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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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course, everything would be melting on the roads. more on the hour by hour on what to expect here and with the rest of that storm with the seven day in a few minutes. >> what we've been talking about here, most of the area preparing for rain. people in the lehigh valley could get their first dose of winter. >> they are preparing now for whatever may come. nbc 10's doug shimell has more on local leaders who are working to make sure everyone stays safe. doug? >> reporter: exactly. the crews are now starting to move around some of the salt traction material here at the penn dot yard, it's been in the upper 30s here, we've had some sleet, little freezing rain over the past hour and penn dot is anticipating more of it. this would have been the drill several times over in a normal winter, but penn dot crews in the lehigh valley have been playing catchup on other things in a warm winter. >> bodes well for being able to do preventive maintenance, pothole patches.
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>> with the first real chance of sleet or freezing rain, it's a wake-up call. >> doesn't look much of a plowing operation, looks like we're going to be salting, laying down material, keep the roads from freezing up. >> for drivers lulled into a sense of winter isn't coming, pay attention. >> people see snow on the ground, they drive carefully. when you don't see it, don't realize it's ice, people try and drive like they normally would and that can be dangerous. >> reporter: so penn dot says as difficult as it may be, you need to get your mind back into winter mode. live in south whitehall township, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> a live look at i-76 in center city, no winter weather here, but penn dot says when it does come, they are ready. they have more than 450 snow plow trucks and 120,000 tons of salt ready to go. download the nbc 10 news app ahead of the wet and potentially wintery weather. use the first alert radar to track the storms as it moves
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through your area, get alerts and updates sent to your smartphone or tablet. count on the nbc 10 morning team to help you prepare before you head out tomorrow. watch for the latest weather and traffic updates starting at 4:00 a.m. the wintery weather has headed our way, also paralyzed part of the country with rain, ice, and snow. in davenport, iowa, winds gusted up to 35 miles per hour, blowing snow over the roadways and adding to the dangerous driving conditions. meanwhile, in dallas firefighters were called in to perform several high water rescues. at least two people were trapped in their car after it was overtaken by high water. one of them managed to swim to higher ground. the other person climbed on to the roof of the vehicle and waited for help. people are getting a closer look at the damage left behind when a tornado touched down in garland, texas. the storm killed eight people saturday about 20 miles northeast of dallas. nearly 600 homes and buildings were damaged.
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disaster declarations were made for several counties in the state. we're following developing news out of berks county. two bodies were found inside a home and police are calling it a murder-suicide. the bodies were found today inside a home in the 1900 block in mount penn. nbc 10 will continue to follow the story for you and bring updates on the investigation just as soon as we get them. and this just in, philadelphia's district attorney is challenging the state supreme court decision to overturn the conviction over monsignor william lynn. they've filed for a rehearing in the case. deanna durante is live in center city. williams says he is not giving up without a fight here. >> reporter: he's not. that decision from the state superior court. he said the superior court does not take up his request, then he will go to the state supreme court. monsignor william lynn was the first clergy official charged nationwide and convicted nationwide with helping to cover
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up sex abuse. he was found guilty of endangering the welfare of children, he's serving a three to six-year prison sentence. they've argued a number of reasons for his release and conviction, saying he was a scapegoat in the clergy abuse scandal and he never physically harmed any children. they also say that laws used to convict him did not exist at the time of his actions. now having the conviction overturned last week by a panel of three judges, d.a. seth williams is asking for a panel of nine superior court judges to hear the case. i asked if he felt that request would be granted, he said oftentimes the superior court does deny that request and says if that happens, he will take this to the supreme court. >> the evidence presented at trial showed the philadelphia jury and the world that the defendant's handling of father avery was completely typical of his handling of other similar
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predator priests and established just how dangerous such priests were. >> reporter: now, in 2013 lynn's conviction was overturned. it was sent back to the state supreme court, but lynn is back in prison serving three to six years. his attorney tells me he does want his client released, but does expect the battle to last for a long time. reporting live in the district attorney's office, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> we have new information about a couple accused of attacking a montgomery county man. they were trying to rob a 44 year old and 37 year old, facing a slew of charges. police say it happened here in cheltenham township. he spotted the suspects trying to steal the tires off his car, that's when police say they attacked him with a tire iron and a brick.
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even though the man had serious head and facial injuries, he called police. officers found the couple hiding out. the car owner is in the hospital in serious condition. take a look at this video, it shows two guys wearing hooded sweatshirts robbing a grocery store in kensington late wednesday night. the robbers take out guns and order four people to the floor. you see part of that there. one of the gunmen told the other to shoot the cashier in the leg. the robbers got away with cash and a cell phone. no one was hurt. two would-be burglars didn't make it far when they broke into a home in delaware. the home owner says it's all because of the family dog sprang right into action. the attempted crime happened saturday night in newcastle county. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong spoke to the woman who furlong spoke to the woman who says her dog saved]f >> reporter: stephanie says precious can be a sweet pit bull, but when guys tried to kick in the front door to rob
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the house, stephanie's sister was there alone and knew precious would handle it. >> before she knew it, the door was being kicked open, so she unlocked the cage and the dog went after the person. my sister said she heard, "oh, crap, they have a dog," and took off. >> reporter: stephanie was at work when this happened, her kids were with a babysitter. stephanie said there has been break-ins on the street. she said her front lights were off and beware of dog signs aren't exactly well placed. despite the fact the house is literally blocks away from the police department, maybe the burglars thought it was an easy target, they thought wrong. >> i have the dog trained to attack if i do command him, her to attack. the dog don't like men anyway, so -- >> reporter: stephanie says she wants to share her story partly because she hears so many negative things about pit buls. she wants people know they are a
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trainable dog to keep families safe. the guys got away in a light colored sedan with tinted windows. police are working on leads and precious is getting love from a very appreciative mom. >> let me tell you, she's very happy with her ham bone. i had to go out and get her a nice big one. >> reporter: in new castle county, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. no decision just yet in pennsylvania's budget battle. governor tom wolf hasn't said what he's going to do with the spending bill on his desk. the state has been without a budget now almost six months. right now the governor has two choices, accept and sign the spending bill he believes is inadequate and fall short or veto it and extend the budget stalemate longer. governor wolf wanted much more funding for schools and social services. a man is dead after he was hit by a car while crossing roosevelt boulevard this morning. it all about around 5:30 this morning in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. the driver did stop and likely
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won't face charges. police say the victim was crossing against a red light. investigators still don't know what started the house fire in montgomery county this morning. sky force 10 over head just before 8:00, crews quickly brought the fire under control. everyone inside made it out safely, no one was hurt. a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer who shot and killed a black 12-year-old boy in cleveland last year. family members of tamir rice say they are disappointed but not surprised by the grand jury actions. timothy loweman shot rice in november 2014. he and his partner were calling to a 911 call about a man waving a gun. rice was carrying a pellet gun. elsewhere, new video out of iraq tonight, where the iraqi military raised the national flag above a government complex in the city of ramadi. the army declared the city captured today in its first major victory over isis
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fighters. it's a major blow to isis. iraqi soldiers have been trying to take back the city since may. snipers, booby traps, and bombed bridges slowed their process. around 8:00 this morning, isis militants stopped firing from inside the government complex. troops surrounded the building and declared it theirs. the next target after ramadi will be the northern city of mosul. the tsa is beefing up screenings, but this time not for passengers, it's for airport and airline employees. the agency announced it's increasing random checks of workers who hold badges that allow them to bypass security checkpoints. this comes after some employees have used restricted entrances to smuggle in guns or launder money. it's also part of a larger airport security push following the terror attacks in paris and other incidents. got a question for you, did you notice you got a few more gifts this year? holiday spending was up 8%. compared to last year, according to a report from mastercard, a
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lot of the shopping was done by people sitting in the comfort of their own homes. online shopping was up 20%, but shopping at stores and malls still made up the majority of spending during the holidays. the week after christmas is just as important to retailers, too, as the month before. the national retail federation says shopping this week can account for as much as 15% of retail sales during the holiday. 15% of transactions this week will be returns. it's a high time for fraud, too. 3.5% of returns will be bogus. the crowned prince of the harlem globetrotters has died. george "meadow lark" lemon passed away yesterday. he played in more than 7,500 consecutive games during his 24 years with the globetrotters. lemon may have been the most popular globe trotter combining skills, showmanship, a spokesperson did not know the cause of death. lemon was 83 years old. a lot of people talking
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about the al jazeera documentary that accused peyton manning and ryan howard of doping. now that reporter is standing by her story. debra davies appeared on m srsn today to discuss. she denied claims al jazeera paid a pharmacist the network secretly recorded who claimed to provide professional athletes with performance enhancing drugs. he later recanted his claims. peyton manning threatened to sue al jazeera, but the reporter pointed out manning has not denied he had hgh secretly shipped to his wife in 2011 while he was recovering from a neck injury. and ryan howard is also denying claims he doped. the attorneys are threatening legal action. his lawyer released this statement which reads in part, "the extraordinary reckless claims made against our clients in this report are completely false and rely on a source that has already recanted his claims.
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we will go to court to hold al jazeera and other responsible parties accountable for smearing our clients' good names." the phillies also released a statement saying in part, "ryan has been an extremely well respected member of our team and an outstanding contributor to our community. we will fully cooperate with any investigation by major league baseball." speaking of sports, the playoff dream is now over for the eagles, the birds sealed their fate by losing to the washington redskins over the weekend. >> now we're hearing from chip kelly about that disappointing loss. john clark joining us with more on this. john? >> yeah, it's tough. for the second straight season with chip kelly, no playoffs for the eagles. the birds miss out on the postseason for the fourth time in the last five years and no playoff wins now for seven straight seasons. that is a drought. last year the birds lost three of the last four games in december. this season they died again when
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it counted the most. the eagles have lost five of the last seven games, they've been blown out in four of them, giving up 38 or more points in those four blowout losses. chip kelly kept saying he believes, he has a good football team, but they kept making the same mistakes since the beginning of the season, so chip, doesn't that make it a bad football team then? >> didn't go our way, but i don't think we're a bad football team, not by any stretch. and i can point to plays and i think we're not consistent, we need to be consistent, and i don't think we've done a good enough job as coaches putting them in position to make plays, but i don't think we need to revamp this entire group of guys. i think we've got some really, really good guys. >> very interesting comments there. bill parcells always said, you are what your record says you are, and the eagles are 6-9, a bad football team right now. at 5:00 we'll tell you what chip kelly plans on doing to keep sam bradford. i'm john clark, we'll see you then. >> all right, thank you, john. the future, we don't know what
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it will be like for the eagles, but it's looking bright for a group of kids. >> a popular playground is getting a new look. mayor michael nutter and philadelphia eagles connor barwin took part this morning at smith recreation center on south 24th street. the 7.5-acre site will include basketball courts, playground, fitness trail, and multipurpose field service with new turf. the city of philadelphia, urban roots, and barwin nonprofit make the world a better place were critical to the investment. happening now, students from some south jersey high schools are taking part in a basketball tournament. the 14th annual memorial basketball classic kicked off today at rowan college, it's a tradition that honors the legacy of the former gloucester county free holder and allows students to show off athletic skills. all the money raised goes to scholarships for students to go to that college. >> what we like the most about
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this tournament is gives us a chance to have local students on our campus and for the folks that come, they support our tournament and the money goes back to great scholarship fund. that's what we're really proud of. >> teams from the girls division have been playing this afternoon, the boys will start playing tonight at 6:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> today's colder weather welcome news if you're trying to keep a skating rink icy cold. this is a live picture from the blue cross riverrink at penn's landing. you can see there's a lot of skaters out there. of course, they had to close the rink last week because it was so warm and rainy. well, they are going to be able to keep that rink open a lot during the month of january and beyond. we've got some snow and sleet for some, the weather pattern overall is changing. we are certainly not getting the worst part of this particular winter storm in the midwest,
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that's for sure. we are tracking some heavy rain as a result of it, and it's going to be a cold new year across the area and for the parade, problem might be the wind. we have cloudy skies right now, nothing more than a couple of sprinkles around, it's 43 degrees, so way above freezing. winds east at 15 miles an hour, and it feels like 36. yeah, the wind chill is back, but as you can see, 40 or above everywhere except in mount pocono, and so even if we get some sleet or snow in the lehigh valley and berks county, it's going to melt on roads. could go on to surfaces, cars, but not something unless that temperature really drops significantly that's going to be an issue for commuting. you can see temperatures in the mid 40s to the south. now, of course, this is a lot colder than it's been lately. 20 to 25 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday, so that's quite a shock to the system. the winter weather advisories,
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berks county until 7:00 a.m., i think that's kind of a marginal setup that we have there, and by the morning rush it's going to be clearly warm enough for there not to be wintery weather. allentown reporting light rain. every place else reporting cloudy skies right now. the live radar showing very little on it at the moment. some of it not reaching the ground, little bit of patchy rain, so you could get a little bit of ice balls once in a while. we have some reports even around the philadelphia area, but doesn't really amount to anything. that amounts to plenty. there's a lot of rain back here in the ohio valley and tennessee valleys, and that is the reason that we're going to be getting heavy rain tomorrow. there's the cold side of it, getting tremendous amounts of snow in the upper midwest. so here's the future cast hour by hour, and we can see the pink, that's an area of some
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sleet, for example, from the lehigh valley northward, 8:00 tonight, still in the 40s from philly southward. as we go through the rest of the night, again we still see the pink area, so may be multiple hours of some light sleet here, the temperatures getting close to the freezing mark, and certainly below freezing in the poconos. but look what happens down to the south. some of this rain starts getting pretty heavy and the temperature is actually rising. so that's why we don't think there's going to be travel problems with ice or snow for the morning rush. the travel problem is likely to be heavy rain that is going to cut down visibilities and make the roads really wet. look at that, 42 degrees by 7:00 a.m., even in allentown. and then tomorrow afternoon, it gets interesting because while it's 43 in allentown, computers show 67 degrees in dover. it's going to be a huge contrast
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across the area tomorrow. so for tonight, the rain develops, we do have a little bit of wintery mix early, and then the temperatures going up throughout the area. so conditions are warmer at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow than they will be at 11:00 p.m. tonight. we have heavy rain tomorrow morning, and then it gets warmer in the afternoon. 50 in the lehigh valley, to 70 in southern parts of the area. and then another system comes in with late rain wednesday, and into thursday morning, by the time we get to new year's eve, it's dry but it's windy and turning colder. as soon as we start the new year, we're back to typical winter temperatures. >> about time. glenn, thank you. take a look at this, the academy of natural sciences at drexel university devoted the day to cold-bloodied critters. today patrons enjoyed a special exhibit about beautiful and deadly reptiles with live animals and a look at the
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reptiles that may be living in your own backyard, like that turtle there. the exhibit lasts through wednesday. one of this year's hottest gifts might be literally too hot. >> we heard about them all too much. these hoverboards, well, a hoverboard blew up inside a jersey shore family's home. this is what's left. still ahead, that family's story and what fire officials say you need to know if santa brought one of these to your house. plus, the heist on the high seas. three men led authorities on a 20-hour chase in the open ocean. it all came to an end hundreds of miles later. and missed warning signs, the symptoms that could show up a month before a heart attack. the doctors say should not be ignored.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> take a look at this, the bridge in pittsburgh was there for 94 years but took a few
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seconds to come down. a new bridge is expected to be completed over the next two years. three men accused of leading police on this 345-mile boat chase here across the gulf of mexico, they were in court today. the men are accused of stealing a boat in fort myers beach, then they led the sheriffs office and the coast guard on a 20-hour chase. the chase came to an end when the boat simply stopped. it was about 125 miles away from cancun. the coast guard captured the men and brought the stolen 36-foot boat to shore. the men face burglary and grand theft charges. winter has been slow to show up, but starting tonight we could see the first signs of the season. >> first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking wintery changes ahead. glenn? >> yeah, the first time, and let's start small, snow, sleet, freezing rain, we haven't seen anything in months, but that could change overnight. tracking where the wintery mix
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could fall and how it could impact your morning commute next in my forecast. and that forecast is good news for some businesses that are trying to cash in on the colder weather. we're going to tell you what it means to their bottom line coming up.
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the week is off to a cooler start. the first round of winter weather moving in. people were bundled up here today more than we've seen in days along kelly drive. let's take a look at the first alert radar shows what's ahead, wintery storm system bringing widespread rain to the area and listen to this, snow and sleet in some parts. this could all really slow down
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tomorrow's morning rush hour. >> the people begging for the winter weather should be thrilled. they hated 75 degrees. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what could be a wintery mix, glenn? >> yeah, and those people wishing for winter, they are going to be getting it. problem for tomorrow morning's rush is going to be rain and not snow or sleet. this is big boulder, where normally they'd have a nice white slope here and people would be skiing, but they are going to get chances to make snow over the next couple of weeks. they are going to get some real snow in the next couple of weeks, the pattern is changing. got a few little flakes up there right now, not even reaching the ground. little bit of light rain farther to the south, and as you can see, there's the poconos up here and that live shot from blue mountain does not happen to show any snow reaching the ground in that part of the state. but up in the northwestern portion of the state, we are
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seeing some snow and ice falling right now. the heavier precip is back to the west, and that may be affecting us later tonight. you can see some winter weather advisories in much of central pennsylvania and may extend through the poconos, likely to see some snow and sleet, and the winter weather advisory for the lehigh valley in berks county may see a little bit of it, but not by the morning rush for most of the area. you can see it doesn't extend down as the night goes on. it will start to go back up if the atmosphere is warming up, so our issue for the morning rush tomorrow is heavy rain. the temperatures now well above the freezing mark and likely to stay above freezing across much of the area. more about the rest of this storm and just how cold it's going to get by the weekend in a few minutes. >> you can count on the nbc 10 morning team to help you prepare before you head out tomorrow.
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watch nbc 10 news today for the latest weather and traffic updates starting at 4:00 in the morning. if you're one of the millions expected to travel this week, it may be a slow go depending where you're headed. at chicago's o'hare airport with the travel trouble a lot of people are facing. >> reporter: the trek home from the holidays a slow one for millions across the country's midsection. >> i'm stressed. >> reporter: at chicago's o'hare, hundreds of delays and cancellations. >> my flight was cancelled. i didn't find out till i got here. >> reporter: all part of a wicked weather system marching across the heartland. the same system that dropped two feet of snow in new mexico. a state of emergency declared there as winds gusted up to 82 miles an hour. that wind and snow closing highways near rockwell and forcing drivers to seek shelter. >> couldn't see where i was
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going. >> reporter: the treacherous driving conditions stretched all the way to parts of texas and oklahoma. >> people need to slow down. the roads are slick. >> reporter: where sleet and freezing rain caused numerous accidents and shut down highways. severe weather across texas leaving long lines and frustrated passengers at houston's george bush international airport. >> the flights showing up as being available for purchase, but i think we may have just gotten bumped. >> reporter: across the country, more than 1,000 delays and cancellations, making it home a hassle. with the midwest in the cross hairs of a massive winter storm heading into the new year. no matter where you live, call your airline before heading out to the airport, don't forget your phone charger and always pack your patience. in chicago, wendy woolfolk, nbc news. >> the change over to winter is happening much later than usual. >> delays really having an impact on local businesses, both
4:34 pm
good but also bad. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is live. aundrea, you talked to business owners today who were struggling through the warm december while others are tlihriving. >> reporter: that's right. here at the golf course they say twice as many people have come here this december when compared to last year. meanwhile, other businesses are literally banking on having some snow in the forecast. golfers at cobbs creek continue to take advantage of the unseasonably warmer temperatures. >> gorgeous, great shape, grass is still green. this is good. >> reporter: but it's not good for every business. >> there's 25, 28 ton of salt sitting there. >> reporter: michael joins an excavating and landscaping company. last year at this time business was booming, but without snow he's had to lay off two employees until more work comes in. >> then you got your trucks and equipment sitting around, you know, the more they sit around,
4:35 pm
they are not making money and you're paying on them. >> reporter: they ordered 300 snow plows to be prepared after last year's brutal winter. half are still in stock and contractors are not pulling in to get their trucks repaired. >> we want to have it cold, we want to have a busy winter, because it does impact the income of our employees for doing the installs of the plows. >> reporter: for many companies, the winter is big business. >> now is when the effect will start. end of january, february time frame is when we will need to have the snow here in order to keep the plow business going. >> reporter: while warmer temperatures extend our comfort for others it's affecting the bottom line. but it's not all bad news. some businesses a warmer winter means bigger profits and also meant some people have been able to keep their jobs. that part of the story coming up at 5:30. reporting live at cobbs creek, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. turning to health news,
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doctors now say there may be another alternative to mammograms. >> next, the test that's succeeded in detecting breast cancer and diagnosing more invasive cases. plus, the warning signs of a heart attack. the symptoms doctors say could happen a month before a heart goes into cardiac arrest. and all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, lucky customer, one store you wish you would have shopped in a few days ago. that story's all new at 5:00. winter is hard on your nose.
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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more people are dying because of the drug fentanyl. overdoses have nearly tripled this year. 31 people died of overdoses through september 30th. the drug is often mixed with heroin. one of the alarming thing about the overdoses is heroin was present in just nine of the 31 cases. state officials say even small quantities of fentanyl can be deadly. government researchers
4:40 pm
saying childhood asthma could be on the decline, but not among kids living in poverty. the study published in the journal of pediatrics show childhood asthma rates leveled off after peaking in 2009, then dropped significantly in 2013. however, asthma prevalence among poor children has continued to rise. while the data does not explain why income appears to influence asthma risks, experts believe children living in poverty may be exposed to more environmental triggers linked to asthma. this is really important, may be called sudden cardiac arrest, but new research reveals nearly half of patients feel symptoms a month before their attack. researchers at cedar sinai medical center in los angeles studied more than 800 people who survived cardiac arrest. they found 50% of men and 53% of women reported at least some warning signs before their heart stopped. only 19% sought emergency treatment. chest pain was the most common symptom among men, while women
4:41 pm
tended to have shortness of breath. a new study suggests that you don't have to rely on just a mammogram to detect breast cancer. an ultrasound screening is comparable. over 2,000 patients underwent three annual screenings using ultrasounds and mammograms, followed by a biopsy or additional exam. they found ultrasounds diagnosed a higher proportion of evasive and known negative cancers. they also had a larger percentage of false positives. well, it is that time of the year where those christmas trees got to come down. >> i know. never liked this, right? one town has an interesting way of getting rid of them. next, the animals they put to work to clean up after the holidays in a more environmentally friendly way. well, it's officially winter and now the weather is catching up. i'm tracking some snow and sleet for parts of the area and a rainy rush hour coming everywhere else.
4:42 pm
that's ahead in your first alert forecast. all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, unholy act. a vanishing act outside one area church. that story all new at 5:00.
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a lot of people bought real christmas trees for the holidays. >> but you have to keep an eye on them from now until the new year. don't let it dry out and don't let it become a fire hazard. according to the national fire protection association, a dry tree can burn faster than newspaper. it's a good idea to recycle the tree when it starts dropping its needles. >> or you could do this, too, take a look how some people in california are recycling those trees. these christmas trees are a holiday snack for that, yep, hungry goats. a goat herd in san francisco takes care of the tree. the city teamed up with a landscaping business that rents out its goats to get rid of
4:46 pm
weeds. the public is now invited to bring ornament-free trees to feed them to the 80 goats that live there. good thing they are ornament free, because i bet the goats would enjoy the ornaments, too. >> yeah, loving it. >> they were. a lot of people are loving, like you mentioned before, the colder weather now. we like the warmer weather. cold weather after all the record warmth lately, look at this, it is finally feeling a little more like winter outside. last week this was more of a puddle, now it's ice, this is a live look at the blue cross riverrink at penn's landing. the conditions are much better for ice skating today, glenn. >> yeah, especially an hour ago when we saw about 150 people on the rink. they do clear it off to clean it every once in awhile, but it is going to be cold enough to go ice skating, skiing, it's going to be cold enough for snow plow operators, for kids and teachers to get home from school.
4:47 pm
eventually, it will happen. and probably in january. snow and sleet for some is not going to cancel school for tomorrow, that's for sure, any kind of school that's open we're attracting heavy rain and makes it cold starting new year. as soon as the calendar changes. now the road home is kind of dry. tomorrow morning it will not be. it will be raining and it may be raining hard, and that will be the biggest problem with the morning rush. 43 degrees, the winds eight to 15, 22 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday and that's not just philadelphia. every part of the area is just about 20 to 25 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. a look at where the cold places are, 39 in quakertown and doylestown. temperatures above freezing, got a long way to go to get any kind of threats. 31 in mount pocono, 41 in
4:48 pm
washington township, coatesville, those are normal, cooler spots, not that cool. trenton and ricetown 41. we're talking about the wintery weather, so now we got to get 32, much lower because the roads have been warm. it's 47 in lewes, delaware. the wind you can see coming pretty much out of the east, northeast, it's falling out there ten to 20 miles an hour, so it's fairly significant. winter weather advisories from the lehigh valley and berks county northward. the most likely place to have any kind of dry conditions would be in the poconos, and if you're driving up to the poconos at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, may have an issue there. elsewhere, may not have too many issues in the morning. you can see the precipitation is kind of light and spotty. should be increasing as we go through the night. this is the area that some of that is going to be moving through eventually, but not
4:49 pm
this. this is the cold side of the storm. they have a blizzard down in texas and new mexico. just awful. but none of that's coming here. there's the pink, though. that is potential sleet, maybe a mixture of a little snow. i don't think it will be an accumulation in the lehigh valley, possibly in the poconos, with 36 degrees and sleet, you can handle that. 34 and sleet you can handle that, then as we go down to 32, 40 to that model, look how heavy the rain is down through the south. as we go into the morning rush, and look at the temperatures up north. it warms up towards the day break, so not having problems at midnight, there's not going to be problems at 7:00 a.m. for tonight, expect the rain to move in or to develop and it is going to continue into the morning rush. and the computer just crashed.
4:50 pm
so hopefully we'll get back with the rest of the forecast as soon as we get it uncrashed. >> glenn from the black hole, thank you very much. >> not liking the weather. >> it stinks when things don't work correctly. imagine plugging your new christmas toy in to charge and it blows up in your living room. >> it happened to one jersey shore family. next, the post-christmas scare their hoverboard gave them and the steps experts say consumers should take to stay safe. >> all new tonight at 5:00, distinguished driver. the manner in which one teen earned her license making headlines tonight. you won't want to miss this all new at 5:00. and don't forget nbc 10 is helping your family ring in 2016 with fireworks along philadelphia's water front. this year sugar house new year's eve fireworks displays will be televised live on nbc 10 and telemundo 62 at 6:00 thursday night.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> we've seen it happen in 17 states across the country. this, hoverboards catching fire as people ride around on them. and now there are cases in pennsylvania and also new jersey. look at this behind me, a family in ocean county says their hoverboard ignited in their living room, and yet you can see the damage. >> jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg spoke to that family and has advice from fire officials if one of these was under your tree this year. >> it sounded like an actual bomb went off. >> reporter: this is what's left of a smart balance wheel tim whalen bought her 11-year-old son craig for christmas after it blew up last night in the family's home. >> i saw pieces flying
4:55 pm
everywhere and they were just on fire. it was huge flames. and i was really scared. >> reporter: they say the $400 device often called a hoverboard was being charged around 8:30 in the living room when it burst into flames. her older son put out the fire with an extinguisher, but not before the blast and flying debris burned the carpet and part of the kitchen floor. luckily, no one was hurt. >> it was like a land mine going off and if my son was on top of the board at the time, i don't want to think about what could have happened. >> explosion occurred somewhere in the area of the batteries that were on charge to the unit. >> reporter: that's consistent with similar reports from across the country of the hugely popular self balancing board exploding while being charged. federal authorities are investigating the incident. >> we have the user manual here. there's a warranty card and other information, but nowhere does it tell you an address or
4:56 pm
the manufacturer of this product. and that should raise some concerns immediately. >> i would advise any parent who has one of these to send it back to the company, because it can happen. >> reporter: experts are urging people to charge the board in dry, open areas, preferably outside, and only when they can be closely watched. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. all new at 5:00, after a warm start to winter, we're tracking changes tonight. first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is breaking it down for us. plus, seems strange to be talking about snow after strolling around in shorts a few days ago. the mild winter has made a few people very lucky and some big winners.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> after a stretch of record warmth, it should soon start looking like winter in some parts of the area. first alert radar reveals a system slated to send a mix of sleet and freezing rain to the lehigh valley, also the poconos, too. the rest of us will see just rain. we have a live picture from south whitehall township, lehigh county. this penn dot yard is preparing for its first action of the winter. let's get right to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we knew the snow was coming eventually, maybe not in the next 24 hours, glenn, what are
5:00 pm
we looking at here? >> well, you can see on the radar just a little bit of white, that's the snow toward the poconos. a few flakes, pink, would be some sleet, even that is kind of patchy and some of that not reaching the ground. the rain, of course, is in the green, so it's all going to be increasing overnight, then we're going to be watching the temperatures, that's going to be critical. more coming up in a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you. don't forget you can always count on the mobile app to help you prepare for what could be our first bit of wintery weather. the nbc 10 morning team will have the latest weather and traffic updates tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. well, the ski resorts, snow is a welcome word in the poconos. here's how things looked at camelback mountain today, dry, deserted, closed to a recent stretch of warm weather. nbc 10's doug shimell spent the day looking at the toll the temperatures are taking on the


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