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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a day here, and try to catch up from all the warm weather they've had. it's 6 degrees there right now. 17 in allentown, 19 in pottstown. these aren't the wind chills, these are the actual air temperatures. 24 in philadelphia, it was 33 just a few hours ago, so the temperatures are dropping pretty significantly, and the wind is still up there, 21 mile an hour sustained winds in philadelphia. on top of that, low temperatures, so it's really feeling cold. feels like 9 degrees right now. 7 in pottstown, 4 in allentown, and 13 below in mount pocono. now we're talking about near the physical danger zone up in the poconos here. the low temperatures tonight in the poconos up near zero, 14 degrees in philadelphia, 7 in allentown, 8 in pottstown, and 9 in reading. we'll let you know when it's going to warm up significantly with the rest of the seven day in just a few minutes. >> all right, glenn, see you then. most of the region activated
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what's known as code blue, and if you've been able to enjoy the mild temperatures without turning on the heat, you could be in for a rude and cold awakening. >> rosemary connors joins us live from center city with more on what we need to know about turning up the heat. rosemary? >> reporter: jacqueline and jim, for a lot of people out and about today, the first thing they are going to do when they get home is turn on and turn up the heat. they may also want to keep the number of their local heating and cooling repair service handy, because those guys over the next few days are going to be very busy. >> things will be running full bore and we'll be swamped late tonight and tomorrow morning. >> reporter: the rush, jamie is wrapping up his last seasonal maintenance calls like this job. it's preventive, a check to make sure that the gas furnace will be ready when he cranks the thermostat to ward off the frigid weather. >> a lot of people don't worry about the air or the heat, and you don't use it when it sits dormant, that's when you have trouble. >> no different than a car in
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the garage, or your tractor, start it the beginning of summer and it will run for a minute then bogs out. same with the heater. >> reporter: this heater gets a clean bill of health. walt can sleep easy and warm tonight. >> if you don't do it, i don't know, of course, a lot of money, and the heating system that's in here, i really love it. i never have any trouble with it. >> reporter: as for pompetti, he suspects that other home owners, unfortunately, may wake up freezing tomorrow. >> parts have been sitting there all year. if anything was about to break last year, just something mechanical and happens, but it tends to happen in the beginning of the season, when we are the busiest. >> reporter: i asked jamie pompetti whether it matters if you crank up the heater or gradually increase the temperature, if that makes a difference whether your system breaks or not, he says it doesn't matter, just like a light switch, all that matters is if it's on or off. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news.
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they are getting ready to help the homeless in cumberland county. the church of the resurrection has been set up as a shelter for people looking for a warm place to stay tonight. >> these are our neighbors, and in neighborhoods where our churches are located, our neighbors need a place to stay in hard weather. >> the shelter at this church is preparing to welcome 30 people tonight. and now that the temperatures are below freezing, it is the perfect time to download the nbc 10 news app to get weather information, including school closings. another big story taking over the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection, today jim kenney was officially sworn into office. and right now you're looking at live pictures from a celebration under way at the convention center, the mayor hosting a block party that's already in high gear right there, and earlier today mayor kenney laid out his key points for his city. >> we will have to put all -- put aside our differences and acknowledge two things, that
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black lives do matter. [ applause ] and that the overwhelming majority of our police are decent, hard working public servants who risk their lives every day. >> mayor did not wait long to take some action. he signed six new executive orders, including a controversial one on immigration that his predecessor signed into law. philadelphia is now a sanctuary city, meaning it will not cooperate unless they commit a felony. lauren mayk is joining us live from inside the convention center with more on what's expected from the city's 99th mayor. lauren? >> reporter: good evening, jim. well, if this is any indication, maybe we can expect some different things. and it starts tonight with things like this, a food truck inauguration. i can tell you if you work your way around the room, you'll get over to the cupcakes, but this is the food truck that we are
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starting with tonight. this is julie's food truck, what's it like to be at an inauguration like this? >> pretty much a dream come true. starting a small business like this, this is sort of the pinnacle of what you would consider success. >> reporter: it's a little bit different, though, for an inauguration, isn't it? >> little bit. food truck is almost a little bit of a trop right now, we had to cook in the kitchen downstairs, but we're making it work. >> reporter: making it work. day of ending with fun tonight, but started with some official business. >> jim kenney becoming the city's 99th mayor with a nod to his upbringing at school and home. >> at the end of the day it was a jesuit teaching and selflessness that led me to the stage. >> reporter: a main priority for the administration with kenney pointing to help from the private sector for community schools. >> our children should not have to get up before dawn and take
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three different buses to get to a good school. so those young women can become not only national champions on the court, but also be the first in their families to go to college. >> reporter: it's those students, championship basketball stars, that kenney made a beeline for as we caught him in the crowd. mayor, how are you feeling? >> good, fun, fun. i got to go see my girls. >> reporter: a moment of fun before a walk to city hall where the work and a four-year term begins. >> enjoy it. you're the mayor of your hometown. >> reporter: and as the new mayor takes office here, he is also asking for help from others. take a look at this, what this is behind me here. you can take some pictures with the mascots and have fun, but you are also asked to make a pledge, how you are going to help the city, i pledge to -- help philly. and this is what mayor-elect kenney, now mayor kenney, is
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asking from folks tonight as he begins his first day of his administration. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> all right, lauren, thank you. outgoing mayor michael nutter performed one final act before he left office. he stopped by his alma mater here, st. joe's prep, before attending the inauguration. flying a drone led a delaware man up a creek without a paddle. he crashed his christmas present behind his home west of wilmington. the man took a tumble, also landed in the creek. he had his cell phone with him, so he called for help. he was cold with a sore ankle, but will be okay. the first monday of the year saw a nose dive on u.s. stock markets. the dow dropping 276 points there, poor manufacturing data from china helped drive the selloff. china's main stock market had to temporarily halt trading after stocks in shanghai took a 7% plunge. at one time today u.s. stocks saw the largest drop on the
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first day since the great depression. the ebola outbreak is over, the philadelphia department of public health will no longer monitor people who travel from ebola-affected nations. last week the world health organization declared the end to the largest multi-nation ebola epidemic in history. locally nearly 1,000 people were monitored from october 2014 to last week. 11 patients with ebola were treated here in the u.s. a crash involving five vehicles, including a delaware state trooper, sent several people to the hospital. sky force 10 was over the scene after noon in newark. in all, five vehicles were involved. the injuries don't appear to be serious. investigators still working to figure out what caused the crash. surveillance video gave police new clues about a man's death along a busy highway. sky force 10 was over bensalem around noon. police found the body on the ground at the entrance to
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rednor's supermarket. at first investigators thought he was hit by a car, but surveillance video shows the man fell on to the road. a new jersey couple's luck ran out. police say they left three children inside the car while they went inside parx casino. the two now face child endangerment charges. police say three children ages 1, 3, and 8 were left alone for an hour and 38 minutes while the parents gambled saturday. the temperatures were around freezing. the kids were checked out and released to other family members. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, bill cosby's wife gets ready to testify this week. the nbc 10 investigators look into what we can expect in the courtroom. the coaching carousel in the nfl. the eagles interview another head coaching candidate, plus players clean out their lockers. >> and i'm tracking temperatures going down into the teens. it's finally cold enough to make snow in the poconos. 24 hours a day now. don't miss my first alert
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forecast next.
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'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'! this is nbc 10 news. >> the prosecutor in charge of leading the bill cosby investigation was sworn into office today as montgomery
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county district. steele is already working as the first assistant in the district attorney's office. he says his office decided to do the right thing and seek justice against the comedian. this is the first time cosby has been criminally charged and aggravated indecent assault charge dating back to 2004. and all new at 6:00, it's a big week for cosby's legal team. cosby's wife camille must testify this week in a civil case against her husband, but camille is putting up a fight. nbc 10 investigator harry hairston broke the news of the criminal charges first and is taking a deeper look into what's ahead for cosby and his wife. >> right now camille cosby is scheduled to testify in a deposition wednesday that could reveal damaging information about her husband. a judge has ordered her to be deposed, but her attorney filed a stay to prevent that from happening. while bill cosby prepares to fight charges here in montgomery
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county, his wife of 52 years, camille, will face lawyers for seven women who are suing cosby in federal court unless the judge rules in her favor for a stay. i spoke to the man who will question camille cosby. he tells us he expects to get a significant amount of testimony to use against bill cosby. >> there is an adage that people say that a perfect union is the marriage of a blind woman to a deaf man, but she is not blind, and she, i'm sure, did get to see and hear a lot. >> if you're deposing camille cosby, what are the questions you'd go after? >> look, i'm going to want to know everything she knew about all of the women. i'm going to go through each and every woman's name.
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>> reporter: jeff lyndie is a former federal prosecutor and handled similar depositions. >> i would assume as the plaintiff's lawyer she's going to give testimony that only supports her husband, so i'm going to want to lock her in to her statements. >> reporter: lyndie says the strategy is to give mrs. cosby enough rope to hang herself. >> and anything we get that contradicts her, i can prove her to be a liar. >> reporter: adding there is a small upside for cosby. >> the importance of deposing her for cosby's side will be for her to say either i didn't know anything about this, or i never heard about this, or i knew about these women and they were all friends with bill. >> in these court records, attorneys for the plaintiff say if camille cosby failed to appear for her deposition without a court stay they'll seek to have u.s. marshals to bring her to the deposition. i'm heading to massachusetts to cover the events as they unfold. for the investigators, harry
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hairston, nbc 10. >> stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the cosby deposition on wednesday and his first court date next week. camelback mountain is taking advantage of the cold temperatures. after weeks of delay the resort is getting ready to open, filling out the snow base. the resort is planning to be fully open to the public on thursday. >> a lot of people have been waiting to put on those ski boots and ski down the hill. >> i think it will be packed this weekend. >> i bet so, glenn. >> it's about time, i'll tell you. not just at camelback, this is shani mountain and they are making snow 24 hours a day, as well. the temperature is probably low enough that you wouldn't want to be going there tonight anyway, but let them make the snow for you. couple of arctic nights out there tonight and tomorrow night, with wind chills near zero, even in and around the philadelphia area and, of course, up in the poconos it's 10 to 15 below zero.
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we will be warming toward the end of the week, and if you're going up to the north over the weekend it's not going to be near as cold as it is now. flag still blowing hard, wind is still out there, 21 mile an hour sustained wind, temperature down to 24, feels like 9 in philadelphia, even at this hour of the night. 17 in allentown, 19 in pottstown. current temperatures, 20 degrees in reading, 21 in trenton. 25 degrees in wilmington, 26 in atlantic city, 27 in millville. this is not one of those nights where millville is going to be colder than everybody else, because the wind is going to stay up. they get that with clear skies and calm winds. we have record warmth, entire eastern half of the country during the month of december, just an unbelievable event, jet stream going straight up into canada and everything has reversed. and now the arctic air is in and surging down to the south, but
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it's not going to stay that way, at least not this time. we're going to get another surge next week that's going to last a lot longer and maybe even be more severe. we have wind gusts still over 30 miles an hour in philadelphia, 31, but we're seeing fewer places reporting gusts now, a sign that the wind is coming down just a little bit. and the feels like temperature 13 below in mount pocono, 4 in allentown, 5 in reading, 9 degrees in philadelphia, and as we go through the night tonight, continue to make the snow, this is in philadelphia here, temperatures in the teens just throughout the night and doesn't even warm up much by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. these are the wind chills, feel like temperatures down to near zero and gets all the way up to 7 by 9:00 a.m. there's the arctic air that we've been advertising for a couple weeks now. making its visit and then leaving. way off the map.
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by wednesday, so it's just seasonably cold and then over the weekend temperatures actually go above normal. but here comes, it's coming back. next week, starting on monday, we're going to see some of that colder air, and that may be lasting for a while. so as we go through the night tonight, we see the temperatures go down to 14 in philadelphia, 6 north and west. the wind chills ranging from plus 5 to minus 5, depending where you are. and, of course, we've been so spoiled, bodies not adjusted to this cold, so it's going to feel that much colder tomorrow morning when you get out. sunny and bitter cold tomorrow, high temperatures in the low 30s, but the wind not nearly as much, only 5 to 10 miles an hour. and the seven day forecast, another very cold morning, wednesday morning, 18 degrees in philadelphia, maybe single digits in some of the suburbs. that's one of those cases where millville may be going down way
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lower than everybody else, but later in the week it starts warming up, and by friday night and over the weekend when it's going to be raining, it's near 50 degrees. >> thanks, hurricane. i'm john clark, we're going to update you on the eagles coaching search, who they are interviewing, and elton brand is back with the sixers. we'll hear why coming up. patients across the country have spoken.
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this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. the eagles are moving on their head coaching search, interviewing pat shurmur this afternoon, they'll interview the
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bears coordinator tomorrow. the bears have interest in sean payton. here are some of the assistants being mentioned, having interest in these candidates. the only defensive coach on the list is teryl austin out of those guys. here are the eagles cleaning out lockers today. chip kelly brought in a lot of new , remade the team, it didn't work out, and the players are very disappointed. >> this season was a failure in our minds, and i think everyone's looking forward to next season already. >> the way we did, loss to atlanta, you know, just a slip and slide the whole rest of the season. it was disappointing, and, you know, i care a lot about this team and city, and i get tired when we lose. i don't like making excuses. you know, i like to win. >> lane johnson always honest. sam bradford is going to be a free agent and says he wants to stay here, but he wants to see who the birds bring in as their head coach. sam improved as the year went on, setting the eagles record completing 65% of his passes this season, he got more comfortable and vocal with his teammates, and jordan matthews
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says sam has to be the quarterback next year. >> he was out of football for two years, so i think people are seeing who he is, how great he can be. i can't say enough good things about him. >> we want sam bradford back here in eagles green, but at the same time, the powers that be are going to have to do what they do. >> malcolm jenkins told us in our eagles game day final show last night that the next head coach needs to hold the players accountable, and the players need to be more together. >> i think we need to spend more time with each other, be more invested in each other's lives, be closer as a unit, that way when you face adversity, you know, you don't start to splinter or crack, you get stronger in the hard times. i think there's a lot of things, obviously, it starts with the head coach and the plan is going to come from him and we'll move on from there. another coach in the nfc east is leaving, tom coughlin stepped down as giants coach today after 12 seasons and, of course, two super bowls.
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espn says chip kelly had his people contact the 49ers about their job, and they just may talk to him. the sixers, look who they've signed, elton brand, brought him out of retirement to be a mentor and provide leadership to the youngest team in the nba. brown says the new chairman pushed for this to happen. here's elton. >> you know, as a player coming back, seems more interesting to me. i know i can kind of effect change and be a part of something, you know, i might not make it to the end when it's really, really great around here, but i could be a part of something as a player. >> going to be like a coach on the floor. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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well, here's the seven-day forecast. finally some weather below the normal temperature. tonight down to 14 in philadelphia, single digits in the suburbs, and we have wind on top of that, so it's going to feel like it's near zero when you get up in the morning, but then it will ease up from there.
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>> it's finally here. >> yeah. >> for all of us at nbc 10, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. the news continues now with "nbc nightly news." good night. bliss. bill clinton hits the trail as donald trump puts his money where his mouth is. but his new ad has already erupted in copt very versaill-- cocontrov ande go inside as armed protesters tame control of a federal building unless the feds meet their demands. what they want. taking aim. what we've learned about president obama's executive actions on guns. the white house about to go around congress asso uponents vow to fight and the real life whodonit who has so many viewers hooked, amateur dete


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