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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  December 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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get the best deals and steals. tonight, is the make it or break it game for the eagles. can bradford lead the birds to victory? we'll wait and see. if you are going to the games, definitely bring a jacket.
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the temperatures cool down today and could see rain, but the unseasonably warm weather is not gone for good. good morning. back. i'm rosemary connors, 6:00 on saturday. let's get to the first alert forecast now with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. >> morning. it's a mixed bag. if you like it cooler, you'll get that today. like it warmer? we'll go back into the 70s tomorrow. here's a live look outside right now. we are seeing cooler air moving in from the northeast. you can see the flag is blowing there. we'll continue to sigh windy conditions, and temperature-wise, we're in the 50s in philadelphia, 55 degrees right now. mi mid-50s in wilmington, and 50 degrees in pottstown. quiet conditions, although there is a decent chance of showers moving into our forecast by this afternoon and even into the evening, so if you are headed out to theles game, make sure you wear a jacket with a hood because we are expecting a few lingering and stray showers to
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pass by. at 10:00, a better chance of rain moving through, extending up to the lee high valley and poconos, but clearing up as you start your sunday plans. highs in the area today, much colder than what we saw yesterday. we will stay in the 50s, and temperatures for philadelphia, our high today at 51, warmer right now than what we are in the afternoon, but we warm back up again headed into your sunday. i'll go over more details in the full forecast. rosemary? >> thank you. if you are just joining us this morning, breaking news in north philadelphia in the hunting park section. in the city, you see police officers on scene here. this is the scene of a double shooting. what we know is that two women were shot and taken to the hospital. we're going to continue to follow this breaking news and keep you posted throughout the newscast. plenty of people who received money or gift cards from santa will be hitting the stores today. it's going to be a busy one
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that's expected to be the busiest shopping day of the year. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in king of prussia to explain, randy? >> reporter: yeah. today is the busiest day of the year, a title reserved for black friday, but according to analysts at american express, it's the day after christmas because of gift cards floating around in the economy, a lot because people want to make exchanges and returns, and american express polled people, and more say they would shop today than polled on both black friday and cyber monday. we're seeing a lot of sales out here, apparel, clothing is expected to be the big sales today, plus, a lot of people just looking to exchange some presents they don't want. they want to spend gift cards and cash. we are finally see the first customers trickling into walmart here at 6:00 a.m. the mall open add 8:00 so we'll see if predictions pan out and
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longer lines than black friday. nbc 10 news. for the eagles, it is very simple. beat washington tonight or miss the playoffs for the second straight year. you're looking at video now of jackson leading washington past the eagles last year. the 6-8 birds need to return the favor for a shot at the title. sam bradford has not played in a meaningful december game in five years. he says he's psyched for this one. >> obviously, everyone's going to be excited. you know, if you're not excited to play in this one, i don't know if you'd ever be excited to play football. channel of that energy, you know, and just channel it into focusing and going out there, you know, and just playing as hard as you can. >> kickoff tonight is at 8:30, in in a half hour, an eagle may be put on the spot in the big game, a rookie. now to breaking news down south. three people hurt following a shooting just outside a view
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theater in mobile, alabama. earlier this morning, we did call the police down there to confirm the number of victims and to confirm there is an ongoing search for the lone gunman. no word on victims conditions. we'll continue to follow breaking news as well, stain with us throughout the newscast or our website for the app for more information. let's go to north jersey where police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in a high-rise apartment building. officers received a call from a man in missouri last night who was concerned his sister had not arrived in missouri for kr christm christmas. when the police went to the woman's participant, there were three bodies. the woman's husband shot her and their 8-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself. thor authorities believe the shooting happened tuesday or wednesday this week. new this morning, a smoke detector saved a family from a fire at their row home in west
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philadelphia. the blaze broke out before is last night. crews on scene say the smoke alarm went off alerting the family, including three children, all out safely, and no one was hurt. american red cross is offering help to the fame. investigators today are looking for the cause of the fire. in delaware county, police in chester are investigating a double shooting that happened on christmas. officers arrived at the scene on remmington street yesterday afternoon finding a man and woman wounded. both are expected to recover. police are now looking for the gunman and four witnesses to the shooting. in salem county, police investigate a deadly crash involving a car that went right into a house. nbc 10 was on scene in pennsville early christmas morning. the driver was killed in the accident. we spoke with the details who was at the scene with more details on this. >> car left the roadway,
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traveling 150-200 feet off the road, took out a utility poll, a fence in someone's residence, and struck the side of a house here on south broadway. >> no one, fortunately, inside the house was hurt. next on nbc 10 news today, did you get one of these gadgets for christmas? you may have received something else with it. you may not want. a hacker. coming up, which hot holiday gifts cyber criminals are likely to go after. i have to apologize. >> steve harvey embraces his miss universe flub. we'll show you the picture posted yesterday poking fun of himself.
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if you were out and about, i'm sure you made the most of the unseasonably warm christmas night in philadelphia. folks trying out new camera, taking photos at land marks like the art museum.
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ice skating? not going to happen. rain closed rin rink because of too much water on the ice incredible this weather for this time of year. >> absolutely, breaking and ties records left and right, another round expected tomorrow. not today, but what we saw on christmas day, record was 68, and we saw temperatures at 68. atlantic city broke a record with a high of 71 degrees. same thing in the poconos. we got within a few degrees of breaking the record. there was a very warm christmas day after record breaking christmas eve. 24 hour temperature change map shows temperaturing dropping, about 13 degrees colder in atlantic city than this time yesterday, down 11 degrees in millville, 10 in mount holy, and down nine degrees in philadelphia. you'll feel the difference today. it's going going to be colder. keep that in mind as we make
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plans today, maybe you're shopping or going to the eagles' game. our temperatures are 50 degrees in pottstown, 51 in coatesville, 55 in philadelphia right now, and same in wilmington, and as we go into the afternoon, temperatures are not warming up more than what we are seeing. the city planner, expect temperatures to be in the low 50s for us today, but i'm tracking record warmth all over again headed into tomorrow, plus, rain chances on the way, rosemary? >> thank you. a developing story, residents in birmingham, alabama clean up today after a tornado touched down on christmas. the national weather service confirmed the twister hit homes in the area around 6:00 p.m. our time. several people went to the hospital for minor injuries. about 10,000 homes lost power for the rest of the night. the unseasonably warm weather helped spawn more tornados and torrential rain killing at least 14 people in
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tennessee, oarkansas, and mississippi this week. the biggest christmas gifts? relief supplying pouring into across the city donating toiletries, food, and toys. >> numerous churches opening up their doors, letting people stay into the night. everybody's just pitched in really well, and i'm very proud of this community. >> if you are interested in helping out, make a donation to the american red cross. we have a link on our website and on the nba 10 app. now to another developing story. this one overseas. a syria rebel group already appointed a successor after the top leader was assassinated by an air strike. the syria government climbed responsibility for killing the commander. the government released this video of the purported deadly attack in damascus yesterday. the rebel group vows to continue fighting the syria government
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and its rebel, isis. calling it a christmas miracle. what this man from new jersey found at the bottom of the ocean that made his wife very happy for the holidays. later, the smart phone and smart watches and tablets for christmas could invite hackers into your home. three things to do today to keep your information safe. more people protect their homes with state farm. talk to a local agent or find one at
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spreading holiday cheer to those who served our country. nbc 10 in center city, philadelphia yesterday where the veterans group, a local charity, handed out christmas meals,
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coats, and kets to vblankets to need. >> the organization is designed to help veterans. >> handing out dozens of meals to vets living on the streets and those living in missions. hundreds of families included in the season thanks to chosen 300 ministries. a large crowd filled locations on christmas, many guests children. treated to a turkey dinner special guests. >> what did you get in a train set. >> 256 games, wow. >> these folks have an abundance of worries trying to figure out how to pay rent next month, feed my children, how do i put clothes on their backs? >> this is just one day. chosen 300 is a yearlong operation serving every day, 350,000 meals every year.
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today is the start of kwanzaa. there's a day long secelebratio this morning, there's ceremonies, west african dance and workshops and musical performances. kwanzaa runs for seven days with themes to educate and enlighten. i am sure santa left tickets for some good little boys and girls for today's performances of "the nutcracker". the pennsylvania ballet presents this at the academy of music at 2:00 this afternoon and 7:00 this evening. the philadelphia boys choir and dozens of students from the school pennsylvania of ballet bring the magical tale to life. after a day of opening presents, you can continue spending time with your family at the academy of natural sciences in university city. today is dinosaur day. kids can come face-to-face with
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fossils and meet living relatives of the ancient beasts. this is the first of the academy's all-star days. today fthrough wednesday, the museum will feature its most popular family programs. now your first alert weather with brittney shipp. >> good morning. get ready for a cooler day. temperatures staying in the 50s today versus yesterday, where we tied a record of 68 degrees. i am tracking colder conditions for your eagles' forecast, then record warmth all over again on sunday with rain chances in store for us for the seven day forecast. right now, 55 degrees in philadelphia. few clouds pushed in, winds sustained at of the northeast at 13 miles per hour, a cooler air moving in, and that's going to keep temperatures down. temperature-wise, 50 degrees in al tentown, 55 in wildwood, 57 in dover, 55 degrees in wilmington, waking up with us in pottstown, 50 degrees. same thing in allentown. bring a jacket as you run
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errands today and going to the eagles' game. wear a hood. there's a chance of stray showers moving through before the game and during the game. radar shot shows quiet conditions right now, but we will see a few changes as we head into the rest of today. expect to see most of these conditions -- well, i don't know what happens to my maps here, but let me see if i can fix it or maybe we can go to a live camera, but as we head into the rest of today, our temperatures are going to stay in the 50s, so it looks like my computer is not working, but there's your radar shot, so i'll get the computer fixed and check back in with you, rosemary. >> the day after christmas, took a holidayment i don't blame the weather computer. christmas day wrought reand accountment of washington's crossing of the river in bucks county. the tradition has families
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usually braving cold and snowy weather like george washington, but not this year. >> if it was snowing, we would not come out and stopped going because of the weather, and now it's so amazing, like, why not. >> what you see is what we wear in weather conditions, they didn't get multiple uniforms for different weather conditions. general george said fog on the river yesterday was no problem. a new jersey man reunited with a very precious piece of jewelry lost at the bottom of the atlantic ocean. jay bradford, whom you see here, fishing off long branch this month. when we went to pull up the anchor, his wedding ring slipped off and fell into the water. as the photos and video from the asbury park press show he asked a diver to find it. using gps to bring the diver to the spot where the ring was lost, taking ten minutes for the diver to find the ring resting on a rock. they call the ring's return a
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christmas miracle. it's 6:20 on saturday, days away from 2016. coming up, the two things that really troubled people the most this past year. we all know the saying, "home for the holidays" except this year, a lot of people decided not to stay with family. coming up, hear the reasons why more folks are choosing hotels over homes.
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now your first alert weather with brittney shipp. >> good morning. temperatures today are going to continue to drop. we'll stay in the 50s, a big difference from what we saw yesterday where we did see record breaking heat once again. if you're headed out tailgating for the game, bring a jacket. temperatures will be in thes today. i'm tracking record warmth sunday. more rain chances for us in your seven-day forecast. philadelphia, we're at 55 degrees. winds from the northeast at 13 miles per hour. that wind direction is shifting. we'll going to get cooler air in here, 55 degrees now in dover. 50 degrees in pottstown, temperatures at 50 in allentown and 51 in reading.
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city planner shows that headed into the rest of the day, we stay in the 50s. we are not going to warm up like what we saw yesterday. closer look at future wind gusts, gusty winds as cold front moves through. winds up to 32 miles per hour going into the rest of the morning. it's going to feel cooler today than we saw yesterday. not to worry. if it's too cold for you, by tomorrow, headed back to the records again with the temperatures expected to reach the 70s. scattered showers that startedp. a chance of stray showers into the rest of today. overnight, tonight, and headed into sunday, watching some of the moisture and energy from the system that's just north of atlanta, transitions towards us into the rest of today. overnight hours, you'll notice rain moving through, and lingers into your sunday morning if you live in allentown and poconos. philadelphia, south jersey, another round of stray showers,
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closer to 8:00 or 9:00, and then we see more scattered showers moving in pushing into monday. our future temperatures show that we are going to mainly stay in the 50s for today, but as we head into tomorrow, back to the 70s, and we drop again into the 50s next week. did you get a hot holiday gift? many are susceptible to hackers. we have tips to protect your newest vices. >> reporter: cyber criminals may be following santa down the chimney this holiday season. smart watches and fitness trackers made the list of most hackable gifts. wearables use blue tooth to syn with downloaded apps. >> they jump outside the app and be aware of everything else that might be on that device. >> reporter: smart phones and tablets suspectble.
6:27 am
>> they impersonate a blue tooth device or connection to gain access to the information you might have. >> reporter: turn offer bluetooth when not using it. avoid connecting to unsecured wifi networks, and protect your home network. drones and camera-enabled devices are another target for hackers. >> make sure you maintain all materials that came with that particular product. they are going to outline for you some of the prepasswords or settings on those particular devices. >> reporter: it's easy to overlook kids' toys with cyber security, but many modern toys are made with high-tech features. >> any kids' toys indeed connected to the interpret could be vulnerable to cyber security threats and hacks. >> reporter: it's not just child's play. parents should be sure to change default passwords and manage settings to restrict what it brother or sist broadcasts to the internet.
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unwrapping your gadget gift while keepi ining data covered . nbc 10 news. >> maybe you didn't get the gift you wanted for christmas. well, today, take advantage of monster sales, randy gyllenhaal is live this morning to fill us, randy? >> reporter: and they say it could be one of the busiest shopping days of the year. more people than black friday. next, find out why, plus, a few travel restrictions on some very popular christmas toys. >> feels more like the holiday season for the shoppers today. temperatures staying in the 50s, above average, but not as warm as yesterday. i am tracking another round of record warmth tomorrow. details after the break. it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online.
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because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. right now, christmas is over, but the sales are still here and better than before.
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this is a live look at walmart in king of prussia where slopers are showing up to score the biggest deals of the season. >> you know, if you're not excited to play in this one, i don't know if you'd ever be excited to play football. push for the playoffs. eagles play against division rivals, washington redskins, do or die, win and advance or lose and the season is over. we are cooling off after days of record warmth. don't put away the shorts yet. details on return to the 70s coming up in the first alert forecast. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. let's check our weekend weather now with our first alert meteorologist, brittney shipp. hard to believe we're cooling down. >> just to warm up all over again. today in the 50s, and by tomorrow, we're right back into the 70s tracking record warmth. it's a yo yo for us. a roller coaster ride with the
6:32 am
temperatures, so take a look at the camera outside. we are seeing breezy to windy conditions today. wind direction has shifted. we'll get cooler air in here, feeling colder than your christmas day forecast. 54 in atlantic city now, 55 in millville, 50 degrees in pottstown quite conditions, but that, too, will change headed into the day. maintaining a chance of showers in the next couple hours. headed to the eagles game? bring a jacket with a hood on it. passing stray showers expected as we go into tonight. this is going to affect philadelphia. you can see we have a better chance to the north and west of philadelphia in the suburb locatio locations, but there is a chance for tonight going into the game. we will see a high today staying in the 50s. i'll track details coming up in the full forecast. rosemary? >> thank you. update on breaking news. detectives in philadelphia tell us they are investigating a triple shooting here. this is what we know from
6:33 am
police. army this morning, a man and two women shot in the hunting park section of the city. one of the women shot in the head, but police say her injuries are not life threatening, and all three victims are expected to survive. it is the day after christmas and plenty of people will be spending the day at malls and stores trying to get deals before the end of the year. nbc 10, randy gyllenhaal, is live at walmart scoping it out for us. randy? >> reporter: hey, there. well, it's hard to believe because we usually assume black friday is the busiest day of the year, but analysts at american express say it's today, the day after christmas. it's a combination of things. there's gift cards from christmas presents, people doing exchanges and returns. this american express survey surveyed 1500 people, and more people expect to shop today than on both black friday and cyber
6:34 am
monday. a lot of people looking to make exchanges, use gift cards, christmas cash, ands we'll see is on apparel and clothing, and stores have post christmas sales checking out,ing to squeeze out extra dollars before the shopping season wraps up. >> i can believe it, yeah. i think might be -- >> reporter: why? gift cards maybe? >> gift cards, yeah. people exchanging stuff too. >> reporter: this is also a busy travel between thursday and new year's day, we're expecting about 100 million people to fly or travel within 50 miles of their home. if you got a hover board for christmas, they are banned on the number of airlines so if you try to take them home, you might have to ship it. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. new this morning, two men in the hospital after being shot in the nicetown section of
6:35 am
philadelphia. nbc 10 was in germantown where police say two men kicked out of a bar returned later and opened fire on patrons this morning. police explain what happened next. >> two employee security guards employed by the bar, act 235, were armed with armed, returning fire, firing more than two dozen times. one victim tritt call, the other in stable condition. it's unclear what role the victims, if any, played in the shooting. eagles comes down to this, beat washington tonight or forget playoffs for second year in a row. this is video of jackson leading washington past the eagles last year. they need to return the favor for a shot at the division title. eagles defensive tackle benny logan is questionable with a
6:36 am
calf injury. if he can't play, that means beau allen makes the first nfl start. never know, you know, whether or not you get the start, don't know when it comes, might not know until game day. just prepare every day like you're not a bake yap and that's -- i played in every game too, the last few years, so i don't see myself as green by any means. >> kickoff tonight at 8:30, and nbc 10 has complete coverage with eagles game day kickoff at 7:00 and game day time tomorrow morning at 1:30 and again at 10:00. while we dreamt of a white christmas, others had one. where the record breaking snow fell just in time for the holiday. ad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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good morning, temperatures yesterday tied and broke records. in philadelphia, we tied a record. set a new record in atlantic city. allentown, wilmington, and reading did not meet the record, but saw record breaking heat in the poconos with a new high beating the record of 60 degrees. those locations that did not tie the record, we wildfire close. it was a warm day. 24 hour temperature change map shows we are down 11 degrees in millville, 13 in atlantic city, 9 in philadelphia. feel the difference today. colder than what we saw yesterday and a strong winds speed coming from the northeast. colder air is moving through. 51 in reading, 48 currently in quakertown, and mid-50s in philadelphia. 55 in wilmington, and 52 in
6:40 am
trenton. we are not warming up much more than what you see now. grab a jacket. as you are headed out, going to the game, seeing cooler temperatures and chance of passing showers by the afternoon and the evening, so keep that in mind. tracking rain and warming temperatures again as we head into tomorrow. rosemary? >> all right, thanks. we did not get a white christmas, but las vegas did. the downtown area received flurries mixed are rain showers yesterday, but the outskirts of the city, they got real snow. great news for visitors to the ski resort. according to t inin ining the n service, las vegas had had more snow this year than new york city. a white christmas in colorado. junction received almost five inches of snow. i got my start in broadcasting in grand junction. this is the city's snowiest christmas on record. it is the day after christmas. it's the day that a will the of
6:41 am
people are returning unwanted gifts to stores. not all thoefz returns, though, will be made in good faith. the national retail federation says 3 gt of holiday returns are fraudulent, including return of stolen items, expecting to cost retailers more than $2 billion this holiday season alone. many folks who went home for the holidays actually prefer staying at a hotel than with their families. that's what a major hotel chain found in a recent survey. top reasons? having space, avoiding craziness, getting bathrooms, and choosing what to watch on tv. it's 6:41 on this saturday. an astronaut on the international space station made a technical error on christmas eve, and why he's apologizing to a woman he does not even know. and saturday night lights, the eagles take on the redskips this evening at the lincoln, and it's a must-win. coming up, a preview of the big game, and how sambrad ford is channelling energy.
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christmas salute to the troops, what president obama gave military members stationed in hawaii. yesterday, the president wished thes a merry christmas thanking them for their service. >> we never take for granted what all of you do for the american people. you help keep us free. you help keep us strong. whatever service you're in, whatever branch, we are extraordinarily grateful for everything you do every single day. >> the first family is spending their vacation in hawaii through the new year. although washington is on vacation this weekend, the
6:45 am
presidential candidates are not. democratic candidate sanders is on chuck todd's "meet the press" this weekend tomorrow at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. thousands of catholics celebrated christmas mass at the vatican where they listened to the pope's holiday address. spread mercy in a world affected by war. he spread that message yesterday. the pontiff denounced terrorist attacks and praised countries that took in refugees. he issued consolations to christians persecuted for their faith. > . back home, nbc 10 in center
6:46 am
city where holiday prayers and hymns filled the sanctuary. recruits far from home were able to enjoy a christmas dinner in millville. the elks lodge 580 hosted the dipper for more than 70 recruits. dozens of volunteers cooked and served food. the busses and the food were donated. at&t donated phones so that recruits who are from north, south, east, west could call home. >> i'm happy. i'm very happy. i feel good. >> we're hoping they just enjoy their christmas because they are away from their families. >> this the first year the millville elks hosted christmas dinner and hope to make it an annual tradition. if you dialled a wrong number, i think we all have, this story is for you. tim peak, a british astronaut on the international space station calling someone on earth rece recently when we got someone else by mistake. the person he was trying reach,
6:47 am
he did not get. he said to the woman, hello, is this planet earth? obviously, the woman was surprised. yesterday, he tweeted a christmas day apology to the lady saying it was not a prank call, just the wrong number. >> colombia! i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. >> give back the crown and flowers. big mistake. big mistake. the comedian and talk show host, though certification not letting this bring him down, or poking fun of himself. this is what he tweeted yesterday on social media. merry easter, y'all. it's been retweeted about 200,000 times and more than 1 million likes on facebook.
6:48 am
all right. we saw record tieing and record breaking warmth yesterday on christmas day, but as we head into the rest of the day, expect colder temperatures, especially for the eagles game, for all your shopping, but record warmth sunday and track more chances for rain in your seven-day forecast. philadelphia, 55 degrees, winds northeast at 13 miles per hour. we'll see a cold eer wind comin in keeping temperatures at 50 degrees, allentown, cloudy skies, atlantic city, 54, stray light showers today and even tomorrow. our current temperatures in the poconos at 41. 55 in wilmington. temperatures in dover at 55, same in wildwood. city planner shows as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures to stay in the 50s. we are going to see cooler temperatures for the eagles game as we push into tomorrow, 71.
6:49 am
rebounding from the 50s into the 70s, and next week, back to the 50s and average of 42 degrees friday. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. we check in with harry smith who is live with what they are working on. merry christmas and good morning. >> merry christmas and good morning. >> good morning. coming up on "today," wilds weather across the country, tornado in alabama, water rescues overnight, and major winter storm set to pound the midsection today. we have it all covered. plus, mad rush at the malls as people return gifts that may have fallen a tad short of expectations. this morning, what you need to know before you hit the stores. from politics to terror to big events in the world of sports. we'll take a look back at news
6:50 am
makers that shaped the year that was. >> those stories and more when we start on a saturday morning right here on the "today" show. >> thanks, guys, see you at 7:00. i'm ron burke. the playoff hopes on the line against redskins. sam bradford has not played in a game with playoff implications in five years. he talked about handling emotionings involved in a huge game. >> we got to try to channel and use them as good energy. you know, i think, obviously, everyone's going to be excited. if you're not excited to play this this one, i don't know that you'd ever be excited to play football, and i think you have to try to channel all the energy and channel it into focusing, going out there, and playing as hard as you can. >> the corner back, maxwell, questionable with a shoulder injury for tonight's game. ej likely gets the start if maxwell is unable to play.
6:51 am
defensive tackle benny logan, limping off after last week game is questionable with a calf injury. if unbelieve, beau allen makes his first nfl start. some things you look forward to as a player. your never know whether or not you get a start, never know when it comes, might not know until game day. prepare every day like you're not a backup, and i played in every game, too, the last few years, so i don't see myself as green my any means. >> join us for eagles game day kickoff today at 7:00, john clark, your host, setting you up for the game and back after the game for game day final, nbc 10, your official station of the philadelphia eagles. theful flyers off until tomorro. sixers visited the suns tonight. cavaliers, warriors, curry with a foot injury, but returned. 40 quarter, james keeping clooef cleveland in it with a drive and
6:52 am
jam. cutting the lead to single di digits here. the driving score, layup, and 19 points and seven assists, warriors win, improving to 28-1. heat and pelican, wade, 9-1 on christmas day. new orleans for the win. miss everything. overtime. miami, wade, chris bosch. the heat 10-2 on christmas day. wade, 10-1, boath marks are nba best. bryant is the leading vote getter so far, more than lebron james and kevin durant combines. that's sports.
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and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. this is your last weekend to visit holiday markets downtown. the christmas village will be open only today and tomorrow. more than 60 vendors offer handmade jewelry, ornaments, and toys. today and tomorrow as well to visit the made in philadelphia holiday market across the street at dilworth park. artists and crafters from across the area will be selling all kinds of unique wares.
6:56 am
there's also an array of food stands to fill you up while you shop. you know you can always get hot chocolate at the markets. >> i went. i got a cool scarf. >> did you? >> yes. it's a good time, some good shopping, and today is a nice day to go out. we'll see showers and much cooler temperatures, staying in the low 50s today. yesterday, we were at 68 degrees. tieing the record tomorrow, another round of record warmth expected, passing shower, and unsettled weather over the next couple days. look at monday, dropping down to 51 degrees. we stay in the 50s as we push into most of next week, dropping into the 40s. looks like our spring fling with the temperatures in the 70s looks to go away for good, especially into next week. >> still, though, seeing temperatures in thes, i mean, we could be in the twe20s. >> i know. it is nice for us, 71 tomorrow,
6:57 am
so far above average of 40, 30 degrees, incredible. >> this rain, this wet weather we've been seeing, this, i mean, i feel like the past few christmas we had this come through. >> we have. last christmas it was warm too. yesterday, yeah, we definitely tied the record, record breaking warmth in a few other locations. it's a mixed bag. depends on what you like. if it's been too warm, there's a cold day today, and if you want it warm again, you get that tomorrow. >> yep. >> we have everything in the forecast. >> all right. that's all for us on this saturday. thanks for joining us. the "today" show is next. remember, you can get breaking news and weather any time by going to the nbc 10 app or i'm rosemary connors. for everybody at nbc, have a good one and see you back here at 8:30.
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7:00 am
good morning. christmas day nightmare. a tornado touches down in birmingham, alabama. >> when they say you take cover, you take cover. >> the twister leaving some residents trapped in debris while flash flooding led to daring high water rescues. the threat is not over yet with 50 million people lying in the path of the storm today. everything from possible tornadoes and heavy snow and floodi flooding. we're on top of it all. trouble down under. a popular tourist destination as firefighters work to douse the flames. the fire is expected to burn for weeks. return rush. malls across the country bracing


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