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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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that's the sound of a bitter blast of cold air. along the benjamin parkway, winds gust to go 30 miles per hour, making it feel like temperatures are in the single digits. be ready to clean out your cars and possibly scrape some ice. the remains of last night's snow showers could make your trip to work or school a slippery one. today is the day at least $1.5 billion is up for grabs in tonight's record powerball jackp jackpot. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's start with bill henley.
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the colds has returned. it's blowing through the area. you can see the snow blowing through the slopes of the blue mountains and the pocono mountains. the snowfall has ended. but what's on the ground will stay there through the morning commute. look at these gusting winds. 16 miles per hour right now in philadelphia. as you mentioned, tracy, the winds are gusting to 30 miles per hour in the area. windchi windchills, 9 right now. potstown, northeast philadelphia, 19 degrees is what it feels like in wilmington and it's going to be blowing all day long. stopping out today near 30 this afternoon. with the wind blowing, it's never going to be warm. i'll be back with your neighborhood by neighborhood weather when i'm back in ten minutes. but right now, we have your first alert traffic. we have a road chose your
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this morning. montgomery drive is closed between i-76 and mlk drive because of a traffic light malfunctioning. it will be detoured around the scene. at the expressway, around university avenue, cars moving along east and westbound with no problems so far. our drive times are okay, though. expressway into center city eastbound, a 13 minute trip. no problems the on 95. the blue route is okay. you can see a 15 minute drive time headed southbound to i-95. when i come back, we'll check in with the areas bridges. it is 4:02. you've been warned, it is bitterly cold outside. it will both look and feel like winter. matt is live in phoenixville with more. >> and now we have a little bit of snow on the ground. here, we're in phoenixville along bridge street at star
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street. you can see here along the sidewalk, a light coating, a light dusting in many areas. but this isn't the only thing people are dealing with. we had a little bit of wind we have been dealing with, as well. take a look here. and you can hear the wind blowing on the ben frankly parkway. all over the area, depending on where you go, bits pieces of snowy weather made its way through with the storm that came through last night. a lot of areas, though, you don't even know that snow fell. but we'll come back out here live in phoenixville again. right here, it looked almost like a winter wonderland if you haven't seen any of this so far this winter season. but you look out here on bridge street, and a lot of the treated
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roads really do look good out here this morning. you do want to be careful, though. make sure there isn't any black ice that could come up on it. we're going to be driving around in storm 4 and showiforce and s the conditions throughout the morning. live, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thanks. right now, we have school delayed opening to pass along. st. margaret school in berks county is opening two hours later. go to, put your school information in. we'll send you a text or e-mail, whichever you want, as soon as your child's school is delayed or closed. it's 4:04. this morning, investigators are trying to figure out why a fire traveled so quickly through a home killing a baby and a 3-year-old girl. the fire started yesterday afternoon and raced through a
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home on north monroe street. a mother and a 2-year-old got out but were hurt. a police officer and a neighbor tried to save the others, but it was too late. >> as i'm holding the door open with the cop in there, it was like an explosion. it was boom. and it didn't sound like -- it exploded. >> a piece of glass ripped through my hoody and my jacket. >> the mother was badly burned, and is in critical but stable condition. the injured 2-year-old is out of the hospital. the father and four other children were not at home at the time of the fire. following the fire, anthony good tweeted this message overnight. during this difficult time, i must recognize the officers and the firefighters of the wilmington fire department for all of their efforts. the assassination attempt of jessie hartnet prompts a walk for peace in inner-city. a grup of 30 people came together last night and marched from broad and gerard to city
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hall. they carried banners that stated, stop shooting our philly cops, all lives matter, and jessie hartnet, get well. >> one person or a thousand people. you know, the important thing is all lives matter. we just wanted to get our point across. >> the organizers say the rally was a display of good will toward police to counter the images of violence against officer hartnet. hartnet survived a gunman's brazen attempt to kill him on thursday. happening today, mayor guardian will lay out his vision and goals for 2016. right now, a proposed bill would give the state power to make financial decisions for the resort city, including the right to sell off assets and land. also, there will be a statewide referendum in november asking voters if two new casinos should be allowed to open in north jersey. supporters say it would help new
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jersey's economy, but atlantic city council says it is ready to fight that proposal. >> for those of us who are against it, we have to come out in numbers and get the vote out. it all comes down to the balance kwot box. i'm sure our good friends will be active in the campaign against it. >> mayor guardian will address the metropolitan business and association at noon at harris center. it's 4:07. the sign says it all. $1.5 billion could be yours in tonight's record powerball jackpot. and winning all that money will put you in some exclusive company. nbc 10's katie zachary is live with more. >> tracy, that fact is not lost on people, that winning tonight's $1.5 billion powerball will put the you in some exclusive financial company. behind me, it's pretty quiet right now. but you see inside the store windows, there is the lottery machine in the back of the
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building. and that is, no doubt, going to get very busy come 5:00 a.m. when lottery tickets are -- start to be available. now, we wanted to know how winning $1.5 billion would put you on the skaip scale of some of the richest people in the country and world. it turns out you would be richer than president obama and michelle obama. you would be richer than tiger woods and eagles owner jeffrey laurie. you would have to win two of these powerballs to equal oprah winfrey and warren buffett and bill gates. so if you haven't gotten your ticket tonight yet, i did, there is still time, of course. tonight's drawing is at 10:59. the coming up in the next half hour, we're going to take a look at one specific store in our area where people drive far distances to buy their tickets because it is a winning store. and we talked to one of the store employees about some
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strategy that people walk in the door with in buying their tickets and the best time of day to buy your winning powerball ticket. that's coming up in the next 20 minutes. and with the jackpot this big, many people are joining office pools to increase their odds of winning. but we spoke to an expert who has some advice. first, make sure your company allows these kinds of pools, then spell everything out. it may sound like overkill, but a contract is really a good idea. >> kind of make a rules of he gaugement, five or six rules what say solid annuity, lump sum, how much everyone is contributing, where are you going to get the numbers from. >> he also says you should make sure everyone in the pool gets a copy of every ticket before the drawing. if you're a sports fan, why not buy your own team if you win, right? we did the math for you and see what your power winnings could buy you on the philadelphia sports team. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill
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henley. >> if your company doesn't allow a powerball pool and you win, i would quit. bitter winds this morning. it is cold and windy, winds gust to go 30 miles per hour. temperatures have is plunged overnight. and last night, we had a quick line of snow moving through. there are icy spots to be found. not everything has been treated, especially take those turns slowly today. today, cold, but a warming trend starts tomorrow. you won't feel it today, however. 19 degrees is the actual temperature in redding. 24 right now in philadelphia. that's very close to where we were yesterday at this time and cape may is 27. the difference today? the wind which is especially strong in the pocono mountains. that's the view of the snow making that's under way again in blue mountain in the poconos where the winds are the strongest, dusti ingusting to 4 miles per hour right now, 30 miles per hour in atlantic city. knight nice and clear, clouds off to the northwest. it will stay this.
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we'll see a lot of sunshine, but thanks to the wind, the temperatures will struggle to warm into the teens and 20s for the pocono mountains in allentown and redick. nice and bright for trenton, 28. at the shore, below freezing for atlantic city and cape may at 31 degrees, 30 about with bright sunshine this afternoon in dover and cold, guess dusty winds for wilmington. the wind will die down later today and then we're talking warming trend. a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes the. 4:11 right now. take you to a ride to work. jessica has a look at that. jessica. >> 95 right around cotman avenue, notice the conditions in here, you can see traffic is moving along nicely. a southbound drive time doing okay. you can see the southbound side right in here. northbound having no problems, as well. now we're going to head over
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into new jersey now on route 73 approaching the bridge. you can see in here, no problems and there's openings right now so that's why there's no backup on route 73 at least at this point. the toll plaza is right up in this direction. but what about the rest of the area? they are doing okay, but there are reports of slippery conditions on the walt whitman. accomplishes and challenges were the main themes of president obama's final state of the union address. next, see how several people from our area shared in the presidential spotlight. also -- >> whew! >> this is what a powerball victory looks and sounds like. well, find out what cut this celebration short, though. ♪
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right now in philadelphia, the windchill is 11 degrees. you're going to want to add extra layers this morning and leave yourself extra time to clean off the car. might be a bit of a dusting. make sure you download the nbc news 10 app before you head out. get the first alert watches and warnings right to your smartphone or tablet. now to a developing story we're following for you right now. u.s. officials are waiting for the promise release of ten american saylors. that was supposed to happen at early as daybreak in iran. right now, it's afternoon there. still hasn't happened. iran detained the sailors after their two small navy boats drifted into iranian coastal waters. the two boats were traveling
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from kuwait to bahrain when u.s. officials say a mechanical problem caused them to drift into iranian territory. the iran took the nine men and one woman into custody. they are being held on farsi island in the per shawn gulf. u.s. authorities have been in touch with iranian officials, who have confirmed for us a couple of things. first, they've confirmed our sailors are safe and they've assured us that our sailors will be allowed to resume their journey. >> now, again, iran's foreign minister has promised the sailors will be released. we're going to continue to monitor the release and let you know if and when that happens. president obama makes his seventh and final state of the union address. we have a look at what may have been president obama's last prime time speech. >> indeed, tracy. the president's final state of the union address looked a lot like his previous ones. he walked into the chamber and shook hands with lawmakers. >> the president of the united states.
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>> but this time, as president obama looked towards the end of his presidency, he challenged the american people to focus on four big questions. the economy, technology, security and democracy. and he urged americans not to allow fear and division to put the economy and the nation's security progress at risk. >> i told you earlier, all the talk of america's economic decline is political hot air. well, so is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and america getting weaker. let me tell you something, the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth, period. period. >> the president did admit that no one expects new proposals to pass the congress that's defeated most of his big initiatives like fixing what he calls a broken immigration system and protecting children
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from gun violence. he also called a nuclear deal with iran an achievement. but made no mention of iran holding those ten u.s. navy sailors. nikki haley, south carolina governor, criticize d the president's time in office. >> we are facing the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation has seen since september 11th. this president appears unwilling or unable to deal with it. >>. >> during his speech, president obama said one of his biggest regrets is that he failed to bridge the partisan device. 4:18 right now. there are always special guests at the state of the union. this time, a 1-year-old boy from delaware was one of the lady's guests.
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brayden had a seat next to the first lady. the delaware native was a guest for his work of helping to feed the homeless through his nonprofit. pennsylvania state trooper alex douglas, who survived a deadly ambush back in september of 2014 was there. corporal brian dixon died in that attack. the perigo company is recalling children's grape and cherry cough suryrup. some of the packages may contain an oral dosing cup with incorrect dose markings. that's the problem. the company says there have been no reports of children overdosing. you can get the exact lot numbers just by tapping the nbc 10 news app. look at this video. heavy snowfall in indiana led to
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pileups involving dozens of vehicles on two major highways and cell phone video captured the aftermath. this is deerborn county. and then on a nearby highway he, the winter weather caused a chain reaction crash but included nine tractor trailers. in massachusetts, rescue crews saved a horse after it fell on ice and mud. police, firefighters and animal control showed up to help a horse named charlie. after more than two hours on his side, charlie was able to get up on his own. the vet says he's going to be fi fine. it looks cold there, bill, and it's been cold across our region this morning. >> that's the truth. temperatures have plummeted along with gusty winds. you can see a bit of a breeze blowing here at the nbc studios. winds are gust to go 22 miles per hour at philadelphia international. 24 degrees. that's exactly where the temperature was yesterday. but yesterday we didn't have
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gusty winds. now, 40 miles per hour winds registering in the pocono mountains. plenty of goals, teens, coatsville is at 18 degrees, down to 21 at brandie wine. now 20 for chester springs. bundle up. 23 degrees in the city. bright sunshine thanks to the bitter wind. the next round of weather will bring winds out of the deep south. over the next 24 hours, we will see a good deal of sunshine, but not much in the way of warmth. near 25 this afternoon. fleetwood, 27 and 26 pensberg. even along the koed coast, saying below freezing for cape may.
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and bright sunshine, 20s for wilmington, topping out at 30 degrees in philadelphia. warmer this weekend with showers moving through saturday. a steady rain and some gusty winds, to a high of 47 degrees and then the rain clears out, the wind picks up and the temperatures start coming back down on sunday. a full seven-day forecast coming up. it's 4:22 and 24 degrees outside. let's check your ride to work this morning. jessica has that. >> so the expressway for several months now has had that ongone construction, closing it between the schuylkill and broad street. right now, you can take the expressway if you typically use that route because it's not closed yet for construction. this is right around germantown pike. you can see roadways all dry there.
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no backups on to white horse pike, either. trying to highlight some of the local cameras so you can see any of the banks or anything possibly starting to be a slippery condition out there. but you're pretty much good to go. at the philadelphia international airport, currently no delays there. fighting cancer is personal for vice president joe biden. we'll explain his new mission. hear how biden b will work with experts to fight cancer can the in philadelphia. and next, dare to dream big. see what $1.5 billion can buy you if you win the powerball on the sports teams.
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a taxi driver loses his eye and his job in an attack. this shows the black suv police believe was involved in the attack. you can see it highlighted along with the cab. sean says he was driving his street south when he heard a bang and then he rolled down his woirnd and saw his cab got hit by a paint ball. then he he says someone in the black suv next to him fired another paint ball hitting him in the eye. >> i lost my eye. i don't know. and i lost my job and everything, my house and everything. i feel very bad. i'm in pain and suffering a lot. >> if you have any information about the attack, call police. a gofundme page has been set up for the cab drivers. you can find information about that on nbc and on the
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nbcnews10 app. the huge powerball jackpot may have people dreaming of buying a team. but you may not be able to afford the eagles. that team is worth $2.4 billion. the phillies could be in your price range. they're worth $1.25 billion. you could buy the flyers have a cash leftover. that hockey team is valued at $660,000. and basketball, you can fork the over $700 million to buy the sixers. 4:27. 24 degrees. but with the wind blowing, it feels like it's 9 degrees in northeast philadelphia. a blustery day ahead. but we will see sunshine. jessica is in the first alert traffic center. jessica. vice president joe biden
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gets a special assignment. next were hear what is bringing him to our area later this week.
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this morning, we're learning about a new assignment for vice president joe biden that will bring him to philadelphia this week and this responsibility is very personal for the vp. record jackpot. today is the day you could win $1.5 billion. and there are some pretty neat things you could see do with all that money. we'll give smu ideas. and the winds are bitter co a


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