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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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thousands in taxpayer money. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his very warm first alert forecast. >> it is, doesn't feel like the first day of winter and it won't look like it. all of this just rain, the temperatures are way too warm for anything else. the first showers have started to move into wilmington, delaware county, philadelphia, and in portions of chester, montgomery and bucks county. for now the steadier rain is to the west but we will see some steadier rain showers mainly this morning. going to be tapering off later this afternoon. and though we're getting a warm start it's going to be warmer later today. 52 in coatesville. wilmington with showers, 53. 53 also in trenton and northeast philadelphia is at 56. low 50s for roxborough and south philadelphia. everybody is seeing the mild temperatures to start with. and in spite of the showers we'll see a warm-up, 56 degrees at 9:00 this morning. like yesterday we'll get south-southwest winds to help
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boost the temperatures near 60 degrees at lunch time. and this will not be the end of the warm either. a very warm week. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is tracking your first alert traffic. >> right, bill. we're out watching keith valley road. repairs due to an earlier accident. so no word when that will be lifted. a heads up. and also a heads up on the vine street expressway we're closed, this is around 24th street right now. so in between the schuylkill and broad street east and westbound we have closures. that should be lifted around 5:00. so another half hour for that. area bridges are great. no openings now and we're clear heading over the ben franklin bridge into philadelphia. >> thanks for that. happening today new information about the use of deadly force by philadelphia police officers. the department of justice will issue an update to its report today. katy zachry is live at police
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headquarters to tell us what we know. >> reporter: police commissioner charles ramsey asked the department of justice to look into policing practices after an increase in officer-involved shootings. from that review nearly 100 recommendations were made to improve police policies in philadelphia. they were announced in march of this year. you may remember that. included things like improving deadly force training among officers and supervisors, and updating the way officers take statements, right now those statements are typed rather than recorded yid or visually. what today will tell us is how the philadelphia police department has been improving. based on those recommendations. coming up you'll hear commissioner charles ramsey talk about the importance of following some of those recommendations. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> 55 degrees outside. happening today a community in cape may county will come together to remember a teenager found dead in a home.
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friends and family will hold a vigil for 15-year-old nicole. it's happening at the abandoned home in middle township where police found her body. she vanished back on november 29th. her death has been ruled a homicide. investigators believe it was not a random act of violence. her death investigation has led to the arrest of three men on unrelated charges. philadelphia police continue to investigate the case of a 75-year-old man found dead at a hotel. nbc 10 was at the roadwayway inn hotel where detectives made several trips to haul away bags of evidence. when police arrived around noon the guest was found dead in a room face up with a cloth around his neck. sources tell us he was a successful psychiatrist. we got reaction from a man who works near the hotel. >> it makes you feel a little uneasy when you are working so close to something like that. >> police have not made arrests and won't know the exact cause
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of death until an autopsy is completed. this morning philadelphia police are still looking for the person responsible for shooting and killing a man while walking his dog. sky force 10 was over the scene last night in west philadelphia. police say the victim was shot in the face near his home on horton street around 7:30. >> three former fire company members in delaware county are facing charges for allegedly stealing thousands from taxpayers. some of that money was meant to support volunteer fire companies. ex-colwyn chief gary bryce, former company president liz litz celini and her daughter are all under arrest. >> you got anything to say? >> police arrested bryce at his home yesterday. investigators say he live there had with two other suspects, they say the three stole in total more than $52,000 from the fire department. >> in north jersey wildlife
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officials say they will not try to capture the bear that attack add boy scout leader on sunday the animal you will ped the man into a cave in morris county. the leader escaped after beating the bear with a hammer but not before the man was bitten several times. his scouts called 911 and placed food outside the cave to lure the bear away. >> it's 4:35. bill cosby plans to take another one of his accusers to court, this time his legal team is taking on an ex-super model who claims she was druggedpy the comedian. hear why cosby's wife plays a key role in this case. with record warmth in the forecast, hardly feels like cold and flu season but it's coming. now is the best time to build the best defense. and grab a light jacket and umbrella this morning. the temperatures starting off warm, 55 degrees, and i'm tracking some rain showers at 4:35. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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our temperatures should be in the 20s this time of year. those are normal low temperatures, but this morning the clouds moving in, a little wet weather, we're at 56 degrees. in northeast philadelphia that's 23 degrees warmer than the same hour yesterday. look at the winds. just a light wind out of the south-southwest at 5 miles an hour. yesterday was the winds that helped warm us up. they will still be on duty today even though we'll see rain showers, very light showers moving through delaware and philadelphia into montgomery and bucks county. chester county seeing light rainfall. hasn't reached the shore yet but it will during the day today. and it looks impressive especially from the wide use of heavier downpours we could see those stretch across parts of delaware and south jersey. they are on track for that later this morning and early this afternoon. by later today we will be drying
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out. futurecast rainfall shows just a little bit of rain in philadelphia by lunch time. but look at the amounts right along the coast, about a third of an inch by noon time. and atlantic city and cape may. by 2:00 this afternoon, this is the tail end of the system. we'll be ending during the afternoon hours. just some light rainfall from allentown through trenton and wilmington, with closer to half an inch at the shore for atlantic city. the rain is out this evening. the temperatures will be warming into the 60s for allentown, and reading. each the pocono mountains will be warm with rain showers primarily for the mountains, then breaks of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures take off for norristown, trenton and mount holly. rain this morning drying out this afternoon. showers will hold on a little longer for atlantic city, cape may and rehobeth. that's where we'll see the heavier rainfall. and today starting off with just light showers for wilmington, drexel hill and philadelphia and will reach into the 60s once the rain ends early this afternoon.
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back with the seven-day forecast and tracy, even warmer temperatures, record temperatures for not one but two days on the seven-day forecast. back with that in ten minutes. >> see you then. 20 minutes before 5. let's check your ride to work including 95. jessica boyington is watching that. >> tracy, 95 around cottman avenue drive time we're good to go. the southbound side traffic is flowing the nicely. 12 minutes southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. northbound doing better than that. the 42 freeway is okay, even with that construction so intermittent lane closures north and southbound, but you can see north and southbound drive times are great. heading into philadelphia right now from 55 to the walt whitman bridge we're still at five minutes. no problems open the walt right now as well. watch out for 295, this is in south jersey, southbound the ramp to 42 northbound, that's closed, that will be for another 20 minutes or so until about 5:00. horsham township, keith valley
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road is closed at county line road for repairs from an earlier accident. the push is on to make this is safest holiday yet on area roads. nbc 10 at the police department figures show there are more traffic crashes and death in the winter than any time of the year. you'll see more roving patrols, sobriety check points and enforcing seat belt use. the dui victims moving memorial was also on display to honor and remember those who lost their lives because of impaired drivers. >> when someone you love is k l killed suddenly and violently the grief is intense, complicated and long lasting. when your child is killed the hopes and dreams for that child are gone. >> officers also demonstrated ignition interlocks placed on the vehicles of drivers with two or more dui offenses in pennsylvania. >> merry christmas.
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>> the santa express was on the move yesterday making the holiday brighter for philadelphia families in need. this is the philadelphia parking authority's 13th annual santa express event. volunteers help load vans with toys, clothes and food baskets to make those special deliveries. >> a new plan is in the works to get atlantic city money. this cash flow source doesn't volume casinos. we'll explain. it looks like your average mcdonald's. this restaurant is home to one very special employee.
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about a quarter to 5. the case against embattled sergeant bowe bergdahl heads to court this morning. the former p.o.w. will be arraigned on desertion charges for walking off his post in 2009. he was then captured by the taliban, held for nearly five years until he was released in a
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2014 prisoner exchange program. >> six americans are dead, two more hurt after a suicide attack in afghanistan. officials say the u.s. service men were going to a meeting with local afghan leaders. while they were walking to the village a man on a motorcycle broke into the group and detonated his suicide vest. this comes after a pentagon report that says security in afghanistan has deteriorated. president obama still intends to reduce the number of american troops in afghanistan before he leaves office. critics say that could put u.s. troops at greater risk. >> the smaller the american contingent, the more dangerous it's going to be for those who remain. >> this was the deadliest attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan in more than two years. we're also learning about one of the victims killed. this is u.s. air national guard joseph lemm. he was on a -- he was also a 15-year veteran of the new york police department. he was deployed three times, twice to afghanistan and once in
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iraq. happening today, the man serving life in prison for killing a philadelphia police officer is back in court and fighting for proper medical care. abu jamal is suing the department of corrections and doctors for intentional medical neglect and malpractice. his lawyers say he wasn't given proper treatment for hepatitis c. his death sentence was overturned, now serving a life sentence. the food and drug administration lifted the decades long ban on gay men donating blood but there is a catch. gay and bisexual men will be allowed to become blood donors as lopg as they abstained from sex for 12 months. while hiv blood tests are more precise there is a window when newly acquired hiv cannot be detected. the uk and australia also have 12-month deferrals for gay and
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bisexual men. >> beverly johnson says bill cosby drugged her and tried to section qulil assault her. it's cosby suing her. the comedian is counter suing several women. he claims johnson is lying in attempt to redindle her career. in the suit cosby says his wife was with him when she claims she was drugged and he never spent time alone with the super model. >> there are new developments in the tax battle brewing at the borgata casino, it's asking a judge to pay the casino more than $62 million in owed tax refunds. the city missed a deadline to pay the money but atlantic city says if it has to pay it all at once ac could be forced into bankruptcy. borgata said it's not to blame for the financial situation. >> there is a push to make recreational marijuana legal in
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atlantic city. trenton assemblyman reed is behind that push. he plans to introduce legislation next month that would legalize recreational pot he believes it could be a way to reinvigorate the economy. police in southern california are looking for two women caught being grinches. take a look at this home surveillance video. it shows the two women on bikes appearing to steal holiday decorations from a lawn. the home owner and her family got emotional since thieves hit her house seven of the last ten christmases. >> it's special. it's for all my nieces, nephews, the people that stop by. >> sad and disappointed in people. for doing it. and taking my aunt's and other people's stuff. >> police are investigating the homeowner says the christmas spirit is more valuable than anything she lost to the thieves.
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the 11 minutes before 5:00, here it is the first morning of winter and we're looking at cloudy skies and a few rain showers in the area. not terribly rainy yet. 55 degrees in philadelphia. this time of year that number should be in the 20s at this hour. rain will be falling this morning, but this afternoon will likely see late day breaks of sunshine. in philadelphia, the showers right now are just starting to inch into the city. you see the heavier rain to the west and central pennsylvania. harrisburg getting some of that. steadier rainfall, light in allentown, chester county and montgomery county starting to fill in. it really is not reaching far into new jersey, just over the border into burlington county to start with later this morning the rain you see to the south will be streaming up into delaware and south jersey. you'll get your rain, too. futurecast shows it will only be rain as the temperatures will be warmer at 11:00 this morning
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than they are now. could see some moderate showers in the western suburbs and brief heavy downpours in delaware and south jersey. not expecting flooding as they will move fairly quickly. by 5:00 we'll see the clouds break. so rain showers this morning, and into the early afternoon hours, then tapering off and warming up. 60s today, but it's going to go even warmer for tomorrow. the second day of winter, 68 degrees, a record high temperature breaking the old record by 2 degrees. wait, hold on to the thermometer, 75 on thursday, christmas eve all-time record high temperature for the entire month of december. then a little cooler for christmas day but warm in fact near-record temperatures at 66. a chance we'll see a shower thursday and friday, better chance of showers this weekend and into early next week, we'll cool down a bit monday. a chilly 52. >> the big red sweater is not going to work. >> probably not. unless you've got a big red air
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conditioner too. >> 10 minutes before 5. let's check your ride to work. watching the schuylkill expressway. >> the schuylkill expressway is running into that vine street expressway construction, so as you can see here, police activity on the scene. we do have some signs in the area for that ongoing construction, so the schuylkill running nice by by it. the vine veet expressway closed between the schuylkill and broad. so watch out for that east and westbound. should be picking up shortly. p.a. turnpike is okay. west or eastbound, 23 minutes from route 1 to valley forge but eastbound between valley forge and route 29 the right lane is closed with that ongoing construction but mass transit is a great alternate. no problems for the morning, new jersey transit, petco and dart. >> today mayor nutter will sign a bill that keeps comcast as philadelphia's cable service provider. the deal runs for 15 years and includes a low cost plan for
4:52 am
seniors and career training for young people. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. how far is too far? nationwide police are under fire for use of deadly force and today the department of justice will be in philadelphia. next in a live report, what we expect to learn about their investigation into city officers. also next, don't let the warm december weather lull you into false security. the flu bug is coming. now's the time to prepare yourself. come on in pop pop.
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demanded an apology from clinton. the front-runner's campaign said this. >> the person that needs to apologize is donald trump for rhetoric against muslim americans. >> the war of words is good for both clinton and trump because it lets them acts like white house nominees. hillary clinton meantime is looking forward to being a grandmother for the second time. her daughter chelsea is expecting her second child. the announce president went out on twitter yesterday. chelsea's due date is next summer around the time of the national convention in philadelphia. >> the republican presidential field is smaller this morning. senator lindsey graham announced yesterday he is suspending his campaign saying it's not my time. analysts say he could not gain ground with gop voters and was doing poorly in most polls. the number of republican candidates is now at 13. >> new information on two workers in burlington county fired for refusing to get a flu
4:56 am
shot. nbc 10 has learned that those women have filed a lawsuit against lutheran social ministries of new jersey. claiming the agency violated their constitutional rights by firing them when they refused on religious grounds to get the shot or wear masks. three workers were fired for refusing to comply. we reached out to lutheran social ministries but they had no comment. >> thanks to the warm weather the flu season is off to a slow start. that doesn't mean you should skip the flu shot. that's according to pennsylvania's physical general. she was in philadelphia visiting spring garden tcht president-elect of the state medical society was also there. his message, how important it is to get a vaccine. he also squashed the common myth that he hears from patients. >> one of the most common reasons is that people think they can get the flu from the
4:57 am
vaccine. i want to assure all of you that it is impossible to develop an infectious illness from the influenza vaccine. >> flu season expected to ramp up in the next two to three weeks. >> turning to pennsylvania's budget battle governor tom wolf is threatening a veto of a short-term emergency spending package advanced by house republicans. the 6 month stalemate is one day away from smashing the state record set by former governor ed rendell in 2003. the governor's threat comes after most republicans rejected crucial pieces of a bipartisan budget deal. to raise taxes, to increase school aid and shrink a deficit. pennsylvania and illinois are the only two states still fighting over a budget for the fiscal year that began july 1. a group of parents with students in the philadelphia public school district are celebrating a victory. they won their lawsuit against the pennsylvania department of education saying the department has acknowledged curriculum
4:58 am
deficiencies in four philadelphia schools as a result of state budget cuts but education advocates say more work needs to be done. >> that is the situation that has to be a wake-up call for every entity in this school system, it's one that was led by parents but it's got to be picked up by our city leadership and our civic leaders and ultimately by our colleagues in harrisburg. >> the department has ordered the school district to create corrective action plans within 45 days. the district responded to the latest development with this statement which reads in pardon the findings highlight an issue that plagues all philadelphia public schools, a lack of resources due to reductions in revenues from the commonwealth of pennsylvania. two minutes benef s before 5. almost 95. >> a maryland woman celebrating her birthday a few days early at her job at mcdonald's. take a look. this is harriet, the oldest
4:59 am
mcdonald's employee in the country. she turns 95 on christmas day, she works about eight hours a week greeting customers. the family and friends held a combined birthday party and celebration of her 20 years of employment with the company. >> i just like everything about it. the people, everybody is so nice. >> she never misses a day of work. she is here before, here after, if i can get 1,000 harriets i would be further ahead. >> good news, she has christmas day which is her birthday, off from work. but she had fun there and ronald mcdonald was there. >> who can say that. >> you're watching "nbc 10 news." today the department of justice will release new details on the philadelphia police department and its use of deadly force. we'll break down the investigation two years in the
5:00 am
making. >> septa takes action following this confrontation between a bus driver and a passenger. we'll tell you about the fallout for the transit worker. >> fighting for fares. philadelphia cab drivers are again making their case against uber and today they are taking their complaints straight to the district attorney. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm tracy davidson. unusually warm already outside. let's find out what's to come with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> it's warm but i found ice, the ice rink at penns landing. it's going to see warm temperatures. it is the first day of winter, the cooling systems are in place, that's a good thing. we're got light showers just moved through philadelphia. the steadier rain is moving into parts of chester, lancaster and lehigh counties this morning. it's a little steadier in allentown. look to the south, the heavy


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