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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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west, this is the band of snow that we're going to be watching. it's the showery type, it can get a bit of a burst and by the time it gets here it will be cold enough to stick in some parts of the area. especially on grassy surfaces. so as we go through the evening we're talking about after 6:00 or 7:00 for most of us, that is our best chance of seeing a little bit of a burst of snow. and that's it. then the cold air comes in. it's way above freezing in philadelphia. 44, we had a little bit of light rain, still above freezing to the north and west, but the wind is going to be bringing in the cold air. a wind advisory for the entire gusts up to 40 miles an hour tonight. let's head to meteorologist sheena parveen, who has more on what that wind is going to do to us by tomorrow. >> yeah, exactly, glenn. that wind and the direction of the wind is really going to be bringing in the arctic air for us, so today not very cold, tomorrow, much colder with highs
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only in the upper 20s for most of the area. take a look where the arctic air is now, it's still up to our north and west, but as we go into tomorrow, we're going to get that wind blowing in. look at the temperatures that are along with that air mass, 20s, teens, even single digits, that is an actual temperature in minneapolis right now at 2 degrees, 21 in detroit, 23 degrees right now in buffalo. right now we are in the mid 40s and we will be getting a lot colder as we go into tomorrow. take a look what's going to happen tonight. the wind will be increasing, so these are two lines showing our actual temperature and the feels like temperature as we go overnight. that feels like temperature dropping into the teens, this is for the philadelphia area, and by 7:00 tomorrow morning feeling like 9 degrees, actual temperature 23, but that doesn't matter because when you walk outside, that feels like temperature is what you're going to feel. here is a look at the rest of the area, 8:00 tomorrow morning, the poconos will feel below zero, possibly minus 2.
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6 degrees in doylestown, 5 in pottstown, 10 in millville. you definitely want to bundle the kids up tomorrow morning, it's going to be windy and cold. with these type of wind chills, these types of feels like temperatures, gets some of the coldest air we've seen. coming up, a closer look at the rest of tonight with snow showers approaching and rain in time for your weekend. >> people in the lehigh valley saw the most snow out of today's burst of winter. here in allentown you can see the winds really whipping the flags around this afternoon. nbc 10's doug shimell spent time driving through lehigh, and bucks county. >> how is it out there, doug? looks like the pavement behind you is dry so far, or not? >> reporter: well, we went from moderate snow to sunshine, and the pennsylvania turnpike crews the whole time very busy loading up trucks with salt, attaching plow blades, as was penndot.
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it was just enough of a threat to do what penndot has barely done so far this winter. the brine trucks were spraying highways throughout the lehigh valley because in winter it's what you do. >> probably won't be a plowing event, at least in the southern area, areas like on the plateau on i-380 in the mount pocono area. >> reporter: it's been a season where most of the cold weather stock of ice melt and shovels have spent a lot of time staring at each other. >> mulch today and snow shovels, so it's one of those mixed bag seasons where you don't know what people are going to come in and grab and go with. >> reporter: george's paving company is test driving salt spreaders because this winter is a coin toss over whether to plow or pave. >> gearing up pothole repair,
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because we still have the temps to do that, and we have all of our snow equipment on stand by, as well. >> reporter: as for the pennsylvania turnpike crews, they have loaded the trucks with salt, but they said by this time last year they have used much of their salt supply and said by this point this year they have used virtually none of it. live in bucks county, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> all right, doug. staying in south philadelphia right now, you can see what drivers are dealing with at this hour. live look from the wells fargo cam at the early stages of the evening rush on i-95. no trouble out there so far. a similar situation down the jersey shore. you're looking live at cape may. not much snowfall to speak of down there. around the region in delaware, a live look at 95 and wilmington, newcastle county. winter is just getting started. there are a lot of ways to prepare. what are the most important ways? downloading the nbc 10 news app.
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live radar, forecasts, weather alerts and school closings right at your fingertips. now to newly released evidence that prosecutors say proves a haddon township father killed his 3-year-old son. brendan creato died because his brain was deprived of oxygen. as of the motive, d.j. creato killed brendan because his teenaged girlfriend didn't like children. prosecutors say thousands of text messages, social media, and a pair of socks helped prove the case. cydney long is live in camden where prosecutors unveiled the case today and the stunning reason they say this all happened. >> reporter: jim, prosecutors say j.j. creato's teenaged girlfriend, in fact, gave him an ultimatum the weekend before little brendan died and that he admitted to police he was jealous and suspicious of her the hours before he picked up the phone to dial 911 and report his son missing. now 22-year-old d.j. creato could spend the rest of his life
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in prison if prosecutors prove their circumstantial theory that in a jealous rage over the girlfriend's ultimatum to break up that he killed 3-year-old brendan. prosecutors couldn't explain how he did it, but say the official cause from the medical examiner included signs of drowning, asphyxia, and strangulation. prosecutors called the spot where brendan's body was discovered tough terrain for an adult to handle, let alone a small toddler. the prosecutor telling the judge today it's muddy down there and brendan's socks were perfectly clean and creato lied about his bedtime the last night he spent with his son because his phone records tell a different story. in the end they also used his 911 call against him, saying because he said disproving his theory his son would be able to wander away in the dark all alone in a world, creato's attorney called the presentation weak, saying there's no confession, statement, or
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witnesses to this crime. the judge set the bail at $750,000. the little boy's mother did not say a word as she left the courthouse. live in camden, cydney long, nbc 10 news. in dover this afternoon, central middle school was put on lockdown after a gun went off in a bathroom. happened around 12:15. investigators say one student brought a gun to school, gave it to another student, who took it to that bathroom. officers don't know if it was fired intentionally. both students are now in custody. no one was hurt, but the school's asking parents to be patient as they pick up their children. all evening activities are cancelled. the investigation into the ambush attack on a philadelphia police officer has now expanded into the suburbs. even though the suspect in thursday night's shooting is in jail, other police departments are now taking precaution. deanna durante is live in
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haverford township with concerns. >> reporter: this department like many others had two-man crews or mandatory backup when officers are responding to situations, but the police chief tells me after last week's shooting, this department and many others are once again reminding their officers to be careful. >> very, very dangerous world, it's not what it was 20 years ago. police are targets now, and we have to be very, very careful what we do now. >> reporter: the police chief says it was sunday night after this report made the rounds on tv and social media, the police chief in delaware county began calling each other. a tipster told police the threat is not over and the man who shot officer hartnett is part of a group and the suspected shooter is not the most radical in the group. police sources are not saying much about what's being done to track down the man. sources tell nbc 10 no crimes have been committed, but police have been given information on
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who to be aware of. while officials in the city of chester, delaware county, are not commenting tonight, the commissioner there told me he's been made aware of certain people in the region. sources in delaware county say they are stepping up precautions after learning the suspected gunman, edward archer, has ties in the area, lives in the county, and had family here. he was also in court days before the shooting in west philadelphia. many departments say having two-man crews and backup have been common practice but are stressing how important that backup is in the wake of the shooting. >> why do i think it has more tentacles out there? because anymore you just don't know, you know, nothing's clear cut, so could it have more tentacles and more issues out there? yes, i do think so. >> reporter: now, officers are also being told not to take breaks alone in isolated areas. if you have paperwork or a break you need to take, may be better to come back to the police station or stay in well lit public areas. we've also been able to confirm the fbi has spoken to the family members of archer, the family
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members who live here in the delaware county area. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. philadelphia police are searching for two men wanted for a paintball attack on a taxi driver. going to show you some surveillance video of last month's attack, the victim says he was driving his cab south on 16th near jfk back on december 19th when he heard a powerful bang. he rolled down his window and discovered his cab had been hit by a paintball. then he said someone next to him fired another paintball and hit him in the eye. this is a picture of his injuries, but he says the attack has caused even more harm than that. >> it's very painful. i lost my eye, i don't know, and i lost my job and everything, my house. and everything, i feel very bad. i'm in pain and suffering a lot. >> if you recognize the black
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suv or the suspects wanted for this crime you're asked to call police. here's an update you're probably used to by now. guess what, the powerball jackpot just got bigger. today it jumped from $1.4 to $1.5 billion. those numbers are just hard to wrap our head around, but basically it means there's another $100 million in the pot thanks to ticket sales. and the jack pott pot is likely rise again before tomorrow night's drawing. coming up at 4:55, powerball pools, what you need to know before coughing up your cash at the office. new jersey governor chris christie took a break from the presidential campaign trail today for his annual state of the state address in trenton. one of the major highlights, the state's economic recovery. >> we turned an economic calamity into six years of growth, six years of growth, and we slashed unemployment nearly in half. we went from a massive budget deficit into six balanced budgets in a row without raising
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taxes. we passed tax reform and simplified our tax code for small businesses. >> in addition to the economy, governor christie touched on topics like crime reduction and education improvements across the state. he cited camden as an example for both with its decreased murder rate and increased graduation rate. the governor also spoke about his proudest achievement, helping people with drug addictions getting the help they need instead of going to prison. we'll have more on the democratic response coming up at 4:30. we're just hours away from president obama's final state of the union address, a live look here at the capitol where he'll deliver that speech to a joint session of congress. the white house says it will take a different tone than in years past, but critics say they are not expecting much. for much more, let's go to keith jones in our digital operations center. keith, the president trying to prove he's no lame duck. >> that's right, jim. his aides are being careful not
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to call tonight's state of the union a victory lap, but the president plans to discuss his achievements in the white house. cameras caught president obama walking along the colonnade early this afternoon as he makes his final preparations for tonight. president obama, of course, has been preparing for some time. these pictures captured him working on his remarks last week with his advisers. the president is expected to talk about economic recovery, the fight against terrorism, and the need to reform gun laws. the white house says there will be an empty seat next to the first lady to represent all of the victims of gun violence. south carolina governor nikki haley will deliver the republican response to the state of the union, but republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania is already calling on the president to prove he'll reach across the aisle and work with the gop. >> but we need a new agenda, an agenda that will help grow the economy, create more jobs, lift paychecks for pennsylvanians and elevate the standard of living that we've been waiting for for years now since this terrible
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recession we had. >> senator toomey will have a special guest at tonight's state of the union, alex douglass, you might remember he survived a deadly ambush in the poconos back in 2014. a delaware boy will also be there in person, 12-year-old braeden mannering will be a guest in the first lady's box. mannering started the nonprofit bray's brown bags, which provides healthy food to the homeless. tune in to president obama's final state of the union address tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 10. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. the end appears to be near for the charity founded by disgraced former penn state coach jerry sandusky. the organization filed a petition asking permission to go out of business, formalizing the charity's decision to close. second mile says its fundraising has dropped to nothing. the organization helps disadvantaged children.
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jerry sandusky founded it more than three decades before his child sex abuse conviction. a committee is meeting one last time to discuss possibly removing kathleen kane from office. kane didn't attend the hearing. rendell testified on her behalf, talking about whether she can continue her job without a law license. kane sent a letter telling the senate committee she doesn't believe it can remove her without going through a process that involves the house of representatives. the senate could use a constitutional provision to unseat kane. senate argues the lack of a law license makes it impossible for kane to do her job. the state supreme court suspended kane's license months ago after she was charged with leaking secret grand jury material then lying about it. kane since has asked for her license back. the chairman of the montgomery county commissioners is running for kane's job. he announced his campaign today.
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the democrat also is governor tom wolf's head of the state commission on crime and delinquency, joining a crowded field of would-be candidates vying to succeed kane coming up in november. decision 2016 coverage. donald trump and hillary clinton remain front-runners for their party's presidential nominations less than three weeks before the iowa caucus. a new nbc news poll also combined with survey monkey, the online group shows trump with 38% of support among the republican candidates. senator ted cruz is next with 20%, followed by senator marco rubio. on the democratic side, hillary clinton at 52%, a 15-point lead over senator bernie sanders. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, we already have the record for going the longest into winter without any traces of snow in philadelphia. we still haven't seen it
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officially, but by the end of the evening, we very well might. we got some snow showers, one round came through, another round is coming in a couple of hours. we've got an arctic blast that's coming right after that second batch of snow showers, and then we warm up enough that we have some rain coming over at least a part of the weekend. we actually have some clearing skies in the western sky is brightening and we may have a little bit of sunshine for a few minutes before the sun sets, 44 degrees in philadelphia, the wind has shifted into the west. the temperature is going to go down pretty quickly once it gets dark out there, so even though it's 44 now, it will be in the 30s very shortly, some of that 38-degree air in reading, 34 in allentown, is going to be coming in with the northwest winds. down 26 in mount pocono, but you can see with the above freezing temperatures and the snow that's fallen has melted on the roads. the second batch may be a different story. you can see how mild it is by
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comparison in delaware and south jersey. temperatures into the mid 40s. that strong southwest wind we've seen gusts over 30 miles an hour already in parts of the area, millville and mount holly 30 mile an hour winds right now, but as it turns into the west, it's going to increase in a different direction and that's why the wind advisory is in effect until 5:00 a.m. gusts up to 40 miles an hour or more coming across the area as that cold air comes in. there's that first batch of rain and snow, first rain and snow showers, last of it near abington, lower half of bucks county, mercer county, with rain farther to the south. and buckingham and northampton getting light snow on the way out. then we have the break, which you can see a significant break, then this line, that is a line of snow showers.
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with the cold front. and you get a lot of action here going up and coming down and sometimes that can lead to a burst of snow. if you hit the burst of snow while the temperature is dropping below freezing, then you've got an issue for a little while, plus the bad visibility. future cast by 5:00 showing that big band of snow. this would be some other stuff coming ahead of it. you can see allentown dropping below 30. this is after 6:00 generally, as this band comes through. reading down to 30 degrees, there's pottstown at 29 at 9:00, so there could be a couple of side roads, for example, sidewalks getting affected by it. now, in the philadelphia area by 6:00 we're still near 40 degrees, but as that band comes through, that would be around 8:00, temperature goes down through the 30s. this model shows us staying above freezing until the snow
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passes. and that, of course, would be helpful. but what happens after that, it gets really cold. by tomorrow morning, we got wind chills in the single digits across the entire area. we have evening snow showers, then it turns windy and colder, 22 by morning, you saw the wind chills, single digits, winds gusting over 40 miles an hour, kind of a mild night. windy and colder tomorrow, wind chill in the teens most of the day, gusts to 35 miles an hour, and then the seven-day forecast, cold start on thursday, but then we start warming up. by friday we're up to 50, so when the next storm comes it's rain friday night, saturday morning, could change to a wintery mix right at the end, then it really gets cold again. parents would want to know about this, a line of children's cough syrup is being recalled. >> the mistake that could lead to accidental overdoses. plus, a scare for shoppers. the party store where a line of
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shelves came crashing to the ground. and history goes up in smoke. the fire that damaged this castle in delaware county. and the special friendship being cultivated at a local theme park next on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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breaking news coming into the nbc 10 newsroom. the pentagon says ten american sailors are being held by iran. what we know is that the pentagon briefly lost contact with two small navy craft in the persian gulf. the boats are being held by iran. the pentagon has received assurances from iran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly. the boats were moving between kuwait and bahrain when the u.s. lost contact with them. take a look at these pictures. several aisles of shelves collapsed at a party city in boca raton, florida. three people were treated at the
4:25 pm
scene for minor injuries. after the collapse, firefighters, along with a police dog, went through the shelving to make sure no other people are hurt. the cause is under investigation. here at home, sky force 10 was over an historic mansion as it burned in chadds ford early this morning. the home was built in the 1800s. online records show it was up for sale. no one was hurt here and it's not clear how that fire started. we know lions and tigers never meet in the wild. >> but they are at six flags great adventure in ocean county. take a look at these adorable female cubs being raised together. one is a siberian tiger, the other an african lion. the cats were born within a week of each other and both mothers failed to care for them, so park vets stepped in. the cats eat, play, and snuggle together. all in love. they don't have names yet. if you have suggestions. >> cuteness factor is a ten there. finally looks and feels like
4:26 pm
winter. >> it does. many people saw the first snow of the season today, but if you didn't, there's still a chance you could later tonight. glenn? >> that's right, i'm tracking another round of snow showers that's going to move through at least parts of the area just a couple hours from now. more on the timing and when the arctic blast is going to settle in next on my first alert forecast. plus, we told you about this high school coach in bucks county who appears to knock a ref to the ground during a game. now we know more about what this means for his job as a teacher. that straight ahead. winter is hard on your nose.
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. this is nbc 10 news. >> been a long time coming, but take a look at this, first snow of the season.
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bucks county, one of the first places in our area to see the flakes falling today as road crews get ready to keep drivers safe. let's take a look at the scene in downingtown today. flurries making appearances there, and more snow could be in the forecast tonight. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the timing of that, glenn? >> first round coming a day late and the temperature well above freezing. the second round is going to be colder. this is the french manor in pocono mountains, nice little coating of snow. now it's just about clear, but it's not going to stay that way. there's the first round of rain and snow coming through the area, philadelphia officially just a trace of rain, no snow at the airport, so our record continues, at least for a while. but there's the last of the snow around the trenton area, we've got rain in burlington and ocean counties right now. this is what we're going to be watching carefully as we go through the evening.
4:31 pm
it's a line, you can see it's curved a little bit. when you see curved lines like that, sometimes you get some real strong gusty winds right with that and behind it. we could see, again, a few light rain showers before this line comes, but that is the potential for the snow showers as we go through the evening. we're talking about after 6:00, especially in the philadelphia area, generally around 7:00 or later, but that's it. got one band of snow coming through and then it's just the wind and the cold that is going to be the factor. it's still 44 degrees in philadelphia, 45 in wilmington, not even close to the freezing mark, we're above freezing north and west, as well, and so we're in pretty decent shape as we head through the evening. at least the next couple of hours. but then the wind picks up, gusts over 40 miles an hour, wind advisory in effect for that. we'll see how cold it's going to get tomorrow once this snow threat is through, and what the next storm is going to bring for
4:32 pm
the weekend with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. here's a cool way to see what it looks like throughout the area, it's using our social media discovery site called banjo. you can see the snowflakes coming down and this is video from lehigh county. nothing sticking to the grass, just big flakes falling. and a little further west in schuylkill haven you can see the dogs having a great time playing in the year's very first snowfall. they are enjoying it. we'll be tracking the first flakes throughout the afternoon and into the evening. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 news app to find out how the weather is changing where you live. new jersey governor chris christie delivered his state of the state address this afternoon. he spoke about his achievements in office, also called out lawmakers for seeking to require quarterly payments to the state's public workers pension fund. >> you have begun the pursuit of a constitutional amendment to guarantee pension payments over all other types of state
4:33 pm
spending. all other types of state spending. ahead of funding for our hospitals. ahead of support for our colleges and universities. ahead of taking care of people with disabilities. >> that pension measure would go before voters if it's proved again by the legislative session. taking a live look at the state house right now, the assembly democratic leadership delivering their response to the governor's address. nbc 10's lauren mayk is outside the state house in trenton, where protesters rallied today. >> reporter: jim, governor christie has been spending a lot of time on the campaign trail. in fact, 291 days outside of the state of new jersey, if you count trips to pennsylvania and new york. and that is not sitting well with some folks, not happy with the state of the state here. >> are we going to take it? >> no! >> reporter: outside the state house they posted signs welcoming the governor, sort of.
4:34 pm
>> if he's not going to stay in the state and do the business that he needs to do, then he needs to resign. bye, bye, governor christie. >> reporter: the governor's campaigning around the country for president is raising the ire of groups that don't like the job he's doing back home. >> christie just plays to, you know, to the right wing ecochamber now and sometimes i wonder better off not in new jersey, because if he was in new jersey, who knows what additional harm he might do. >> reporter: it's not all about the white house ambitions, though. did you have an issue before he started running for president? >> personally, absolutely. i really believed that his policies and his rhetoric were going to be harmful to the state. >> reporter: governor christie, though, says the state of new jersey is strong. >> new jersey has pulled back from economic brink. >> reporter: he played up compromise. >> we don't agree on everything, news flash, but we don't have to. >> reporter: and the road ahead.
4:35 pm
>> still have more to do, and please, please, let's not start taking steps backwards. >> reporter: governor christie is back on the campaign trail tomorrow. for the rest of the week he has trips to new hampshire, south carolina, and iowa. live in trenton, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. we have new video of two thieves tricking a 70-year-old man in philadelphia, then robbing him of nearly $500. the victim had just taken the money out of the bank in hunting park last wednesday. that's him on the right using his walker to get into a restaurant on north 6th street. the two thieves go to open the door, but pin the man against the door instead and take the cash from his pocket. afterward they appear to keep the door open so he can still get inside. call police if you know anything about the crime. that high school coach accused of head butting a referee is heading back to the classroom. this video appears to show a high school basketball coach bumping a referee last week.
4:36 pm
he was ejected from that game and placed on leave from his teaching job, but today the district confirmed he'll return to teaching immediately, but he remains suspended from coaching. from our delaware bureau, going after the little crimes has cut down on the big crimes. that's the finding where police began using the targeted analytical policing system, or taps. three years, and that's basically where they aggressively track quality of life crimes. today police announced the strategy helped reduce all crime, including violent crime. >> this model puts resources in the area, leaves the resources there to deal with quality of life complaints and literally lowered other crimes, including homicide. >> a number of law enforcement agencies in our region use the taps system and while police leaders say major crimes are down 22%, they still have a lot of work to do, particularly in the county's fight against heroin.
4:37 pm
a line of children's cough syrup is being recalled from area convenience stores. >> coming up next, the problem giving your child too much medicine. plus, how your dishes can help you eat less and lose weight. that's when nbc 10 news at 4:00 continues.
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an important recall to tell you about this afternoon, 8-ounce jars of nice jars of mandarin oranges have been called by the manufacturer. this comes after at least three customers reported finding glass shards in the containers. at least one person was hurt. walgreens across the country have pulled the product from the shelves. a drug company is recalling two flavors of children's cough syrup because of a potential overdose risk. the company says the recall includes two batches of children's grape cough syrup and three batches of the cherry liquid. take a look, they are sold at
4:41 pm
rite aid, cvs, and dollar general in our area. some of the packages may contain an oral dosing cup with incorrect dose markings, but the company said so far there have been no reports of children overdosing. we have followed leah stills' up and down journey as she battled cancer in the national spotlight here in philadelphia. >> today she is cancer free and out of the hospital. coming up next, her father's emotional reaction and his message to parents facing a tough challenge of their own. glenn? >> i'm tracking the first snowflakes of the season for some of us. what areas could still see snow tonight and when the next arctic blast is going to set in next in my forecast.
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it's that time of year. if you've noticed more people around you getting sick with the flu, you are right. going to show you a breakdown of where the most flu activity is
4:45 pm
in the country. this is according to the centers for disease control and prevention. look here, maryland and north carolina, they are reporting widespread flu activity. cases have also jumped in connecticut, massachusetts, new hampshire, iowa, and then back in virginia. let's get to our area. pennsylvania has also seen an uptick in the number of cases. and in this latest report, new jersey saw a big jump in flu-like illnesses. delaware seems to be dodging the bullet, didn't see a big increase. all right, something you may no realize is just because flu season is already under way, it is not too late to get the flu 5:00 sere vaccine because most begins in october, peaks in december and february, which is why we've seen an increase in cases in the last couple of weeks. flu season typically ends coming up in may, so got to be patient, good luck. jackie? >> jim, thank you. how about this, if you want to eat less, well, you might want to decrease the size of your
4:46 pm
plate. have you heard this before? well, now australian researchers reviewed dozens of studies that examined plate size and food consumption. they discovered when plates were 50% smaller, people ate 30% less. maybe try that tonight. >> okay. a big victory for a special little girl who captured the country's hearts while battling cancer. >> we've been following this story, leah still was discharged today after she finished her cancer treatment. leah's father posted this message on social media with this exciting news, it reads, leah strong, 41 days of chemotherapy, 40 days of antibody therapy, 19 days of radiation, seven hour surgery equals one win. devon still first announced in september doctors declared his daughter cancer free. she was diagnosed back in 2014. doctors only gave her a 50/50 chance to survive.
4:47 pm
little girl and her father won the hearts of people across the country. how can you not? look at that face right there. they won with the hash tag "leah strong" and documented her fight against the disease. devin posted this advice to other parents going through a similar challenge, "no matter how hard it gets, no matter what the doctors tell you, always remain positive. speak victory into existence. give your child's fight with cancer a purpose, no matter how big or small your platform or following is, you will reach that one family that just needs to know they're not alone in the fight, so don't give up." >> always so scary every time she had a setback, we would continue to cover that. >> right, because you never know. >> never know, but he said the support of the community meant everything and they knew they were fighting for the purpose. i love the hash tag, too, leah strong. >> positive thinking has to help. >> has to. glenn, our weather today, a few snow flurries. >> yeah, doesn't seem to be a
4:48 pm
real big thing in the middle of january to talk about some snow showers, but we haven't seen any snow showers in philadelphia the entire winter, and that has not happened before in recorded history. there are the snow showers in the forecast, already had some in parts of the area, more to come, and the arctic blast to come for everybody, and some weekend rain for just about everybody. we have some partly cloudy skies now, even been some clearing in the western sky. 44 degrees, the winds more out of the west now. still nine degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. and this is what it looked like in the pocono mountains. sky top lodge at 2:00, then it started snowing. now that's some snow showers, and totally covers up the ground, and makes it white within an hour and a half or so. and that's the kind of thing that can happen with this next band that's coming through. you get those bursts of snow. it's 25 in mount pocono now, so
4:49 pm
anything that falls is going to be sticking. it's down to 32 in doylestown, 34 in quakertown, allentown, so getting closer to the freezing mark and as the wind turns more to the west, temperature goes down more. 44 in philadelphia, 45 in wilmington, so way above the freezing mark, but it is not going to stay that way. by midnight we're all below freezing. 37 in trenton, 45 in atlantic city airport, 48 degrees in lewes, delaware. again, that's not going to last, courtesy of the arctic winds. we have a wind advisory, gusts over 45 miles an hour tonight and close to that tomorrow. first batch has gone through. no official snowflakes in philly international, so the record holds, at least for now, but this is the line that could end that if it holds together. it's moving east at about 30 miles an hour, that's a burst of snow there, reduces the
4:50 pm
visibility, and it could put down a quick dusting and timing puts it in allentown close to 7:00, and in philadelphia closer to 8:00. i say 7:30 to 8:00 if it holds together. there it is on the future cast, and you can also watch what happens to the temperatures as we go through the night, too. there's 7:00 to 8:00 coming through the philadelphia area, knocking the temperature down a bit, and then we're into the 20s, and it's all over with by 11:00. everything is just gone. and the forecast for tonight by 11:00, the 27 with a 14 wind chill in philadelphia. by morning, feeling like 8, 8, okay, it was 45 degrees an hour ago. 22 for the low tonight, 19 north and west with those evening snow showers. a quick burst, then it's gone. tomorrow windy and much colder, wind chills dropping into the teens.
4:51 pm
temperatures struggling to get to 30. another cold start thursday, but then the warming trend by friday near 50, so rain friday night and into saturday morning. could change over a bit on saturday and parts of the area before the next arctic blast comes in. >> all right, those powerball dreams are at an all-time high. and for good reason. a lot of hopefuls going in on a work pool to up their chances of getting the winning combination. >> it's tempting, but is it a good idea? what you should know before you join in and hand over the money next.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
this number just keeps
4:55 pm
climbing higher and higher and higher, jackie, the historic powerball jackpot is now up to $ -- i feel like vanna white, $1.5 billion. >> austin powers, every time we hear billion. >> people are buying up what they think will be their golden ticket, of course, some joining an office pool to increase their odds of winning. >> before you hand over your $2, tim furlong has advice. >> most of the powerball signs only go up to $999 million, but the jackpot is now way above that and climbing. the printers must be ready to burn out as more and more $2 dreamers hope to find their way to the registers. >> what kind of treats am i going to buy myself? an island. >> reporter: the service might not be so good, a long list of employees now in the office pool hoping they won't need their paycheck here after the drawing. i found the person who runs the office pool here, she says she has a system. >> we write everybody's name
4:56 pm
down on the envelope we collect the money in, we write their name, dollar amount, and have them sign or initial next to it so we can kind of have a little record. >> reporter: the system is good but lets people kick in more money than others. that could get dicey in they win, think lawyers and calculators. joe runs joe, a career transition website, working with employees and employers a lot and seen these lottery pools get ugly. first of all, make sure your company allows office pools, some don't. spell everything out, everything, and sounds like overkill, but a contract is a good idea. >> make a rules of engagement, lump sum, how much everybody's contributing, where you're going to get the numbers from. >> reporter: i did find free apps to help you manage your office pool, they won't help your bosses figure out how to live without you once you quit or handle the coworkers who chose not to enter the pool that won the jackpot. tim furlong, nbc 10 news.
4:57 pm
>> by the way, have we seen the guy around our office collecting all that money? >> i don't think so. >> kind of disappeared. >> don't know what happened to him. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's keith jones. >> first we're going to investigate that guy, but first coming up at 5:00, the first snowfall of the season finally arriving. may not stick around for so long, but something else is dropping, too, our temperatures. sheena? >> that's right, keith. temperatures will be feeling like single digits tomorrow morning. otherwise we have another band of snow about to move in, so we'll take a look at when this will be moving through and what you can expect the rest of tonight, plus, how cold tomorrow straight ahead. sky force 10 is live over this large housefire, we're working to get more details on who was inside and if everyone is safe. much more straight ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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right now on nbc 10, first snow of the season. how long it will stick around and if it's headed to your neighborhood. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. we are keeping an eye on our live cameras all across the region so you can see where it's snowing right now. let's peek in here, this is the poconos. the area will see the most snow and it turns out it's finally white there, but for other parts of the region it may not be cold enough for those snowflakes to fall. our first alert weather team i


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