their baby just could not wait. they were on their way to deliver their fourth child and minutes later their baby was born and the couple stopped on a nearby overpass until help
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arrived and at first the baby could not breathe because the cord was wrapped around her neck, but after a few tense moments, the baby took her first breath. >> who does this? >> here she is, and just picked her up. it was amazing to see. >> they say their newborn daughter is healthy and doing just fine. the financial force is definitely with the newest installment of "star wars." it should be a record-breaking weekend for star wars:the force awakened. it has surpassed $100 million and $250 million globally. overseas hundreds of "star wars" fans in taiwan gathered to watch the movie in costume. diehards are going to have to wait for the next installment for about two years.
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so far, the untitled episode eight is not due until 2018. breaking news in northeast philadelphia where a stretch of a major intersection is closed after a deadly crash. matt delucia is live at the scene and gathering details this morning. matt? >> reporter: part of the reason for that closure, rosemary, is because of a chemical spill. hazmat crews are coming out, and we have been talking with police and firefighters and witnesses to the crash and we'll have that coming up after the break. a cold start to the morning. we will see temperatures in the mid-40s today and then tracking a major warmup just in time for your holiday. we'll go over all the details in my full forecast. i have asthma...
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this intersection in northeast philly will be closed for most of the day. three people died early this morning when their car crashed right into a tractor trailer. it erupted in fire. matt delucia has been talking to police and witnesses who tried to help. winter officially begins tomorrow, but won't feel like it with warmer weather moving in this week. here's a live look at the center city skyline. no clouds, very cold. just ahead the record-breaking temperatures that are expected by christmas eve, we will have more on that. i am rosemary connors. it's just before 7:30 on this sunday. let's get more on today's weather now from meteorologist, brittney shipp. >> we'll see lots of sunshine today, but don't let it fool you, still cold out. temperatures in the 40s for the day, and pretty close to average for this time of year but we are
7:30 am
heading well above average pushing into next week, and head into the 70s on christmas eve on thursday. 31 in philadelphia, and 36 in wildwood. city planner shows us as we head into the next couple of hours, by the time we head out for lunch, we are in the 40s. and today's high in philadelphia at 45. that's our range between 42 and 45 degrees. sunny and cold. i am tracking warmer weather as we head into christmas eve and christmas day. plus, i will have more details on your eagles forecast as the eagles take on the cardinals tonight at 8:30. now back to the breaking news we mentioned. police say a portion of torresdale after in philadelphia will be closed for most of the day after a deadly crash early this morning. three people lost their lives. matt delucia has been live all morning long at the scene in
7:31 am
holmberg following the accident. >> reporter: it's quite an emotional scene out here, talking with some of the witnesses out here. police are telling me speed was a factor. you can see towards torresdale towards rhawn street, that car, that camaro was going up the road and lost control and crashed into the tractor trailer. look at video from earlier this morning, and this happened after 2:30. they showed up to find the tractor trailer and car engulfed in flames. we did speak with police and one of the witnesses, somebody who tried to rescue the people in that car. >> witnesses on the scene said he could hear people screaming from inside the car, and attempted to render aid but could not get to the vehicle due to the flames. >> i want the families to know of whoever these victims are, i did exactly what i tried to do, i did everything i could to try and free these people.
7:32 am
>> reporter: nobody was inside the parked tractor trailer, but something else was onboard. herbicide, and some of it leaked and was running down the street on torresdale avenue. avoid this area if you can. within the past few minutes i did see accident reconstruction folks out here doing measurements and you see the vehicles are still in the same position they were when this crash happened after 2:30 this morning. it could be a while out here, and we'll keep you posted on when the stretch of road on torresdale will re-open. now developing news out of kenya this morning. a bomb scare forced an air france flight to land. investigators are questioning six passengers. a duh device is being inspected
7:33 am
right now suspected to be a bomb. everybody safely made it off the plane. new from overnight in our area, police in philadelphia investigating a possible firebombing in a house. the fire department tells us there were no flames when crews arrived at the home and nobody was hurt here. this morning philadelphia police are also investigating a crash after a car struck and killed a 73-year-old man. this happened last night near traubg tur road. the driver did stay on the scene and investigators are trying to determine what led up to it and who is at fault. last chance weekend to grab the holiday gifts. crowds braved the cold yesterday and packed the streets with their wallets open.
7:34 am
across the bridge in new jersey, the gloucester premium outlets are having their first christmas and they opened earlier this year, and the outlets are outdoors so the fireplace was a popular spot. even santa seems ton struggling a bit in this weather. >> feels like the north pole today, absolutely. >> this is the way it's supposed to be. it's supposed to be cold. >> last weekend was very nice, and now this weekend, it's freezing. >> i'm looking forward to the warm weather ahead, but i think the cold weather is sort of refreshing, right, brit? they say at least half of holiday shoppers are waiting until this weekend to finish their list. today parishioners in delaware will hold a service to remember a church that burned down in a two alarm fire. these flames destroyed the new
7:35 am
jerusal jerusal jerusalem pheurb nary baptist church. the church has been part of the community here for 51 years. it is the battle of the birds in primetime. the one player the eagles will definitely be keeping a close eye today, and that's all coming up in sports.
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yesterday in delaware county aboard a fire truck for the walmart. he met children shopping with the sheriff. 35 kids from local schools were given the opportunity to buy presents for friends and family. organizers tell us it's a good way to foster positive relations between police and community. >> it's the spirit of giving as well as receiving, so they are going to go and pick out presents for their loved ones, and we will wrap them and have lunch and a good time and christmas cheer. >> another couple other dozen kids from therapy solutions were
7:39 am
also able to shop at the store. the gift of giving campaign allowed them to buy presents along with essentials, like food and clothing. today santa claus will be in montgomery county for lunch starting at 10:00, and you can take your picture at the lucky dog saloon and grill in conshohocken. and then the martin luther king jr. association is hosting the annual christmas party for homeless kids and children in need, and it's the 12th year for the event and it starts at 2:00 today at the council on walnut street. hope for a new pennsylvania budget deal collapsed again yesterday after the house overwhelmingly rejected changes to a state pension plan. house leaders say they want to get rising pension costs under control before they approve any tax hikes.
7:40 am
governor wolf's office told us they were confident to get enough for a vote to pass it. the governor says the stop gap budget is not the answer. a for many public schools the cash is running out without a budget. the ability to keep schools open and issue paychecks and pay bills beyond january of next year is uncertain. the "today" show is coming up. good morning, guys. >> good morning to you. just ahead on a sunday morning, we will have the latest on the news breaking overnight about a
7:41 am
possible bomb scare onboard a flight that was diverted to kenya when it was found. some sparks flying at last night's democratic debate after bernie sanders apologizes to hillary clinton for a data breach by one of his staffers. and then one of the newest attractions at the smithsonian zoo. it's a giant dose of cute. and last night, "snl," tina fey and amy poehler -- >> really good. always love "snl" christmas show, don't you? >> yes, i do. >> those stories and a lot more when we get started on a sunday morning here on "today." >> it's on my dvr, it's my sunday afternoon plan. we'll see you in a few. >> thanks.
7:42 am
it's the battle of the birds. the eagles hosting the cardinals tonight. arizona has the most big plays of 20 or more yards this season. there is the coach from york, p.a. in seven career games against the birds, fitzgerald has 11 touchdowns. >> it's always exciting, man, because you want to show up on those types of days because a lot of people watching and you don't want to get embarrassed. for us, i think we play good under pressure so i am looking forward to see how we come together in primetime. >> this time of year, everybody is banged up and sore and tired, and everybody is jockeying for position so the game demands more from you at this point. >> we have you covered on nbc10, your official eagles' station.
7:43 am
we will sit down with nelson agholor. and then 6:30 live from the linc, eagles and cardinals kickoff at 8:30, and then afterwards, live outside the locker room with "eagles game day final." don't miss it. and then end of the first period, voracek takes a knee. and the flyers respond in the third. down 2-0. and then look at that, the flyers within one. and then voracek, take a look at this. six points in his last four games. jake is back. he tied the game up at two there. and then wayne simmonds, he finds the back of the net and you have to laugh about that one. and then keeping the game alive, and flyers lose 3-2 in the shoot-out, but they have a point in 9 of 11 games. going to be tougher for the sixers in cleveland today.
7:44 am
irving making his season debut for the cavaliers. and villanova visiting virginia, second half, london, wildcats lose their second game of the season, 86-75. villanova is 8-2. st. joe's facing illinois state for the first time ever. and deandre bembry finishes with a season high. they win. and then temple hosting delaware state. 20 points for decozy. drexel hosting penn state. brandon taylor with a bucket coming up here. nittany lions win in philly, 63-57. we'll have it all covered for you, eagles and cardinals today right here on nbc10.
7:45 am
good morning. temperatures today expected to push into the mid-40s. close to average and the cold temperatures yesterday, and the trend will warm up as we go into next week. it's colder in the poconos to start making snow, and that makes the skiers happy. as we push closer to christmas, i am tracking record-breaking warmth. for philadelphia right now, lots of sunshine but only 31 degrees. the windchill is at 23, so we're in the 20 with our feels like temperatures. by the time you head out for lunch, push into the 40s by 3:00 p.m. again, lots of sunshine for us today. dry conditions, but we definitely have to deal with the cold air and that's going to be short lived, though, as we head into tomorrow, we'll warm back into the high 50s. temperature wise across the
7:46 am
region, 26 degrees in allentown, and 30 in wilmington and 36 in wildwood. feels like temperature for allentown, only 18 degrees. and the teens for lancaster and in dover, it feels like 29 degrees. 24-hour temperature map shows we are still down from this time yesterday, so this morning is colder than yesterday morning, but our wind speeds are not as bad, which is good. seeing wind gusts up to 21 miles per hour, and breezy conditions throughout the morning hours and throughout the afternoon and evening we will drop back down. a warm christmas week for us. by wednesday, temperatures will be near record breaking, and on thursday, christmas day, we will drop down to 15 degrees, and our average high for this time of year is 44. even once we drop down on christmas, we are still going to be a lot warmer than average. a cold sunday on tap for you. 45 degrees is the high today and mid-40s throughout most of the region. for sunday, today, 8:30 our
7:47 am
eagles take on the cardinals. tailgate forecast, 43 degrees and cold, by kickoff, colder, 37, and by the fourth quarter close to freezing. our temperatures today range between 42 and 45, sunny and cold. wind speeds out of the west at 5 miles per hour, and then take a look at your 7-day forecast. changes in store, mainly warming things up again after a warm week last week, and back to the 60s by tuesday, the 70s on thursday and 50s on christmas day. it was a big week of debates coming up. we're talking to chuck todd who is talking to donald trump today on "meet the press." a preview is straight ahead.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
the republican and democratic presidential candidates took to the stage and took aim at each other during another round of debates this week. it's all part of the discussion on nbc's "meet the press" this morning. joining us for a preview is moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. >> good morning, rosemary. >> donald trump arguably came out on top after this week's
7:51 am
debate and we are talking this morning about vladimir putin and a lot to cover, and what do you think he will focus on? >> knowing donald trump, he will focus on the polls are what matter the most, and is that true or not? history says they don't. if we look back at the last three most competitive fights on both sides of the aisle go back. clinton led obama in december by double digits and obama was the nominee. howard dean led john kerry by double digits and john kerry became the nominee, and history says this strategy won't work, and donald trump is trying to re-write the playbook. >> unprecedented might be a good way to describe a lot of moves during the campaign so far. >> absolutely.
7:52 am
>> chuck, you will talk to bernie sanders, and he will be a guest on your show this morning, and the breach came up during the debate last night, and was sanders able to focus his attention on big issues last? >> i think it was smart of sanders to apologize, and there is no doubt the sanders folks are probably at more fault than anybody else, and the dnc has questions they have to answer to, and it was smart of sanders to do that and it allowed him to make sure the debate was focused most on the issues, and the high hurdle for him is the command in chief test. we know sanders has a lot of passion when it comes to remaking the american economy in sort of a democratic socialists view, but when it comes to national security, he's got a
7:53 am
set of talking points and doesn't veer from them much, and there are disagreements from secretary clinton, but you can tell she is much more comfortable having a national security debate than on any other topic, so that's the part of this that i think that sanders, if there's a ceiling he is running into, i think it's because the issue matrix is changing on him. >> chuck todd, moderator of m t "meet the press." thanks, chuck. >> chuck will be talking with donald trump on his recent remarks on vladimir putin and putin's remarks on trump, and talking campaign strategy in iowa. that comes your way here on nbc10 at 10:30. we'll be right back.
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7:56 am
before we leave you this morning, we want to recap the breaking news in the holmberg section of the city. this is near rhawn street and torresdale avenue. you can see what is left of a fiery crash. a car crashed into a tractor trailer, three people inside the chevy died. matt delucia has been out there all morning talking to witnesses, and one person said he tried to help the people escape, but unfortunately, again, it was a deadly scene here. this area of torresdale avenue will be shut down for a good part of the day, and we will keep you posted when we come
7:57 am
back for a half hour of news at 9:00. it's getting cold outside. >> it's going to be short-lived. if you don't like it, we will warm things back up again. can you have a little bit of everything with this forecast. take a look at the poconos where they are making progress. the mountain is getting more and more covered by snow and it's cold enough to support the snow with temperatures below freezing starting off. 45 degrees and cold for us today. it will be a cold eagles game as we take on the cardinals at 8:30 tonight. take a look at next week, back to 70 degrees by christmas eve. we are tracking record warmth. we will be cooler on christmas day, but, wow, 20 to 25 degrees above average. >> last christmas eve, i remember, it was a little rainy but warm as well. >> yeah. we're on a roll. >> hey, and i like our -- we
7:58 am
didn't plan this. that's going to do it for us, and we'll see you back here at 9:00.
7:59 am
8:00 am
breaking overnight, airplane bomb alert. an air france flight headed for paris diverted to kenya, after suspicious devices were found in the bathroom. at least six people being interrogated. we are live with the latest. he's sorry. rnie sanders kicking off last night's democratic debate by admitting his campaign staffers messed up by looking at hillary clinton's voter data. >> yes, i apologize. >> from there, it was on to the issues. it continues to heat up on the republican side. >> donald trump is a jerk. procrastinators' delight. millions of shoppers packing the stores with five days until
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