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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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down here. we have a cameraman down. one second, "doc." you got him. you got him? okay. you got him. sorry, gentlemen. can't get my head setoff. >> mike: little consolation, but he is in good hands with don delnegro nearby. that's a game trooper hanging in there. >> eddie: the difference would be in that area of the bench and the normal setting of the arena in the national hockey league, you have the dividers with the glass with a bit of cover where pierre is standing now with the cameraman with nowhere to hide there. >> mike: pete is the gamer who now appears had a cut and some
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pain. getting tended to. the game goes on with the canadiens ahead 4-1. 25 seconds to go in the power play. around behind for fleischmann. loses to ferraro. and back. the last seven of the penalty kill. one shot on goal for montreal. pressure not on them. thrown by mcquaid. off spooner. guided across to petry. battled on near krug. jabbed on by gallagher. comes to krug again who hands to seidenberg. and back down and on goal. and held by condon.
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max pacioretty has enlarged the montreal lead to three goals here in period three. my plans while i'm sleeping. you'll never get my plans while i'm sleeping. (whispering) because i'm never sleeping. vo: boom beach. download for free. something we'll show you.. through small things.
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big things. and spur of the moment things. sheraton. ♪ >> mike: time now for the bridgestone performance moment: >> eddie: the very end of the second period. ryan spooner settles the puck down. allows mike condon without a stick to move right to left.
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make an incredible save. you see the numbers have gotten higher and better as this game has gone on. >> mike: learned yesterday morning he would be the starting goaltender in his home state. pretty exciting time for him. big patriots fan as well. >> pierre: so excited, his high school coach is here to watch him. he visits with him after the game win or lose. >> mike: all of a sudden carey price cannot play and the pressure shifts to him. there is some pressure in montreal. rolled around behind. michel therrien said it is like coaching the yankees. one change in your roster and it is in all of the newspapers. the big roster that was big time news was not a decision of his.
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it was brendan gallagher in and he scored a goal. under 7:30 to go and condon makes one more save. as they separate, we look ahead. wednesday night is rivalry night on nbcsn. sidney crosby and the penguins take on the blackhawks. coverage of the night you love to hate at 7:00 p.m. eastern on nbcsn. >> back-to-back in the burgh on tuesday night. they will be in the windy city for game two. >> pierre: never any animosity with those two. >> mike: leading across and drive by morrow would not go. fleischmann. crunch by connolly.
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jammed back in by petrano. on back in. they battle against the sea of black and gold in the stands. disappointed though they are. they had quite an experience today. the players don't want to talk about that. two points are up for grabs and the atlantic division lead. miller able to block that one down. delayed off-side. subban. and back down. morrow goes to get this. floated on and jabbed free and settled by eriksson and across for morrow. that one is held by condon as well. commissioner gary bettman talked about the places yesterday. notre dame being one for winter
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classic for an outdoor game. penn state is another. mr. olczyk, how about churchill downs? >> eddie: i'll meet you there. >> mike: i don't know anything about the dimensions there. would you put it on the back stretch? >> eddie: let me make a few calls. no. right in the center of the in-field of churchill with 150,000 people the first saturday in may. are we voting? i want to see america great again. i'll vote churchill downs. >> mike: okay. my vote has been taken. it was years ago about michigan stadium. i thought it would be fun to see there. i was correct on that one. this has been fun, too. around this one is ferraro. a lot of fun for the historic team, the montreal canadiens.
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>> eddie: big hit there on gallagher. >> mike: eriksson caught gallagher up high. probably on a follow through. so no penalty. pacioretty able to play it ahead. lost it to mcquaid. shoved it out. barberio got there. it was off-side. 5:26 to go. third period in the winter classic. the home team is still down by three. dear, why don't we switch to directv?
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>> mike: for viewers in new england, tune to comcast for extended coverage from gillette featuring our own mike milbury. twilight here. long ago, the lights on. taken along by fleischmann. >> eddie: the alumni win for the bruins yesterday. >> mike: part of the brain trust. just lost a linesman. it has been a rough day all along. especially near the benches. the canadiens predated the national hockey league.
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they came into being eight years before the nhl was founded. they won a stanley cup as members of the hockey association. in their history, they played once on friday, january 1st. all those years, 99 seasons in the nhl. it was 1926 and they lost 2-1 to the pittsburgh pirates. a franchise in the nhl at the time. they are winning here today and the current pirates have pitchers and catchers seven weeks from today. from talbot. he kicks it back. seidenberg able to blast it back in. five minutes to go. connolly skips it along. taken back up by eller. walked ahead and nudged for byron to lead around in front. unable to get a shot away because of the work of seidenberg as one of the canadiens' wingers.
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we get a halt of play behind rask. >> eddie: he told pierre in the bench interview in the second period when pierre posed a question about what do you like about your team. he said puck management. there hasn't been a lot of one-on-one play for the canadiens. it is two-on-one all afternoon. making smart decisions. that is a phrase of the national hockey league. puck management and an making right decisions with it when coaches talk about it. they have been really good all afternoon. >> pierre: they approach this game like a playoff game. and they wanted to change things and start 2016. >> eddie: the energy here at gillette stadium. it was electric. it was a playoff atmosphere. you get a guy like gallagher back and you both mentioned, now michel therrien able to slot guy
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where is they need to be and lines are cohesive. a guy that is small, but plays huge. he has been instrumental. >> mike: morrow. dropped back in. ferraro shoved off his man and through traffic and fed around behind. michel said it is like managing the yankees. the canadiens won a lot. they won 2 of the last 13. this is better than a single win because they take over first in the division and also because of the gravity of the stage getting gallagher back and into a new year and coming home. they have been on the road for a long time. >> eddie: and carey price has been traveling with them. the money goaltender. that is good news for them down the road. >> pierre: the last eight games prior to today.
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one goal less. i don't wear what goal tenders think. a lot of pressure on the goaltenders. >> mike: emerging is eriksson. kick to control and the feedback. rocketed back in by connolly and around it comes. the canadiens were about to make a change. thought the better of it for the moment until players get close enough to the bench to do it on the fly. chara back over to seidenberg. seidenberg filtered to spooner. and then back in. on back for beleskey. getting a stick on that is condon who has grown i immeasurably. >> eddie: nice pass by jimmy hayes. the opportunity right off the mask of condon.
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>> mike: fed to the back seidenberg. dished a little pass and back in. two players cancel. lars eller will take over there. and seidenberg will settle it down. >> eddie: more opportunity to do it. >> mike: one more game left between the two teams. but there seems to be just that inevitable likelihood they will meet in the playoffs. little early to say that, i know. especially when you have five teams in their division separated by two points at one time earlier in the week. >> eddie: could be a surprise. with a three-point game. >> mike: back in again. carr wanted to feed in front. spooner dished it along. eller prevailed enough to
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galchenyuk. and it is held by rask. and a little extra by hayes. >> eddie: lars eller. trying to pull the helmet off. last time we had a game in boston, we had a fight out of these two. >> mike: spontaneous fighting is tolerated in national hockey league. one of the things against it is visors. the last three years, all players coming into the league are forced to wear them. it doesn't stop the angry from
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making a point. 102 seconds to go. >> eddie: a chance to be in washington and i thought it was a fantastically well played game with a late goal going to the capitals. i think it helped the hawks too. the hawks win the cup. i think the canadiens can go on to win the cup. this is a huge spring board for the montreal canadiens. >> mike: it's been a while since they had this many. winter classics have always been one or two goal games. winner over loser. this one right now is three and there's one off the post and the rebound they score. it is now 5-1.
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>> eddie: that's the story line that hasn't gone away all afternoon. the montreal canadiens in face-off situations. paul byron with the puck and wastes no time jumping on it and slamming it home. the canadiens don't quit on the puck. byron gets it back. you have white sweaters going to the net. paul byron taking advantage and hammers it by tuukka rask. >> pierre: inside the dots. they moved it laterally board-to-board. took a pass about 12 yards. byron got inside the dots. it a four-goal lead. >> mike: no mike condon.
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mcquaid moves in. tried to play it on further. carr said no. second of the day for byron. the eighth winter classic. prior seven had no hat tricks. feet in front. the shot wouldn't go. bergeron through one. battle in front. condon was there. gets the whistle and play is stopped, but not the action. >> eddie: fleischmann and krug in the scrum away from the crease. >> pierre: mcquaid taking a close eye on that. keeping a close eye. >> eddie: very good acquisition. toms fleischmann. one thing you were talking about. that's why krug was not happy with that. he talked about the enhance
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depth. toms fleischmann brought in during the off season. he has done well. playing with dale weise. out of the lineup. >> mike: markplaying 20 years ie national hockey league. in the nhl out of the prairie university nearby. in the last 35, held back along by flynn. the snow now starting to get heavier. skipped on to the back. and lobbed back in. flynn kicks control. chara fed it back. emelin with it there. flynn. byron was in the shooting role. if they could have come to him, he was looking for the hat trick. beleskey brings it on in the last ten. and the montreal canadiens have come in to foxboro,
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massachusetts, and with the help of the hometown guide of 20 miles away have registered a decisive victory. it is not montreal-boston unless there is ill will sometimes. >> eddie: there's brian flynn. good hit by beleskey late in the game. there's flynn. a cheap shot by rinaldo. and the better team all afternoon was the canadiens. >> mike: it is a tradition that does occur in these games.
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most of the time it is honored and it will be today. they are thinking now about doing a handshake line. i believe they are being instructed that no, that's not happening. wait a minute. kind of interesting. apparently the issue is these things don't happen. they will raise their sticks to salute the fans at least. officials came over to patrice bergeron and it seems they were saying no it's not happening. anyway, the respective team salute the fans here. montreal with a victory, 5-1. the bruins head out on the road. one of the best road teams in the nhl at 11-3-2. montreal finally gets to come home. how about the hometown goaltender. mike condon with pierre. >> pierre: thank you, doc.
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what is it like playing in this environment? >> a surreal moment right now. grew up close to this stadium here. just a lot of fun. great venue. ice conditions were great. good team win for us. >> pierre: what was the message coming in to the game from the coaching staff? >> we wanted to stick to the process in the first period. we wanted to have a solid first 20 minutes and go from there. >> pierre: this has been a magical year for you so far. you can take us inside the process and how it evolved for you? >> it has been a crazy year so far. i haven't stopped to smell the roses or think about it yet. a lot of fun and looking forward to what's next. >> pierre: coach martin is waiting for you by the locker room. good luck. >> i appreciate it. >> mike: from wheeling of the east coast hockey league to hamilton of the ahl. the montreal canadiens of the nhl. darn near a shutout. darn for him. 5-1, montreal.
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it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. >> mike: just 22 miles southwest of boston. this town in foxboro and facility that has been host the winter classic. gillette stadium. a combined total of 58 shots on goal today. the nhl foundation contributes $11,600 to ronald mcdonald charities. and the honda pilot touring goes
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to the ronald mcdonald house in boston. the honda and nhl, the biggest assist happens off the ice. thing i liked about the day was the ice. the ice was magnificent. aided by the fact that we didn't have sunshine and no delays. a couple of times once in philadelphia and once in washington. it was fast. it benefitted p.k. subban's team today. >> eddie: doc, when you have an event like this, it takes it back to the grassroots of the game. that is the mind set. the players play outdoors and you have a setting like this and to have the conditions like this with both on here, it makes for perfect conditions. one team was way better today.
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montreal canadiens and brendan gallagher coming back after being out was a catalyst with the goal unassist. and mike condon made a good save against patrice bergeron to keep it at 3-1. and max pacioretty. the new englander. top shelf and hometown boy is the winning goaltender. what a way to kickoff 2016. >> mike: it was a lot of fun. we hope you enjoyed it. thanks for watching the 2016 bridgestone nhl winter classic. once again, our final score, the montreal canadiens, 5, the boston bruins, 1. reminder, sunday night is football night. america's game of the week is in green bay. as the vikings and packers battle for the nfc north crown at lambeau field. coverage with football night in
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america at 7:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. for our crew, mike emrick saying so long from foxboro.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news at 4:00, rescuers and neighbors are searching for a missing child with autism in allentown. no one has seen this little boy here on your screen for 17 hours. plus, the death of grammy award winning singer natalie cole. we will look at the life and legacy of the r and b artist. we begin with a search happening right now for the missing child in the valley. >> last seen about 11:00 last
4:31 pm
night and they have been searching ever since to find him. randy gyllenhaal is live with more on the efforts to find this little boy. randy? >> reporter: we are standing near the command post, i can tell you right now it is getting very cold, it's starting to get dark again and we're looking at another night of searching. over here you can see neighbors who have gathered. you can see that generator and the lights being set up indicating this search will go into the night, unless this boy is found soon. let me show you his picture. 5-year-old boy who disappeared last night during his family's new year's eve party and police say he was not wearing a coat or socks. since then a very large effort under way to locate him. early this morning police began knocking on doors, waking up neighbors asking them to look in sheds and backyards.
4:32 pm
police say this child is autistic, may be scared and hiding from the search team, so they are asking people on the east end of allentown not to scream out his name, not to go after him. if they see him, they should call 911. >> he is autistic, 5-year-old autistic boy, who is generally afraid of people, so we're asking people that if you were to come across him, that you do not call out his name, don't yell to him. just call us so we can get there as quickly as possible and try to secure him. >> reporter: some things that are a part of the search effort here, there is a creek or a river that winds itself around the neighborhood, that is being searched by police helicopters, also k-9s out here looking for him and there is a train in this neighborhood, train tracks in the area, so they are searching some of the train trestles and some of the cars that have been on those tracks. again, this search more than 17 hours old now and seems to keep going into the night as it is getting colder. for now live in allentown, randy
4:33 pm
gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> we'll check in with you later. thank you. now to center city, where protesters joined in the parade route as the mummers strutted down broad street marching and chanting the name of the black lives matter movement. the view from sky force 10 there shows some clashing with police. nbc 10's mitche blacher is live where the protest actually started. hey, mitch. >> reporter: hey, you know, for days we've been hearing on social media about plans for a massive protest that the city of philadelphia would not be able to ignore. instead pockets of protesters lined the parade route. sky force 10 captured the dramatic moments as protesters pushed towards the fence, police pushed back, detaining at least one protester. police told us there were a few dozen protesters roaming the city in pockets, mainly peacefully. >> this movement here has changed the conversation a lot. >> reporter: lucy duncan said she's been in no less than 30
4:34 pm
black lives matter protests, saying she's here for her black friends that are scared for their children. >> it feels like there's -- >> reporter: the protesters are here to make a statement about more than how police treat african-american communities. the signs mention minimum wage and immigration issues. >> also refugee lives matter, homeless lives matter, veterans lives matter. >> reporter: he says there's a reason the protesters picked the mummers, it's more than disrupting a philadelphia tradition. it's more all the people and the press. >> i was a mummer, been a mummer twice and i love it, but at the same time there are things inside of us, systemic racism, that go on that i'm not okay with. >> reporter: now, the protesters claim that at least 1,000 people across the country have been murdered in police-involved shootings over the past years. we checked the stats here in
4:35 pm
philly, where police-involved shootings have continued to go down every year since 2012. live in center city tonight, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 2016 is off to a chilly start. here's a live look at blue mountain in the poconos, where it's beginning to actually get cold enough to start thinking about skiing. after the mild december, january is starting to feel like it should this time of year. >> let's turn to first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. you heard randy gyllenhaal say in the lehigh valley, starting to get cold out there. >> yes, we've only just begun to feel like winter around here, and the clouds that are around will prevent the temperature from dropping even more quickly than it would if it was clear out there. there are some snow flurries in central pennsylvania, a couple of flurries in the poconos, as well, just a sign that more typical winter weather is back. 28 degrees in mount pocono now, 30s north and west, 41 degrees
4:36 pm
in philadelphia. and we have had some wind, it's been gusting over 25 miles an hour, and the wind chill in reading is 27. 14 in mount pocono. we haven't seen numbers like this for quite a while, and as we go through the night, the wind is going to diminish a little bit and the temperature dropping, 35 by midnight in philadelphia, closer to 30 in some of the suburbs, but that's nothing compared to some of the cold that's in the seven-day forecast that's coming up in a few minutes. the music world is mourning the death of singer natalie cole today. the daughter of legendary singer nat king cole passed away last night at the age of 65. ♪ ♪ unforgettable ♪ unforgettable >> one of her most famous songs, of course, "unforgettable," what you're hearing right now. it was made famous first by her father, then cole released the duet with him after his death
4:37 pm
thanks to technology. it's not clear how cole died yet, but she battled ongoing health issues that included addiction, hepatitis, which forced her to undergo a kidney transplant in 2009. she was famous for hits like "this will be," "inseparable," and "our love." "natalie fought a fierce, courageous battle, dying how she lived, with dignity, strength, and honor. our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain unforgettable in our hearts forever." new video shows the moments a gunman opened fire in tel aviv. two people are dead and several others hurt. police say the man pictured here sat at a popular bar before he started shooting. the shooting caused panic in a popular part of town. police are trying to figure out whether the shooting was related to terrorism. the shooting comes after months of palestinian attacks against
4:38 pm
israeli civilians and soldiers. seven injured are in the hospital, where the mayor of tel aviv came to visit them, saying lessons will be learned from this incident to increase security. the gunman is still on the loose. this year's mummers parade is strutting down broad street with a few changes. still ahead, additions to the tradition, following complaints of insensitivity.
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♪ the mummers have taken over
4:41 pm
philadelphia, from market to broad, the streets are lined with people taking in the unusual sights and musical sounds of the city's annual parade. >> nbc 10's deanna durante is live in center city. deanna, how is it down there? >> reporter: it's an amazing day down here. it's nice and quiet because it's the holiday. many people here are now finding their way home or following the mummers down broad street, celebrating the new year. ♪ from bugs and bees, to toys. >> i know it's the mummers parade, lot of guys in dresses. >> it's fun, really is, the feathers and the glitter, it's just exciting. >> reporter: many lined the streets before dawn to get a good spot. >> happy new year to everybody. >> reporter: even 7-year-old tamir says he always watches the parade at home. >> i saw a lot of people, and beads. >> reporter: you got some beads, huh? >> yes. >> reporter: he's not the only little kid out for his first mummers parade.
4:42 pm
9-month-old nicolas is doing his part to cheer on dad in the parade. >> every year, one just went to los angeles, she used to come with me, she's 26. >> reporter: her youngest already dancing, she like so many say they just love the mummers. >> i can't even explain it, you know, i used to work for 30 years right at 19th and market, and i always worked on holidays. as soon as i got off, i couldn't wait to see the fancy. >> reporter: the tradition is showing no signs of stopping, it's growing. although the parade route has changed, the brigades and bands and comics are all stopping at washington and south broad in this year's effort to include more bands and performers and ethnic backgrounds. >> different cultures and everything makes it really more fun. yeah, more engaging, too. >> reporter: of course, the event is not yet over. if you want to see the fancy brigades, head over to the convention center. they are starting their next
4:43 pm
show at 5:00. that is the very latest live in center city, deanna durante, nbc 10 news will continue after this.
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>> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> so now it's starting to feel more like winter. this is just the beginning. it's 28 in mount pocono, 30s westchester, pottstown, allentown, reading, trenton at 39. mount holly 39, glassboro 38 degrees, and barely above 40 in dover, where we were in the 50s yesterday. we have wind on top of it, so it feels like it's in the 20s in reading. teens in the poconos. and 30s across the rest of the area. so we ended out the month of december smashing records, 13.7 degrees above normal. we beat the record, beat the all-time record by almost seven degrees, unheard of. and the temperatures actually
4:47 pm
were more typical of savannah, georgia, in december. now the cold air has come in, seasonably cold, but as we go toward monday and tuesday it's going to be a lot colder than that. arctic surge, a brief arctic surge coming in for a couple of days, then that eases up. and then it's back to more typical winter, at least for a while. a lot of clouds around during the day today once again, but there's hardly any precipitation, few snow flurries in the poconos and in central pennsylvania, generally dry pattern across much of the country, and so we have a dry forecast out here as we go through the night tonight, temperatures dropping into the 20s in much of the area. you can see, especially north and west, and then tomorrow during the day barely getting into the 40s.
4:48 pm
similar story for sunday, then monday it starts getting colder. for the night tonight, it's clearing, it's colder, 30 for the low in philadelphia, 25 north and west, the wind will be diminishing, and tomorrow a lot of sunshine, breezy, and seasonably cold. high temperatures in the low 40s, especially with the wind making it feel even colder. and then look how cold it gets on monday. all right, so sunday is just about as cold as saturday, but it's windier. then we drop ten degrees, plus have a stronger wind on monday. then by tuesday we're in the teens, even in philadelphia, maybe lower teens in the suburbs, single digits in the poconos, and wind chills even lower than those numbers. very cold wednesday morning, and then we are coming closer to ank again. and no prescription until next friday. >> glenn, thank you. septa hopes all of its officers who wear body cameras
4:49 pm
in about a week. the police chief tweeted out this picture of all the cameras being handed out today inside those boxes. some officers trained last week may even wear the cameras tonight. the trenton authority spent almost $300,000 on the cameras. each officer's in charge of activating the camera to record any incidents. from our south jersey bureau, it is a devastating start to the new year for a burlington county family. a fire overnight destroyed their home in evesham. the flames broke out after midnight. everyone made it out safely, luckily. no word on how this fire started. and one person was injured trying to escape flames coming out of this north philadelphia row home last night. the fire started around 1:00. investigators are still looking into what sparked the fire. saving lives one smoke detector at a time. today the philadelphia fire department said it had its lowest number of fire deaths in its history in 2015.
4:50 pm
12 people died last year compared to 32 the year before. fire prevention efforts are credited in part to this year's success. in 2015 the department installed nearly 11,000 smoke alarms in homes across the city. from our lehigh valley bureau, a man who tripped on a carpet at the sands casino resort wants $150,000 in damages. he says he tripped on a carpet inside the bethlehem casino back in may. he fell over a raised portion of the carpet and injured his hip. the lawsuit says he continues to need medical care. a spokesperson for sands didn't immediately return a call for comment. speaking of casinos, the borgata plans a big addition in 2016, planning to open a new $14 million nightclub. the borgata's already atlantic city's most successful casino and it plans to add its first new club in more than a decade.
4:51 pm
premier nightclub will debut this spring. they want the attraction to rival the hot spots in new york, las vegas, and miami. we'll be right back.
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running full steam into a chilly atlantic ocean. that's how people started their new year's day down on the shore. ted greenberg was there for all the cold action. >> reporter: well, today is certainly a bit cooler than it's been lately, but when you consider the ocean water temperature is about 50 degrees, this annual tradition certainly could be a lot worse. it's a sprint into wintertime waves to welcome a brand new year.
4:55 pm
>> i'm 55, i thought what the hell? why not? >> reporter: in ocean city, close to 1,000 people dove head first into 2016 with a january dip in the ocean, including lindsey and mike. >> cold. >> reporter: the couple just tied the knot here last night, so today they took the plunge, along with most of their wedding party. >> it's great, it's super fun, it's a great first thing to do when you get married. >> reporter: the dip in the atlantic was the largest of at least four new year's day polar plunges to benefit a variety of causes. >> this year was warmer, because this winter has been really warm. i appreciate it. >> i checked it off my bucket list. it was awesome. >> reporter: atlantic city polar bear club raised money for the multiple sclerosis association of america and living beyond breast cancer, while marking a milestone, its 25th plunge. >> we want to come out and do something different, make it a little bit good.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: ocean city's event benefits the hero campaign, which works to prevent drunk driving by promoting designated driving. >> it warms our hearts to know so many people are out here for a good cause, as well as to have a refreshing dip in the ocean. >> it's for a great cause, we love to run, never done it before, so as a new married couple, great to try something new. >> reporter: by the way, that couple is headed to bali for their honeymoon, where they'll surely get to enjoy much warmer water. in ocean city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00 we'll get a live update from allentown, where the search continues for a missing boy with autism. we'll have the latest on that. plus, bill cosby had nothing to say as he entered a montgomery county courtroom earlier this week, and now for the first time since his arrest he's sending a message to the public. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> protesters confront police and the public during the mummers parade. how it led to tension and several arrests. right now we begin with the search for a missing boy in allentown. police and neighbors have been out all day trying to find the 5-year-old boy who has autism. he went missing around 11:00 last night. police say he wandered away from a new year's eve party with his family.
5:00 pm
nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is following that search and joins us live from allentown. randy, what's the latest where you are now? >> reporter: keith, they just dispatched another team of k-9 dogs and blood hounds to search for the missing boy. unfortunately, so far no good news to report. one of the blood hounds here coming back to the command center where we're at right now. this is where the allentown police department is coordinating this search effort looking for this 5-year-old boy, looking for any sign of him, he went missing last night during his family's new year's eve party and he was not wearing a coat, shoes, or socks and it's getting freezing cold out here. since then a very large search effort to look for him. early this morning police were knocking on doors, asking neighbors to look in their sheds and backyards. police say this is a child with autism. he may be scared, he may be hiding from the search team, so they don't want


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