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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 21, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a pennsylvania supreme court justice caught in the middle of a pornographic e-mail scandal is in court to fight for his job. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. justice michael aiken has been on the state supreme court for 13 years and this morning, he is defending himself, trying to avoid a suspension, this as he awaits trial for exchanging offensive and inappropriate e-mails. the six-member court of judicial discipline is holding the hearing to decide on an interim suspensio
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suspension. justice acheson accused of violating conduct rules of the court, this after e-mails were uncovered with racist, sexist and homophobic content. the e-mails were exchanged between judges and prosecutors. justice aiken has apologized for the e-mails in question. he said the messages do not reflect his character or beliefs. nbc 10 spoke with him as he arrived at the courthouse in north hampton county for the hearing just 30 minutes ago. take a listen. >> only comment is we are here at the request of the court. we are here to answer what they want us to answer. i trust you-all hear it. i trust you will fairly report it. thank you. >> nbc 10's deanna dur ran city inside that courtroom right now for the hearing. look for an update from her a little bit later on "today" on nbc ten news starting at 4:00. this morning, one person is in the hospital after a head-on collision in burlington county. you can see skyforce10 was over the scene in woodland township on route 72 where the two cars
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collided just after 6:00 this morning. police had to help out two people who were trapped in this wreckage. at least one of them was flown to cooper hospital. no word yet on what caused this crash. we have learned that philadelphia police have arrested a suspect wanted in a triple shooting that left one man dead. nbc 10 was on the scene here on gilbert street in cedar brook overnight. investigators tell us the shooting involved four mony had just finished watching the eagles game together. again, one man is dead, the two surviving victims are in stable condition. a fourth man is under arrest. there's no word on what led to this shooting. a man is in the hospital this morning after being burned in a house fire. crews were called to this home on north 54th street in west philadelphia around 2 a.m. it took firefighters about a half an hour to put out the flames here. investigators now looking into the cause. hard to believe it, it is the last day of ougautumn.
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we will be seeing some much nicer weather. bill henley is tracking the warmup with the forecast. >> a warmer day today in spite of the cloud cover we have. a little bit of a breeze has started to kick in and that's helping with the warmup today. certainly made a difference in philadelphia. look at that, 50 degrees, 11 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. everybody has seen warmer temperatures this morning. 15 degrees warmer for atlantic city, 8 degrees up, 8 by comparison to yesterday at this time. allentown, just two degrees warmer, few more clouds in the allentown area, not much wind just yet. the wind is really making the difference, boosting temperatures, 50s for philadelphia, atlantic city, 55 degrees, you can see allentown, stuck at 40 degrees for now. but it will warm up there, too, 50s this afternoon, 50 degrees, southwesterly winds carried through the afternoon, warm us
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into the middle 50s today. we are just getting started. once winter starts, 11:48 tonight, then we are in store for some warmer weather the next few days and record temperatures before the week is done. take a look at the 7-day forecast when i'm back in a few minutes. a northeast philadelphia community is coming together after a fiery crash claimed the lives of three people, including i don't young women early yesterday morning. friends and family hugged one another as they met in the street near the crash site in holmesburg last night. they lit candles to remember the victims. z. >> sweetest person. i will miss her so much. >> i tried to do everything i could to get them -- to get them out of that vehicle. i tried. and i'm sorry that i comment. >> spoke to that man yesterday morning. he told us that he saw the crash and tried to save the three people in the car but it was too late. the car went up in flames after hitting a tractor trailer that
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was parked on tars dale avenue near ron street. police say the car was speeding when it smashed right into the b truck. investigators are now looking into whether the truck was parked illegally there on tars dale avenue. noir candlelight vigil last night, this one in philadelphia ya to a 23-year-old man who was killed over the weekend. a gunman shot justin russ in the neck, back and shoulder along belmar street on saturday night. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far, police have not made any arrests in this case. two philadelphia police officers are recovering this morning after crashing their cruiser yesterday. the officers were heading to a call when they crashed at south 53rd street and springfield avenue. both officers went to the hospital, but they are expected to be okay. now to news overseas, in belgium, police expected to release a report with more details today after two men were arrested in connection with the deadly terror attacks in paris. take a look at this scene in brussels yesterday. this is where police raided a
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home. that raid lasted for five hours. police took two men into custody for questioning but investigators not given any further details on the matter. what we do know more about is the man believed to have coordinated last month's attacks in paris a french newspaper is reporting that abdel am immediate abaaoud hid outside in bushes for four days after the attack. police then tracked down and killed him. according to that french newspaper, investigators used a cell phone to confirm where he had been hiding. today, the friend of one of the san bernardino shooters will be in court for a bail hearing. enrique marquez faces conspiracy and weapons charges. he bought the two rifles used by sayid farook and his wife. the massacre earlier this month killed 14 people and wounded nearly two dozen others. the u.s. backlash against allowing syrian refugees into
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the country is building, our neighbor to the north is welcoming tens of thousands of them with open arms a plane carrying syrian refugees seeking a new life in canada left jordan yesterday. canada's immigration minister personally greeted the men, women and children. canada plans to bring at least 25,000 syrian refugees into the country within the next few months. civil war in syria has driven more than 4 million people out of the country. in north jersey, a boy scout troop leader is telling a very terrifying story about how he survived a bear attack. it all happened around noon yesterday at split rock reservoir in rockaway township, right in morris county. here what's we know the bear attacked the troop leader he's went into a cave that was near a hiking trail. the troop leader was with three scouts at the time who were not hurt. one of them got on his cell phone and called 911. police and firefighters found the group by using the gps coordinates of that scout's cell phone. the scout leader was then flown
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to a hospital for treatment. neighbors in this area, as you can imagine, are on edge. you >> that makes me a little bit nervous, absolutely, having a pet, having a dog around and i live back here, i'm going to be much more aware of my surroundings. >> it's not clear what the extent is of the boy scout leader's injuries. the attack comes shortly after the end of the state's extended bear hunting season. lawmakers in harrisburg are assessing their options, trying to figure out their next move after a budget deal just fell apart on saturday. legislative leaders were working at the state capitol building through the weekend. on saturday, the republican-controlled house killed a pension reform bill that the senate wanted. meanwhile, senate republicans are refusing to support a $1 billion tax increase that democratic governor tom wolf wants. we will keep you posted on this one throughout the week.
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if you watched it you know it wasn't pretty, last night's loss for the eagles was simple for the birds. they have to win next week to stay alive for the playoffs much the eagles were driving to tie the arizona cardinals before the half, but a fourth and one 1 in the red zone went nowhere. chip kelly amounted no to use demarco murray who has been perfect on fourth down conversions this season. the cardinals coasted from there to their eighth straight win, 40-17. many eagles fans who showed up for last night's game troubled out early, disappointed wafted through the crowd, a very, very faint built of hope. >> it was disgusting and embarrassing. >> they suck right now, we just suck. >> we saw hope for the playoffs, don't count us out. >> the fans being pretty true to form there the birds will host washington on saturday night. if the eagles win that game and the season finale against the giants, they will clinch the nfc east. former eagles' qb donovan mcnabb
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tweeted this -- there are only four days left until christmas and that mean it is down to the wire for us last-minute shoppers. i'm one of them. nbc 10 caught up with some folks at the walmart in south philly yesterday to find out how they are faring. they tell us they are feeling the pressure to get everything done before santa's arrival. >> a little crazy out here, but people getting together for their families, the last-minute crunch. trying to get the north pole together, you know is crazy, people still getting the things they need. >> doing it for the next few days. if you're looking for stores that have extended hours, because many of them do go to our website,, or you can always click the nbc 10 app. merry christmas from the philadelphia parking authority. >> the parking authority will bring good cheer to dozens of
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families in our area all part of the pp a's 13th annual santa express. this is a little bit earlier today in center city. ten vans were loaded with wrapped toys, clothes and food baskets. and they will be delivered to more than 60 families in need. yesterday, santa helped hand out presents to kids. santa went door to door with the officers to deliver the toys which the fop collected. the police are helping nearly three dozen families this holiday season. coming up, tragedy on the vegas strip. a car swefrd on to a sidewalk and kills one person it appears the driver did it on purpose, police same the big question, why. witness to a disaster, a cell phone camera captures a mountain of mud on the move, trapping people in the landslide. this morning, we have an update on the search for the survivors. clouds are here, the temperatures are climbing. wet weather is on the way. i'm tracking rain. not going to see it today.
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neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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a woman is under arrest after police say she intentionally drove her car on to the busy sidewalk on the famous vegas strip last night. now, one person is dead. dozens are hurt. nbc's morgan radford has more from las vegas. >> reporter: overnight, a chaotic scene on the las vegas strip after police say a woman
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drove her car on to crowded sidewalks, mowing down dozens of people. >> we have determined that this is an intentional act. >> reporter: officials say the black fee miami driver in her 20s had a 3-year-old child in the car when she suddenly jumped the curb and plowed into a crowd of pedestrians. one witness says people flew like bowling pins as the car slammed into the crowd, killing one person. as many as 37 people were injured and taken to local hospitals, six of whom were downgraded overnight from critical to stable condition. >> people running behind the car, chasing the car and they were not police officers chasing the car. >> reporter: according to witnesses, the driver seemed to ignore people pounding on the windows and yell willing ing at the car came to a stop on the street. she took off again, jumping the curb at least two more times, slamming into more people near planet hollywood and the popular paris hotel and casino. >> yes, the driver did go from one location into the street and then back on to the area where
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pedestrians were in front of paris. >> reporter: witnesses say she left the crime scene driving to a hotel a few blocks away where police found the car with a smashed windshield and arrested her. police say the car is not registered in nevada and they believe the woman recently moved to the area. the information i got is she may have been here for a short period of time but she is not from here. she is recent move here. >> reporter: both the driver and the 3-year-old toddler were unharmed but police say if they find out that this was, in fact, intentional, they will treat this as a homicidal act. morgan radford, nbc news, las vegas. this morninger the manhunt continues for the texas teenager who claimed in 2013 that his family's wealthy lifestyle was the reason he drove drunk and killed four people. ethan couch missed a meeting with his probation officer last week. a judge issued a warrant for his arrest but so far, no one's been able to find him. u.s. marshals believe someone must be helping him hide from police. they suspect it's his mother, who also went missing nine days
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ago. this all comes on the heels of this newly released video that appears to show couch and friends playing beer pong. this could be considered a violation of his probation and could mean jail time. in the wake of his controversial affluenza defense in 2013 and the up expected sentence of ten years' probation, the courts have received a number of complaints of special treatment for the wealthy. >> i think accountability for him would come in the form of swift and certain and severe punishment. >> couch's lawyers have not commented on his disappearance. now to some news in new hampshire, where schools are closed this morning after a violent threat. police in nashua, new hampshire, say a school administrator received a e-mail yesterday threatening harm to staff and students at two schools. police are still working to confirm if the threat is credible. schools, nonetheless, are closed as a precaution. this is just the latest school threat across the country. los angeles, new york and miami
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all received threats last week. we are hearing from former president jimmy carter himself about the death of his grandson over the weekend. carter shared the news with the congregation at his church in plains, georgia, yesterday. jeremy carter was 28 years old. the former president said his grandson wasn't feeling very well on saturday night and had to lay down. carter said when jeremy's mother went to check on him, his heart had stopped beating. >> took him to the hospital and we got there, i guess, about 1:30 this morning. and after we were there for about 20 minutes, his heart stopped beating again. so they tried to give him cpr, but he passed away and -- >> it's unclear exactly what caused jeremy carter's death. he is not going down without a fight. fifa president sepp blatter says he will appeal his eight-year ban from soccer imposed by
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fifa's ethics committee. blatter told reporters at a news conference he was sorry for being suspended and views himself as fifa's president despite the ban. blatter and other officials were kick theed out of the sport for conflicts of interest and disloyalty to fifa. >> i am now suspended eight years, suspended eight years. i will fight. i will fight for me and i will fight for fifa. >> blatter is part of an investigation by police in switzerland related to a $2 million payment deal. we have some new video this morning from china showing a landslide as it happened. take a look. a witness captured this video, disaster on his cell phone yesterday. you can see the dust and mud rising from buildings wrecked by the slide. state television reports nearly 100 people are missing in shenzen near hong kong. rescue crews are looking for
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anybody who maybe missing, trapped. so far, ten people have gone to the hospital, three with life-threatening injuries. local residents near the site believe human error and a lack of government oversight are to blame for the tragedy. 20 minutes after 111:00er the temperatures suddenly climbing. we are already past the normal high of 43 degrees. the wind, that's gotten a bit stronger, now seeing gusts of 20 miles an hour in the region. ste steady at 20 miles an hour. see in the pocono mountains, but also notice there's enough snow now in the mountains after a weekend of snowmaking for the snowboarders to take to blue mountain, enjoying some pretty good conditions today. a nice warmup, even in the mountains. rain for tomorrow, just moving in from the west, going through the ohio valley this morning. you know, first showers arriving
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in western pennsylvania but even though they are getting close, we will not see the rainfall today, mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. that's 5:00 this afternoon. still be seeing some breaks in the clouds, limited sunshine getting through. you won't need to deal with this until overnight tonight. that's when the first rain drops will be headed into philadelphia, late this evening. 11:00 tonight, skies mostly cloudy across the entire region. first thing tomorrow morning, showers moving through and tomorrow afternoon, they will still be in the area, but not for the entire afternoon, they will be clearing out and then we will see the temperatures take off. in fact, the warmup really starts today, just as we are getting ready for the final hours of autumn, 11:48 tonight, just before midnight, winter begins, the winter solstice. and then the warmup begins for the rest of the week. today is not bad either. mostly cloudy skies, in spite of those cloud, 50s this afternoon. the normal shy 43. going to be way beyond that the
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afternoon hours. winds gusting 20 miles per hour. tomorrow, rain, on and off, scattered light showers, temperature up after morning low of 63 degrees, the high temperature on tuesday. steadier rain ahead for wednesday, but the readings will go even warmer, wednesday afternoon, 66. and then on thursday, christmas eve, record temperatures, the record is 64 for the date. 73 degrees would tie the record for the entire month of december. if we go warmer than that of course, we have broke than record, too. that's christmas eve. christmas day, still warm. not in the 70s, but 64 degrees there is a chance we will see some showers late on friday, really a better chance that wet weather will return to the area for saturday into sunday. >> thanks, bill. hey, worried that too much could have city bad for your health? a new study suggests otherwise. find out how many cups a day could actually benefit you. details ahead. pope francis continues to
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make headlines. this time, calling for vatican reforms. we will outline the changes he wants to see, coming up.
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coffee drinkers are less likely to die from a variety of causes like heart disease and diabetes, according to a new ten-year study that compared people who regularly drink coffee to those who don't drink it at all. the risk was lowest for people who drank four to five cups a day. the researchers say coffee contains many active compounds
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like potassium and caffeine. the roads may seem less crowded with commuters on this monday before christmas, but delivery drivers respect getting a break just yet. next, a look at what's considered their busiest day of the year. plus, we will explain what you need to do to make sure your packages arrive by christmas day. colombia! >> crowning mistake. it maybe the worst thing to happen at a pageant. coming up, the mishap at this year's misuniverse competition that left host steve harvey apologizing.
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pennsylvania supreme court justice michael aiken is defending himself in court this morning in the wake of a pornographic e-mail investigation. this all stems from attorney general kathleen cape's investigation that found many
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e-mails with offensive content being passed between judges and prosecutors. one person is in the hospital after a head-on collision in burlington county. take a look at this wreck. skyforce10 was over the scene in woodland township on route 72. police had to help out two people who were trapped here. no word yet on what caused this crash. philadelphia police have arrested a suspect in a triple shooting that left one man dead. income ten was on the scene on gilbert street in cedar brook overnight. investigators tell us the shooting involved four men who had just finished watching the eagles game today. there's no word on what led up to the shooting. new this morning, police in new castle county are trying to figure out what started a house fire here. take a look at the video of the aftermath. this happened around 10:00 this morning in newark. no one was hurt. we are just about 12 hours away from the start of winter, the official start of winter.
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here is a live look at boathouse row, where it's cloudy and a bit cool right now, but the first week of winter will feature some warmer weather. here to fill us in is meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> much warmer weather. so unusual, getting a big warmup today, too, cloudy skies, thin spots in the clouds, getting some limited sunshine, enough of a breeze coming out of the southwest to help move our temperatures up. the clouds today, rain, first thing tomorrow morning, by 5 in the morning, see scattered mainly light showers but there could be some heavier downpours during the afternoon. late morning, still some light showers in south jersey and delaware. tomorrow morning, a little steadier north and west. could see the heavier showers sweep through by 3:00 in the afternoon. later in the afternoon, those showers move out a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch in doylestown, possibly a little bit more if we do get those heavier downpours closer to an inch in allentown. that's tomorrow. for today, clouds and warm temperatures. yesterday's high was 43 degrees.
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we will be 10 degrees warmer than that at 1:00 this afternoon and then the southwesterly winds continue through the afternoon hours, likely peak around 56 degrees and then start cooling down by 4:00. by 7:00, not much cooler, 52 degrees. and we are talking record temperatures by the end of the week. got the warmup, look at the records, when i'm back later this half hour. thanks, bill. in morris county, a boy scout leader is hurt after a vicious bear attack. the black bear mauled the scout leader while he and three scouts were hiking through a very popular part of the new jersey wilderness. nbc's tamron hall has the details. >> we have a gentleman in the cave with a bear. he has been injuredby the bear. >> reporter: a terrifying bear attack on a scout leader in the new jersey wilderness. >> he is bleeding from his neck, his arm and his head. >> reporter: authorities say the leader was hiking with three young scouts on sunday when he was attacked inside of a cave
11:33 am
off a trail near the splitrock reservoir in northern new jersey. >> during this hike, the scout master located a cave, which he then entered, not realizing that the cave was being used as a den for a sleeping bear. >> reporter: 50-year-old christopher petrinino says the black bear pulled him into the cave, biting him on the how old is and his leg. he says he managed to fight the bear off using a rock hammer. one of the three scouts was able to call for help and the bleeding scout leader was airlifted to an area hospital. he is expected to survive. new jersey's hunting season for bears ended on saturday with over 500 bears reportedly killed. authorities say it's the scouts' prepared that happens prevented a tragedy. >> thanks to the efforts and presence of minds of the scouts that they are able to put their training into use to actually save the life of their scout master. >> that was nbc's tamron hall reporting. some of the tactics the boy scouts attempted to use in the
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rescue were building a fire to attract attention and using food to try to lure the bear out of the cave. during this week before christmas, church members in delaware are keeping the faith after their house of worship burned down to a pile of bricks. yesterday, the pastor of new jerusalem missionary baptist church led worship a non-profit in wilmington that agreed to host them for the day. nbc 10 viewer cement us this video of the fire from a drone, it is the second fire at this church in the past two weeks. still, the pastor tells us his congregation is staying strong. >> even though we have lost our church and fire devastated us, we still have the lord and he has a way of bringing us together with faith and strength. >> federal investigators are now looking into whether the fire was a case of arson or possibly a hate crime. now to the growing feud
11:35 am
between the front-runners, donald trump is firing back at hillary clinton after she focused her attacks on him during saturday's democratic presidential debate. nbc's halley jackson has the latest from theklx campaign tra. >> reporter: hillary clinton dismissing her democratic rivals for a competitor not even on the stage. >> donald trump. mr. trump has. donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump now hitting back. >> hillary's not strong. hillary's weak, frankly. her policies were a disaster for the world. >> reporter: their war of words intensifying after clinton zeroed in on trump's muslim comments at saturday night's debate. he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: so far, no proof that's the case, something trump's pointing out online. >> just another hillary lie. >> reporter: and on air. she lies like crazy about
11:36 am
everything, whether it's trips where she was being gunned down in a helicopter or an airplane. she's a liar and everybody knows that. >> reporter: republicans are also taking aim at another clinton comment after she referenced a united nations security council resolution in the fight against terror. >> we now finally are where we need to be, we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis. >> she is secretary happy talk. you listen to hillary clinton and you would think that everything is going great in the country and no one's got a reason to be concerned unless you don't have paid family leave. >> reporter: chris christie in new hampshire trails trump there as both trump and clinton dominate their respective races, a potential matchup spoofed on "saturday night live." aren't you worried about the republicans? >> who's their front runner? >> donald trump. >> oh. i told you. >> oh, my god, we're gonna be president!
11:37 am
>> that was nbc's hallie jackson reporting. staying with politics, republican senator lindsey graham's presidential hopes are officially over. the south carolina senator posted a video today suspending his campaign. graham says he ran a campaign we can be proud of and focused on the nation's secure i the bus keeps rolling this morning for presidential candidate, republican chris christie. the new jersey governor continued his campaign trip this morning with a meet and greet in hollies, new hampshire. this, by the way, is the third day of christie's four-day stay there. another gop candidate is in new hampshire, marco rubio held a town hall meeting this morning in rochester. this is the first of five events rubio was planning in the key primary state. he will be there until wednesday. pushing ahead for efficiency and honesty, that's what pope francis told his administrators this morning about his plans to reform the church. in the pope's latest speech, he talked about getting rid of spiritual diseases within the vatican's bureaucracy.
11:38 am
this appears to be in reference to alleged corruption among top vatican administrators. four people, including two vatican official, were accused of stealing confidential papal documents. one of israel's best-known politicians is resigning amid allegations of sexual misconduct. interior minister and deputy prime minister silvan shalom said in a statement yesterday that's stepping down. israel's attorney general has ordered police to investigate shalom after at least seven women have come forward to claim that he sexually harassed them. the minister has denied all of the allegations. starting today, if you open a certain kind of drone, you have to get it registered. s here the deal, we have got a bunch of regulations, going to break it all down for u drones that weigh more than half a pound and up to 55 pounds must be registered with the faa no later than february 19th. anybody who buys a drone after today has to register it now,
11:39 am
before the first flight outdoors. there is, by the way, as 5 registration fee. you won't have to pay that if you do the registering before january 20th. i'm sure we have all this information on our website, if you need to check it out. okay. we are in the holiday home stretch, christmas is just four days away. today is actually the busiest delivery day of the year for the postservice but not too late to order something and have it get to you or to your loved ones by christmas. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on your last-minute shopping. >> reporter: it is the most wonderful time of the year and the busiest for the united states postal service. today, an estimated 30 million packages are heading for porches around the nation, making it the busiest delivery dayu usps. but that is a small chunk of the 15.5 billion of the cards, letters and packages the postal services expects to deliver. this is one of the busiest for
11:40 am
post offices and stores. according to the national retail federation, as much as 40% of the season's sales happen in the ten days before christmas, with delivery deadlines inching closer, here are the biggest concerns from last-minute shoppers. can you still ship packages in time for christmas? the answer, yes. but know your cutoffs. the deadline for usps priority mail service is today. their priority mail express service, wednesday. if you prefer ups or fedex, you have until tomorrow to make their second-day air deadline or wednesday for next day delivery service. next, can you shop online and get gifts delivered before christmas? it depends. standard shipping alone won't do it. keep a eye on e-mails from stores offering delivery by christmas deals. it also pays to go prime. amazon prime members get free two-day shipping nationwide and free same-day delivery in certain metro areas. and finally, is it worth swinging by a retail store? the anticipate, yes. this week, brick and mortar
11:41 am
stores are posting big sales. in some cases, on their entire inventory. retailers are also keeping their stores open longer. kohl's and walmart stores will be open 24 hours through wednesday and late on christmas eve. and toys "r" us is extending holiday hours until 2 a.m. for the next three days. so why so many deals in the holiday home stretch? >> anywhere from 30 to 40% of what retailers bring in during the holiday season comes between december 15th and december 25th. so, those few days leading up to christmas are extremely important in terms of driving those last-minute sales and getting those procrastinators to finally buy something. >> that was nbc's kristen dahlgren reporting. there's even more shopping to do after christmas. the survey by american express finds that two-thirds of people say they plan to hit the stores on december 26th, more than on black friday and cyber monday. most say it is to take advantage of the postholiday sales or to
11:42 am
redeem gift cards. coming up, a live tv flub for the ages. i have to apologize. >> the miss universe mixup that had steve harvey taking full responsibility for the mistake. coming up just as winter is getting started but going to bring along some pretty good wind and rain as well. 7-day forecast just ahead. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses.
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i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. >> this is so brutal. it could be the biggest mistake in beauty pageant history, steve harvey announced that miss colombia was the winner of the miss universe pageant. turns out he misread the card and she was first runner up. the croup had to be taken off her head and given to the actual miss universe, miss philippines. steve harvey apologized calling it "a terribly honest human mistake" which is very true. to add insult to inyour rib, he sent out an apology on twitter saying sorry to miss philippians, instead of philippines. he has deleted the tweet and posted the another one with the correct spelling. the internet exploded after harvey's error.
11:46 am
check out this meme. c talk "star wars" now, could be the biggest movie ever what movie buffs and experts are saying about the latest installment. "star wars," the force awakeens shattered the record, bringing in $238 million, 30 million more than the previous record holder, jurass"jurassic world." globally, the force wages took in about $517 million so far since its debut at the end of the week. disney, which owns the "star wars'" franchise is planning four more movies through 2019. a new children's play is now center stage in philadelphia. the live performance has a message about generosity and looking out for the less fortunate. plus, the show provides an opportunity for the audience to
11:47 am
help people in our area in need. the play is calls "hans brinker and the silver skates" a new adaptation of a classic tale and world premiere happening at the children's theater in old city. here to tell us more is matthew deck ter, the associate artistic director of the art and theater company. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. first, let's talk about the production and the plot of the show. >> sure. "hans brinker and the silver skates" centers around hans and his sister, gretel, in the 1800s, is there a skating competition in town and they want to enter, because the winner wins the coveted silver skate, they don't have a lot of money in their family, they have wooden blades instead of metal ones and hard to enter and win the competition with metal skates. they have problems at home, their father is really sick, he got hurt at work and so a lot of the response bills of the feeding and clothing the family
11:48 am
falls on hans and great.. >> this is a play that has a good message, especially for this time of year. >> definitely does. there's some kids in town that aren't so nice to hans and gretel but one in particular named heidi, she helps family out, giving them food and some silver skates, excuse me, metal skates that might help them win the silver skates. >> there is an interesting component to this play and families bringing their kids, they can sort of get into the spirit and interactive. >> yes. yes, ma'am at the arden throughout the run, we have a coat, hat and glove drive. if you come out to see the show, look through your closets and bring a coat to donate to somebody that needs one. just like the brinker family. >> i have to admit, i told you before we came back out from break, i live maybe a hop, skip and a jump from the arden right on second street and i have yet to see a play there i have given gift certificates to friends and family who are in the city to see plays there, i have yet to go i'm thinking i may bring my nephews and nieces. >> yes, please, for the
11:49 am
holidays, think the skate race is thrilling, i think it should be a really good time for everybody. we have some information that we want to pull up, if anybody else is interested in getting tickets, the production of "hans brinker and the silver skates" is running through the 31st. here is the best part, if you bring it you get a discount on your ticket. more information on our website and on our app and of course, on arden's website. matthew decker, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. happy holidays. >> you too. getting closer to the noontime hour and rain is getting chargers do us, not see it today. we are seeing some breaks of sunshine. enough to help with the warming, 50 degrees in philadelphia. we will top out in the middle 50s today and that's what you will see at the shore, a little bit warmer for cape may and even
11:50 am
warmer weather is on the wake won't look like or feel like winter. thursday will be the warmest of the week, christmas eve, the record temperatures on the books, the daily record temperatures are in the middle 60s or low 60s for philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, allen up to and reading. this is the forecast. the forecast is for every one of these cities to break a record and that 73 degrees on thursday could set a record the entire month, we have clouds, see the wet weather is making some steady progress, it started early this morning at 4:00 when we went on the air. in the chicago area, now swept into the ohio valley and we were pennsylvania, starting to get some rain. but it's going to be ours. in fact, close to 24 hours before we see any serious rainfall in our area. 6:00 this evening, mostly cloudy skies, clouds stay with us in the late evening hours, midnight tonight, still dry. the first showers coming through
11:51 am
tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon, we continue some heavier downpours, only in the afternoon before they clear out for the rest of the day on tuesday. that will not be the end of the rainfall. more rain expected before we get to those record temperatures on christmas eve. mostly cloudy today, but dry. 50s this afternoon. middle to upper 50s with winds gusting to 20 miles a hour. tomorrow, some scatter showers and occasional gusty winds, high of 63 degrees tuesday afternoon. steadier rain will be here wednesday, but look at the warmup, it continues after a morning temperature of 49 degrees. 66 degrees the high temperature there is that record high temperature for christmas eve. there is a chance we will see a morning shower on thursday. i think most of the day will be dry. and on friday, good chance we will be dry during the day and warm, too, morning temperatures in the 50s, high, 64, a chance of a shower friday evening, a better chance of showers in the area on saturday. it will be cooler this weekend, but still very mild for the end
11:52 am
of december, high temperatures near 60 degrees saturday and sunday. we will be right back. man ♪ i finally did it! ew. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. it's perfect for cleaning spills... ...desktops... ...and chalkboards. too clean? sparkle. because it's a messy world out there.
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a new study shows a big change in how question bank. the report from says 39% of americans have not
11:55 am
made a trip to a bank or credit union in about six months. that's a 5% increase from nearly two years ago. atm visits were not included in the figures. coming up a little bit later on this afternoon starting at 3:00, ellen is making some gingerbread houses with actor steve carell and musical guest justin bieber will perform. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. police at the jersey shore are asking could officers have done more to prevent this woman's death? the newa0ó crime unit inspired her death and how police are taking action after the tragedy. and before we go, we do have an update on our top story, a pennsylvania supreme court justice is fighting for his job in court today. justice michael acheson just one of several officials accused of sending out and receiving e-mails filled with pornographic, race and other offensive content. the six-member court of judicial discipline is holding the hearing to decide on an interim suspension. this stems from an investigation
11:56 am
led by pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane. and of course, watching the weather because we know a warmup is coming. looking forward to it >> not going to see cold temperatures. today actually is going to be the coolest temperature of the entire coming week and today is the last day of autumn. and this is really nice to see to it the pocono mountains, they made enough snow over that cold weekend we had and again this morning, some skiers have hit the slopes, the view from camelback, blue mountain, the same story. skiers and snowboarders are taking advantage of the colder readings in the mountains, but there's a pretty good breeze blowing in philadelphia and at the shore and that's brought the temperatures up. so, right now, cloudy skies, warming into the 40s in the mountains, heading to the 50s for philadelphia and warmer weather to come, just hold on to your they are mom melters. >> this forecast, keep reminding myself, i don't have to be jealous of everyone i know who is in florida. >> florida has come to us. >> that's it.
11:57 am
thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm rosemary connors. bill henley and everybody here, have a good one.
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[sentimental music] ♪ >> jennifer: all right, here we are, thomas. you're home. oh, do you think it's warm enough in here, honey? >> abigail: yeah, it's fine. way better than where he was born. >> jennifer: well, guess what? that is all behind you now, and you have this beautiful, healthy baby. and he is here for his first christmas. you know, we can have chad over if-- >> abigail: no. no. >> jennifer: why not? >> abigail: it's over. >> chad: i'm just asking you to think about it. >> belle: listen, chad, there are a lot of lawyers in this town. i'm sure one of them would be


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