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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. >> we is breaking news overnight. take a look at the nbc 10 first alert radar. those are showers that could bring a dusting to our area. let's go right to meteorologist bill henley, talk about his first alert forecast. we are seeing a dusting. we will talk more ab the chilly
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temperatures as they continue, bill. >> it is cold. fortunately the wind has died down. with clouds in place over the area the temperatures are fought falling all that much. but we do have scattered surface, very light 72 hours that we're tracking. most of those not reaching the ground and a dusting is possible, but most areas will stay dry. look at the wind, finally come down, compared to yesterday. it is calm this morning. 26 right now in fichltd 20 if doylestown. not as cold as yesterday. tom's river dropped into the 'teens at 19 degrees. it's 23 in south philadelphia. we're heading for the 40s this afternoon. i got your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica. >> we're on the vine street expressway him we are opened east and west bound. no construction here. you can see cars traveling through. if you head west through the schuylkill at 33 station, it will be good, eastbound to five, in problems there as well.
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so again, take the vine street expressway. on the schuylkill expressway, no problems eastbound, a 12 minute strip. still in the green 95 southbound. no problems in the blue route southbound. i'll be back in ten minutes with a check on mass transit, tracy. breaking from overnight, check out this scene if southern california at a 7-eleven. clouds gathered outside the store in chino hills. winning powerball jackpots were bought there, in tennessee and in florida. while at looeft one million dollar ticket was sold in pennsylvania. it appears no one from our area won the billion-and-a-half jackpot. people are still checking their tickets. katy blacky is live with this one. >> it's almost real that there is a winner, there is not just
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one, three in california and news that tennessee and florida sold winning powerball tickets. that's the excitement xr non-winners, believe it or fought, inside the winning 7-eleven as toer in chino hills, east of l.a.. >> that town has been put on the map. all eyes are on it. wondering who is holding the winning tick this morning. the record braking powerball jackpot was announced just before 11:00 our time. the final aamount, 1.5 become. lottery players are ecstatic. >> it's exciting to know that somebody from our little city won. it's so exciting. i'm excited for them and i don't even know who it is. >> another look right now at those winning numbers. 4, 8, we'll get them on the screen in a minute. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and of course the powerball 10.
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coming up at 5:00. hear hour people in our area are reacting to the news. again we have information there is one $2 million winner new jersey. this is news at the time of our broadcast. and in new jersey and pennsylvania, they have at least $1 million each in those states. we'll see new 25 minutes or tall u actually in ab an hour. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, a hit-and-run crash with a police cruiseer lands a driver under arrest. investigators say that driver ran a red light in kevensington, slammed into the police car, then jumped out of his vehicle and took off running. two officers chased him down and made the arrest. they suffered minor injure is in the crash but are expected to be okay. a man is getting treated after a shooting in montgomery county. police found the wimt if willow grove just before 7.
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a. about four miles away, nbc 10 caught a minivan, it matches the description of the vehicle police were looking for. we are following breaking news apt a series of deadly attacks in indonesia. several suicide becomers blew themselves up at a starbucks in jarri jacarta. you can see this video from indonesia tv. seven people, including five attackers are dead. a witness said he saw three men go into the starbucks and blow themselves up one by one. that witness also saw two attackers go into a police station and then heard gunfire. no one is claiming responsibility for the attacks. a skrong earthquake rocks japan just off the coast overnight. no tsunami warnings have been issued. there are no reports of people hurt or any damage.
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happening today, the director of a school a police officer daj gathered from. we'll gather to pray for him. meanwhile, the fbi considers the ambush shooting a possibling a of terrorism. nbc's matt delucia is live to explain. >> reporter: the officer in last week's ambush was a senior at the high school. we are fare e hearing for the first time from federal versions that i are classifying this shooting as an act of terror. that comment was made yesterday by fbi director james comey in pittsburgh. the suspect, jesse hartnett told leaders, he did it in the name of islam, duging there could be more radicalized members of
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group wanting to target law enforcement. officer hartnett will require more surgeries, but received a wealth of support while he recovers. both pennsylvania as far as will be in philadelphia later today to talk about that shooting. they will be talking with leaders here in this city. so we will have more on that throughout the day. fornow, though, live in drexel hill, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the morning, a mother and her two-year-old son will be laid to rest. elizabeth perez made it out of the home with six other family members. when she realized her two-year-old son was missing, she ran back in to save him. she and nathaniel died embracing each other near an dwrup upstairs bedroom a. space heater may be to blame. there are no fire detectors. another deadly fire, a wilmington father is grieving the loss of two of his children as his wife lays in the hospital
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with burns to half of her body. family and friends gathered in front of this womanington home yesterday where fire claimed the lives of a three-year-old and a three month ol. the fire broke out tuesday while the father went to pick up his children at school. >> she's with the lord. she perished because they were innocent. >> fire officials are still investigating the cause of the four. they do say the house did not have any working smoke deckers. [ music playing ] the father and his wife are pastors at city of victory church in new castle county. last night the church held a service to raise money and collect donations with the family. for more information on how you can do nate. go to our nbc news app. the media wants a list of
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everyone involved in the new jersey jam scandal. yesterday, nbc universe am and several news organizations asked the federal judge to release the list of co-conspirators not charged in the george washington lane closure. aides of governor christie were accused of closing it to punish the democratic mayor that didn't support christies election. now four first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's nine minutes after 4:00. most saersaries will see dry a. few spots could see a dusting this morning. it won't last. we got a cold morning. we'll get enough sunshine during the day to warm up into the 40s. yesterday it stayed below freezing all day long and the warming trend continues through the end of the work woke, through tomorrow and you get another mild round of the weekend. headed out there, it's cold right now. clouds over northeast philadelphia, 25 and holding and
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atlantic city, 40 degrees, but a lot warmer than yesterday. making snow with the cold air in the pocono mound tapes, the view from camelback this morning a. little bit of a breeze. the wind chill is at 3 degrees in the woke no mountains. that's an improvement compared to yesterday. very little winds. so the wind chill is really not a factor this morning. these scattered snow showers, really won't be much of a factor either. you can see more impressive in bucks county. >> that light snow approaching buckingham, it is on the move, already starting to clear allentown. it's not going to last very long. the hour by hour forecast shows a chance of a little shower first thing this morning 5:00. by 8:00 the clouds clear out. at 9:00, 27 degrees and climbing in philadelphia. starting off cold. it will warm into the upper 40s for allentown, quakeer town, reading. could see a shower if trenton, up to 43 this afternoon for
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mount holly. at the shore, sunshine, look at the rebound in the temperatures, near 50 degrees for rehoboth. 48 in dover, 43 this afternoon with sunshine bricking through in vineland, middle 40s for wilmington, philadelphia. the clouds will be thinning out. whole get plenty of sunshine this afternoon. and an even warmer day tomorrow. i got the extended future weather when i'm back in ten minutes. >> bill, thanks. this is about the time you get out the door. let's check the blue route. jessica. >> a much quieter morning, so far more than yesterday morning. we are watching the blue route. northbound or spund, no problems at this point. now we will move it over into new jersey, this is actually waterford on route 73, right around the whitehorse pike. barely a car in sight. no lane restrictions will. as you head out the door, you will be good. as for mass transit, we have no
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delays so far. i'll come back in the next ten minutes and cover your cameras for your morning drive. the deposition is now back on for bill cosby's wife camille. we will tell you about the defamation lawsuit against her husband and the next liegal ste for him. ice no more, police were able to defreeze this car. whole show you how.
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. >> tonight seven candidates made
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the cut for the main defaith bait, including governor chris christie, the others a donald kasich. jeb bush, ben carson and donald trump. christie is on the cane trail after coming home to deliver his state of the state address. yesterday the governor hosted a town hall where he criticized the state of the union address, referring to it as story time with barack obama. ted cruz is facing criticism after a new report accuses him of breaking campaign finance rules. according to "new york times," cruz did not disclose a $500,000 loan he got during his senate campaign. at the time his wife worm for gold man sax. she is currently on leave a. spokesman says failure to report the loan was inadvertent and the campaign would file corrected reports. the republican party is preparing for the possibly of a contested national convention. several gop leaders say the
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primary season could ends with no candidate winning enough dell ga itself to secure the nomination. there are still a gin dozen candidate itself in the gop presidential race t. gop front runner donald trump is now in a war of words with another republican. south carolina governor nikki haley. she is defending her response and haley confirmed to matt lauer she thinks trump is one of the angriest voices among republicans. >> he was one of them, yes. thesis one. there's other people in the media there's people in my state. yes, mr. trump has definitely contributed to what i think is this irresponsible talk. >> trump responded to haley's remarks on msnbc. he says, she comes up to my office when she wants campaign contributionings, and i have given her tremendous contributions over the years, but now that i'm running, i guess she doesn't like me as much him when trump released his
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new ads, he promised to spend $2 million a week on them. he met that in early january remember now trump's total ad buy starting today is less than $700,000. it's now 4:17. we are learning new information about the capture of those ten american sailors t. ten freed by iran yesterday are now in an undisclosed location in the persian gulf, getting physical and mental exams. on a video released by ironan, e of the soldiers apologized for interegg into territorial waters. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault. we apologize for our mistake. >> u.s. government calls it propaganda. foreign policy experts warn iran remains a dangerous adversary. . bill cosby's wife will have to answer questions in a deposition next month in the defamation lawsuit against her husband, but cosby.
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won't be deposed. in the lawsuit filed in massachusetts, seven women say cosby defamed them after they accused. of sexual i sault. yesterday a federal judge ruled camille cosby will be deposed. they will hold off on cosby's deposition while he faces criminal charges in philadelphia, or in pennsylvania. in that local case, a judge ordered a hearing for february 2nd on a defense motion file by cosby's lawyers. they're asking for the assault charges to be dropped. they argue montgomery district attorney kevin steel illegally and unethically brought those charges. he is accused of assaulting a woman at his elkins home 12 years ago. the ice car at erie now free. here's a picture tweeted out. the towing company used calcium to melt much of the ice away yesterday. ears what the car looked like when he was frozen solid.
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the owner apparently parked the camp. winds how old over the parking lot. temperatures plummeted. owner comes being. he finds his car just like that. it's very cold. so it stayed like that near buffalo. our chili temperatures are continuing as well, bill. >> i wonder if you had a remote start. let it run a month or twoch defrost. it is cold outside this morning. we do have a few scattered shoursz in philadelphia. 26 degrees in the city. that's actually two degrees warmer than yesterday. it feels much warmer. the wind has died down. it's barely moving at international at three miles an hour. moving outside, if you look closely, you can see light snow coming down. they're back to making snow in the mountain, too. the satellite shows the clouds moving through today. any showers will be here first thing him we will be getting
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sunshine this afternoon. keeping an eye to the south. over the next couple days, the chance of snow will ease. then we'll have a chance of rain. there you see the light snow moving through bucks county, staying to the north. then we watch the gulf of mexico and the future-cast shows that over the next 24 hours, it starts to come together and then by friday night, this fast moving rain moves through the atlanta area the carolinas and then finally comes towards us late friday night and into saturday morning. that's 6:00 saturday morning. potential for heavy rainfall, moving through the area. quickly moving through the area. the cooler air north central pennsylvania. but this is where the chance of snow will be around to start the week. look how quickly it clears out. we see sunshine by saturday afternoon. so temperatures will be in the 40s today and 40s again on saturday. with those morning showers clearing out. then another round of wind and
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cold starts on sunday. we bought the full seven-day traft when i come back in ten minutes. >> 26 degrees in philadelphia. let's checkure ride to work. jessica boyington is watching all her cameras. what are you seeing? >> we don't have much in terms of drive times him we have a disabled truck it seems like, the truck or a rolling work crew that actually pull over. i think with the bright lights, it looks like a truck for me. something to watch out for. that's on the eastbound side. check it out. an 11 minute trip, still. no prbs there. in problems headed westbound. definitely pay attention to that. whole keep you updated if it causes you any problems. watch out for construction it's closed and detoured between front street and portland road. 422 we're in the green still. an eight-minute trip.
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average speed 61 miles per hour. eastbound from 29 to the skull di schuylkill. a bolder undered up on the road after a rock slide. it damaged one vehicle. no one was hurt. we have new information about the bucks county basketball coach who allegedly pushed a referee. this is video. it went viempl hear what the county district attorney wants to do. new life for this south jersey country club. just who bought ramblewood golf course and what the owner plans to do with it.
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. >> the browns hired hugh jackson. and according to new reports, the new york giants are set to promote benefit mcadoo. now the focus is on doug petersen. he interviewed with the eagle on sunday. right now he is the kansas chi coordinator. he cannot take a job until he's out of the playoffs. he says his meeting with the top brass went well. >> it's a great opportunity to see howie and mr. lurie. a chance to talk to them and sit down with them and, you know, again, i got a lot of respect for the organization and what they're doing there. but, you know, now we're focused on new england. that's behind me and moving forward.
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>> meantime, john jarski and his business partners bought ramblewood country club in mount laurel. joe flacco is one of those partners. work on the course is expected to start next month, including ren vacations to the outdoor ceremony site t. clubhouse will close immediately for repairs. the smyrna eagles football team celebrated a big win at the delaware state capital in dover yesterday. they honored the team for winning the state division championship. congratulations to them. it's 4:26. philadelphia-inspired emojis are now available for your smartphone. here's a few of them. visited if showed them off yesterday. it's the philly emoji keyboard. there are more than 60 images representing the brotherly love and sisterly affection. you can download them now for
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free. >> tracking a few scattered light snow showers. they're not going to last long and neither will the cold. temperatures have dropped into the 20s this morning. the time is 4:27. jessica. >> we're watching pennsauken new jersey, around collinwood circle, it looks okay. does it looking the same everywhere? i'll explain to you when we come back at 4:30. chances are you are not waking up a powerball winner this morning. but believe it or not, we will explain why there is a silver lining to a lot of the defeat.
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. >> praying for officer hartnett. today students at his alma mater will hold a special mass as he continues to recover from an ambush. the day weighs in on what might happen to the high school coach seen here colliding with a referee. tracking a few snow showers. can you see them on the first alert radar. it's in the 20s across most of our area right now. we will warm above freezing. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm tracy davidson. meteorologist bill henley. >> a little sunshine will help this mrpg. obviously the sun is not up. we got clouds with a few scattered, very light snow showers. just missing philadelphia. light snow falling in chester county. these are on the move. you might see a dusting or zippo this morning. no snow for most of the area. cold yes. 26 in philadelphia. 20 now in al


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