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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  December 26, 2015 8:30am-9:31am EST

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this game will make or break their playoff chances. details on the matchup between washington straight ahead. today, might feel a little more like christmas. the temperatures take a tumble but only to rebound for the holiday weekend. we'll explain in the first alert forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:30 on this saturday. for the first time, in nearly 40 years, there was a full moon. here it is at dawn. the last time was in 1977. that won't happen again for another 19 years. unusual holiday season. let's check in with brittney shipp tracking the change in weather. >> yeah, you can say that again. yesterday, we saw record tieing and record breaking warmth. headed into today, temperatures drop about 15 to 16 degrees. by tomorrow, back in the 70s, starting in the 40s and 50s and staying in the 50s throughout
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saturday. 49 degrees now in al helptown, 48 in quakertown. 52 in bluebell, 52 in coatesville. as we go into today, only 52. take a look at sunday. 71. much colder by monday. dropping back to 51 degrees. a closer look at the tailgating forecast coming up. breaking news in philadelphia. police investigate a shooting leaving two women and one man injured and in the hospital this morning. nbc randy gyllenhaal is live. >> reporter: police are still processing this shooting ta ini feltonville. the window shot out, happening outside a social club this morning outside in the street.
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planning left, there's a red car. that is also investigated by philadelphia police right now. videos as well as earlier. they are one person in di, though, at this point. they do not know whether that person is the shooter. they are still looking f inin i in the triple shooting. all three victims taken to temple hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. gunfire broke out feet from social club. right now, we don't know what sparked violence, but police are working on a motive. one in custody as they look for a shooter. for u now, we are live, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. philadelphia police investigate another shooting that sent two men to the hospital. nbc 10 was in nicetown where men kicked out of a bar returned
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later opening fire on patrons. police explain what happened next. >> two private security guards that were employed by the bar that were act 235 certified were armed with handguns. they returned fire, firing more than two dozen times. >> one shooting victim is critical. the other is in stable condition. it's unclear what role victims played in the shooting. philadelphia police investigate a report of a grinch stealing a family's christmas presents. a mother who lives on walnut street says it happened when her family left to visit relatives yesterday afternoon. when they returned, six hours later, the mother noticed that the front door and window were open. she explained someone stole some of her kids' gifts including games, electronics, clothing, and shoes. >> why would you come in somebody's house and take all
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thinker kids' stuff. >> the mother says theft is hard because the family was living in a shelter twos ago, and this was their first christmas in a long time. the tree and toys. >> get ready for what is expected to be the busiest shopping day of the year. plenty of people will be hitting stores today to redeem or exchange presents or spend money santa gave them. many stores have post christmas deals squeezing out sales before the end of the year. this is your last weekend to visit the holiday markets downtown in philadelphia if you don't want to hit the stores or malls. this is a good alternative. love park features handmade gifts, ornaments, and toys open today and tomorrow. eagles, it's simple. beat washington tonight or miss the playoffs for the second straight year. take a look.
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this is video of jackson going off against eagles last year. the 6-8 birds need to return the favor for a shot at division title. sam bradford has not played in a meaningful game in five years. he says he's psyched for this one. >> obviously, everyone's going to be excited. you know, if you're not excited to play in this one, i don't know that you'd be excited to play football. you have to channel all energy and just channel it into focusing and going out there, you know, playing as hard as you can. >> kickoff tonight at 8:30, and in the next half hour, the eagle who may be put in the spot in the big game. we'll explain coming up. next, fire escape. what investigators are crediting with saving one local family after flames ripped through their home on christmas. plus this. >> colombia! >> it was a mistake herd heard around the world after announcing the wrong winner.
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steve harvey slips up again. what he's doing now that is shaking up social media.
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well, we broke another record yesterday. we tied a records in philadelphia. some locations got pretty close, didn't quite tie the record or break it. i'll go details on that. a live look outside right now, cloudsy skies, winds are picking up as well, and we have a colder wind coming from the northeast. here's the break down of the records. tieing the record in philadelphia with a high of 68 degrees. yesterday, we broke the record in atlantic city, and our high yesterday was 71, and in the pocon poconos, we warmed all the way to 63 degrees, but cooler weather is already settling in. we are 13 degrees colder in lant tick city, down 11 degrees in millville, 9 in philadelphia, and 8 in wilmington. temperatures now in the 40s and
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50s. 50 in coatesville. low 50s in washington township, 52 in wrightstown, and at the shore, 55 degrees. temperatures will be stagnant today, in the low 50s throughout your morning, even into the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies expected. we're also watching for a chance of a few stray showers moving in from the west as we go into the rest of the day. if you're headed to the eagles game, you probably want to bring a hooded jacket just so the rain does not bother you tonight. more details on the forecast and tracking warmer weather tomorrow. that's coming up in the forecast. >> good advise, appreciate it. >> hundreds of familiesing in the holiday spirit thanks to chosen 300 ministries. families filled the locations, many guests, children. they were treated to turkey dinner and some special gifts.
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>> what did you get? >> a train set. >> 256 games wow. they have an abundance of worry, trying to figure out how to pay rent, feed the children, put clothes on their back. >> this is just one day, but chosen 300 ministries is a yearlong operation serving 150,000 meals each year. today is the start of kwanzaa, philadelphia's african-american museum in center city is featuring day long celebration at 10:00 this morning including arts and crafts, a candle lighting ceremony, west african dance and drum workshops and musical performances. this runs for seven days. each day of the holiday carries a theme to educate or enlighten. happy kwanzaa. may the force be with one father of lancaster. how the love of "star wars" got
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his son in trouble. drenching rain leads to people rescued by rafts. mother nature did not stop there.
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take a look at flames in southern california from a brush wildfire that spread to nearly a thousand acres earlier this morning. more than two dozen homes are now in the fire's immediate path. at least 100 firefighters are battling the flames.
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there's no reports of any injuries, but police are not taking any chances. they have evacuated beach areas and campgrounds. they've shut down portions of the pacific coast highway. more extreme weather. residents in birmingham, alabama clean up this mess this morning after a tornado touched downright on mass. national weather service confirms the twister hit homes in the area and several people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. in total 10,000 homes lost power for the night. torrential rains brought flooding in northern alabama. high water cut off neighborhoods. alabama's governor has issued a state of emergency. now to tragedy down south. more than a dozen people dead following christmas storms and more bad weather on the way. mark potter reports. >> reporter: in holly springs, mississippi, families spent
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christmas day salvaging what they could. >> speak of the grinch that stole christmas, but, spared our lives. >> reporter: the season of giving with new meaning in the community. donations pouring in. christmas toys along with food and clothing. >> makes a better. we came out with the clothes on our backs. >> when it's like this, we come together and meek sure everybody is taken care of. >> reporter: around clarksdale, homes gone. >> my heart goes out to the people. they are in pain. it hurts me to see them suffer. >> reporter: so far, 14 dead across three steates, the youngest, 7, nicholas, killed in mississippi. >> to think there's a parent out there without their kid. >> reporter: max and ellen, together for the 30 years, died in hatheir home. their daughter said, i know i'll see them again one day. it doesn't make the heart ache
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less painful, though. in tennessee, antonio and his wife killed. three teenagers also died in that state. the warm weather system that spawned twisters is blamed for rain in georgia. >> that is our pick anymore table. >> reporter: trapping dozens of residents in their homes. in alabama, several families rescued, and millions brace for more flash floods. mark potter, nbc. a fire at the childhood home of bill clinton in arkansas could be a case of arson. the fire started yesterday morning. police say someone spotted flames at the his kor call site and called 911. crews snuffed out the flames quickly. it damaged one room and outside wall. at this point, they suspect arson because they smelled axel rant at the scene. suspicious is the word used
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to describe a fire in a mosque in houston, texas. crews put out flames here yesterday afternoon, located in a strip mall. hundreds of people were inside for prayer an hour earlier m one of them got an inside look. investigators spent the day rummaging through charred debris. one worshipper believes it was evil in the mosque. >> burned mosque, church, synagogue, or temple, it's not good to see it. it's very, very sad. >> no one was hurt. investigators found several points where the fire started. this week's wednesday's child, a young girl who loves sports and searching for the love of a family. we are introduced to this week's wednesday's child. >> do that on the high bar now. >> reporter: a sweet and athletic 11-year-old who loves to try new things, and from what we saw in the recent trip to philadelphia gymnastics center,
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she may have found her calling. >> a very fun, energetic 11-year-old loving anything that's active, any sports, basketball, gymnastics. >> she got in the swing of swings, other than her natural athletic and energy, she has a can-do attitude. >> never done this before? >> no. >> do you think you'll keep working on it? >> yes. yes, i like coming here for classes. >> she's open to any kind of family they can keep up, of course. >> she is just full of energy. she's very funky and fun and energetic, and she offers a lot of love. >> i want you to take this leg and swing it around. >> motivate and encourage her to reach her goals. >> would love a single mom or two parent single home with
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older children in the home would be best. >> she's more than ready for her forever family. >> do you end vision your family? >> a mom and dad. play catch. >> you love sports. >> yeah. >> say gymnastics. >> she's this week's wednesday's child. >> if you want to make her dream come true or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our website, and search wednesday's child. remember, call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. good morning, cooler temperatures, not where we should be this time of year, but it's going to be warmer than the average. we are going to cool things down a bit that's going to affect your eagles' forecast. record warmth expected again
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tomorrow. more rain chances in the forecast foryou. from philadelphia right now, mostly cloudy skies, winds east, northeast at 10 miles per hour. temperatures in the 50s, and across the board here, 49 in allentown, 54 degrees in lant tick city, cloudy, a chance of a few light showers pushing into the rest of today, but temperature-wise, 52 in mount holly, 51 in trenton, 53 degrees in dover, and 55 in wildwood. it is going to feel a lot cooler this morning than what we saw yesterday morning. by 10:00 a.m., 54 degrees, 1:00 p.m., 53, and 4:00 p.m., 53. temperatures are stagnant, not warming like yesterday. instead, winds shifted, cooler air from the northeast, and we'll see gusts blasting throughout the morning and really into the afternoon, closer to 25, 30 miles per hour. we'll see winds subsiding a bit as we go into the overnight
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hours. you notice wind direction changes again. now we have the warmer air working back in headed into most of tomorrow. here's how everything's going to play out. we set record thursday. we set a record friday. tie the record friday. today, we'll see temperatures dropping down to 52 degrees and rebound nicely headed into the low 70s tomorrow. radar shows a few showerings try to move into our region here near the poconos, pushing into lancaster county. our future weather shows us we'll see a little bit more of this system pushing in as well as the second half of the week, but for today, we'll start to see the lingering showers right around noon, 1:00 for the philadelphia area. heavier rain by 4:00 in the lee high valley. 8:00 p.m. when the game starts, showers are around. it's not out of the question as you head to the game, you're going to see a little shower activity. there's energy from the system that will continue moving in into your morning hours. looks like it's mainly pushing
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into parts of the poconos, allentown, and there's a stronger system monday that could bring snow to the surrounding areas, buts look to be too warm on those days to support snow here in the city or even in our suburbs or poconos. colder conditions today and warming up. we'll stay in the 50s, you notice temperatures do not move as we go into the rest of the day, mainly in the 50s. tomorrow, you sigh the green return to the map, winds shifting out the southwest, warming air moving in, a warmer start to the day tomorrow, and temperatures in the 60s and 70s tomorrow afternoon. eagles forecast, today's game at 8:30 tonight shows temperatures in the 50s. temperatures range between 50-53 degrees. seven-day shows we're in for a roller coaster over the next couple days with temperaturings going to 50 today up to 70s, back down to the 50s monday.
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>> thanks. the gifts that keep giving, but not in a good way. still ahead, a list of the most hackable gadgets you may have received under the tree this year.
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an elementary school student handed unexcused absence for missing class to see "star wars," and his father tried to write a three-page note and dad used movie references like he did not want to disturb the force while he and his son had fun. school officials seemed unimpressed saying the student likely would have been excused if his father asked for permission beforehand.
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>> colombia! i have to apologize. the runner-up is colombia. >> brutal. brutal. big mistake at the universe pageant. steve harvey announces the wrong contestant as a winner, trying not to let him down, he's poking fun of himself this holiday season. look at the caption and graphic tweeted and put out on facebook. mary easter, y'all. his message retweeted now hundreds of thousands of times. time right now is 8:55 on saturday. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," randy gyllenhaal on scene of a triple shooting in philadelphia as police search for the gunman. randy? >> reporter: still very active crime scene, two women, one man shot. next, two police have in custody and what who they are looking for. i'm tracking cooler today,
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your eagles forecast and record warmth returns headed into tomorrow. it's a bit of a mixed bag this weekend. going over more details on what to expect after the break.
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right now, we're live on scene of a triple shooting in philadelphia where police have taken one person in custody. they tell us they are still searching for a suspect who gunngun ed down two women and one man. >> if you're not excited to play this this one, i don't know you're ever excited to play football. >> push for the playoffs, playing against the washington rival. for the birds, win and keep going or lose and the season is done. after a record breaking warmup, we're going to see cooler weather today. if you are planning to do post-christmas shopping, you'll want a jacket. we'll tell you what's on tap for the rest of the weekend in the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors, before 9:00 on saturday. brittney shipp is tracking the cloudy weather outside. good morning. >> good morning. there's a chance of showers, and big story is temperatures will be much cooler today than yesterday.
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yesterday, we tried the record of 68 degrees, and headed into today, it's going to be cold for your tailgating, only down to 52, and you'll notice they have the tarp out there because we are expecting a chance of a few passing showers. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now. same thing in atlantic city, dover at 53, 55 in wildwood. we're at 50 degrees in allentown. satellite shows a few scatted showers starting to move into lancaster county and into the lee high valley and poconos. there's more on the way. we'll see unsettled weather over the next couple days, but our highs in the region today push into the low 50. mid-50s in certain locations, closer to the shore, but temperatures colder than yesterday. i'm tracking record warmth, again, though, into tomorrow. details coming up. back to the breaking news. a triple shooting in
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philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. cameras rolled as one was taken into custody, but it's unclear what role he played in the shooting. we are live on scene with more. randy? >> reporter: hey, rosemary, last check, one person in custody of the right now, police don't know whether that person's the shooter or not, but still, hours later, police still on scene of the triple shooting prosiszing after gunfire broke out outside the social club. this suv involved, you see the gunfire break in the front driver's side window. panning left, you can see a red sedan there. police also investigating that vehicle here on scene. let me roll video for you again. the cameras rolling when one was taken into custody. police say two women and one man were shot here, one of the women hit in the head, the other in the arm. all three victimins in temple hospital with nonlife threatening injuries.
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gunfire broke out feet from a social club. unclear what sparked this, but police are working to clear the scene. at this point, one in kucustody and still looking for the shooter. we are live, randy gyllenhaal n gyllenhaal,nbc 10 these. >> two men in the hospital after being shot in the nicetown philadelphia area. say two men kicked out of a bar returned later and opened fire on patrons before 1:00 this morning. >> two private security guards employed by the bar that were act 235 certified were armed with handguns. they returned fire firing more than two dozen times. >> one shooting victim is critical. the other is in stable condition. it's unclear what role the victims played in the shooting. a smoke detector helped save a family from a fire at their
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row home in west philadelphia on christmas. fire broke out just before is 6:00 last night on north 58th street. crews say the awent off waking up the family, including three children, all out safely. no one was hurt. the american red cross is offering help to the family. in the meantime, investigators will be looking for the cause. investigating a deadly crash involving a car that went into a house. take a look. we were on scene in pennsville early christmas morning: the driver was killed. we spoke with the police chief who came out to the scene with more details on the accident. >> the car left the roadway, traveled about 150-200 feet off the road, took out a utility pole, a fence in someone's residence, and then struck the side of a house here on south broadway. >> no one inside the house was hurt. a mother in philadelphia's cobbs
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creek neighborhood says a grinch stole her children's christmas presents. when they returned to the home on walnut street yesterday, they noticed the front door and window were open. the mother says someone took some of her kids' gifts like games electronics, clothing, and shoes. police are now investigating. plenty of people hitting stores and malls today. it is expected to be the busiest shopping day of the year. that's according to some sales analysts. even busier than black friday. shoppers who received money or gift cards could be looking to spend. many stores have post christmas deals trying to rack up sales before the end of the holiday season. today is a big day for exchanging or returning unmewand gifts, but not all made are in good faith. the national retail federation says 3.5% returns are fraudulent, including return of stolen items, expected to cost
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retails more than $2 billion this holiday season alone. many people who go home for the holidays prefer staying at a hotel than with their families. that's what a chain found in a recent survey. top reason? you guessed it. your own space, avoiding craziness, getting your own bathroom, and choosing what to watch on television. sports now. eagles, it comes down to this, beat washington tonight or forget making the playoffs for the second year in a row. this is video of jackson going off against the eagles at the link last year. the birds need to return favor for a shot the the title. the defensive tackle is questionable with a calf injury. if he cannot play, beau allen would make his first nfl start. >> you never know, you know, whether or not you're going to get your first start, never know when it will come. might not know until game day. you just prepare every day like you're not, you know, a backup,
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and that's how -- i played in every game, too, the last two year, so i don't see myself green by any means. >> kickoff is 8:30 tonight, and nbc 10 has complete coverage with eagles game day kickoff at 7:00, and game day final tomorrow morning at 1:30, and then again at 10:00. >> giving back to those who served. homeless veterans in our area get a hot meal for the holidays. hear from those who helped out, next. still ahead, hitting the slopes in sin city. skiers in las vegas get lucky with a white christmas and fresh powder on the mountains.
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wouldn't be christmas without reenacting washington's crossing of the delaware river. many came out to see the crossing in bucks county. the tradition has families braving cold and snowy weather, but not this year. >> if it was snowing, we wouldn't come out here, and stopped going because of the weather, and now because it's amazing, it's, like why not? >> what you see is what we normally wear in any weather condition. they did not get multiple uniforms for different weather conditions. >> general george there told us there was fog on the river, but it was not too much of a problem. i don't know if i should admit
9:10 am
this, but i'm going to put this out there, so last night my husband and i hosted christmas, our first christmas as a married couple, family over, it was great. it got really warm inside our cop doe. we had the oven going, the drier going, and we put the ac on. >> you? >> yeah. >> well, i can't blame you for that. temperatures close to 70 degrees. we saw record warmth on christmas day as well as christmas eve. we tied the record right at 68 degrees, and other locations broke the record. it's windy today, cooler air ask coming from the northeast keeping temperatures coundown s air-conditioning today. here's the records. high was 68, tieing that yesterday, breaking the record in atlantic city and poconos. a high of 63 degrees. we did not break the record in
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reading or wilmington, but we have been seeing a nice steady streak of record breaking warmth starting on. we tied yesterday and we'll break a record into tomorrow. today, however, we'll stay in the low 50s. temperatures will not budge. the city planner shows us by 11 a.m., 54 degrees, low 50s at 5:00. if you plan on tailgating, expect breezy conditions. we see winds picking up out of the northeast, 22 miles per hour gusts in atlantic city, close to 30 miles per hour in wildwood. more details on what to expect over the next couple days coming up in the full forecast. >> spreading holiday cheer to those who served our country. nbc 10 in center city, philadelphia yesterday where the local charity handed out christmas meals, coat, and blankets to votets in need.
9:12 am
>> amazing thing to see veterans empower other veterans, the organization like the veterans group where the organization's designed to help veterans. >> handing out meals to vets who are living on the street or staying in rescue missions. still ahead, no peace in the middle east. young palestinians clashed with israeli security forces on christmas near the birthplace of jesus in beth la ham. the latest battle in the west bank coming up. this is the best block of all.
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it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel.
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i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new passat and other select models.
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overseas, a syria rebel group apointed a successor after the top leader was assassinated in an air strike. the syria government claimed responsibility for killing the commander whom you see right here. the government released this video of the deadly attack in damascus yesterday. the rebel group is flow vowing to continuing both the syria government and its rival, isis. in the west bank, young palestinians clashed with israeli security forces on christmas near the birthplace of jesus in bethlehem throwing stones at the israelis. the security forces returned fire with smoke grenades. the latest battle in a series of attacks and counter attacks since october. some peace to report. thousands of catholics celebrated mass at vatican where they listened to the pope's holiday address. certainly with what's happening in the west bank in
9:16 am
mind and syria, the pope's message, spread mercy in a world torn war. pope francis touched on that theme yesterday, speaking to a crowd under heavy security. the pontiff denounced terrorist attacks and praised countries that have taken in refugees. he issued consolation to christians who are persecuted for their faith. mass shootings and terrorist attacks weighed heavily on our minds this year. ed press times square poll found the most important events to americans in 2015 were deadly shootings in san bernardino, california, south carolina, oregon, and tennessee. also, fewer of us believe the current year was better than the year before, just 17% compared to 30% last year. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with britntney shipp. >> good morning, record warmth yesterday, but for today, we're going to drop about 15 degree,
9:17 am
not enough to be close to average this time of year in the low 40s, but it's a colder eagles' forecast for you. record warmth expected again as we head into sunday, warming back into the 70s, tracking more rain chances. we'll have a chance of showers today, and tomorrow, even into monday. philadelphia right now, 54 degrees, the flag is blowing, and 10 miles per hour wind, across the region, 50 degrees in allentown, and 54 if atlantic city, mostly cloudy for all location, and around the rest of the area, 54 in dover, 51 in reading, 41 in the poconos, 55 in wildwood, low 50s in mount holly. gusts up to 26 miles per hour in philadelphia, gusting up to 29 in atlantic city, and this will continue throughout the entire day. tonight, everything calms down, but winds shift out of the
9:18 am
southwest, warmer air coming in, so our temperatures will once again warm up headed into tomorrow. we're starting to see a few scattered showers moving into the poconos and lee high valley and lancaster county and on and off showers today. more of this moisture headed our way, headed into tomorrow. here's how today's going to break down. on and off showers expected at noon, 1:00 for philadelphia. heavier rain by 4:00, and by 7:00 and 8:00, showers are around. if you're out tailgating or headed to the eagles' game, you are dealing with light rain. we'll watch that system as it moves closer to us as we head into sunday, looks to be mainly north and west, and then we'll watch another system that could bring wintery mix. we'll see how it times out if our air is cold enough to support a wintery mix or snow. right now, keeping it as rain. closer look at your temperatures. colder today and warmer once
9:19 am
again tomorrow. you'll see all the blues here remaining saturday, and sunday, mild air comes back up. from the southwest and temperatures warm close to 70 degrees. record warmth expected to end the weekend. today, for the eagles' game taking on redskins, we are seeing temperatures at 51 degrees by kickoff with a chance of light rain, colder today, temperatures range between 50 and 53 degrees. seven-day forecast shows that we'll warm up one more day, and we head back to the 50s next week. >> well, we didn't get a white christmas, but las vegas did. the downtown area only got flurries and rain showers yesterday, but on outskirts, real snow. great news for visitors to the ski resorts. according to the national weather service, las vegas had more snow this season than new york city. did you get a gadget for christmas? well, it may be the last thing on your mind, but many of the
9:20 am
holidays' hottest gifts could be susceptible to hackers. smart watches and fitness trackers made the list of most hackable gifts. drones are also susceptible. here's the problem. many of the devices use blue tooth to sync with downloaded apps. >> sometimes cyber criminals can impersonate a bluetooth device or connection to gain access to all information that you. >> so what can you do to protect yourself? well, turn off blue tooth when you're not using it. avoid connecting to unsecure wifi fenetworks and change defat pass wards and manage settings to see what the device brod c t broadcasts to the internet. update to the breaking news this morning. we confirmed a total of four people were shot in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood this morning. this is what we know so far. two men and two women. officers took one in custody a few hours ago, but there's no
9:21 am
word on his role in the shooting. shorts say they are still looking for suspects. the gunfire broke out feet from a nightclub. we're trying to confirm if that had anything to do with the violence here. we'll continue to update this breaking news and keep you posted throughout the day on and our app.
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some lucky boys and girls may have received tickets to "the nutcracker" for christmas. the pennsylvania ballet presents the classic at the academy of music at 2:00 this afternoon and 7:00 this evening. the philadelphia boys choir and dozens of students from the school of pennsylvania ballet help bring the magical tale to life. nbc 10 continue the commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. this is reya and polga here. >> yes, good morning. this is a 4-year-old cha wihuah mix, adorable, likes to cuddle up with you, but he is shy. we need a loving, relaxed family to build confidence. our shelter is open. >> he seems shy, but that's okay because some families are
9:25 am
looking for that. >> yes. he is very loving, however, loves to curl up in the lap, and we're giving him belly rubs before coming on, and he was loving it. >> how old do you think he is, and how did he get to the shelter? >> 4 years old, and came here owner surrender. he was turned into us. we want to make sure we get him a home possible so he does not get any separation anxiety and stays comfortable. >> and, i mean, it's not the worst thing to have a pet with a previous owner because they understand the dynamic of being in the household. >> yes, they do. >> the shelter's open today? >> yes. open today from 12 to 6:00. we have a beautiful tree with tons of donations and treats and toys we thank the public for and thank you for your partnership. all of the animals we brought on here get adopted and found forever families. >> monday morning, it's the best
9:26 am
thing when i get on e-mail from the folks letting us know that one of the pets we had on from the weekend got adopted out that day. it's a great thing opinion. >> yes. you guys always fill up the adoption center on saturday. >> we appreciate you being here on a saturday after christmas. before we go, let's pull up the information for the pennsylvania spca. head out there today, give them a call, or get on the website at for information on the address and all that stuff. let's check in with brittney shipp for another look at the weather. >> expect cooler temperatures as we head into the rest of today. we'll drop down to the low 50s. there's a live look outside right now at river rink that's a little wet. i'm not sure if they open today. i know they were closed yesterday. heading into tomorrow, we're going to warm up, and if you are looking for something to do today, the eagles football game at 8:30 tonight, and a chance of
9:27 am
light rain by the time the 40 quarter rolls around today. temperatures stay between 50 and 53. rosemary? >> thanks. that's all for us on this saturday. i'm rosemary connor, and for brittney shipp and everybody here at nbc 10, have a good one. see you here tomorrow.
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i'm sara gore, and this is open house. this week we're taking you on a coast-to-coast tour of some of the most luxurious homes in the country. we'll stop by atlanta's most expensive mansion, and linda hogan's opulent tuscan-style villa in california. plus, batter up, we are heading north of seattle to a home tricked out with its own field of dreams. but first, we're in miami, where a new generation of luxury home sellers are taking the city, and the world, by storm. danny hertzberg: it's such a global market today that we need to utilize social media digital advertising strategies, and we're going to take you through that discussion. [music playing] welcome to open house. today i'm coming to you from a serene waterfront estate in rye, new york. situated on more than four acres of land,


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