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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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investigating this ambush on a philadelphia police officer as an act of terrorism. right now, two police officers are recovering after another car crashed into their car early this morning. >> and breaking overnight, you did not win the powerball jackpot. three people did. we'll tell you where those big tickets were sold. there are people with winning tickets in new jersey and pennsylvania. see, there is some good news. >> there is still a chance. >> it's 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai on this throwback thursday. bill. still cold out there. there is no wend to speak of. >> not much wind, no, i am tracking billions of snowflakes, just some scattered light snow showers, more impressive. >> billions. >> you can see them in the pocono mountains, they have been in. this is the view a. little snow here. just some very light snow. we'll see a dusting in the pocono mountains, most of the rest of the area will stay completely dry.
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north jersey into new york, getting some of that same action. northeastern pennsylvania, while it is dry in philadelphia, and the few showers that moved across delaware and south jersey are fizzling. it's fizzling in the allentown area. you can see off to the northeast, a few light snow showers. but it is cold. certainly cold off nor snow. 27 degrees in philadelphia. as vai mentioned, the wind has taken a break this morning. so it doesn't feel anywhere near as cold as yesterday and with less wind, some sunshine breaking through the clouds this morning. we'll see a pretty food warm-up. 8:00. 28 dreeshlgs upper 30s by 11:00. then it's into the 40s this afternoon. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood in ten minutes. jessica buyington is watching a dry commute. >> thankfully a dry commute. because we a little less busy than yesterday at this time. we are watching a house fire on race and vodges street. your ultimate is to take vine
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street. >> that pretty much runs above that. it's far enough away where you won't run into those closures. close enough it's not going to set you back in the morning time and give you extra added many wants to your morning commute. this is the schuylkill expressway. you see a 12 minute drive time to the blue route. no problems into veteran city. now, might be some problems later on this evening because there is a 76er's game at 7:00 p.m. watch that on your commute for that extra volume. vai. >> thank you, jessica. we have breaking news. i want to show you a picture of that fire that jessica was talking about. our crew has been on the ground for a better part of an hour. jessica mentioned, the firefighters there helped neighbors off the roof. there you see we are pushing into. there is a porch there. they were helped off that rooftop. no one was hurt. we will continue to monitor the situation, bring you information
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as we get it. >> more breaking news from oversea, independent necessaryia to be compact, deadly explosions left several people dead there, including five attackers. suicide blasts rocked a starbucks fear a busy happen ising mall in downtown jacarta, gunmen opened fire on police. the attacks were not a complete surprise. indonesian authoritiesed of a credible threat last month. a nationals police spokesman says the people that carried out today's attacks, imitated terrorist attacks that happened in par and are likely from the islamic group. >> 26 degrees in philadelphia. happening today, fbi will meet in philadelphia to talk about the attack on police officer jesse hartnett. they said the fbi is investigating this as an act of terrorism. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in drexel hill, where in an hour a mass will be held. tell us about that.
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>> reporter: that's right, tracy. the officer in last week's ambush was an alumnist of mount senior bonner high school. as you mentioned, fbi director when he was in pittsburgh was talking about philadelphia, especially that officer ambush that happened last thursday and now they are investigating it as a terrorist attack. the suspect in last thursday's ambush of officer jesse hartnett told investigators he did it in the name of islam. beth local police and federal versions have been looking into a tip as well suggesting there could be more radicalized members of a group wanting to target law enforcement. officer hartnett, he will require more surgeries. he has received a wealth of support from people across the country as he remains in the hospital rovg. both pennsylvania senators will be in philadelphia today. they will be talking about that ambush, that attack that happened last week and how to pre vent future terrorist attacks in the city and our
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area. i will have more on that when we see you again coming up in the next 30 minutes. for now, i'm live on drexel hill. >> a hit-and-run crash with a police cruiser lands a driver under arrest. investigators say that driver ran a red light in kensington, slammed into a police car and jumped out of his vehicle and took off running. coming up in a live report in our next half hour, we'll tell you who you the officers managed to make the arefs, how they are doing following the crash. and police find a man shot along jeffrey road and marco loan and willow grove t. shooting happened last night before 7:00 t. man is being treated at the hospital about four miles away from a shooting scene. nbc 10 caught a minivan being towed. it matches the description of the police, the vehicle police were looking for in the shooting. no word yet on any arrests. and breaking overnight, three people are splitting one.5 billion dollars. >> it was nobody here. we are all still here.
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but there was a $2 million winner and a one, $1 million winner in new jersey and a $1 million winner in pennsylvania. so there might be hope for you. katy zachry has more on the powerball winners. katy. >> everyone is waking up a winner, kind of. tracy, vai, we are still waiting for the identities to be revealed of the jackpot winners. it's interesting to note all three states have laws that winners must be identified. so we will meet them soon enough. here's what it was like at one of the stores that sold a winning jackpot ticket. can you imagine, one reveler said she felt like shelves at a concert with all of the excitement. this lucky 7-eleven store is in chino hills, california, a small town 30 miles east of l.a. that person will have to split their winnings with two other winners in florida and tennessee, after taxes and
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assuming they are not a part of an officer family pool. each will walk away with about $330 million. >> i am happy. i am excited. i am proud to see that much money here. yes. >> i am out here because it's exciting to know that somebody from our little city won. it's so exciting him i'm excited for them. i don't even know who it is. >> that little city is for sure on the map right now. those winning numbers just to recap 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. lottery officials say winners should be able to check their fortune in about two weeks time, coming up in the next 25 minutes, there are winners waking up in new jersey and pennsylvania, i'll explain. live in the operations center. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> seven minutes after 6:00. it's a cold start. and in some areas, a little snow. i'm tracking very light snow showers. cold to start with for everyone.
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a quick warm-up. a warming trends starts today. right now, though, if are you headed out the door, you got to bundle up. to deal two a little light snow in the pocono mountains, 15 degrees in mount pocono, 26, northeast philadelphia, atlantic city is 28 degrees. you can see, look closely, you see a few light snowflakes. they're starting to thin out already in camelback this morning. can you see the steadier showers, right in northern new jersey. we have seen a few snowflakes in delaware and south jersey. they have since fizzled and just a few more light snow showers moving into upper lehigh county at this hour. during the day, the snow will be gone. we'll see some sunshine, and the temperatures climb to near 40 for pennsburg, 33 in camelback. right up to 40 for morgan town, an isolated snow showers at saaderton and new hope. we dry out and see sunshine this afternoon. look at those temperatures for the shore. 47 in avalon, cape may and smyrna, with partly sunny skies later on, we'll see sunshine in
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philadelphia, it warms to 44 this afternoon. woods town up to 44 and staying dry for the rest of the day in wilmington. but that changes this weekend. i'm tracking another round of wet weather. the 7-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, thank you, bill. just about 16 is:10 this thursday morning. we get updates on that situation of the house fire in west philadelphia. it's really a problem from what jessica told us last. >> jessica, what are you see something. >> we are starting off in new jersey right now. on route 55. this is around the northbound side over here, that will take you to the 42 freeway, 295, a heavily trafficked area, especially in the morning time, a lot of people do that for the morning. can see no problems right there right now either direction. >> that west philly house fire is on race street and vodges street. right in here. i give you the local vine
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street, excuse me, that's far enough away, where you are not going to be adding any time to your morning compute and it is actually close enough where it's not adding any time, far enough away, where you won't run into local close years agole. on the pa turn pooinl, west bound, eastbound, 20 minutes to valley forge. no problems headed eastbound. >> it's 10 after 6:00. they said they would be there for you. finally they're back t. cast of "friends" is reyou knight right here on nbc 10. plus a sewer pain break caused a mess. this morning, we have an update that impacts everyone that lives in that area. .
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>> you might remember this video
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because it went viral after a basketball game. well now the coach could be cited for harassment. that's what the bucks county district attorney is recommending. the video is showing devin shoving a ref to the floor, it was taken last week. devine was suspended from coaching. he is also a teacher at the school. all new at 6:00. the world health organization has officially declared the ends of the ebola outbreak in liber w liberia. the director of the world health organization said today, it's quote, a good day, an important day. meantime the cdc is expected to decide whether or not to warn pregnant women from traveling to countries where mosquitos are spreading the zika virus. it can cause babies to be born with small heads and brain damage. board of trade first reported an outbreak and it has spread north to members colorado now,
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isolated cases have been found in the u.s. they were in people who had just returned from overseas. sim tochls of the virus begin about three-to-seven days after a person was infected. they include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes. most cases in healthy adults are mild and last up to a week. new information from south jersey. the sewer line in mount laurel burlington county has been fixed. sky force 10 kass over the scene yesterday t. sewer line broke near route 38. people in mount laurel can now go back to normal water use. >> a cold start this morning. i'm tracking some scattered light snow showers. the clouds are in place for the entire area. it's going to be really tough to fine those snowflakes. they have not made it through philadelphia. some light snow in south jersey has already disappeared. cloud, though, for everyone.
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27 degrees. that's keeping our temperatures from getting colder and the wind has finally come down. it's not the strong gusty win we had yesterday. so it doesn't feel as cold. that's 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. cold for light snow in the mountains. cal emback, the high definition camera from the pocono mountains, 21 degrees. clearly cold for potts town, millvale is 26. if bucks county, langhorn is down unto 23. we see some snow showers, low 20s in quakeer town, it's starting off cold, we're seeing snow to start w. it's not going to last t. cold will not last either. day. already fizzling as far as snow showers in delaware. you sigh another quick moving snow shower on the way to allentown, a dusting is possible. then the chance of snow is out of here. the chance of rain as we go towards the weekend.
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friday we stay dry, early saturday morning the first of the rain, the future-cast showing light rain to start with. that's at 1:00 in the morning saturday. coming up from the south, the potential for heavy rainfall by saturday morning at 7:00. more than an inch of rain is possible in philadelphia. by the time this one is done saturday noon time, more than two inches of rain in philadelphia. we see two-and-a-half inches in parts of delaware and south jersey. today we stay dry. after those morning showers move out, partly sunny, breezy during the afternoon hours. high temperatures range from 44 to 46 degrees today. tomorrow will be warmer as clouds move in. 52 degrees the high temperature. then the rain early saturday 47. the potential for heavy downpours on saturday morning. by saturday afternoon, the wind picks up. we'll be clearing out. with that wind will come another round of cold air for sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> yep, winter's here.
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all right, bill, thanks. let's check your ride to work this thursday morning. >> jessica, tell us where it is. >> vai, tracy, we do have an accident. you are correct. so blocking lanes here on the northeast extension of the turnpike southbound at mile post 32. so you can see red on our map systems right in here. also reports of hazardous road conditions, springfield, cheltonham avenue and mermaid lane. you can see we have still in the green. that's where we see most of that volume delay, from the schuylkill to 95. still a 15 minute trip. no problems right now so far for mass transit. septa jersey transit and patco is running on time with no delays. >> we have an update this morning on that ice car that made the rounds on social media this week. >> the car, which was frozen in place along lake erie near buffalo is free. it didn't happen naturally.
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crews from a towing company apparently used calcium to mel much of the ice yesterday. here's what the car looked leak when he was frozen solid. the other than let the car outside a restaurant. whipped howled and waves crashed into the parking lot. temperatures plummeted sunday night t. owner returned to find his car encased in ice as you see it there. well, could the search for a head coach be coming to a close? it could be a matter of elimination. coming up, a coach could be snatched up before the eagles swop in. we are live outside temple university hospital, where two police officers are recovering a. driver slammed into here car early this morning. nbc 10 is gathering new information. he will join us for an update in about 15 minutes.
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>> 26 degrees outside, today we'll learn which films are nominated for an academy award. the nominees will be announced in hollywood this morning. this is video from last year's announcement, during the "today" show, you can find out mad max and whether the new "star wars" movie will make the best picture cut or cut out by spotlight, the "revenant" and "the big short. "the cast of the tv show "friends" one of the biggest comedy hits ever is coming back. 12 years after going off the air, the cast is getting together for a reunion. nbc confirmed the news yesterday t. cast will reunite for two hour special honoring director burrows. he worked on "cheers" "frazier" and "will and grace." . the special airs sunday, january
6:24 am
21st. >>? my city, we sold the football stadium out tonight. >> yes he did. philadelphia hits the big screen again the city is a backdrop of a you? stand-up comedy featuring kevin hart. it's called, "what now?" hart is the first comedian to sell out a football stadium and the movie hits theaters in october. >> good morning, everyone. we are watching route 73 right now. around the atlantic city expressway. you can see traffic moving along nicely. we are starting to see some delays. i'll tell you where when we come back in the next five minutes or so. for now, let's get a check of the forecast with bill henley. >> a cold start. we are tracking light scattered snow showers. we've seen a few snowflakes in delaware an south jersey. 26 degrees, coming up on 6:25
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now a. cold star, yes t. snow will be moving out. we'll see a pretty good warm-up this afternoon. it is going to continue heading into the week. which is good news, because we have another round of wet weather on the way. your hour by hour forecast is just ahead. >> hey, if you don't win the jackpot, don't toss your ticket away just yet. we will tell you how many 1 and $2 million tickets were sold around here. plus we know who did win the jackpot. we will tell you more about it when we come back.
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here an investigation. >> a car rams into a police car overnight injuring officers. the man is accused of running. find out what else he is accused of doing coming up.
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>> traer attack investigation. the fbi said for the first time yesterday, it's investigating this ambush on a philadelphia police officer as an act of terrorism. we'll tell you what fbi officials are doing in philadelphia today. and breaking overnight, check out the celebrations in california at the store that sold one winning jackpot tikt ticket and there are two other winning ticks out there. whole tell you where and how many new millionaires there are right here in our area this morning. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> we are not among them. neither is meteorologist bill henley. he is here with his first alert forecast. >> i haven't check my ticket yet. >> yes you have. >> when? after i went to bed? could be wealthy beyond my dreams? everyone is cold, if are you outside the temperatures are cold enough for some snow. we have light snow showers in the area. that's a live view from
6:30 am
camelback. you see most of the snow showers are to the north. if you hook closely, where we saw a few snow showers earlier, through delaware allentown is getting very light snow. most of that is not even reaching the ground. can you see a dusting to the north this morning. cold to start with this morning. 20s, 26 in northeast philadelphia. 24 degrees at fifth and ward. a cold start we will see a good warm-up. temperatures with sunshine, 37 at 11:00. minutes into the 40s. as the wind picks up this afternoon. we got your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. to show you how warm it gets. jessica boyington is following first time alert traffic. >> we are watching a tense situation on 95 on cotman avenue on the southbound side. you can see right in here is an accident involving two weeks. at east it's not blocking all lanes, no police activity on the
6:31 am
scene yet. so traffic approaching the scene, right into the oncoming traffic. so we're seeing some delays there. we're at a 24 minute drivetime, to the vine street expressway. those speeds are inching their way down right now into center city. so, if you are out the door on the pa turnpike on the northeast extension southbound, watch out for an accident scene at mile post 32 and no problems really on 422, starting to see the normal slowdowns, eastbound to the schuylkill expressway. an 11 minute drive time. tracy. >> all right, jessica, thanks. we continue to track breaking developments from indonesia, where deadly explosions left seven people dead, including five attackers. several suicide plasts rocked a starbucks near a busy shopping mall in downtown jacarta, gunmen opened fire on police.
6:32 am
indonesian authorities warned of a credible let in november a. national police epolice spokesperson says the people imitated the terror acts and are likely from the group. fbi officials are meeting 'lawmakers to talk about the bum bush on jesse hartnet, yesterday the director said this is being investigated as a terrorist attack. matt delucia is live. tell us more about this meeting. >> vai, senators toomey and casey will both be in philadelphia to discuss last week's officer ambush. to get a little more information from local and federal investigators. but as you mentioned, yesterday, the fbi director, jamie comey, was in pittsburgh and he for the first time talked about last week's attack as a terrorist investigation.
6:33 am
now, the man who is acaused of ambushing officer jesse hartnett, he cold versions he did it in the name of islam. both local police and the peds have been looking into ative meantime suggesting there could be more radical members of the group. senator pat toomey is planning to visit officer hartnet in the hot. we'll get a briefing on this case and other terrorism issues from our area. meantime, senator bob casey will meet with richard ross for an update and discuss what more can be done to combat terrorism. now the officer in last week's ambush is an alumnist which since urged with our bishop pendergrass. so this morning, they have a mass here every day. >> that will be said today in his honor, while he recovers in the hospital from those shooting wounds. live in drexel hill this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> 6:33, happening now, two
6:34 am
police officers are recovering after a car crashed into them while they were responding to a call. nbc 10 drew smith is at the hospital. bring us up to speed, drew. >> tracy, we are told those officers luckily will be okay. they were out on the job responding to a call of shot fired. instead of investigating that call overnight, they ended up here as patients. police call this a violent collision. versions accuse a man of driving a damaged nissan car. he is accused of running a red light. but it won end there. police say they chased him. about four blocks. other officers caught him. that's when he started to fight them. he is facing several charges, including driving under the influence. he did not have aville id license. >> both vehicles have heavy damage. so both officers are very fortunate to be in stable condition with minor injuries. the 20-year-old driver, he's
6:35 am
also lucky, because he appears to have little or no injuries. >> one of the officers had a head injury. the other a broken finger. we are working to check on their conditions this morning. when they were brought here to the e.r. overnight, we were told they were conscious, talkinging doing okay. >> drew, thank you. hey, are you waking up a winner this morning? we already know three power paul jackpot winners. they match the winning numbers. to last night's drawing, here they are. 4, 7, 19, 27, 34 the winning powerball, 10. nbc 10 i am told t. three winning tickets were sold in california and tennessee and florida. laws in those states do require them to be identified. now, this was the scene at the 7-eleven in chino hills, california, where one of the winning ticket was sold. it's a winning morning for people in pennsylvania and new jersey as well.
6:36 am
each state told a million dollar ticket. that's still a lot of money, people. new jersey sold a $2 million lottery ticket. if you are feeling a little down, well, it actually might be a policing in disguise, a vanderbilt study shows lottery winners are twice as likely to declare bankruptcy as non-womeners. william post won $16 million in the pennsylvania lottery, ended up losing everything. other winners have had misfortunes in their families, drug overdose, one used the bulk of her money to bail out her boyfriend from jail. how do you say on top if and when you strike it rich. >> don't go crazy. i don't care how much you win. you could burn through it all. >> that guy won his stuff. he's won an incredible seven lottery grand prizes. bill cosby's wife will answer questions in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. cosby. won't be deposed for now.
6:37 am
in a lawsuit filed in massachusetts, seven women say cosby defamed him after they accused only of sexual assault. yesterday a federal judge ruled camille cosby will be deposed next month. however, the judge agreed to hold off while he faces criminal charges here in pennsylvania. and in that case, a judge ordered a hearing for february 2nd on the defense motion file by cosby's lawyers. they're asking for the assault charges against cosby to be drop. they argue montgomery county district attorney kevin steel illegally and unethically brought those charges. cosby is accused of assaulting a temple university employee in his elkins park home 12 years ago. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the time is 6:37. it's cold enough for snow. i am tracking scattered light snow showers. it won't last all day. neither will the cold. the cold morning, a nice warm-up this afternoon, a warming trend
6:38 am
starts today. heading out right now, in allentown, cloudy skies, 21 degrees. we are seeing scattered light showers in allentown, northeast philadelphia is staying dry. 28 in atlantic city. heading for the upper 40s this afternoon. we have seen the snow on and off in camelback. you see a little snow proceeding past the camera. that's a live high definition view from the pocono mountains, most areas are seeing very little wind a. ten-mile-an-hour win in the coke e pocono mountains, potts town, atlantic city, we're not getting that really bitter wind chill we had yesterday morning. we are seeing, though, a few scattered light snow showers in the allentown area, upper bucks county, seeing a few snowflakes also, during the day the snow is out of here. sunshine will break through the clouds, camelback could see a dusting of snow. 39 at pennsburg, neatwood into the upper 30s, low 40s for new hope, abbington and moores town,
6:39 am
your chance of a snow shower in the new hope area first thing this morning, sunshine, look at the warmer temperatures today. minimum ford, rewho bothd beach. cape may, into the upper toerts with sunshine breaking through, enough sunshine to warm us up to 44 in philadelphia and woods town, 43 staying dry in wilmington today, dry today, this week, more wet weather. i got the 7-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 6:39 this thursday morning. 6:00. that means increased volume out there on the roads. >> jessica, what are you seeing? >> well, we are seeing delays on 95. we also have an accident scene right around cotman avenue on the southbound side. you can see approaching that scene slow in here. finally have penndot crews on the scene, at least out of the waive for right now. so you can see we are diverting traffic off to the right-hand side t. left lane blocked completely. a slow go up to this point.
6:40 am
southbound from vine express wii. average speeds clocking in around 31 miles per hour. approaching that scene, we will see slow drive times there, the schuylkill starting to be slow. we have an accident scene on the eastbound ramp to the blue route northboundch watch out for. that on the schuylkill from the pluto the vine street expressway a. 15 minute trip. stay westbound, speeds right now also in the 40s. watch out for an accident scene still, active on the northeast extension of the pa turnpike southbound around landsdale at mile post 32. another accidents on allentown road and oxford circle. >> thank you, jessica. it's 26 degrees here in philadelphia. nbc has secured an interview with someone whose never given a solo interview in the u.s. before. here's a hin. she's british and has a very famous good looking husband i am told. we will tell you who it is up
6:41 am
next. plus no school at one school in philadelphia. what exploded inside the school yesterday that has classes cancelled today.
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it's a quarter of 7:00. from our delaware bureau. a wilmington father is grieving the loss of two of his children. family and friends gathered in front of this womanington home yesterday where fire claimed the lives of a three-year-old and three-month-old. here's the home. the fir broke out tuesday. the father went to pick up the four children from school. he spoke to nbc 10 about the tragedy. >> she's with the lord. they were innocent? fire officials are still
6:45 am
investigate a cause of the fire. they say the house did not have working smoke detectors. a student will not have class today or tomorrow after an explosion at the edmonds school in mount airy. officials say a maintenance worker was working on the boiler in the basement. it exploded. no students were hurt. the field 06 of coaching candidates is shrinking. the browns hired hugh jackson t. birds reportedly put in a call to him before he accepted that call t. new york giants are set to promote ben mcadoo to be the new head cope. he previously interviewed for the job. now the focus turns to doug pederson. he cannot take a head coaching job until they're out of
6:46 am
playoffs and they're playing this weekend. ron just aorski is adding to his empire. his business partners bought ramblewood country club in mount laurel. joe flacco is a partner this that purchase. work on the course is expected to start in the next few months, including renovations to the outdoor ceremony site t. clubhouse will close immediately for repairs. the smyrna football team celebrated a big win in dover yesterday. governor jack markell on norred the team for winning the division championship. congratulations to them. tonight nbc's nightly news will air the first solo u.s. network interview with amal clooney the wife of actor george clooney, she will talk about her work as an international law and human rights attorney. it will also air tomorrow morning on "the today" show.
6:47 am
from the silver screen and broadway. now to your living room t. hit musical "hair spray" will air live. jack travolta and zac efron starred in the are make him still no word on who will be tapped for the live cast. >> i love live shows. >> let's go live to what's ahead on the "today" show. >> good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> coming up on a thursday, let the search begin. we are live with the new powerball frenzy. it's really under way now after winning tickets for that record jackpot were sold in three different states. >> also ahead, ha hazardous to your health. a new brand of lip baum. we'll celebrate one year of our friend wrangler here in studio 1a when we see you. back to you in philly. >> he's so cute. i love wrangler. >> oh my goodness. whole see you in ten, 15
6:48 am
minutes. >> all right. you got it. >> you no your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 12 minutes before 7:00 a. cold start a. cloudy one, too. you see the clouds over center city. i have been tracking light snow showers. most of the area, though, getting clouds, temperatures not as cold as yesterday the whipped has died down. the temperature is up. 27 degrees, five degrees warmer than yesterday morning. there are some cold spots around, including cape may, which is below freezing. this is the view overlooking the ocean. we are getting closer to sunrise. we will see sunshine break through the clouds during the day. these temperatures will start off cold, warm up nicely during the day into the 40s this afternoon, right to you, though, still a few scattered snow showers, moving through the allentown area. eastern berks county is seeing snow. it's trying to snow. a lot is not reaching the ground
6:49 am
because the air is so dry. come this weekend, we will be watching this rain, you see it in the gulf of mexico. that's on track for us. it will pri the potential for heavy rainfall. this time tomorrow morning, it will still be well to the south. whole see a warm day today. we'll start off with sunshine today. we will sew sunshine this afternoon. tomorrow the clouds return. by 10:00 in the evening that rain starting to move towards our area, coming through with the potential for heavy rain. by saturday morning at 7:00, you could see an inch of rain in philadelphia. topping an inch in part of the area by find time on saturday. during the day today, the snow showers will disappear. skies will become partly sunny. breezy after light winds this morning. afternoon temperatures will range from 44 to 46. yesterday's high was 29 degrees. so definitely warmer than yesterday the warming trend that continues tomorrow. 52 the high. is up schein in the morning. clouds arrive in the afternoon
6:50 am
on friday. then that rain coming through saturday morning. the potential for heavy rainfall to start with will be done by afternoon. then the win kicks in, brings the cold back for sun. and sunny skies but col temperatures for monday, tuesday an wednesday. >> all right, bill, ten minutes before 7:00. we are covered if you are headed out the door. check traffic. >> it looks look you have flashing litter. not a good sign. >> not a god sign as all. it's starting to be a sticky situation around cotman avenue, like we needed help on 95. this is southbound, you can see the drivetime, a 30 minute trip to the vine street expressway. we are typically slow because of formal morning volumes. now what happened. we had two vehicles involved in this accident over into the left-hand shoulder. penndot crews arrive want. now it's split in both directions. there is crew and a vehicle over in the left-hand shoulder. the left-hand lane blocking
6:51 am
that. one lane is kind of squeezing by. there is a delay by the scene as well. so a slo go by this scene. i expect this drive time to shoot up there quickly. so definitely give yourself an extra at least 15 minutes before you head out the door on 95 right now. this is typically your route. this will get sticky. an accident. watch out out for this. the 42 freeway is doing okay. this is right around before you can exit off to find the new jersey turnpike somewhere northbound towards the philadelphia area a. five-minute drive i trip to the walt whitman bridge. i'll come back with one last check on your morning drive. >> thank you. nine minutes before 7:00. 26 degrees in philadelphia. up next, we're helping you get ready for the day with the news you need to know before you head out the door this thursday morning? are you following us on twitter? we are always tweeting bricking feuds updates from the dechg. can you follow bill henley usa for weather alerts and jessica
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buyington to acried traffic trouble. follow us, tweet us. we'll talk right being to you. you bet we will.
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. >> time now for a check of today's headlines. >> everything you need to know before you go, including a check on weather and track, we will start with nbc 10's matt delucia. >> good morning, vai. later on, a few minutes from now, the mass here the morning mass will be said in honor of police officer jesse hartnett. he is still in the hospital recovering from last week's shooting ambush. we are hearing from federal versions classifying last week's shooting as a terrorist attack. a comment was made yesterday by
6:56 am
fbi director james comey in pittsburgh t. suspect told investigators he did it in the name of islam. both pennsylvania senators are due to be in philadelphia talking about last week's attack and how to pre vent terrorism in our area. live in drexel hill, matt delucia. nbc news, an indonesia bomber attacked in downtown jacarta, five attackers, two other people are dead. a police spokesman says the two people that carried out the bombings are likely to be from an islamic state group. >> i'm drew smith, two police officers ended up after a hit and run by a drunk driver. doctors are treating them for head and hand injuries. this happened in kensington on the way to a call. the lights and sirens were on, but police say the man climbed out in the back window then ran off. but he didn't ends up getting far. we checked. he is in custody this morning
6:57 am
facing charges. tracy. >> drew, thanks. happening today, a funeral will be held today for a mom and her two-year-old boy. they were killed last friday when a fire ripped through their home, fire officials say a space heater may be to blame. there were no working smoik detectors. >> also the republican presidential candidates meet tonight for their sixth debate. including new jersey governor chris christie. they'll face off at 9:00 tonight. >> this morning, we will learn which movies, actors and directors will be up for an academy award. the oscar nominees will be read starting around 8:30. you can watch that right here on nbc 10. and are you waking up a winner? here are the numbers from last night's winning powerball jackpot. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 the powerball 10. now three winning jackpot tickets were sold in california, tennessee and in florida. here's video of the 7-eleven store in chino hills,
6:58 am
california. where one of the lucky tickets was purchased and some smaller amounts for one in our area, pennsylvania and new jersey both have million dollar winners this morning and new jersey also has a $2 million winner. reporting live at the operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we are watching a backup on 95 as if we needed any help jamming up 95. we do have an accident scene, fortunately, we have penndot crews out there to help the drivers. what happened earlier, we had an accident over into the left hand lane, still blocking that right now. it is becoming quite a problem with cars pulling up to the scene, having to divert round, one lane getting through the work zone. we also have the view over here, now at a 31 minute drive time from wood haven road to the vine street expressway right now. again right around cottman
6:59 am
avenue. we are okay for patco, 15 minute delays for ze epta's transit line. there are some equipment problems that may affect a little more of your morning commute. watch out for around accident on german town pike and vienna avenue and for the rest of your area bridges, no problem, headed into philadelphia this evening. >> now your nbc 10 is first alert weather. >> a cloudy start. we're watching for some snow showers. so far, they have been missing philadelphia. the temperature, still cold outside, 27. that's 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. not as windy as what we saw yesterday morning a. little colder in the northern and western suburbs. run the u 21 degrees in doylestown, camden is at 26 degrees. cold for snow and, yes, there are some scattered light snow showers moving through the allentown area, clearing potts town, milford getting a few snowflakes.
7:00 am
starting there. the snow disappear. temperatures into the 40s this afternoon. >> warm-up. >> local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can always get updates at the nbc 10 news appch thanks for watching. . good morning. we have winners. if you bought a powerball ticket in florida, tennessee or california, you could be one of them. the party is already getting started at the store that sold one of the tickets near los geles. when with the actual winners of the largest jackpot in history come forward? terror at starbucks. suicide bombers in jakarta, indonesia, blow themselves up at the popular coffee chain. at least seven dead, including the attackers. isis claiming responsibility. carolina clash. the republicans get set for their debate tonight, as d


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