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tv   Today  NBC  December 21, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EST

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good morning. chaos on the strip. a woman with her toddler in the back of her car repeatedly plows into pedestrians on the las vegas strip overnight. one dead, dozens injured, and police believe she acted intentionally. a live report this morning. feuding front-runners. dold trump fires back after hillary clinton calls him isis' best recruiter during the democratic debate this weekend. >> hillary's not strong. hillary's week, frankly. her policies were a disaster for the world. >> this morning he'll speak with us live. saved by his scouts. a boy scout leader credits his troop for saving his life after being mauled by a bear. >> we have a gentleman in a cave with the bear. he has been injured by the bear.
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>> the quick thinking scouts gave new meaning to their new motto be prepared. and cringeworthy. a big blunder at the miss universe pageant when the wrong winner is named and crowned before host steve harvey has to admit he made a mistake. >> i have to apologize. >> some incredibly awkward moments followed before the real winner was crowned, today, monday, december 21st, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm mate lauer alongside hoda kotb while savannah is in and enjoys some time off. >> hello to you. >> awkward. >> wasn't that so awkward. >> actually took the crown off one contestant's head and put it on the other. >> i've got to tell you was watching miss colombia wave and blow kisses because she thought
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she won and then to heart news. everybody was hurting after that. >> we'll tell you much more about that coming up a little later on. >> yeah. >> start on a monday morning with our top story though. this is breaking news overnight. a woman now behind bars after police say she intentionally drove her vehicle on to a crowded sidewalk on the las vegas strip. she reportedly carried out the deadly rampage with a toddler in the back seat of the car. nbc's morgan radford is live in las vegas with the latest. morgan, good morning to us. what can you tell us. >> reporter: matt, good morning. all happened right here on this busy las vegas strip with a 3-year-old in the car. this morning one person has been killed and 36 others injured. >> person hit multiple people that were on the sidewalk. >> reporter: overnight a chaotic scene on the las vegas strip after police say a woman drove her car on to crowded sidewalks mowing down dozens of sgleem we have determined that this is an intentional act. >> reporter: officials say the black female driver in her 20s
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had a 3-year-old child in the car when she suddenly jumped the curb and plowed into a crowd of pedestrians. one wins said people flew mike bowling pins as the car slammed into the crowd killing one person. 36 people were taken to the hospital with injuries and six overnight were downgraded from critical to stable condition. >> people running behind the car, chasing the car, and the they were not police officers chasing the car. >> reporter: according to witnesses the driver seemed to ignore people pounding on the windows and yelling at her when the car finally came to a stop on the street. police say she then took off again jumping the curb at least two more times and slamming into people near the planet hollywood and the paris popular casino and hotel. >> the driver did go from one location in the street and back on to the area where pedestrians were in front of the paris. >> reporter: witnesses say she left the crime scene driving to had a hotel just a few blocks away where police found the car
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with a smashed window and arrested her. police said car is not registered in nevada and they believe the woman recently moved to the area. >> the information i got is she may have been here for a short period of time, but she's not from here. she's a recent move here. >> reporter: that woman is in custody this morning, and police say that if this was intentional, they will treat this as a homicidal act. matt, hoda? >> morgan radford out on the las vegas strip this morning. morgan, thanks so much. we have more breaking news, this from afghanistan, where reportedly a suicide bomber has killed five people. keir simmons is on ground there with more. hi, keir? >> reporter: hi, hoda, just hearing this news. hearing a suicide bomber on a motor bike attacked a joint u.s.-afghan patrol near baghram air base morning. five soldiers are dead and six jrksd according to the district governor. the taliban says it is behind the attacks and it has claimed 19 soldiers have been killed.
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that does not appear to be correct. we have been able to reach a u.s. army colener in afghanistan. he has told us we can confirm there has been a vehicle-borne improvised device explosive attack. at this time the incident is under investigation, and plainly they will be trying to figure out whether any americans have been killed, hoda, and matt, just hearing reuters and the associated press saying three foreigners have been killed in this attack. it hasn't been confirmed by nbc news. matt, hoda? >> all right, keir, thank you so much. want to turn to politics now, and donald trump is firing back at hillary clinton after she focused her attacks on him at saturday's democratic presidential debate. we'll talk to mr. frump in a moment but first nbc's hallie jackson has the latest from the campaign trail. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi there, matt, good morning. even though overnight donald trump kept up his twitter attacks against republican rivals the biggest target lately
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isn't in his own party. it's hillary clinton as she takes aim as the front-runner. hillary clinton dismissing her democratic rivals for a competitor not even on the stage. >> donald trump. mr. trump. dry. >> reporter: donald trump now hitting back. >> hillary's not strong. hillary's weak, frankly. her policies were a disaster for the world. >> reporter: their war of words intensifying after clinton zeroed in on trump's muslim comments at saturday night's debate. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruited more radical jihadists. >> reporter: so far no proof that's the case. something trump is pointing out on line. >> it's just another hillary lie. >> reporter: and on air. >> she lies like craze beeverything, whether it's trips where she was being gunned down in a helicopter, or an airplane. she's a lyrics and everybody knows that. >> reporter: republicans are also taking aim at another
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clinton comment after she referenced the united nations security council resolution in the fight against terror. >> we now finally are where we need to be. we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis. >> she is secretary happy talk. you listen to hill hill, and would you think that everything is going great in the country and no one's got a reason to be concerned unless you don't have paid family leave. >> reporter: chris christie in new hampshire trails trump there are as both trump and clinton dominate their respective races, a potential matchup spoofd on "saturday night live." >> aren't you worried about the republicans? who is their front-runner? >> donald trump. >> i told you. >> oh, my god, we're going to be president! >> reporter: trump, meanwhile, is doubling down on his defense of russian president vladimir putin who called trump a bright and talented leader and he's had political opponents and
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journalists killed now, trump insisting there's no proof of any of that. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. donald trump joins us by phone now. mr. trump, good morning. good talking to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this criticism. you fired right back at hillary clinton after the debate on saturday night. she said that your words on this ban of muslims entering the country have become isis' best recruiting tool, that they are actually showing people vitds of your comment. you said there's no proof. there's no tape, thus she is a liar and lies a lot. don't you open yourself up to the very same criticism when it comes to your claims that thousands of muslims celebrate on 9/11. there is no tape. there is no proof, so are you guilty by your same standard? >> well, first of all, there is proof because many people saw that happen, matt, as you know. it was written about in the "washington post" and numerous other places. i've been totally exonerated from that. i've had headlines exonerating me and saying trump was right. i can send you a breitbart
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stories and can send you other stories, but as far as hillary is concerned whether it's whitewater or the e-mail scandal, she always lies, and now to be saying that we're just right in the perfect spot with respect to isis, i don't think that's a lie. i really don't think she knows what she's doing. she's been a mess no matter where she's been. she's created a mess. you look at her record as secretary of state. >> we can go back and forth on the -- >> excuse me, matt. >> i'm saying we can go back and forth on whether there is video to prove that muslims celebrate on 9/11. >> well, can you go back and forth. there's many, many witnesses. there have been many stories that have come out that they celebrated, and by the way, matt, just to put it another way, they celebrated all over the world when the world trade center was falling down and they also happened to celebrate in parts of new york and certainly in parts of new jersey. >> let me move on. when you and i were at that town hall -- >> we have plenty of information on matt. >> when you and i were at that
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town hall meeting a couple months ago i asked you about some of your controversial comments, donald, and i went back to your own book "the art of the deal" where you wrote about some of the things that you had said in the past it play to people's fantasies and i call it truthful hyperbole. it's an innocent form of exaggeration and a very effective form of promotion. so is hillary clinton lying or taking a page out of donald trump's playbook? >> matt, you're talking about people dying. you're talking about-makering up tapes and videos which don't exist. her spokesperson last night made the statement, and i think she said she was sorry. she said the videos do not exist. her spokesperson said this. so what am i going to tell you? now, would i say this, matt. i will demand an apology from hillary, okay. you can be the messenger. i will demand an apology from hillary. she should apologize. she lies about e-mails. she lies about whitewater. she lies about everything. she will be a disaster as
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president of the united states. >> i will deliver that mess average i promise you. >> okay. >> let me ask you one other quick question. is there some kind of a deal, donald, between you and ted cruz? if i notice as iowa caucuses approach you've been tough on just about every one of the republican candidates save ted cruz, and he has really held his fire when it comes to you. have you guys made some deal behind the scenes that you will not criticize each other? >> no, we haven't, matt. we just get along. frankly from the time i came out, i was right about so many things. i was right about illegal immigration, and he backed me on it. before it was fashionable to back me. i was right about so many different elements and so many things. i was right about building the wall, and we will build a wall, and it will stop people from coming in illegally. we want people to come in, but we want them to come in legally. he backed me on that, so he backed me on just about everything i said, and we get along well. look, ultimately it's probably going to come down to me against
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him. i have a very, very big lead right now. >> right. >> you know i like to win and you know i win. let's see what happens. ultimately i'm sure a peaceful end because at some point we're going to have to go after each other. >> a strange year where politics and pop culture mix and i'll ask you to stick around and react to the story willie is about to bring us. >> okay, i will. >> willie geist is here with a strange evening at miss universe pageant. >> sure, was, wasn't it. >> if you missed, pull up a seat, the moment everybody was talking about this morning. the mistake that northed miss colombia to turn over her crown to miss philippines on live television after she was accidently announced as the winner. >> miss universe 2015 is -- >> it's the crowning achievement the world waits for at the miss universe pageant. >> colombia!
7:13 am
>> but this is the unexpected moment from last night that everyone will remember. >> i have to apologize. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> miss colombia, forced to forfeit her crown to miss philippines on live television after host steve harvey mistakenly named colombia the winner. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. >> harvey took to twitter soon after calling it a terribly honest human mistake but quickly deleted the post after misspelling both philippines and colombia and later replaced it with another apology saying i feel terrible. the miss universe organization told nbc news overnight unfortunately a live telecast means that human error can come into play. online the response to the mix-up was swift. harvey instantly coming under fire as moment went viral. as for the new winner and runner up, both beauty queens, remained
7:14 am
congenial backstage though a by the daeds by the incident. >> everything happens for a reason so i'm happy. i'm happy for all what i did. >> we love you, paulina. >> it's a very non-traditional crowning moment, isn't it? >> yeah, yeah. >> very, very 2015. >> strange night. aside from the memes you saw, a lot of people giving steve harvey credit for immediately taking responsibility for his mistake. we know steve. he's a great guy and feels terrible. >> that's what i was thinking. >> and nice to see miss colombia handling it with class. >> we asked donald trump to stick around, donald, as most people know, you used to own the miss universe pageant, and you tweeted this a couple moments ago. very sad what happened last night at the miss universe pageant. i sold it six month ago for a record price this. would never have happened. what's your reaction to this? >> well, it was something i guess that can happen. steve harvey is a great guy. i like the way he got out and
7:15 am
did it. it certainly was a terrible error, terrible for the young woman from colombia, but, you know, things happen. it's live television, and, you know, the new owners are tremendous people, and frankly i feel, you know, i owned it for 15 years, and sold it and they gave me so much. i said come on, we have to make this. everyone said you have to do something. >> if you still owned it and you were sitting there as this happened, what would donald trump have done? >> and i know they will be calling me today. already got a call scheduled what would i do? i'll tell you what i think i would do. i would make them a co-winner, very cool. make them a co-winner because what happened to the girl from colombia, to give it to her for a couple minutes and take it away and you have a whole country. you know, last year we had a young woman also from colombia, the entire country, i mean, they took like a vacation for about a week, the whole country was wild, so you can imagine what happened. i would say this. i would recommend that they engineer and have a beautiful
7:16 am
ceremony which is good for the brand and miss universe and do a co-winner, and i think something like that could work, maybe. but it was a tough evening, and you know what? steve harvey is a terrific guy and things like this do happen. >> one of knows morning. donald trump on politics and pageants on a monday morning. donald, thank you very much. >> covered the whole gamut. >> we d.thanks, donald. good talking to you. >> does not happen every day. all right. now to the ongoing drama surrounding the former pharmaceutical executive who became as known as the most hated man in america when he raised the price of a life-saving drug 5,000 percent. this morning he's speaking out as he faced jail time following his dramatic fall from grace. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us here with the late. hey, steph. >> good morning, hoda. martin shkreli calls the federal charges against him baseless, but there is no escaping the fallout he stepped down as head of his pharmaceutical company and faced backlash. jokes at his expense and his multiple social media accounts hacked. this morning martin shkreli is
7:17 am
speak out about his arrest, telling "the wall street journal" it's the result of his now infamous drug price increase and over the top persona. trying to find anything we could to stop him was is atitude of the government, he says, adding beingled person up and then trying to find the merits to make up for it, i would have hoped the government wouldn't take that kind of approach. even before his arrest, shkreli was accused by some of being an egomaniac. now facing charges of lying to investors and stealing from his own company, hackers took over his twitter handle on sunday according to a shkreli spokesperson turning it into martin the god. tweeting, anyone want free money, willing to donate hundreds of thousands to charities before i go to prison. most of the other tweets are too offensive to repeat. ♪ >> reporter: another hacker broke into his youtube account, same one he used to broadcast live hours of web cam sessions including one the day following
7:18 am
his aest. >> when i look at drugs and diseases, what i really want to do is to be able to make an impact on the disease, positive impact. >> reporter: the comedians on "saturday night live" securered him. >> congratulations on reinventing yourself, martin. you know, not many villains have a whole second evil career. >> reporter: shkreli is out on a $5 million bond and says he will fight charges against him in federal court. if found guilty, he could be sentenced to as many as 20 years in prison. already he has stepped down as ceo of turing pharmaceuticals and two labs are announcing they sponsored a trial by two leukemia drugs sponsored by one of his company. even a donation to a homeless charity was kicked back. they didn't want his money. in a statement the charges come at at time when he faces backlash for drug price and said he did nothing illegal and the s.e.c. is confused by his
7:19 am
complicated accounting. >> weird long videos he does tells you allotted about him, doesn't it? >> not been a good week on social media, no. steph, thank you very much. appreciate it. it has not felt a lot like christmas for a lot of people thanks to some unseasonably high temperatures. they remind us more of spring than santa, and it could be one of the warmest christmas weeks ever. al's off this week and dylan is in. what's happening? >> it's going to get even warmer. i mean, mid-70s for christmas in the northeast. looking for temperatures to be about 1 degrees above average by the time we get into christmas eve. a little cooler over the weekend but we're turning the corner now. look at some of our record highs for christmas eve. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s and we're forecast closer to 80 degrees. savannah, tallahassee. we should get into the mid-70s in washington, d.c. raleigh 78 degrees. that would crush the old record. even in the northeast, the
7:20 am
record high in boston is 61 set back in 1996. we're forecasting a high of about 67 degrees. new york city 72. then on christmas day it's going to cool down a bit, but we're still looking to be close to records. boston will fall just shy of it. new york city will fall just shy of it and still looking for temperatures to run in the 67s as we go into the upcoming holiday. that's a look at the weather that's a look at the weather ♪ one, two, three, four, ♪ can i have a little more? ♪ ♪ five, six, seven, eight, ♪ nine, ten, i love you ♪ ♪ sail the ship ♪ chop the tree ♪ skip the rope ♪ look at me ♪ all together now everything star wars for everyone. kohl's. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. temperatures will be climbing in spite of mostly cloudy skies.
7:21 am
50s this afternoon, 57 degrees for philadelphia. much warmer than normal. thanks to the southwesterly winds that will be kicking in during the day. then even warmer weather just as winter arrives. winter begins just before midnight tonight, 60s for the first days of winter, then 70s on thursday, record warmth for christmas eve and still very warm for christmas day. have a great day. est forecast. >> all right, dylan. thanks. coming up, the boy skoutd leader who says his troop helped save his life while they encountered a bear on their hike. >> with christmas a days away, a surprising culprit for putting millions of kids at risk for hearing loss, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
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sky force 10 is live over breaking news in burlington county. two vans crashed head on in woodland township, actually this is the scene about a half hour ago along route 72. first responders remain. at least two people were trapped in the wreckage. a medical helicopter flew one of the victims to cooper university hospital. you can tap the nbc news app. now the traffic around the area, katy has that. >> from the looks of it it seems like it's going to be there for some time. the scene and the response to that. so here's what's happening. in woodland township, route 72 where the crash occurred is closed we're told between route 70 and chatsforth road because of the crash the two vehicles involved and all of the debris
7:27 am
in the road and the emergency response. switching gears, we are seeing significant delays on 76, this is westbound headed out of center city philadelphia, eastbound your drive time between the blue route and the vine is about 20 minutes westbound you're seeing delays as well. >> now let's get you up on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracy, chilly in some, colder in others. cloudy skies and temperatures climbing from the 30s and 40s into the 50s, still some cold spots, northeast philadelphia 33, it's 40 in roxborough. mostly cloudy day but you will not need an umbrella. that's for tomorrow. 52 this afternoon. and the last afternoon of autumn, 54 degrees at 3:00. thanks for that. i'm tracy davidson. we'll have another update in 25 minutes.
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7:30 now on a monday morning. 21st day of december, 2015. beautiful christmas tree in the background. lovely crowd out on the plaza on a chilly morning here in the northeast, but, you know what? dylan says this week is going to warm up. we're going to see some record highs by the time christmas rolls around. go outside in a little while. >> here are the stories making news right now. police in las vegas say a woman who repeatedly plowed into pedestrians outside a casino overnight intentionally swerved her vehicle into the crowd. at least one person was hurt and dozens hurt. police arrested a woman who had a three-year-old inside of her vehicle at the time of the crash. donald trump on this show this morning demanding an
7:31 am
apology on hillary clinton after she focused his attacks on him during saturday's democratic debate. clinton zeroed in on her opponent's controversial rival after saying he has become isis' best recruiter. trump with a counterattack calls clinton a liar. and an awkward, very awkward moment, on live tv at the miss universe pageant when host steve harvey mistakenly crowns the wrong contestant. harvey admitting he made a mistake before naming miss philippines as the rightful winner and miss colombia had to give the crown back. >> weren't you a judge one year is. >> a couple years ago i was a judge. >> and? >> people take it very seriously. the audience -- people from around the world come in to cheer on these girls who have put in a lot of time, and it is intimidating so if i were steve harvey i would fainted on that stage. >> a place to hide no, question. >> absolutely. >> coming up, a hidden holiday hazard, jeff rossen will tell us
7:32 am
about a new study, sounding offer on noisy toys and how they can put your kids at risk for hearing loss. >> we'll get to that. let's begin this half hour with a massive manhunt now under way for the so-called affluenza teen. ethan couch first grabbed headlines two years ago when he avoided jail time for killing four people in a drunk driving accident. his defense team famously saying he was too rich to know right from wrong, but now couch has vanished. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest on the search. hi, kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, matt. this morning the u.s. marshall's fugitive task force is searching for ethan could you have, and now his mother has been added to the missing person's list. it's believed that ethan couch may be getting help to hide from someone, and it may be his mother. this morning federal, state and local authorities are on a worldwide manhunt for affluenza teen ethan couch and his mother tonya. u.s. marshals putting out wanted
7:33 am
poster offering $5,000 for information that leads to his arrest and the tarrant county district attorney officially naming tonya couch as a missing person. federal agents suspect two are together. >> every fugitive gets help, whether that's through his mother or somebody else. >> reporter: in ent 201316-year-old ethan couch was driving truck when he slammed no a car killing four people and injuring nine. >> we need semblances. it's bad. we flipped and, oh, god. >> reporter: part of couch's defense was that he didn't know right from wrong because he came from an affluent family, the so-called affluenza defense. instead of prison, the judge sentenced him to ten years probation. just before couch and his mother disappeared this video of what appears to be ethan at a beer popping party showed up on twitter and other party-goers told the tarrant county district attorney ethan was there which possibly violates his probation, although it does not show couch
7:34 am
drinking. authorities say this time the family's money won't help. >> you can have all the money in the world. you're going to slip up. >> reporter: district attorney here in tarrant county says they are getting dozens of leads, not only phone tips but also tips on social media and they say even if ethan couch has fled the country they will find him. matt, hoda? >> a lot of reaction to this story. kerry, thank you very much. now to a vicious bear attack that left a boy scout leader injured. tamron is here with this story, amazing. >> this is frightening. the black bear mauled a leader as he and the scouts hiked through the wilderness. this came one day after the bear season closed after being extended for the first time ever. >> we have a gentleman in the cave with the bear. he has been injured by the bear. >> reporter: a terrifying bear attack on a scout leader in the new jersey wilderness. >> he is bleeding from his neck,
7:35 am
his arm and his head. >> reporter: authorities say the leader was hiking with three young scouts on sunday when he was attacked inside of a cave off of a trail near the splitrock reservoir in northern new jersey. >> during the hike the scoutmaster located a cave which he then entered not realizing that the cave was being used as a den for a sleeping bear. >> reporter: 50-year-old christopher says the black bear pulled him into the caving biting him on the shoulders and leg. he managed to fight bear off using a rock hammer. one of the three scouts was able to call for scout and the bleeding scout leader was airlifted to an area hospital. he is expected to survive. new jersey's hunting season for bears ended on saturday with over 500 bears reportedly killed. authorities say it's the scout's preparedness that prevented a tragedy. >> thanks to the efforts and the presence of mind of the scouts that they were able to put their training into use to save the life of their scoutmaster.
7:36 am
>> in fact, some of the training police say the boys used. they tried to build a fire to attract attention and even used food to try to lure the bear out of cave. the scout leader says he was in the cave with the bear for more than an hour before it left allowing him to finally escape. terrifying. >> good to know those kids had peace of mind to do that. >> and keep their composure, scout moto be prepared and be ready to act. they did it. >> thanks, tamron. >> and now dylan has a check of the weather. today's weather is wrought to you by kay jewellers, the number one jewelry store in america. every kiss begins with kay. no changes out west. moisture is streaming in off the pacific, and it's bringing yet another storm to the pacific northwest. this time oregon is going to see most effects. we're looking at heavy rain from washington along the coast of oregon with heavy rain down near eureka, california, but winds will be extremely gusty. right in through here, you can see the brown area across most of oregon and even southern
7:37 am
washington state. we do have high wind warnings with the potential for gusts up to 65 miles per hour. there's also a storm warning out along the water. we are looking the at potential of about 4 to 7 inches of rain, especially in northwestern california. we also will see a round of heavier rain, especially along the western edge of the sierra. in the sierra though, we could see as much as 3 feet of snow. this is all building up that mountain good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. temperatures will be climbing in spite of mostly cloudy skies. 50s this afternoon, 57 degrees for philadelphia. much warmer than normal. thanks to the southwesterly winds that will be kicking in during the day. then even warmer weather just as winter arrives. winter begins just before midnight tonight, 60s for the first days of winter, then 70s on thursday, record warmth for christmas eve and still very warm for christmas day. have a great day.
7:38 am
>> and that's your late forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you very much. coming up, why parents shouldn't play games when it comes to teaching your kids how to lose gracefully. >> mr. lauer has a strong opinion on that one. and up next, a warning for parent. >> hi, good morning. i'm jeff rossen. we're all out buying toys for our kids this holiday season, and you know some of them are really noisy. turns out it's not just annoying. experts say some of those toys could be damaging your child's ears so we have pulled out audio meter and we're testing some toys and it turns out some of them are louder than an them are louder than an ambulance with grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up.
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uhm... santa? back now at 7:43 with "rossen reports" and a new safety warning that make you think twice before buying certainly holiday toys for your kid this holiday season. >> here is correspondent jeff rossen. what have you got. >> reporter: parent across the country are saying hallelujah, i knew it and every year we go to the store and buy toys and you know they are noisy, and it drives us crazy, but turns out they are not just annoying. they are so noisy this could actually be harming your child's ear so how loud do they get? you won't believe it. this morning we're putting these toys to the test. squeaking, rattling, singing. this week kids excited to get their hands on toys like these.
7:44 am
but they make a lot of noise. what you can't hear damage to your child's hearing. it's called noise-indiced hearing loss, affecting an estimated 5 million kids. a recent study naming loud toys as a cause. the cdc says it develops over a long period of time, listening to anything over 85 decibels of sound. dr. sandy levy is a speech and hearing special sglist just to give you an idea of how loud sounds are, whispering is 30 decibels and conversation is 60 decibels. >> reporter: so talking right now as we are, yeah, it's around 60, 59 and i'm a loud talker. let's try this rattle. hitting 90 there. >> hitting 90 which is way above safe listening levels. >> reporter: believe it or not, that's as loud as an electric drill, and this wheel toy. >> that got up to about 19 decibels. >> reporter: about as loud as a
7:45 am
hair dryer. >> i think i speak for a lot of parents who have a lot of these toys as home. i know my kids play with them every single day and they play just fine. >> that's the thing with noise-induced hearing loss, it's gradual and the parent and child will not necessarily notice. >> reporter: but most surprising test this, toy horn. >> over 106 decibels with that toy. >> reporter: way over. >> way over. >> reporter: just to give you an idea how loud that is, what if i told you that some toys are just as loud as an ambulance screeching by with a sigh cen on. yeah, i didn't believe it either so we got ourselves an ambulance and have the audio meter. let's hit the siren. look at that. just under 100. you can kill that. just under 100. some of the toys we tested are even louder than this. the toy industry association telling nbc news they consulted with an audiologist when developing a sound limit for toys and that no toys intended for children have been found to be dangerous based on their
7:46 am
sound level. >> this christmas think safe listening and limit the amount of exposure to loud toys. >> reporter: look, we're all still going to buy these toys, no way to get around that, but in are ways to protect them from hearing loss or children, that is. experts say here's one example, for example. i have that toy out here, the one we play on the air. you can actually take a piece of tape and i've done it here. take a piece of tape and put it right over the speaker and you knock down the decibels. that way the child can play with the toy and still here it. the other thing can you do if you want to go to the store and check it out when you buy it. there are these free apps that you can just type in sound meter from the toy store, all free and you can hold it up to your toys and the built-in excuse to not pie them for your kids. >> we're all going to take out our ear pieces, all decided we don't feel like listening, we're done. >> probably have hearing loss in that ear. >> from wearing something like
7:47 am
this for 30 years no, question, and hoda is not a loud talker either, not at all. >> jeff, thank you. all right. a chip off the old block, duane "the rock" johnson shares his first picture of his new baby right after this. up next, carson talks the stars, about "star wars" and its empire-sides success at the weekend box office. carson has that first right after th why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard,
7:48 am
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dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. so you think santa will like these... red and green m&m's? i don't know! i never met the guy! whaaaaa! he does exist! they do exist! uhm... santa? we are going to go to carson now in the original room. boy, did the force awaken. >> did you see it this weekend? >> we saw it in the week. >> you already saw it. >> no, i didn't see it. i'm the only one. >> you and matt. >> i'm with you. >> this thing is huge. let's start domestically, 238 million, that's just monster. biggest debut, tripled the numbers in december for "the hobbit," previous number one, internationally, $517 million good enough for second global, behind "jurassic world" and
7:52 am
twitter all abuzz over the last three days. some of the key words, spoil, best, love, j.j. abrams, han solo and darth vader, not even in the movie. house full of people for the holidays. no time to seat movie, but we will soon. >> carson, what happened to "sisters? ". >> good question. >> i'll get back to you. >> that's why we love you. >> carson, thanks. coming up, we'll meet at woman who says she is not only believing in the afterlife, she says she can talk to t what are people going to think of our new buttermilk crispy chicken? let's find out. it's probably the best sandwich i've ever had. it's super crispy but also really juicy. so would you guys come back? yes. most definitely! well here is our card. the location is on the back. it's mcdonald's? what? what? whaaaaat? get out of here. no way !! wait seriously? try some buttermilk crispy chicken. it's right around the corner, at mcdonald's. buttermilk whoo whoo!! ♪
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good monday morning. let's get started with meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> we're starting off with clouds, we see some breaks in the clouds so limited sunshine today. mostly cloudy view across the delaware. you see temperatures in the 40s, 45 at philadelphia international. cold in allentown below freezing. in spite of the clouds the temperatures will climb. 52 at noon time. 3:00 temperature of 54. now the roads. katy. >> i'm still following that scene we told you about, this is in bering on the county. in wood land township along route 72 that is closed between route 70 and chatsworth road because of a two-car collision. two vans hit and people had to
7:57 am
be transported from the scene. there is quite a large response out there and debris in the road. you'll want to prepare for extra time if that's part of your commute. 95 southbound moving really well, only 17 minutes to go between woodhaven and the vine. >> justice on the supreme court will suspend his right to stay on the bench after he was caught in a pornographic e-mail scandal. a judicial panel will hold a hearing to see if he will be suspended. the board says he violated conduct rules linked to kathleen kane's investigation. meantime, lawmakers in harrisburg are looking for options after a budget deal fell apart. the republican controlled house killed a pension reform bill. i'm tracy davidson. more in 25 minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, the holiday home stretch. is there still time to buy and send your christmas gifts in time for the big day? we'll have all the answers for last-minute shoppers. rolling the dice. should you let your kids beat you at board games? why some experts argue that teaching your children to lose could help them win in the long run. >> ladies and gentlemen, tina fey and amy poehler! >> and comedy dream team. tina fey and amy poehler returned to the "snl" stage in a big way. >> in 2008 i got a heck of a lot closer to the white house than this gal did.
8:01 am
>> and they did it all with a little help from some famous friends. we've got the highlights today, monday, december 21st, 2015. ♪ >> all i want for christmas is to be on the "today" show. >> i'm from denver. go broncos! >> celebrating our sweet 16s at the "today" show. ♪ >>ality way from abbington, virginia. >> all the way from north carolina. >> we made it tooled "today" show! we're back now 8:00 on a monday morning. it's 91st day of december, 2015. we have a huge holiday crowd out on the plaza this morning. >> we need the decibel machine. >> yeah, we do. >> it would be well over 90.
8:02 am
where's jeff rossen when we see you? >> can we see a couple of new orleans girls in the house. whenever i see new orleans, my heart skips a beat. hi, kids. >> if we're getting personal, we have ohio university representative here who had a tough loss this weekend to appalachian state but congratulations to them. >> all right, kids. the clock is ticking down to christmas, and if you haven't been very diligent yet, and i know dylan and i still have some presents to buy, liliana vazquez is here just in the time for st. nick to deliver presents before christmas. >> okay. you done? >> i'm done. >> all done. >> done? >> no, i have a few more. >> all right. we'll get our top stories. natalie is on vacation this week. tamron hall is at news desk. tamron. >> good morning, everyone. there was deadly chaos on the las vegas strip overnight when police say a woman repeatedly and i tensionally drove her car on to crowded sidewalks injuring dozens of people and killing at
8:03 am
least one person. she was arrested a few blocks away with a 3-year-old in that car. the child was not hurt. police are investigating the case as a homicide but don't believe it was an act of terrorism. a huge and embarrassing mistake played out on live tv during sunday night's miss universe pageant from las vegas. miss colombia was beaming with the crown on her head that had just been placed on her head when host steve harvey realized that the winner was actually miss philippines. >> i'll take full responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> donald trump owned the miss universe pageant until selling it six months ago. this morning matt asked him what he would do about the mistake. >> well, i think i'd make them a co-winner. it would very cool. make them a co-winner because what happeneded to the girl from colombia is devastating, give it to her for a couple of minutes and then take it away. >> trump added it was a tough night and defended steve harvey saying zes having that can
8:04 am
happen. today the former friend and neighbor of the san bernardino shooters is due in court for a bail hearing. enrique marquez is expecteded to enter his plea to three charges related to the attack that killed 14 people, including conspiracy to commit crimes of terrorism. authorities say he purchased the two assault rifles used by syed farook and tashfeen malik. over the weekend family removed items from the couple's apartment, including a baby crip and stroller. they did not speak to the media. weeks after announcing his own brain cancer is gone jimmy carter is mourning the sudden death of his grandson. carter broke the sad news at a sunday school class in plains, georgia. he got a call late saturday night that his 28-year-old grandson jeremy carter who lived near atlanta was not feeling well and decided to take a nap. when his mother checked on him, his heart had stopped beating, he was rushed to the hospital and could not be resuscitated.
8:05 am
rescuers searched through the night for dozens of people missing after a landslide in southern china. the disaster was captured on camera. a manmade pile of dirt and construction debris shifted and came rushing down a hillside and buried almost 30 build national an industrial park. some of them collapse the. at least 13 people were hospitalized and nearly 1,000 people had to be evacuated from the neighborhood. flight attendants deal with a lot of unique passengers, but this one might take the cake here. not usually a take. take a look. a passenger captured this moment when a cat escaped her carrier rolling around the gallie. the attendant tells the cheeky cat to stay put. the cat did not listen and she resorted to using the plane's p.a. system to wake up the pet owes owner and come catch the feline. they say people own dogs, but cats own you. that cat owned that flight. >> you're right. >> cat didn't listen because it's a cat.
8:06 am
>> my cat does listen, a little bit. kind of a dog-like cat >> the are you the cat whisperer. because they have their own name. >> what is your cat's name? >> mimi, be a abisinan. >> christmas four days away and you may be feeling the crunch. >> nbc's kristen dahlgren is here to ease your last-minute shopping and shipping concerns. hey, kristen. >> reporter: good morning, guys. down at post office here where the first wave of trucks are getting loaded to head out on the biggest delivery day of the year. the u.s. postal service is shopping up 10.5% over last year and if you're like me and still have a few people to check off your list, here's what you need to know. >> it's the most wonderful time of the year and the busiest for the united states postal service. today an estimated 30 million packages are headed for porches around the nation making it the biggest delivery day of the year for the usps, but that's just a small chunk of the estimated
8:07 am
15.5 billion cards, letters and pacs packages the postal service expects to deliver this season. this week is one of the busiest for post offices and for stores. according to the national retail federation as much as 40% of the season's sales happen in the ten days before christmas with delivery deadlines inching closer, here are the biggest concerns from last-minute shoppers. >> can you still ship packages in time for christmas? the answer, yes, but know your cutoff. the deadline for usps priority mail service is today. their priority mail express service is wednesday. if you prefer-ups or fedex you have until tomorrow to make their second day air deadline or wednesday for next day delivery service. next, can you shop online and get gifts delivered before christmas, it depends. standard shipping alone won't do it. keep an eye on e-mails from stores offering delivery by christmas deals. it also pays to go prime. amazon prime members get free
8:08 am
two-day shipping nationwide and free same-day delivery in certain metro areas, and finally is it worth swinging by a retail store? the answer, yes. this week brick and mortar stores are posting big sales. in some cases on their entire inventory. retailers are also keeping their stores open longer. kohl's and walmart stores will be open 24 hours through wednesday and late on christmas eve, and toys "r" us is extended holiday hours until 2:00 a.m. for the next three days. >> so why so many deals in the holiday home stretch. >> anywhere from 30% to 40% of what retailers spring in during the holiday season comes between december 15th and december 25th, so those few days leading up to christmas are extremely important in terms of driving those last-minute sales and getting though procrastinators to finally buy something. >> now, because it's been so unseasonably warm, some of the biggest deals on winter wear it year, look out for that, but you
8:09 am
probably will pay a premium for shipping to get it there on time. now, matt, i know you said you were done. hoda, do you need me to save a spot in line here? >> i said i was done on the air and i don't know why i said that because i'm not done. i felt guilty. >> miss colombia. >> save mow a spot, would you. all right, kristen, thanks so much. coming up, hilarious video of a little girl with plenty of sass. she's got a great rendition of the whip nae-nae dance with jolly old st. nick. >> and adele says she saved a life and it was her own. singer shares what she did to improve her health. >> and if you're cooking for a crowd, why not whip up a holiday dinner by way of italy, but, first, these messages. gotta take a sick day tomorrow.
8:10 am
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earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back déjà vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. 8:14, time for a special hoda kotb edition of "trending" this morning. ready, gang? >> yes we are. >> kid, nieces and nephews, here's a question. when you play a game, board game or sports game with kids, young kids, should you let them win? >> no. >> sometimes i let them outrun me, like in the park, on your mark, get set, go, yeah, i don't think there's anything wrong with that. >> i have a ratio three wins to
8:15 am
give them one massive loss. >> all right. >> bring them down to earth a little. >> yeah. >> i think you mix it up. >> i won't let me beat me running because they know they can't, like tic-tac-toe, maybe you did win that one. >> i'm in it to win it. >> you'll throw down. >> i'll throw down. >> when we were playing basketball or something like that, when he was old enough where i thought he might be able to beat me, i would crush him because i wanted to know when he finally did win, it was a really which go deal. >> so what's story? >> a story came up recently in "the wall street journal," with kids over the age of 4 you should not led the them win. >> oh, okay. >> losing helps kids learn the importance of recovering after failure but at the same time you should not, carson, or me, crush them. >> sorry, son. >> you don't want to block every other. you want them to think success is possible? michael jordan said he would crush his sons when they played basketball. >> i grew up in a generation
8:16 am
where not everybody got a trove, not everybody won and there was that conversation, hey, we lost, let's get them next time. all that is by the wayside if your kid is wing all the time. >> again, carson, you're right. final days before christmas and on twitter some of you have been venting your russtrations with amazon, not over the orders but with the packaging. here's what's happening. people are getting small presents in big packages with lots of wrapping and all that kind of stuff, along with the small products that came with them so amazon had promise to cut amount of packaging it uses so we've reached out to them for comment but on twitter amazon said it would pass along the images to its shipping department. i had a big box, you know, when i walked in my building and said i can't carry that up, it's too big. yes, you can, it was like light as a feather and a candle in the middle of a big, big box all packed. >> what's worse, getting packaging with a little i'm or getting one of the kids' toys that comes in the plastic things with all the twist ties holding
8:17 am
them down at the bottom? that's the worst. >> they make these toys christmas morning. >> i have like a tool belt on with hacksaws to open up a doll. >> that plastic that doesn't open. have you to cut it. >> just ask carson. it's the dance of the year, we're talking about the whip nae-nae. one little girl gave it all she had during her dance with santa. >> oh, let's see this. >> i think we know which one. >> all right. >> look at her. >> go, girl. >> you know what, she's in. >> just getting warmed up. >> she's youring it. >> break it. break it. >> kids know that dance. >> not a smile. she is like i am focused. >> awesome. >> the good thing is that tape won't be played at her 16th birthday party. >> or her wedding or anything else. now to adele's life-saving
8:18 am
move and tina and amy's big return to "snl." carson fwrks. >> first up, adele, the one thing she did to save her own life. she told a british newspaper she used to smoke up to 25 cigarettes a day and stopped in 2011 when she underwent vocal cord surgery and said if i carried on smoking i probably would have died from a smoking-related illness and continued i absolutely love smoking but it's not that [ bleep ] cool when i'm dying from a smokingled illness and my kid is like devastated. adele has said she's noticeded a difference in her voice since she gave up cigarettes. next is duane johnson about to celebrate his first christmas on a father. he instagrammed the photo of his new little girl. they are both extremely grateful and his one wish is to be a better man today than he was yesterday. and finally tina and amy's big return toes until. the dynamic duo helped the show get the second best rating in nearly two years.
8:19 am
earlier we showed the ladies stepping in as sarah palin and hillary clinton and another sketch that has a lot of people and putting their own spit on taylor swift's "bad blood" video showing off the dope squad featuring amy schumer. >> you know what, let's do a slow motion post apocalyptic walk. >> okay. >> who are we mad at? >> looks like aimy had a little trouble getting the hang of it there and later "snl" capped off the episode with a christmas surprise. >> nice. >> paul mccartney joining musical guest bruce springsteen, matt lauer's best friend to sing "santa klaus is coming to town ♪ >> that's a good one for a monday morning. there you go, carson. thanks so much. dillians, chilly out there today. >> it is, but the forecast looks good for the holidays.
8:20 am
we're going to see temperatures warm up nicely as we go into wednesday and thursday, too, but keep in mind, even though it's going to be in the 70s it comes with some rain. not going to be a real nice sunny day. here ear the rain right now. falling heavily across parts of ohio and southeastern indiana. all looking that the all to move eastward as we go into this afternoon and we'll see occasionally downpours across the southeast and then as we go into thursday looking good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. temperatures will be climbing in spite of mostly cloudy skies. 50 this afternoon. 57 degrees for philadelphia. much warmer than normal thanks to those southwesterly winds that will be kicking in during the day. and then even warmer weather just as winter arrives. winter begins just before midnight tonight. 60s for the first days of winter. then 70s on thursday. record warmth for christmas eve and still very warm for christmas day. have a great day.
8:21 am
>> all right. dylan, thank you very much. now our ongoing series do you believe? we're focusing on a question a lot of people want to know the answer to. is there after ann life? >> "today" national correspondent craig melvin is here with a woman who says she can talk to the dead. good morning, craig. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, guys. laura lynn jackson is a wife, a mother, a schoolteacher and, oh, by the way shoorks's a psychic medium. she says our loved ones have crossed over to what she calls the other side. how does she know? she says they talk to her all the time. do you believe in the afterlife? >> i 100% believe in the afterlife. there's no question for me. >> reporter: we visited laura lynn jackson at her office on new york's long island. she says that not everyone who calls on her there is among the living >> as a child you discovered had you this gift. how so? >> i was already absorbing people's energy.
8:22 am
>> reporter: realization that she had a gift came with loss. in an episode she details in the new book "the light between us" one day when she was 11 years old she felt an urgent need to see her grandfather >> i was seized by this absolute moment of sheer panic where i knew i needed to go and be with him that day. >> reporter: last time she would see him alive. he died three weeks later from an undiagnosed cancer and since then she's honed her abilities to connect with people who have died. how would you describe what you believe? what do you believe in the simplest of terms? >> i believe that we are all connected, both to each other here on earth and always to those we love on the other side and i believe that no one, no one's life is singular. no one is alone. >> reporter: nancy larson had a reading by laura in an toast connect with her son kyle who was killed in a traffic accident killed in a skateboard riding a
8:23 am
skateboard. >> they came up with actions and people she could not have the known about, just no way. >> reporter: sounds like this is also very much a coping mechanism. >> yeah, it is, completely. is it just a coping mechanism? i don't know, maybe we'll never know until the day that i pass myself and i'm able to see him. >> reporter: it was my turn to try. you need to like hold my hands or anything. >> no, no. >> reporter: laura isn't type of psychic who used tarot cards, no need for a crystal ball or ouija board. she says a screen appears in her mind like a wide screen television. on the left side she sees a time line of the person she's reading and on the right lost loved ones. maternal grandmother coming through, right, re, very, very connected with mom. showering a lot of love and is so happy because your mom talks to her, she says. >> it's true, my mother talks to my late grandmother all the time. laura also mentioned my niece jasmine. we lost her to cancer two years ago. >> tell your mother once and for
8:24 am
all, like our a maternal, you've got her. it's all good, like everybody is loved and protect the, it's okay because your mother i feel direct her thoughts all the time, please tell me you're with her and i want to say she's with her. she's with her. >> reporter: and then laura made a prediction for me and my family. >> there's one boy for you. you have a boy. >> can i say everything i'm getting because i feel like there's another child. >> oh, do you? >> yeah. >> oh, that's news. >> about a year and a half window, okay, so you and your wife will revisit this or talk about this, it's in the next year and a half that i'm steering. >> reporter: to be clear, first of all, my wife and i are not expecting right now, as for the connections to the afterlife i've been very public for my push for cancer research since jasmine's death and admittedly i'm a skeptical guy, really skeptical. a fair amount what have she revealed there could actually be found on the internet with some digging that. being said, there are some
8:25 am
things there that she could not have known. guys? >> yeah. food for thought. >> that's interesting. >> believers, non-believers? >> i went to one once, and the person said something, one of my dad's exact phrases after he passed away and i remembered there leaving there in tears, wow. >> what was the phrase? >> the phrase is everything in its place. always used to make sure everything is in its place and i remember the feeling. i don't remember all the other things but i do remember the one. >> some things that can't be explained. >> yeah, you're right. >> all right, craig, thanks. for coming up all of us procrastinateors out there, me and dillians, last-minute gift
8:26 am
good morning. i'm tracy davidson. 8:26. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> tracy, a chill in the air. clouds are here as well. mostly cloudy skies today. rain will wait until tomorrow. cloudy view from center city where the temperature not that cold. 45 degrees in the city. pottstown is wrust above freezing. trenton 35. south philadelphia also at 35 degrees. with clouds the temperature will still climb. the key today is winds out of the southwest at 15 miles an hour this morning. now let's check the roads. first alert reporter katy zachry
8:27 am
has that. what are you seeing, katy? >> wood land township, right along route 72 a pretty serious crash scene involving two vehicles. people were transported for their injuries from the scene. that's right between route 70 and chatsworth road. be aware of that. there are delays in the area. new in to our newsroom, bristol road at butler avenue. police are looking for two men who ripped off a 91-year-old woman during a home invasion in west philadelphia. two robbers broke into her house yesterday morning on felton street. they stole an ipad and computer. the woman wasn't hurt. a visit from santa expected to arrive by medical helicopter at cooper hospital. he is expected to visit with children and hand out gifts. i'm tracy davidson. you can get the latest news and weather with our nbc 10 app.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back at 8:30 on this
8:31 am
monday morning, 21st day of december, 2015. once again spending some time with a huge crowd out on the plaza and tamron is pointing to me telling me something important. >> something important. >> they are getting married and no one knows. >> they are announcing it. >> and no one knows? >> that's something we decided to keep between us. >> well, it will just say our little secret, all right? >> congratulations. >> by the way, did we just check something out here? >> got lala anthony here collecting toys from the generous people out on the plaz avermaet part of our annual toy drive just one day left. >> yeah. >> is that right? >> yeah. lala is going to talk to us about that in a bit and great role that she has on television and the movie. >> she does. and also coming up the early bird may get the warm. may get your hands on
8:32 am
last-minute gift ideas. liliana vazquez has your back. >> and we got you covered in the kitchen, too. >> liliana is cooking for a crowd bringing italian flair to your holiday fare and we love her cooking. >> we certainly do. >> miss dylan, how about a check of the weather. >> taking a check of the holiday forecast and it's going to be a pretty nice one if you like the warmth. looking for temperatures to warm into the mid-70s. by the time we get into christmas eve. wednesday a little wet. got a chance of stronger storms down across the gulf coast and also temperatures will get into the 60s. western half of the country dealing with mountain snow and rain up and down the west coast. christmas eve. temperatures should break some records. 66 for a high in boston and 70s and 82s down across the southeast. does come with rain. windy back through the great lakes and christmas day itself. snow in the rockies and also rain in the southeast. some storms but they shouldn't be as strong. the northeast will cool down a bit but still looking at highs 15 to 20 degrees above average
8:33 am
topping out in the good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. temperatures will be climbing in spite of mostly cloudy skies. 50 this afternoon. 57 degrees for philadelphia. much warmer than normal thanks to those southwesterly winds that will be kicking in during the day. and then even warmer weather just as winter arrives. winter begins just before midnight tonight. 60s for the first days of winter. then 70s on thursday. record warmth for christmas eve and still very warm for christmas day. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. >> can we say hello again right now to lala anthony. busy on the big screen and the small screen. she's in spike lee's new movie. good to see you. happy holidays. >> so happy to be here this morning. >> you know you need glasses when you look down and says
8:34 am
regular but i saw burglar. >> i'm having such a great time on that movie. >> spike lee convince the to you do the role in the garden. >> convinced me to do this role, "chiraq" in the neaters now, talking about gang violence and senseless killings in the world and happy to be a part of something so violence. >> spent a lot of time together, former vijays, la la and i. >> so happy for you. >> thank you. >> how are you spending the holidays? >> i'm going down atlanta. new york knicks are playing the than thea hawks and i'll be there. >> you going to tour that book? >> i am. >> the love playbook and power playbook out as well right now. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> say hi at home. >> all right. let's get a check or go upstairs
8:35 am
to hoda. >> thank you, kids. time now for today's hassle-free holiday. this morning we have last-minute gift ideas for all of you last-minute shoppers. i know you're scrambling for the deal but guess who is here. liliana vazquez is here with items you can buy today and this is very important, liliana. you can buy them today and they can be delivered by christmas time. >> by christmas and it's important you select either two-day shipping or overnight shipping from all of these stores. >> a little cha-ching but will get here. >> the host gift this year, sriracha but can't just get them the sriracha. gian with this cook book. >> that's a great combo. >> this is a phone sanitizer, close it, the device will
8:36 am
sanitize it. >> hi, michael. >> this is a fun science gift, a geo kit. you break them up and see what the rocks are inside. science and fun. >> comes with the rocks and all of the instructions on what to do. >> okay. bubble calendar. this is a gift for the entire family. >> is this the bubble wrappy kind thing? >> genius. >> oh, no. today is the 21st so you can pop it as you go through the days and kids can mark their birth days, super fun and super interactive for the whole family. >> all day long. >> now let's talk about the headphone. if the teenager on your list is horde to buy. >> how adorable is she. >> these are blingd out head fines, from and an adorable on a necklace, too late to customize something for personalization but available in anthropology right new. >> how is the sound on this?
8:37 am
>> it's very good. i can barely hear you. >> for me i always wear a pony tail holder around my wrist. >> how cool is this. >> it's a bracelet that holds the pony tail. >> rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. slide it on right there. >> and hook the pony tail around and looks like this? stretchy. >> for the beauty buff, a set of ten nail polishes from packaged in the wine bottles. >> hoda. >> what? >> this is you. kind of a big deal. that's hoda the kotb. adorable name plates, kind of quirky and whimsical for the hard-to-shop for person. >> where do you order these? >> at >> what are these? >> this has a clip and we put a fish lens on that, how is, that kind of cool and kind of
8:38 am
distorted take a look. >> love it. >> set of three for only $34. >> do any lens that you like. >> three different lenses. 3-d goodler, from made the fun 3-d designs. you're taking art off the paper into three dimension. >> how does it work. >> turn it on. >> it heats up and then you use this just like you would a pen and all of of this comes out and it does comes with these already loaded with it so you don't have to buy extra sets. >> want to remind everybody everything on this table you can order and it make it by christmas eve. >> polaroid picture, prints wirelessly from any smartphone. >> who is in this pic? >> we have these adorable kids, from vw pop-up tent. >> come on, we want to see you. >> come on out. >> the who are you guys? >> there she is. >> yay! >> thank you so much. liliana. there are also ten last-minute bonus gifts on coming up, liliana is here putting her italian twist on a
8:39 am
beautiful feast, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately. save on thousands of last minute deals at target. when you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready.
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and we are back now with "today food" and a feast fit for a holiday celebration. liliana is a restauranteur and author and has a brand new book out called "lydia's mastering the art of italian cuisine" and a great recipe for the holidays. nice to see you. >> same to you, matt. >> is this a dish you would make all year long or the kind of dish you save for the cold weather? is this comfort food? >> i think you can make it all year long but it is so appropriate for the holidays, and it doesn't take much. look, only a few ingredients. >> only a few ingredients. >> pork obviously. >> pork, garlic, pearce and onions and then conduction, reduction of balsamic which i reduce you and all you do is put
8:42 am
it on the stove and let it reduce and it becomes nice. >> syrupy almost. >> nice and syrupy. >> while we're on the subject of balsamic vinegar. people go out and spend a lot of money because there's all kinds of range in prices. what do you have to do is. >> traditional balsamic which is in a small bottle and has a little bulb and that you don't cook, that's the pure stuff and it is expensive. you don't alter, it drizzle whereas the commercial balsamic that you find in all different bottles, you can cook and reduce it. >> that's what you buy for this recipe. >> a pan with hot oil. nice pork chops, a little bit more, and we're going to do two techniques and in my book it's a lot about techniques. here we are searing the pork chops, and you know when are.
8:43 am
you see how nice and carmelized. you flip them over and odd this point i have the -- the garlic here which is kind of a roasted, and just you raise your temperature very high. mm-hmm. >> here we have a little bit of vinegar, a little bit of honey. you know, the honey gives you kind of a little bit of carmelization on the meat. let's mix it. >> i like the other flavors you're putting in here. going with onions and some pearce as well. >> onions and some pears.
8:44 am
>> i put the onions on the side so that they get some of the -- >> this already smells good. >> doesn't it. >> but you have the vegetables and fruit and everything all together. >> you ready for this? >> absolutely. >> how long is that going to simmer? >> you give it a good boil and put it in a pre-heated oven, 425 degrees for about half an hour. >> that's the second part of the cooking. you've done the bracing and seared the pork chops and then it goes into the oven. >> then we're going to roast it in the often, and this is what you're going to turn up like, you know. you see you want -- you mix it periodically while's in the oven. which piece. >> i like the crusty one. >> nice and crusty. >> let me reach around here and get a knife. we've got people downstairs tasting. how is in going? >> great. >> i was teaching hoda the art of eating the fat off the bone. >> are they liking it down there in. >> look as carson? >> did they communicate with you? >> they are talking to me. >> what do you think of the
8:45 am
pears, carson? >> great, matt. this time of the year it's delicious. i don't eat pork enough but this is going to make us want to eat it a lot more often. >> you know. this is one of those things, preparations that could be every day or festive. >> perfect. >> it looks great. >> i'll put a little balsamic for you too. >> i'm going to join you in eating this in a second, but let me joan you now in thank lidia. happy holidays. >> to get these recipes head to up first, old dominion with a live performance of their number one hit. but first,
8:46 am
8:47 am
sirius xm named old dominion as their breakthrough artist of the year. there's lead singer matthew ramsey, multi-instrumentalist
8:48 am
trevor ressen and bassist jeff sprung and lead guitarist brad. >> this is your very first national television debut. how do you feel? >> you feel all right? >> good. >> it's been a remarkable year for you. how would you describe what it's meant for you and your band? >> it's been life-savinging. we started this year in a band and actually first show of the year, we went from a van to a bus. the song's got popular. where are you going? >> we played 185 shows this year. >> and what are you going to sing for us this morning? >> break up with him. >> ladies and gentlemen, old dominion.
8:49 am
♪ ♪ hey, girl, what's up? i know it's late but i knew you'd pick it up ♪ ♪ no, i ain't drunk ♪ okay, maybe i do have a little buzz ♪ ♪ okay ♪ that song came on and i just thought what harm could come from one little call ♪ ♪ i know you say you're taken, but i say girl you're taking too long ♪ ♪ to tell him that it's over ♪ then bring it on over stringing him along any longer, girl ♪ ♪ it's just wasting precious time ♪ ♪ girl, you know it can't wait ♪ rip it off just like a band-aid ♪ ♪ the way you look at me, girl, you can't pretend ♪ ♪ i you ain't in love with him, break up with him ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ i know you don't wana break his heart ♪ ♪ but that ain't no good reason to be keeping us apart ♪ ♪ look, just tell him, it's you, it ain't him ♪ ♪ and maybe you can lie to him and say you can still be friend ♪ ♪ whatever you got to say to get through to him that you ain't in love ♪ ♪ come on you can't deny that you and i kinda fit like a glove ♪ ♪ so tell him that's over ♪ then bring it on over ♪ striking him along any longer girl, it's just wasting precious time ♪ ♪ girl, you know it can't wait ♪ rip it off just like a band-aid ♪ ♪ it ain't my business to be all up in, but i know you ain't in love with him, break up with him ♪ ♪ i know that you're so done with him, break up with him,
8:51 am
break up with him ♪ ♪ ♪ you would have hang up by now if you weren't thinking it, too ♪ ♪ no pressure, whatever, just do what you gotta do, but if i was you ♪ ♪ i'd tell him that it's over ♪ then bring it on over ♪ striking him along any longer, girl ♪ ♪ it's just wasting precious time ♪ ♪ girl you know it can't wait ♪ just rip it like a band-aid ♪ yeah, i know i said it, but i'll say it again ♪ ♪ i know you ain't in love with him, break up with him ♪ ♪ the way you look at me, girl, you can't pretend ♪ ♪ i know you ain't in love with him, break up with him, yeah ♪
8:52 am
♪ just break up with him >> yeah! >> that's how you do national television debut. >> thank you. >> congratulations, guys. >> old dominion is the group and the album is "meat and candy." nice name. we're back in a moment, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
all right, guys. today is parenting team for people to come together and come together and have conversations about everyday challenges and each month we discuss a different issue that affects parent and we're always looking for some new voices. top contributors who had the top shared post this month. congratulations to you, ladies. we're going to go ahead and wipe the slate clean and start a brand new challenge, and here it is here. what are your 2016 parent iing goals. want to hear about your goals and what you want to do differently better in the new year. share your stories and video at team or get some inspiration. it's a community where everybody is welcome. guys, back to you. >> that's really goal. >> thanks. no parent ever thinks he or she is doing a good enough job. >> right. >> and they can always do better. >> yeah. coming up, another hit from old dominion. >> and giada will have some lobster for us.
8:55 am
y yes. >> is that a lobster? >> licking my fingers. >> have last-minute gift. >> more ideas. >> so last minute. >> never enough ideas. >> lots to come on a monday morning, but first a check of your local news and the all-important holiday week forecast.
8:56 am
good monday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? cloudy skies with a few breaks of sunshine in the philadelphia area. mostly cloudy in the mountains. temperatures did get cold in some areas overnight.
8:57 am
still chilly in allentown. warming up in philadelphia. 46. cape may near 50 degrees right now. you'll see limited sunshine peeking through the clouds this morning. mostly cloudy afternoon. temperatures will kiclimb into e middle 50s today. >> crash in burlton county is still a mess right now. first alert traffic reporter katy zachry just called and said firefighters and police are still on the scene. avoid this road if you can. it happened around 6:30 this morning. two vans crashed head on in woodland township along route 72. two people were trapped but they were both flown to the hospital. investigators are looking into whether a truck was parked illegally on the street early sunday morning. a car crashed into that truck, park parked on the street. three people died. police say speed was a factor. funding for police across the country to buy body cams for
8:58 am
their officers. it will help promote transparency, accountability and trust between police and the community. i'm tracy davidson. another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. [ dog barks ]
8:59 am
[ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake!
9:00 am
♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ] this morning on "today's take," no crowning achievement. the miss universe mistake heard around the world. and giada de laurentiis shows us how to good for a crowd and guaranteed gifts to get there before christmas. all that a more coming up nicks. in nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's monday morning, it's december 21st, 2015. guys, it's christmas week and it feels like it out on the plaza. great holiday crowd. people visiting from all over the country and the world stopping by our plaza. i'm willie along with tamron and
9:01 am
dylan, al, enjoying some time off. >> and the christmas song. what am i snaerg. >> did you see the end of "saturday night live" last night, check it out. check it out. ♪ klaus is coming ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> bruce springsteen, the vest on. >> he's in great shape. >> he does. >> he's got the whole thing going sglon they jam and that was the place to be saturday night. that the closing night, "snl" at the best. holiday season. mccartney wanders on nowhere with a yingle bell. >> amy, tina. >> walks around with that. happened to be nearby. >> great show, too. >> the writing was so on point.
9:02 am
>> with the two hillaries. >> meet your second wife was an instant classic. >> that was terrifying. >> classic m iic maybe for a dit reason last night. did you see the miss universe pageant, hear about the miss universe pageant? we love steve harvey, good man, funny man, talented man, mistakenly announced the wrong winner of the miss universe pageant. >> but before we play it. just sim their thought in your head and people tweeted and said he named the wrong person so i thought, how bad could it be, wrong person, maybe you stumbled through the name, real quick fix and then i clicked on the video, a you have to watch. >> we love you, steve haar if i. here's how it played. >> miss universe 2015 is
9:03 am
colombia! [ applause ] >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines.
9:04 am
sghoempt thank you. if you could have heard the entire studio when the crown came off. oh. >> what else can you do though? how do you fix that. >> go to break, distract them. i judged miss universe and you've judged miss usa. the pressure even as a judge. they take you in this room and they say, listen, i know you think this is a beauty pageant but people take this seriously. this is an investment. many of the countries sponsor like the guns because a lot of the women don't have the money to afford a $10,000 gown and the audience are the most passionate fans of the pageant. >> especially colombia. >> one of my best friend is from colombia and sent me a message and said this is fake.
9:05 am
it has to be a joke. she's convinced there's a conspiracy theory. i think it was an honest mistake. >> i do, too. >> imagine if you're steve harvey reading the card. so much going on. >> we love -- >> we love steve harvey, he's amazing. >> but colombia. >> maybe it was reverse order, he looked down. i don't know. i get nervous and i read things the wrong way >> don't ever host it the. >> dylan is not available. >> the because you two make a great a point. they announced the first runner up and she's gone up there and he sees the name and then you pause and then miss philippines, i don't know how this happened. >> he held up the card, my mistake. the producers gave me the right
9:06 am
information. my mistake. >> when he said the first runner up, miss philippines, that was on a separate card. >> you have philippines up here and winner in bold as he showed it is -- >> colombia first. >> you're confusing me talking about it. >> point made. >> now we're all confuse the. >> you're overthinking it. >> philippines won. steve tweeted out and he said i emphatically apologize. can't believe i would do this, this and that, and he felt terrible about it. >> the first tweet added to the problem because in the first tweet it said miss colombia like the university. >> miss spelled. >> and philippines was spelled like philippians the bible. >> that didn't help. >> and even though it was deleted people screen grabbed and it was just like -- it was a comity of errors. >> yeah.
9:07 am
>> they are calling it one of the most awkward live tv moments in history and when we look back at the winners and losers of 2015, a week out from the end of the year, steve harvey. >> anyone can -- >> he made a little mistake. >> a talented and wonderful man. >> if anyone can recover from it it's steve harvey. >> he's do it today. >> is he on hiatus. >> i think he'll come out with some statement. >> he's resilient. this guy, he's been in the game a long time. it would be over for us. we'd be on the plane gone, but if anyone can recover. >> so backstage afterward, miss clomup, the one with the grown taken off her head on international television and miss philippines react the. they handled it pretty well. take a look. >> everything happens for a reason so i'm happy. i'm happy for what i did. >> we love you.
9:08 am
>> it's a very non-traditional crowning moment, isn't? >> yes, yes. >> it's very, very 2015. >> like miss usa getting in there getting publicity. here's the deal, miss columbia exponential people around the world know her because of the mix-up. i know who she is now and i'll be looking for her next project. >> we don't know her name. >> she's miss columbia. >> i mean, yeah. >> i'm sure it's in here somewhere. >> it's on the card. >> you think that she feels -- >> no, i don't, but all i'm saying is now the world knows who she s.her next commercial -- going to be a hero. >> total class. >> even though she was crying. >> that's natural. >> but she kept her composure. >> wow. >> donald trump, as you know, used to own miss universe pageant actually just sold it a few months ago. >> yeah. >> spoke to matt earlier this morning. matt said how would you handle
9:09 am
this. >> make them a co-winner it. would be very cool. make them a co-winner because what happened to the girl from columbia is devastating, to give it to her a couple minutes and then take it away. you have a whole country, last year we had a young woman from columbia, the entire country took a vacation for about a week, the whole country was side so you can imagine what happened. i would say this. i would recommend that they go and have a beautiful ceremony, which is good for the brand and good for miss universe and do a co-winner. >> i don't like the co-winner idea. >> beautiful ceremony, co-winner. >> it's not fair to the girl who actually won, miss philippines. >> i think you're right. i don't have a strong opinion about it. i just know miss columbia will be fun. >> one of the most beautiful people on the planet. >> oh, boy. >> you know about "star wars"? >> you know about "star wars." >> it happened this weekend. >> oh, my gosh.
9:10 am
>> trying to move us along. >> i've got one thing. >> you know about "star wars"? i've got no facts. >> let me help you both. >> broke records. >> we've broken records in the u.s. we're part of the u.s. >> we don't get to keep money. >> $238 million in its tabtd worldwide, globally. universal, $517 million. >> but didn't break "jurassic world kwmtd's record. >> interesting. >> "jurassic world's" week or overall. >> "jurassic world" holds on. not by much >> the little dinosaur things, what do his friends. >> velociraptors.
9:11 am
>> the most popular, my nieces want them. i had to go like on the dark market to find them because they are sold out everywhere, blue, only gas, i can't think of the other two. >> picture you googling black market dinosaurs. >> you know where they start we don't sell it but somebody else sells it and then that person, hugely popular and the "star wars" stuff popular, too. >> did you see this, a screening in hollywood friday night. audience went into a fit, the film stopped and then restarted 15 or 20 minutes ahead in the action. >> no! no! no! >> the now i ask you, is that a screen from the "star wars" movie or all of columbia? you can play that sound and ask was it "star wars" or all of
9:12 am
columbia screaming? all comes back to steve harvey. >> and now we've got at classically trained violinist here in the united states, taylor davis, performing the "star wars" theme song. let's see what we've got here. ♪ ♪ >> actually played with a light saber. >> light saber bow, very impressive. >> you know your stuff. >> nice. >> i read notes, dylan. i read notes. >> here's a card. >> i don't need a card to do the weather. >> al roker uses cards. >> so we are looking at a very, very warm christmas eve and christmas day. we've got temperatures on the east of this jet stream running about 30 degrees above average
9:13 am
for christmas. it has never been this warm around this time of year. we're going to crush some records. take a look at christmas eve day. record highs running in the mid to upper 70s. we should top out at 80 degrees. savannah 79 for the high on christmas eve and up in the northeast we're looking at temperatures to break the record. 66 is the old record in washington, d.c. we should get up to good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. temperatures will be climbing in spite of mostly cloudy skies. 50s this afternoon. 57 degrees for philadelphia. much warmer than normal thanks to those southwesterly winds that will be kicking in during the day. and then even warmer weather just as winter arrives. winter begins just before midnight tonight. 60s for the first days of winter. then 70s on thursday. record warmth for christmas eve and still very warm for christmas day. have a great day. >> willie's whole family just
9:14 am
invaded the studio. kids lack like "south park" with the little parkas on. >> got cold all of a sudden. >> coming up next. what's that sound? >> you know it's the great one. >> santa made an early stop at studio 1a to unload his sleigh of christmas goodies for everyone. >> yay, santa. >> not too late to order online today so it will be
9:15 am
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9:18 am
>> you last-minute shop? >> have to. >> we're honored to have you here. >> always a delight. merry christmas. >> thank you, santa. >> well, we know santa gets lots of mail about "star wars" gifts and here check this out, dylan, snuggling with her favorite wookie. chewbacca sleeping bag. >> he's very comfortable. >> you look cozy. >> am i supposed to be sleeping? >> pottery barn kids. >> cool. >> and also these are some amazing plush speakers from potly barn teen. look, it is in the shape of an abominable snowman and check thought adorable little plush sequinned pillow and rock out. the most important thing is to get it by christmas you need to order by 2:00 p.m. today. >> today. >> select next day. it will be standard plus 17.95. >> that's important. >> exactly. >> sanda's helpers. >> most adorable helper we've
9:19 am
ever seen and they are modeling the latest trends in christmas jammies. >> how adorable are these. >> look, guys. want to show everybody at home and wave. >> i love that. >> aren't these adorable. these are from garnet hill. >> you can grow the facial hair. >> the these little hats and the jammies are from garnet hill and to get these by christmas, order by tomorrow at 4:00 eastern time. >> yeah. >> and then you would select two day shape and it's standard plus 9.959 and i love the jam its. >> aren't they cute? >> next up, santa is. >> yes. this is something up your alley. a little something for everybody. >> that's me right now. >> fabulous gifts. got plaid for him and everything from, you know, little watches to santa, check out the snow
9:20 am
globe. will you check that out. >> usually it's santa and now we've got $12 and isn't that fun. >> i'm going to take that one with you. >> so grilled cheese, snoopy grilled cheese. these are from urban outfitters, order by tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. eastern time and select rush shipping, very nice. >> now santa, you're a big fan of this. i know tamron, is too, so faux fur. we have amazing faux fur accessories. >> oh, my gosh. >> ever seen one of those? >> i haven't sgleert think about taking a selfie with that. you'll be the chiccest gal with that. these are all from asos. if you order today by 6:59
9:21 am
eastern standard time select express shipping, $12 flat fee. two more left. look at this glamorous picnic on a sled. >> when do we need to order this by? >> nate burkus for target and if you order today standard shipping comes free. >> and lastly some great gifts from apple. now we have got the new apple tv with apps and games and got a siri remote which is so amazing and we have a wonderful magic accessory from a mouse pad and track pad. >> what do we need to order this all? >> end of day free two-day shipping and you can get all of this wonderful, wonderful -- i need to call right now and order mine. >> santa needs -- >> this is amazeing.
9:22 am
>> we've been naughty and nice. just don't count the naughty. >> all right. we'll be right back. rockettes radio city spectacular here in new york from january 3rd. dylan is trapped and giada is cooking. what is that?
9:23 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
good monday morning. i'm rosemary con nors. it's a few minutes before 9:30. let's get a check of our forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> we're coming off a colder weekend. it's already warmer today. we're up 3 degrees compared to yesterday afternoon. look at the wind. that is the key to today's weather, bringing in the warm air. 46 in philadelphia. 51 in cape may. up to 37 and climbing in trenton. wind up in the 50s with limited sunshine. a little bit of filtered sunshine at 11:00. 51 degrees. southwesterly wind will have us in the middle 50s by 2:00 today. today, justice on the pennsylvania supreme court will
9:27 am
defend his right to stay on the bench after he was caught in a pornographic e-mail scandal. judicial panel will hold a hearing to see if justice michael eakin should be suspended. it is linked to kathleen kane's suspension. republican-controlled house kill a pension reform bill that the senate wanted. senate gop is refusing to back a billion dollar tax hike that democratic governor tom wolf wants. if you're hitting the roads for the holidays here is an early present. average gas price continues to drop. according to aaa, it's down 16 cents from last week. the average gas price could shed another few cents as we head into the new year. a quick look at prices locally.
9:28 am
$2.22 in philly. $1.88 in south jersey. i'm rosemary connors.
9:29 am
9:30 am
trying groans are one of the most popular holiday gifts this season and mandatory registration begins today. the rules covering drones and helicopters weighing between half a pound and five pounds need to be registered. the faa registration website will waive the $5 fee until january 20. christmas is only four days away and today is expected to be the busiest day of the year for people who work at u.s. postal service. uspa workers are expected to handle 30 million cards and packages today. if you haven't shipped those presents. don't worry. still time to get the gift in the mail for christmas but you have to send them priority mail or express by wednesday, so costs you a little more money. a new study suggests that
9:31 am
women might want to wait until they are in their 30s to start a family. researchers at the london school of economics found that babies born to women in their 30s are more likely to be intelligent compared to kids born to moms in their 20s and 40s. they suspect it's because 30 somethings tend to be better educated, have higher incomes and better lifestyle. they get earlier pre-natal care. interesting. force is strong for the new "star wars" movie. "the force awakens" smashed box office record earning $238 million making it the biggest north american abt of all time. "alvin and the chipmunks" popular in my family and "the road trip" finished if a distant second. >> now it's amazing how something so small can be so cute. take a look, a baby otter became the center of attention at the monterey bay aquarium. after feeding her pup the mom spent her afternoon grooming the baby, the reason, a little
9:32 am
factoid. pumping up the baby's fur makes it easier for the little ones to float in the water on her own. where was that tip when i was learning to swim. dylan. i've got to puff up my fur. >> i don't think you've got fur. >> haven't seen me before wax day, my friend. >> tmi, maybe. >> let's take a look at what to expect coming into the holiday. wednesday a huge travel day across the country and we are going to see rain across the eastern half of the country. we'll see it heaviest down across the southeast and the slight risk of stronger storms in louisiana and over into mississippi and parts of tennessee, too. this is for wednesday. temperatures will start getting back into the 60s and then as we go into thursday on christmas eve day we should be breaking records up and down the east coast with temps getting into the 70s. does come with rain but it is going to be very warm. a couple of spotty snow showers back through the midwest and also into rockies. look thing at our next big storm and going to continue to spread eastward. record highs on christmas day. not so much in new england but definitely across the
9:33 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. temperatures will be climbing in spite of mostly cloudy skies. 50s this afternoon. 57 degrees for philadelphia. much warmer than normal thanks to those southwesterly winds that will be kicking in during the day. and then even warmer weather just as winter arrives. winter begins just before midnight tonight. 60s for the first days of winter. then 70s on thursday. record warmth for christmas eve and still very warm for christmas day. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> willie and tamron. >> dylan, thank you very much. on "today food" contributor and chef giada delaurinaitis which will thrill the throngs. >> willie has his apron. he's going to pretend to cook. >> going to have this on all week for his family. >> you have your whole family
9:34 am
here. >> they are all watching. >> yes, yes. >> the idea here is that you can feed a crowd and make them feel like you really spent a lot of time in the kitchen and you feel like a star so we're going to start with my chicken mar sala meat balls, do them in vegas and very popular. mushrooms and shallots. >> okay. >> we'll make a little roux and you know what this is. >> i made a very thick one by mistake the other day. >> i'm sorry, i thought you said your wife and mother-in-law do all the cooking. >> that's true. >> the so a little flour and a little bit of oil. instead of butter i'm using olive oil. >> okay. >> and do chicken sgloth why don't you get there and help. >> oh, yeah. >> i love the mar sala, chicken mar sala is like top for me. >> you make meat balls instead. >> reduce it down and that's what they look like. spins you asked tamron to be spot. >> go ahead, tomorrow sglon there you go. >> well, i know. just have one meat balance, chicken, bake them in the oven. >> oh, my gosh. >> make tons of them and having
9:35 am
a cocktail party you put a little took pic. >> put a fork in it. >> how did you make the meat balls though? >> we passed over that. >> ground chicken, parmesan cheese, a little bit panko to keep it together, a little milk? that's incredible. >> make the meat balls and put them in the oven and finish them in the sauce. >> what i didn't show you is that you do this. >> okay, got it the. >> next up. all right. so this is sort my decadent meal. at christmas we do the feast of the seven fish so we have to come up with lots of different fish dishes. this is linguine and the pasta is cooking, a little bit of bacon. >> and we're going to use lobster. lobster obviously is a little bit more of a splurge. two lobsters feeds six people so that's where you look like a hero. you thought about the meal and it's special but you can stretch, it an that's the whole idea of cooking. a little bit of bacon and we'll
9:36 am
do -- here, willie, go. >> your family is standing in shock watching you do this much. willie's family is stunned to see him in action. >> what do we have here? >> willie just need to be told what to do exactly right. >> his wife is smiling. i think he's used to this. >> i take orders very well is that's good and helpful. garlic, shallots, bacon, you want the smokiness with the lobster. >> smells incredible. >> and a little bit of tomato puree. >> and cream. >> this is where he'll be covered in tomato sauce. >> a little bit of cream to make it look nice and decadent. >> looks like that. >> amazing. >> you've got lobster on that side and dump the lobster in when it cooks down. arugula which i love. >> put the arugula in there for colors and peas and basil and parmesan cheese and there it is and you should just grab the plate because they are like go, go, go. this is what it looks like at the end of the day? i'm going to grab a fork from
9:37 am
this side >> >> these are amazing. >> it's right here. here, willie. >> i'm just having one of these. >> here, go. are we doing this. >> like the movie. >> exactly. >> what's the name of this? >> "lady and the tramp." >> i couldn't think of the name of the movie. >> actually that goes a little differently, "the laid and the tramp" thing. >> you're the greatest. >> happy holiday. >> merry christmas. >> go to up next, time to swab the deck. jeff rossen shows you where the flu virus. it's a really big deal. and with fever, aches, and chills, mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral. don't kid around with the flu, call your doctor within the first 48 hours of symptoms and ask about prescription tamiflu. attack the flu virus at its source with tamiflu, an antiviral that helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu in liquid form is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older
9:38 am
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you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble. and there are some people should give undeyouashouldn't .oliday. people you should. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no. should. no way. should. no. definitely not. ha ha, nay. you shouldn't give underwear to everybody. but for those you do, give them fruit of the loom. this morning on " a rossen reports live" we're revisiting today national correspondent -- you have a long title. >> the biggest stories from the past year, protecting your privacy while keeping you safe and healthy during the holiday season. >> whether it's your smartphone tracking your every move or avoiding germs and bacteria during a holiday cruise or
9:42 am
keeping everybody safe chief is here with a lot of pieces. a lot of your pieces resonated this year. had some big ones here especially as it relates to our phone. >> all have our phones, of course. >> we'll get to the that later. that's another segment called something else. >> we all -- what just happened? >> where's willie? >> it's live, tamron. yeah, on our phones, believe it or not, your iphone or android device could be tracking you every single minute of every single day and mapping out where you go. we uncovered this earlier this year and it was one of our top clicks on our "rossen reports" facebook page and what's happening is wherever you go it maps it out, and apple says they use it to help you personalize services, and we're going to show you how to shut it off because a lot of people want that off. >> you don't want them to know where you are? >> it automatically comes on, that'sled problem. we'll show you how to shut it off. >> got it the. >> we'll go through this together and this phone is
9:43 am
hooked up to the control room so we can show you so we're going to go to set. >> i'm double checking mine because i think did i before. >> we hit set. >> control down to privacy. >> got it, the little hand. >> the little hand, a little hand. >> right. >> privacy and see location services, hit location services. >> got it the. >> scroll down all the way, system services down there. system services and control all the way down again and it says frequent locations. it says frequent locations right there. >> mine's off. >> probably from the last time we did this story. if your frequent locations is on, automatically shut off. shut off your frequent locations if you don't want them to track you and that will do the way, you still get to use the rest of your japanese settings. >> what about android phones? >> have that on our wednesday i'm and i have to mention apple says they only collect this data when you consent to it.
9:44 am
we just don't know when we consent to you. wouldn't tell us if they collect the data at all. >> we like to go on cruises and so do bacteria and germs. >> what we did was my team hit a four-day caribbean cruise and we went all the things with test swabs, here's the frozen yogurt machine, clean. slot machine handle, what do you think? >> dirty. >> elevator buttons, dirty. >> lounge chairs. >> dirty. >> actually seven times higher than the acceptable germ limit. >> the buffet serving spoon, buffet serving spoon, what do you think about that one? >> dirty. >> in fact, 20 times over the limit. >> what should we do? >> the industry says 22 million people go on cruises every year. only a few thousand get sick, and they go through stringent cleaning and all that. >> people can always go on your facebook page and check out more of your stories and hit close to
9:45 am
home. >> >> great year. >> bell ringers got at all intelligent nick cannon gets into the introducing kisses deluxe chocolates.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
as you rush to finish your holiday shopping we thought we'd reflect on the spirit of giving. >> our friend liliana vazquez met up with "america's got tal talent" host nick cannon who is working with the sarmy. >> he's hilarious. and this year the salvation army put out a call asking people from across the country what their red kettle reason is and why they want to give back. i got together with nick and some pretty talented bell ringers. take a look. it's the sound. season. the bells of the salvation army red deathal soldiers.
9:50 am
this holiday nick cannon teamed up with the salvation army to help give back. so good to see you. >> good to see you, too. happy holiday. >> reporter: have are they so important to you? >> growing up the salvation army was definitely a pillar in our community especial lire during the time. our holidays. >> reporter: tell us about the campaign? gave your reason for why you were giving back and the reward as a shopping spree for me to shop for kids this holiday season. >> reporter: our winner is maddy. >> and this is maddy right here. >> now, this was your 15th birthday wish? >> right. >> how cool is that. i feel like i have everything that i want and i wanted to give it back to everyone i could give to. >> she understands. amazing. >> we have new york city's most enthusiastic bell ringers right
9:51 am
here with us. give it up for us. >> since your other gig is "america's got talent." >> uh-oh. >> we're going to have you in our fabulous crowd here today. which one has the best moves. >> okay. >> bell ringers got talent. miguel, aguilera. come on out. ♪ >> the oh. >> look at miguel. go, miguel. miguel with the bells. miguel's going to tire himself out. he's going to hurt himself. >> there you go. >> okay next. we have salvation army army cadet katie betts. come on out, katie. >> i'm ready. let's go, katie. >> oh. >> real simple. right here for you.
9:52 am
>> i like it. >> classic. >> fantastic. nice work and up next we have a 19-year veteran, salvation army can can't. come on out. >> oh. . >> two hands on her. >> oh, gee. it's in stereo. you hear the whole thing going on. >> i'm going to have to confer. even though you know i loved that, miguel had the loudest cheers. >> on the way out let me see some more bell-ringing. >> wow.
9:53 am
>> sound like nick and maddy had a great day picking out toys for the kids at kansas city shelter. >> those guys are fun to watch. see them all over the season. >> the music choices. >> and they do so much for us. >> yeah. >> thank you. we'll be back in a
9:54 am
♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets ♪ 6 match 6 chances ♪ 5 cash 5s ♪ 4 cash4lifes ♪ 3 pick 3s ♪ 2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new holiday millionaire. (joe) happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery ♪
9:55 am
hey, tomorrow is the time day of our 22nd annual do i drive. this morning with us microsoft is pledging up to $2 million of donations of software and acer cloud laptops. kelly is the general manager of worldwide marketing microsoft retail and kelly, good morning. >> good morning. >> i see you're holding. acor there. awesome. tell us about your donation. tell us about your donation. >> m ♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets ♪ 6 match 6 chances ♪ 5 cash 5s
9:56 am
♪ 4 cash4lifes ♪ 3 pick 3s ♪ 2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new holiday millionaire. (joe) happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery ♪ good morning. i'm rosemary con nnors. it's a few minutes before 10:00. it's slowly starting to warm up. let's get the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> it's a mostly cloudy day. the wind is helping to warm things up. southwesterly breeze will carry us into the 50s this afternoon. in fact, we're well on our way.
9:57 am
49 now at philadelphia. that just updated, up 3 degrees in the last hour, 50 in millville. reading is at 43 after starting off below freezing. 51 degrees is the forecast for 11:00. by 2:00, though, cloudy skies and 54. >> katy zachry has an update now for us on the traffic. katy? >> sky 4's 10 earlier was over this scene in woodland township burlington county. two vehicles collided head on. this is tying things up along route 72. if we go to my maps i can show you what you need to avoid. route 72 between route 70 and chatsworth road. that scene is clearing, as i'm told. i just want to show you this. an accident 95 northbound wood haven road. a lot of delays there. >> police are looking for two men who ripped off a 91-year-old woman in a home invasion in west philadelphia. two robbers broke into her house
9:58 am
on north felton street yesterday stealing an ipad and computer. fortunately, the woman was not hurt. another update in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> i can't tell who that is, but arrives day monday, december tomorrow, but cheer up, because this friday, it is christmas. >> and wow, if you are too busy to do the last-minute shopping including all from tinseltown and taylor


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