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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 21, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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sunshine, some thinning of the clouds possible this morning but this afternoon the clouds will take over. and that's in advance of the rain that's coming our way tomorrow. by 1:00 this afternoon 53 degrees, look at the winds, south worsterly at 14. it's the southwest wind that's going to help with the warm-up today. 50s today, but even warmer weather to come. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. katy is watching your first alert traffic. >> as you can see this is the vine street expressway, the camera is off center a little. but you can see traffic on the vine street expressway is moving. that overnight construction that was preventing drivers has lifted so that's good news for drivers taking the vine as part of their commute. taking a live look right now at your drive time, 76 eastbound between the blue route and center city philadelphia, a smooth ride of 12 minutes. 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine, which you saw reopen, is 13 minutes. and then the blue route is
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looking good going southbound between 76 and 95, that's about 15 minutes. average speed on our majors in pennsylvania in the mid-60s, your area bridges are looking good headed into new jersey, and speaking of new jersey, your drive times on the 42 freeway as you head northbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge you'll encounter construction, but it's not tying anything up. that drive time is about five minutes. tracy, back to you. >> thanks for that. new from overnight police arrested a suspect in a triple shooting that killed one man. nbc 10 was on the scene on gilbert street. the gun fire broke out around midnight. the two surviving victims are in stable condition. still not clear what led to the shooting. >> a man was taken to the hospital overnight after being burned in a fire. firefighters were called to this house on north 54th street in west philadelphia. it took about a half hour to get the fire out. fire investigators are looking for the cause. today a pennsylvania supreme court justice is defending his
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right to stay on the bench after getting caught in a pornographic e-mail scandal. matt delucia is live in the digital operations center with details. >> defending himself because this hearing by the pennsylvania court of judicial discipline will determine if judge eakin will be suspended. one of the outcomes here could be an interim suspension. the state's judicial conduct board is arguing that justice eakin violated rules of the high court. and this is fallout from attorney general kane's investigation. justice eakin has served on the pennsylvania supreme court for the past 13 years. he has apologized for the e-mails in question. he said back in october that the messages do not reflect his character or beliefs and have not been related to any case he has presided over in court. justice eakin is awaiting trial on misconduct charges for the e-mails which could ultimately
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lead to his removal from the court. we will follow what happens with the suspension hearing later this morning. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> now to developing story, one person is dead and more than 35 people recovering after a driver plowed into a crowd on the vegas strip and this morning police say they think it was intentional. police say the woman repeatedly swerved her car onto the crowded sidewalk in front of the paris hotel and casino. witnesses say what they saw was hard to believe. >> saw like people fly in the air, the car hit them and it was like a bowling ball hitting pins. >> police are interviewing the driver and testing her for alcohol and drugs. police say a 3-year-old was also in the car with the driver. that toddler was not hurt. >> back in our area, northeast philadelphia community is coming together after a fiery crash claimed the lives of three people including two young women over the weekend. friends and family hugged one another as they met in the
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streets near the crash site last night. they lit candles to remember the victims. >> just the sweetest person. i miss her so much. >> tried to do everything i could to get them out of that vehicle. i tried. and i'm sorry i couldn't. >> that man saw the crash and did try to save the three people in the car but it was too late. the car went up in flames after hitting a tractor-trailer parked on the avenue. the car was speeding when it smash into the truck. investigators are looking into whether the truck was parked illegally on the street. >> two police officers in philadelphia are recovering after crashing their cruiser yesterday. the officers were heading to a call when they crashed at south 53rd and springfield avenue. both officers went to the hospital but expected to be okay. in this week before christmas church members in delaware are keeping the faith
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after their house of worship you see here burned down. yesterday the pastor led worship at a nonprofit in wilmington. here is a look at the fire wednesday from a drone. a viewer sent us this video. this is the second fire at the church in the last two weeks. still, the pastor tells us the congregation is staying strong. >> each though we lost our church and the fire devastated us, we still have jesus as lord and he has a way of bringing us together with faith and strength. >> federal investigators are trying to determine if this is a case of arson as well as a hate crime. >> well, did you see it. it wasn't pretty. last night eagles loss at the linc makes it simple. win and stay alive for the playoffs. the eagles driving to tie the cardinals before the half but a fourth and one in the red zone went nowhere.
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chip kelly opted not to use demarco murray. the cardinals coasted from there to their eighth straight win. after kelly had this answer as to why he didn't use murray on that critical play. >> it was foort and one. we got two tight ends in the game. receive tear handle the db and pound it up in and see if we can get the first down. >> the eagles record feel 6-8. we caught up with birds fans on the way home. >> it was horrible, it was disgusting, embarrassing. >> they suck right now. they just suck. >> we still have hope for the playoffs so don't count us out. >> the birds host washington on saturday night, if the eagles win that and the finale against the giants they will actually clinch the nfc east. >> can't expect much from the eagles for christmas. there are four days left if you are looking for something. it's down to the wire for last minute shoppers. nbc 10 caught up with shoppers
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last night. they told us they are feeling the pressure to get everything done before santa's arrival. >> it's a little crazy but people getting together for families, the last minute crunch. i'm trying to get the north pole together so you know it's crazy. getting the things they need. >> started yesterday. >> oh, no. >> find out which stores are offering extended hours -- i'll do this -- tap on the nbc app gor to wawas are open 24 hours a day. you'll be fine. seven minutes after 5:00. we're going to see temperatures climb in spite of cloudy skies. we're starting off with clouds, on the increase today. the big warm-up comes later in the week. before we get it, rain. i'm tracking rain, the first raindrops likely tomorrow morning, on the first day of winter. winter arrives late tonight. record temperatures on the way for the first thursday of winter which is christmas eve.
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right now 33 degrees. it's cold in reading, 44 at philadelphia international. that just leapt up in the 40s. 48 degrees in cape may. we're seeing the warm-up even before the sun comes up. that's a cloudy view of cape may. some breaks of sunshine, mainly this morning. the rain will hold off until tomorrow. the winds have kicked in. that's bringing in the warm air even at this hour. 10-mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia. last hour it was calm and the temperatures in the 30s. calm conditions for pottstown and allentown. that will not last. southwest winds kick in and that will give us the warm-up in spite of this, the clouds that are already here. you can see some thin spots, we'll get some breaks of sunshine, but it's not going to be a sunglasses day. it won't be an umbrella day. that we'll wait for tomorrow. behind the clouds you can see the rain that's moving into the ohio valley, moving to the midwest and that is just rain. you have to go much farther to the north to see snow with this system. so the forecast is calling for temperatures to climb.
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43 for mount pocono, allentown, quakertown and reading in the low 50s. sun lit skies most of the afternoon. we could see breaks in mount holly and trenton. warmer along the coast. rehoboth beach 60s. vineland up to 56. 58 in dover. doesn't look like december normally does. look at these temperatures for westchester, williamstown all in the 50s this afternoon. if that's not warm enough for you, stick around. i've got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. almost ten minutes after 5:00 on this monday. construction continues to cause people to take other routes. >> what construction is there, what's clear, she's watching the vine street expressway. >> we like this time of morning because there is limited volume on the roadways and the vine street expressway has just reopened. so average speeds right now as you head across the vine, east and westbound is in the upper 40s, low 50s. that has cleared.
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no more construction causing detours around the 76 and broad street area. so that's good news. taking a like look, this is route 422 at trooper road. light volume on 422, it really picks up in the next hour, hour and a half. i'm going to keep my eye on 422 east and westbound gets jammed around the 6:30 time frame. camden, this is 76 at market street, we're seeing light volume. i was saying earlier from all of the traffic cameras i've been seeing extra cars, specifically trucks on the roadway. and then i realize i got to work and realized that it is the busiest delivery day of the year. so that would probably be why. and if you're headed south on 95 there was construction light at allegheny avenue but that has cleared. >> 10 after 5. this morning we're learning more about the man believed to be ring leader of the recent terror attacks in paris. we'll tell you where he hid for days and we'll explain how police tracked him down.
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plus this. >> we have the youth yelling out loud and they also have started a fire possibly for a smoke signal. >> quick thinking boy scouts pull out all of the stops in a desperate attempt save their scout master from a bear.
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we have new information this morning about the man believed to have coordinated last month's deadly terrorist attacks in paris.
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a french newspaper is reporting that he went into hiding outside in the bushes for four days after the attack. police then tracked him down and killed him. the french paper says investigators used cell phone to confirm where he had been hiding. >> it turns out that a fake explosive forced a paris bound flight to make an emergency landing yesterday. the device was made out of card board, paper and a kitchen timer. it's the fourth bomb hoax against air france in the past few weeks. the device was discovered in one of the restrooms on board the plane. hundreds of passengers had to use emergency slides to get off the flight after it landed. this morning police are still questioning six passengers including the person who found the fake bomb. >> some schools in new hampshire are closed after a threat of violence. police in nashua say a school administrator received an e-mail threatening harm at two schools. police are working to confirm if
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the threat is credible. the schools are closed as a precaution, this is the latest school threat across the country. los angeles, new york and miami all received threats last week. >> this morning the man hunt continues for the texas teenager who claims that his family's wealthy lifestyle was the reason he drove drunk and killed four people a few years ago. ethan couch missed a meeting with his probation officer last week a. judge issued a warrant for his arrest. so far nobody has been able to find him. u.s. marshals believe someone must be helping him hide from police. they suspect it could be his mother who also went missing nine days ago. this comes as this video surfaced which appears to show couch and his friends playing beer pong. this could be a violation of his probation and could mean jail time. in the wake of his controversial defense in 2013 and the unexpected 10-year probation sentence, courts have received complaints of special treatment for the wealthy. >> i think accountability for
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him and would come in the form of swift and certain and severe punishment. >> couch's lawyers have not commented yet on his disappearance. >> the grandson of former president jimmy carter is dead. carter shared the news with the congregation in his church yesterday. jeremy carter was 28. the former president said his grandson wasn't feeling well saturday night, had to lay down. when jeremy's mother went to check on him his heart had stopped beating. >> they took him to the hospital. we got there i guess about 1:30 this morning, and after we were there for about 20 minutes his heart stopped beating again so they tried to give him cpr but he passed away. >> it's not clear what caused jeremy carter's death. >> the leader of a boy scout troop is telling his story how he survive add bear attack. the bear attacked when he enter add cave near a hiking trail in
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morris county. he was with three scouts at the time who were not hurt. one of the scouts called 911. first responders found the group by using gps coordinates from the scout's cell phone. the leader was flown to a hospital, in the meantime the attack has left neighbors on edge. >> that makes me a little bit nervous. absolutely having a pet, having a dog around and i was back here, i'm going to be much more aware of my surroundings. >> it's not clear how seriously the troop leader was injured. the state extended bear hunting just before the attack. >> there is the an accident in our system along lancaster avenue. >> katy is keeping an eye on the cameras. >> it's in lower merion township on lancaster avenue at remington road. it just happened not long ago so i'll keep my eye on it. it might cause you to tap the brakes but it's not tying
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anything up beyond that. thumbs up, clear on the vine street expressway. construction lifted that was blocking traffic between 76 and the exit for broad street. camden, pennsauken, this is at route 70 where there's light volume on the roadway, no issues to report on the 42 freeway. that's looking good as is 295. i-95 at cottman avenue you can see as part of a long term construction project still out there, some lanes may be restricted. it's not affecting travel as you make your way on 95 northbound into away from center city philadelphia or southbound into the city. clouds are here, the temperatures dropped but we're seeing some areas warming up even in spite of clouds. this morning, though, back to snow making. they have been at it most of the weekend in the pocono mountains. you can see the snow on the slopes, looking more impressive
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than it did last week. 44 degrees in philadelphia. it will warm into the low 40s this afternoon for the pocono mountains. we're getting a warm start in the city and at the shore. 40s for cape may, dry on beach avenue. but this time tomorrow we could likely see showers. not much wind around. wind chills in the low 30s for allentown and pottstown where the wind is a little stronger there. look at the 40s in stoouth jers. and keep the sunglasses on hold. clouds coming from the west and with these clouds come the rain for tomorrow. for today that rain stays to our west southeast heavier downpours clearing chicago into northern indiana and parts of michigan too. the radar is clear but as you go through the day today the clouds will be coming off of this rain, and the rain starts moving in late tonight. in fact, futurecast shows the showers during the afternoon hours, 3:00 this afternoon in northwestern pennsylvania,
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moving into central pennsylvania, we'll still have cloudy skies in fact more clouds this afternoon than this morning. that's 3:00. watch what happens as we go into early tomorrow morning. these are rain showers moving in. 2:00 in the morning, it will be winter, winter arrives just before midnight tonight, and the steadier rain will be arriving during the day tomorrow. in fact, we could see heavy downpours tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 in delaware and south jersey. showers for tomorrow, but for today keep the umbrella on hold. mostly cloudy skies, a few breaks of sunshine, then clouds take over. and look at the temperatures. into the 50s. 57 degrees. tomorrow warmer, in spite of the clouds and the rain, 62 in the afternoon with late day breaks of sunshine. the warm-up continues for wednesday when we'll see steadier rainfall. but without the rain, temperatures soar on thursday christmas eve, 73 will be a record high breaking the old record of 64 degrees.
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63 still warm for christmas day, then showers move in friday night and stay for parts of the weekend. >> if you are hitting the road for the holidays good news. not only will the weather mostly cooperate. the average gas price continues to drop. according to aaa it's $2 a gallon, down 15 cents from last week. and experts say we could see the average gas price shed another few cents as we head into the new year. right here in our area, the average gas price for pennsylvania is a little higher than the national average, $2.20. for new jersey it's the $1.88. and for delaware, about $1.97. >> today you could be getting that package you've been waiting for because it's the peak delivery day for the post office. we'll show you how they are handling the holiday surge. plus, if you're the new owner of a drone, it's time to take care of red tape. we'll explain what's happening today that you must do to legally get your drone in the air. ♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪
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>>. >> starting today if you own a certain kind of drone you have to get it registered. drones that weigh just more than a half a pound to 55 pounds have to be registered if you are flying them outside. you have to register with the faa by february 19. any one that buy as drone after today has to register it before its first flight outdoors. there is a $5 fee that will be waived if you register before january 20. >> 30 million packages what the
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postal zrfs is expected to deal with. landon dowdy is here with more details in the cnbc business news and how you can get your gift delivered by christmas. tell us more. >> good morning. that's right. holiday cards, letters and packages in the mail today is the peak delivery day for the u.s. postal service. the agency expects 30 million items today alone and 15 billion pieces for the entire season. but don't worry, you have time to get your presents to your loved ones by christmas. but only if you use priority mail by wednesday. and on wall street hoping for holiday cheer after a wild ride last week. futures higher ahead of the opening bell, stocks falling sharply friday weighed down by a drop in energy prices, oil traded close to 7 year lows, there is no major data today but reports on durable goods and consumer sentiment. the dow dropping 367 friday to
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17129, the nasdaq down to 4923. >> landon dowdy, thanks. we're in the final hours of autumn, late tonight, just before midnight winter starts and it's not going to feel wintry. right now it's 44 degrees in philadelphia. at 5:26. katy zachry is watching traffic. good morning. >> good morning, bill. an accident in lower merion township at remington road. and there is also a crash on 422 eastbound. i'll have details on that when i see you in a few. >> a pennsylvania supreme court justice under fire and defending himself this morning, why he could be removed from the bench at least temporarily. vile that coming up. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking)
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today supreme court justice in pennsylvania takes center stage in the porn e-mail scandal. what it could mean for his future on the bench. >> a step back with budget negotiations means the stalemate is still going strong. how lawmakers are trying to move forward. >> we just had too many self-inflicted wounds to really do anything. >> this morning the eagles
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licking those wounds after a lopsided loss. we'll tell you what it means for birds' playoff hopes. 5:30. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. still cold out there. let's check the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> it really depends where you are. in philadelphia we started off in the cold and temperatures in the 40s, started at the shore arrived in philadelphia, even though the sun is not even up. i mean it's not coming up until after 7:00. just 5:30 right now. the temperatures, they have come down especially cold, here is the cold in pottstown, coatesville, 32 degrees, 39 in wilmington. but that number for philadelphia, that is up 7 degrees in just one hour. that's at the airport. roxborough, northeast philadelphia, stoouth philadelpa in the 30s right now. but we'll see them climb and we'll wind up with a warmer day today. yeda


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