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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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christmas eve t. warmest christmas eve ever. 66 in allentown, 60 degrees in the poconos. 68. atlantic city our satellite radar shot shows starting to see more showers push back into the area, just to the west here of philadelphia, moving into parts of delaware a. few scattered showers pushing into south jersey. we will keep those showers in the forecast as we go through the morning, even as we head into the afternoon, once again, light showers headed into tomorrow. temperatures will drop, we will still be well above average as we head into the week. again another round of showers, closer to south jersey for us. then we'll start to see a bit of a lull. another round, around 7:00 for parts of south jersey. a slight chance as we head into tomorrow. i'll track more details, what else can you expect. that's coming up in my next forecast. right now, i want to check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we are watching out for
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problem spots on milwaukee drive. we have a 17 minute drive time, blocking the right hand shoulder and the next lane overer, headed eastbound, you can see all cars filing into one lane past the scene. so a little backup behind that and again a 17-minute drive time. nice increase yet. average speeds are 46 miles per hour past this point. from the blue route to the vine street expressway. center city is where you see the delay. no problems west bound for right now. we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, we are in the clear, we have an earlier accident. that's good to go. we are watching this tractor-trailer on 295 at the black horse pike, police activity on the scene on the northbound side. tracy. >> we have breaking news into nbc 10 right now, belgium police announced a ninth person linked to the attacks in paris last month is being arrested if taking part in a terrorist group
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and terrorist activities. he was arrested on tuesday. you will remember 130 people died in those attacks on paris. police say a city employee crashed his car into a parked vehicle in north philadelphia overnight. it happened around 1:45 at 24th street and lehigh avenue. the force of the crash pushed the park vehicle into other cars damaging them. police say the city worker was driving his own car, not a city car. he took off. but authorities do know who he is. they're trying to track him down. a car crashed into a pole in southwest philadelphia overnight leaving one person hurt. the accident happened at 84th stroot and bartram avenue around 1:00 this morning. police are still trying to figure out what led to that crashments a christmas eve tradition is happening in philadelphia to become sweet treats to complete their holiday dinner.
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>> i betcha they may be sneaking a few beats ahead of time. >> one for everyone else, one for me. >> two more me. two minutes ago, the terminey bakery, mat is live, have you gotten anything to eat yet? >> reporter: i am full. i have to tell you, i've had my breakfast three times over by now. i am filmed with pastries. there is always room for a little bit more. i think finally, walking in the door, some of the oaks have been waiting out here, the owner, vince, he opened the door about two minutes ago, you saw it live on the air here. some of these folks, they have been coming year after year for decades him one guy we talked to about an hour ago, has been coming here 39 years. this is a family tradition in south philadelphia. they've got all the workers in the back there, making the canolis. the owner has been telling me,
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they have been working since september to get all those canolis together. look at this bag, we got this gentlemen here. he's got his order here ready to go. all right. so you were first in line? first in line? you tell me, you bought the the canolis. i guess it's good. you don't have to wait in the rest of the line. >> i'm done. >> what about this tradition? you come here every year, right? >> yes. i just saw, there's people. the canolis. it's a big family, it gets you started. it's like an appetizer. >> you trade stories. every year out here, what is it like out here on christmas eve? >> it's probably one of the best places to be on christmas eve, other than your family. >> especially the weather. you got tee shirts. >> it's outrageous. i never seen anything like it. >> an early christmas present. plenty of canolis. merry christmas to you. a lot of the folks are lining
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up, they got thousands and thousands of canolis out here. let me tell you, the smell in here istant lea tantalizing. we'll be back in 30 minutes where these guys will be, the line will probably be a lot longer now. they twot the band out here as well -- got the band out here as well. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> or can you bring a few canolis back to the station. happening today, millions of americans are traveling tore christmas. if you are flying, you want to pay attention to change in tsa security lines. for the first time, they will mandate the passenger go through the full poid scanners. before you could opt out. the tsa says the body scanners are better at detecting explosives. critics worry about privacy and the effects of radiation.
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>> i don't have a problem with the x rays, take a look at me, i'm not worried about somebody looking at me. >> it's the fear factor. they got to make us feel safe. do what i that have to do. >> to be clear, can you still ask to opt out of a scanner t.tsa says pat downs will be offered. if they have a security concern, they may require you to be x-rayed. a southwest flight was forced to turn around after an issue with its landing gear. that caused customers to panic. the flight left the open airport for chicago mid-way yesterday morning. after a maint fans check, the plane circled the area for four hours to burn off fuel before landing safely. passengers described the situation on board. >> the woman beside me was crying. people holding hands. everyone was on their ponies. so i'm sure sending messages to loved ones him i don't mean to sound dramatic. it was scary. >> everyone made it out okay.
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>> new from overnight, a deadly shooting in what police call a quiet peaceful neighborhood. police say neighbors were woken up by gunshots and a crash around 11:00 last night on ver upon the road in mount airy, that's where someone shot a man through his car door. police say he is from philadelphia. not from that area. they're looking for that gunman and also the reason why someone shot him. people in abington are still stunned after one of their neighbors was gunned down and killed on the porch of his home. this happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. police were called to prospect avenue. they found the gunman a few blocks away. when police tried arresting him. more gunfire erupted right in the middle of a neighborhood. >> blew his window out. shot his own window out. and then he just set there for a while and you hear two gunfires and the officer said, he shot his self. >> right now, that man is still in the hospital. we are waiting on more
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information from police, including the names of both men and a motive for the shooting. now to an update on those stolen propane tanks we told you about yesterday morning, police released this under surveillance video of the incidents happening at church street and penny packer street. in all, 43 propane tanks were stolen ranging from 20 to 100 pound each. they used what appears to be a dodge caravan during the hike. kathleen kane expects more fallout from the scandal that led to a court supreme justice suspending justice michael eakin. kane says this is yet another step if restoring our faith in our justice system in the coming months as the special prosecutor reviews over 1 million of these e-mails, i expect there will be more of these days.
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he is accused of exchanging lewd and offensive e-mails with friend, including a state prosecutor. attorney general kane claims her own legal troubles started when she released a thousand e-mails. kane is now facing federal perjury charges for leaking confidential grand jury information. she has pleaded not guilty. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittany shipp. >> good morning. we are tracking record warmth as we head into this christmas eve. it will be the warmest christmas eve ever. here the numbers are average this time of year. it's 42 degrees. yesterday we were at 70 degrees, with ehead into tomorrow or today i should say 76 degrees. the record is 66 today set back in 1990. we will beat that record. we have already beaten the record for philadelphia. heading into tomorrow on christmas day, we drop down a little bit down to 70 degrees. right now across the region,
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we're at 66 in quakeer town, 67 in potts town, 65 in coatesville. 68 in wilmington, 70 degrees in northeast philly. 68 at millvale. temperatures are the 68 and woodbine, same thing at the atlantic city airport. we're up 15 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. up 14 degrees in allentown, 12 in philadelphia. 12 degrees in wilmington, satellite radar shot shows we are seeing a few more showers starting to push right pack into the northern and central parts of california and also into philadelphia. so we will continue to see more of these showers streaming into our area. we are dealing with severe weather starting to move into parts of atlanta and pam bam. so i am tracking what you can expect as we head into the rest of your holiday, that's coming up in my seven day forecast in ten minutes. >> all right.
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thanks so much. let's take a look at traffic. >> including 95. jessica. >> a lot of things going on, around girard avenue. we do have police activity on the scene of a disabled vehicle over into the right-hand shoulder. also watch out on 95, right around girard avenue for that off-ramp closed on the northbound side, schuylkill dealing with delays him we have an accident scene that now is blocking out the right-hand shoulder and right-hand lane. two lanes getting by at least. >> that itself good news there. tracy. >> a holiday grinch tried to steal christmas from kids who need help the most in wilmington, he might just succeed. plus this. >> reporter: the holiday shopping season is counting down, winding down. this may be the only day that in store shopping beats online shopping. we'll tell you why after the break.
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>> new from overnight, firefighters quickly put out a fire at the central lie prepare in center city philadelphia. 19th and vine, the fire was reported this morning, a small trash fire in the basement. no major damage was done to the library. a chipotle restaurant closed for weeks will reopen today in boston. the eatery passed inspection yesterday after changes were made to every chipotle store. from now on, chipotle says onions will be dipped in boiling water. cilantro will be added to the rice. it kills off microbes, 60% of steak will be tested before it's even sent to the stores a.
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similar testing for chicken will be implement manied in weeks. a chipotle outbreak killed two people, that includes two people from pennsylvania t.cdc has not identified what triggered the bacteria. a boys and girls club in wilmington was robbed from holiday joy after vandals caused about $300,000 in damage. they stole units which could hurt their about to operate. the stolen units are the club's only source of air distribution for the states. and the boys and girls club does not have an emergency fund to replace what was taken from them. >> i'm not going to let cease grinches steal our christmas. somehow, we're going to make it through this. >> the club helps more than 200 children and young adults in the area. if you know who vandalized the club, call police. from our south jersey burrow, police are searching for a burglar wanted in four counties.
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take a look at this pick. torts say this guy used a crow bar to pry open the door. he also brings a black trash bag with him to carry out his loot. investigators believe he is behind nine burglaries in burlington, salem, glocester and atlantic counties dating back to late november. what we now know exactly when the master renovation project will begin at the gallery at the market east. it is set to close new year's day, that's when people use a short cut will be out of luck t. west ends will remain opened. the work will transform the gallery into the fashion outlets of philadelphia. they are expected to open in 2017. today will be another busy travel day as people head out on their holiday trips. aaa says more than 100 million americans will travel between now and the new year. most of those trips will be by car. aaa says the big reason is gas prices are the lowest they have
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been in years. let's see how the roads are faring this morning with jessica boyington, what are you seeing. >> we don't have a ton of backups and drive times increasing like we normally would for our rush hour. we have a few problems causing delays and backups him on the schuylkill, you can see, it's blocking the right-hand shoulder. this next two lanes over again, now we only have one lane moving through montgomery drive eastbound into center city. you can see the westbound, we're at a 20 minute drive time. fought feeling too bad. now if you are on 95, watch out for a disabled vehicle taking out the right-hand shoulder and watch out for those ramp close years. we have ongoing construction there. 95 northbound and 95 southbound around aromingo avenue. no huge backup or volume. normally we see that around this time on 95. southbound to the vine street
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expressway. about a 14 minute trip. a little different from yesterday morning. no delays at the philadelphia international airport. when i come pack in the next ten minutes, we'll do a check on your pass transit schedules. >> good morning. we expect to see record breaking temperatures today, headed into the mid-70s. the forecast high 76 degrees. the record in the 60s and technically we have already broken the record. our temperatures are already at 69 degrees. so record warmth for us. we are tracking showers today, tomorrow and weekend rain. cooler temperatures in store for us heading into saturday for the eagles game. across the region, our temperatures are in the high 60s. 69 degrees in philadelphia. wind out of the southwest at 16 miles per hour. we continue to see the stronger wind speeds, warmer air moving in. that's what we attribute these warmer temperatures to, that wind directionch temperature
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wise, we're at 60 degrees, in the poconos 66. in reading 68 in atlantic city. 69 degrees in dover, our 24 hour hour temperature chon chan him shows we are up 12 degrees in philadelphia. 12 degrees in millvale. so our record warmth shows we did see a record high of yesterday 73 degrees. today 76. the record set pack in 1990 and then as we head into friday, tomorrow our temperatures will warm to 70 degrees, our average for this time of the year, low 40s. we are more than 30 degrees above average by the time it's all said an done, which will make it the warmest christmas eve recorded. we are seeing a few more scattered showers starting to push into philadelphia, northern and central parts of delaware. then we have more moisture on its way. so a few more showers expected as we go into the morning hours. keep your umbrella handy. we are tracking severe weather
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and portions of alabama, to the north of atlanta. if you are headed south, you will be dealing with delays right around those cities. future-cast shows us by 10:00 a.m. we are dealing with showers. we will see more sunshine and clouds will continue to thicken overnight and another round of showers expected more us as we no into friday. friday morning, you notice another round of light shower activity. not as happy as what we saw yesterday. today we will manage to see lighter showers as well. record warmth expected. 19:00 a.m., temperatures in the 70s. they will continue to climb to 76 degrees. your 7-day forecast shows. after today's record breaking warmth of 70, we had back down to 70 degrees tomorrow, still well above average. 58 on saturday. 71 on sunday. 45 on monday. then 60 degrees on tuesday. so we go up and down with our temperatures over the next five days or so.
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>> thanks. a man who is sick of criminals having a stronghold on his city took a challenge by the mayor to heart. >> you are a big shot, put your.where your mouth is. >> that's exactly what he did. we will tell you about the innovative app in new orleans wants a man with no pulse and philly police officers with no time jump into action to sab alike life. zplmplts.
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>> hey, everyone, happy christmas eve. we are still watching out for this disabled tractor-trailer with slow go by the scoop north bounds. we have more updates for you to come and the schuylkill expressway accident scene, for now, let's get a check on today's unusual forecast.
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participant my shipp. >> it is an unusually warm forecast. record breaking warmth. we have already prone the record. which is 64 dress for today. we are already at 69 and we're only going to climb up from here. will you notice the wind direction coming out of the southwest. temperatures right now in millvale at 68. 68 democracy if atlantic city. 69 if dover, when you step outside, we're at 69 degrees in philadelphia. your seven-day traft coforecast coming up. >> reporter: i'm live in south philadelphia. the lines are growing. the music is playing, everyone is here for a holiday tradition, these little guy. the canolis. in the meantime, i will enjoy a little snack.
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♪ >> a montgomery county lady takes the spotlight, shock a performance for good reason going viral. it is all for a food cause. glmplts
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. well, for some people, preparing for christmas means making a stop in south philadelphia. they have been only opened 30 minutes. look, they're already packed. the store is packed. >> reporter: i did see sandals on some of those feet. we have record breaking warmth headed our way today. temperatures could hit the mid- to upper-70s today. that is right, folks, it is december 24ing. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> aim tracy davidson. it's 6 checkpoint 30.
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how warm can it get? meteorologist brittany shipp is following that along with rain. >> we are tracking showers in the rest ought morning and the afternoon. we are tracking record preaking warmth. we protect the record for today. we're at 69. so we didn't have too far to go. yesterday's high 70 degrees. we didn't reach that until 11:00 p.m. right now, we are at 70 in northeast philly. millvale, 58 i skating degrees. 67 in potts town. here's a closer look at the records. 64 degrees in philadelphia for today. 65 in atlantic city. low 60 for allentown, these are the records for wilmington, 63 if reading and the poconos, 62. you take a look at the forecast high, we will be in the 70s. the biggest difference is the forecast high for philadelphia at 76 degrees. so a closer look shows the clouds also the rain moving back into the more than parts of
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delaware, to the west of philadelphia. some of our suburbs seeing sour activity. we have more of this weather on its way. we will continue to see light showers as we head into the rest of today a. close look at our future-cast shows those showers. you see showers embedded. most of the showers will be quick moving on and off showers as we go into the rest of today. shouldn't be as heavy as we saw yesterday. take it easy, we will be dealing with some shower activity on and off throughout your late morning hours, lightning up a bit toward the afternoon and evening. i'll have more details in my forecast. but let's check in with jessica boyington. >> we had an zurn accident on montgomery drive. a little delay eastbound into center city. another one pops up. we are seeing a lot of problems, possibly because of slippery conditions and people headed out the door to go christmas shopping or so. this is right around 24th street. right now the accident scene is
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over here on the eastbound side. can you see several emerging vehicles on the roadway as well. now, fortunately, a few moments ago, they had all lanes blocked off. right now they have one lane squeezing through, so a slow go behind that scene. can you see west bound moving along just fine. >> that itself the 59 street expressway around 24th street. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we will check in with mass transit. >> christmas eve is a time to finish buying those last minute gifts, stocking stuffers, it's when you peck up the sweet treats to peck up your holiday dinner. we are like at terminey brother's bakery. matt, what's happening there? >> i finished that canoli, it's delicious. they have racks upon racks here. these folks have been working very hard. we have been told they have been working since september to get all these canolis ready.
6:34 am
there are thousands of thousands of them here this south philly. also, a long line to piaa these things. you see the line going all the way back. we're in the back of the store right now. earlier, we were in front of the store. the line stretches all the way through. we have at least 50, 60, 70 people in line right now to get these canolis. this really is a tradition in south philadelphia. a tradition for the italian families. but this is really something that these guys are enjoying him we got some of these folks out here. boy, they got people making their own canolis. people entertaining themselves as they are waiting in line. outside, we got a food truck, a tent. everything is set up out here. so you have been doing this for many, many years. why is this so special? >> i love see my same customers, same 200, 300 people every year wait outside.
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i'd love to greet them. >> it's a good year? >> yeah. beautiful. >> more beautiful in here? the smell is wonderful. >> i see they have their own canolis. that's what i love. they're having a good time? that's what the holiday spirit is all about. he's enjoying this watching as everyone else works. now they're working for themselves. they're making their own canolis out here. we have a lot of people in line, walking out of here with backs of pastries for a very perichristmas. live in south philly, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, matt. food and presents, that's pretty much what you need. last minute shoppers are trying to complete those lists, monique? >> reporter: hi there, fwoorm the 24 hour shopping marathon is about to end ear at kohl's at
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6:00 this evening on this christmas morning that feels more leak easter, a few more shoppers are arriving now. i did some digging while you were sleeping. the retail coupon site. retail me not, reports nine out of ten americans have resorted to last minute holiday shopping because they were busy or couldn't figure out what to give family and friends. most people notice prefer to shop in stores, versus online, not wanting to risk a late delivery. >> i think they're just being opened this time of night. it's worth it to me. i like to think it as opened. >> tell me what you bought. >> my daughter wants a frozen kitchen. se didn't say it until a couple weeks ago. so i decided that we bought the powder bar and i'm adding frozen accessories him i went in here to get frozen hand towels to the make it look frozen. >> what a mom. we checked online with five of
6:37 am
the country's top retailers. if you haven't started shopping, don't despair, super stores await you want wal-mart will be opened until 8:00 tonight. target closes at 10 or leemp p 11:00 tonight. kohl's closes at 6:00. toys 'r' us stays open until about 9:00. happy shopping, everybody. don't be surprised if you see me in the midst. live now in upper roxborough, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> good luck to you on your shopping. it's home for the holidays for pennsylvania lawmakers. we are now 176 day noose the fiscal year and no buck. yesterday, pennsylvania tied the record for budgets set in 2003. lawmakers won't be back to work until at least monday. tom wolf faces the decision over what to do with a last ditch
6:38 am
spending bill sent to him without the increase to aid to public schools he had sought. democrats say it needs work. >>. >> there's a like look outside right now, you can see cape may with wet streets this morning, so we will continue to track all the light showers that are starting to push into part of the city and even into parts of philadelphiash stretching down into the shore. that's something we have been watching. the biggest story of today is the temperatures. we do expect to see record warmth, reported breaking warmth. in fact, we've broken most of the records already. the record high today for phil philadelphia, 64 degrees, instead, we're already at 69 degrees, 67 currently in potts town, 68 in atlantic city. 69 degrees in dover, satellite radar shows we see another round of shower activity push into
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part of philadelphia, into the foreign parts of delaware, central parts of delaware as well, so chester seeing light shower activity. we have more on the way as we go into the rest of today. it shouldn't be quite as heavy as we saw yesterday. showers expected throughout the morning. it will lighten up as we get into the afternoon. one other thing we are tracking will be the really warm temperatures. here's a look at our future-cast, it shows the rain into your late morning hours, into the afternoon, 1:00 we start to see a lull. you will even see a little late afternoon sunshine, by 5:00 p.m., we're seeing scattered showers. the highs will push all the way to 76 degrees for philadelphia. 70s in wilmington, you notice most locations pushing into the 70s. poconos should stay into the mid-60s. 65 degrees. the record high for today, 64 degrees, we have broken that record. so this will be the warmest christmas eve ever recorded.
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i'll have more details in your 7-day forecast in about ten minutes. >> thanks, brittany. let's hope that wet weather doesn't hurt the roads this morning. >> jessica buyington is watching the vine street expressway. what are you seeing? >> reporter: so many things going on, the 59 expressway around 24th street right now, again, all traffic stops on the eastbound side, minutes ago it was all stops. they had one lane getting by on the left side. towards 95, that's where you will see this delay, backup, this massive accident scene, police activity on the scene, all that traffic behind it. the westbound lanes, moving along nicely, these are our cameras around 24th street. so leaving the schuylkill is where you will start to see some of that backup. you take mass transit. we have changes for septa. the city buses and role tos, the
6:41 am
suburban bus, trolleys and 101, 102, high speed lines the regional rails are on a mid-day schedule. they are providing earlier service from center city. the broad street line have overnight train service into christmas day also. martin. >> thanks, jessica. a bright note for some montgomery county students before the holiday break. actually, this was quite a surprise. listen as a lunch lady took the mic for a fundraiser. ♪ >> yeah, now they're listening him she stuns the students at ssouderton high school. you can hear more of her performance on the nbc 10 news
6:42 am
app. this unseasonably warm weather has whipped up some spring-like storms. tornadoes tossed around trees making dangerous conditions. a 7-year-old boy is a child prodigy. his once steady path is being shaken bicycle cell disease. -- bysickle cell -- by sickle cell disease. .
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>> it's a quarter to 7:00. people living in mississippi will be better to test the damage from yesterday's fierce storms once the sun is up. the storms toppled trees and ripped homes from their foundations. in northern mississippi, a twister crossed over interstate 55. most of the tornado warnings and
6:46 am
watchs were inspired by last night. days after learning a contractor who stole tens of thousands of dollars from a customer going to jail, an early christmas gift for the family he ripped offer. they tracked down daniel galucci. police arrested him and turned him over to montgomery county. he pleaded golet to dupeing homeowners out of thousands of dollars. we caught up with one of them yesterday. >> he admitted responsibility. we are expecting full refunds, of course, over a period of time. >> he has been sentenced to six to 23 months in jail and ordered to pay more than $60,000 in restitution. >> it's 6:46. pennsylvania is giving convicted child molester jerry sandusky more than $2 million. he stopped receiving payments in 2012 when he was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing
6:47 am
boys. a court ruled he should still get his state retirement benefits. >> that means he is going to check $4900 a month in pension payments. the man who admitted to killing three people at a planned parenthood in colorado will undergo a mental health investigation. he told the judge he wants orepresents in court at a hearing yesterday. dear faces 179 counts, including murder in the first degree for the shooting rampage last month. hemospend the next 60 days at the colorado state mental hospital. well, a 7-year-old music prodigy is facing a new challenge in his young life. health problems may derail the future prodigy's hands. he is gifted in music and math and from an early age, but now he suffers from major complications of sickle cell disease, he has had three
6:48 am
strokes, which left him struggling to find the right note. he still plays beautifully thanks to month of rehabilitation, his father credits the violin for saving his life. >> excercise is repeated, the strength minds connection. >> cease sar hopes to get a bone marrow transplant in the new year. philadelphia police save a life. nbc 10 was there. our cameras caught three officers performing a cpr. the officer pulled him out of a car on diamond street in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. by the time the rescue squad is out there. the guy was revived and talking. two of the officers have only been on the street a few weeks. how about that? >> good training there. >> let's go to new york. this morning, we get a preview from matt lauer and who k ho do
6:49 am
kotb. >> it's an unseasonable outbreak of tornadoes. the threat is not over yet. >> plus the weather is creating holiday horror for the recorden in of us expected to travel this year, thousands of flight delays have airlines playing catch up today. >> to politic, donald trump leading a new national pom, ted cruz takes on the washington post over that cartoon controversy. >> here's a good question. we will tell you where you can still buy gifts that don't look last minute even though they definitely are. >> by the way, miss last minute sitting to my right and we're going to be cooking for a crowd out on the plaza today because it's so warm we're making our holiday dinner outside on a christmas eve morning, ladies. back to you. >> am i alone in the last minute shopping department? >> no, lori is making her list right now. >> i want your tips. >> see, there you have it. >> are you also the type who when people say have you
6:50 am
finished your christmas stocking, you say, oh, by the way, i lied about that. >> it happened. >> i thought i was. >> this one, though. >> done. >> done. >> you see. >> done. she was probably done in august. >> all right, you guys. >> see what i deal with. >> bye-bye now. bye-bye. >> good morning. we are tracking record breaking warth. temperatures going to push into the mid-70s. we are close to 70s for lots of location. technically, we have already prone the record, which is 64 degrees in philadelphia. weekend rain, saturday/sunday, we are tracking another chance, we are tracking more showers today and tomorrow, cooler temperatures for the eagleles. a one-day cool down. well above average as we head into sunday. in philadelphia, we're at 69 degrees, wind speeds at 60 miles
6:51 am
per hour, across the rest of the region, temperature wise, 70 degrees in northeast philly. 69 degrees in philadelphia, same thing in dover, 60 degrees in mount pocono, 66 in allentown, our temperatures are anywhere between 12-to-16 degrees warmer right now than this time yesterday. so there is your warming trend right there. we you a our wind direction. more moisture came in. we tied a record. we broke a record, the high of 70 degrees. that's interesting part. we warmed up overnight. now today we see a high of 76 degrees. that will break the old record of 64 set back in 1990 right now our temperatures at 69, our average this time of year is 42. that's where we should be. instead, we're in the 70s, yesterday, today and tomorrow, we are also tracking another round of showers that started to push into parts of philadelphia, into delaware right now. can you see there is more moisture off to the southwest.
6:52 am
>> that will continue moving in. the only trouble spot i can find for you throughout the nation is closer to down south. south of montgomery, alabama him also, we are dealing with severe storms moving into parts of atlanta. as we go into the rest of the morning hours, by 11:00 a.m., we are dealing with showers closer to the shore. a few passing clouds and we'll also see another round of rain as we head into tomorrow for christmas day. not as bad as we saw yesterday with that non-stop rain hours and hours. we delaware expect light showers as we go into the rest of your afternoon hours, definitely your late morning, tapering offer, headed into the evening, as far as today is concerned, 74 to 77, record warmth. the chance of showers. 7-day forecast shows, we cool down to 78 on saturday. >> right now, no real rush hour. but with wet roads, we have had some issues this morning. >> be careful out there. jessica has a look at what we're seeing. >> we have an update for you the
6:53 am
vine street expressway. we had an accident scene around 24th street on the eastbound side, right in here, just cleared out of the way. we are good to go. we are not seeing backup or westbound, if you are headed to the schuylkill exresway for holiday traveling. you can see, we are seeing a little delay on this schuylkill eastbound from the blue route, a 12 minute ride or so because we have an accident eastbound around milwaukee the vine street expressway accident on the eastbound side to the schuylkill, when i come back in the next five minutes, we'll have one last check on your christmas eve drive, tracy. well, police forces are cut across the country mostly because of budget cuts. two guys in new orleans are taking things into their own hands. he is a real estate developer. he teams up with bob sims, why did this all start?
6:54 am
in january, burglars broke into his home. he took out an ad pushing the mayor to do more? if it's so easy, maybe she should get some money and do it, himself. >> wait a sec, if he really lets me, i would. >> first of all, i basically challenged. he said, if you are a big shot. put your money your mouth is. >> he did. he spent his own money buying atvs, paying off duty officers to patrol and create apps, like uber for comes t. program has worked so well, the mayor says he wants to roll it out across the city. >> reporter: canoli, canoli everywhere, i'm matt delucia live in south philadelphia with a christmas eve tradition next.
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good morning, i'm matt delucia live in south philadelphia. s the christmas eve, that means a lot of people are lining up. you can see all these people in line getting all of their baked goods. you see these ladies working hard out here all to make their families happy. live in south philly, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. hey, good morning, merry christmas eve. we are starting things off on the schuylkill expressway. this is the place we are seeing any significant delay. we had an earlier accident eastbound on the schuylkill and one on the vine street causing this delay. east bound lanes are in here.
6:59 am
you can see drive routes from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we are down to a half an hour right now due to foggy conditions. we have a traffic management program in effect for arriving flights and departed nights may be affected. check before you go. >> i'm first alert meteorologist brittany shippch you can see cloudy skies. we'll be tracking a few showers as we track the rest of your morning hours, we lighten up a bit in the afternoon. the big story today is the record breaking warmth. we broke the record, which was 64 degrees, our temperatures are already well past that, most of the region will see a high of 76. it will be a warm breakfast. another round of showers for tomorrow. it's crazy. i have to triple check it. >> are you sure? >> positive. we have been watching this a while. we are 30 degrees above average at least. >> awesome, thanks.
7:00 am
all right. "the "today show"" is next. you can always get updated information with the nbc 10 appch thampls for watching. merry christmas. . nightmare before christmas. deadly spring like storms hit the south, spawning a rare but vicious tornado outbreak. >> it's like ten to fifteen houses totally gone. >> the twisters launching a path of destruction across several states. powerful winds tossing around semis like toy trucks. that severe weather now moving east. grounded. the frightful weather also snarling one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. more than 5,000 delays at airports across the country. airlines looking for a christmas miracle to get everyone home for the holidays. not so silent night. senator ted cruz stepping up his response to a "washington post"


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