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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. here we go, here we go. >> state troopers deliver a baby on the garden state parkway. why these special deliveries are becoming a trend. president obama raises the stakes on gun control. how he is taking aim at members of his own party. first, chaos on the boulevard. a man dies after driving a stolen car the wrong way crashing into another car and then jumping off an overpass to escape. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield.
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it shut down leaving drivers trapped for hours in a backup that stretched for hours. randy gyllenhaal is live in east falls. >> ann credible night. an incredible backup. the suspect tells me they don't know why he was going the wrong way on the boulevard. in a desperate attempt to escape, police say he decided to jump off of this overpass, the southbound overpass. that is more than a 30-foot drop. late tonight, he died from his injuries. >> the wrongway crash happened during the peek of rush-hour. police radio captures the moment the stolen silver chrysler speeds north in the southbound lanes of route 1. >> people traveling in the wrong way got in an accident and now jumped out. >> the accident sent three women to the hospital. one was riding in the suspect's car. two others were in this toyota
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camry. the 29-year-old suspect tried to run away on foot jumping off the overpass to escape but he severed his right foot, hit the back of his head and later died at temple hospital. >> he is laying on the edge of river avenue having cpr performed on him. >> he jumped off the bridge? >> reporter: drivers stuck in a backup stretching for miles say they have never seen traffic this bad. >> reporter: how long did you wait? >> two hours. >> an hour and 40 minutes. i cannot believe it took this long. i have never seen the bridge closed. it must be a horrific accident. >> reporter: hours later, police reopened the southbound lane after a violent wrongway crash led to a deadly jump from above. >> reporter: i did just speak with some members of the suspect's family. they don't know why he ran or why he was going the wrong way. they say, that's not like him. again, he died tonight at temple
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hospital. his family says he leaves behind a young daughter. live in east falls, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news new at 11:00, president obama is continuing his push for more gun reform in the u.s. the press penned an op ed in "the new york times" today. in it, mr. obama calls gun violence an epidemic and national crisis. the president implores everybody to take personal responsibility. he vows to tip his common sense gun reform long after he leaves office and here is one promise from the president who said, i will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party who doesn't support common-sense gun reform. he took his message directly to the american people headlining this cnn town hall meeting. he went after powerful gun lobby groups like the nra, accusing them of distorting public opinion and using fear tactics
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to influence lawmakers. >> it is not going to change until those who are concerned about violence are not as focused and disciplined during election time as those who are. i'm going to throw my shoulders behind folks who want to tuly solve problems. >> a white house spokesperson said representatives from the nra were invited to attend but declined to take part in the event. >> donald trump taking on guns in america tonight during a campaign event in vermont. the republican front-runner addressed firearms measures he will put into place when and if he is elected president. >> i will get rid of gun-free zones on schools. you have to. and on military bases, my first day, it gets signed, my first day. there is no more gun-free zones. >> trump has long said that recent terror attacks in paris and california could have been
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diffused if looser gun control laws were in place. philadelphia police hope this new surveillance video leads them to the robber who shot a grandmother in the face in mayfair on new year's eve. this is the car involved in the case. the suspect got away with the 75-year-old's cell phone, $400 from a paycheck she just cashed and her purse. she is recovering well. two new jersey state troopers are getting props for helping to deliver a baby on the side of the garden state parkway. >> it is all caught on dash camera. >> there you go. >> one, two, three, push! >> the expectant mother was being driven to valley hospital in burgen county monday. she was still 30 miles away when she realized she just wasn't going to make it. the troopers, alex morrow and arnoldo mateo showed up. they helped deliver and cut the
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umbilical cord. this is the third time they have helped in roadside deliveries. >> futures are up on wall street despite a wild ride in china. >> chinese stocks are volatile. the problems overseas led to today's selloff here in the united states. american investors are krcringi as they check their accounts. >> first, the plunging dow is the worst start to a year ever recorded. now, you should be paying attention, because by the end of the week, the average 401(k) would have lost about $4,000. january is off to a rough start as the u.s. stock market continues to tumble. >> you have china's stock market not doing well and them stopping trading to figure out what's going on. >> slow growth in china has investors in the united states doing a double take when looking at their savings and retirement
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accounts. >> what are your biggest concerns? >> losing money, losing money and not being able to have funds there for my kids and my grandkids. >> it is that fear, financial adviser, rob wilson, has spent the week addressing with his client. >> panic has never been a great investment strategy. you do need to be mindful. if you are in a situation where you are going to be retiring in a few years and you can't stomach what's going on right now, it may be a good idea for you to move the cash. >> when the market rebounds, you can begin to reinvest. if you have more time until retirement or a higher tolerance for the volatility, wait to see what happens. >> you just have to stay with it. don't panic. just ride it out. >> what goes down at some point will be up again. with the problem half a world away, it shows we are more connected than some may think. >> this is significant not only because money is being lost.
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how the markets perform in january usually predicts what will happen throughout the next of the year. i'm andrea kline tom pass, nbc 10 news four people are hurt after an explosion at dow chemical in massachusetts. one person was critically injured. investors are looking into what caused the blast. it appears a chemical reacting to water likely triggered it. dow chemical says there are no risks to the community near the site. >> dow is merging with delaware dupont to create a giant chemical producer. dupont is cutting 1700 local jobs. employees in delaware started getting pink slips this week. the job cuts impact ten locations in delaware, including dupont's headquarters. >> philadelphia fire investigators trying to figure out what sparked this fire at a kensington business. it shows heavy smoke billowing
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out of this building on westmoreland started just after 7:00. the first floor is some sort of business. there are apartments above it. no one was hurt here. tomorrow is sentencing day for griffith campbell, the contractor convicted in the deadly market street collapse. he convicted him on six counts of involuntary manslaughter. hits construction company was in charge of the demolition back in june of 2014 when a four-story brick wall fell on the salvation army theft store. six were killed, month are than a dozen hurt. a subcontractor hired by campbell pleaded guilty to six counts of involuntary manslaughter. sean benshop is still awaiting sentencing a bill moving through the state legislature would eliminate restrictions on the future of atlantic city's former show boat casino. the bill advanced by an assembly committee would prohibit any
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deed restrictions on buildings in atlantic city tours. the show boat closed in august of 2014. one deed restriction prevented from reopening as a casino. an older restriction keeps it from being used for anything other than a casino. new jersey lawmakers are deciding on another issue that will shake the future of atlantic city. public hearings were held in the state senate on two plans for building north jersey casinos. right now, the state constitution restricts gambling to atlantic city. voters will decide whether to change that. first, lawmakers have to agree on a single casino plan to put on the ballot. >> immigration reform has been a big topic in the presidential debates. tonight, in our area, we got to hear from some young people right in the center of it. catholic social services celebrated national migration week. about a dozen 16-18-year-old boys are now living in a group home in bensalem without family.
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one teen from central america told us what it was like living in his homeland. >> over there in my country, if you buy a pair of sneakers and they see them on you, the criminals want to take them away. if you don't hand them over, then they will shoot you in the head and run away. >> all of the boys are attending school and taking classes to learn to adjust to life on their own in this country. a historic lottery jackpot is fueling a frenzy over tickets. >> the powerball up to a record $700 million. that's more than the gdp of a handful of countries. pretty safe to say, you could single-handedly solve the pennsylvania budget crisis. this is causing people who don't usually play the lottery to think about rolling the dice. >> we didn't do the $500,000 but now that it is up to 700,000 and a potential to go over, we are going to do it.
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>> what you would like to spend that money on? >> i would run against donald trump and i would win. >> the drawing is saturday. good luck, everybody. >> losing weight is often the top new year's resolution. tonight, a little food for thought if you are trying to drop a few pounds. >> why the government's new guidelines for healthy eating missed the mark. >> the new push to change the rules about who is allowed to smoke in new jersey. >> some lawmakers say certain students should spend an extra 2 1/2 hours ai day in class. others are pushing for more recess. the school battle that could affect kids in our area. we have a big warmup coming just in time for the weekend. we'll show you how warm it will get plus some rain and when you can plan around it. that's straight ahead.
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an educational state of emergency has been declared in new jersey. a new bill was introduced to help underperforming schools to
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get under par. if adopted, it would mean a longer day for some students in kinder garden. those who don't show proficiency would add another 2 1/2 hours to their school days from longer days to getting a break. members of the new jersey state senate passed a measure that guarantees 20 minutes of recess for students in kindergarten through fifth grade allowing them to develop social skills lawmakers are deciding whether to ban tobacco products for anyone under 21. >> the only other state that does, nbc 10's drew smith spoke with people on both sides. >> some people remember several decades ago when congress raised the drinking age. now, as new jersey considers bumping the aage to legally buy cigarettes up to 21. >> i think that's wonderful idea. >> if you are old enough to be able to go off to war, you
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should be old enough to decide whether you want to smoke or not. >> assembly woman pam lambert is one of those that sponsored the bill. >> we know the young minds don't develop until much later. if they adopt addictive behaviors early on in life, they will continue with them. >> the association which represents gas stations and convenience stores in the state says this is a bad idea. they don't think it will stop people from smoking. they do say, though, it will impact the stores by preventing people to go in and buy things. >> our freedom are getting lost as the days go by. we can make choices. the freedom of choice is our god-given right in this country. >> reporter: fewer people able to buy seg ritz will reduce tax revenue. big supporters say preventing people from getting hooked will lead to bigger savings. >> we know the health care costs that are attributed to this are long-term. >> i am a cancer survivor and to
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see that go up to 21, we're protecting our children. >> reporter: the idea already caught on in 15 towns across the state. now, it is up to the assembly and the governor's signature to decide if the age on these signs should change from 19 to 21. in burlington county, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> the vote is coming down to the wire. it is scheduled for the last day lawmakers are in session next week. >> it is that time of year, time for those pesky new year's resolutions. the federal government is lending some advice here according to a new report. you need to cut way back on sugar. they recommend americans limit the amount of added sugars to no more than 10% of daily calories. this he say nothing about eating less red meat which has been linked to cancer. >> a south jersey church is out of thousands of dollars after someone left behind a path of
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destruction in the place of worship. shattered glass littered the altar and floor inside saint lawrence parish. a vandal or vandals threw devotional candles smashing a dozen stain glass windowsment some are more than 100 years old salvaged after a fire decades ago. until the crime is solved, saint lawrence will only be open for scheduled mass and baptism. finally, look at this. it is ski season in the poconos. camel bam in tannersville opened for the first time in january. 13 trails are open now. they are hoping to have 20 trails ready by the weekend. >> people have been so anxious for that to happen. >> waiting for it. it is going to be warmer on those slopes. >> you know what, if you are heading out there to hit the slopes. tomorrow is going to be the best day as we keep going across the weekend. it is only going to get milder
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and then we have rain moving in. so i do have the poconos forecast in just a second. >> yes. there is rain for part of your weekend. it will not be cold enough for snow unfortunately to befalling from the sky. next week, it will be cold enough to make snow again up in the poconos. that's good. we'll be getting cold again. right now, we are very cold in the poconos. 21 degrees. 32, pottstown and allentown. 32 in glassboro. 35, dover. 35, mill borough. as we go overnight, we are going to stay mostly cloudy. we will be dry waking up at around 7:00 a.m. we should be around the mid-30s by 9:00 a.m. by 11:00, closer to 40 degrees. we keep warming up as we go through the afternoon. rain on the way for the weekend. we are going to stay dry most of the day tomorrow. all that rain back off to our west and southwest. that will start to move in. most of it being here late saturday and very early sunday. as we go through tonight, we are
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going to stay dry but not as cold as we have the past several nights. our winds start to shift. tomorrow, we'll be milder to end out the week. the mild air keeps coming more of a southerly wind into saturday and sunday. late saturday and early sunday when we expect the rain around. we go into monday. that all clears out and we get a lot colder. a closer look at the timing of the rain. tomorrow, we do stay on the dry side. late tomorrow night, we see some light showers moving in. up in the poconos, a small chance of a wintry mix. saturday, temperatures warm up. mild and dry most of saturday and then late saturday night, there, you see the rain moving in into early sunday. this is sunday at 8:00 in the morning. sunday morning plans, it is going to be wet. some heavy rain locally. through the afternoon, we do start to clear up and get colder going into next week. here is that poconos forecast. very nice with the snow on the
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ground. tomorrow will be the best ski day. highs in the mid-30s. to are saturday, though, light rain around. by sunday, we are looking at the heavier rain by the morning hours specially. tonight, mid-30s, philadelphia. mid-20's, areas north and west. tomorrow, a little milder. cloudy day. 46-49 degrees. we warm up in the 50s over the weekend. mid-50s saturday and 60 on sunday with heavy morning rain. next week, we cool back down. 32 by next wednesday. fiancee is back. the singer is returning to the super bowl. she will join the band coldplay performing in this year's headline show. beyonce headlined in 2013. super bowl 50 will take place february 7th in levi stadium in santa caramel, california. a day after trading a defenseman, the fliers lose one tonight in minnesota.
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some chair dancing with beyonce going on over here. could this former eagles q.b. have the inside track as being the team's latest coach? we'll have the latest on the coaching search coming up. ♪
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the eagles coaching search continues. they interviewed ben mcadoo. he has served as offensive coordinator under the former couch. they have confirmed the eagles will interview doug pederson.
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before that, he was q.b. coach under reed in philly. then, there is adam gates. there was a report he was invited back to are a second interview but reuben frank has confirmed that is not the case as of now. to the ice, fliers working defenseman shane goss, left early in the second period with what the flyers are calling a lower body injury. goss has been one of the fliers best players since coming up from the fan tons. fliers come out storming at this one. 2-1, orange and black. ryan white had himself a game with the goalie down and out of the net, find the back of it, 3-1, flyers. bad exchange between steve mason and nick schultz. zach parise. we go to o.t. and three-on-three. michael delgato beat the wild.
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>> the sixers join wub of the best six-gaip game stretches under greg brown since the 2013. battling the hawks in south philly. sixers showing some life. second quarter. fast breaks. risky passing. to the rookie, okafor. the sixers come out on fire in the second half. former sixer, kyle korver doing what he does best, hits the three. hawks already over 100 points with nearly 11 minutes left. dennis shrewder drains the three. sixers lose to the hawks big, 126-98. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pomels. i'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning is not going to be as cold, mid-30s. most of saturday will be dry.
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early sunday, rain around 60. we get colder again next week. >> we won't need our seat warmers. >> aim jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. have a great night! we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator.
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