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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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. >> announcer: nbc 10 news stars now. right now at 6:00 we're following new developments that could derail the criminal case against bill cosby. nbc confirmed there's an e-mail between former district attorney bruce castor to his successor  telling her she shouldn't prosecute cosby because of an agreement. that e-mail was sent last september. cosby was arrested and charged in a 2005 sexual assault case last month. good evening, i'm denise nakano. the nbc 10 investigators were the first to uncover details of this agreement. tonight we've also learned bruce castor will be a key defense witness at a hearing next month. a judge will determine whether the agreement castor made with the comedian qualifies as an
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immunity deal. nbc 10's andraya klein thomas joins us in the operations center. >> usually immunity deals written and signed by a judge. this was a verbal agreement. it led to cosby testifying in a civic case that he gave pills. now whether it can be used against him. former district attorney bruce castor is now a key witness in bill cosby's criminal defense. castor did not prosecute the comedian in 2005 on sexual assault allegations brought by temple employee andrea constand. >> we need him to appear in court that was his e-mail and there was an agreement. >> castor will have to testify about the agreement he said was struck with cosby's attorney. castor detailed the agreement in an e-mail sent last september to
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then district attorney. the deal would allow cosby the right to give up his right to silence in the civic case. in return, cosby's testimony would not be used against him to pursue criminal charges this. is what castor told nbc news last july. >> i created the scenario where he would have to answer questions under oath. obviously they got the information they needed and she was compensated monetarily. >> that same deposition where cosby admitted to giving constand pills and engaging in sexual activity is what's being used to reopen the criminal case. cosby's attorneys want to make sure his testimony is thrown out. >> this what the defense has termed an agreement not to prosecute was an agreement then there should be no case at all. the agreement to the no use the statement mr. cosby gave. then it's a question for the jury whether mr. cosby is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. >> not having the deposition
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could cripple the prosecution's case. a judge will have to decide whether the initial deal has to be upheld or if it's fair game to use against bill cosby. >> a judge will hear arguments on this matter on february 2nd. cosby's towns are also trying to get district attorney's kevin steel removed from the case. reporting live in digital operations center i'm aundre klein-thomas. his deposition was released where he admitted giving the woman quaaludes. constand filed deformation suit against castor over statements he made in the civil suit. in december kevin steel, the district attorney elect at the time announced the case against
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cosby by the statute of limitations ran out. you can get updates any time through the nbc 10 neuews app. it's a free download. developing story in philadelphia. that's where police tell us someone shot a man several times. nbc 10 on the scene near 17th and edgily street. paramedics rushed the victim to temple university hospital in critical condition. police tell us they are looking for the shooter. a mild start to this long holiday weekend. nbc 10 and rittenhouse square where people weren't as bundled up as usual. people even grabbing a meal outside in january. some people embracing winter. a live look at camel back mountain resort where there's snow on the ground and looks pretty crowded. let's go to first alert meteorologist violeta. it may be warm but you're tracking the return of winter
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weather? >> as they say, all good things must come to an end and in general 50 degree temperatures in january does fall under that category. temperatures at the moment mid-40s philadelphia, low 40s towards allentown, mid-30s across the poconos. again, very warm out there for this time of year. with that rain moving through this morning, saw wind shift in out of the west northwest. still on the gusty side to dover, coming in at 23 miles per hour. those winds will diminish through the course of the night. current radar picture quiet across the area. radar not broken, it's very, very dry out there. if you're headed out for the night, the umbrella can stay home. again, temperatures not too bad out there. by 11:00 in the upper 30s. all in all a nice night ahead. as denise mentioned much colder air sunday and monday. i'll have the details coming up in my first alert forecast. >> thanks, violeta. iran has released four american citizens in a deal
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called a major breakthrough. in return united states agreed to drop charges against seven iranians accused of violating sanctions. jason rezaian is one let go. same day they announced lifting sanctions against iran. the nuclear talks with iran may have helped seal the deal for the prisoner swap. >> there is no question that the pace and the progress of the humanitarian talks accelerated in light of the relationships forged and the diplomatic channels unlocked over the nuclear talk. >> released before the prisoner exchange, he's already on his way home. the city council will vote next week on no confidence motion calling on mayor to resign amid a probe. a resolution set for a vote on
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wednesday concludes mayor ed pawlowski is no longer an effective member. councilmembers had a secret meeting about a replacement if he resigned. he says he will not. federal probe of government cracking began in july. three other city officials pleaded guilty to federal crimes. forced from their homes tonight dozens of people can't stay in their apartments after a fire tore through the building in delaware county. nbc's randy gyllenhaal live outside the building on front street. randy, do investigators know how this fire started? >> denise, they know it started inside a kitchen unit inside one of these apartment buildings. it's displaced 30 people who won't be able to go back inside their homes at least for a few days. it started here inside the kitchen. it quickly spread, damaged the unit next door and smoke sifting through the building. one woman injured causing all sorts of damage.
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let me show you video people packing up their belongings. one crew managed to put the fire out. red cross telling us they will arrange food and clothing to one of the families. they managed to knock the flames down in 40 minutes but the smoke had made its way into a number of apartments leaving some families with no time to grab their belongings. >> got up, started grabbing my little cousins and ran out. >> we lost everything but we didn't lose our lives, so that's the most important thing. >> one woman was taken to the hospital. she was the one who lived inside the unwhere the kitchen fire started. authorities tell us the unit next door also suffered serious damage. live in yeadon randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. working in a collapsed house in the frankford section. authorities were afraid it would
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crumble with the heavy rain last night. the home owner barely made it out before the front of her home collapsed. neighbors had to evacuate and crews were out doing work on the home today. no trial just yet. we'll tell you why normer star jimmy snooka won't face a judge as soon as expected. a new campaign to keep drunk drivers off the road in one community. it's sticking around longer than planned. we'll explain why.
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania. .
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one burlington county town will be offering free rides home from local bars to cut back on drunk driving. each township extending its free designated driver program until june 1st of the program gives residents free rides home seven days a week between 9:00 at night and 2:00 in the morning.
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the program started back in september and through a partnership with uber and by me dd. a father and son busted, accused of selling drugs out of their own home. we'll tell you what else police uncovered at that scene. plus a new tribute unveiled. how a local war hero was honored in a permanent way today in philadelphia. violeta? >> mild air on its way out as we head into tomorrow but i'll show you how quickly temperatures, or even actually the windchills will be single digits next week. the details coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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new information in the murder case against former pro wrestling star against jimmy "superfly" snuka. the judge declared him incompetent. the wwe star faces murder charges of his mistress back in
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1983. she was found dead in a hotel room near allentown. they asked for competency hearing saying he no longer understands the charges against him or that he was arrested. a father and son accused of selling drugs in kent county. keith nun senior and his son michael nunn face a list of weapons charges and drug charges. police raided a home on central drive and found crack, two stolen guns, stolen jewelry and more than $2,000 in cash. from our south jersey bureau, cherry hill police department testing hundreds of officer candidates this weekend as part of what it calls an aggressive recruitment effort. the department hosted two testing sessions today and they will hold more tomorrow for nearly 12,000 applicants. chief william monahan invited religious and community leaders for the testing process to ensure transparency.
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the goal for higher qualified and diverse candidates. tonight south philadelphia street has a new name to honor a local war hero portrayed in the hbo mine series "band of brothers." nbc 10 was there as city officials renamed 2200 block of wynton straight wild bill way. william "wild bill" garniere was a world war ii vet in 101st airborne division. he died last march at the age of 90. monday is martin luther king jr. day. to mark the occasion a special reading from a letter that led to a pivotal moment in the american civil rights movement. >> i am sure that none of you would want to rest cob tent with the superficial kind of social analysis that deals with merely are regret and does not grapple with underlying causes. >> eastern state penitentiary
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host add reading from the 1963 letter from birmingham jail. king wrote the letter after demonstrating without a permit. a month after it was published. birmingham officials agreed to desegregate schools, restaurants and stores. more readings are scheduled for tomorrow and monday. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, we had that rain move through last night and early this morning. we kept things cloudy through much of the day. the good news is if you're going to be out and about tonight we aren't looking at wet weather. relatively quiet for saturday night, heading into sunday and monday as well. we're tracking much, much colder air. it looks like for the long-term the pattern will set up cold and windy with not a whole lot of chances for precipitation. currently 47 for philadelphia, 44 in wilmington. mostly in the mid-40s as well towards delaware and south jersey. a little colder southwest ward allentown, 42 degrees, 45 in the
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poconos. a little on the cold side tonight but not looking too bad. we're keeping an eye on the long-term, mass of arctic air, high plains up into southern canada. minus 23 temperature toward canada, des moines, feeling colder out there. a piece of that air mass south and eastward into our area sunday and monday as well. currently nothing to speak of in terms of precipitation. dry for tonight. keep an eye on the moisture for the most part looks like it's going to remain to the south. colder air moving in as we head into tomorrow that could potentially allow for snow flurries to sneak into southern portions of our area. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, thick cloud cover. toward delaware, sussex, cape may we could potentially see brief flurries through the course of the afternoon as that cold air starts to move in. as we head into tomorrow night tips further north as we do have a chance for flurries in the poconos and lehigh valley as
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well. you can see nothing long-standing or particularly heavy. sometimes that stuff can reduce visibility if you do happen to be driving during that time. monday, arctic winds. not only dropping temperatures but factor in the mind as well. it's going to feel like 9 degrees monday morning philadelphia, 6 in doyletown, 5 allentown, 1 degree toward the poconos. do you have to go to work on monday you'll definitely make sure you are warm enough. keep things quiet for tonight partly cloudy skies and calm, 33 north and west. tomorrow not a whole lot of sunshine in the forecast. start to see flurries early, south jersey and north and west in the evening hours. again, definitely notice cooldown that actually is going to continue as we head into monday. upper 20s for the holiday. again, with the wind starting to kick in, that's going to make it feel colder out there. winds likely in the morning to be in single digits. we'll have teens by the afternoon. that's monday. you can see colder air sticks
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around for a couple of days. we've had cold over the last couple of weeks but relatively brief. this one starts to stick around and looks like temperatures will remain in the 30s for a good art of the week. >> comcast sports net, will the eagles be coachless, still collecting paychecks from another team. why experts think former eagle may not be ready to be the head bird. matinee for flyers in the phillies. highlights from the battle of the blue shirts next.
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time to check in with jose diaz-balart for what's coming up on tonight's "nightly news." >> full details on the group released from iran. a group of americans free as iran complies with a big nuclear deal and sanctions are lifted. plus the end of a deadly al
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qaeda attack in south africa, dozens injured before the military regained control. also donald trump's new attack on ted cruz as democrats get ready for the crucial debate. public debut of the newest most beautiful star at the national zoo. wait until you see the pictures. it's a cub panda that's melting hearts everywhere. denise, i'll see you in a couple minutes on "nbc nightly news." >> we'll tune in, jose. see you at 6:30. >> thanks. good to see you. >> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. it will change the way you experience tv. >> danny pommels with you again. eagles expected to wait, peterson if you head coach once pederson is done with his present job. comcast sports net preand postgame analyst thinks pederson could use a little more seasoning before getting a job like this. >> when lou at his resume, the
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limited amount of time he's been coaching, it's one of the more surprising picks if you match up experience and background to be an nfl coach at this point. no way to describe it other than to say a big leap of faith by eagles ownership. >> turn to ice and break out push bedrooms. flyers going for a sweep of three-game homestand against rangers also looking to climb within two points of a playoff spot metropolitan division. first period pick it up. shot from the point, shagame ti at 1 the turnover. nash sets up kreider. lights out. rangers take the lead. flyers with the man advantage. fore-check, simmons tied at two. went to a shoot-out and looking at the only goal of the game mat zuccarello gets the shoot-out win for the rangers.
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3-2 flyers, you earn one point. >> we played better for the better part of the game i thought myself personally. i thought we deserved better. that's the way it goes sometimes. >> to know we're close to getting two points, it's actually really frustrating. >> wells fargo crew busy, a double-header in south philly. sixers host trail blazer tonight at 7:00 on comcast sportscenter. college hoops. villanova went over five minutes without a point against yorktown. he broke the drought with this drive. left hand, 15 and 12 boards. look at the stellar freshman, nice back door. he had 15. the showdown, 55-50. >> you know, that's how you have to win on the road. you just know it's not going to be pretty. that's how you've got to gut it
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out. it's not going to be pretty in this league. this leak is approaching the old league. it's different but night after night it's approaching old biggies. >> hosting cincinnati, dropped 22. this one more drama than a soap oppose rachlt 16 seconds left bearkats down two. troy drives, misses, but stays with it for the assist. tied at 56. last chance for temple. missed the jumper. put-back, go to overtime. late in ol t., 60-60, missed it. berry misses the rebound. go to second o.t. north broad street getting their money's worth. second o.t., 20 seconds left, bond, game winner 67-65. owls sweep the season series. st. joe's hosting another big game for diondre. gets the board and basket, 14 points first half hawks up 12 at
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intermission. after halftime notches firefighter straight double-double. the dude can ball. 26 points, 12 rebounds. win by 25, their biggest margin of victory this season, 80-55. visiting rhode island, second half, jarvis garrett drills along. rams largest lead of the game, garrett 19, le sal takes it on the chin, 73-62. that is your look at sports. danny pommels. thanks. it may be the middle of january but that didn't stop hundreds from jumping into the frigid atlantic ocean. a bird's eye view of the plunge in cape may county this afternoon. all of these brave souls raised thousands of dollars for the special olympics of new jersey. you can bet that water feels cold as ice this time of year. look how many people went out there for such a good cause. violeta, it could have been much
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colder. >> even with temperatures in the 50s, they are much braver than i. it was very warm out there this afternoon, a little on the high side, 50s over the last two days actually. today not quite as warm but not too bad either. right around normal as we head into sunday with temperatures bringing us down to 40 degrees. watch for that chance of flurries mostly to the south. delaware and south jersey that will be in the morning. as we head into the evening we can see flurries develop north and west to the poconos and allentown. nothing long-standing but more than anything keeping a close eye on colder temperatures that are coming up to us as we head into the week. >> nbc 10 news from violeta, danny and all of us here, i'm denise nakano. we'll see you tonight after the game.
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on this saturday night, americans freed. americans released in a prison swap as an historic nuclear deal takes effect. fighting words. donald trump with a blistering new attack on ted cruz while the democrats get set for tomorrow's crucial debate before the iowa caucuses. terror attack, the deadly siege of a hotel in west africa by al qaeda militants. toxic water. president obama declares a federal emergency for the city where tens of thousands were exposed to dangerous levels of lead. oh, bei


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