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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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happened about a mile away from here was surprising, because after she got shot in the face, she went home and put away her groceries before getting help. >> it's horrible, it's horrible. >> reporter: it was 10:00 this morning, a shooting and robbery on the alleyway in between this block. >> i heard something, i came outside and saw all the police officers and i thought now what happened? >> reporter: police say the 75-year-old woman was on the way home from the grocery store when a man grabbed her purse. there was a struggle, and he shot her. we're told he got away in a silver car with $400 and a cell phone. >> we have a lot of older people around here that walk, they don't drive. and shop rite is convenient. >> reporter: a trail of blood from the crime scene to her home three blocks away shows where she walked after the shooting, arriving home with her groceries, where she called for help. >> it's a shame these elderly
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people have to walk all the time. >> reporter: the neighborhood has changed in recent years with more break-ins, robberies, and shootings. people have begun to move away and they tell us it's unfortunate you can't walk down the street in the middle of the day anymore. >> new year's eve, and this is what we have to look forward to around here. >> reporter: her family was home, they asked for privacy, but did tell us that she's expected to be okay. she'll be out of the hospital in a couple of days. live in mayfair, drew smith, nbc 10 news. we're following another developing story overseas. a fire broke out in downtown dubai this afternoon. video showed flames around the hotel's midsection. early reports are the fire started on a terrace on the 20th floor. this is video shot from our nbc affiliate in los angeles in dubai on vacation. you can see the frantic scene as people were being evacuated in a mall near the hotel fire. 14 people were injured but are
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expected to be okay. you can see from this photo the amount of smoke that poured into the air. quite a scene as tens of thousands watched on the ground. the hotel sits just blocks from the tallest skyscraper in the world. despite the fire, new year celebrations continued as scheduled. and as you can see, fireworks went off even as smoke from the hotel filled the sky. all across the world, cities are ushering out 2015 and welcoming 2016. >> we're still a few hours away here, but all over our area people are getting ready for new year's eve tonight. the nbc 10 countdown clock shows us there are just under eight hours before 2016 arrives in our area. we have live team coverage with more on what's happening tonight in philadelphia and at the jersey shore, plus what the weather will be like no matter where you'll be. we begin with nbc 10's george spencer live at penn's landing
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with the city's first new year's eve fireworks will go off in about two hours. hey, george. >> reporter: the planning for a fireworks spectacle of this scale is truly immense. hours and hours of work, of planning and producing for every single minute of fireworks that we see overhead. and for the crowds of thousands who will show up here at penn's landing and specifically at the blue cross riverrink here, this truly is the best vantage point. this is two shows on one barge? late this morning we got an up close look at the 300 feet of floating fireworks, which will light up the new year's eve sky like never before tonight, and watching on the ground from the blue cross riverrink and winter fest, first-time families like chris sullivan. >> i'm actually pretty excited. it will be the first time we've done anything down in the city as a family. for new year's. >> this is just going to blow
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you away from start to finish. >> reporter: the full show? >> absolutely. >> reporter: ken, tonight's fireworks producer, says the show his crew has been building on this barge since monday will be unlike any previous new years here in philly. two 14.5-minutes of nonstop spectacle, all computer synced to perfection. >> that's going to launch four and a half seconds prior to when it breaks in the sky. >> reporter: four and a half seconds from when i see it? thanks to additional funding from sugar house, the 6:00 show will be every bit as impressive as the midnight show. >> this is the best yet, we've increased the 6:00 show, now it has the same impact as the midnight show, because the 6:00 show so many people were turning out for that, sugar house wanted to make sure they got the proper entertainment, as well. >> reporter: by show time temperatures will be cool, but not too cold, and skies mostly clear, just right for the big crowds the city's expecting. >> they are thrilled to come to philadelphia and even more thrilled to come skating with us
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and have a nice time in town. >> back to live pictures right now, you can see riverrink being prepped there by nbc 10's ice force 10, led by a very special driver right now on the ice preparing for the crowds of thousands that will be out here tonight, many of them skating when the fireworks get under way at 6:00, then again, of course, at midnight. i had to ask how a fireworks show of this scale is actually executed. turns out the days of some guy actually pressing the button to get it all going, those days are long gone, all of this show tonight synced to a satellite clock that will perfectly match up the music with what we see in the sky overhead. live tonight at penn's landing, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> george, you teased it. everyone at home is wondering who is that special driver on the ice force 10 zamboni out
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there. who are you talking about? >> reporter: take a look behind me, it's nbc 10's news director, vice president of news, leading sky force 10 right now. and giving the crowd a big wave on this new year's eve as he helps to get the ice ready for the many people who will be out here ice skating and enjoying the night here at the blue cross riverrink and watching the sugar house fireworks. as you guys said, set to get under way, the first edition, the 6:00 edition, just under two hours from right now. guys? >> that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have the best boss in the business right there riding on ice force 10. george, thank you so much. you can have a front row seat to tonight's sugar house fireworks display. nbc 10 will broadcast them live at 6:00 even if you can't make it down. >> if you'll be outside tonight, it will feel more like winter. >> 30 tonight, temperatures
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start to go down, they are going to drop. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has your new year's eve forecast. what's it going to be, glenn? >> little more typical of new year's eve weather. we've had this incredible warmth during the month of december and once these clouds break up a little bit and we do expect them to, the temperature will be dropping down in through the 40s. we've seen a lot of nights where we haven't gone below 40 degrees. tonight is one of those nights it's going to go below. you can see the clouds out there right now preventing the temperature from getting higher than it did. still got into the 50s today, but really nothing on the radar to show you right now, because the clouds really aren't that thick. atmosphere overall, still relatively dry. it's 50 degrees in philadelphia now, upper 40s surrounding kraers, mid 40s farther north, all of those places with above average temperatures. as the clouds break up through the evening, temperatures start
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to drop. by midnight we're at 38 degrees with a bit of a breeze, but nothing too substantial. we'll talk about some really cold weather that is in the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn, let's go halfway around the world. it's officially 2016 in moscow. the latest city to set off a flurry of fireworks to celebrate the beginning of a new year. this is a live look as the party there gets under way. back closer to home in atlantic city, preps are well under way for the biggest night of the year. here you can see some of the fireworks getting set up on the beach. ted greenberg will have a live report with all the details on new year's eve down the shore coming up at 4:30. and in about an hour, thousands will watch the traditional peeps chick drop. this is video from last year. fans from all over the country actually come to see the 85-pound peep chick. the drop marks the end of the annual family friendly peep fest and start of a new year. >> if a peep wasn't enough, the
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chester county people will be ringing in the new year with the third annual mushroom drop. check out this footage from the mushroom drop last year. we were there earlier this week as they prepped the giant mushroom. the family friendly celebration kicks off 6:00 tonight and the mushroom will be raised and lit at 8:00. food trucks, live music, and heated tents will keep everyone entertained when it drops at midnight. an isis supporter was arrested today for allegedly plotting a new year's eve attack in new york. authorities say the man was planning the attack at a bar in rochester to prove to isis he was worthy to join the group in syria. 25-year-old emanuel lynchman has been charged with attempting to provide materials to terrorists. he was arrested in an fbi sting. officials in new york city are ramping up security in response to terrorism concerns. some 6,000 police officers will be on duty in times square tonight, that includes members of a new counterterrorism unit,
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about a million people are expected to turn out for the annual celebration. here's a live look at a packed times square in new york city. we have about eight hours to go until the ball drop and 2016 officially starts. spend new year's eve with nbc. join kathie lee gifford and hoda for a toast to 2015 at 8:00 with a look at the buzziest stories of the year. then at 10:00, andy cohen hosts a live edition of hollywood game night, followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. from there, new year's eve live with carson daly live in times square. bill cosby's lawyer told the world that cosby has been unjustly accused and will be exonerated. we'll check out today's newspaper covers featuring the story. first a look at the philadelphia enquirer. the headline reads, "cosby charged with sex assault" and there's a photo of cosby being helped out of a car yesterday. and here's the cover from "the followed daily news," "prey
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mates" is the headline. it also reads, "cosby's many accusers formed a sisterhood and they are cheering now." and "the new york daily news" released this cover today. he said is written once at the top and "she said" is written 56 times. the headline reads, after 55-plus accusations, cosby finally busted. and today bill cosby's lawyer says their client is not guilty and they won't consider any plea deal arrangement. his attorney came on the "today" show this morning, one day after cosby was charged with felony aggravated assault. she said he's feeling confident he'll be found not guilty. >> he's been accused unjustly of a crime, so, certainly, that's upsetting. but he's in good spirits and he knows that he has a legal team that is intent on defending him until he is exonerated.
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>> his attorney also says the charges against cosby are politically motivated. for more on that, nbc 10 investigative reporter mitch blacher joins us in studio with what both sides are saying. >> keith, before bill cosby was charged, he was the center piece of the newly elected montgomery county's d.a. campaign. in ads and statements, kevin steele was highly critical of his predecessor for passing on the cosby case. bill cosby was once one of the most beloved men in philadelphia, but d.a.-elect kevin steele won his election campaigning in part by running against bill cosby. >> a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. >> reporter: attack ads repeatedly ran, critical of steele's opponent, former d.a. bruce castor. >> castor said we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish. >> reporter: thursday cosby's attorney revealed what she said motivated the charges. >> he's fulfilling a campaign
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promise, not necessarily interested in effectuating justice. >> reporter: cosby surrounded by questions and cameras wednesday was formally charged with aggravated assault. the charges stem from early 2004 when court records say he drugged and assaulted a temple university employee at his montgomery county home. the charges come months before the statute of limitations was set to expire. >> the former d.a. said there was no need to go further and that it belonged in the civil courts, and now through a game of political football at which my client's life is the center, we're back again. >> reporter: at a press conference wednesday, steele said new information came to light in july when depositions given in civil lawsuits against cosby became available. >> prosecutor's job is to follow the evidence wherever it takes us, and sometimes that means whenever it comes to light. >> reporter: the montgomery county d.a.'s office said no one was available thursday to comment on allegations the cosby charges are political.
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during the press conference, steele declined to talk about what he paid to publicize during the campaign. >> i'm not going to look at the past or actions that weren't taken at that point. you know, it's not a time to monday morning quarterback. >> bill cosby and his lawyers continue to proclaim his innocence. on the "today" show, his lawyers said they are not interested in a plea deal. mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> mitch, thank you. nbc 10, of course, the first station to bring you the news about bill cosby being charged. we have expanded coverage online. read all the court documents detailing the case. in other news, philadelphia police say a suspect is getting treated at the hospital after he shot himself while trying to rob a woman in her home with her children right there. detectives say two men broke into the woman's home along north bank roft street last night. the children started crying, one of the suspects told the woman to make the kids be quiet.
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he fired a gun, shooting himself in the leg. he showed up at the hospital. the second suspect got away. the mother and her children were not hurt. right now a camden church is finishing the last 60 minutes of a 30-hour prayer vigil for peace. the parish of the cathedral to remember the 33 people killed in camden this year. a candle was burned in memory of each murder victim next to a sign with their names. church officials say the community needs to reflect on ways to become safer next year. we have new information concerning a round of layoffs coming for hundreds of dupont employees based in delaware. according to labor findings with the state today the layoffs will begin in february. on tuesday dupont's ceo sent a letter to the company's delaware-based employees that 1,700 workers would be losing their jobs. the cuts impact ten locations in delaware, including headquarters. dow and dupont plan to merge and split into three companies.
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the smallest of which would be based in delaware. a heads-up for drivers who take the jfk bridge. you'll want to give yourself extra time starting next week. crews are installing new bearings on the bridge that connects egg harbor township and longport, bringing the bridge down to a single lane. stop and go traffic pattern for about six weeks. the repairs are slated to start this tuesday. expect backups to be the worst while crews are making the repairs monday through friday between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. someone in our area will ring in the new year with an extra million dollars. >> a $1 million winning powerball ticket sold in philadelphia, but no one scored the big jackpot, unfortunately. i'd still take the mill. check out the numbers from last night, 12, 36, 38, 54, and 61. the powerball, 22. the $1 million winner matched everything except the powerball last night. the winning ticket was sold at a
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sunoco gas station. saturday's drawing is worth $334 million. that's the 12th largest in the game's history. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and history has been made with this month of december. not just breaking records, but destroying them. we're beating the record by almost 7 degrees. to beat a record by a half a degree is a big deal. seven degrees unheard of. so we're ending the month mild. every single day of the month with above average temperatures and the colder air starts to come in as soon as we start the new year. nothing exceptionally cold, at least not yet, and we have a dry stretch. don't have any rain in the forecast for the next week. there are plenty of clouds around right now, but no reports of rain. 50 degrees, wind is 17 miles an hour, so it is kind of breezy and as the colder air comes in, we'll start calculating the wind
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chill. it's 2 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. 35 in mount pocono, 44 in allentown, pottstown 43 in chest wester, 51 degrees in millville and 53 in dover. i don't think we're going to be seeing a lot of 50s for a while. so now that we're going into january, average highs 41, so we had 52 last couple of days, tomorrow 46, and then we're pretty close to normal over the weekend. and early next week we go below normal. the temperatures for december, nearly 14 degrees above normal, beating the old record by nearly seven degrees. and if you calculate all the temperatures, it was a typical month for savannah, georgia. those are the kind of temperatures we had in december. you can see all the clouds out there right now, but there's no rain associated with that.
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there's really no rain or snow across much of the country. all that stuff down in the southeast is staying well away from us. as we start drying out and clearing out during the night tonight, the temperature drops down into the 30s. we haven't seen too much of that lately, so even when we get seasonably cold it's going to feel a little extra cold around here. we've been spoiled. as we go through tomorrow afternoon, you can see nobody's getting up to 50 degrees. and by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, look at that, in the 30s again. and some wind on top of that, too. so the wind chills may be in the 20s by late in the day tomorrow. and then as we go into saturday, another day where these temperatures are pretty cold, and it's going to be a chilly start to the new year. as we go through the evening, temperatures dropping through the 40s. 38 degrees at midnight. for the mummers tomorrow, little bit breezy as we head toward the
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end here, toward noontime, but again, these are fairly typical temperatures for this time of the year. for the rest of the night tonight, we have 32 degrees for the low in philadelphia, 29 north and west. it's windy now, but the wind will be diminishing towards day break. the wind picks up again tomorrow, 10 to 20 miles an hour, the temperatures are lower, mid 40s, but at least we have some sunshine. got to leave some today, but we've got a lot of sunshine in this seven-day forecast. saturday and sunday, seasonably cold, then colder monday. if you think that's cold, look at tuesday. high of 32. low of 21. that's in the city. teens in the suburbs. and wednesday's pretty cold, too. social media is a good way to keep up with friends and family and make sure they know what you're doing in your life. >> an ohio man's facebook post was too revealing. here's the video. next the crime police say this man committed and how this
4:21 pm
facebook post landed him in handcuffs. plus, changing the way you get a new cell phone. the carrier revamping how you pay for an upgrade. and take a look from sky force 10, it's flying high over the delaware river, where it's almost time for the sugar house new year's eve fireworks. right now ek see the zamboni, the ice force 10 zamboni. watch live on nbc 10 at 6:00.
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a live look at times square in new york city, where officials have spent the entire year prepping for the event. people have been jammed into the cordoned off sections for hours already. here at home, penn's landing also bustling. here's a look at the barge, where crews are making sure everything is ready for tonight's star wars themed fireworks show. we're about an hour and a half
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away from the fireworks spectacular. we'll bring you live on air coming up at 6:00. a lot of people post things on social media that they later regret. >> that goes into the latter category, but one ohio man's facebook post landed him in jail. police say he posted a video of himself drinking alcohol while he was driving. listen. that's 28-year-old dustin ritgers. a friend saw his facebook post, tipped off police. officers used vehicle records to identify his car. they tracked it down and then they arrested him. that's what you're seeing here. police say there was still an open container of alcohol in his car. this isn't the first time ritgers has been arrested for drunk driving. well, we are counting down to 2016 here on nbc 10. >> nbc 10's ted greenberg is live in atlantic city, where thousands will ring in the new
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year. ted? >> reporter: jackie and keith, it's one of atlantic city's biggest nights of the year and certainly its most extravagant. that story next in a live report. and ted's not going to be able to dress like that for too much longer. the cooler weather is starting to come in for 2016. new year's eve forecast and show you how cold it's going to get this weekend. especially next week in my first alert forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. ♪ >> look at that, 2016 is already arrived in australia.
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this was the fireworks display in sydney, where thousands of people, you could hear them, gathered to celebrate. back here at home we're just hours away, rather about an hour and a half away from the big display at the water front at penn's landing. the skyline will be lit up with fireworks, star wars themed show starts at 6:00 and we'll have it all live on air, you can also watch it on the nbc 10 news app. >> here in our area, thousands will celebrate at the jersey shore. >> ted greenberg live in atlantic city, where hotels are bursting with people. ted? >> reporter: yeah, keith and jackie, busy night out here on the boardwalk. luckily not too cold for new year's eve, and if you want to spend the night here in atlantic city, good luck finding a hotel room. the casinos are completely sold out for a huge night. they are getting ready to kick
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off 2016 with a bang. >> it will be a very good show. >> a fireworks show that will blast off from the beach in front of tropicana at midnight on a.c.'s most extravagant night of the year. >> huge party, and everybody here's happy. >> reporter: teresa checked in at the trop this afternoon, ready to celebrate new year's eve in atlantic city. >> it's magical. it's just magical. it's surreal. it's the only way to bring in the new year because it's so filled with euphoria and excitement. you can feel it in your bones. >> it's fun. lot of fun, lot of people. >> reporter: this is where the casino will treat more than 1,000 vips tonight. >> there were a lot of closings, a lot of negativity throughout the city. this year there's lots of talk of what's to come, renovations for other properties.
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>> reporter: other parties will be held all over town tonight and at one of them, thousands will try to break a world record. i'll tell you what that's all about coming up at 5:30. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> all right, ted, thank you very much. leave the heavy coat, hats, gloves, outside tonight. here's a live look at the blue cross riverrink on penn's landing, where the fireworks display is just 90 minutes away. the temperatures, by the way, they are dropping. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with our first alert forecast. glenn? >> the longer the clouds stay around, the slower the temperature is going to be dropping, so if you want it to stay milder, you root for these clouds to hang in there, and the temperature has dropped a little bit over the last hour, and that trend, of course, will continue now that it's getting dark. you can see a lot of clouds out
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there. there really isn't any rain or snow to be concerned about. but we're going to be seeing the clouds break up gradually over the evening hours. it's 50 degrees right in south philly right now. 49 in wilmington, and 53 degrees in dover, warm spots, 35 in mount pocono, the cool spot. so the temperatures right now are above average for this time of the year and we're going to be cooling down as the clouds break up towards midnight. going to be a whole lot colder next week. i'll tell you about that with the seven day in a few minutes. philadelphia mummers are squeezing in a few more rehearsals. giving us a sneak peek of their choreographed routine. the mummers parade is one of the oldest traditions in the country, kicking off tomorrow morning at 9:00.
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>> hosting the countdown to noon event that lets children celebrate the new year without staying up until midnight. something much different, a deadly tradition in philadelphia. we're talking aboutwoí firing celebratory shots to mark the new year. police commissioner charles ramsey says his officers will be on the lookout for anyone firing gunshots into the sky tonight. those who are caught will be charged with reckless endangerment. a man hit in the brain by a stray bullet on new year's eve in 1998 spoke at today's press conference. commissioner ramsey also talked about activating his homeland security unit tonight, although there's no direct terror threat to philadelphia. >> if you see something that
4:35 pm
looks suspicious, give us a call. if it looks suspicious to you, it probably is suspicious. don't think you're wasting our resources at all. let us check it out. >> ramsey also warned about increase dui patrols tonight to catch anyone who drinks and drives. this was ramsey's final scheduled news conference as the philadelphia police commissioner. sky force 10 is live over breaking news in philadelphia's hunting park. police say a woman has been shot. this is north 7th and cuyuga streets. no word on suspects or a motive. no more two-year contracts. that's the message from at&t. >> next, the shift in policy that will change how millions of people upgrade to a new phone. and later, the party's off, the last minute government appointed group of teenagers to cancel the bash they've been planning for months.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> the two-year cell phone contract is about to become virtually extinct. at&t will stop offering two-year contracts for wireless plans starting january 8th. at that time customers will only be able to buy new phones by paying full price or paying in installments. other carriers like verizon and sprint did away with two-year contracts back in august. today's the deadline for verizon or sprint wireless customers to file a claim over a refund over mobile cramming. earlier this year the two carriers reached a deal with the fcc. they must pay millions of dollars for billing customers for text messaging subscription services without their permission. both carriers are accused of charges as much as $14 a month for unwanted text services. the u.s. justice department
4:40 pm
is probing blue bell creameries over a listeria contamination linked to three deaths earlier this year. the d.o.j. is trying to figure out what company executives knew about bacteria in their plants and what they did in response. blue bell recalled its products in april after listeria was linked to its treats. the company resumed operations in november. president obama is ending 2015 on a humorous note. >> check it out. >> i do really well with the zero to 8 demographic. >> really? >> they love me. partly because i think my ears are big. >> next, see more of what happened when president obama joined jerry seinfeld for a new episode of the comedian's popular webisode. >> i'll break down your holiday weekend next in my forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> take a look from sky force 10 flying high over the delaware river, where it's almost time for the sugar house fireworks. this area will soon be packed with people. you can watch the sugar house fireworks display live from your living room here on nbc 10 coming up at 6:00. president obama is ending 2015 with a little humor. >> yeah, he tried to get a coffee with jerry seinfeld on seinfeld's popular web show, but the secret service wasn't having it. >> we're just going to go around for a quick coffee. we'll be right back. >> sorry, not possible. >> i do this show, comedians in cars getting coffee. >> you're commuting with the president, you're going nowhere, back it up. >> yes, sir. >> do you ever think about every person you talk to is putting on an act? a total show?
4:45 pm
>> it's a problem. >> i got to see that. the president and seinfeld drove around the white house grounds in a 1963 corvette stingray, beautiful car. they talked about the president's morning routine and even his underwear preferences. ended up inside the white house for a cup of coffee. the president used it as a platform to push his health care reform. got to see that episode, though. turning now to the eagles and fallout following chip kelly's abrupt end in philadelphia. >> we're hearing from the man who will temporarily take his place this weekend. comcast sportsnet's danny pommells has more on the unexpected transition under way. it will be interesting to see what shurmur does at the helm, at least temporarily, and who will get more playing time. >> one game to show what he's got. pieces still being picked up, offensive coordinator pat shurmur assumes the role of interim head coach sunday against the giants. here's shurmur today leading the
4:46 pm
eagles on the practice field. he said nothing has been normal about this week for him, the fans, for all the media, as well, and found out about the head coach's departure when he was called into the owner's office on tuesday. shurmur plans to carry on what some of what kelly left behind for his final game. >> you know, we started something in motion here, the players are used to doing things a certain way, and very many, many of the things we're doing, it's right. and so we're going to try to keep it as business as usual as it can be in a very odd week, and go out and put our best effort forward to beat the giants. >> coming up at 5:00, chip kelly has his supporters, bill belichick offers up some support for chip kelly and questions if getting rid of him was the right move. for now, danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and it will be dry but cold
4:47 pm
for that game on sunday, and it's going to be colder during the first week of january than it's been at any point during december, that's for sure. december ends mild, every single day above average with the temperatures. colder new year, not bitter cold yet, and a dry stretch. we've got some dry weather coming for quite a while, and we could use it. it's pretty wet in december, too. a lot of clouds out there at the moment, but no precipitation. 50 degrees, the wind 17 miles an hour, so making it feel a little bit cooler as we go through the evening hours. the high temperature, 52 degrees today, but only 46 tomorrow, then closer to the average of 41 over the weekend. and with sunshine, so that will help. the temperatures now 35 in mount pocono. we have a northwest wind, you saw that, 10 to 20 miles an hour, been gusty, too.
4:48 pm
43 in doylestown, quakertown, coatesville. 47 in trenton, 48 in ricetown, and some of the warmer spots towards the shore, 53 degrees in dover is the warm spot. and every place was a warm spot during the month of december. right around this, close to 14 degrees above average. virtually the whole eastern half of the country is like this, shattering records, city after city after city. and beating them by incredible amounts. but not in january. the clouds were around, as you can see here, so it will be a while before we see those things break up, even partially break up, nothing on radar, as you can see. and plenty clouds in the eastern half of the country, but nothing in the way of rain. and it's a good thing, because
4:49 pm
all sorts of terrible flooding in the middle of the country, too, and now in the southeast. as we go through the night tonight, partly cloudy skies, temperature drops to the upper 30s by midnight, but the wind diminishes, as well. so it won't feel that cold at midnight, then it's january 1st. and for the mummers, not too bad either, the wind picks up a little bit later on in the morning hours as the temperature gets up near 40 degrees. and that cold air that's going to be coming in, it's going to get re-enforced early next week. we really have some cold air that's going to be coming in here and considering how warm it was in december, it's going to be very uncomfortable for a lot of people. partly cloudy and colder tonight, 32 for the low in philadelphia. which is closer to average. partly sunny, mostly sunny tomorrow. breezy, colder, highs only in the mid 40s. and we're not seeing 50s anymore, are we? closer to average saturday,
4:50 pm
sunday, below average finally on monday, then even colder than that tuesday. that's the coldest day. temperatures in the 20s for three mornings in a row. >> glenn, thank you. 2015 is ending on a bit of a sour note for a group of delaware teenagers. >> delaware city leaders cancelled the festival they had planned for today. next, the mistake that forced them to call it off after months of planning.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
♪ >> happy new year! >> happy new year, happy oprah is what they said. 2015 has come and gone in hong
4:54 pm
kong, 2016 was ushered in with an impressive fireworks display. thousands gathered to watch in hong kong. and here's a live look at cape town, south africa, where they are just minutes away from ushering in 2016. the biggest new year's party in the entire country this year. in our area we're getting ready for the sugar house fireworks show that will air live here on nbc 10. take a look from sky force 10, this is the barge carrying all those fireworks that will be set off in just about an hour from now. you can watch it all here on nbc 10 coming up at 6:00. new year's eve celebrations can take months to plan, so when a group of local teenagers found out their hard work was for nothing, you can imagine their disappointment. >> the city council pulled a plug on the festival set for today at the last minute, leaving organizers stunned. tim furlong, party is a no go. >> reporter: before the
4:55 pm
reception, dover had big new year's eve night parties. >> singing, dancing, shows, things on the street. >> reporter: these teenagers wanted to have one tonight, planned for months, got artists and musicians to play for free, had a fireworks company set, then tuesday city council voted at the last minute no party. >> after months of planning, yeah, i'm pretty disappointed. >> reporter: on the phone today dover's mayor tells me he would love to see a party and insists the city did what it could, but probably started planning the event a little bit too late. he says the is needed to be dotted, ts needed to be crossed a whole lot earlier than they were and says it just wasn't going to happen. city government says the kids missed deadlines and didn't finish paperwork regarding liability and permitting. the kids tell me they believe some city leaders didn't want it to work. >> had they been checking on us and more involved, we would have known what we were missing and still needed. even though we know we didn't fail, you feel like that. they were looking down on you,
4:56 pm
hey, you're a kid. >> reporter: businesses had fun stuff planned for tonight, they are out of luck, so were moms like monica who were excited to have a family friendly event to ring in the new year. >> doesn't matter whose fault it was, it matters it's not happening now and now we don't have anything. >> reporter: in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we are counting down to the new year, but there's a big show coming up in just over an hour you don't want to miss either. >> tonight's new year's eve fireworks over the delaware river are set to be the biggest in philadelphia history. coming up, a look behind the scenes at the immense amount of preparation right on this barge. plus, attacked on her way home from the grocery store. how a 75-year-old woman tried to fight off a gunman. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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right now at 5:00, a 75-year-old woman shot and robbed on her way home from the grocery store. tonight, how she's doing and the search for the gunman. plus, inspired by isis. authorities arrest a man in upstate new york who was plotting to attack people on new year's eve. and it was fireworks of a different sort in dubai. after a massive fire engulfs an apartment building just hours before the city's new year's eve celebration. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now.
5:00 pm
despite the fire burning, dubai went on with its massive fireworks display. they celebrated the new year about two hours ago and right now are waiting for the new year to start in cape town, south africa. this is a live look at the city, where the fireworks will begin at any moment now. we'll try to bring them to you as soon as they begin. you know what, look at that. in the corner of your screen you see they are celebrating 2016. again, this is a live picture from cape town, south africa. let's talk about this. we want to get you ready for another big fireworks show closer to home. the sugar house new year's eve fireworks will begin just about an hour and if you can't make it down to penn's landing, you can watch it all here on nbc 10. nbc 10's george spencer is live at penn's landing for us to preview the show tonight in a place that you might want to be. rit,


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