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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 22, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. the first full day of winter is a wet one. live first alert radar shows the rainy weather moving through our area. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. how long will the showers hang around and what's in store for the afternoon rush? meteorologist bill henley is here to fill us in on the forecast. bill? >> rosemary, we've seen steady rain, but only rain as temperatures are too warm for anything else. it's winter. look at that number: 57 degrees. 5's seven degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. a warm and rainy start. rain is steady in cape may and atlantic city in new jersey and into delaware. it's tapering off in philadelphia and drying out in
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western and northern suburbs. temperatures climbing, 58 in northeast philadelphia. vernal of 60 degrees for atlantic city and millville. temperatures will climb. showers shutting down by early this afternoon. the last few rain drops, clouds, some breaks of sunshine are possible, low 60s this afternoon. if we don't see the sunshine today, it's unlikely we will see it tomorrow as there is more rain on the way and some warmer temperatures, too. in fact, record temperatures on the way. i have the extended forecast when i come back later this hour. one person is dead after being hit by a driver on route 130 in edgewater park, burlington county. this happened near cooper street. the southbound lanes are still closed right now. the pedestrian died at the scene. we'll keep you updated on this developing story as soon as we get new information. the department of justice just released a progress report
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on philadelphia police and their use of deadly force. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in center city with details on that report. matt? >> reporter: the announcement was a progress report on the policy reforms and adjustments that were announced back in march of this year. in that initial r.o. rt that came from a department of judge investigation, one requested by the philadelphia police department. there were 48 findings and 91 recommendations. these are focused on training, use of force and investigations. the director of the community-oriented policing service, the one that formulated these recommendations and reforms says what philadelphia has done is making the department a national model. >> i would say their progress is nothing less than amazing. and what i mean by that is if you look at what has been done in the six months, the amount of work done for an agency this size, for the amount of recommendation wes provided by and in general we look at 90% of the recommendations are the completed, in-progress or partially completed.
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>> the director of the cops program you just heard from says the goal is to improve trust and relations between people and the police. mayor michael nutter talked about the changing of the guard, a new mayor and police commissioner will be coming into power next month. more on that in the next half hour. that press conference is still going on so we're gathering more information by the minute. live in center city, matt delush yarks nbc 10 news. new information on a deadly shooting in the cedar brook neighborhood. 51-year-old bartholomew nelson is charged with murder after allegedly shooting three men and killing one of them. this happened on gilbert street. police say the four men were watching the eagles game together before the shooting happened around midnight on monday. investigators have identified the victim who died as 51-year-old leodis martin, he was shot in the chest. the two other victims are still in the hospital in critical
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condition. we now know the identity of the man shot dead while walking his dog. skyforce 10 was over the scene in west philadelphia last night where someone killed 22-year-old hakeem zabur. police say zabur was shot in the face near his home on horton street around 7:30. just last week a man was killed walking his dogs in west philly. there have been no arrests in either case. right now philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who shot a 20-year-old woman in the kensington neighborhood overnight on custer street. police tell us the victim was shot in the leg and is in stable condition at temple hospital. also in kensington, one person is in the hospital after a house fire. flames broke out after 1:00 near the corner of d street and east indiana avenue. crews were able to get control of the fire minutes after arriving. investigators are looking for the cause. today philadelphia police will continue to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a
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75-year-old man at a center city hotel. yesterday nbc 10 was at the roadway inn where detectives made several trips to haul away bags of evidence. when police first arrived around noontime, the man was found dead in a guest room lying on his back with a cloth tied tight around his neck. sources tell us the man was a successful psychiatrist and was married. we spoke to a man who works here in the hotel, he tells us he's disturbed by the discovery. >> it makes you feel uneasy when you're working so close. >> reporter: police haven't made any arrests and won't know the cause of death until an autopsy is completed. a community in cape may county will come together to remember a teenager found dead. friends and family 40 l hold a candle light vigil for 15-year-old angstadt. she vanished november 29.
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her death has been ruled a homicide and investigators believe it was not a random act of violence. we know prosecutors say one of the men arrested was in a relationship with the teen. new jersey governor chris christie is backing a new study on the state's gun laws. he's hoping to make it faster for some people to get a gun in the garden state. the report from the committee created by christie calls for uniform criteria in the gun application process. it would clarify the requirements to get a gun permit. governor chris christiety has criticized the state's gun laws saying they're too complicated and strict. he plans to work with the state attorney general as soon as possible. in delaware county, three former members of a local fire company are facing charges for allegedly stealing thousands from tax pairs. some so that money was meant to support firefighters.
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ex-colwyn fire chief gary price, elizabeth cellini and her daughter, the former treasurer, are all under arrest. police arrested bryce at his col win home yesterday. the three allegedly stole more than $52,000 from the fire department. amtrak has activated safety technology that could have prevented the deadly derailment in philadelphia this year. the tracks between philadelphia and new york have positive train control, or ptc. that feature can automatically slow trains down if they're going faster than the speed limit. the technology is available along the entire northeast corridor. this comes after that deadly derailment in port richmond. eight people died and more than 200 were hurt when a speeding train derailed on a curved track. now to pennsylvania's budget
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battle. governor tom wolf is threatening to veto a short-term emergency spending package advanced by house republicans. the governor's threat comes after most republicans rejected crucial pieces of a bipartisan budget deal to raise taxes, to increase school aid and to shrink the deficit. pennsylvania and illinois are now the only two states still fighting over a budget for the fiscal year that began july 1. a group of parents with students in philadelphia public schools are celebrating a victory. they won their lawsuit against the department of education. they say the department has acknowledged curriculum deficiencies in four philadelphia schools as a result of state budget cuts. education advocates insist more work needs to be done. >> that is the situation that has to be a wakeup call for every entity within this school system. it's one that was led by parents but it's got to be picked up by our city leadership and civic leaders and ultimately by our colleagues in harrisburg.
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the department has ordered the school district to create corrective action plans within the next 45 days. the district has released a statement on this that reads in part -- the findings again highlight an issue that plagues all philadelphia public schools -- a lack of resources due to reductions in revenues from the commonwealth of pennsylvania. pennsylvania's highest court is upholding governor tom wolf's authority to postpone executions in the state. the governor's office says it's pleased the state supreme court backed his plan to temporarily put off some death penalty cases. since he took office governor wolf has issued reprieved in the cases of five convicted killers saying he's concerned with the fairness of the death penalty. montgomery county's newest magistrate is a millennial and the youngest sitting judge in pennsylvania. 28-year-old greg scott was sworn in yesterday. he will take the bench as judge for the 38th district. scott is also the first african-american district judge
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in montgomery county. if that holiday shopping has you pinching pennies, the city of camden is offering visitors and residents relief. free meter parking throughout the city through january 10. the city hopes to encourage more people to come and experience camden. today the temple owls go bowling. squad takes on toledo in the boca raton bowl. temple is nationally ranked coming off a ten-win season. toledo won nine games. fun fact about tonight's game, it's being played at florida atlantic university. their mascot? the owls as well. temple shouldn't have any problems then. kickoff is this evening at 7:00. talking basketball now. 76ers great allen iverson is an official candidate for basketball hall of fame. he led the sixers to the 2001
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nba finals, they was league mvp and made 11 all-star teams. the hall of fame in springfield, pennsylvania, will announce the finalists in february. it's 11:11 on tuesday. the war of words in the race for the white house takes a new turn. we'll explain who's backing donald trump's claims that hillary clinton is a liar. plus trump's comments about clinton that we can't really repeat on television. also a royal rescue down under. an australia lifeguard saves a prince. we'll have more on who he pulled from the surf coming up. steady rains still in the area especially delaware and south jersey. cape may a rainy view and a cloudy view for center city but things are changing. it will get warmer. i'll have your seven-day forecast when we come back.
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today the homeless woman accused in the deadly crash on the las vegas strip is due in court for a bond hearing. 24-year-old lakeisha holloway faces murder charges in sunday night's crash that killed one and injured dozens of others. holloway allegedly told investigators she and their daughter had been living in their car for about a week. she says she was stressed out after being run off by security guards when she tried to sleep in parking garages. some of the injured in the crash include college students from our area, members of the wrestling team from delaware valley university will return
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home today after being released from a las vegas hospital. the team was in vegas to compete in a tournament but had to forfeit because of the crash. >> didn't want the student athletes to focus on the wrestling. just to focus on themselves in getting emotionally right after what they witnessed and were apart of. >> the students were not seriously hurt. the coach says it was amazing to witness the way the team cared for other victims also hit on that sidewalk. donald trump and hillary clinton are bypassing their immediate competition and entering what seems like a general election grudge match. nbc's katy tur reports. >> reporter: while the stage may have looked festive. donald trump and his crowd of thousands monday night were anything but merry and bright. at least when it came to protesters. >> really are a loser. >> reporter: the press -- >> i hate some of these people
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but i'd never kill them. [ laughter ] i hate them. no, these people -- honestly, i'll be honest. i'll be honest. i would never kill them. [ laughter ] i would never do that. um -- well -- no, i wouldn't. >> reporter: and above all hillary clinton. >> she's terrible. >> reporter: with supporters cheering him on, the billionaire lasered in on the former secretary of state, proclaiming his rhetoric is being used as a recruiting tool for isis. >> and it turned out to be a lie. she's a liar. >> reporter: intelligence experts say isis hasn't used donald trump videos to recruit but the clinton camp isn't backing down saying "hell no" to trump's demand for an apology. >> the person that needs to apologize is donald trump for his hateful bigoted rhetoric towards muslim americans. >> reporter: trump mocking clinton for using the bathroom during a break in saturday's debate. >> sorry. >> what happened to her? i'm watching the debate and she disappeared. i know where she went.
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it's disgusting. >> reporter: and recalling clinton's 2008 primary loss to barack obama with a vulgar term used to describe the male anatomy. >> she was favored to win and she got [ bleep ]ed. she lost. >> reporter: five weeks to the iowa caucus and it's already starting to feel like the general election. >> that was nbc's katy tur reporting. in tennessee, gone candidates ted cruz is hosting a takeoff with cruz rally near knoxville. he's scheduled to host another rally before heading to arkansas. nice distraction for hillary clinton these days. she's learned she's becoming a grandmother for the second time. her daughter chelsea is expecting her second child. the announcement went out on twitter yesterday. chelsea is due in the summer around the time of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. it was a scary moment when a member of the danish royal family had to be rescued from
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waters in australia. prince christian had to be rescued on australia's gold coast. a lifeguard saw the 10-year-old boy caught in a rip current, jumped on his paddle board and gave him a ride back to shore the lifeguard's colleagues had kind words for him afterzblards he's one of the best we have. >> the lifeguard said he had no idea who if boy was until after he rescued him. it's officially winter. hundreds of people gathered in stonehenge to celebrate the winter solstice. they were there to watch the sun rise. there was a big celebration even though cloud cover prevented viewing of the sunrise. cloudy skies in stonehenge, cloudy skies and still tracking showers right now. they'll continue into the afternoon hours but not all day. clouds will hang out and we're
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in for a warm winter day. in fact, it's really mild right now and temperatures have been inching up. but record temperatures are on the way for tomorrow and especially on christmas eve when the temperatures will soar. they've been making some progress today, 49 in allentown, a break from the rain right now, still light rain in northeast philadelphia, steadier rain at the shore, 58 degrees for both locations. you can see the rainy view from cape may. a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the rain will end later today at the shore. the wind is picking up 20, miles an hour winds in dover and wildwood at 15 miles an hour and the important thing to notice here is that they're coming out of the south so that will help with the warmup in spite of the rain. tracking a few showers in philadelphia, not the steady rain we had for most of the morning. that's in delaware and south jersey, cape may and atlantic city but it will end there as well. we'll watch for breaks in the clouds. there's a chance we'll see it. we're seeing in the western
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pennsylvania, northwestern pennsylvania. a few hints of sunshine in central pennsylvania. we may not see any sunshine today but we will get temperatures into the upper 50s for allentown and reading. the rain ending in those locations, mostly cloudy afternoon for trenton, mount holly and norristown, low 60s at the shore. in spite of the rain that will continue into the afternoon hours, by evening time, by the commute, no more rain for dover and we will see temperatures in the low 60s for philadelphia, wilmington and swedesboro. tomorrow the record books, 68 degrees. winds will kick in from the southwest to help boost our temperatures beyond the record of 66 degrees on wednesday. if that's not warm enough, maybe you'll like christmas eve. 75, not only a record for the day, but the record warmest day in the history of december weather for philadelphia. 75 degrees. close to the record on christmas day, 67.
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that's just one degree away from the record books. we'll get showers, cool things down before saturday, 60, the high 65 on sunday with a chance of scattered showers sunday and again monday. monday will get cooler but still warm for time of the year. 51 degrees. coming up, saving the lives of babies, it's called kangaroo care. we'll show you how the simple technique is preventing infant deaths next. gambling is already legal in atlantic city, now one politician wants to decriminalize another activity in hopes of boosting the economy. we'll talk about the proposal straight ahead.
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this year's flu season is off to a slow start but that doesn't mean you should skip the flu shot. top health officials in pennsylvania made a stop in philadelphia yesterday to stress the importance of getting the vaccine and to put to rest a popular myth. >> one of the most common reasons is that people think they can get the flu from the vaccine and i want to assure all of you that it is impossible to develop an infectious illness from the influenza vaccine. >> flu season is expected to ramp up in the next two or three weeks. holding a new baby close isn't just comforting for the mother, it may save the life of a fragile newborn. a new study from boston children's hospital looks at what's called kangaroo care,
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when the mother holds newborn babies skin to skin for a prolonged time. it's believed to help regulate infant temperature and breathing rate. researchers analyzed 124 studies of the kangaroo care and found it reduced mortality by a third in babies weighing less than four and a half pounds at birth. a new study from ireland reveals the majority of two-year-olds can use touch screen technology. 91% of parents surveyed say their child was able to swipe the screens of smart phones and tablets and half of them could unlock the device. nearly two-thirds of parents knew their toddlers knew how to unlock the app icons. the fat but fit theory may be misleading according to research from sweden. experts looked at a group of more than one million men with an average age of 18 and found normal-weight men regardless of fitness were at lower risk of death than obese men with high
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arobe if i can bitness. troubling news for fans of one popular toy line. hello kitty gets hack canned private information exposed. we'll tell you what data leaked coming up. plus rocketing into history. the liftoff was routine but what this spacecraft did afterward was out of this world.
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more people protect their homes with state farm. talk to a local agent or find one at talk about a wet start to winter. live radar shows steady showers moving through our area right now. you see all that green right there on your screen. it's going to be stuck there for some time. the big question, of course, is going to be will it clear out in time for the afternoon rush? we know this morning many commuters had to deal with this going to work, going out shopping. what's it going to be like for the afternoon? moll swris bill henley has the details in the first alert
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forecast. bill? we'll start drying out during the afternoon hours. some areas are starting with that process already. not along the coastline for atlantic city and cape may but chester county was one of the first spots to see the steady rain this morning before 7:00. it's already tapered off there, just a few scattered showers in allentown. a few more rain drops in philadelphia but the balance of the day will be fairly dry for philadelphia and areas of the west. look how it clears out by later today. but it's a temporary clearing. for tomorrow we've got more rain that's early tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. when we go on the air live and tracking it into the area during the morning commute and into tomorrow afternoon. and, in fact, we'll see more rainfall today. but we're also going to get a significant warm u.n. and in spite of that rain, rosemary, there's a good possibility we'll set some record temperatures. i'll show you how warm it will get. look at christmas eve when i come back later this half hour. >> i don't mind that.
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thanks, bill. one person is dead this morning after being hit by a driver on route 130 in edgewater park, burlington county. this happened around 6:30 near cooper street. the southbound lanes are still closed. the pedestrian died at the scene. as soon as there is an update in this case, we will pass it along, check the nbc 10 app or reducing deadly force, that's what philadelphia police have been trying to do since the department of justice made recommendations to improve the city's policies. this morning, the government issues a report card on the progress. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in center city with more on that report. matt? >> reporter: that news conference just ended about 10 minutes ago. most focused on those policy recommendations that came in that initial report that came out of a department of justice investigation, one that was requested by the philadelphia police department, there were 48 findings and 91 recommendations. and of those 91 recommendations,
11:32 am
90%, we're told, are complete or are in progress. and the remaining 10%, according to police commissioner charles ramsey, are issues with officer-involved shootings and processing the scene. outgoing mayor michael nutter says the changes that have come out of this report have changed the culture of the department when it comes to ethics. >> we want the best place department in the united states of america. we know that some things -- we knew some things were not working well and we want it. the legitimacy and the credibility of an outside agency and organization to review what we are doing and what we've been doing and what we need to do going forward. >> there's still more work ahead and both the incoming and outgoing police commissioners spoke about the continuing nature of these changes and what is up next. my colleague, deanna durante, was in the federal building along with me. she is talking with some of those folks directly involved with us. she'll have more later on this
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afternoon about the progress report here about the police department in philadelphia. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now let's check on our nbc 10 headlines. philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who shot a 20-year-old woman in the city's kensington neighborhood overnight on custer street. police tell us the victim was shot in the leg. she is in stable condition at temple hospital. also in kensington, one person is in the hospital after a house fire, the flames broke out here just after 1:00 this morning near the corner of d street and east indiana avenue. investigators are looking for the cause. today the temple owls go bowling. the squad takes on toledo in the boca raton bowl. former supermodel beverly johnson has claimed that bill cosby drugged her and tried to sexual assaulter in the 1980s. because of those claims, cosby
11:34 am
is suing her. the comedian is countersuing several women for defamation after they accused him of sex abus abuse. cosby says johnson is lying in an attempt to rekindle her career. in a lawsuit cosby insists his wife was with him when johnson claimed she was drugged and he never spent any time alone with the supermodel. we are learning septa has suspended the bus driver seen in this video right here as police investigate an alleged assault involving him and a passenger. >> [ bleep ]. it happened on a route 57 bus stopped at rising sun and duncan nonavenues in olney. you see the driver approach the woman in the center aisle of the bus. he throws what appeared to be bottled water in her face as she tries to push him away. septa police say they have questioned the driver. no word on what led to the
11:35 am
confrontation. there is a new push to make recreational marijuana legal in atlantic city. one lawmaker plans to introduce legislation that would legalize the drug for recreational use. he believes the move could be a way to attract tourists and reinvigorate atlantic city's economy. ac's council president also supports the plan. in north jersey, wildlife officials say they will not try to capture the bear that attacked a boy scout leader last week. on sunday, the animal pulled the man into a cave in rockaway township, morris county. the scout leader escaped after beating the bear with a hammer but not before the bear bit the man several times. the scouts called 911 and placed food outside of the cave to try to lure the bear away. right now the search in texas continues for that privileged 18-year-old who's a convicted drunk driver and now on the run. the authorities are looking for ethan couch and his controversial affluenza defense is helping to drive some tips to the authorities.
11:36 am
>> reporter: deputies are searching for a harley-davidson edition ford f-150 like this that ethan couch's mother tanya drives. she's not a suspect but because she went missing the same day as her son, authorities believe she may be helping him. >> he comes from a wealthy family. if you're wealthy in this country, can you continually elude law enforcement. >> i don't know about this country, but not in tarrant county. >> reporter: in 2013, ethan couch, driving drunk, killed four people and injured nine in a horrendous accident. his defense? he didn't know right from wrong because he grew up affluent. that led to probation instead of prison time and outrage. investigators believe this video apparently of couch at a beer pong party is why he's on the run. others told the d.a. couch was there and even though he's not seen drinking alcohol, it could be a violation of his probation.
11:37 am
tarrant county sheriff dee anderson says finally what he calls a wrong -- couch's probation -- can now be made right. >> i'd really like for him to see up close and personal the inside workings of the adult criminal justice system and maybe, just maybe, for the first something. >> that was nbc's kerry sanders reporting. the family members of those who died in the drunk driving accident have chosen not to talk publicly about the case. potential new trouble for chipotle. the cdc is investigating five new cases of e. coli near kansas city which may have stemmed from the popular burrito chain. health officials say one of the people infected ate at a chipotle on november 23 before getting sick. four others have been identified. they also say they ate at a  chipotle before becoming ill. chipotle has been under intense scrutiny since the number of patrons have become sick after eating at the restaurant. the japanese owner of the
11:38 am
popular hello kitty brand is investigating a data breach that exposed the private information of millions of users. the leaked data from the fan site reportedly includes information on 3.3 million users. we're talking about names, e-mail addresses and passwords. it's unclear if the data exposed financial information. this is the second major breach of an asian toy company's database in as many months. you may remember electronic toy maker v-tech said that company was the victim of a cyber attack. we are getting a look at the proposed main stadium for the 2020 summer olympics in tokyo. officials say the product will feature natural elements like wood and greenery. the construction will cost around $1.2 billion. the stadium should be finished by the end of 2019. [ cheers and applause ] >> a landing like you've never
11:39 am
seen before. spacex stuck the vertical return landing last night after a successful launch on monday. the new falcon 9 rocket took off from cape canaveral, florida, around 8:30 p.m. eastern time. it delivered six communication satellites into orbit before successfully landing intact back here on earth. speaking of outer space, happy holidays from spacement astronauts aboard the international space station are wishing everybody on planet earth a merry christmas. >> christmas is traditionally a time for friends and families to get together. although we can't be with our friends and families this year, we'll be orbiting the earth 16 times on christmas day and sending our good wishes to everybody back down on our beautiful planet earth. >> after finishing their holiday greeting the astronauts decided to roll into a somersault giving us a glimpse of what it's like to spend the holidays in zero gravity space. time is 11:39.
11:40 am
a local woman battling a life-threatening disease tries to make the world more beautiful one painting at a time. we'll show you how art has become part of her cancer therapy. day by day temperatures will be climbing. we're heading for the 70s later this week. i've got the seven-day forecast just ahead.
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. a philadelphia nay stif battling cancer for a second time and she's using a talent she discovered during her art therapy treatment to help her in two ways. nbc 10's matt delucia has her story. >> i could spend forever on a pai painting. i think a lot of artists feel like they could keep going. >> reporter: sara frank's kitchen looks more like a studio. bottles of paint on the floor and her creations drying against a dishwasher. >> we paint floral s and it's al fingers. all fingers. >> why floral ss? >> i love color. color is my thing. >> reporter: a year ago, this is not where sara expected herself to be. >> is there a way for me to find control in a situation that i don't have much control over? >> reporter: sara was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma in march. she was first told by doctors there was an 80% chance of a cure.
11:44 am
now it's 40%. >> i've been through many different treatments and the bottom line is that none of them have worked to the full extent of how they should work. >> reporter: with attention focused on her treatments, sara had to leave work and school behind for now. but instead of giving up or giving in, she paints using only her fingers. first for therapy, then in october a friend bought one for $100. >> it's pretty much the only that i can think of that would allow me to have some noun go out with my friends or -- >> reporter: this is a job for you? >> yeah, it's a job for me. >> reporter: now by word of mouth and a web site, she's working almost everyday. >> it's been painting, selling, painting, selling. someone will ask for me, i'll paint for them, it will sell immediately. >> reporter: an emotional and physical outlet when everything seems so uncertain. >> you don't know what's going to happen to your body.
11:45 am
you don't know mentally how to process it because you have no concept of what the future is going to look like. you just have to live while you can. you just have to live. >> reporter: in blue bell, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. today is the last day you can get guaranteed on time delivery for christmas from u.p.s. it's the company's peak shipping day. u.p.s. expects to handle about 36 million packages. that's double its normal daily just ten years ago. for the entire holiday season, than last year, u.p.s. expects to deliver 630 million packages. okay, you may want to cover your kids' eyes and ears for this next one. netflix is once again helping parents fool their children on new year's eve. if you don't want your kids s y staying up until midnight, netflix has launched a set of new year's eve on demand countdowns to ring in the new
11:46 am
year so parents can let their kids ring in the new year at any time. a winter tradition is returning to south philadelphia. disney on ice comes to the wells fargo center for two dozen performances starting on thursday. this year's version presents more than 50 of the most popular disney characters. tickets are on sale now exclusively through comcast tix online. that's a subsidiary of the comcast corporation, the parent company of nbc 10. here to tell us more is one of the performers, skater in brittany fullgraph. she plays the blue fairy from "pinocchio." so the theme is 100 years of magic. fill us in on what we can expect. >> it's exactly that, 100 years of magic. we have everything from the classical "beauty and the beast," even a favorite of mooimooiine,
11:47 am
"lion king" and, of course, "frozen" which is a huge hit. all families know about it. we expect you to come and join in. in the beginning of the show we have the mount saint helese bou. we want you to have a wonderful time at the show. >> you're one of the skaters, one of the performers, this is a family tradition for you. >> i'm third generation. my grandparents were actually with ringling, which is also with the circus and my mom toured for 16 years, she was the very first cruella on the ice. so to be able to have a chance to do this and follow in their footsteps, this is my fifth year with the company and i've loved every minute of it, every chance, every opportunity has been a blessing. >> and the crowds in philadelphia love it, in fact. i think my sister-in-law told me my twin brother and she and their twin girls are going to disney on ice just after christmas they have tickets. so talk to us about rehearsals and how long it takes to prepare for a production like this. >> well, we started off in
11:48 am
florida which is the company headquarters and we had rehearsals for six weeks, which is a very long process. we are in our skates all day long on the ice, off the ice, if our shoes, learning choreography on the ground, learning counts, learning placements, there's certain places to be at certain times and, you know, all of it goes in in layers to make the best show possible for each audience that we attend to and it only builds throughout the year. it's a process that continues to grow. this show has been open for a very long time and we just went and did rehearsals again for it. >> brittany fullgraff, thank you so much. everybody look for brittany on the ice, she is there blue fairy from "pinocchio." the show runs from janua from do january 3 at the wells fargo center. we've posted information on the nbc 10 app.
11:49 am
clouds are hanging in there but the rain is tapering off in philadelphia. low clouds causing delays at the airport. 57 degrees right now. still a few scattered light showers there the philadelphia area. the steadier rainfall is in new jersey and delaware. in the pocono mountains someone is going down the slopes you can see the chair lift isn't going anywhere. a busy day yesterday with skiers taking the the snow made over the weekend. but look at the temperature, 49 in mount pocono. upper 50s in philadelphia and dover has just reached into the 60s. we will be in the 60s tomorrow but it is thursday that will be breaking records. these are the records for the area. we will see the temperatures soar past those records and top out in the 70s and that's 75 degrees in philadelphia. it will be warm, you can see
11:50 am
breaks of clouds in the west. maybe a hint of sunshine. more likely it will wait until christmas eve we'll be drying out today but there's another round of wet weather on the way for tomorrow. the radar still shows that steady rainfall hugging the coastline into delaware but it won't last all day. as far as airport delays, there it is, 60 minutes at philadelphia international but a bigger delay in newark right now. and temperatures? they'll climb into the 60s as we'll be drying out this afternoon. future rainfall shows it will be dry by 4:00. close to half inch on the ground and no more during the night tonight but tomorrow morning we'll be tracking showers back into the area. that's 8:00 in the morning and we could see downpours during the day tomorrow. in fact, close to an inch by 1:00, a two-day total and by the time that tapers off in the evening hours more than an inch the two-day total for philadelphia and some spots along the shore can get closer to two inches. showers ending, staying warm, mostly cloudy this afternoon,
11:51 am
60s today. upper 60s tomorrow. there's the 75 for christmas eve. it's going to be shorts and flip-flops on christmas eve. and another warm day for friday. though maybe just short of the record books by one degree at 67. a slight chance of showers on thursday and friday. a better chance we'll get steadier rain later in the day on saturday. it may impact the eagles game saturday evening. then scattered showers on sunday and monday. sunday warm, 65. but turns cooler with a high of 51 monday. we'll be right back.
11:52 am
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♪ holy are the broken, hallelujah ♪ an atlanta-based choir made up of homeless men was invited by the white house to sing for holiday visitors. often overlook bid society, their presence was known as their voices were heard in the east wing. >> i was brought up to believe if somebody needs your help, you help them and i hope that i'm helping these men. >> it was everything i hoped for, everything i dreamed of. >> the men, without homes or their own, lifted their voices together in a house that belongs
11:55 am
to everybody. coming up this afternoon at 3:00, it's "ellen" with actor suzanna ferris. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, protecting your child's eyesight. kids are constantly surrounded by phones, tablets, and computers. at 4:00, we're talking about how all those glowing screens could be hurting growing eyes. before we leave you, we have an update on our top story. federal officials are praising philadelphia police in a newly released progress report on the department's use of deadly force. the department of justice says of its 91 recommendations to the philadelphia police department, 90% are complete or in progress. the remaining 10% are related to police-involved shootings and processing the scene. mayor michael nutter says the changes stemming from this report have enhanced the culture of the police department. we talked about the weather today. i feel like we're giving a spring forecast not a winter forecast. >> it is.
11:56 am
and the temperatures are going to warm each day. the first days of winter. we're looking at records not today but tomorrow and on christmas eve. thursday the temperatures will really take off. in fact, thursday it's going to feel like a late september day, not your average december day. and so unusual to set a record for the entire month so late in the month this time of year. cloudy skies right now, 57 degrees in philadelphia. the wind is one of the keys to the warmup, south-southwesterly winds at eight miles an hour. we're running six degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon and each day is going to be warmer. the rain is tapering off in philadelphia. you can still see some steady rainfall for delaware and south jersey. a few showers in the area at 1:00. by 4:00 the clouds will thin out. we might not see sunshine this afternoon but we will see the temperatures climb into the lower 60s today, then a litter bit cooler, but mostly cloudy by 7:00 this evening. >> i like that warm weather. i'll take the rain if it mean we
11:57 am
get warmer temperatures. >> well, you have in the boat loads with this week. >> that will do it. have a good one.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> julie: so do you think we should use risers for the choir? >> maggie: let's just keep it informal. >> doug: no need to make anyone more nervous. >> julie: she's gonna be fine. she's a natural-born star, just like her great-grandfather. >> doug: say, do we have a santa and mrs. claus? >> maggie: it's all set. >> julie: and what about victor? where is victor? >> maggie: victor should be here soon. he just needed some time alone today. [melancholy music] ♪


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