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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. right now at 11:00, long trips are beginning with long lines. plenty of people are packing philadelphia international airport right now on one of the busiest travel days of the year. good morning, i'm rosemary connors. big crowds combined with fog and rain -- you see it right behind me -- are causing some delays. we have team coverage of the holiday travel, jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads and what's happening at the airport. brittney shipp is tracking the weather. we begin with monique braxton live at philly international with more on the passengers there. hey, monique. >> reporter: hey, rosemariment we saw a lot of smiles despite
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the delays. some of them as long as two hours. it's been raining for two hours so that means a slow go of it is ahead for a whole lot of folks that you see hopping out of cars right now, running to airplanes. when we were inside, lines at the tsa checkpoints were incredibly long before sunrise. aaa is telling us today is likely the busiest day because students are getting out of school for the christmas holiday. they also say people are taking advantage of the holidays falling on friday, which means a three-day weekend twice before year's end. aaa is projecting 73,000 people will fly. we caught up with grandparents on their way to spoil their grandchildren. you're taking them shopping when you get there? >> of course. >> reporter: is this tradition for you? you always go to minnesota. this is my first christmas. i usually go thanksgiving and easter. >> reporter: but they said "we've got to have you christmas." >> oh, you know it.
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>> we have two suitcases full of christmas presents. >> reporter: fun. fun! what are your grandchildren looking forward to the most? >> they just love when we come. we don't see them as often as we would like. >> reporter: more than 4.2 million vehicles are expected to travel the toll road of the pennsylvania turnpike today through new year's day. turnpike authority tells us lower gas prices at the pump and unseasonably warm weather are helping families spend cherished time with their loved ones afar. coming up in the next half hour, we're going to talk to one of the grandchildren heading over the hills and through the woods by air this holiday weekend. live for now from the airport. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> to grandmother's house we go. thanks so much, monique. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads for us. jessica, what are you seeing? >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway because we're not
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seeing a lot of volume. we skipped over rush hour so we'll get you to the mall. the schuylkill around city avenue, this is westbound. so if you're headed towards the king of prussia area, have to do late shopping, this is what you'll face. a little slowdown around city avenue but not really much going on there. here's 95. we're really skipping that rush hour here as well. you can see we here in the green for drive times but watch out for ramp closures on 95 northbound around girard avenue and 95 southbound. that's just ongoing construction. we've been dealing with this all morning. this is in hammonthammonton, ne jersey, a fatal accident scene on the atlantic city expressway westbound at exit 28. the left lane is closed eastbound and westbound due to an accident investigation. and with the holidays comes, of course, airport delays. but we also have foggy conditions at the philadelphia international airport so we're still at a 73-minute delay. they have a traffic management program in effect for arriving flights and departed flights so check before you go.
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shoppers preparing for the holiday at home had to deal with plenty of rain. nbc 10 cameras were outside roxborough where umbrellas were a necessity. meteorologist brittney shipp has more on the foggy and rainy conditions outside. brittney. >> we are tracking rain. rain is heaviest in parts of south jersey stretching into delaware so if you're in the poconos, you're not seeing a lot of rain this will continue on and off. we're tracking foggy conditions, you can barely make out the skyline in philadelphia so a dense fog advisory is in effect until 6:00 p.m. the rain is moving from the south. we have warmer weather on its way into tonight and tomorrow. as far as your rainfall is concerned, by 8:00 p.m. we are still dealing with showers moving through. it's going to pick up in intensity as we get into evening hours so philadelphia stretching into allentown into the poconos.
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by 8:00 p.m. we're dealing with more of a moderate rainfall. keep that in mind as you're making travel plans. we'll see the rain caper off as we get closer to 10:00, 11:00 at night. tomorrow we have another chance of showers and record warmth expected. but in terms of your visibility, it's down to zero in the poconos. less than a nile in allentown. down to an eighth of a mile to the south of lann cast sore this is affecting your travel and this will stay in effect until 6:00 p.m. it's already warm. temperatures at 60 in northeast philly. temperatures will continue to climb as we go into the afternoon and evening so we'll see the warmer air coming up from the southwest. by 4:00, 63. by 7:00 p.m. it's going to be warmer than 4:00 at 64. we expect temperatures to reach a high tonight of 68 degrees. even warmer by tomorrow. i'll go over all the details for christmas eve coming up. rosemary? >> thanks, brittney. now to new video into nbc 10. it shows the suspect wanted for
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attacking a man inside of a subway restaurant in northern liberties. philadelphia police say last tuesday afternoon a 21-year-old man was inside the sandwich shop while in spring garden street when he says the suspect, a man he didn't know, approached him from behind and punched him in the face. the attacker then rabb on out oe store with a woman. if you recognize this man, call philadelphia police. police are also searching for these three robbers who attacked a man in north philadelphia. the victim was walking on berk street two weeks ago when he said the men approached him from behind, hit him in the head and stole his cell phone. police believe all three robbers are between 15 and 18. if you have information about these men, call police. first on 10, philadelphia police are on alert after someone stole dozens of propane tanks from two businesses in the city. officers were called to investigate the crimes at facilities along church street and pennypack street. nbc 10's matt delucia tells us
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more about those thefts. >> reporter: there are concerns as to what these propane tanks will be used for. they're not the size that you or i might use to grill or barbecue food so investigators are try fog figure out who took the tanks and why. 43 tanks were stolen in all. an alert went out to law enforcement agencies across our area about this issue. one business that was hit was on the 2300 block of church street. the other business was on the 4700 block of pennypack street. this happened late last week and surveillance video captured a man loading some of the tanks into a dark minivan. here is why there is so much concern the size of those tanks. more than half are described as being large enough that you need a forklift to move them. propane tanks of this size are typically used for industrial applications. for fuel or in some cases for welding but because the gas so flammable that raises more concern. the attempted times square
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bombing five years ago for one involved smaller propane tanks so terrorism is one of the concerns. there's been more of a police presence around those two businesses as of late and the counterterrorism unit is also working on this case looking at all options here, looking at all pockets as they try to track down who took the tanks and why. at northeast detectives this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. happening now, families, friends and colleagues saying good-bye to new jersey state trooper eli mccarson. this is video just into the newsroom of hundreds of officers lined up in the rain at rowan university in glassborrow. they were entering the room for trooper mccarson's viewing. funeral services begin at noon. the 30-year-old died last week when his police cruiser crashed on the way to a call. mccarson had just graduated from the state police academy earlier this year. governor chris christie has ordered that all state buildings
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fly their flags at half-staff in honor of trooper mccarson. we have an update now on "real housewives of new jersey" star theresa judice. she was released 5r7around 5:30. she will be on home confine until under february. she has been behind bars for nearly a year after she and her husband pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud. her husband will begin serving his sentence in march. shops in south philly are bustling today as families prepare for their traditional christmas eve meal. nbc 10 was at hipolito's deli. many italian americans are celebrating the feast of the seven fishes on christmas eve and so shoppers were snapping up everything from shrimp and crab to lobster and smelt. >> it's tradition, right? >> that's right! >> that's what it's all about,
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honey. it's all about the italian people. tradition. >> you got it, honey. hipolito's is open late this evening. they tell us they have plenty of fresh seafood left for shoppers as well. we know it's better to give than receive this time of year so santa's septa elves got a jump start on this putting smiles on the faces of many children in our area. they stopped several buses like this one that was decorated like that one to toys. today they will deliver gifts to charities within the septa service region. septa has been holding its yule toy drive, as it's called, for the past 34 years. it was a football season to remember but a bowl game we can forget. the temple owls wrapped up their best season in decades with a loss in florida. the owls' faithful showed their support in the boca raton bowl. temple showed fight near the end with this touchdown. the owls went for and seemed to recover the on sidekick but the
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refs went the other way with the call. temple fans couldn't believe it. the owls ended up losing to the rockets 32-17. temple ended the season 10-4. now to breaking news. philadelphia police are investigating an accident involving an suv and a trolley. it happened this morning in the city's kingsessing neighborhood near 49th and gray's avenue. more than two dozen people were on board the trolley. they had to go to area hospitals to be checked out for injuries. we aer told nobody suffered any life-threatening injuries. is what we do know, though, is two people in the suv were hurt. stay with nbc 10 and along with the nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking news. it's 11:11 on this wednesday. it was a sight that led to out-of-this-world speculation. now a mystery solved. we'll explain what caused this streak of light coming up.
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a drone disaster avoided. we'll show you more on how one skier had a close call with an aerial camera on the slopes. i'm tracking rain as we go into the rest of today, plus warmer temperatures on the way so we're tracking record warmth. as we get closer to christmas eve i'll go over the details in your holiday forecast right after the break.
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let's take a live look at philadelphia international airport right now. a very busy spot today as travelers head to their holiday destinations. the fog and rain have led to some delays so if you are flying out, check with your airline before you leave home. 11:15 and jessica boyington is keeping an eye traffic on the roads. jessica? we are seeing some small delays on the vine street expressway around 24th street so this is headed westbound approaching t ing thing the sch expressway. this is just pretty much a slow go towards that point. so if you're headed to 30th street station or trying to get to the schuylkill going to the king of prussia mall give yourself extra time. drive times are okay. the majors are empty right now. schuylkill expressway showing the slowest speed eastbound. a 16-minute trip but no problems on 95 or the blue route watch out for an accident scene on lincoln drive northbound between
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gypsy lane and rittenhouse street. i'll have another update in 15 minutes or so. prosecutors say real estate heir robert durst will stand trial in los angeles for the murder of his friend susan berman. he'll be extra dated from norld where he's jailed on weapons charges. durst was the subject of the hbo documentary series "the jinx" which examined the disappearance of his wife and the deaths of two people, including berman. during the series finale earlier this year, durst muttered on a hot microphone that he "killed them all." this new video into nbc 10 shows a man being pulled alive from a pile of rubble more than 60 hours after a massive landslide? southern china. rescuers found the migrant worker this morning, his legs were crushed but otherwise he was coherent and could understand them. more than 70 people are still missing after the mountain of construction waste material and mud collapsed. thousands of workers have been
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using sensors, drones and earth excavators trying to reach survivors trapped under the mud up to 33 feet deep. this is the second major man-made disaster in china in four months. take a look at this. this streak shooting across the sky. neighbors across california and nevada saw it last night, describing it as a giant fireball flying through space. at first it was reported to be a meteor but officials now say it's debris from a russian spacecraft that launched monday. talk about a close call. a skier escaped injury after a falling drone came crashing down just behind him during a race in italy. take a look. the world champion skier was heading down to mountain when the drone just dropped out of the sky. you can see the drone miss the skier by just a few feet. it happened so fast that the champ said he didn't even notice it. he went on to finish second in the race. this morning a driver in california is thankful he wasn't hurt after a boulder smashed
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into his truck. another christmas miracle of sorts here. this is the man's blue pickup truck. here's the story. a boulder fell off a cliff side near the highway and barrelled into the vehicle yesterday afternoon. you can see the boulder hit just in front of where the driver was sitting. a little further back and things could have been much worse. >> definitely appreciate what i got going for me so keeping everything in perspective. >> reporter: the boulder ended up pushing his truck into another car. nobody in that vehicle was hurt, either. good morning, temperatures today expected to continue to warm so we'll be close to our record and that's the beginning. by tomorrow we expect to see record-breaking warmth. you can see how foggy it is. dense fog throughout most of the area, dense fog advisories in effect until 6:00 p.m. i'm tracking rain as we go into the rest of today. we have another chance tomorrow
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and once again christmas day and we're also tracking those christmas records in terms of breaking the record warmth and so as we continue into tomorrow we'll push into the mid-70s. for philadelphia we're at 59. seeing a little rain coming down at the airport. humidity is up to 90%. wind speeds -- visibility down to four miles throughout the rest of the region. temperature wise, 49 in the poconos. 57 in reading. 59 in wilmington. 59 in wildwood. what we'll see today, we'll see temperatures warming up into the rest of the afternoon and evening. so a rainy wednesday. raining s coming down into atlantic city. you'll notice the rain is coming up and this will continue through the rest of today. a closer look at foggy conditions which will remain you
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can you can see there's more rain on its way. we're tracking severe weather throughout the midwest so we have a tornado watch which will stay in effect for 5:00 p.m. through parts of texas. is as far as our weather is concerned as we push into the rest of today, we will continue to see that rain moving through. we will be dealing with a few scattered showers by thursday at 9:00 a.m. it will be right over philadelphia. stretching into trenton and wilmington. we'll deal with warmer air pushing in so like i mentioned temperatures will warm up tonight and that's going to set us up for record-breaking warmth into tomorrow. by friday a few scattered showers throughout the day on christmas day and we're tracking a warm christmas week for you. yesterday temperatures at 61. we expect to reach a high of 68 degrees. that won't be until much later. that's going to set us up for record-breaking temperatures as we head into tomorrow with a high of 75 on christmas eve. a cold front will move in, it
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will drop temperatures back down to 67 on christmas day but that is still well above the average which is only 43 degrees for this time of year. so a closer look at future temperatures show our the effort churs will keep climbing. by 10:00 prime minister we're talking about temperatures at 67 degrees. then as we head into tomorrow temperatures will push into the 70s. so your seven-day forecast shows today 63 but, again, 68 by 11:00 p.m. heading into tomorrow, 75, record warmth on christmas day. slight chance of showers and temperatures at 68 before cooling into the 50s for the eagles game saturday. it was the pageant flub that had people around the world talking. so will organizers of miss universe invite steve harvey back? this morning we have a wind about the host's future. plus, she's an active energetic kid hoping for a forever family this holiday season. we'll introduce you to this week's wednesday's child.
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she's a young girl who loves sports. she's still searching for the love of a forever family. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to this week's wednesday's child. >> we're going to do that on the high bar now. >> reporter: mikaila is a sweet and athletic 11-year-old who loves to try new things and from what we saw in our recent trip to philadelphia gymnastics center, she may have found her
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calling. >> mikaila is a very fun energetic 11-year-old who loves anything that's active and any sport, she loves basketball, gymnastics. >> make your jump a little smaller. >> reporter: she got right in the swing of things. we sides her natural athletic ability and infectious energy, she has a can-do attitude. you've never done this before? >> no. >> you think you're going to keep working on. >> it yeah. i'd like to come back here for classes. >> reporter: mikaila says she's open to any kind of family as long as they can keep up, of course. >> she is just full of energy. she's very spunky and fun and energetic and she offers a lot of love. >> take this leg and we're going to swing it around. >> reporter: the ideal family would motivate and encourage her to reach her goals. >> she would either love a single mom or a two-parent family home of older children in the home i think would be best. >> reporter: she is more than ready for her forever family.
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>> did you ever envision what your family would look like? >> like a mom and a dad that can play catch with me. >> you love sports. >> yeah. >> say gymnastics! >> reporter: mikaila is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make mikaila's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our web site, and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. a christmas surprise for beatles fans. ♪ so please love me do get ready to hear the fab four in a way you've never been able to listen to them before. ♪ don't care about the presents underneath the christmas tree ♪ >> plus the sounds of the season from our area.
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a performance from more christmas choir competition finalists coming up.
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for many, the path to their holiday destination will take them through philadelphia international airport. the combination of a busy travel day and bad weather means the big crowds should plan to pack their patience. the long trips are starting with long lines and longer delays. we have team coverage of the holiday travel conditions. nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads. meteorologist brittney shipp is watching the weather and monique braxton is live at philadelphia international keeping an eye on the boards and checking in with passengers. monique? >> reporter: hey there, rosemary. the fog this morning had been causing delays up to about two hours and i can tell you looking over now at the vehicular
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traffic it seems to be a lull at this point. swefd rain off and on and that slows things down a bit. aaa is projecting 73,000 people in the philadelphia area will fly on this last holiday travel season of 2015. we captured video of some of them. if you're heading to the airport, you won't see lines at the tsa check points like this but be prepared. this is what fliers faced before sunrise. aaa tells us today is likely the busiest day because people are taking advantage of the holidays falling on fridays which for some people means two three-day weekends before year's end. also students are out of school. one we talked to could hardly wait to see her grandmother. >> i'm going all the way to minnesota. >> reporter: have you been there before? >> yeah that's where where our grandma and our dad lives. >> reporter: are you excited? >> really excited. >> reporter: now the pennsylvania turnpike authority
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predicts record-breaking traffic over the christmas and new year's holiday, the turnpike authority says more than 4.2 million vehicles will travel the toll road today through new year's day. lower gas prices at the pump and unseasonably warm wetter are helping families spend some cherished time with loved ones afar. if you're traveling over the holiday, the turnpike authority is asking that we tell you to get plenty of rest, make sure you don't drink and drive and pay attention to the posted safety alerts. live for now at the airport, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> jets a boy on the is keeping an eye on the roads and the weather not the best for drivers. >> at least they're not battling tons of back ups and volume. the biggest thing we have to worry about is bog. this is the new jersey turnpike in mount laurel. no backups at all. but just reduced visibility there. we are going to keep in the new
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jersey for you. we have been watching this accident scene all morning. there's an investigation under way in hammonton due to an overturned tractor-trailer that turned deadly on the atlantic city westbound an route 28. the left lane is closed eastbound and westbound side, no backup but something to pay attention to. the rest of our drive times are doing great. no backups out of the ordinary on the schuylkill or 95 into center city. the blue route from the schuylkill to 95 is doing great but foggy conditions at the philadelphia international that airport causing delays up to 73 minutes. check before you go. rosemary? we have another live look at the roads -- here we go. this is a view of i-95 in south philadelphia from our camera at the wells fargo center. not looking too bad. traffic is moving. it's not a great day to hit the roads but it could be worse. think about it. we could have snow out there, right, brittney? >> that's true, we could have snow but instead we'll track temperatures warming into the
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mid-70s tomorrow. is it will be a rainy wednesday for us. on-and-off rain expected through 8:00 p.m. tonight. it's heavier to the south of philadelphia, closer to delaware moving in to south jersey. staying relatively dry in the suburbs to the north and west of the city and into the poconos but we have more moisture coming up. as we go throughout the day and into tonight temperatures will warm. rough weather expected if you're traveling into parts of arkansas and into st. louis and parts of missouri so we are tracking a tornado watch in those areas. for us we'll see on-and-off showers. rain will pick up in intensity closer to 8:00 p.m. if you are waiting until 8:00 p.m. to travel, you are heading through allentown, you will encounter moderate downpours. once we get through 9:00, 10:00, we'll see rain showers tapering off. tomorrow we'll see another round of showers.
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but the other thing we're looking at for today, dense fog. it's getting worse. the dense fog will last through 6:00 p.m. here's how low visibility is. down to zero in the poconos. a quarter of a mile in lancaster. visibility is down to a half mile so be care informal these locations. as far as today is concerned, temperatures will range between 61 and 64. we could see temperatures going up to 68 degrees by tonight and that will help set us up for a very warm christmas. record-breaking warmth expected. i'll go over the details on that in my full forecast. we continue to follow breaking news in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood where police are investigating an accident involving a trolley and an suv. this happened at 49th street and gray's avenue. more than two dozen people on the trolley had to go to area hospitals to be checked out for minor injuries is we're told
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nothing was life threatening. at least two people in the suv were hurt. checking on nbc 10 headlines. police and counterterrorism officials are working to track down dozens of propane tanks and the person who stole them from two businesses in philadelphia. they're concerned about what the thieves may do with the tanks. that i a ear industrial-sized so the thief needed a forklift to remove them. police are also looking for a thief who stole nearly $350,000 worth of loose diamonds yesterday. investigators say he swiped phlegm a man carrying the gems near 11th and sansom street, just a few blocks from jewelers' row. the temple owls had a loss at the boca raton bowl. temple was down to toe thrledo showed fight at the end. the owls seemed to recover the on sidekick but the refs went the other way with the call. the owls lost to the rockets 32-17 and ended the season 10-4.
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this morning, pennsylvania's budget stalemate could be headed toward a resolution. a bipartisan spending bill cleared a procedural hurdle in the statehouse. a package could land on governor wolf's desk by some time today. still, lawmakers have to approve other elements of the spending plan. today ties the record for the longest pennsylvania has ever been without a budget. if you have not sent your christmas packages yet, you are not alone but the clock is ticking with christmas morning less than two days away. as nbc's tom costello shows us, this holiday season the post office alone will deliver over 15 billion packages cards and letters by the time we're singing auld lang syne. >> santa's not the only one trying to get presents under the tree by christmas morning. the nation's shipping giants are moving faster than rudolph.
11:38 am
fedex expecting to deliver 228 million packages. u.p.s. $420 million and the postal service $545 million. that's more than a billion packages, up 8%. the surge in deliveries thanks largely to a record-breaking cyber monday. online sales totalled more than $3 billion. >> peak season hits right now. we'll be busy through the 24th. >> reporter: more shipping mean mrs. staff. amazon hired 1 hurks,000 workers, fedex 55,000 and the postal service 30,000. at the u.p.s. world port in louisville, the sorting facility is the size of 90 football fields. on monday night, millions of packages came through here sent to waiting trucks and planes. but who w all the extra help, will your packages get to you in time? yes, say the shaping giants, though on tuesday morning a postal service tracking system was down, is some customers took to twitter.
11:39 am
"tracking function down three days before christmas, great, just great." but at the post office itself last night -- >> today i'm finally shipping my christmas presents. i'm hoping they get there by christmas day. >> reporter: some last-minute hopeful shippers. >> it's christmas. we only do it once a year. it's fine. >> reporter: that was nbc's tom costello reporting. the u.s. postals after offers priority mail espresso if you put those packages in the mail today you can take that option. fedex offers standard overnight shipping and u.p.s. has next day air service be be prepared to pay more. santa has an extra gift for music lover this is year. the beatles will join music streamings services including apple music and spotify tomorrow. the beatles will be available to
11:40 am
everyone, unlike artists like taylor swift who won't allow it. a miss universe pageant executive says he would welcome steve harvey to host the event again next year. steve harvey mistakenly announced miscolombia, he then corrected his mistake and gave the crown to ms. philippines. miss colombia took to instagram. her's her post. she said "i was able to bring happiness to my country after becoming miss universe for only a couple minutes. today because of that, colombia and the latin community are being talked about in every corner of the world." way to turn it around. okay, you've probably seen one of her movies and didn't even realize it. she's a philadelphia native who's had a successful career as a hollywood stunt woman. coming up, we'll introduce you
11:41 am
to her and tell you some of the big names she's doubled for on film. i'm tracking more rain into the rest of today, plus record warmth expected into christmas eve and your christmas day forecast. i'll have the details after the break.
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. watch out in new jersey for police activity directing traffic on route 322 causing a
11:44 am
little bit of a backup right now. also an accident reported on the commodore berry bridge westbound between the toll plaza and the mid-span of the bridge. no big delays as you can see on the 322 because of that accident scene not battling much in terms of volume but we are battling fog and rain. and 18-minute drive time eastbound. so no huge delays just some extra travel, especially if you're headed to the mall. rosemary? remember this famous fight scene from quinton tarantino's "kill bill volume 1?" stunt women were behind that and philadelphia's lang merrill was one of them. she's also been in "obsessed and" and "skyfall." she's also the author of the book "stunts, the how to
11:45 am
handbook." thanks for being with us, angela. >> thanks for having me. >> first we have to talk about this. your career, you're from philadelphia, you make it to hollywood to become a stunt woman. how do you do that? >> hard work. hard work, perseverance, training, getting out there and hustling and wanting to do this as my career. >> what was the inspiration to take this on as a career? >> as a child growing up -- i grew up in jersey, i was born here, moved to jersey, i was always an active child playing with my brother and i always say this, playing football with him and his friends and i didn't know i was laying the foundation for becoming a stunt woman until a friend of mine, rusty mclendon said "do you want to work on "first kid"? which was my first stunt. i had no idea that i could make a career out of. this here i am 21 years later still having fun, playing and still growing in this business. >> you're one of few african-american women who is a stunt woman involved in stunts. i would have to imagine this is
11:46 am
in some ways a man's world still. talk about why there are so few african-american women and the famous faces you've doubled. >> the famous faces, beyonce, haley berry, i love with what i do. i'm very passionate about it. sorry, what was your question? >> we're trying to cover a lot in this segment. you've been breaking barriers in the business. >> i am the first author of a how-to guide on stunts and i am one of the few african-american that consistently work. there are quite a few but not everyone can work because if you don't see us on tv, we're not working and there are other positions that we can do which which are called non-distri ed you'll see people running away, trying to get away from fights,
11:47 am
what have you. so those are things we are able to do. >> tell us about the book. what's in it? what can readers learn, what kind of advice you have. >> the first part of the book is how i did it. how i became a stunt woman and what i've done to continue working in the business. the second part is for the up-and-coming stunt performer who wants to get in and has no idea how to get in. i'll lay out the ground work. >> you're looking if other people to join you. >> i'm mentoring because i had a hand. it's only fair to give back. >> your husband and daughter here are joining us in studio, they are our guest today. would you want your daughter to get involved in this business. >> my daughter has been doing pratt falls while she was in my stomach and i didn't know. i was pregnant on a film and didn't know and was landing on my stomach and then realized i was pregnant and thought, oh, i guess i should settle down. so she's been doing stunts since before she was born. >> she would be a natural.
11:48 am
angela meryl, thank you so much. she's the author of the best-selling book "stunts, the how-to handbook, secrets from an award winning holiday stunt woman." thank you, happy holidays. temperatures will continue warming up as we go into the rest of today, tonight, into tomorro tomorrow. i'm tracking rain throughout the rest of the day and record-breaking warmth in christmas eve tomorrow. 59 with rain coming down. light wind speeds out of the east. our visibility for the airport is down to about four miles. 54 degrees. it's raining in philadelphia. not atlantic city. warmer temperatures at 58 down the shore if you're closer to
11:49 am
our suburbs, allentown, the poconos, we' seeing light rain. it's not quite raining. we'll continue to see more rain coming up. we'll get warm temperatures from the southwest as we head into tomorrow. travel forecast shows if you're heading west we are dealing with a tornado watch for portions of arkansas, same thing for parts of st. louis and just for the south of chicago so we are going to keep a close eye on these severe storms which will continue to work their way to the east as we go into the rest of today. as far as our weather is concerned here at home, we'll continue to see on-and-off showers throughout today clearing up by 8:00 p.m. by tomorrow on christmas eve, by 9:00 a.m. we are dealing with another round of showers and that's mainly going to be confined to philadelphia, most of south jersey, the northern and central parts of delaware before clearing up, then we'll be dealing with warmer weather heading into tomorrow. on friday we have a chance to see a few passing showers as well on christmas day.
11:50 am
and temperatures are staying well above average for us so we are tracking a warm christmas week. our average for this time of year is 43 degrees. yesterday we were at 61. today we'll push to 68 degrees. it's going to take us a while to get to 68. our record for today is 66. as we head into tomorrow, temperatures will keep climbing. we'll see a high of 75. our record for the time of the year is 64. our temperatures drop down into christmas day another 70 on sunday. >> this morning we are getting you in the holiday spirit by bringing you more finalists from the 101.1 more phenomenon christmas choir competition. today a performance by the
11:51 am
second-place finishers, the arts academy at benjamin rush in northeast philadelphia led by vocal music director suzanne spencer. enjoy. ♪ ding, ding, ding ♪ i don't want a lot for christm christm christmas, there is just one thing i need ♪ i don't care about about the presents underneath the christmas tree ♪ i just want you for you my own, more than you could ever know ♪ make my wish come true, all i
11:52 am
want for christmas is you is ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas ♪ there is is just one thing ♪ i don't care about the presents underneath the christmas the tree ♪ i don't need to hang my stocking there upon the fireplace ♪ santa claus will make me happy with a boy a christmas day ♪ i just want you for my own ♪ more than you could ever know ♪ make my wish come true ♪ note all i want for christmas is you ♪
11:53 am
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(colonial penn jingle) new information on the breaking news we've been following in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. police tell us the suv involved in this crash this morning with a septa trolley was stolen.
11:56 am
police say two men were inside the stolen suv. the man driving that honda tucson and collided head on with a trolley at 49th and gray's avenue. both men are in the hospital in extremely critical condition. more than two dozen people on board the trolley had to be taken to the hospital as well just to be checked out for their injuries. be sure to stay with nbc 10 and as well as our app for updates on this breaking news. coming up later this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's ellen with will smith and singer/songwriter gray son chance. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year and we are monitoring the roads, the rails and the skies. we'll have the latest on backups and when you should leave to avoid the mess. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. the weather going to be a factor today for drivers. >> absolutely. it's foggy right now. dense fog advisory for parts of our area will stay in effect until 6:00 p.m. we expect rain
11:57 am
but record warmth by tomorrow. >> i can't believe it. i'm enjoying it. >> i like it, too. i'm from california. have a good one. '
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> claire: thank you for what you said about my singing. i just don't know what kind of opportunity you could offer, but... >> eve: claire, do you have any idea what an extraordinary gift that you have? >> claire: well, people say i have a nice voice. >> eve: what? are you kidding me? people would kill to have your voice. tell me, do you enjoy performing? >> claire: yeah. >> eve: okay, what about, um, working with kids? >> claire: yeah, i love ds. >> eve: great. so i've started this music program over at the community center, and we're forming a band, and i just--i really think that you would be the perfect lead singer. >> claire: wow, that's really nice of you to say, but i-i don't know. >> eve: well, honey, why not? >> claire: well, i'm not even sure if i'm staying in salem, you know? my dad's back in maine and-- >> eve: honey, i'm not asking for a lifetime commitment here, but since you're here--and you'd be really helping kids in need,


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