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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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don't miss a day of brilinta. deadly force report. today we'll learn new details about the investigation by the department of justice into the philadelphia police department. trouble on board. this video has a septa bus driver in trouble. it appears to show him dumping a bottle of water on a passenger. radar tracking showers on this warm tuesday morning. we're already 20 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the warmer temperatures and the rain to come with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> here it is, the first morning of winter. winter has arrived but it's not going to feel like it any time this week temperatures will stay warm. to assure any wet weather we get
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is only rain. the light showers that are moving into the area have just reached into philadelphia, wilmington seeing some showers and areas north and west. harrisburg getting rain and clouds over delaware and south jersey. rain not there yet. look at these numbers. 55 degrees, in philadelphia, northeast philadelphia is warmer and the coolest spot in the 40s. a warm-up in spite of the rain. 55 at 9:00 to 56 at -- sorry, 6:00, 55. 56 at 9:00, by lunch close to 60, then the showers shut down and we'll reach into the 60s this afternoon. some areas warmer than others. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. let's see how this rain is affecting traffic. >> not seeing rain now on the vine street expressway but we're seeing the ongoing construction closing between the schuylkill and broad street. these are around 24th street. you can see it new car in sight
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so take local vine. throughout until about 5:00. a look at the rest of the majors, heading into the center city, on the blue route to 9516 minutes. i'll check with mass transit when i come back. >> see you then. thank you. in philadelphia one person is in the hospital after a house fire in the kensington neighborhood. this happened after 1:00 this morning near the corner of d street and east indiana avenue. crews were able to control the fire minutes after it broke out. no word on what caused it or the victims condition. the department of justice will release details about the report of the police department's use of deadly force. katy zachry is live at police headquarters with more. >> reporter: that's right. philadelphia commissioner charles ramsey ordered an independent review of the department's use of deadly force after there was an increase in the number of police involved shootings. you may remember earlier this year the review done jointly by
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the u.s. attorneys office and the department of justice came up with nearly 100 recommendations for the philadelphia police department with regard to policing and limiting the use of deadly force. today members of that review team will look into the department's practices and will announce if things have changed since earlier this year when those recommendations were first made. coming up in the next half hour you'll hear specifically what some of those recommendations have been. reporting live outside police headquarters, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." a montgomery county woman is recovering this morning after jumping out of a third story window to escape armed intruders in a home invasion. sky force 10 was over the scene last night. police tell us that several armed men broke into the victim's home. she was hurt from the fall, taken to the hospital. there are no arrests. >> a decision about whether to suspend a pennsylvania supreme court judge over pornographic e-mails is in the hands of an
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ethics koufrmt nbc 10 was in easton as michael eakin arrived. after five hours the ethics panel did not indicate when a ruling will be issued. he is accused of exchanging lewd and offensive e-mails with friends and colleagues, he tearfully apologized for the e-mails which his attorneys kri describe as male banter. >> at the request of the court we're here to answer what they want us to answer, i trust we'll all hear it and i trust you will fairly report it. >> the scandal surfaced after kathleen kane release mord than 1,000 of eakin's e-mails. she claims her own legal troubles started when she released those. kane is now facing federal perjury charges. >> montgomery county's new magistrate a millennial, the youngest sitting judge in pennsylvania. 28-year-old greg scott was sworn in. he will take the bench for the 38th district.
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he is also the first african-american judge in montgomery county. >> philadelphia cab drivers will meet with the district attorney over the uber x service in the city. members of the taxi alliance says the drivers don't have to follow the same laws as they do and last week hundreds of taxi drivers brought the city to a standstill in a protest. parked cabs along streets causing hours of gridlock. the cab drivers go through background checks and pay fees, they say drivers of uber x don't and it's hurting their business. >> philadelphia police are renewing the search for a hit and 1 driver a year after a woman was killed. theresa was hit crossing state road on december 23. police think she was hit by a tow truck that would have had front end damage. as the victim's family and friends look for answers investigators are stepping up efforts to catch the driver. >> somebody was in the car, some information, sometimes a driver
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does come back and help us with investigations so we're reaching out to the public. >> police in the citizens crime commission are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. >> it's 4:06. septa says it has suspended the bus driver seen in this video while police investigate an alleged assault on a passenger. it happened on a route 57 bus stop. on friday. you can see the driver approach a woman standing in the center aisle of the bus, they throws what appears to be bottled water in her face as she tried to push him away. they have not said what led to the confrontation. >> today the homeless woman accused in the deadly crash on the las vegas strip is due in court for a bond hearing. 24-year-old lakeisha holloway faces charges in a crash that
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killed one and injured dozens. police said holloway did it deliberatery repeatedly driving onto the packed sidewalk. her 3-year-old was in the back seat at the time. they had been living in the car about a week, she says she was stressed out after getting run off by security guards when she tried to sleep in parking garages. some of the injured included college students from our area. members of the delaware valley university wrestling team will return home after being released from the hospital. the wrestlers and the coach were on the sidewalk walking to a movie from their hotel. the team was in vegas to compete but had to forfeit because of the crash. >> didn't want the student athletes to focus on the wrestling really to focus on themselves and getting emotionally right after what they witnessed and were part of. >> the students were not seriously hurt. the coach said it was amazing the way the team cared for other victims also struck on that sidewalk.
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eight minutes after 4:00, and we are tracking showers this morning. just rain showers. the temperatures are too warm for anything else. in fact, they will be warming up significantly this afternoon once the rain ends we'll be in the 60s. you may ask what winter? today is no the first day of winter. the entire week will feel like it's fall. in fact, early fall as we're on the way to record temperatures later this week for christmas eve. right now not bad. 51 degrees. and doylestown. philadelphia, some scattered light showers and 55 and millville is 54. everybody is seeing the mild conditions. there are a few rain showers in the area, doesn't look rainy in through view from center city, however. not going to be a lot of rain but just enough to have you carrying an umbrella or windshield wipers at times. 40s through allentown, reading and pottstown. the 50s in delaware and south jersey. 56 for cape may and northeast philadelphia, a very warm morning. the rain has not reached cape may yet and very light scattered
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showers just enough for a few raindrops on the windshield. the steadier rain is to the west. and to the south. this is going to be coming into our area during the morning hours but this afternoon i think it's going to be moving out of here fairly rapidly. the forecast is calling for a big warm-up. showers this morning, breaks in the clouds late this afternoon, 56 for camelback, bethlehem and near 60 in fleetwood. look at the 60s for abington and bordentown. rain this morning, then tapering off this afternoon. that's true of the shore, too. 61 at cape may, up to 63 for center that and millville. some scattered light showers for wilmington and philadelphia. lower 60s today. but there is warmer weather to come, a look at the seven-day forecast, tracy, with the potential for record temperatures for the entire month when i come back in 10 minutes. >> wow. warmer. okay. thanks, bill. 4:09. let's check your ride to work this time of the morning is when we look at construction projects, usually starting to clear in the next hour.
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let's get an update. jessica boyington is watching. >> yeah, you said it. a lot of construction in south jersey. atroupd 42/295 area especially approaching philadelphia northbound lanes we do have a lot of construction. a lot of lane restrictions. this is around 76 right around market street. so right as you leave 42 northbound we do have lane restrictions and crew on the scene. right lane blocked right now. also if you're on 295, watch out for 295 southbound to 42 northbound, that's also closed for construction, that will be until about 5:00 this morning. again, another 50 minutes or so for that. but we definitely know that it will be cleaning up. if it goes early we'll give you updated as far mass transit no problems or delays so far. >> thanks for that. philadelphia police are investigating a death at a center city hotel, the victim is a doctor, hear the clues they found so far and why they are calling it suspicious. and next, banana bus.
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what was hidden in these boxes of fruit.
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>> >> it's 4:13. philadelphia city officials and business leaders are meeting with first deputy roth about safety and future initiatives. retiring charles ramsey named roth his successor. roth will take over as police commissioner in january. >> the retrial for baltimore police officer william porter is now scheduled for next june. a judge declared a mistrial last week when porter's jury couldn't reach a verdict. he is one of six officers facing charges in the freddie gray
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case. gray suffered a fatal spinal injury riding in a police van after his arrest. the next officer in the case that will go on trial in january. >> a grand jury in texas will not indict sheriff officials or jail workers in the death of a woman who die independent her cell because no felony crime was committed. the grand jury is still deciding if the state trooper who arrested sandra bland will face charges. the officer stopped her for making an improper lane change. the two argued before the trooper arrested her for assault. bland died in her jail cell a few days later. >> the cdc is investigating five new cases of e. coli linked to chipotle restaurants. more than 50 illnesses since october. officials say the new cases involve a different type of bacteria. they were reported in oklahoma, north dakota and kansas. it's still not clear if they are related to the original outbreak.
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chipotle's co-ceo says the company won't know 0 for sure, spokesperson released this, since the issue gran we have completed a reassessment of our food safety programs with an eye to finding best practices for each ingredient we use. >> a south american drug bust leads to three arrests and the seizure of a ship packed with three tons of cocaine. police in colombia released this video showing packages of the drugs on the vessel. authorities located the ship in the pacific ocean near ecuador, bound for central america and then the u.s. but it didn't get far because of ep begin trouble. the three suspects worked for a drug ring in colombia. a drug bust in poland being tragsed to colombia. yesterday police near warsaw seized pure cocaine hidden in boxes of bananas. video shows the officers going
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through the bags containing blocks of the drug. authorities are holding the driver who drove the truck from belgium to poland. it has a street value of at least $25 million. >> it's 4:16, 55 degrees. a special event filled the white house with music and included an unlikely group of men who many wouldn't believe could perform. thanks to one person they were able to find the music in their hearts. kristen welker has that story. ♪ >> reporter: a christmas concert that these men once could have never imagined. >> it gives us recognition. a lots of times these people are invisible. ♪ >> reporter: invisible because they are all homeless, like william. for the past four months
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augustine has lived on the streets sleeping in this shelter most nights. >> it's a hard life. it's a really hard life. the music director at the church that houses the shelter started the choir three years ago. >> i was brought up to believe if somebody needs your help, you help them. and i hope the people recognize that. >> reporter: the choir rehearses two nights every week. marvin coin still remembers his first concert. >> we were like rock stars. that's how you feel. >> reporter: the choir performs locally but this year noonan pushed to get the group to washington, d.c. >> i was like i wonder if we could pull off the white house. >> reporter: he did. the white house invited the choir to sing for holiday visitors. ♪ their voices in the east wing matching the mood of christmas cheer. >> it was everything i hoped for. it was everything i dreamed of.
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>> reporter: these men without homes of their own lifting their voices together. in a house that belongs to everyone. >> well, it's official. winter has arrived but if you look for a white christmas you have to head to the northwest. take a look at this. this is the puget sound area around seattle. this part of the country is getting slammed with snow. look at that. then further south in portland, they are experiencing rain and wind instead of snow. wind gusts were reported to have hit 55 miles an hour. it had downed trees and power lines. some streets were impassable. northern california much of the same weather led to crashes on roadways and delayed flights at san francisco international airport. definitely no snow any time soon for us, bill. >> no, not with these temperatures. nowhere even close to us for
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snow. the only snow is the manmade. we did have a cold weekend for that. not a lot of rain in the area yet. so far we're seeing a few showers in the philadelphia area, 55 degrees. look at that, 18 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. southerly winds are working. it was so nice to see the snow fall. well, from the snow guns, over the weekend. and skiers yesterday were taking advantage of it. they were hitting the slopes. record temperatures are on the way. the warmest day of the week is going to be thursday, christmas eve. the record temperatures are in the 60s. each of these locations is going to see the temperature soar into the 70s. there is rain before we get to christmas eve and some will be today. scattered light showers so far in philadelphia. the heavier rain will miss most of our region, in fact, by this afternoon most of this will be clearing out. that will not be the end of the rain. more showers for tomorrow. 10:00 this morning the futurecast showing potential for quick moving downpours in delaware and south jersey.
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look how quickly they move out. 4:00, we'll get some breaks in the clouds. see late day sunshine. only can see the clouds come back in for tomorrow morning, and that's more rain. just to the south waiting to come in during the day tomorrow. it's going to be a rainy wednesday, then that will be, well, tapering off later on wednesday evening. but there is a chance of a shower as we go into christmas eve. the seven-day forecast look at the warm temperatures. 63 degrees this afternoon. scattered shower this is morning tapering off by afternoon. record warmth and rain for wednesday. and even warmer with record temperatures again on thursday. 75 degrees, that would break the all-time records temperature for the month of december for philadelphia. which is 73 degrees. and still quite warm on christmas day, i think santa's smiling there. he will be wearing his summer suit, by the way. still a chance of showers on saturday, sunday and monday. cooler on monday but still warm for this time of year with a
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high of 52. >> cooler and 52. that's just weird. 20 minutes past 4. let's check your ride to work especially if it includes the schuylkill expressway. jessica boyington is watching the roads. >> this is the only time we like to see the schuylkill expressway is benefit 5:00 in the morning around girard avenue you can see no problems, no construction, and like clock work the camera turns pink. 13 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we are good to go. watch out in delaware, though, on 95 the northbound ramp to 896 northbound is closed for construction. but not affecting 95 at all. taking a fly through delaware we're still good, 11 minutes northbound from 295 to 495. mass transit great this morning. we'll check in with area bridges when i come back in the next ten. >> see you then. the families of local police officers killed in the line of duty will enjoy a meal fit for a hero. the group holiday meals for heroes is holding a breakfast and delivering dinners to
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families of fallen oofs throughout the valley. it's an annual tradition honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> three, two, one. and the next mayor of philadelphia flipped the switch at last night's spectacle at franklin square. mayor-elect jim kenney dressed as buddy the elf. keith jones was also spreading holiday cheer at conwell middle magnet school last night. he did his best santa impersonation and handed out gifts to the kids. >> fighting back. new information in the bill cosby sex assault case. the comedian is now suing an ex-super model. ahead, learn why cosby's legal team thinks they have a solid case against the accuser. next, the special honor for a
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beloved ex-sixers star. how allen iverson could become part of basketball immortality.
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coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. it's 4:25. tonight is bowl night for temple. the owls take on toledo in the bowl. kickoff is 7:00. this is video of the owls arriving on friday. temple is coming off of a 10-win season and second place finish in its conference. toledo won nine games and here is a fun fact. the game issing played at florida atlantic university home of the owls, so temple should fit right in. allen iverson is an official candidate for the basketball
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hall of fame. he led the sixers to the 2001 nba finals, he was mvp that season, also made 11 all-star teams. the hall of fame will announce the finalists in february with the inductees unveiled in april. 55 degrees and we're tracking some light rain showers moving into the area. everybody is seeing the mild weather. and the clouds that are going to be here flew the morning and into this afternoon. 4:26 and jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> and bill, we're watching the 42 freeway for a lot of ongoing construction now. we look okay around route 41. there are intermittent lane closures beyond this point from 55 to 130, and we'll cover those the rest of the morning. they should be clearing up around 5:00. >> next, there is a new money
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stream considered for atlantic city. the hurdle, it's currently illegal.
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look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ] happening today, taking a close look at philadelphia police. the department of justice will release new details about city officers use of deadly force. death investigation in a center city hotel. the victim is a 75-year-old doctor, detectives say it's suspicious. plus -- >> gary, you got anything to say? >> under arrest. three members of colwyn's fire department charged with stealing
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thousands in taxpayer money. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his very warm first alert forecast. >> it is, doesn't feel like the first day of winter and it won't look like it. all of this just rain, the temperatures are way too warm for anything else. the first showers have started to move into wilmington, delaware county, philadelphia, and in portions of chester, montgomery and bucks county. for now the steadier rain is to the west but we will see some steadier rain showers mainly this morning. going to be tapering off later this afternoon. and though we're getting a warm start it's going to be warmer later today. 52 in coatesville. wilmington with showers, 53. 53 also in trenton and northeast philadelphia is at 56. low 50s for roxborough and south philadelphia. everybody is seeing the mild temperatures to start with. and in spite of the showers we'll see a warm-up, 56 degrees at 9:00 this morning. like yesterday we'll get


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