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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we are going to keep seeing this as we go through the morning commute. again like i mentioned visibility very low in these areas. we are talking about potentially a quarter mile or less, even coatesville has been seeing zero mile visibility. so this is going to be the case as we go through the next few hours and even as we go through the later part of the morning commute and then we'll see the fog lifting. for now that dense fog is going to be sticking around for most of the morning hours and then we'll see improvements later on today and then followed by rain later on this evening. so coming up we'll look at the timing of that rain and how chilly your new year's day is going to be. right now let's get a check on the roadways with jessica boyington. >> and sheena, we're watching 95, this is around cottman avenue. so everything is moving along nicely as you can see even through the work zone, 13 minutes but we're watching some ramp closures 95 northbound around girard avenue and 95 southbound around aramingo
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avenue. something you should be used to by now. not setting anybody back so far. a set of traffic lights out at the bottom of the ramp of the schuylkill expressway westbound, headed toward city avenue so use caution there. right now no backup behind that intersection or police activity. in lower salford an accident scene taking out a lane. i'll come back in the next 10 minutes or so and check in with those cameras. >> 5:31. chip kelly is leaving philadelphia before finishing his third full season. the eagles fired kelly and this morning it's the talk of the town. matt delucia is live outside the melrose diner in south philadelphia with what fans are saying about the move. matt, tell us more. >> reporter: well, tracy, some fans of course venting frustrations out here. we're inside the melrose diner talking with some fans. this is still the dust settling if you will. a lot of people surprised that it happened this soon especially with one game left but right now
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6-9 for the birds, not a good season at all for chip kelly's third season, didn't even get to finish. let's talk with some of the fans here. we've got bill enjoying his breakfast. what are your thoughts about chip kelly's firing? >> well, i just hope they don't get another coach that's a chip off the old block because chip's a bad connotation right now. i don't like agreeing with some of the personnel changes that he did, i think he killed the team, we had some good play makers there that he let go, jackson and mccoy and stuff like that, and he let them go. i hope there's adjustments with the quarterbacks also. i wasn't real enthused, you know, with especially the backup quarterback sanchez did nothing. >> where do you think the blame lies? you think it lies entirely with chip kelly? >> well, with chip and the effects of the personnel changes he made, i think that's the
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blame. but i'm glad jeffrey lurie didn't let it linger and you know, saw the need for a change in direction there. >> bill, thank you very much. i'll let you get back to your breakfast. there's a lot of opinions, we talked with people last night. some of them very enthusiastic and just looking forward to what lies ahead, hopefully more wins. live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. thanks, matt. tv, that's not the only broadcast outlet you'll find reaction to kelly's firing. fans flooded local sports talk radio last night. many said now is the right time for a change. >> shock in the way it happened but it was kind of an option that was on the table for the eagles after they were dressed so dramatically. >> i think it was a relief and i don't think it was a shock and people, are they dancing in the streets, i think most of them, if you watch the way the eagles played football this year and the product that they put on the
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field. >> count on nbc 10 and our mobile app for complete coverage of chip kelly's firing. you'll have more reaction from eagles players and from fans. we have new information on the plan to build a memorial to the victims of the market street building collapse. philadelphia officials hope to complete it by next year's third anniversary of the tragedy. the city announced yesterday it signed agreement to release $700,000 for construction of the memorial park at 22nd and market, it was on june 5, 2013, that a building under demolition collapsed on the salvation army thrift store killing six and injuring 14 others. in october a philadelphia jury found demolition contractor griffin campbell guilty of involuntary manslaughter. the operator of the equipment at the site took a plea deal in july. >> 5:34. coming up a story of survival for two dogs in texas. >> my gosh.
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i had not been able to sleep these past few nights. >> we'll explain how one family who lost a home found hope in the rubble two days after a devastating tornado. >> plus, holy hover boarding. a diocese puts the on a priest for christmas eve mass. >> here is a live look at the comcast center in philadelphia. we have foggy conditions, you can see those clouds moving across the screen, some areas dealing with dense fog. we'll look at that for your morning commute and rain later today.
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good morning. we are not dealing with the rain this morning but we're dealing with the fog, low visibility, areas north and west including the major interstates, 78 in the lehigh valley, 476 through montgomery county and also through reports of mercer county along 95, some thick fog. the clouds are with us but the
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rain is not going to be here until later on today so the the clouds are going to stay locked in. a quarter mile haven't in allentown, quarter mile in lancaster. three in pottstown. then you go to coatesville and that's a zero for visibility. we're looking at very thick fog, a quarter mile in trenton, so major interstates across 95 around mercer county you are looking at thick fog. south jersey and delaware not so bad but we have patchy fog around in those areas. 39 degrees in allentown, 46 in philadelphia. 43 in reading and pottstown, even lancaster. mid-40s for south jersey and delaware and we'll be warming up to about the mid-50s as we go through this afternoon. so for the philadelphia area by 7:00 a.m., 46 degrees, 47 by 9:00 a.m., 11:00 this morning around 50 degrees and the early fog will stay in the forecast this morning, poconos, 37 degrees by 7:00 a.m. and if you are up there by 11:00 a.m., temperatures right around the low 40s. if you're at the shore this
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morning, 48 degrees, by 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m. temperature around 53. then we go into tonight and we have rain moving in. coming up i'll show you timing on that and how chilly it will get into 2016. >> time is 5:39. we do have quite a bit of fog out there, so drivers be careful as you head out. >> jessica boyington is seeing it on her cameras. >> we're starting to pick up on most of that fog, we're on 78 in the lehigh valley, around lehigh street you can see really difficult to see even in these cameras so we know it's reduced visibility there, but no backups. give yourself extra time before you head out the door. we're on 95 now through delaware, no problems with the drive times north or southbound from 295 to 495 at the most it's going to take you at least for a 10 minute trip. into new jersey we're still watching the new jersey turnpike in west hampton township around
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exit 5 on the southbound side of the turnpike all lanes open to traffic but an accident and vehicle fire there. thanks. 20 minutes before 6:00. look at this video. disciplined for being a holy roller, a cath like diocese in the philippines suspended the pres. the video shows the priest sing ail wheeling up and down the aisle. the diocese said it was wrong and he is spending time reflecting on his actions. >> new year's eve is a day away, people across the area are getting ready to ring in 2016. >> reporter: good morning. i'm live at penns landing, this is going to be one of several spots to watch the fireworks over the delaware river. the countdown is under way and we'll have a few tips for you after the break. >> plus, buckle up for a toll increase. we'll tell you where drivers will have to pay more to travel starting in the new year.
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happening today, one of six american military members killed in afghanistan last week will be laid to rest. detective joseph lemm was killed in the suicide bombing in a village outside bagram air base.
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he was deployed three times, twice to afghanistan and once to iraq. the detective leaves behind a wife and two children. one of the other service members killed along with lemm was from montgomery county. peter taub was a graduate of cheltenham high school. he was the father of a 3-year-old girl with another child on the way. >> pennsylvania's budget battle rages on. yesterday governor wolf vetoed part of the gop backed spending plan but also freed up billions in emergency funding for pennsylvania schools, and social services. the bill resembled a republican budget plan that the govern vetoed in june. yesterday the governor accused lawmakers leaving town before they finished their job. >> imexpressing the outrage all of us pennsylvanians should feel about the garbage that the republican legislative leaders tried to dump on us. >> republican leaders in both houses say they are read the resume bipartisan budget talks. this is pennsylvania's longest
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budget stalemate in modern history. decision 2016. hillary clinton says she believes isis is committing genocide by killing christians and other minority groups in the middle east. the democratic presidential front-runner made the statement at a town hall in new hampshire. clinton said she held back using the term genocide until evidence proved it. she did not address the latest attacks by donald trump. yesterday aboard his campaign plane in iowa trump pounced again on clinton's plan to let her husband bill clinton campaign for her. starting next week. >> gone after former president bill clinton for his infidelity. are your own disgregss fair game. >> hillary brought up the whole thing and i reversed it on her. she has a major problem, happens to be be in her house. >> trump said that starting next week he will spend $2 million a week in tv ads, in the early voting states of iowa, new
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hampshire and south carolina. >> a republican george pataki is out of the race for president. the former new york governor suspended his campaign yesterday. pataki's polling numbers never rose above single digits. >> get ready to ring in the new year, we're about to say good-bye to 2015 and there's plenty to do if you're celebrating in philadelphia. monique braxton is live at the blue cross river rink. what's happening there? >> reporter: hi, good morning to you. there are a couple of new feature this is year for people coming to winter fest to watch the fireworks over the delaware river. first of all, the show is going to be much longer than it was last year. and then there are new fireworks displays that you are just willing to look at. so exciting. created just for you this new year's eve. looking at last year, this is a preview what you can expect. the sugar house new year's eve fireworks show is spectacular.
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nbc 10 is a proud sponsor of two shows, one at 6, another at midnight. the run time is now 14 minutes long, for each of the two shows. imagine, four times net explosives being used. the special effects include mini domes, a lollipop and nautical fireworks. you may watch the display from the casino, penns landing, the adventure aquarium on the camden side of the delaware river, and then right here at winter fest. just to let you know, that's not all. so coming up in the next hour, we're going to let you know where else you can see the fireworks and what else is happening in philadelphia, a real tradition on new year's eve and new year's day. live in penns landing, no neek braxton, nbc 10 news. >> and we're helping your family celebrate 2016 with the fireworks along philadelphia's water front. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 will bring awe live broadcast of this year's sugar house new year's
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eve fireworks display at 6:00 on thursday night. well, this morning we are dealing with the fog around the area. this is one thing we're going to be talking about through the rest of the morning commute. dense fog around with some late showers later on today. and we have a colder start to 2016 aside from that. the visibility is a half mile, allentown, zero in coatesville, quarter mile in lancaster, quarter mile in trenton, but much of south jersey and delaware not too bad. temperaturewise we're looking at 37 degree, allentown 43 in pottstown, 45s about bensalem. with temperatures it's cool out as we go through the afternoon we're talking about highs in the mid-50s.
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cloudy conditions across the area, the clouds are going to stay locked in as we go through the day but no rain around. here is a look at future weather, cloudy skies through the afternoon, by lunch time we should be staying dry. evening commute should be dry, 5, 6:00, maybe a few light showers. but it's not going to be until 8, 9:00 when we see this area of rain moving in. so rain later on tonight. most of today will stay dry. aside from the fog. and then we go into thursday. tomorrow for new year's eve. we're looking at nice conditions, sunny skies and looks clear all the way into new year's day. perfect for any fireworks going on outside. for today, though, early fog with late rain around. temperature 54 to 57 degrees. and as we go into your new year's eve, looks pretty nice, by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, 46 degrees, 42 by 10:00 p.m., and by midnight, 38 degrees going into 2016. so nice dry conditions but you might want to grab that jacket before you head out. as far as tomorrow is concerned.
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highs topping out around 50. for new year's eve day, into new year's day around 44 degrees, saturday coming in at 42 and sunny, 43 on sunday so a colder start to 2016. >> 10 minutes before 6:00 now. we definitely had fog for your ride to work. >> jessica boyington is joining us for that. a look at the schuylkill. what are you finding there? >> the schuylkill is doing great so far. we don't have increase in our drive times yet we're about a half hour before that usually comes into play and with it being a week of vacation in a lot of kids staying home from school we see typically a lighter rush hour than we normally do. the schuylkill expressway proving my point around spring garden street. no problems, we're in the green with drive times to the vine street expressway, it's 12 minutes. that's relatively light. there is also setup for the mummers' parade starting on new year's day. 15th street south between jfk boulevard and south penn square,
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two lanes closed there and that will be for the next hour or so until about 7:00 a.m. they are doing bleacher setup. watch for construction out into south jersey route 55 north and southbound so both directions between vineland and millville. the left lanes will be closed until 3:30. lauren. >> thanks, jessica. you'll have to pay more to drive on the pennsylvania turnpike in just a few days. tolls are increasing by 6% in 2016. the higher rates go into effect on sunday for both cash and easy pass customers. the hike is largely to repay loans that help to pay for road work projects. similar increases are expected every year until the year 2044. we checked to see what the difference in price will be now, and here's an example. if you travel from valley forge to bensalem and pay cash it cost you $4.75 right now. beginning on sunday it will cost you $5.05. that's 30 cents more. so check how much more you'll pay on other trips on the
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turnpike go to >> coming up next, security concerns in the big apple. we'll explain how police in new york city are taking steps to keep new year's eve revelers safe. plus, rising from the rubble. a family devastated by a tornado makes a shocking discovery two days later.
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it's 5:55. it's happening today workers will test a ball drop in times square. it will ensure that the ball will fall without a hitch tomorrow night. this year's ball featured more than 2,000 waterford crystals, that's why it's so pretty b. a million people are expected to pack times square to ring in 2016. have you been? >> i have not. it's fun to watch. i don't know if i could be in the middle of it all. >> if you are planning on reining in the new year in times square you'll have company. >> not all will be partying. in fact, close to 6,000 police officers will be there. new york's police commissioner says recent terror attacks in paris and san bernardino raised
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fears, there are concerns that isis supporters could attack the largest new year's celebration. the commissioner says police have spent months preparing. >> we are aware that the threat picture has changed because of isis. it's changed significantly from what it was a year ago or two years ago. and in response to that and in fact, ahead of that in some respects, that's why we have a large -- enlarged our capabilities. >> hundreds of thousands are expected to pack times square, millions will watch from home. >> this year's nypd graduating class made history. it was a true family affair. for the first time three brothers were all sworn in on the same day. steven, john and alex are all following in the foot steps of their father, a 30 year veteran of the force. dad couldn't be prouder. >> we are blessed and this is proof positive that this could all happen and we hope that we
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represent new york city the way it deserves as well as the nypd. >> the grads and their father are not the only family members on the force, though. the brothers have a cousin who is also an officer and an aunt who is a transit officer. >> two dogs are expected to be okay after they were rescued from the rubble of their home. >> they were trapped there for two days after deadly tornados passed through north texas. the owners had really no hope of finding their dogs when they returned to their devastated home to salvage what they could. that was monday. they heard one of the dogs barking and the family started digging. they found the pet. >> oh, my gosh. i had not been able to sleep these past few nights and then the rain and the cold. i just ran. >> then four hours after that reunion the family found their other dog under a pile of debris. both were dirty and banged up but vets say they will be fine. even the vets who checked them
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out said it's amazing that no broken bones, just a little dirty. >> so happy to be back together i'm sure. >> sweet. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. right now on nbc 10 this morning sacked. the eagles part ways with head coach chip kelly after less than three seasons, hear from the experts, the fans and the players. >> new from overnight one man is shot and killed in north philadelphia. now police say four people opened fire on him. a live report in minutes. >> and a live look outside right now. parts of our area are now under a dense fog advisory. and you can see the lower visibility right there. we'll give you your first alert forecasts. first alert weather forecast coming up in a second. it's just before 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today."
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i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm lauren mayk. drivers were dealing with the rain, today it's the fog that you've got to watch for. let's get to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. good morning. >> good morning guys. yes, we have fog around this morning. it's thick north and west. low visibility through much of our suburbs. it includes mercer county too so along the major interstates, 95, fou 476, no rain though. we have clouds locked in place. visibility in allentown is a half mile as well as lancaster, coatesville at zero mile visibility, trenton a quarter mile visibility. the rest of the area not looking too bad. it's really those major spots north and west we see thick fog. 38 in allentown. you want a jacket here before you head out. 33 mile, 47 in philadelphia, 43 in reading, mid-40s for south
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jersey and delaware. as we go through the day today we'll be clearing out of the fog around 9, 10 a.m. but until then the fog is going to stick around. 9:00, 47 degrees and cloudy. by 11:00 a.m., 50 degrees and cloudy. and we do stay dry most of the day, then we have rain moving in later on, late this afternoon and tonight. we'll look at the timing, and your new year's forecast is all coming up. a check on the roads with jessica boyington. >> we still are watching for this accident now an investigation out in west hampton township, new jersey. we had an earlier accident and fire and again now it's an accident very gags on the new jersey turnpike southbound around exit 5. all lanes still open to traffic but police activity on the scene there to watch out for. the 42 freeway, around the new jersey turnpike no problems yet. northbound lanes here so that is headed toward philadelphia. you have to get to 295 no problems, fiv


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