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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  January 2, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EST

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coat. a live report ahead. bill cosby breaks silence, what he tweeted this week, the response, and when we might hear from him again. ♪ unforgettable >> unforgettable, singer, nath cole, dead at the age of 65, a look at her life and legacy. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors, it's 8:30 on saturday. let's beginning with the weather and check in with michelle grossman. have not seen these temperatures in a while. >> i know. you need layers this morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s, colder than it is, so here's a live look outside. we are walking out the door now, a mix of sun and clouds, and question are cold. temperatures one degree above dpreezing in philadelphia, below freezing in mount know, 31 in allentown, 26 in lancaster, and 24 in millville, and 29 in lant tick city. factor in the winds, it's colder
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than it is, feeling like 14 in mount pocono and peoples like 29 in philadelphia. winds northwest ushering down the cool air that's breezy later on this afternoon. seeing that breeze right now at 13 miles per hour. breezy and cold today by 11:00, and topping out at 43 degree, and down to the 30s for your saturday evening plan. cold weekend and colder workweek. more about that coming up. developing right now, police, family, and friends are searching for this boy right here. take a good look. this is a 5-year-old whose family says he has autism missing since new year's eve. monique braxton is live in allentown with the latest on the search. fill us in. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. since about sunrise, we've seen about a dozen people joining here with police to find the
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boy. you see them down in the industrial park area bordering the lee high river. the frantic search of the 5-year-old is now entering its seconds full day. our camera was rolling when search and rescue teams arrived to help the police to find the child. he disappeared from his aunt's house in the 200 block of east union street on new year's eve. yesterday, we captured helicopters searching the lee high river. police say he's drawn to water, a k-9 team along with blood hounds combed the community along with volunteers. at the family's request, one rescue search team arrived with a drone to see areas not easily accessible on foot. >> playing with the toys like he was supposed to, and he was just downstairs and left out of nowhere. i don't know what he's going through, like, i'm scared that something happened to him.
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police officers say they have surveillance video showing the boy in the street barefoot without a coat, but then he mysteriously vanishes. police say he may be hiding and afraid, and police are asking residents in the area to search porches and sheds. if they see him, they are urged to call the police because he may not come out because he's afraid of strangers, which is understandable at this point. live for now from allentown, nbc 10 news. difficult situation out there, thank you. in other news this morning, a little bit lighter, philadelphia kick off 2016 in style with one of our oldest traditions, the mummer's parade. ♪ theyed up the day of pageantry and competition for the mummers last night at the pennsylvania convention center.
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♪ earlier yesterday, they strted down broad street for the 116th year of the parade. new this year, the philadelphia division, added to increase diversi diversity. this division includes two new hispanic performance groups, a black drill team, and lgbt miss fancy brigade. >> i hope to be a part of this parade for, you know, for the next year and more years coming up. >> the philadelphia division kicked off the parade and hope for more groups next year. protesters joined the parade route. they marched and chanted in the name of the black lives matter movement some clashed with police. activists say there's a reason they chose the mummer's. >> i was a mummer. i've been a mummer twice. i love it. at the same time, there are things inside of it, systemic racism, that go on that i'm just not okay with that simply are not okay. >> police arrested two people,
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one for orderly conduct, the other for disrupting a procession. that was not the only controversy at the parade yesterday, a man says the mummers attacked him, shouting homophobic slurs. john was taking care of his parent's dog on new year's day, walking the dog at south and broad streets when men in mummer gear made fun of the dog. john says the confrontation escalated to slurs, and he is gay, tells us there were young children around, and he asked the men to stop. he claims that's when the men attacked him. >> seemed like drunken idiots, peeing in the alley, trying tor very offensive, and they were very offensive. >> he says he hopes that police will do something following his attacks so that next year's parade is safer for everyone. another mummer's group is facing criticism for performing in brown face yesterday. the performers wore ponchos and sombreros. now to the bill cosby case.
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after a year of standing by her man with little to say, his wife is scheduled to break silence next week. a judge ruled against the comedian's wife ordering her to sit for a deposition in one of the civil suits against her husband. attorneys for her plan to appeal that ruling. the 71-year-old will be deposed by lawyers representing seven of the women who claimed bill cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them. the lawyers believe the testimony is key to the lawsuits. using social media, the embattled comedian broke silence for the first time since his arrest this week. a message from cosby's twitter account read, friends fans, thank you. it didn't take long for people to respond, most not positive for the comedian. one wrote, i get the friends and fans things, by, but what do you say to the victims? wow, what about us ex-fans with an ounce of common sense and republic for women?
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there were those in support of cosby and others willing to give him the benefit of the doubt like this user who wrote, wasn't aware he'd been tried and found guilty. isn't it innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in this country? the dplex next time we could hear from cosby is in two weeks. he's scheduled for a hearing in montgomery county. the hearing will likely be pushed back at the request of the defense. whenever the hearing takes place, the prosecution has to lay out its case. prosecutors can present evidence and call witnesses. >> showing up evidence that the crime may have been committed, and it's a bit over 50% of the burden on the commonwealth. i mean, the judge sits there and decides is there enough here for the case do proceed to trial. >> cosby's attorneys will be allowed to present evidence, call witnesses, meaning cosby himself could testify, although, legal experts say it's unlikely. cosby is currently out on $1 million bail.
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next today, the twins will forever share different birthdays. we'll explain. and underground highway, up at 9:00, potential plan that would put a major portion of i-95 in philadelphia underground.
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and welcome back on this saturday morning. it's a cold one. temperatures are in the 20 and 30s, breezy also. here's a live look outside. we're going to feel that wind as we head throughout the afternoon hours, breezy today, windy on sunday, and temperatures compared to this time yesterday, 14 degrees colder many millville, 11 degrees colder in mount holly, and you feel the difference stepping out. temperatures are mainly in the 20s and 30s, below freezing, and 33 degrees right now in philadelphia. just 29 in kenneth square, freezing in trenton, and north
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and west, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, 25 in mount pocono, at the freezing mark in bluebell, and south and east 20s and 30s, and 27 this morning in mount holly. right now, 31 degrees in dover, delaware. as we go throughout the amp, we're going to have mix of sun and clouds, sunny skies, 41-44. keep in mind, 41 is normal in time of year. close to that. 5-15 miles per hour winds. there's the breeze. breezy sunday, and frigid monday and tuesday. >> what a difference a week makes. a week ago with the warm temperatures, this wouldn't seem so bad, a dip in the ocean, why not? but a different feeling right now. still, it did not stop hundreds of people, literally, diving head first into 2016, jumping in the ratlantic. folks got in the ocean, and many of the events raised money for charities. that's why they do it, in part why they doo it.
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one couple decided to plunge after really taking the plunge, getting married the night before. >> for a great cause, we love to run, and never done it before, so it's great to try something new. >> the ocean city dip was the largest of four poe lore bear plunges at the shore to benefit causes like multiple sclerosis and breast cancer research and awareness. >> today, 82 firefighters joining the philadelphia fire department, a graduation ceremony for the cadets is happening later on this morning at temple university performance arts center in north philadelphia. the cadets will be assigned to fire stations throughout the city. ♪ unforgettable >> legendary singer, natalie cole, dead at the age of 65. looking back at her unforgettable life and health issues she faced.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> sounds peaceful and calming, but that's actually the sound of flooding in illinois that triggered a state of for about a week. officials had since lifted the state of emergency after they were able to reopen several highways that were shut down. residents barricaded their homes near the mississippi river are with sandbags, others voluntarily left their
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neighborhoods. nobody was hurt. new information on threats overseas. police in germany remain on high alert after warnings of a planned attack on new year's eve. an additional 200 officers are patrolling the streets in munich today to spot suspicious activity. this after police received information that just about half a dozen isis militants were planning several attacks in the city. that reported threat caused evacuations at two train stations on thursday. a german security official says the tip came from french authorities. a man hunt underway in israel for the gunman wanted in the deadly shooting outside a bar in tel-aviv. video cameras captured some of the attack, and the man police are looking for may have a connection to isis. the attacker believed to be an israeli-arab in his 20s, captured on camera from a shop next door firing into a crowd of people. who two died and several others injured. the attacks come amid months of
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violence between israel and palestine, but some fear this was the first terrorist attack of 2016. authorities in dubai still don't know what caused the fire at a high-rise luxury hotel on new year's eve. the building was sending up smoke day later. the damage inside is very extensive. nobody, though, seriously injured. >> we're getting a firsthand look at the scene from thursday night as flames engulfed the skyscraper, and a temple university alum took the video sending it into nbc 10, in the mall next to the hotel when the fire started. imagine having these kids, twins born in san diego share a lot of things over the course of their lives, but not their birthday. the twins were born in different years. here's the story. jaylyn arrived in the final minute of 2015, and her younger
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brother born minutes after 2016 started. there's an immediate tax deduction for one baby, the 2015, but the parents may have to plan two birthday parties on separate days. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. all right. bundle up this morning. temperatures are cold. we're feeling like winter. feels like winter all day long, really all weekend long, and into monday and tuesday before we start to rebound a bit, but closer to normal this time of year. feeling like wimpnter again, an colder temperatures monday and tuesday, cold temperatures tuesday, probably not getting out of the 20s, but at least we enjoy a dry stretch for six days before we bring back the wet weather by the friday. mix of sun, clouds, winds west at 5 miles per hour, and seven degrees colder compared to this time yesterday, and spots up to 15 degrees colder, and you'll feel the difference stepping out this morning. north and west in the 30s, below
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freezing in allentown, and 31 in reading, 30 in pottstown. south and east in the 20s. 29 in atlantic city, and 24 degrees in millville. temperatures are below freezing, and wind chill colder than that. 14 degrees or feels like it in mount pocono and feels like 29 in philadelphia and feels like the teens in lancaster and wind chill in millville is 24 degrees. bright skies today, but on the brisk side, winds northwest, that cool air filters down keeping us chilly throughout the day. winds at 13 miles per hour in mount pocono, not bad in philadelphia, 5 miles per hour, but this picks up throughout the afternoon as well. breezy this afternoon, and then windy on sunday. future weather, sun today, a cold day, breezy, feeling cooler than it is. clear, cold tonight, temperatures in the 20s and west into around 30 in philadelphia.
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cold and windy on sunday. winds gusting over 20 miles per hour, and by monday, a little arctic blast coming there bringing us weather monday and tuesday. today, though, breezy, cold, 41-44, 41 is normal this time of year. close to where we are supposed to be. winds west at 5-15 miles per hour. tonight, temperatures drop to 30 in philadelphia, 22 north and west. bundle you have if you head out for saturday night plans. sunday, temperatures at 43 degrees, similar to today, but windier. feels colder than it is. monday, 33 degrees, that's the high, and, tuesday, very cold, temperatures probably not getting out of the 20s, lows in thes. a cold start wednesday, but rebounding nicely to 41 degrees, sun, and thursday, partly sunnies, and friday, your change for watching the low pressure system bringing us clouds and chance of rain. the music industry is mourning the loss of singer natalie cole. the grammy winning artist died of complications from ongoing
8:50 am
health issues on new year's eve. she was 65. ron mott looks at her life and legacy. ♪ this will be >> reporter: in four decades of making hits, nine grammys in all, including the iconic 1991 duet -- ♪ unforgettable >> she made a name for herself, all right, but always nat king cole's daughter. >> i feel like i've earned the spot next to my dad, not in front of him, not behind him, but gist next to him. >> reporter: her unique vocal stylings connected with fans across generations and genres, pop, rb, and jazz, what many artists pursue, but few attain. >> reporter: she had substantial hilts, different kind of hits. and while the recording success was long lasting -- >> i had to really face myself,
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my consequences. so were the struggles with substance abuse and health department problems. >> this is somebody who came back showing the world you can come back. >> reporter: after gaining sobriety, she published her story and focused on the music career, getting a kidney transplant in 2009, the year she won her final grahmy. still unforgettable whether with her father or on her own. ron mott, new york. ahead, keep driving. when you won't need change for tolls over the turnpike bridge from new jersey to pennsylvania. it does not matter if you don't have easy pass. 'dills tcoming up. for nbc 10 "at issue," vowing to reduce crime -- >> because i've had enough, and i'm not playing around.
8:52 am
>> to target guns. >> you can rent a gun in the city. do your business, bring it back. this is insane. >> and put an overlooked city on the map. >> now with the mayor's time to step aside, but not without a last chance to look back. >> i will tell you, and you're probably the first and only person i said this too -- >> sunday morning at 11:00 after "meet the press."
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this is nbc 10 news. 8:54 on saturday, a live look at the pocono mountains where they are making snow. they are thrilled by these
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frigid temperatures because for quite a while they couldn't make snow. it was too warm outside, too slushy, and good news, slopes open on monday at camelback mountain resort. are you looking for love as part of your new year's resolution? well, tomorrow may just be the day to do it. the website,, is calling it dating sunday. the site says that the sunday afternoon is its busiest day of the entire year for folks signing up for memberships. just a little bit of luck, hope is they could find a partner before valentine's day. jersey shore bureau, they are planning a big addition this year. the casino opening a $14 million nightclub. it's already atlantic city's most casino that plans to add the first new club in more than a decade. premier nightclub debuts this spring, and they want the new attraction to rival hot spots in new york, las vegas, and miami.
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this morning, we continue to follow the latest developments in the search for a missing 5-year-old boy with autism, we are live in allentown, monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary, police officers and some search and rescue teams are entering the second day of searching for the boy, an update after the break. it is a cold day out there. you need layers heading out this morning. temperatures are below freezing in a lot of spots, cold all weekend long, but at least the skies are bright. a live look outside, river, finally feeling like winter to get the skates on and enjoy the day. cold today and colder to start out the workweek. that's coming up.
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right now, police and volunteers, as you can see, are looking for a missing 5-year-old boy with autism. now more than 24 hours into the search, the family is desperate to him. a live report from allentown is coming up. burying i-95, the new study that considers the plan to put a busy stretch of the highway in philadelphia underground. >> it is finally feeling like winter. i thought it felt refreshing
9:00 am
yesterday. it was nice. welcome to 2016 and the colder weather. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors, exactly 9:00 on this saturday. let's get to the weekend weather now with meteorologist michelle grossman. it's really the wind making the difference. >> oh, yeah. you'll feel it today and more tomorrow. breezy today and colder tomorrow, making it colder than it is. a live look outside, cape may, and, oh, breezy on the beaches there, looking at temperatures also around freezing, so if you're planning on walking the beach, wear some layers this morning. 33 degrees in atlantic city, 35 in philadelphia, 34 in reading. 26 in mount pocono, 31 in dover. factor in the winds, it feels like 14 in mount pocono, 29 in philadelphia. the wind chill in millville, just 2 the 9 degrees. certainly feeling the cold air this morning. keeping the chill in place all weekend long, adding in the
9:01 am
winds bit by bit here, 15 miles per hour in mount pocono is not bad, but the numbers are creeping up. we'll be breezy, 10-15 miles per hour, and then tomorrow, we'll be gustier than that. the winds come from the northwest, seeing the air from canada and seeing that cold air in place. breezy, cool by lunchtime, and 38 degrees, and as we go throughout the afternoon, temperatures around 40 degrees, 3:00, and later on this afternoon, we bottom out at 35 degrees. cold weather this weekend and colder monday and tuesday coming up. developing right now, the search is on for a 5-year-old boy with autism. he walked away frnew year's eve party in allentown, leaving shoes and jackets behind, and not seen since. we are live in allentown where the search continues at sunrise,
9:02 am
moniq monique? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. where he is and how he's handling the freezing temperatures are chief concerns right now. the past hour or so, we monit monitored activity here in the command post in the industrial park. the 5-year-old boy has been missing since new year's eve. for the past hour, we watched search teams arrive along with police k-9 units at the stages area at south and aubrey. the search began after he disappeared from his aunt's home in the 200 block of east union thursday night. helicopters searched the river, police say autistic children are drawn to water. dogs combed the community along with volunteers, and at the family's request, the wolf pack search and recovery team has arrived with a drone to see areas not easily accessible ton foot. >> a little 5-year-old boy. he's out there with no coat, no shoes, and we need to get him
9:03 am
home. >> reporter: police tell us they have tape of the boy in the street, but he mysteriously vanishes. police say he may be hiding. he may be afraid. police have suggested that people look in their sheds and on their porches and then call police if they are spotted. he says they may be too afraid to approach anyone because, have no doubt, they are stringers to him. if you follow along with me now, chris, showing you what's happening in the community outside the command center. you see police and fire people from allentown are going door-to-door just outside the command center in the industrial park. now, we have been told that in a few minutes, the police are going to address us to update us on the search, and we'll have that for you and any developments, count on nbc 10 to
9:04 am
bring you the latest developments. live for now in allentown, nbc 10 news. with a new year comes a new mayor. kenney will be sworn in at the 99th mayor of philadelphia monday morning, a number of leaders gather at the academy of music for the inauguration ceremony, but he'll skip the inaugural ball and throw a block party instead with food trucks and students from the philadelphia high school of creative and performing arts as part of the entertainment. the new year comes with a new vision for the delaware water front. in the final news conference, michael nutter announced the plan to bury interstate 95 creating a new connection to penn's landing. fund is in place for the first step, a full study to put the interstate underground transforming the space between chestnut and walnut streets into a greenway with direct access to the river. >> this little area right here,
9:05 am
it's not bad, but there's a disconnect. there's a disconnect. >> you go to cities like baltimore and you go to the harbor, they have that water front area that we don't have here in phillie. >> 117,000 drivers use this, and a project like this means a lot of construction. supporters say the promise of federal funding to pay for the project is a win-win. right now, there's no clear timeline for the study. you will notice a big difference driving on the pennsylvania turnpike tomorrow. tolls increase by 6%, just about $1.35 or so. the hike is mostly to repay loans taken out to fund road work projects throughout the commonwealth. expect increases like this every year for the next 28 years. another change for a turnpike driver is coming in bucks county. you're not going to have to stop to pay a toll on the delaware river. the cashless toll starts tomorrow. all you have to do is just keep
9:06 am
on driving, a scanner either reads your easy pass or takes a picture of your license plate and gets the bill in the mail. the movements of every septa officer will be recorded while on duty. se septa's police chief reported this picture yesterday of cameras going to the officers. some who trained last week can start wearing them now. every officer should be ready to use them within the week. the transit authority spend $300,000 on the cameras each officer is in charge of activ e activating the camera to record any incident. well, we have not seen this in a while, but timely, hope for camelback mountain to reopen. what the resort says about making snow and opening the slopes. >> this season has not been what we wanted, a failed season in our eyes. >> not a good for the birds. no playoffs, no head coach, and the season is not over yet. the team has to say about the
9:07 am
final game coming up tomorrow.
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get out of the past. get fios. breaking news in the past few moments, authorities in allentown held a news conference on the missing 5-year-old boy with autism. let's take a listen. >> he had a favorite nursery rhyme he responds to. we had a truck driving around the neighborhood with his
9:10 am
favorite music, hopefully that he would respond to that. on the team with us, a number of individuals. we have from the national center of exploited children, john, the project representative. jo john's right here. we have director of the northeast search and rescue, bruce barton, a chief and senior k-9 hand llehandler, about 20 o with us. today, a number of things, recanvassing the neighborhood, hitting a number of homes we were not able to get into yesterday with the police. planning additional helicopter flyovers as well. if we get response from the state police, we're utilizing both boats in the canals and on the river. we're going to have dogs in the boats as well to search the canals, rivers, and the woods. again, our fire department is actually going through all industrial buildings with
9:11 am
thermal sensing devices to see if there's cracks he's hiding out in in those particular buildings. we're also doing another reverse 911 call to the city for help. to the general public, we would like them to remain out of the search area. we had a lot of folks in here, hundreds of folks who came out, combing the woods, that does not help us any way, shape, or form. we appreciate the help. we appreciate the efforts. they care. they are concerned. we ask for continued prayers for the boy, family, officers, and those searching, but we woud like them to stay out. the heat seeking devices, the more folks out there, the more they disturb the area and less likely the dogs or heat seeking devices can pick up anomalies. we have professional organizations out here. they are only disrupting the by being out here and looking. we know they want to be involved. just keep looking, you know, throughout your house.
9:12 am
we want you to check your yards. unlocked cars, if this boy could have climbed into a car, dumpsters, and dog houses, if you have a dog house in the back dr any place that a 5-year-old boy can climb into, we'd like them to check. we want them to call us with any leads, call 911. any leads that they could possibly have, even if it's the most remote, just call us. we want to look for any evidence, if you see clothing, particularly an ipad. he had an ipad with him. he's autistic. that ipad was his lifeline. if it's dropped, let us know immediately. it had a marker on it? >> it was not an ipad it was a nuvee, and so we're going to ask help in locating those items, so with, we'll take any questions that you may have, but that's where we are at. this is probably one of the most extensive searches we've
9:13 am
conducted. we've, as i said, canvassed over and over again, and appreciate the media's help and volunteers out here, but we ask you to stay away from the area while we conduct the search today. >> you mentioned the search foe -- >> you have been listening to a news conference in allentown where authorities are searching for a missing 5-year-old boy, who has autism, as you heard the police chief mention in the news conference. really, it sounds like they are pulling out all the stops. they are pulling out all the stops to find the little boy, recanvassing the area they have been looking over the past 24 hours, and helicopter flyovers, boats in the canal and rivers and 20 k-9s in the search and using thermal devices to look in hiding places where the boy may be. we are at that news conference and we'll check in with monique
9:14 am
in a short while. stay with us. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we are cold this morning. temperatures, most temperatures below freezing in the area, but nice skies. sun out there, finally. after days and days without sun, a live look outside, we are looking from the adventure aquarium camera, temperatures freezing in many spots, if not below freezing, 28 in chester springs, above freezing in ricetown, and 35 in philadelphia, north and west in the freezing mark quakertown 32, 31 in lancaster, and south and east in the 20s and 30s as well. 33 degrees in atlantic city airport, and 33 in millville. today, plan on a mix of sun, clouds, mostly sunny skies, breezy, cold, temperatures at 43 degree, and, sunday, a similar situation, windier, really cold monday and tuesday, and more on the cold temperatures and tracking rain in the evan-day. look for that in a few minutes. we'll be right back.
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9:17 am
as we welcome 2016, big stories making headlines this year. here's tim furlong. >> reporter: hello, 2016, good-bye, 2015, a good year for some, for others -- >> it was just awful. >> reporter: 2016 begins with layoff notices for local dupont workers and all of us fear more terrorism like in paris, hearing more about isis, and pennsylvania might get a budget
9:18 am
just in time to debate the following year's budget, and in 2016, we might see some snow. i say might. >> i want some snow because i think you got to have a year with some snow. >> reporter: we'll laugh together in viral videos. >> come on, patty! >> reporter: and less than a year after hosting the pope, philadelphia and the brand new mayor are in the spotlight again hosting the national democratic convention, of course, a year we pick the new president. it's looking like it's hillary clinton versus the donald. >> because he's the guy to get things done, not politics as usual. >> reporter: sports teams could improve this year, or maybe they won't. >> eagles good this year? >> no. >> reporter: they are making big changes. >> i love the eagles, and they are going to be good again. >> reporter: the flyers look like a playoff team and hopefully be mediocre and the sixers, well, i don't know. they'll still be here. hopefully we'll all here, happy,
9:19 am
healthy in 2016, enjoying our family, friends, and work. let's get this going and rock 2016. ♪ from all of us here, i wish you and yours a very happy new year. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, those days of the sixtys are gone. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s right now. by this afternoon, just 43 degree, feeling colder than it is. also, with a breeze in place, windy sunday. feels like winter again. layerings up as you head out this morning. colder monday and tuesday, cold today and tomorrow, 30s and 20s tuesday. destroy stretch six out of the seven days. by the seventh day, we have rain in the forecast. 35 degrees right now in philadelphia, and we're looking at mostly sunnies, winds west, northwest at 5 miles per hour, and five degrees colder compared to this time yesterday.
9:20 am
2 had 4 degrees now in mount pocono. it is cold north and west and cold south and east, 33 degrees in glassboro and 33 in atlantic city. one degree above freezing, factor in winds, and it feels colder than that teens in mount pocono, 27 in reading, and 29 in lant tick city. live look outside, we are looking at bright sunshine, bright skies today. that's the good news. sunny sunday as well and monday and tuesday, lots of sun in the seven day. winds northwest, bringing down the cold canadian air keeping us chilly, 12 miles per hour in philadelphia, and up to 10 miles per hour in wildwood, new jersey. enjoy the sun today. cold, breezy, and feeling like the 30s, and tonight, mostly clear and cold, so for your saturday evening plans, wear layers, temperatures drop back into the low 20s north and west
9:21 am
of the city. by sunday, cold, windy again. winds gust at 20 miles per hour, feeling like the 30s in many spots in the areament them it's monday, the arctic comes through, and we reach a high in the 30s on monday and in the 20s tuesday. get ready for that. today, temperatures are going to be around 43 degrees in philadelphia, and breezy and cold, butting like the 30s. winds west at 515 miles per hour. the seven-day forecast, 43 today, sunday, sunny, windy, 43, and the blast on monday, just 33 degrees as a high, tuesday, colder than that, after teens to start out with, we have temperatures at 28 degrees, and cold start, we rebound to 44 degrees, and wednesday, 46, and friday, just as things change a little bit, we bring low pressure system in, bringing us at least more clouds, and also the chance for rain, 42 degrees.
9:22 am
good morning to you, i'm danny pommells. eagles have a game to play. maxwell and logan ruled out for sunday's action against the giants. loser of sunday's game faces rams in london next season. the team has prepared this week under the interim head coach, and despite both teams being out of the playoffs, eagles say there's plenty to play for in the game sunday. >> this season was not what we wanted, a failed season in our eyes, so as a player, you want to go out there, and, ultimately, you're going to be auditioning for the next coach, and people are prideful about that. >> the title, preparing for the giants, and they have done a good job of being candid, open, up front, talking about the elephant in the room and putting that behind us. we have a job to do, and we have to have an impact on the weekend, and i thought we could do this, and the rest takes care of itself. >> yeah, now to the elephant in
9:23 am
the room. as you heard jenkins reference, chip kelly no longer the head coach headed into the finale. stories trickled out, and kelce opened up about the season and first moves made by the now former head coach. >> biggest thing to me, i've been through two seasons where you've seen a collapse or a down fall of teams, and both offseasons, there was tremendous change, by change, i mean, free agency. i think i realize d trust and chemistry is more important than i understood. this is, you know, the dream team 2. >> how about college action, rose bowl game in pasadena, granddaddy of them all, and christian got more game than monopoly. first game from scrimmage, catches the pass, and, yeah, he's, 75 yards to the house, the second quarter, back to return the punt, and look at how he just makes people miss.
9:24 am
takes it the distance. he finished with the rose bowl record, 368 all purpose yard and two touches making his parents proud. stanford beats iowa, 45-16. the new year's tradition, not a good day for the bruins, 3-1, canadiens score to make it 5-1. they trumped bruins in foxboro. that's a look at sports from comcast sports net.
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we only have a few seconds before we leave you this morning, we want to introduce you to goldo here, a cute dog in michelle's lap, adorable. >> adorable, looking for a home, he's at an event today, give them a call.
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i'm sara gore, and this is "open house." this week we're inside a santa barbara home that's the epitome of private coastal living. designer benjamin dhong takes us on a tour of a serene design project in san francisco. and it's modern luxury living and incredible views from a new york city penthouse in the sky. the living room flows seamlessly into the dining room. and in this setting every meal will taste like a gourmet meal. trust me. plus staging tips from the experts to get your home off the market. but first, it's luxury living at its finest on miami beach. this is what living in miami is all about. your saltwater pool, your lounge area, your waterfall. i want to show you something that you'll never see anywhere else-- the elevator bar. yep, you heard me, the elevator bar. [music playing]


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