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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now, search crews in the lee high valley are looking for a missing 5-year-old boy who has autism. we're live at the police command post where the child vanished on new year's eve with an update on today's strategy. we are haoff to a cold star for the weekend, and the wind makes it feel like winter. whether you like it or not. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connor, and it's 6:00 on saturday. michelle grossman is tracking the frigid temperatures this morning. i can't believe i'm seeing temperatures in the 20s, michelle. >> i know. it's cold. temperatures in the 20s flurries in the poconos, so, yes, feels like winter this morning and feels like winter this afternoon, but not as cold as monday and tuesday, and temperatures mainly in the 20s and 30s, below freezing in philadelphia on this saturday morning, 31 degrees, just 25 in
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mount poke know, and 31 in read, 25 in lancaster, and south and east also very cold, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, 23 degrees, that's the actual air temperature in millville, 26 in lant tick city, and freezing in. we have a breeze this morning. we're breezy throughout the afternoon. feels colder than it is. wind chills back into the v vocabulary here. 25 in allentown, feels like 23 in lancaster, and wind chill in philadelphia, 25, and feels like 21s in atlantic city. throughout the afternoon, temperatures rise to 34 degrees, by 9:00, still very cold, and then by lunch time, 1:00, looking at temperatures, finally into the 40s, topping out at 43 degrees, and then we're going to bump down into the 30s, so by 4:30, 40 degrees, and saturday night plans, back into the 30s.
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ewe need the layers tonight and sunday. windy day sunday and colder monday and tuesday with responsible temperatures not getting out of the 20s tuesday. more on that an your seven day coming up. happening now, searchers looking for a missing 5-year-old who has autism. police say the boy has already spent more than a day out in the cold alone. nbc is live at the police command post in allentown with more on the hunt. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. police maintained a presence in the community overnight, and they tell us as soon as the sun rises, volunteers return to help them search for the little boy. as temperatures dipped overnight, the family and authorities grow more concerned about where he is and how he's handling the freezing temperatures. our camera captured every step of the frantic search for this 5-year-old near south and aubrey streets. the child disappeared from his
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aunt's house in the 200 block of east union street on new year's eve. we watched as choppers searched the lee high river. police say autistic children are drawn to water. a k-9 team and blood hounds searched the area. the wolf pack search and recovery team arrived with a drone to see areas that are not easily accessible on foot. >> a little 5-year-old boy out there with no coat, no shoes, and we need to get him home. >> reporte >> reporter: while police tell us they have surveillance video showing the boy out in the street, but then he mysteriously vanishes. police say he may be hiding and afraid. police suggest that people look in their sheds and their porches and call police because he may be too afraid to approach anyone that he does not know.
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we're having technical difficulties and we apologize, but we'll have another update for you in a half hour. live from allentown, b.c. 10 news. >> thank you. philadelphia kicked off 2016 in style with one of the oldest traditions, the mummers parade. ♪ the fancy brigades wrapped up the day of competition. they performed last night at the pennsylvania convention center.5 ♪ earlier yesterday, they strutted down broad street for the 116th year of the parade. new this year, the philadelphia division, added to increase diversity. this division included two new h h hispanic groups and more. >> i hope to be a part of the
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parade, you know, for the next year and more years coming up. >> the philadelphia division kicked off the parade this year. organizers hope more groups join the division next year. protesters also joined the parade route yesterday marching and chanted in the name of the black lives matter movement. some clashed with police. the activists tell us there's a reason they chose the mummers. >> i was a mummer. i've been a mummer twice, and i love it, but at the same time, there are things inside of it, systemic racism, that go on, that i'm just not okay with, that simply aren't okay. >> police arrested two people, one for disorderly conduct, the other for disrupting a procession. that was not the only controversy at the parade yesterday. a man says some mummers attacked him shouting homophobic slurs. he was caring for his parent's job on new year's day, walking the dog at south and broad streets when men with face paint and mummers gear made fun of the dog. he said the confrontation
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escalated to homophobic slurs, there were young children around, asking the men to stop, and he claims that's when the men attacked him. >> he seemed like drunken idiots, peeing in the alley, trying to be very offensive, and they were very offensive. >> he says he hopes police will do something following his attacks so that next year's parade is safe for everyone. another mummers' group is facing criticism for performing in brown face. performers wore ponchos and come br sombrero sombrer sombreros. a judge ruled against the comedian bill cosby's wife ordering her to sit for a deposition in one of the civil suits against her husband. attorneys for her plan to appeal that ruling. the 71-year-old will be deposed by lawyers representing seven of
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the women who claim that bill cosby drugged and sexually asau asated them. they believe the testimony is key to the lawsuits. using social media, the embattled comedian broke silence for the first time since arrest earlier this week. a message from cosby's twitter account read, friends and fans, thank you. didn't take long for people to respond, but much of it was not positive for the comedian. one person wrote, i get the friends and fans things, bill, but what do you say to the victims? another response, wow, what about us ex-fans with a common sense respect for women? there were those in support of cosby and others willing to give him the benefit of the doubt like this user who wrote, wasn't aware he'd be tried and found guilty. isn't it innocent until proven guilty? we could hear from him in two weeks, scheduled for a hearing in montgomery county, and
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exterritories say the hearing will likely be pushed at the request of the defense. when the hearing takes place, the prosecution lays out the case against cosby. proximate results can present evidence and call witnesses. >> they have to show enough evidence that a crime was committed, and accused may have been the one to do it. it's a bit over 50% of a burden on the commonwealth, meaning the judge sits there, decides is there enough here to proceed to trial? >> cosby's attorneys will be allowed to present evidence, call witnesses, and that means cosby, himself, could testify, although, legal experts say that's unlikely. cosby is currently out on $1 million bail. saturday, and a search on for a gunman. next, we'll show you the chilling scene from a bar in tel-aviv as the shooter opens fire. and taking the plunge, heading down the shore for a cold weather traditional atlantic.
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skblnchts all right back. it's a cold one. feeling like winter today, feeling like winter all day long with temperatures in the twepts and 30s. we're making snow in the poco s poconos, cold enough and real stuff earlier this morning, light snow fell in the pocono mountains early this morning. temperatures, they are cold this morning, mainly in the 20s and 30s, so a lot of blue on the map indicating cold air, just 29 in chester springs, and north and east, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, above freezing in allentown, and 33 degrees, 31 in reading, and 28 degrees in oxford. 30 degrees in mount holly, and 25 in woodbine, new jersey. it's cold from canada, bringing down cold air all weekend long. winds now anywhere from 5-10
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miles per hour, 7 miles per hour in mount pocono, and by this afternoon, though, we'll see winds up to 15 miles per hour. breezy today, even windier on sunday. still cold sunday, and even colder monday and tuesday. we'll talk more about that coming up. oh, we see this this time every year. one week ago with the warm temperatur temperatures, in wouldn't have been as bad. different now. didn't stop hundreds from people diving head first into 2016, jumping in the ratlantic for polar plunges. folks dove into the ocean, and many of the events raised money for charities. coming up next, a new year's resolution from the oval office that comes to gun control. >> i get too many letters from parents and teachers and kids that sit around and do nothing. >> next, what the president has planned as he headings into the
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final year in office. plus, an elevator leaves a man dead, but not before he saved a woman's life. details on how he paid the ultimate price. flr s haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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quarter after 6:00 on saturday, and a man hunt underway in israel for the gunman wanted the deadly shoots outside a bar in tel-aviv. nbc reports video cameras captured some of the attack. he also reports that the man police are looking for may have a possible connection to isis. >> reporter: captured on a
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security camera, people relaxing in a bar, then diving for cover in fear. a gunman appears, firing relentle relentlessly, and seconds later, a survivor looking up in horror, around him, two dead. seven people were injured. two in critical condition. we were shaking, this woman says, hiding in a storage room. more chilling footage shows the same gunman moments earlier in a grocery store, apparently buying food. he pulls a rifle from his backpack, and begins killing. leaving bullet holes and bar stools underturned in terror. no happy new year here. one survivor part of the paris massacre took shelter. >> i fall, and it was, just like, oh. >> a man hunt underway for the shooter. israeli media reports police
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identified an arab-israeli suspect. some believe this could be the country's first sis isis inspir attack, and the motive may be criminal. one of those killed was aged 26. my son was special, this father says, he collapsed when he saw him dead. so far, the killer is still at large, and until he's caught, his motive will likely be unclear. israel, which has seen a wave of violence with palestinians in recent months, may have been the setting today to the first terrorist attacks of 2016. nbc news, london. authorities in dubai still don't know what caused the fire at this high-rise luxury hotel on new year's eve. the building sending up smoke a day later. the damage inside is extensive. nobody was seriously injured.
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we're getting a firsthand look at the scene from thursday night as flames engulfed that dubai skyscraper. a temple university alum took the video and sent it to us. he was in the mall next to the hotel when the fire started. going into the final year in office, president obama has a new year's resolution. he wants to make it harder for some people to buy guns. >> months ago, adirected the team at the white house to look into any new actions i can take to reduce gun violence. monday, i meet with the attorney general lynch to discuss our options because i get too many letters from parents and teachers and kids to sit around and do nothing. >> one idea on the table is expanding existing background checks for people buying guns, an idea that national rifle association, nra, opposes. pope francis opened the holy door of the basilica of st. mary
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major in rome yesterday, part of the celebrations of the 12 months of jubilee mercy. he pushed open the door and paused in prayer at the threshold and then walked through it as an act symbolizing the pilgrimage of life. back here in the u.s., up in new york, one man was crushed to death by an elevator, but not before saving the life of somebody else. this all happened in a high-rise building on manhattan's lower east. investigators say he was getting on before it buckled and began to fall. he pushed a woman out of the elevator to safety just before that elevator dropped, trapping and crushing him between the second and third floors. other passengers tried to help brown, but the weight of the elevator was too much, and they couldn't get him out in time. >> cried, help me, help me. i tried to, and i can't, so much weight in the elevator.
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>> according to records, there's been 30 complaints about elevator service in the building since 2010. the music industry mourns the loss of natalie cole. on new year's eve, she died of complications from on going health issues. ♪ unforgettable >> unforgettable, a song made famous by cole's father, legendary jazz musician, nat king coal, and she later released as a due wet. she spent four decades with "this will be" and "our love," struggling with substance abuse for many years. in 2009, she had undergone a kidney transplant after developing hepatitis, cole was 65 years old. her family released a statement saying she fought a fierce battle, dying how she lived, with dignity, strength, and
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honor. she'll be greatly missed and remain unforgettable in our hearts forever. oh, all right. talking weather now. that's the sound of flooding in illinois triggering a state of emergency for a week. officials now lifted that state of emergency after reopening several highways that had been shut down. many homes near the river were barricaded by sandbags and neighbors decided to voluntarily leave their homes during the week. >> we've got equipment, communication commitment, sandbags, and other supplies to support local responders and the county, and this allows us to go to the federal government as we assess the damage to get financial support for the families impacted by the floods. >> st. louis county will also offer interest free loans to businesses impacted by the floods. nobody was hurt in the flooding. now, ynbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> things look nothing like that this weekend, just cold air, but really it's seasonal this time of year, 41 degree, and that's typically where we come in, at 43 degrees today, also on sunday. colder than where we have been, but normal this time of year, weather headlines on saturday, feels like winter, layer up today. temperatures in the 20s and 30s, 40s this afternoon, and colder monday and tuesday, and by tuesday, temperatures topping a in the 20s, and there's a dry stretch, not only the weekend, but in the workweek, the seven day exception of the dry weather. now, 31 degrees in philadelphia. partly cloudy skies, winds northwest at 6 miles per hour. 9 degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. temperatures in the 20s and 30s, 25 in mount pocono, and 31 in philadelphia, and south and east looking at the 20s, and 23 now in
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the day. cold all day long. it feels colder than it is. it feels like the teens in mount pocono, and feels like 25 in philadelphia. 21 is the wind chill in atlantic city, and 23 in millville. we are dark outside, but partically cloudy, cold, temperatures in the twe30s, and winds are picking up, lighter side, but breezy later on this afternoon. northwest flow, just ushering down the cold air throughout the weekend, and there's winds anywhere from 5-10 miles per hour across the area. by this afternoon, up to 15 miles per hour. future weather throughout time, lots of sun by this afternoon. mostly sunny skies issue and we'll be cold and breezy, feeling colder than it is, and a lot of places feeling like 30s throughout the afternoon. temperatures drop back in the 20s tonight, and sunday, repeat of today. cold, windy on sunday, and windier than where we today with
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gusts over 20 miles per hour. monday, arctic blast coming in, a brief one, temperatures in the 30s monday and 20s tuesday. breezy and cold today, 41 degrees in philadelphia. wince west at 5-15 miles per hour. 43 today, and tomorrow, windy, feeling more like the 30s in a lot of spots. monday, freezing, mostly sunny skies, tuesday, 28 degrees, cold, looking at temperatures overnight in the teen, and then by, we are cold with temperatures in the 20s, but rebounding to 46 degrees. thursday, 46, and friday, chance of rain at 42 degrees. looking for love? why singles should mark the calendars this weekend. plus, a local police department turns to new technologies to help officers in the field. we'll tell you bowe the latest
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push toture crime on camera.
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today, learn about history in dover. the old state house at 25 the green presents tales tombstones tell.
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a story teller examines history found on grave markers throughout delaware. the program begins at 1:00 this afternoon. looking for love as part of your new year's resolution? tomorrow may just be your day. the website,, is calling it dating sunday. site says sunday after new year's is the busiest day of the entire year for people signing up for memberships. little bit of luck, they could have a partner before valentine's day. it's 6:28 on saturday. the search is on this morning for a missing boy with autism. nbc 10 is following the development in allen. monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary, and in the past half hour, we've seen a half a dozen police officers arrive on scene as they begin under the light of day to once again search for the autistic child. an update your way next. all right, it's a cold start to the day. we're mainly in the 20s and 30s, and feels like the teens in
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mount pocono. they are making snow there. a live look there. cold weather this weekend and colder on monday and tuesday. that's all coming up.
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this morning, search crews are looking for a missing 5-year-old boy with autism who disappeared new year's eve and not been seen since, a live report from the police command post with today's plan to find him. we are in for a breezy cold saturday, but, hey, that's the norm for this of year. we were so lucky for so long. the rest of the weekend weather's coming up in a few moments. good morning, welcome back. i'm rosemary connors. just after 6:30 on saturday. let's get to our first alert meteorologi meteorologist, michelle grossman. >> normal this time of year, 41 degrees, we'll be at 43, but it
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is a cold start. need layers heading out this morning. it is dark outside, partly cloudy skies on saturday morning, and we are below freezing in many spots in the area, just 25 in mount pocono, 29 in pottstown, and 23 in millville, and 26 in atlantic city, and freezing in dover, delaware at 31 degrees. factoring in the winds, colder than it is, with the wind chill throughout the weekend with breezy conditions today, windy sunday, and feels like 17 in mount pocono, and 24 in pottstown, wind chill in atlantic city is 2 is 1 and feeling like 26 degrees in dover, delaware. there's the cool canadian air coming down. we'll keep that breeze in place all day long at 6 miles per hour right now in philadelphia, but by this afternoon, up to 15 miles per hour, and sunday, winds gusting over 26 miles per hour. a mix of sun, clouds throughout the day, and by 8:00, just 32
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degrees, a cold one, and lunch time timely making it to 40, cold, breezy, and feeling like the 30s, and dropping into the lower 40s by 4:00, sunny skies, and into the 30s for saturday evening plans. cold today, cold on sunday as well and colder monday and tuesday. talking numbers coming up. right now, emotions running high for a family searching for their 5-year-old son with autism. he has been missing since new year's eve. nbc 10 monique is live. fill us in on the search. >> reporter: hey, rosemary, in the past hour, police activity increased here around the command post, and as temperatures dipped around freezing overnight, the family as well as authorities grow more concerned about the boy. the camera captured every step
6:34 am
of the frantic search in the last day and a half for the 5-year-old. the autistic child disappeared from his aunt's house in the 200 block of east union street, not too far from here on new year's eve. we watched as helicopters search the lee high river. police say autistic children are drawn to water. a k-9 team, blood hounds as well, combed the community along with volunteers. now, the family's request, the wolf pack search and recovery team has arrived a drone to see areas they can't easily access on foot. >> playing with his toys like he was supposed to with the other kids, just downstairs and left out of nowhere. i don't know what he's going through, like, i'm really scared that something happened to him. >> reporter: police also tell us they have surveillance video showing the boy out in the street barefoot and without a coatings but then he
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mysteriously vanishes. he may be hiding and afraid and back out here live now, we're told that volunteer searchers are going to be joining the police once again when the sun rises. they are asking residents of the community to check their porches, to check in the backyards, inside those sheds because they fear he may be hiding there. they also say don't approach him because he may be too afraid to reach out. we're going to stay on top of the search and have the latest developments for you online and on air again at 8:. live in allentown, nbc 10 news. one of the philadelphia's oldest traditions, and, again, kicked off the new year in style. ♪ mummers strutted down broad street yesterday for 116th time new this year, the philadelphia division, added to increase
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diversity to the pride this included two new hispanic performance groups, a black drill team, and lgbt miss fancy bring grade. protesters joined in the name of the black lives matter movement. some clashed with police. protesters tell us they chose mummers because they believe there's systemic racism in the tradition. police arrested two people yesterday, one for disorderly conduct, the other for disrupting a procession. that was not the only controversy yesterday. a man says some mummers attacked him shouting homophobic slurs. join was taking care of his parent's dog new year's dayings walking the dog when men with mummers gear began to make fun of the dog. john says the confrontation escalated to slurs. he is gay says there was young children around and asked the men to stop. he claims that's when the men attacked him.
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today, 82 firefighters join the philadelphia fire department, a graduation ceremony occurs later on this morning at temple university's performing arts center. cadets will be assigned to fire stations throughout the city. the movements of every officer soon to be recorded while on duty. they tweeted out a picture yesterday of body cameras begin to his officers. some officers who trained with the cameras last week can start wearing them now. every officer should be ready to use them within the week. the transit authority spent $300,000 on the cameras, and each officer is in clarch of activating the camera to record any incidents. next, taser takedown. the police officers not only had to did after a suspect armed with a knife and blow torch, but escape a fire as well.
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welcome back on cold saturday morning, temperatures below freezing in spots across the area, 20s and 30s, feeling like the teens in the pocono mountains, cold enough to make snow. that's good news in the pocono mountains. even a little bit of the real stuff earlier this morning. we're looking at temperatures, cold, mainly in the 20s and 30s in the area, blue on the map here this morning. we keep it cold throughout the weekend. 31 degrees now in philadelphia. 25 in mount pocono. 31 in reading. 29 degrees in lanner. 23 in millville, and 26 in atlantic city now. factor in the wind, colder than that, feeling like 15 in mount pocono, and 26 in philadelphia.
6:41 am
layers are needed this morning. again, we had a few light snow showers, flurries in the mountains, good news, a good sign we're making there. we're going to keep it cold over the next several days, good news too. by 9:00, 34 degrees, and later on this afternoon, we'll see temperatures finally popping into the 40s, and 42 degrees, topping out at 43 degrees at 2:00 and 3:00, and dropping back to 41 degrees, by 4:00, and 5:00, 39, and saturday evening plans, temperatures will be in the low 30s. bundle up tonight. mostly clear skies, light winds, cold night, and another cold sunday, and even colder on monday and tuesday. those numbers coming up. with the colder temperatures, as michelle said, it feels like ski weather in the poconos, camelback mountain reopening, slopes open for skiers and snowborders on monday. folks in the mountain tells us conditions are favorable for
6:42 am
making snow. next, a message from above. how a sky writer used a new year's day tradition to take a swipe at donald trump. plus, lakers are one of three teams the sixers beat in year. did it hatch last night as l.a. took the court with the kobe? stick around for sports.
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all caught on camera, body camera that is. utah police as crescue ed an ar suicidal man. he threatened to hurt himself lighting his home on fire. officers arrived, they tasereded the man. despite the taser, it was a
6:45 am
struggle to get him out of the house. >> the officers, instead of leaving the guy and taking off, continued to try to get him out of the house, concerned for his safety. remember, the house was on fire. police say that three dogs died in that fire, and three officers suffered smoke inhalation. the man is facing animal cruelty and aggravated assault charges. overseas, gunmen the an air force base overnight with a barrage of gunfire. troops killed four militants who entered the base near the border with pakistan. at least two indian soldiers were killed in the shootout. a helicopter was seen firing at the area inside the air force base in india's northern state. rescuers drilling a relief well to reach the 17 traps miners in china after crews discovered several alive on wednesday. they started drilling two relief wells, but one well collapsed on thursday night, and so now they
6:46 am
are working on a third. the process is a very slow operation, so it could be a couple days until the rescuers reach the miners. back here in our area, from our jersey bureau, the borrgata plans a big addition this year, the atlantic city casino opening a $14 million nightclub. it's already atlantic city's most successful casino and plans to add the first new club in more than a decade. it debuts this spring. they want the new attraction to rival hot spots in new york, vegas, and miami. ♪ >> certainly a first forceful showing that wowed fans at the rose parade. star wars took part in the story parade, now in the 127th year. this is just one of dozens of floats and bands that made its way through pasadena, california yesterday. this year's grand marshal was
6:47 am
documentary filmmaker, ken burns. floats were not the only thing grabs attention, a sky writer gave trump unwanted publicity with the message reading, america is great, trump is discussing. a spokeswoman for trump's campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from nbc news. this is a good one, a newborn girl gets the title of baby new year. this is madison, born at 12:01 yesterday. very sweet. she weighed in at eight pounds and 19.5 inches long. mom and baby are both doing well. now ynbc 10 first alert weather. . we are waking up to very, very cold temperatures, temperatures mainly in the 20s and 30s this
6:48 am
morning. layer up. beware of that, cold all weekend long. weather headlines, yeah, feels like again, and, actually, close to normal by this afternoon, but colder than where we have been. colder monday and tuesday, temperatures in the 30s and 20s, but we have a dry stretch for six out of the seven days of the seven day and change it up on friday. 31 now in philadelphia. winds west at 6 miles per hour. temperatures across the region are looking in the 20s and 30s, 25 in mount pocono, 29 in lancaster, south and east, temperatures in the 20s. 23 in millville, and 23 in dover, delaware. there's the cold start. we are cold all weekend long. it feels colder than it is. it feels like 17 in mount pocono. feels like 225 in philadelphia. it is dark outside. we are brightening up, seeing
6:49 am
partly cloudy skies starting, and eventually mostly sunny skies. you need the sunglasses today, but you need the coats, maybe the scarf, gloves heading out this morning. the northwesterly flow brings down cold air, 6 miles per hour in philadelphia. winds not all that bad right now, but by this afternoon, we're going to really see them breezy. future weather, main story today is the cold weather, breezy, cold, but we're going to enjoy the sun by this afternoon. saturday nights for the lucky ones, looking at a mostly clear night, looking at breezy night as well. we're to see temperatures dropping into the 30s, and tomorrow, another cold one. temperatures around 43 degrees with lots of sunshine, but windier than today, feeling colder than it is. here's your forecast today. breezy, cold, a lot of sun by this afternoon. 4-44, feeling like the 30s, winds west at pennsylvani5-15 m hour, but feels like the 30s
6:50 am
throughout the day. monday, colder. this is going to be a shock, right in 33 degrees a degree above freezing, teens for a low in philadelphia, colder north and west, and, tuesday, 28 degrees. by wednesday, after a cold start, we rebound to 41 degrees, and thursday, more clouds, for you, 46, and rain chance on friday, cloudy skies, 42. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show at 7:00. let's check in for a preview. good morning, guys, happy new year. >> hey, rosemary. good morning. >> happy new year. just ahead on saturday morning on "today," residents urged to move to higher ground as more brace for raging flood waters from the swollen mississippi. we're live on the scene. rememberingly cole, paying tribute to the legendary singer who died thursday at age 65. >> once unknown who enjoyed 15 minutes of fame in 2015, where are they now? today is expected to be the
6:51 am
biggest online dating day of 2016. why? the perfect profile as well. we're helping folks find love, rosemary. those story and more when we start on a saturday morning here on "today." >> all right, looking forward to it. thanks, guys. >> see you in a bit. talking sports now. lakers rallied late to beat the sixers in l.a. former sixer, williams, had a game high 24 points for los angeles. bryant did not play against his hometown team because of a shoulder injury. lakers win 93-84, and last time they met, sixers won, notching the first victory of the season, snapping a 28-game losing streak. now here's the rest of morning sports. good morning to you. the eagles still have a game to play. cornerback byron maxwell and defensive tackle, benny logan, ruled out for sunday east action
6:52 am
against the giants. the loser of sunday's game face the rams in london next season. the team prepares this week under the interim head coach, and despite both teams out of the playoffs, eagles say there's plenty to play for for the game sunday. >> the season has not been what we wanted it to be, failed in our eyes, and as a player, you go a there, ultimately, auditionaling for the next coach. >> the title, preparing for the giants, and they have done a good job of being candid, open, out front, talking bowe the elephant in the room and putting that behind us. we have a job to do, and, you know, aef a big impact on this weekend, and that's owl we focus on. the rest takes care of itself. >> yeah, now to the elephant in the room as jenkins referenced. kelly no longer the head coach headed into the finale. since tuesday, stories trickled out, and wip radio opened up
6:53 am
about the season and moves made by the now former head coach. >> the biggest thing to me is i've been through two seasons where you've seen a collapse or down fall of teams, and both offseasons, there was tremendous change, by change, i mean, free agency. i think i realized in the two instances that trust and chemistry are more important than i ever understood. this is the dream team too. >> how about college action? rose bowl game in pasadena, the granddaddy of them all, and christian mccaffery, more game than monopoly, catches the pass, he's gone. 75 yards to the house. back to return the punt. look how he makes people miss. takes to the distance. finishing record, 368 all purpose yards and two touches, making his parents proud. stanford beats iowa, 45-16.
6:54 am
another new year's tradition, winter classic here at nbc 10, not a good day for the home team bruins, 3-1, canadiens score to make it 4-1, and they drum the bruinss 5-1 in foxboro. that's sports from comcast sports net. flr patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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a few minutes before 7:00, and the weather? >> it's cold. stepped out this morning, we did hours ago, and it was cold. we're starting to brighten up. that's the good news. sun later on this afternoon. partly cloudy now and mostly sunny this afternoon. we timely made it above freezing in philadelphia, two degrees above freezing. 30 in reading. 31 in dover. 26 degrees in atlantic city, and you factor in the winds, feels like the teens in mount pocono and 28 in philadelphia. seven-day forecast, 43 today, repeat on sunday, and monday and tuesday, my gosh, tuesday, 28 degrees. >> not looking forward to that. >> no. >> that's all for us, see you here in 25 minutes. for local updates.
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good morning. inspired by isis? a gunman goes on a deadly shooting spree at a popular pub in tel aviv. the terrifying scene caught on camera as those who made it out alive relive the moments of terror. this morning, the manhunt is on for the suspect. and midwest disaster. more levees fail as deadly floods pushed raging rivers through threatening hundreds of communities. >> our biggest concern is looking out for those who haven't evacuated. >> the national guard now alert as some are urged to take higher ground. fired up. the president taking aim at gun violence. >> i get too many letters from parents and


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