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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. see what he wanted to say. all he does is punch me in my face. >> a road rage attack caught on video. >> that's when he threw me in traffic. he fly me in traffic. >> a husband and wife beaten in the street. >> i tell him to please stop. please stop. and he just kept going. >> how a couple's trip home ended in violence. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. we get a first taste of snow. look at nbc 10 first alert radar. that area of snow is moving in,
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and while we won't see significant snow, we will see some snow showers. >> let's bring in our alert meteorologist, when will these snow showers arrive. >> they'll arrive in the afternoon for most of the area. so the morning commute, we will be fine, but the snow is back off to our west right around the great lakes moving through chicago and getting closer to us. but, again, it's not going to be here for the morning commute. we'll be dry, but very cold. here's future weather, there is that area of snow. and there you see it getting closer. this is tomorrow morning and afternoon. the best chance will be in the afternoon, and the first area, i think we'll see areas north and west. these are snow showers. it's not a snowstorm, and we do expect temperatures to be above freezing at the time that a lot of these showers move in. however, later in the evening, with more snow showers approaching areas north and west, you could be below freezing by that time. so we could see some of this sticking. coming up, a closer look at this, the timing, and how cold it'll be when you wake up tomorrow, that's straight ahead.
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new at 11:00, a road rage attack. of a driver beats a husband and wife and it's all caught on video. >> and tonight the man responsible is still on the loose. nbc 10's keith jones live at the scene in north philadelphia, keith, this really got physical. >> reporter: yes, it did. happened right here behind me. this is fifth street. this is where a driver got out of his car, punched the man, and then threw his wife right on to the pavement. >> he just started hitting my husband in the face. >> reporter: a tearful tammie sally clutches her hip in pain outside her 61-year-old husband ado adolf. show the the aftermath, including bruises on his face. cameras captured the violence from surveillance cameras across fifth street. >> he jumps out the truck, and i rolled down the window, all he does is punches me in my face. >> reporter: he got out and was hit again at the 6'2" slugger wasn't finished. >> then my wife was like please, please stop. and he slung her to the ground. >> you can see it on the tape.
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>> he just wasn't trying to hear it. that's when he threw me in the traffic. he threw me in the traffic like he didn't care. like i was a piece of paper. >> reporter: finally the guy quits and jumps back in his pickup and despite tammie's pleading, takes off. it's not clear what sparked this road rage. adolf and tammie claim they pulled on to fifth street ahead of the suspect and stopped to let him pass. they were just trying to get home. >> i'm going to take you to the hospital. >> reporter: now they have new plans, police arrived on scene looking at the evidence. adolf is hoping they track down the driver. >> i didn't ever think coming up to this corner that he would do what he did. police are looking out for that white chevy pickup. they ran the tag. the chief inspector said they'll face simple assault chargings. keith jones, nbc 10 news. investigators are trying to determine how the unemployed man, accused in the ambush of a philadelphia police officer was able to get a passport and pay
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for a long stay in the middle east. edward archer is charge ld with the attempted murder of officer jesse hearthnet. archer told them he did it in the name of islam. he took trips to egypt and saudi arabia in 2011 and 2012. and investigators want to know if those were funded by anyone with links to terrorism. this comes as authorities investigate whether there was a larger threat against philadelphia police. a tipster claims three other men are linked to archer. and they are more radical. members of a joint terrorist task force are taking that threat seriously. nbc news learned that investigators now know the names of the two of them. in the meantime, officer hartnet is receiving praise for his bravery. >> and because of his heroic action, literally under fire, the shooter was apprehended. this is an amazing example of true grit. >> senator pat tooummy
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recognized officer hartnet on the senate floor today calling the shooting an act of terrorism. the officer remains in the hospital in critical, but stable condition. tomorrow, a father is due in court. charged with murdering his three-year-old son. >> nbc 10 was there at police took d.j. into custody. but tonight, we still don't know how his son, brendan, died. we are live in the township, >> reporter: well, take a look behind me. local residents have been maintaining this memorial for nearly three months. they returned today, hoping that this indictment gets them answers as to what happened to little brendan. handcuffed and surrounded by detectives, david jr. also knowns a d.j., did not say a word as he was led into the township police department. >> i was shocked at what happened today. i had no warning that he was going to be charged today.
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and it's heart breaking. >> reporter: a grand jury indicted the 22-year-old charging him with first-degree murder with the death of his brendan. >> on that october morning, the three-year-old must have wandered off overnight. hours later, brendan's body was found in a wooded area near the cooper river. >> there's been an autopsy performed with inconclusive results. there's been a lot of toxicology with negative results. >> reporter: the memorial was started for the little boy he never knew. >> it just kept him in focus. >> reporter: for nearly three months, both adorned homes as residents grew frustrated. >> at least we have an answer right now. we didn't have any answers before. >> reporter: so far the indictment does not answer the one question everyone wants to know. >> we don't know what actually caused the death here. we know that my clienlt's accused, but we don't know what
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he's accused of having done. >> reporter: more details are expected to emerge tomorrow during the arraignment that's scheduled for 1:30. we're told he's going to plead not guilty. reporting live in haden township, nbc 10 news. ♪ the music world mourning the loss of an icon tonight. british rocker david bowie lost his quiet battle with cancer last night at the age of 69. david bowie was known for breaking the mold when it came to music and style. >> tonight, the star leaves behind a colorful legacy. bowie recorded some of music's biggest hits like fame within let's dance, and space oddity. on friday, bowie released a video for his latest album's first single, lazerus. it shows a frail bowie lying in bed. it begins with the line, look up here, i'm in heaven.
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back in the '70s, bowie recorded much of his album, entitled young americans in the studios in philadelphia. the studio is no longer in business, but fans stopped by anyway to leave flowers for the late rocker. bowie's first live album was recorded at the tower theater in ummer darby in 1974. president obama is set to deliver his final state of the union address tomorrow night. >> i want us to be able, when we walk out this door toe say, we couldn't think of anything else that we didn't try to do. >> the white house released this preview video of the speech today. president obama is expected to tout the progress he's made on the economy and keep up his appeals for broader actions to address gun violence. meantime, 12-year-old braden mannering has a front row seat reserved for the president's address. the native will be a guest in the first lady's box. and it won't be his first trip
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to the nation's capitol either. he attended a children's state dinner back in 2013. after that he started the non-profit, raise brown bags. mannering explains thousand all got started. >> and i got to go to the white house to meet michelle obama. and she asked me how i could pay ut experience forward. and there are a lot of homeless people in washington, d.c. and in delaware, and i thought it wasn't fair, it was a social injustice, they couldn't only help. >> braden says since he started his program. he has delivered 4600 bags to homeless people. you can watch the president's final state of the union address tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on nbc 10. skyforce10 over the scene of a death investigation in salem county today. a tree trimming crew found the body in the woods in alloway township this afternoon. this is happening off the wick road. we checked with state police who
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tell us they're looking into the how the person died. from our delaware bureau tonight, police are searching for four suspects in a shooting that injured three people in wilmington. happened around 8:00 tonight. 900 block of brown street. no word on a motive just yet. and that shooting came hours after the former top cop agreed to help wilmington fight it's crime problem. only nbc 10 was there when he sienled on as a public safety consultant job. ramsey will work withwomenle ton's police chief on crime prevention strategies. he retired from the philadelphia police department just days ago. guns were the hot topic in delaware tonight. city council members discussing a measure to ban open carry firearms in municipal buildings around the city. meeting concluded with no vote being reached. delaware is one of 31 states that don't require a license to open carry in public. tonight, embattled pennsylvania attorney general kat line cain is making a last
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ditch effort to get her law license reinstated. comes a night before a senate hearing that could remove her from office altogether. cain filed a petition arguing one of the justices was involved in a scandal she helped uncover. and that raises questions of impartiality. the court suspended cain's license back in september after she was charged with leaking grand jury information and lying about it. tomorrow the state senate will consider whether to remove cain from office because of her lack of a valid law license. the chairman of montgomery county's commissioner says he's run to place kathleen cain in the november election. democratic josh shapiro says he'll make a former announcement tomorrow. 13-year-old boy murdered. the facebook post that might be a clue for police. a controversy in the battle against breast cancer. why doctors have a problem with the new guidelines for
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mammograms. also, more than a billion dollars at stake in the powerball jackpot. tonight, advice on striking it rich. wie going to tell you if it's better to buy in pennsylvania, new jersey, or delaware, and one of the first things you should do if you have the golden ticket. and i'm tracking snow showers for tomorrow. this will be impacting part of the area through the afternoon. but i'll show you how much or little we may be able to expect. that's straight ahead.
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[ gunfire ] we have new video which first aired on the mexican television network. which shows the police raid at mexican drug lord joaquin al chapo gusman's hideout. he was hiding in the house but managed to get as we during a shootout with the mexican navy. he was later captured on a highway. here at home, the mother of one of camden's youngest recent
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homicide victims is vowing tonight to help end the violence claiming young lives there. nbc 10 spoke with 13-year-old nathaniel plumber's mother who says she knows the girl he was with who turned herself in in an unrelated shooting. >> this is where my son laid his last breath. he took his last breath. >> reporter: she gets comfort on a windy street today as she vowing her 13-year-old son's death will not be in vain. >> he isn't the first individual who has died from gun violence. from gang activity. he's not the first. but i guarantee, it's going to end. >> reporter: her son, a seventh grader, was on his way home last thursday night around 11:00 p.m. he told her he headed to his nearby grandmother's house to get his phone and clothing. >> i want whoever had any involvement with my son's murder to be captured.
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>> reporter: single mother of ten and five-year-old surviving girls told sydney long, she's not sure exactly what led to her son's death in the 2900 block. line street, but his facebook post before the shooting may hold some clues. >> some of his friends told him not to go with the young lady he thought was his friend. >> reporter: she was in contact with that 16-year-old girl after her son failed to show up back at home. the girl did not deny being with nathaniel that night. >> it was confirmed by her. she texted my phone, and i text her. i text her and i asked her, where did you drop my son off. >> reporter: it wasn't until later that night that she got a knock on the door from police. >> i prayed to god every day, keep him safe, keep him safe, and he was my first born. my one and only son. he means everything to me. >> we checked with the camden county prosecutor's office tonight, and no one is charged with nathaniel's murder that the
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point. next week, would have been his 14th birthday. new at 11:00 been a bill sl headed to governor chris christie's desk that would raise the smoking age in new jersey. the state assembly approved a measure tonight that would raise the smoking age from 19 to 21. the bill has already received senate approval. governor christie has not said whether or not he will sign it. currently hawaii is the only state with a smoking age of 21 or higher. similar laws exist in new york city as well. the university of delaware is prepped and ready for one of the biggest editions in school history. some time around midnight, a 13-ton magnet will make its way down delaware avenue for the life sciences research facility. it is so big, they have to shut down the street and use a crane to lift it into the building. magnet is part of a brand new functional mri machine that will allow researchers to study brain activity like never before. there are new set of recommendations on when women
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should get mammograms, and once again, it's causing controversy in the medical world. want the the u.s. preventative service task force says they should get mammograms at age 50 with screenings every other year. some disagree saying women should start getting them at the age of 40. but the task force says that puts them at a higher risk for false positive. the new recommendations do not apply to those with a strong family history of breast cancer or other major risk factors. so powerball fever is alive and very well. >> this is the jackpot climbs to record levels. >> the powerball for wednesday now stands at $1.4 billion. more powerball winners have come from pennsylvania by the way than any other state, but delaware is among just six states across the country that do not require a lottery winners to come forward publicly. experts say anyone who wins a huge sum of money must be very careful about the people with whom they invest their winnings. >> saw a lot of people come in,
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large sums of money. they put it with people that they trusted. and they lost it. >> big lottery winners can also consider changing their phone number to an unlisted one to prevent any unwanted attention. we know where to find you if you win. >> exactly. >> yeah, on an island somewhere that you probably never heard of. that's where you'll find me. as we go through tonight though, it's definitely not going to feel like island weather, that is for sure. look up in the poconos, it's cold tonight and they are making snow. nice conditions there after the weekend rain, but it looks like things are getting back to normal tomorrow, some real snow for the poconos for snow showers that we've really seen so far for the area. the best accumulation will be in the poconos. this is not a snowstorm. these are going to be snow showers passing through, and not the entire day either. as we go into wednesday though, it's going to get even colder than it was today. right now we're at 12 degrees in
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the poconos, 18 allentown, and 17 in pottstown, 29 degrees right now philadelphia. 19 in milville, 26 in dover, and these numbers will keep going down as we go into tomorrow morning. now, yesterday, we had a record high of 65 degrees. today, this afternoon, we were in the mid-30s, that's a good 30-degree drop through the area. tomorrow, not as cold, 42. so with the snow showers moving in and our temperatures being above freezing, we don't expect this to stick until later tomorrow evening. and then by wednesday, high temperatures, only around 29 degrees, the average is 40 degrees. locally, we're dry, there you see the snow is off to the west around chicago. slowly moving in this direction, and by tomorrow, we're not going to see a large area of snow moving. we'll just see the spotty snow showers. this is what future weather shows. tonight temperatures keep going down, tomorrow mornings, many areas in the 20s and teens. this is 1:00 in the afternoon. most areas seeing the snow by tomorrow early afternoon. that would be the lee high
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valley and the poconos. temperatures in allentown, mid-30s, enough to hold on to the snowfall. then 5:00 p.m., still some scattered snow showers, areas above freezing for the most part, by 8:00, we start to drop down a little bit with our temperatures, at this time, areas seeing snowfall north and west. you could have a better chance of sticking with better accumulations still up in the poconos. wednesday afternoon, look at temperatures, highs only in the mid to upper 20s. so the snowfall forecast, this really just shows you how little we expect tomorrow. again, this is not a snowstorm, just passing showers in the afternoon. most areas not seeing accumulations, but maybe a coating and up in the poconos, possibly one inch there. so at least they're going to like that real snoep tonight, 14 for the low in allentown, 24 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, temperatures not as cold, low 40s, and that's why we don't expect much of this to stick when it moves in. most areas will be above freezing, big cooldown as we go to wednesday, arctic blast,
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highs in the upper 20s. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, x1 from xfinity will change the ways you experience it. hey, i'm john clark, jeff lawrie have i in houston. the eagles don't have any other head coaching interviews planned right now. that's according to cbs sports. today, the birds interviewed tom coughlin, he won two super bowls with the giants, but resigned after three straight losing seasons. the 49ers reportedly will also interview tom. coughlin is one of six so far, all offensive coaches. the eagles met with chiefs offensive coordinator doug peterman yesterday, adam gase is off after taking the dolphins job saturday. one of the reasons is his
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communication skills or his lack of it. today on the comcast network's breakfast on broad, eagles announcer meryl reese was a guess. it seems chip didn't ingratiate himself with many in the building. >> chip came in as a bright guy with a tremendous eye. everybody felt this was the next genius with the scheme and everything else. i don't think anybody knew him. i have already spoken with the three of you more today than i did with chip in three years. >> well, the nfl has suspended bengals line backer burfict three games next season for that hit on antonio brown saturday night. it's because burfict has a history of the illegal hits. this helped lead to the steelers game-winning field goal. another honor for carly lloyd named the fifa women's soccer player of the year. shane is back skating today, but he did not practice. he's dealing with a lower body injury. maybe his groin.
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so, will ghost be ready for wednesday against the bruins? >> i honestly have no idea. i mean, still got a couple more days, you know until then, so, i mean i'm sure we'll learn more as the time comes. >> the sixers will retire the number four, not no in honor of that, but in honor of legendary sixer dovl who died last month. they can keep wear egg the number and he plans to. he wore that number playing for the nationals who moved here and then became the sixers. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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snow? >> yes. >> some snow showers, so this is not a snowstorm, but we will be seeing some snow showers later on tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. temperatures though, look at that, 42 degrees, above freezing. most of this will not be sticking right away.
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poconos though, yes, we do expect it there and some fresh snow there, but not much. >> that's what they want. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. hope you'll join us tomorrow. in the meantime, have a great night. ♪
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- republican presidential candidate donald trump, ken jeong, musical guest cam,


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