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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  January 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors before 5:30 on this saturday. michelle? >> it's cold. temperatures below freezing in many, many spots. it feels colder than it is. we're going to deal with wind chills all weekend long. temperatures mainly in the 40s, but colder monday and tuesday. right now, though, looking at temperatures mainly in the 20s and 30s, mainly below freezing in the area, 31 in philadelphia, 30 in wilmington, 33 in allentown, and even south and east, temperatures are cold. 25 in millville, and 29 in atlantic city, and 32 in dover, delaware. the winds are anywhere from 5-10 miles per hour. we'll be breezy later on this afternoon. not too bad right now, but we are dealing with a wind chill. nonetheless, 26 degrees is what it feels like in philadelphia. it feels like 15 degrees in mount pocono and seeing light
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snow in parts of the poconos. it feels like 29 degrees in atlantic city. the wind direction from the northwest, that fwlcold flow fr canada all day long. a cold day today, breezy through the the afternoon. winds 5-10 miles per hour, but by later on this afternoon, we're going to see them closer to 15 miles per hour and gusting higher than that. we're going to feel like the 30s for most of us throughout the day. plan the saturday, we're going to plan on partly cloudy skies by 8:00, 32 degrees at the freezing mark, and by lunchtime, decreasing clouds, mostly sunny skies, 40 degrees, breezy at that point, and 4:00 this afternoon, mostly sunny, 42, cold, breezy. a cold day today, temperatures in the 40s, but a lot of sun, and, tonight, out and about on your saturday night, we're going to see temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s again. sunday, close to what we saw today, and monday and tuesday, that's going to be a big, big difference.
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arctic blasts that's nearing us, temperatures in the 20s, and tuesday, temperatures top out at 28 degrees, but we'll keep it dry all week long with sun in place. nice stretch of dry weather before we bring in wet weather by the end of the workweek, friday, temperatures cold, but the chance of rain coming in on friday, extending into the weekend. more about that, the cold weekend, and that frigid blast monday and tuesday coming up. we begin this morning from the lee high valley. right now, police are searching for a missing 5-year-old boy who has autism. according to investigators, he has already spent over 24 hours outside alone in the frigid temperatures. he ran from a new year's eve party barefoot and without a coat. police were searching through the night, in the air, and on the ground. volunteers were told to look inside sheds and porches and to be careful as he's most likely hiding and afraid.
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police told volunteers not to go in the woods because it could throw off the k-9 unit that's trying to pick up the boy's scent. the family is trying to figure out what caused him to run awy.. >> playing with the toys like he was supposed to with the other kids, just downstairs, and left out of nowhere. i don't know what he's going through. i'm really scared that something happened to him. >> search crews have been focusing on the lee high river. officials believe some children with autism are drawn to the water. police at the command post tell nbc 10 while they kept some officers actively searching the area overnight, the official search picks up at daybreak, and when that happens, there will be search dogs and more officers on the ground. it is one of philadelphia's oldest traditions, and, again, kicked off the new year in style.
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♪ the mummers strutted down broad street yesterday for the 116th year. new this year, the philadelphia division, which was added to increase diversity. the division included two new hispanic performance groups, a black drill team, and lgbt miss fancy brigade. protesters joined the parade route marching and chaptering in the name of the black lives matter movement. some clashed with the police. protesters say they chose the mummers because they believe there's racism in the parade. two were arrested for disorderly conduct and the other for disrupting a procession. that was not the only controversy yesterday. a man says some attacked him shouting homophobic slurs. he was taking care of his parent's dog on new year's day, out walking the dog at south and broad street when men with
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mummers gear poked fun of the dog. they said the confrontation es ka collated to slurs, and he tells us there were young children around, so he asked the men to stop. he claims that's when the men attacked him. he hopes police will do something following his attack so that next year's parade is safer for everyone. another incident at the parade shared online upset spectators, blurring this man's face until we can reach him for comment. he held a sign, and mayor-elect called it hurtful and insult. that transcitizens do not deserve. movements of every officer will be recorded while on duty. the police chief tweeted out a picture yesterday of body cam a cameras handed out to the
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officers, some trained last week may start wearing them as soon as today. every officer should be ready to use within the week. the transit authority spent almost $300,000. each officer is in charge of activating the camera to record any incidents. now to hamilton township where a vip guest took part in the mayor's swearing in ceremony. >> i do solemnly swear -- >> that's u.s. supreme court justice samuel alito administering the oath of office. he graduated from princeton university. she was reelected last november to a full four year term. she's held the office since 2012. 2016 is here, looking ahead to the stories that will be
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making headlines in the coming year. more on that. plus, worrier workout. what prompted a gym to raise money and donate equipment to a military base in iraq.
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all right. welcome back. bundle up this morning. temperatures below freezing in many, many spots, feeling like the 20s in a lot of spots. this is good news. we're making snow in the pocono mountains, real stuff too in some parts. light snow is falling, flurries in the poconos. we love to hear that and love they are able to make snow in the cold temperatures. looking at temperatures 10-15 degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. 10 degrees colder in philadelphia. 12 colder in millville, and 5 degrees colder in mount pocono, feeling like 15 degrees now in mount pocono.
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mainly below freezing in the area, 31 in philadelphia, 29 in chester springs. you are waking up to a chilly 27 degrees in kenneth square. north and west, temperatures in the 30s as well, freezing in quakertown, pottstown, 26, and 28 in oxford, 29 at atlantic city airport, and 35 degrees in beach haven. temperatures in the freezing mark, 32 degrees, lunchtime, temperatures finally get into the 40s, 41, and topping out at 43, and it's right back to low 40s at 4:00, and eventually into the 30s. more about the cold weather this week and colder to start out the workweek all coming up. with the colder temperatures, we're seeing, it's starting to feel like ski weather. in the pocono mountains, cam camelback will reopen, lifts open for skiers and snow borders monday. conditions are finally favorable for making snow.
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today, you can learn about history in dover. the old state house at 25 the green will present tales tombstones tell, examining history found on grave markers throughout delaware. that program begins at 1:00 this afternoon. now, a look at the business headlines for the past week and the past year. cnbc has more. >> what was the biggest business story of 2015? associated prez says it's china's economic slow down causing shock waves in global markets, triggering the biggest story of the year, the collapse of commodity prices. oil and gas plummeted as supply outstripped demand. steel and copper dropped sharply as demand from china e vap rated. gas prices lowest levels, and aaa says they paid less for gas in 2015 an 2014, or $550 less
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per driver. hover board fires making headlines. investigators are looking into 22 reported fires in 17 state, receiving 70 reports of injuries that required emergency room treatment. there's a possible sign of weakness, following strong growth for 2015. the national association of realtors says home inventories remain tight, and prices are rising faster than incomes. get all your business news on cnbc, and happy 2016. >> the time now is 542 on this saturday. the eagles are getting ready for the giants on sunday in the season finale, why the birds say there's plenty to play for, plus, one player's candid comments on the firing of chip kelly next in sports.
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overnight, indian troops killed four gunmen who entered an air force base near the border with pakistan and exchanged fire with security
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forces. at least two indian soldiers killed in the shootout. the helicopter fired in an area inside the airport base. shots were also heard from inside the base. rescuers drilling relief well to reach 17 trapped miners after crews discovered several the miners alive on wednesday, they began drilling two relief wells. one well collapsed thursday night, and now they are working on a third. the well drilling process is a slow operation so it could be a few more days until the rescuers reach miners. back here in the u.s., a gym in seattle, washington raised enough money to buy workout equipment for a military base in iraq. the gym pitched in when they learned one of their instructors, deployed to the combat zone, can't do crossfit workouts to keep him in shape so gym owners decided to order set of weights and other cross fit equipment to ship to the base
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near baghdad hoping the equipment provides a nice break from the stresses of combat, not only for their friend, but others in the unit. >> chris has given so much, not only to our country, but to the community here, and we want to do something to give back to chris. >> the donors are shipping the equipment through a company that has experience getting fitness gear to combat zones. as we welcome 2016, we are taking a look at big stories that will be making headlines this year. here's nbc's tim furlong. >> reporter: hello, 2016, good-bye, 2015, a good year for some. for others? >> it was awful. >> layoff notices for 1700 dupont workers, and more fear more and more terrorism like in paris, hearing more about isis, and pennsylvania might get a budget just in time to debate the following year's budget, and in 2016, we might see some snow. i e say, might. >> i want snow because i think
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you got to have it. >> reporter: we'll laugh together in viral videos. >> come on. >> reporter: after hosting the pope, philadelphia and the new mayor in the spotlight hosting the democratic national convention, a year we pick a new president. looking like it's hillary clinton against the donald. >> just because he's the guy to get things done. wouldn't be politics as usual. >> reporter: abysmal sports teams could improve, or maybe not. >> eagles good again this year? no. >> reporter: they are making big changes. >> i love the eagles, and they are going to be good again. flyers look like a team, and philadelphialys back to being mediocre, and the sixers -- >> another heart breaker. >> reporter: well, i don't know. they'll be here. hopefully, we'll all be here, happy and healthy in 2016, enjoying our family, friends, and work, so what do you say we get this thing going and rock
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2016? from all of us at nbc 10, i'm tim fur jr. long wishing you and yours a very happy new year. a new year, a new mayor. jim kenney sworn in as the 99th mayor of philadelphia monday morning. a number of leaders gather at the academy of music for the inauguration ceremony, and afterwards, he skips the inaugural ball throwing a block party instead with a food truck and students from the philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts will perform. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, we're starting out in the 20s and 30s this morning, a cold start to the day, 10 degrees cold ir compaer compare time yesterday. close to normal, finally, 41 is normal this time of year, and monday and tuesday colder than the weekend. weather headlines on your saturday morning, back to the
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winter-like feel, yeah, winter today, dressily as you head out this morning, even colder on monday and tuesday, and tuesday's high topping out just in the 20s, we are looking at a dry stretch, good news, lots of sun throughout the next couple of days, and it's not really until friday where we have clouds and chance for some rain even. 3 is 1 now in philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies, cloud cover, but we'll see mostly sunny later on this afternoon. winds southwest at 5 miles per hour, and 10 degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. again, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, above freezing in allentown as well as reading at the freezing mark in pottstown, 31 in philadelphia, and south and east, in thes and 20s, and right at the freezing mark in dover, delaware. a cold start. feeling colder than it is with a little wind in place right now, breezy later on this afternoon, right now, winds anywhere from 5-10 miles per hour. feels like the teens in mount pocono. 26 in philadelphia. feeling like 28 inning.
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feels like 25 now in millville, new jersey. we are still dark outside. mostly cloudies, coal start today, and breezy out there,ier later on this afternoon. winds northwest, cold flow from canada bringing down cold air, and winds anywhere from 5-10 miles per hour, 8 miles per hour in allentown, and this afternoon, up to 15 miles per hour. today, lots of sun by this afternoon. it will be a cold one, though, will be breezy, so feeling colder than it actually is, and then tonight, as you head out for saturday night plans, wear the layers. temperatures dropping back into the 20s, back into the 30s, and sunday, again, lots of sun, kicking up winds higher than today, probably closer to 20 miles per hour. today's forecast around the area, 33 degrees a high, this morning in mount pocono, and we're seeing temperatures in the 20s and flurries in the poconos, light snow. 39 in allentown later on this
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afternoon. 40 in doylestown. this afternoon, in the south and east, 44 in atlantic city, 42 degrees this afternoon, and then closer to the city, temperatures topping out at 43 degrees with mostly sunny skies. seven day forecast. 43 today, 43 on sunday with, windy on sunday, and look at monday and tuesday, and colder monday, temperatures around 33 degrees, and tuesday, just 28 degrees that's well below normal this time of year, coldest we've been all season long, but we're going to rebound to the 40s by wednesday. 41 after a cold start. more clouds thursday, 46. friday, clouds come in, chance of rain, also, 42. the 76ers kick off the new year on the road with a loss. they played the lakers in l.a. the last time these two teams met, the sixers marked the first win beating lakers. that win ended the longest
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losing streak in the nba, 28 games. last night, it was the lakers who came out on top. the final? 8 84-93. they play the clippers tonight. >> good morning to you. the eagles still have a game to play. cornerback byron maxwell and benny logan ruled out for sun y sunday's action. the team has prepared this week under interim head coach, and despite both teams out of the playoffs, eagles there's plenty to play for in the game. >> the season has not bng what we wanted, failed season in our eyes, so as a player, you go out there and, ultimately, you're going to be auditioning for next coach, and people are prideful about that. >> the title, preparing for the giants, and they have done a good job of being candid, open,
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out prompt, talking about the elephant in the room and putting it behind us. we have a job to do, and, you know, we have a big impact, and in this weekend, and that's all we focus on. the rest of it takes care of itself soon enough. yeah, now, to the elephant in the room, as you heard jenkins reference, kelly no longer the head coach headed into the finale stories trickled out, and they opened up about the season and first moves made by the now former he coach. >> the biggest thing to me is i've been through two seasons where you've seen a collapse or a down fall of some teams, and both offseasons, there was tremendous change, by change, free agency. i think i've realized through these two instances that trust and chemistry are more important than i ever understood. this is the dream team too. boston college action, rose
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bowl in pasadena, granddaddy of them all, and mckaffery, more game than monopoly, catches the pass, and he's gone, 75 yards to the house. back to return the punt, and look at how he makes people miss, takes it the distance. finishing with the rose bowl record, 368 all purpose yards and two touches, making his parents proud. stanford beats iowa, 45-16. the winter classic, not a good day for the bruins. the canadiens trump the bruins 5-1. that's sports. i'm danny pommells.
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struggling families in philadelphia started 20 as much with a special dinner. the chosen 300 ministries served
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up a new year's day feast in west philadelphia yesterday. many families say they choose between paying rent or buying groceries. they say dinners like this make a real difference. a newborn girl in burlington county gets the title of baby new year. take a look. this is madison, born at 12:01, and mom and baby are doing very well. the time now is 5:57 on saturday. police look for a missing 5-year-old boy with autism. we check in with monique braxton, live in allentown where the boy won't missing, monique? >> reporter: as you can see, police have maintained a command post here as the search becomes desperate with freezing temperatures and no sign of the autistic child. an update after the break.
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it's a cold start this morning, a live look outside. we are looking from our melon camera, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, a cold weekend and colder to start the workweek. more about that and seven day coming up.
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right now, search crews in the lee high valley are looking for a missing 5-year-old boy who has autism. we're live at the police command post where the child vanished on new year's eve with an update on today's strategy. we are haoff to a cold star for the weekend, and the wind makes it feel like winter. whether you like it or not. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connor, and it's 6:00 on saturday. michelle grossman is tracking the frigid temperatures this morning. i can't believe i'm seeing temperatures in the 20s, michelle. >> i know. it's cold. temperatures in the 20s flurries in the poconos, so, yes, feels like winter this morning and feels like winter this afternoon, but not as cold as monday and tuesday, and temperatures mainly in the 20s and 30s, below freezing in philadelphia on this saturday mo


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