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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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jersey and delaware. as we go through the day today we'll be clearing out of the fog around 9, 10 a.m. but until then the fog is going to stick around. 9:00, 47 degrees and cloudy. by 11:00 a.m., 50 degrees and cloudy. and we do stay dry most of the day, then we have rain moving in later on, late this afternoon and tonight. we'll look at the timing, and your new year's forecast is all coming up. a check on the roads with jessica boyington. >> we still are watching for this accident now an investigation out in west hampton township, new jersey. we had an earlier accident and fire and again now it's an accident very gags on the new jersey turnpike southbound around exit 5. all lanes still open to traffic but police activity on the scene there to watch out for. the 42 freeway, around the new jersey turnpike no problems yet. northbound lanes here so that is headed toward philadelphia. you have to get to 295 no problems, five minutes from 55
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to the walt whitman bridge. average speeds clocking in at 62 miles per hour. now, if you're taking mass transit for the rest of the week we're on a modified schedule. for the city transit and suburban buses, they have a modified week day schedule until thursday and friday new year's day they will be running on a sunday schedule. >> thanks. 6:01. the chip kelly era is over. last night the eagles fired their head coach with one game still to go. kelly started without two winning seasons, then one playoff game, then came 2015. kelly got full control of the roster but failed to make the postseason after a flurry of changes that drained the team of its best players. many of those left angry and some made claims with racial overtones. >> wouldn't talk to people. you would walk down the hallway he wouldn't say anything. >> chip didn't say nothing. >> for what reason. chip did it. >> eagles owner jeffrey lure re
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tapped the assistant coach pat shurmur. more on what he said in a letter coming up in a few minutes. >> eagles fans were immediately sounding off after the news of kelly's firing. matt delucia is live at the melrose diner this morning in south philadelphia. matt, i'm sure they have a lot to say. >> reporter: a lot to say, lauren. i'll tell you a lot of sadness and frustration at the diner. and really some of them say it really is warranted, especially given the terrible season that we had. going 6-9, chip kelly didn't get to finish his third season with the birds. and during those three seasons he took control of person nem, traded some well-known and proven athletes and in the end really was not a lot to show for it. we've been talking with fans throughout the morning but one guy in particular i spoke with here, not long ago, he is not an eagles fan, he is a carolina
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panthers fan so we talked with him about what it's like to have a team that is the doing well. >> the way i see it, eagles are a good team and to be dismantled the way it was this year and have a 6-9 record, it should have like 11-5 at least. what can you say. >> how does it feel to have a team that's actually on top right now? >> great. really great. >> are you rubbing it in to the eagle fans now? >> right now, the way i look at it, i'm glad where we're at right now, and i feel like you know, i would love to see you all in the playoffs but that's not going to happen. unfortunately. >> reporter: at least not this season. a lot of these fans are hoping that next season, whatever happens, that we'll be doing a lot better than we are right now. of course there is still one
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game left in the season. the game against the giants, meaningless but we expect to hear more from jeffrey lurie later on today. he is expected to hold a news conference, hopefully we'll learn more about the future of the birds or at least get some solace. all of us aching for a win and the folks here saying hopefully we get a super bowl win in the short-term, not long term. live in south philadelphia. >> we're getting comments on our facebook page. we asked the eagles make the right decision on chip kel sne one, not the best move. had one of the best special teams also a fact any team that makes a ton of personnel player changes in the off season never makes it to the playoffs. that is a fact. i would have given him one more year. another wrote yes, it's about time. lurie should be kicking himself for giving kelly the power to run his football team. >> and you can count on nbc 10
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and our mobile app for complete coverage of chip kelly's firing. you'll find information and reaction from eagle players and more from the fans. >> we have breaking news in the fight against isis. police in turkey are holding two suspected isis militants, authorities believe the pair was planning suicide attacks during new year's celebrations in turkey's capital. turkish media reports that police arrested the suspects during a rind a house where they found suicide vests armed with bombs. locally philadelphia police are now looking for multiple suspects who shot and killed a man in north philadelphia. katy zachry is live in center city with what we know so far. >> reporter: it's important to note that while police do not know a motive yet and don't have suspects in custody they do have a key piece of evidence that they found near the scene. investigators tell us they pound surveillance video that actually
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captured the deadly shooting unfold. the shooting happened around 1130 last night near eighth and ontario streets when officers arrived they found a man in his mid-20s, he was unconscious. he was shot more than a half dozen times and later pronounced dead. officers found shell casings from at least three different weapons. and now from surveillance video they say they saw a group of four men approach the victim, each pull out a gun and start shooting. >> it's clear from the recording that the four shooters intentionally target this is 25-year-old victim. and shot him execution style. >> reporter: investigators tell us what they also saw in that surveillance video is the group of four shooters, those men, get in a white minivan. the van went south on eighth street. they are looking for the public's help.
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if you have information on who is shooters are or where they are now, contact philadelphia homicide detectives. i checked in with them throughout the morning. i will get -- hopefully get another update the next 30 minutes and we'll have one at 6:30. police arrested one man and are looking for a second following a series of propane tank thefts in northeast philadelphia. we first showed you surveillance video of the burglaries earlier this month. police say their investigation led them to a lot in port richmond. they found two vehicles and several of the tanks. they know the identity of the second man they are looking for. counter terrorism officials are also involved in the investigation. >> a story we brought you yesterday, we learned a man scene using a sledgehammer at the rainbow crosswalk in center city, philadelphia works for the city water department. the department issued a statement apologizing for the
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disturbance at 13th and locust. a spokesperson went on to say it was not obvious to the casual observer that legitimate work was being done since a marked vehicle was not in the immediate vicinity. >> we have dense fog around the area this-zy morning. low visibility north and west of philadelphia so that's for chester, montgomery, bucks counties and the lehigh valley including mercer. across the major interstates like 476 and 78 we have some dense fog out there. it's causing visibility to be about a quarter mile or less at times. no rain this morning, though, we are nice and dry. we do have clouds around, those will be locked in through the afternoon. visibility in allentown is a quarter mile as well as trenton, lancaster, coatesville sitting at zero miles visibility. that is very thick fog. south jersey and delaware not too bad, philadelphia not bad.
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about 4 mile visibility there. we go through the morning commute, i think we'll continue to see that thick fog north and west where we have the dense fog advisory. temperature in philadelphia is 47. wilmingt wilmington, chester springs 43. 44 degrees in washington township. some spots still in the 30s, 37 in allentown, 39 quakertown and doylestown. so a jacket before you head out in these spots, 43 in reading, 42 degrees pottstown right now, 33 in mount pocono, south jersey and delaware about the mid-40s at the moment. 47 degrees atlantic city airport and in newark now as we go through the rest of the morning by 9:00 a.m. philadelphia around 47 degrees will be the temperature and cloudy, 50 by 11:00 a.m. for the poconos, temperatures in the upper 30s, 9:00 a.m., 11 a.m. in the low 40s for the poconos action and in the shore the upper 40s by 9:00 around 53
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degrees and cloudy as we go through lunch time. then later on this evening, we have rain moving in so coming up i'll show you timing on that and what you can expect as we go into 2016 with your forecast. >> let's look at the roadways this morning. we do have that fog out there. something to be on the lookout for. leave yourself extra time. >> jessica boyington is watching your ride to work including the vine street expressway. >> we're seeing fog for sure on areas around 78, 22, parts of the p.a. turnpike as well. not a lot of fog on the vine street expressway. around broad street you can see eastbound or westbound, a little more volume toward schuylkill. this is the right through the conshohocken curve. am 13 minutes drive time. we have new year's festivities, we have the setup for the mummers' parade starting new year's day. 15th street south, right now has
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two lanes closed for the next 45 minutes or so until about 7:00. we can expect stadium traffic. we do have disney on ice around 11, 3, and 7 p.m. >> 11 minutes past 6:00. remembering officer zero. we'll show you how the camden county police department honored its most decorated and beloved canine officers. major overhaul. chicago mayor rahm emanuel will make an announcement that could shake up the police department. we'll tell you about his proposed plan.
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people in camden county are remembering a popular police officer. a funeral procession was held
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yesterday for zero, a police canine. other officers watched as zero was taken to rothman animal hospital while draped in an american flag. he died monday night. his handler found him yesterday morning. >> he allowed us to build bridges, both partnerships and to be part of this community. i will sorely miss him. he was a member of my family, he was a member of this family. there's no other dog like him. >> zero broke the state record for catching the most criminals by any canine. as the lieutenant said he helped build bonds between police and residents by appearing at parks and community events. >> today the affluenza teen who ran off to mexico will be returned to the united states. police caught up with 18-year-old ethan couch and his
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mother on monday. he dyed his blond hair dark as you can see. authorities issued a warrant for couch earlier this month after his probation officer couldn't reach him. he was on juvenile probation after killing four people in a drunk driving wreck two years ago. at sentencing his defense attorney made the affluenza argument saying his wealthy parents eed coddled him. >> rahm emanuel is scheduled to reveal his plan for changing his city's police department. the mayor's office says the mayor will call for new officer training to help reduce the intensity of conflict, and call for arming every street officer with a taser. mayor emmanuel has faced calls for his own resignation after the deadly police shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. funeral services will be today for one of six american military members killed in afghanistan. detective joseph lemm was kill independent a suicide bombing outside bagram air base last week. he was a member of the new york
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city police department and the air national guard. detective lemm leaves behind a wife and two children. meantime one of the other service members killed was from montgomery county. air force staff sergeant peter taub was a graduate of cheltenham high school. he was the father after 3-year-old girl with another child on the way. >> we do have some foggy conditions out there. right now we're looking live around route 22 around 309 you can see a lot of fog. everybody still moving along nicely. around the blue route, ridge pike, doing great as well. even with lingering fog you can ski in the right-hand corner here, the visibility is a little reduced but we're moving along. 4 minutes from the p.a. turnpike south to the schuylkill expressway. so no real problems there. we still have a problem, accident investigation that's active now on west hampton township, new jersey from an accident and fire on the new
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jersey turnpike south around exit 5. all lanes open to traffic right now but watch out for police activity on the scene that might slow you down. if you're traveling mass transit for the holidays and this coming week, watch out for the city transit suburban buses running on a modified week day schedule that will be until thursday and for friday new year's day run on a sunday schedule. >> 6:18. a magnitude 4.3 earthquake hit british columbia, there are no reports of injuries or damage. that follows an earthquake that hit in california, portions of southern california last night. here's what we no. no major damage or injuries. the quake hit north of san bernardino, followed by several strong after shocks. the seismic reading, officials say over the last 10 days there have been four earthquakes of magnitude 3 or stronger in the area.
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we're dealing with fog this morning, no rain like we had &háhp &hc% certainly around. dense fog mainly areas north and west, around for the morning commute. then for tonight we have some rain moving in. i think it will be after the evening commute though. going into 2016, temperatures will be getting colder. i'll show you the forecast in a second. visibility in allentown at a quarter mile. same thing trenton a half mile in lancaster, 2 1/2 miles in northeast philly. coatesville still at zero mile visibility, south jersey and delaware not too bad. philadelphia right at 4 miles so not too bad. a live look outside. you can see the low clouds, our temperature trend is going to keep us in the 40s, by 9:00 a.m., mid-40s by noon low 50s. and then we'll be topping out around the mid-50s this afternoon. so still above normal day, a little unseasonably warm. right now at 37 degrees in allentown, 47 philadelphia, 45
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northeast philly, mid-40s for much of south jersey and delaware. clouds are going to stay locked in but that rain shouldn't be here until after the evening commute. here is a look at future weather, noon time we should be dry, just cloudy. then we go into the evening commute, 5:00 p.m., mostly cloudy, we could see stray light showers but the brunt of it comes in later tonight by 8, 9:00 tonight you see this big area of rain with maybe some heavier spots moving in. that clears up by tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. new year's eve which is tomorrow looks pretty good and then we go into new year's day, midnight, 1:00 a.m., fireworks should be perfect out there with the weather being so dry. so it looks pretty good for your new year's eve and new year's day. today early fog, then late rain moving in, 54 to 57 for the high temperature. new year's eve you'll want a jacket, 8:00, 46 by 10:00 p.m. in the low 40s and by midnight into 2016, we'll be in the upper
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30s, only dropping off colder from there. looking pretty good for the start of a new year. thursday tomorrow we're looking at clouds around, increasing sunshine, 50 degrees, 44 for new year's day. 42 to start the weekend so a colder first weekend of 2016 with temperatures in the low 40s but dry. >> reflecting on his legacy, michael nut ser looking back on his eight years of leading the city. find out the problems he says the city is still facing and how the federal government should help. the budget battle is still not over in pennsylvania, governor wolf approves key parts after state budget but also stands against republican leaders with several vetoes. we'll give you the details.
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>> in less than a week we'll see a changing of the guard in philadelphia. mayor michael nutter will hand
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over the reins to mayor-elect jim kenney. he is reflecting on his eight years. poverty remains the city's biggest challenge. more than one in everily five philadelphians live below the poverty line. it's not a new problem but it is what he is most focused on as he prepares to leave office. >> we've had a poverty rate over 20% for 30-plus years. so, it's intergeneration. there are adults who may have actually been in poverty themselves during the course of their childhood. >> nutter says he believes the city cannot tackle poverty on its own. he says the federal government needs to step in with job training programs and inf infrastructure investment. >> philadelphia is laying the ground work for the new year's eve celebration at penns landing. nbc 10 was there yesterday where
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thousands of rounds of fireworks are waiting to be packed on a barge. this year there is a new early fireworks show that you can watch on nbc 10. >> we have a show at 6:00 which is "star wars" themed so that should be in trend. it's got great music cuts and great fireworks to go along with it. >> "star wars." coming up in the next half hour, nbc 10's monique braxton will have a preview and otherne festivities in philadelphia. >> jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. battling fog this morning and you can see a little bit of that in the camera around 309 at the p.a. turnpike. all lanes moving along but we do have stuff to talk about and construction. i'll explain the details when i come back. for now a check on the forecast with sheena parveen. >> yes, we have fog around this morning. there you see a look at the flag near center city. and the clouds are definitely in
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place. that is fog there. it looks misty, too, and we have dense fog. dense fog advisory sin effect until 10:00 a.m. for parts of the area. i'll show you what you can expect with that fog and some rain later on. that's straight ahead. >> chip kelly's time in philadelphia is over. matt delucia is live at south philadelphia where eagle fans are voicing their opinions on his firing. >> reporter: that's right. the reading the morning paper you see those gentlemen, fired, it says for chip kelly. the end of the chip kelly era for the philadelphia eegs. we're talking to fans after the break. >> philadelphia man is just feet from his front door when he is shot and killed execution style. coming up i checked in with homicide detectives and will tell you what key piece of evidence they are working with.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today." chip kelly out. the philadelphia eagles fired their head coach with one game left in the season. we'll show you how fans are reacting this morning and what players are saying about the move. >> stalemate. still going. pennsylvania governor tom wolf shutting down key parts of the state budget plan but frees you will billions for a few services. i'll show you what's going on in harrisburg. >> a live look outside this morning, parts of the area willble under a dense fog advisory for hours. you can't even see the comcast center in our picture here. that could be the trouble on the roads. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:31, 46 degrees in philadelphia and dense fog in some areas. let's get you updated with sheena parveen with her first alert forecast. >> we have the dense fog mostly north and west of philadelphia where the low visibility is, for
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chester, montgomery, bucks counties, mercer county across all of these major interstates into the lehigh valley, be careful if you're driving. that fog is very thick. the rest of the area just seeing the cloud cover, that's going to stay in place for today. lancaster coming in at a half mile, a quarter mile in allentown. 1 1/2, so this is causing probably delays out there because you need to take time on the roadways. zero miles in coatesville, for south jersey and delaware not looking too bad. and the dense fog is the areas north and west. temperaturewise if you're about to head out. you probably want at least a light jacket. 46 millville, 47 atlantic city, allentown at 37 degrees, 33 degrees in mount pocono. for this morning the fog is going to stay around. as you head out especially north and west you'll be seeing the dense fog. areas of fog, 7:00 a.m., 46 degrees. 9:00, 47 degrees and by 11:00 this morning, temperatures right
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around 50 degrees. so by lunch time we'll be dry but we will be cloudy and then later on tonight we're looking at some rain. so i'll show you the timing on the rain and a colder start to 2016. let's get a check on the roadways with jessica boyington. >> sheena, we're watching fog out in the lehigh valley. you can see even hard to see around these street lights but moving along, we're seeing at least this week a slight rush hour and less volume especially considering a lot of kids have off school, a lot of people have off from work as well. you can see that also is proof here in our drive times on 95. normally at this time we're at least in the yoyl, southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway still 14 minutes. but we're watching ramp closures. 95 stb around aramingo avenue. there is also still a set of traffic lights malfunctioning at the bottom of the ramp from the schuylkill expressway westbound to city avenue. so watch for that.
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>> thanks. 6:33. and the chip kelly experiment is over. jeffrey lurie fired his head coach. kelly came on board in 2013 led the birds to a pair of winning seasons and one playoff game. this year kelly got full control of the roster. the birds missed the postseason after kelly's roster changes drained the team of its best players and now with kelly gone the fans are reacting. they have a lot to say as they always do. matt delucia is live in south philadelphia with what fans are saying. >> reporter: a lot of frustration but a little bit of jubilation. folks hoping that something better is on the way. talking with fans at the melrose diner and some reading the head lines on the paper, really just curious what's going to happen next. they are happy now that the 6-9 eagles under chip kelly hopefully that future will be a
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little brighter. it's not been sitting well with the fan who is a few days ago somewhat hopeful there was a chance to win the nfc east but no more and no more of chip kelly. some of the folks, i'm going to talk to judy. she is a carolina panthers fan. so tell me your thoughts on chip kelly's firing. >> well, i saw it coming. i know a lot of people did. but i'm thankful to mr. lurie for doing what he did. he did what he had to do to get his team back and hopefully they'll beat the giants. >> do you blame chip kelly? >> not really. there's a lot of missing pieces. hopefully everything will fall in place after this is over. >> all right. thank you. let you get back to your -- there we go. a little bit of love. >> i'm back. >> hopefully we get a super bowl win. in the future. there you go. we've also been talking to some
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of the folks in the back, some of the cooks. i asked one of them if firing chip kelly was the right move. >> tell you the truth, should have never hired him to begin with. you get a college coach, i mean never had one nfl game in his life so. what do you expect from him. >> you place all of the blame on chip kelly in. >> no. the players, the players could have picked up slack too. you never know. can't blame it all on one person. >> so we'll see what happens. eagles owner jeffrey lurie is scheduled to hold a news conference later on today. hopefully we get more answers as these folks are hoping for a super bowl win sometime in the future. live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> and news of chip kelly's firing lit up social media. some current and former players weighed in. former quarterback mcnabb
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tweeted out now that the eagles made the move will they follow with their decision. nfc east was a disaster all year. and former offensive lineman julian van de veldcying that so does that mean the eagles call me tomorrow or never again? vote now. there was praise, thomas nestle said here's what i will remember about chip kelly. he came to philadelphia police sergeant viewing and brought gifts for his sons. >> a philadelphia man is dead this morning while police investigators are looking for four people they say shot and killed him. katy zachry is live at police headquarters. what have you been learning? >> reporter: not long ago i hung up the phone with homicide detectives who are actively working this case, no suspects in custody right now and they are still searching for a
6:38 am
motive. they have a strong piece of evidence that was uncovered. investigators say they found surveillance video not far from the deadly scene that shows four men approaching the victim as he walked home. he was feet from his doorstep that group of men opens fire, all four men had guns, the victim was hit at least a half dozen times and he was killed. seconds later investigators say the shooters jumped into a getaway car and they saw it all unfold on camera. >> all four shooters can be seen entering what appears to abwhite minivan parked north of ontario. then the mini van goes out of view from the cameras. >> scott small went on to say the minivan went south on eighth street. this happened in north philadelphia and police are really looking for the public's help in finding these men identifying them and helping them without a motive in this
6:39 am
deadly shooting. if you have information contact homicide detectives. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> 46 degrees in philadelphia. pennsylvania's budget about itle rages on after the governor vetoed parts of the plan but freed up emergency funding for schools and social services. the bill resemble add republican budget that the governor vetoed in june. the govern approached lawmakers of leaving town before they finished their job. >> i am expressing the outrage all of us pennsylvanians should feel about the garbage that republican legislative leaders tried to dump on us. >> republican leaders in both houses say they are read the resume bipartisan budget talks but not before monday. this is the lorngest stalemate in modern history. >> we are one night away from ringing in the new year. and philadelphia is getting ready with some new events for
6:40 am
2016. monique braxton is live at the river rink at penns landing. so so much fun out there. what's happening this year? >> reporter: yeah, the momentum is building for people coming here to winter fest to watch the fireworks and their two new features t show is longer, there's special effects, als created just for this new year's eve. the sugar house show is spectacular. at penns landing and adventure aquarium on the camden side of the delaware river. also taxis, the kimmel center and atrop the tower. there will be the fabulous display to your tv at 6:00 p.m. participants in another city holiday tradition are preparing to strut their stuff through south philadelphia.
6:41 am
today the mummers will dazzle viewers with a peek of their parade. the mummers fancy brigades step off at 6:00 at the convention center. and we're told folks who stop by mid to upper fest there at the convention center will have an zunttry on the mummers costume and maybe get suting going on of their own. all parts of what's great along philadelphia. monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." well, no rain around this morning so that's good news. but we are dealing with fog and some of the fog is dense this morning. mostly areas north and west of philadelphia. later on today we're going to have rain moving in, this should mostly be after the evening commute. so showers later on tonight. a colder start to 2016. i'll show you the new year's forecast in a second.
6:42 am
visibility is low north and west of the city. looking at the lehigh valley and chester, montgomery, even mercer county where we have a dense fog advisory. a half mile in lancaster, coatesville at zero miles visibility right now. philadelphia, not too bad, 5 miles, south worse jersey and delaware looking pretty good. 37 degrees the temperature in allentown. 43 in reading, 42 pottstown. mid-40s for much of the rest of the area. philadelphia 47. as well as wilmington. 46 millville. 48 in dover if you are about to head south. the clouds are in place. we don't have rain heading this way. it's going to stay cloudy but we're not going to see the rain until later on too. here is future weather. fog around this morning starting to lift around 9 or 10:00. but these clouds hang around. here is 1:00 p.m. dry, cloudy. for the evening commute.
6:43 am
cloudy sky, point be priced if we saw light showers but most of that rain is going to move in later tonight, 8, 9:00. showers moving in. some lasting overnight, then clearing in time for tomorrow. this is the new year's eve. a lot of sunshine developing. nom night good, dry, now we go into new year's day. nice and dry so any fireworks out, the weather is going to cooperate and it's going to get colder. early fog this morning, then the late brain moving in. 44 to 47. dropping, upper 30s by midnight going into 2016. tomorrow we'll be topping out around 50, 40s for the high new year's day. nice and sunny. >> it is that fog out there that we're watching on the roads. >> jessica boyington has been watching it on her network of
6:44 am
cameras. >> right so. we are seeing some foggy conditions. it's not setting bib back, not seeing change in drive times. a few things going on. in new jersey, an accident and turned into investigation right now. new jersey turnpike. it's in the right-hand shoulder. all are open to traffic with police activity on the scene you want to watch out for it. again watch for that. not blocking the lanes. head out on the boulevard no problems there, this is around broad street. you can see whether you're headed south or northbound we're doing fine. i'll come back in the next 10 minutes with another check. >> thanks. we're learning new information on septa's new smart cards. when the system will go into effect. hillary clinton is sounding off on isis. donald trump continues his attack on bill clinton.
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>> from our jersey shore bureau this morning, more than 9 miles of the state's coastline will get a touch up in the new year. starting next month the u.s. army corps of engineers will pump sand on the beaches of ocean city, see isle city and upper township. the goal is repair damage from a storm that came through following replenishment project last fall. the federal government will foot the bill for this and the work should be completed by april. septa schedule starts its new smart card system in march, that's the time line. the smart card you won't need a token exact change or monthly pass. it canning linked to a bank
6:49 am
account or replenished at kiosks or on line. >> you will have to pay more to drive on the pennsylvania turnpike in a few days. tolls are increasing by 6% in 2016. the higher rates go into effect on sunday for both cash and easy pass. this hike is largely to repay loans that helped to pay for road work projects. similar increases are expected every year until the year 2044. we checked to see what the difference will be in price. here is an example. if you travel from valley forge to bensalem and pay cash it cost $4.75. beginning sunday it will cost you $5.05. 30 cents more. to check how much more you'll pay for other trips go to decision 2016. hillary clinton says she believes isis is committing genocide by killing christians and other minority groups in the middle east. the democratic presidential front-runner made that statement last night.
6:50 am
clinton said she held back using the term genocide until evidence proved it. the candidate did not address the latest attacks by republican front-runner donald trump, yesterday aboard his campaign plane in iowa trump pounced again on clinton's plan to let her husband campaign for her starting next week. >> asked former president bill clinton for his infidelity are your own personal indiscretions fair game. >> yes, they would be. frankly, hillary brought up the whole thing with sexist and all i did is reverse it on her. she has a major problem happens to be in her house. >> trump also said he will spend $2 million in tv campaign ads beginning next week. >> republican george pataki is out of the race for president. the former new york governor suspended his campaign yesterday. pataki's polling numbers never rose above single digits. dealing with areas of dense
6:51 am
fog this morning, so before you walk outside keep in mind some of you especially north and west of philadelphia will be getting on the road and running into thick fog. so visibility about a quarter mile or less so we have the dense fog advisory around. today, though, we're going to stay dry most of the day and late showers move in tonight. and then we go into 2016. and temperatures will get colder. now here's a look at the visibility in allentown, a quarter mile, same thing in trenton, coatesville down to zero, 2 mile visibility in lancaster, 1 1/2 miles in reading. that's there. philadelphia not too bad, 5 miles, south jersey not too bad. dover frluctuating. here's a live look at center city, you notice the low clouds with that fog in place. that's why you can't see the top of some of these buildings. this is going to stay in place as we go through the morning commute. temperatures will be rising to around 47 by 9:00 a.m. closer to lunch around 50.
6:52 am
then topping out in about the mid-50s as we go through this afternoon. and then we'll see rain move in. temperatures are in the 30s so for allentown 37, 47 philadelphia. 46 degrees right now in millville. and here's a look at the cloudy conditions across much of the northeast, nothing really in the way of rain. that will move into later tonight. these clouds are going to hang around through the day. so future weather showing us by lunch time mostly cloudy, we could see a few light showers by the evening commute but i think most of the area will just be cloudy. then 9:00 tonight, more rain starts to move in, some of this lasting overnight and then we go into tomorrow. and we have a lot of sunshine developing. so your new year's eve which is thursday going into new year's day looks good. so now here's friday, 1:00 in the morning you'll be celebrating, looks nice and dry for fireworks out there. so for today, early fog, then late rain, high temperatures in about the mid-50s. new year's eve forecast by 10:00 p.m., low 40s, by midnight temperatures in the upper 30s so
6:53 am
it's going to be chilly. we go into the weekend, a colder start to 2016, highs in the low 40s saturday and sunday. >> 7 minutes before 7:00. let's check your ride to work. we have an accident to tell you about. >> this is happening in new jersey. jessica boyington joining us with a look. where is this happening? >> we're in belmar, new jersey. on 76, not the schuylkill. we'll still in new jersey, eastbound ramp to exit 1b which is toward northbound 295. the right lane is closed. they expect 5 to 10 minute delay behind that. be aware before you head out. watch for the traffic lights malfunctioning at the bottom from the schuylkill westbound to city aext vile one last check when i come back in the next five minutes. >> i'm matt delucia live in south philadelphia. chip kelly is gone. i'm talking with fans what's next for the birds. >> a man just feet from his front door overnight is gunned
6:54 am
down by four men. those four men are still on the run. coming up, what homicide detectives know about the suspects.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
>> i'm matt delucia live in south philadelphia at the melrose diner. people are talking about the big move for the eagles, firing head coach chip kelly. a lot of folks are talking about that move that happened last night. no question going 6-9 after chip made a lot of big changes in the off season and not really doing well this season. a lot of these fans are anxious and hopeful for a new beginning out here in philadelphia. of course, there's a bit of frustration of how the eagles performed this season but also some hope that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.
6:58 am
so of course we're still looking ahead for the owner jeffrey lurie's press conference that will be later today so floyp we'll get more information what's next. live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> this morning philadelphia homicidefects are looking for four men accused of shooting and killing a man as he walked home in north philadelphia late last night. video from the scene shows that police there found surveillance video near the scene of eighth and ontario street. on that it captured the shooting unfold. the victim a 25-year-old man is scene walking home when he is approached. they open fire and kill him. police say the shooters jumped into a white minivan that went south on eighth street. they need the public's help in identifying the shooters and finding them. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. good morning. jessica boyington with your last check on your first alert
6:59 am
traffic. watch for an accident in belmar, new jersey on 76 eastbound on the ramp to 1b which is northbound 295. the right lane is closed there. and still watching for an accident investigation in wes hampton township, an earlier accident and vehicle far southbound around exit 5. all lanes are still open. we have set up for the mummers' parade, between jfk boulevard and south penn square. two lanes are closed for the next 10 minutes or so. >> here's a live look at cape may. looks pretty nice. not a lot of fog in cape may or along the shore or much of new jersey but you saw those clouds, clouds are going to hang around. dense fog through the lehigh valley and north and west, late rain, then 2016 the temperatures in the 40s, low 40s into the weekend. >> thanks for that. we'll be back with updates shortly but the "today" show is coming up next.
7:00 am
>> you can always stay updated with our nbc 10 app. good morning. historic and dangerous. widespread flooding across the midwest. evacuations ordered in parts of missouri. a state of emergency now in effect and the national guard called in. we're there live. breaking overnight. a second new year's eve terror plot foiled in as many days in europe. two suspects linked to isis arrested. while here at home new york city officials vow security will be more extensive than ever for the world's largest celebration. facing justice, the so-called affluenza teen and his mother expected to be brought back from mexico as early as today as we learn more about the phone call that led to their capture. this morning why some fear the 18-year-old who got probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people could get off


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