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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we shot a little bit earlier. this is all because a 75-year-old man was found face up on the floor with a cloth tightly wrapped around his neck. the man was pronounced dead just after 12:00 this afternoon. detectives told me it's too early to tell if this is a homicide suicide. the rodeway inn is still open for business. we've seen patrons to go in and check in. mad they were told that it was just a police investigation. so we are waiting here to get some more information. that's the latest here. we'll stay here and gather more information. we're reporting live in city center, nbc 10 news. we're following breaking news out of delaware, sky 10 is live over the scene of a shooting in wilmington. it happened a short time ago.
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medics are treating the victim on the scene. so far no one has been arrested. also, tonight, philadelphia police have a message for drivers after this deadly crash claimed the lives of three people. we have learned the names of two young women who died in the crash. >> police want to make sure more families don't is have to deal with this kind of tragedy. we are live near the scene of that crash near holmesburg. >> reporter: we now know that two of those killed were young women in their 20s. this time of year, families are looking forward to the holidays, looking forward to putting up christmas decorations. let me show you what family and friends of these young women have been putting up here, a memorial. we know two of those killed. a 25-year-old and a 22-year-old. police are trying to piece together what happened. but they know speed was a big
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factor. in a rented camaro police say the young women were going fast. the speed limit was 35. >> this car was going much in excess of 35, probably at least double. >> reporter: the car smashed into a truck police say was legally parked. speed was the major factor in the crash that took three lives. prompting police to send this message. >> don't exceed the speed limit anywhere. highway, city streets, it's not a good combination. >> reporter: and there was a third person in that car who was killed. police still have not identified them. live in holmesburg, nbc 10 news. now, to your first alert weather. after a chilly weekend, we're going to warm back up in a hurry. and by christmas eve, we would have several new records on the books. >> chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is here with more on this unusual holiday
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forecast. smashing records, glen? >> that's right. we don't onbreften break record more than a few degrees. we may break this record by more than ten. and the weekend, you know how cold it was for the eagles game? that was just average for december. people were just complaining left and right how cold it was. it is average. we had two days close to average here, saturday and sunday. and now 56 today, 60 tomorrow. warmer than that wednesday. 70s on thursday,ist 56 in philadelphia. 47 in reading. all of those temperatures above normal. every one of those places likely to set a record on thursday. we don't have any kind of rain close by, but there are some showers back across the western half of pennsylvania, some of them might sneak in late tonight. we're not talking about before midnight, even by 1:00 a.m.
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look at the temperatures, though. leveling off. the average high is 43. 1:00 a.m. at 53. we'll have more amazing temperatures, along with a heavy rain threat coming in the seven day in a few minutes. thank you. right now at 5:00 a car crash and a violent robbery caught on tape. the man and the driver was in an accident, then a man jumps in the car and starts beating him to escape the victim he opens the passenger door and crawls out. the man swiped the victim's cell phone, tablet. this happened earlier this months at 11:00 in the morning. if you recognize the man, call police. >> we all know you've got to be careful when you're shopping online. three suspects in police custody linked to a rash of craigslist robberies. police know at least seven victims, the robberies happened from november 27th to
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december 16th. in each case, police say the victims were lured to north philly and robbed at gunpoint. police are searching for more suspects. more chaos in delaware county. three former fire company members are charged with stealing thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. some of it state dollars. to support volunteer fire companies. >> reporte police arrested a former fire chief this morning at his home. investigators say bryce lived here with the former fire company president and her daughter. the former treasurer. all three are charged with taking your tax dollars for their personal use. the district attorney tells us lauren wrote checks to her mother and bryce for thousands of dollars. >> how much do you believe they took? >> i believe it's anywhere from -- over $40,000, the affidavit of probable cause talks about $50,000. we've been documenting it.
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at this point, it's still an open investigation in the fire house. we're looking to see if there's going to be more moneys that will be obtained, located and subsequently added to this amount. >> the district attorney said the investigation is far from over. they may link the three to other unaccounted for spending at the fire company. the da ask still investigating similar allegations at the borough. a supreme court judge could lose his seat on a bench because of his involvement in a pornographic e-mail scandal. we're live in north hampton county where the hearing wrapped up in the last hour. what did he have to say? >> reporter: he along with many wins called by his defense team said that pornography is described in different ways. though he's appall jeologetic h send. he can't do anything about the
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ones that were sent to him. he apologized to his mother, father and family members. he entered the courthouse here this morning with his wife who was also on his defense team. the judicial board of conduct says he engaged in conduct so extreme it brought the office in disrespect. he apologized for the e-mails. he said they were sent between a group of friends with an e-mail address that was not connected to his name or the supreme court. in one e-mail he and a colleague joked about a staffer going on a trip with him. those two staffers testified they knew what was in the e-mails and they're not offended by them. i asked the judge what he thought this morning. >> i trust you all will hear it, i trust you'll fairly report it. >> reporter: he has been critical of media reports and
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editorials that have crit siciz his decisions. witnesses he brought forward testified that none of his opinions have been influenced by sexism or racism the way some of these e-mails have been described. the judicial board, panel of three judges broke here after 4:00 this afternoon, not reaching a decision. no word when the decision will be coming down. reporting live in north county live, nbc 10 news. the badebate over the death penalty continues. the governor has the authority to postpone executions. since becoming governor, he has issued reprieves in the cases of five convicted killers. he says he's concerned about the fairness of the death penalty. 1999 was the last time an inmate was executed in the state. right now at 5:00, police departments throughout new jersey are getting money to equip officers with body cameras. the state announces $2.5 million grant today.
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176 police departments will share the money. in the end it will mean 5,000 body cameras for those departments. they will promote accountability and trust between the public and police. we have good news for philadelphia public schools. some of them at least. the mayor announced today this year's special supplies fund raised more than $500,000. the money will be use today purchase things like work books, paper pens and pencils. 292 district managered charter and archdiocese skills will receive the money in february. happening now, if you need to squeeze in last minute shopping after work, camden county is working hard for their business. they are holding their second annual midnight monday event. get there early and enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride and a performance by the camden catholic high school choir.
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♪ jingle bells jingle bells >> what a way to start the holiday for the people at the isaac a. shepherd school in fairhill. they enjoyed a performance by the chorus. santa handed out coats to 200 students. they also made a donation to improve the school's library. >> i love hearing that donation, too. jackie, it's the mistake that turned the pageant world upside down. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. >> yep, the wrong winner announced at miss universe. so what happens now? we went to the home of miss america in atlantic city to get the pageant world's take. we have new information about a scout leader's
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frightening encounter with a bear. what three scouts did to save his life. we've learned what members of a local college sports team are among the dozens hurt in the crash along the las vegas strip. why investigators believe the driver did it on purpose.
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a ride malfunctioned in seaworld is back on the ground. the ride was eventually lowered to the ground on its own. at least it's a calm ride. all passengers are safe. we're learning more about the deadly crash along the vegas strip. a driver is accused of intentionally driving on and off the sidewalk into crowds last night. nbc's chris pelon reports. >> reporter: investigators say this car barrelled through crowds sending people through the air. killing one. they think the driver of the car did it on purpose. >> she repeatedly drove her car over pedestrians. >> 24-year-old lukeisha holloway
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could face attempted murder charges. they don't believe it was an act of terrorism but can't rule it out just yet. >> we haven't determined what the motive was, we believe that she had some disassociation with the father of her child. >> reporter: it happened around 6:30 last night. witnesses say the car surged on to the sidewalk, at least two or three times. mowing down everything in its path. >> this is hysteria. i mean, i'm shaking still. >> reporter: investigators say holloway parked at a nearby hotel and told a valet what she had done. he called 911. bystanders on the strip helped the injured as they waited for paramedics to arrive. >> i wasn't thinking anything else rather than to help the people. >> reporter: a chaotic scene, and an unanswered question. what provoked it? chris pelon, nbc news. that local connection, we've
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learned members of a college wrestling team from bucks county were among those heard in turt cash. they're all expected to be okay. the team was in las vegas for a tournament. authorities in texas are asking the public to look for a teenager and his mother. he was given probation after a drunk driving crash that killed four people. he vanished after failing to show up for a parole. >> i assure you we will file criminal cases against her, the da is in full agreement with this. we'll prosecute her as fully as we can. >> police are searching for this truck in connection with couch's disappearance. a u.s. official says six
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american troops were killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. the troops were killed when an attacker ran their motorcycle into their patrol in a village which is the biggest u.s. airfield in afghanistan. it comes days after ash carter stopped there. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. isis cannot destroy the united states. that statement from president barack obama. in a year end interview, he said he understands people are worried about the islamic state gro group. he says the most dangerous they can do is force americans to change how we live. during his final year in office, he says he wants to make sure americans remember the country's resilience and value and unity are intact. the president says that's the way to defeat isis. bill cosby continues to fight back against his accusers. today the comedian filed a
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counter suit against beverly johnson. he was accused of drugging and raping her in the 1980s. last week, cosby countersued seven other women who accused him of sexual misconduct. police in montgomery county are looking for this man accused of trying to abduct a woman at knife paoint over the weekend. she was able to fight him off and run to call police. the suspect is described as 5'5", stocky build, short brown hair. anyone who recognizes this man is asked to call police. this year's flu season is off to a slower start. that doesn't mean you should skip the flew shot, that's according to the pennsylvania's physician general. she was in philadelphia visiting they medical society.
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how important is it to get the v vaccine? >> one of the most common reasons is that people think they can get the flu from the vaccine. i want to assure all of you, it is impossible to develop an infectious illness from the influenza vaccine. >> flu season is picturexpected ramp up in the next two or three wre weeks. we've been setting records this month. but nothing compared to the records we're about to set. as we end up the month of december. we're going back into the 70s. and it gets harder and harder to do this as we get closer to january. we might end up with the warmest december temperature ever recorded. we'll be tracking rain. won't matter if it rains, it's
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not going to stop the temperature from going up. smashing those records, daily records and the record for the whole month. it's just going to be obliterated. mostly cloudy skies right now. 56 degrees, that's as high as it's been all day. it's 15 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. winds out of the south southwest. so we had two days, we had a weekend that was so cold -- i heard loads of people complain about how cold it was. barely average. average. and now we go up. and we go up a lot. by wednesday, 66. that is a record for wednesday. we're going to be close wednesday, thursday and possibly friday. 48 in allen town, 47 in reading. mid 50s and higher as we head toward delaware and south jersey. on christmas eve, we're all going to break records.
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the one in philadelphia could potentially be broken by more than ten degrees. i don't know that i ever remember something like that happening. even mount pocono is likely to break a record with 65 degrees. now here are a few showers in the western half of pennsylvania. fairly light. some of this will make it over for potentially the morning rush. but don't expect them to be very heavy. there's the morning as you can see. and then later on, some more showers coming in. we dry out in the afternoon. if we get a little sunshine tomorrow afternoon we could get up the 60 degrees i'm predicting. tomorrow night doesn't cool down very much. low temperature is in the 50s. again, the average high is 43. and then here comes wednesday. where we're not only warming up, but here comes some pretty heavy rain during the afternoon especially. a bit of an east wind.
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even that doesn't stop us from getting near 60. what a wild weather pattern. cloudy and milder with a chance of showers late tonight. 48 for the low in philadelphia, 42 north and west. through the day tomorrow, we're going to be seeing periods of rai rain, mostly during the morning and drying out a little bit. warmer with near 60. maybe even into the 60s if we get more sunshine. then well into the 60s on wednesday, close to record. record warmth for christmas eve. we will smash that record on friday. and we really don't cool off a whole lot over the weekend, even though it won't be 75. >> if you're ever around kids, you might be used to sounds like this. [ squeaking ] >> i would always get my sister gifts like this for her kids.
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doctors say you need to listen up with all those sounds. why that noise could be damaging little ears. we have the monday hangover from the bad loss. the birds have a good shot at making the playoffs. we'll hear from them next.
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all the. the eagles are hoping to deliver
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a late christmas gift to their fans. >> saturday's game is a must win for the birds to make the playoffs. john clark joins us from comcast sports net. hard to believe they could still make it to the playoffs. even after last night. >> that's the nfc east this year. really. and it comes down to this game as you just said, saturday night with the redskins. the eagles, actually, still control their own destiny. if they win the last two games, they're in. they win the division. last night the birds got blown out for a third time in their last five games. so which eagle team will show up on saturday? the birds are home for the game, but they're 3-4 at the link this year. the redskins are awful on the road, they're 1-5. and getting out scored 183-110 on the road. the birds know even though they have a losing record they can still get to the playoffs. this is a must win against washington. >> you just can't one loss beat
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you twice. and then, you know, i think sometimes it's good because you're able to get that bad taste out of your mouth that much quicker. it will be one thing if we don't have life. >> we've been in the situation before. the playoffs start now. we knew this was a big game. we knew the next two were huge. that's what we can focus on now. >> it starts saturday. coming up, we'll hear from deshawn jackson who as you know, he's looking forward to this game saturday night and winning the division. we're going to see you then. looking forward to this weekend, thanks. donald trump demanding an apology. >> the comments from hillary clinton that had him all fired up. plus you don't want to miss this, dragged by his foot into a cave. the frightening new details about a bear attack on a scout leader in new jersey.
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a boy scout leader who was pulled into a cave and attacked by a bear in north jersey this weekend is expected to be home for christmas. today, wild life officials are trying to trap the bear responsible for the attack. >> it happened yesterday at split rock reservoir. as we report, it made for a scouter listen one troop won't soon forget.
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>> we now know the three scouts on the hike through these woods with their scout master was not an official event. just a father enjoying the woods with his son and two friends. their ages 12 and 13. their composure, amazing. >> for a 12 and 13-year-olds they showed a great level of muturateturate. >> the scout master was being ma mauled he played dead. >> it became a nature based hostage situation with a wild animal. >> a neighbor says put runeno is an experienced out doorsman. >> the house next to us and between that house and the other house it was a bear then. like down the ruvine a little bit. >> he has experience. >> yeah. yeah. >> for folks who frequently use the many woods in this part of the state, there is an acute
5:32 pm
awareness of bears. >> you just pay attention and you're aware of what goes on. >> would you ever look in a cave? >> no. no. not at all. >> why? >> why? because you never know what's in there. >> late this afternoon we got a statement from pet runeno's life. in which she says thank you for the out pouring of love and support for chris. i want to commend the three boys who truly saved my husband's life. because of their quick thinking, and brave actions. at this time, we request privacy as chris begins his journey to recovery. that his wife. in rock away township, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. bear attacks are rare in new jersey. but they do happen. and in september of last year a student was killed by a bear while hiking in a nature preserve. it was the first deadly bear attack on record in the state of
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new jersey. your first alert weather looks a lot of christmas here in delaware county. by christmas eve it won't feel like it. we're also tracking rain that could hit our area by tomorrow morning. chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is tracking it all. >> look at what we have behind me? snow. blue mountain. they made it over the weekend because it was cold. but it will all be gone by next weekend because it's going to be in the 60s, even on the slopes. and we have temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, 56 in philadelphia was the high so far today. close to that further to the south and east. millville, 22 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 19 degrees warmer in mount holly. and it's going to warm up much, much more than this. as we go through the week. nothing on the radar close by, we do see lighter showers in
5:34 pm
central pennsylvania and west virginia that will be moving in toward daybreak. so it is possible that there is a little bit of wet weather by the morning rush. nothing by 7:00 and the temperatures really not going to drop a whole lot during the night tonight. 52 even 11:00 a.m. 5:48 a. 54, 8:00. we'll tell you about the threats of rain with the seven day in a few minutes. we have new information tonight in the murder of a south jersey convenience store clerk. 31-year-old eramus canty is charged with killing a man. police say he walked into quick and go demanding money, they got into a fight that spill into the parking lot. that's where police say canty shot the man. he died an hour later. police caught up with canty at a convenience store in asbury park over the weekend.
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philadelphia police are renewing the search for a hit and run driver one year after a woman was struck and killed in northeast philadelphia. 33-year-old teresa poxy was hit and killed last december 23rd. the driver of the truck believed to be a toe truck with front end damage kept going and police still haven't found the person. police say her family and friends are dependent fsperate answers. >> possibly someone was in the car. sometimes the driver does come back with a conscience and help us. we're reaching out to the public. >> police say the citizen's crime commission are offering a $15,000 reward leading to an arrest in this case. the field of republican candidates running for president narrowed today. senator lindsey graham suspended his campaign, this as donald trump claims, he's the victim of
5:36 pm
lies by hillary clinton. nbc 10 national correspondent edward lawrence breaks it down from washington. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham calls it quits on his dream to be president. he could not gain ground with republican voters, performing poorly in the polls. >> today, i'm suspending my campaign for president. i want to thank everyone. >> reporter: senator graham ran his campaign around national security pushing for more troops on the ground in iraq and syria. >> today, most of my fellow candidates have come to recognize this is what's needed to secure our homeland. >> reporter: now up for grabs, the support and popularity of his good friend senator john mccain. >> with graham's campaign crumbling his support will go else where. you'll see an effort on the establishment side to go after trump. >> reporter: graham has been critical of donald trump. so have the democrats. trump's name came up nine times during this weekend's abc news
5:37 pm
democratic debate. now trump demands an apology from hillary clinton for this claim. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: trump called the today show to deny clinton's accusations. >> she should apologize. she lies about e-mails, she lies about whitewater, about everything. she will be a disaster as president. >> reporter: a clinton campaign spokesman rejected any apology saying trump's rhetoric helps isis. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. else where a new trial for baltimore police officer william porter is said to start next you know 13th. he is one of six officers facing charges in the death of freddie gr gray. his first trial ended with a hung jury and mistrial. the new date has to be approved
5:38 pm
tomorrow. freddie gray died of a fatal spine injury while riding in a police van after his april arrest. the next officer to face trial is caesar goodson on january 6th. it was the ending that no one saw coming. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. ouch, steve harvey apologizes after announcing the wrong winner at miss universe. next, the pageant world in atlantic city weighs in on this big blunder. and drones are one of the hot toys this holiday season. find out what you need to do first or you could get fined by the government. puffs knows winter...
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the first 30 days. and then $5 after that it will be valid for three years. drone operators will be subject to civil and criminal penalties if they fail to register. a new survey shows fewer americans are using home broad band. instead, they're using their cell phones to go online. not surprising there. according to the pugh research center. the survey found 80% of adults in the u.s. had internet access this year, but fewer people got it from fiber lines. the reason? most people say it's too expensive. those relying on cell phone for internet service rose 13%. they say laughter is the best medicine, right? but singing might be up there, too. why researchers think it could help loved ones at least the ones who are deal ing with dementia. and coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00. a septa driver caught assaulting
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i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. >> it's a mistake that turned the pageant world upside down. the wrong winner announced at miss universe. >> it has everyone talking. we sent our bureau reporter to the home of the miss america pageant in atlantic city to get their take on this mess. >> reporter: in an area that's been home to the miss america pageant for nearly its entire history, there was no way to keep it out of the conversation. >> it's just unfortunate. i feel terrible for everybody
5:45 pm
involved. >> the first runner up is colombia. >> reporter: the miss universe mistake broadcast around the world. pageant host steve harvey incorrectly named miss colombia as the winner of last night's contest in las vegas. when in reality the crown belonged to miss philippines. the flub was a topic on talk shows today. moody is a former contestant in more than a half dozen miss new jersey and miss new jersey usa competitions. >> in colombia's case she has the crown, she's waving, she's got the sash. then to learn that it's not really supposed to be that way. i can't even imagine. gut wrenching. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> i can't imagine. and from a person who has emcees several pageants, my heart
5:46 pm
breaks for him. because i really truly believe it was just an honest mistake. >> reporter: a mistake that she fears will have an impact on the image on such pageants which are often the target of criticism. >> it's like the cards are stacked against the pageant systems and this is not going to help it. >> reporter: as for miss colombia, moony believes it will heighten her career because more people know who she is. at the jersey shore bureau in atlantic city, i'm ted greenburg. when it comes to beauty pageants singing is a big part of the talent competition. there may be an extra benefit to being able to carry a tune. >> there is new evidence that singing may help people in the early stages of dementia. a study from finland included nearly 100 people with mild or moderate dementia. some of the participants were told to listen to their favorite music. some took singing lessons. others just received standard care. after ten weeks, the singing group showed improvements in
5:47 pm
memory, thinking, and navigation skills. well, this is already a december to remember. by the end of this weekend, you're going to remember it even more. and maybe for decades. that's how extreme it's going to be. we're going into the 70s. we hit some 70s a little earlier during the month. the later you get into winter the harder it is to get there h. we could end up with the warmest december day ever recorded in the philadelphia area. we're tracking rain this week. more than just some. and we're going to be smashing some of those records. not just for the day but for the entire month as a whole. we'll have mostly cloudy skies now. 56 degrees. winds south southwest to ten. the clouds didn't really matter. it's warming up tremendously even with the clouds.
5:48 pm
47 in reading, one of the cold spots, 40 in mount pocono. 55 in glass borough and 54 in dover. it's going to seem cool compared to what we'll be seeing later on during the week. this is where our air is coming from. 65 in st. louis right now. 64 in little rock. we've got no snow on the ground to keep things cool our record is 64 for christmas eve set just last year. we're going to break that. i've got 75 up there. you ever hear of breaking a record by more than ten degrees? atlantic city, allen town, wilmington, mount pocono all those places in line to break the record. not just by a little bit. every part of our area should be at record levels. here comes showers.
5:49 pm
we will have some heavier rain developing down south in kentucky and starting to move up as we go into wednesday. tomorrow morning, it's very mild as you can see. a few showers to the north and west. some showers develop during the morning hours. generally move out and we could even get a little warmer in the 60s if we get a little sunshine tomorrow. could even be warmer than what i've put down there. my numbers are conservative if you can believe that. wednesday, into the morning hours, it's cloudy, still mild. and then here comes some rain. not just a little bit. there's a little bit. and here comes a lot. later on during the day, and that may be the only thing preventing wednesday from being in record levels. cloudy and milder with a chance of showers late tonight. 48 for the low. and then during the day
5:50 pm
tomorrow, the rain during the morning as you saw, maybe even the midday hours and temperatures getting to near 60. we get a little sun in the afternoon, a little bit warmer than that. as we go into wednesday, 66. look at the low temperature on christmas eve. that's close to a record for the low. and up to 75. and not all that much colder christmas day. or the rest of the weekend. the eagles will be playing-e@1 milder weather than they did last night. >> we're talking rain instead of snow. thank you very much. lester holt joins us with a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news. coming up, it's what what's the truth between the dust up between donald trump and hillary clinton and his call that she apologize. we'll report on the reverse sticker shock that hitting a lot of us where we live and what a lot of us are buying in record numbers with the extra cash in our pockets. and what's cold is hot. the weather surprise that's making for an unseasonable holiday season for a lot of us when we
5:51 pm
see you coming up for nbc nightly news. we'll send it back to you. >> i know you're feeling in new york as we are here in philly. the warmup is great. we know kids with make a lot notifies sometimes. and so can their toys. >> sometimes, all the time. you may not realize how all that noise is affecting your kid's hearing. >> try this rattle. hitting 90 there. >> hitting 90. way above safe listening levels. >> next we put those toys to the test and show you what to look for the next time you go shopping. tonight, more chaos, with charges against three fire company officials. i'm harry hairston, i'll have their story. this is the best block of all.
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you know how loud kids' toys can be, especially if you're the parent. experts say all that noise is more than just annoying. >> doctors are saying that it could also hurt a child's hearing. nbc did some testing and shows us how loud they can get. >> reporter: squeaking. rattling. singing. this week, kids excited to get their hands on toys like these.
5:55 pm
but they make a lot of noids. what you can't hear, damaged to your child's hearing. it's called noise induced hearing loss. a recent study naming loud societies as a cause. the cdc says it developing over a long period of time. listing anything over 85 decibels of sound. dr. sandy liv sandy leave -- ex to us. >> yeah, it's around 59 and i'm a loud talker. let's try this rattle. 90 there. >> hitting 90 which is way above safe listening levels. >> believe it or not, that's as loud as an electric drill. >> that got up to about 91 decibels.
5:56 pm
>> about as loud as a hair dryer. i think i speak for a lot of parents bhwho have a lot of the toys at home. to me, they hear just fine. >> that's the thing about noise induced hearing lost, it's gradual. the parent and child will not necessarily notice. >> but the most surprising test? this toy horn. >> over 106 decibels. >> way over. just to give you an idea how loud that s what if i told you some toys are loud as an ambulance screeching by with a siren on. i didn't believe it either. so we got ourselves an ambulance and we have the meter. listen to that. just under 100. you can kill that. just under 100. some of the toys we tested are louder than this. the toy industry association telling nbc news, they consulted with an audiologist when developing a sound limit for toys. and that no toys intended for children have been found to be
5:57 pm
dangerous based on their sound level. >> this christmas, think safe listening. and limit the amount of exposure to loud toys. >> and they always love the loudest ones right? >> you can put a piece of tape over the speaker and download free apps to your phone that measure levels so you can test a toy before you buy it. coming up next, the count down to christmas, we're tracking the last minute shopping rush. tim? >> reporter: the warmer weather sort of messing with our shopping habits and pushing many people from malls to main street. we'll explain straight ahead. and i'm tracking some record breaking warmth. just in time for the holiday. details on my nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast forecast. law enforcement taking action after a missing girl found murdered at the jersey
5:58 pm
shore. we'll explain a new initiative that targets low cost motels. that's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
[ bleep ]. >> whoa! >> right now at 6:00 a septa driver caught on camera assaulting a passenger with a
6:00 pm
water bottle. first, the count down is on to christmas, but that doesn't mean it feels like it outside. nbc 10 here in delaware where we caught people enjoying mild temperatures. one guy wearing shorts today. it's going to keep warming up as we inch closer to the holiday. we could also see showers. nbc 10 first alert weather tracking rain as well. good evening, everyone, i'm gji rosenfield. we mark the official start to winter as we shatter records. we could see temperatures in the 70s this week, right? >> absolutely. we're talking about christmas eve. we set a record last year on christmas eve, that was for 64. we're going way above that this year. we have cloudy skies right now. the temperature jumped into the 50s today. after a chilly weekend. but those temperatures are just about exactly average for this time of the year. it felt


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