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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  WCAU  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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offensive foul and a technical. >> a high school basketball coach appears to head butt a referee and it's all caught on video. what happened just before the confrontation. >> first, a brutal painful cold. nbc 10 in center city for another night of below freezing temperatures. >> we are here with sheena parveen. how cold is it going to be when we wake up? >> some areas will be in the single digits. you just mentioned below freezing. we are talking about possibly eight to nine degrees tomorrow morning.
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this morning we had the cold around. tomorrow morning we have it around again. take a look at the temperatures. it is cold outside. it is 26 degrees in philadelphia. 19 in trenton. 15 degrees in chester springs. temperatures really dropping off quickly tonight especially with the clear skies and calm winds. 17 in allen town. poconos at 11 degrees. areas north and west in the single digits. 12 in millville. 14 degrees in mount holly. 1r5 at the atlantic city airport. as we go through tonight, clear skies, calm winds. we get to the single digits north and west. 17 for a low in philadelphia staying in the middle to low teens but those coldest spots with temperatures dropping to around 8 degrees for allentown. bundle the kids up at the bus
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stop tomorrow morning. you want to make sure you have the gloves and hat and scarf. there is a warmup in the forecast with rain. i'll show you a look at that coming up. no one should be in the street in dangerous temperatures like these. workers around the area are trying to bring homeless people in from the cold. >> nbc 10 continuing our team coverage live in north philadelphia. >> reporter: workers and volunteers went out streets to bring homeless to shelters like this one, the station house in north philadelphia. it is a home for many tonight a reluctant home for some. >> i want to get you out of this weather. >> reporter: dangerously frigid temperatures sent outreach workers looking for people who made a home on the streets. >> the goal is just to get out this weather. even just for a couple hours. >> reporter: no time is more urgent than overnight hours.
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emergency shelters are open with offers of a warm place to stay. we witnessed several people around a homeless hot spot decided against it. >> blankets. >> reporter: others accepted with gratitude but needed convincing. >> it's going to drop to 17 and this blanket is not going to do it. >> reporter: the man dropped his blanket and travelled to the station house shelter in north philadelphia where we found a man who said he would be staying in abandoned house if not here. >> guys need help. >> get them safe and warm even if just for a couple hours and just to get them in and get a fighting chance. >> reporter: emergency shelters will be open throughout the morning and volunteers will set out and visit those who decided not to leave the streets. i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. this just in, new video that
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appears to show a county high school basketball coach headbutting a referee during a game. >> it happened at a controversial foul. watch the right side of the screen. the coach appears to lunge forward. we see his head knocking down the referee. we will show it to you again. police confirmed they were called to the game for a disturbance. be sure to stay with nbc 10 as new developments unfold with this story. new at 11:00, ryan howard is fighting back against claims he used performance enhancing drugs. he filed a defamation lawsuit against al jazeera after a documentary was aired allegeding he received human growth hormones. two women are recovering
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after an attack by a big dog in northeast philadelphia. police say a woman and her adult daughter were bitten by a neighbor's dog. both women have bite wounds. they were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. back at the scene a witness said the dog tried to attack another neighbor who turned his gun on the dog. >> somehow this dog got out from the gate and charged at him. the dog was about maybe ten feet away and he took his gun out and shot at the dog. >> reporter: the man who shot at the dog was taken into custody. no word if he will face charges. the dog was taken by animal control and no other injuries were reported. a woman was sent to the hospital. police say she was an innocent by stander to a drive by shooting. police say the 27-year-old victim was walking out when the shooting occurred. she suffered a gunshot wound to
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the back side and is expected to be okay. no arrests have been made. police in upper darby say they shot and killed a man who lunged at them with a knife tonight. just after 7:00. investigators say the 54-year-old man threatened to hurt himself and refused to drop the knife so officers tasered him. after that officers say he charged at them so they opened fire. deposition delayed. bill cosby's wife won a last minute victory in court. a judge decided camille cosby won't are to testify tomorrow in a civil suit against her husband. >> a judge decide today postpone the deposition while camille cosby appeals. the only local reporter when the ruling came down. >> reporter: camille cosby bought what she wanted but she is not out of the woods yet. she is fighting a court order
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that could force her to testify. if she loses her appeal attorneys for the women suing her husband are expected to ask specific questions about the couple's sex life and make the answers public. i recently spoke to one of the women's attorney by phone. >> there are issues involving encounters, liaisons with other women, the use of drugs, payment to women from various sources. >> reporter: moments after the stay was granted he told me he is confident he will get the chance to question her. he believes she may have significant information about her husband's alleged affairs. >> there is an addage that people say that the perfect union is a marriage of a blind
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woman to a deaf man, but she is not blind and she i'm sure did get to see and hear a lot. >> reporter: federal court officials tell me it could be at least a week if not longer before we know if camille cosby has to testify. in springfield, massachusetts, harry harrison. >> here at home cosby is facing sex assault charges in a separate case. he appeared in court. prosecutors say he drugged a woman and assaulted her inside his home in 2004. his lawyers say he is innocent and the charges are politically motivated. now to president obama's plan to tighten gun control rules in the u.s. taking aim at what he has called the biggest frustration of his time in office. president obama unveiled a series of executive actions on gun control.
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the president delivered what was perhaps the most emotional speech he has ever given in office. the president wiped away tears as he recalled what he described his saddest day in office, the slaughter of 20 first greaters and six adults in the sandy hook school shooting. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [ applause ] >> president obama's five point plan includes comprehensive background checks, new regulations for those who sell guns, hiring more people to process paperwork and make the system more efficient, making sure people with mental illness get help and developing new technologies to make guns safer. >> and tonight there is strong reaction from all sides of the debate from gun owners to victims of gun violence.
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keith jones reports. >> i'm thinking it must be a toy gun and then he shot it as close as you and i are. >> reporter: point blank range. 20 people inside and the gunman chose -- >> the bullet went through my side and into my spinal cord and ricochetted. >> reporter: that was 24 years ago. during her first television interview starr still feels the pain. >> i feel like i'm walking on sharp glass. >> reporter: place say david bixler pulled the trigger. starr said he shouldn't have been allowed to buy a gun. that is why he applaud the plea today. >> if somebody wants a gun they are going to get it. >> reporter: general manager says regardless of expanded background checks or licensing
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criminals will continue to illegally obtain guns. that is something he hopes the president addresses. >> we are in the business to sell drugs. we don't want to see them in the wrong hands. >> reporter: that is something starr bright can agree with. keith jones, nbc 10 news. a developing story overseas. north korea says it has conducted a hydrogen bomb test. the surprise announcement came as the earthquake was measured. geologists detected the quake. it wasn't clear if the quake was caused by a nuclear blast but u.s. officials are assessing the situation. keyless ignition, some think convenient, others think it is deadly. local police say this cartoon is no laughing matter.
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why they say it is sending the wrong message about officers. how would you like to be nearly half a billion richer? your chance to make that dream come true. temperatures are dropping off very quickly. many areas already in the teens. i'll show you who will be the coldest by tomorrow morning and a warmup in the forecast. that's next. ♪
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♪ this controversial cartoon has a lot of people talking tonight especially police. as you see it shows an officer pointing a gun at that baby who is holding a bottle, the officer saying he is holding something, could be a weapon. the paper's website and mobile app and not everyone is laughing. law enforcement officials tell us the cartoon is unfair to police working to improve community relations. >> one of those cartoons where i don't know that anybody isn't possibly offended by it. it's just an offensive cartoon.
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>> the police department says the cartoon saoffensive and disgraceful. we reached to the wilmington news journal for comment. the philadelphia police department has a new leader. police commissioner was sworn in this morning at central high school. ross and mayor promise to focus on improved community relations. ross acknowledges taking the rein at a time of great tension between police and citizens nationwide. he says change will happen gradually. >> it's in steps. you have to roll up your sleeves. you have to get to know the people who live and work here and demonstrate that you will be responsive to them. >> he promises his department of 6,000 plus officers will incorporate body cameras and continue the reforms launched under charles ramsey. >> search is on for the person who stole a car with a young child sleeping inside.
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look at this video outside 7/11. police telling us the child's step father left him sleeping inside the car that was running and he went inside the store. police found the car about a half hour later with the boy still inside and he was okay. new at 11:00, a feature standard in many cars but critics say it might have a fatal flaw. >> we are talking about keyless ignitions. some drivers have died after arriving home and making a crucial mistake. how to stop it from happening to you. >> reporter: most newer model cars offer keyless ignition. >> it was the main thing i was looking for. >> reporter: after years of relying on keys, not having one can take getting used to and the technology does not make up for that. >> the engine is running, left my car and got back like 15 minutes later and realized it is
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running. the car keeps running when even though i take my keys with me. it was a little unnerving. >> the concern is you put your car in park, close the garage door. the problem is that the car is still on. it is a mistake that for some has proven deadly. in a letter pennsylvania senator asks for better alerts from keyless ignition cars. he says at least one dozen people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning since 2009 including a man more recently from the pittsburgh area who left his car on in the garage. >> i would hope they would take action to give an alert, to give some kind of notification to an individual when they leave the vehicle if the ignition is on that there is an alert. >> reporter: car manufacturers say technology does alert drivers but senator casey and others believe the technology is
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flawed and more needs to be done to keep people safe. in philadelphia, nbc 10 news. drexal university unveils the u-connect program to connect west philadelphia residents with jobs, housing, food and educational services. if you didn't already have enough reasons to buy a powerball ticket here is one more. the largest jackpot just got bigger. tomorrow night's prize soared to $450 million. the jackpot becomes sixth largest in north america. last february this much cash was up for grabs. that will keep you warm. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, temperatures will be cold tomorrow morning like they were this morning.
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bundle up the kids at the bus stop. most of the area will be in the teens overnight and early tomorrow but we have a gradual warm up in time for the weekend. that is going to come with weekend rain. right now 17 degrees in allentown. 19 degrees west chester. 26 in philadelphia. many of our suburbs in new jersey down to teens. atlantic city at 15 degrees. 12 in millville. 22 in dover and wilmington. bus stop forecast for tomorrow make sure the kids are bundled up. you will want the gloves, scarf, hat. by 7:00 in the morning. philadelphia area 17 degrees. much of new jersey and delaware should be around 1r5 degrees. by 2:00 temperatures about upper 30s. it will be a cold afternoon just not as cold as it was this
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afternoon. we only hit 32 degrees today. we are nice and dry and will stay this way overnight. clear skies and waum calmer winds. arctic air in canada is here and it will get colder overnight. single digits north and west. teens elsewhere. the cold air continues slowing down from canada all because of the high which moves offshore as we go more into wednesday and thursday. little bit milder. we go into the weekend and you see the approach of rain. we will be milder for the weekend but that is going to be bringing rain saturday and sunday and late friday. tonight's low temperatures 8 degrees allen town. trenton 13. 14 degrees for chester and west chester. about 15 degrees for cape may, atlantic city and dover. the coldest spot in new jersey. tomorrow sunny day, not as cold
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as today. still on the cold side. seebl for this time of the year. average high is 40 degrees. thursday low 40s. friday mid 40s. you see the slow warmup into the weekend with low 50s. that comes with rain showers. after that next week we are back around 40 degrees. i see you are wearing flyers colors. the eagles conduct their first out of house interview. here is adam gates leaving philly tonight. that is next.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x 1 will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from comcast
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sportsnet. the eagles looking for the new head coach. and here he is leaving philly after the interview with eagles today. the bears offensive coordinator helped jay cutler to one of his better seasons. before that he was peyton manning's offensive coordinator in denver. the giants want to talk to him. off he goes. here are candidates mentioned. mcdermott is interested but the eagles have not asked for permission. tom coughlin said good bye today and eli manning was very emotional. >> he thinks he's the reason. he's not the reason. it's not you. it's us. we win, we lose together. when we lose, i lose. when we win you guys win. i know what it is. i got the game.
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i got it. >> got to give respect to tom coughlin. switching up the lines again and it works again. paired with wayne simmons against montreal. his seventh goal here and all have been go ahead goals. ghost shot deflected home by wayne simmons. they nearly give it away. under ten seconds to play. tries to play the puck. flyers escape with a 4-3 win. they have won four straight at home. college hoops. saint joe's getting votes in the top 25. they blow a 13 point lead. last chance right here. down three. for the tie it was no good. their seven-game winning streak is snapped. they lose 85-82.
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temple visiting yukon. huge win. 55-53. their second win over a ranked team in a week.
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♪ to be not a gift. it is not a given. fearless is a choice. one that's yours to make. will you be bold?
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will you be brave? you can. because you have the power of a card that opens doors in all fifty states. the one most accepted by top doctors and specialists. independence blue cross. live fearless. open enrollment is now. go online and sign up today. at least there is an end in sight to the cold. >> tomorrow morning still bitter cold. we have single digit temperatures to talk about. 8 degrees allentown. millville around 6 possibly. most of new jersey and delaware in the middle teens. a cold start tomorrow. look at the afternoon high around 40. today we got to 32 for the afternoon high. gradual warmup. and then we go into the weekend low 50s. that does come with rain. you see the warmup and back to around 40 as we go into next
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week. feels like winter. >> yes it does. >> that's enough of that. >> for now. >> thanks. >> thanks for watching. hope to see you tomorrow. have a good night. the tonight show is next. ♪
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen stewart, michael shannon, musical guest cage the


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