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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  January 17, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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armed and dangerous. a man opens fire at a homeless shelter hitting two employees. this morning one victim is dead and the shooter is on the loose. we're live on the scene with an update on the investigation. high stakes debate. bernie sanders is climbing the polls as hillary clinton tries to defend her front-runner status. we'll preview this evening's democratic showdown. oh, a blast of winter is heading our way, just when it was feeling like it was starting to warm up. we'll tell you when an arctic chill is going to blow through your neighborhood. this is nbc 10 news. i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00. let's get to that weather with meteorologist karen thomas. it's going to be a lot colder in the days to come.
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>> yes, indeed. i'm with you, i prefer the warmth. let's stay warm. not the case. today, we're chilly, tomorrow colder for sure. a live look at the river and the city. staying dry this morning. we do have cloud cover around. temperature readings are on the chilly side. we bumped up a tick in philadelphia, 38. the cold spot is the poconos, 28 degrees. the windchill making it feel more like 32 degrees in philadelphia. more like 31 in atlantic city. 32 in millville. 30 in dover, delaware. winds coming in out of the north. 8 miles per hour clocked right now in philadelphia. 6 miles per hour in atlantic city, 7 down the shore in wildwood. we can expect sun and clouds, chilly conditions to remain. watching a system to our south that will be pushing up from the carolinas, and it could bring
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flurries and scattered snow showers to parts of our region. more on that and the arctic air in a bit. >> back to the breaking news. the search is on for the man who shot two employees at a homeless shelter in north philadelphia killing one of them. drew smith has been live on the scene all morning long. >> since we last talked, the family of the victim who died has arrived here. they are very upset. they did not want to speak with us on camera, they say they don't know what happened. they haven't gotten all the details from the police, i should say. they said he was a 43-year-old man, he worked here for a couple years, he really enjoyed his job of helping the homeless. police say this started around 6:15 this morning. a man who they know, the surviving victim id'd him right away to police.
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he was evicted a couple nights ago. he had to be escorted away by police. he came back this morning for his things and shot two people. the homeless here have not been able to get back into the shelter. they had a lot of people staying here. they say they knew the guys who worked at the front desk and they provided a layer of security here and they're not used to violence like that happening here. so far no arrests, but police say they know who the suspect is. live in north philadelphia, drew smith, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, investigators are looking into the cause of a house fire in the tioga section of philadelphia. crews were called to north 19th street around 2:00 this morning. flames were shooting out of the second floor. it took firefighters just about 20 minutes to get everything under control. fortunately no one here was hurt.
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new this morning a new castle county police officer is in the hospital after his cruiser crashed. it happened on route 1 near middletown, just after 4:00 this morning. a police helicopter flew the injured officer to christiana hospital. that officer is in stable condition right now. police are investigating the cause of the accident. this morning nbc 10 was on the scene of an overturned suv in southwest fully. this is at woodland avenue and south 70th street. the vehicle overturned trapping a 19-year-old woman inside. she had to be treated for a minor injury. investigators are trying to determine what caused the driver to lose control. now to new information this morning on those 12 missing marines in hawaii. one of them is from the philadelphia area. officials have confirmed that captain brian t. kennedy was on board one of two marine helicopters that crashed off the island of oahu on thursday night. witnesses say they heard a loud boom and saw a fireball hurl into the ocean. rescue teams have expanded their search in the pacific but
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are battling rough seas to find the missing marines. now to decision 2016, the iran nuclear deal is expected to be added to tonight's discussion at the democratic presidential debate. yesterday bernie sanders seemed to backtrack on his support for a law granting gunmakers legal immunity. he changed his position after days of attacks from his rival, hillary clinton. the two leading candidates along with martin o'malley will hold their final debate before the iowa caucuses. that debate will come your way at 9:00 this evening, right here on nbc 10. before this evening's debate, bernie sanders, hillary clinton will be sitting down with moderator chuck todd on "meet the press," so will gop candidates marco rubio and jeb bush, you can watch that at 10:30. it was cheers for ted cruz,
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boos for donald trump. that's what south carolina tea party republicans did yesterday. the crowd turned on trump when he attacked cruz for making a campaign finance mistake. >> he didn't report his bank loans, excuse me. didn't report his bank loans? say whatever you want, he didn't report bank loans. that's okay. he didn't report his bank loans, he has bank loans from goldman sachs, he has bank loans from citibank, and then -- and then he acts like robinhood, say work that way. >> cruz is running second to trump in most of the polls right now. former montgomery prosecutor bruce castor may become bill cosby's best defense in the case against him. castor suspected to testify during cosby's february 2nd court hearing about an agreement he struck with the comedian's attorneys in 2005. in an e-mail to current prosecutors, castor explained that the deal required cosby to give up his right to remain silent during a deposition in
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the civil case involving a temple university employee. that employee is the accuser in the criminal investigation. now, in exchange for his cooperation during the civil case, cosby's testimony would not be used against him to pursue charges. this is what castor told nbc 10 about the deal last july. >> i created the scenario where he would have to answer questions under oath. obviously they got the information that they needed and she was compensated monetarily. >> in that civil testimony, cosby admitted to giving the former temple employee pills and engaging in sexual activity. he claims it was consensual. the deposition is now the basis of the new criminal charge against the comedian. it will be up to a judge to decide if the deal will be upheld or if the testimony can be used against him moving forward. 37 degrees outside on this sunday.
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10:07. it's one for the books. the packers and cardinals put on a show in arizona. that this aaron rodgers hail mary sent the game into overtime but the cardinals had some tricks up their sleeves. we have the highlights later on in sports. and this uber ride turned violent for one driver, but it's the punch-happy passenger who is filing a lawsuit. why he says he's owed millions. and right now four americans being held in iran are on their way home. we'll break down the deal that lifted sanctions on the country and led to the release.
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looking at our sunday morning forecast, it's a chilly one, but we are dry. we have overcast skies, peaks of sun. i don't think anyone is complaining about the chilly temperatures. looking live at camelback mountain.
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the skiers are out in force. they will be able to make snow tonight and tomorrow. 28 in the poconos. 35 in allentown. 38 in philadelphia, 36 in atlantic city. we have a bit of a windchill going, this is what it really feel like outside. 31 in atlantic city. 29 in trenton. 32 is what it feels like if you're out and about in the city. sun and clouds, chilly conditions will continue. some parts of the region will see flurries, light snow, scattered snow showers, especially south and east of philadelphia. we're talking central delaware, southern dal wear and part dela jersey may see a quick passing snow shower between 1:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. i'll be back with more on the arctic blast and the seven-day forecast for you. >> get out of my car or i will
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call the police. >> let me tell you something you little -- >> talk about insult to injury. this passenger was caught on camera beating up an uber driver. now he's the one filing a lawsuit. the passenger wants millions. we'll explain. the fact is that today marks the first day of a safer world. the u.s. lifts sanctions with iran. as result prisoners being held there are on a plane headed home back to the u.s. life's waking up slow... and getting out fast. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make mornings better.
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land getting out fast... and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make mornings better. >> get out of my car or i will call the police. >> let me tell you something you little -- >> this video proved costly for the passenger caught on camera beating up the uber driver. the man, who was a taco bell executive was fired, and police arrested him on assault charges. now he's suing the driver for $5 million. he says he was recorded without
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his consent. he also said he suffered emotional distress and humiliation when the video went vira viral. >> happening now, a u.s. official says a plane carrying four freed americans has left iran. the deal that brokered their release is being called a major diplomatic break through. international sanctions against iran are now lifted. this all just happened hours after the iranians agreed to release the u.s. citizens as part of a prisoner swap. in exchange for the americans, the u.s. agreed to drop charges against seven iranians accused of violating sanctions. "washington post" bureau chief jason rezaian is one of the prisoners released by iran. a fifth american was set free as part of a separate deal. new jersey governor and presidential candidate chris christie reacted to the swap by calling president obama an expert at making bad deals with iran.
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here's new video of iran's president hailing the implement of the deal. he said the agreement opened new windows of engagement with the world. he said the only people unhappy with the deal are war mongerers and zionists, a reference to israel. we have new information in the decades old murder case against former pro wrestling star, jimmy superfly snuka. a lehigh county judge postponed the trial at the request of snuka's attorney who says is he no longer competent. the 72-year-old was set to go on trial in march for the death of his mistress. is he accused of killing 23-year-old nancy argentino in an allentown hotel room. he has pleaded not guilty. his lawyer asked for a competency hearing. he claims the former wwe wrestler's mental health that declined steadily in recent months and that he no longer understands the charges or knows he's even been arrested.
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in delaware, state police have arrested a father and son accused of selling drugs in felton, kent county. 55-year-old keith nunn senior and his son, 25-year-old michael nunn, face drug and weapons charges. police say as part of the investigation they raided a home on central drive and seized crack cocaine, stolen guns, stolen jewelry, and more than $2,000 in cash. today events are scheduled to mark tomorrow's observance of martin luther king jr. day. yesterday featured a special reading from a let their sparked a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement. >> i am sure that none of you would want to rep content with a superficial kind of social analysis that deals merely with the death and does not grapple with underlying causes. >> yesterday eastern state penitentiary hosted the reading from dr. king's letter from birmingham jail. king wrote the letter in 1963 after he was arrested for demonstrating without a permit. about a month after it was published officials in
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birmingham, alabama agreed to desegregate schools and businesses. more readings at eastern state are scheduled for today and tomorrow. >> i have a dream. >> tomorrow our country will pause to remember the reverend dr. martin luther king on the national holiday that bears his name. for a list of the king day observance events in philadelphia, tap the nbc 10 app or logon to our website. checking weather headlines, starting out on a dry note. chilly outside for sure. checking for flurries and some snow showers passing through parts of our region later on this afternoon. bracing for an arctic blast, just about everybody in the region will feel that tomorrow, for martin luther king jr. day. we will have blustery winds
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mixed in to the forecast for tomorrow. we'll want to put on the winter gear over the next 48, 72 hours. 38 is the current temperature reading. winds out of the north-northwest at about 8 miles per hour. temperatures are on the chilly side for sure. up in the pocono mountains, 28 degrees. 36 in millville. 36 in atlantic city. windchill is factored in, so it's feeling more like 32 in philadelphia, more like 30 in dover, delaware. 39 for a high temperature today down to 29, and we will stay cold tuesday, wednesday. mainly in the lower to mid 30s. clouds abound right now. satellite radar showing us where the action is. we have a cold front pushing through the great lakes. it's a closed low associated with this system.
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it's cranking up the lake-effect snow. another system pushing off the coast of the carolinas moving east. that system to the south could bring snow showers and flurries later on today to parts of central and southern delaware as well as south jersey. don't be surprised if you see snow flurry action up here. the systems are moving quickly so we don't expect a big deal out of this, nonetheless a passing flake or two. clouds around this evening. high pressure moving in moving into monday and the holiday. we expect sunshine tomorrow but it's not expected to warm us up as highs will be hard pressed to get out of the upper 20s for tomorrow and into tuesday, that high pressure sticks around. we're not going to be warming up. temperatures across the region today, 38 to 40 degrees. chilly conditions for sure. get some peeks of sun, but the clouds hang around.
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seven-day forecast looking like this. we will stay mainly cold and dry look at the overnight low monday into tuesday, into the teens. frigid air mass moving into place. tracking a system at the end of the week as well. still ahead, deadly tornadoes rip through florida. we'll show you the damage left behind along with the problems that remain from those twisters.
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good morning to you, happy sunday, danny pommells from comcast sportsnet here. the eagles continue to wait but it shouldn't be much longer before doug pederson is their head coach. the birds can't sign pederson, the chiefs offensive coordinator, while he is in the playoffs. here he is yesterday before the game with the pats. the chiefs are no longer in the playoffs. tom brady was a man about his
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business. two touchdown passes to rob gronkowski and ran for another in a 27-21 win over kc. the pats reach their fifth straight afc title game and tenth in 15s. as for pederson and the eagles, derrick gunn has more. >> doug pederson's last official game as coordinator of the chiefs goes into the books as a loss. his former offensive pupils after the game gave glowing res about what he meant to their offense this season and what we should expect of him in philadelphia. >> he understands the personalties we have in the locker room. that's the first important step of being a head coach. i think he does that tremendously well. i'm excited about what he does in the future up there in philly. >> you think he's ready to be head coach? >> i definitely think he is, he'll do a really good job. he's a great man. he's a great man. he knows this game. >> andy reid declined to say anything about doug pederson.
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as for pederson himself, the only thing he said was i'll have more to say in the next few days. he'll be officially introduced as the new head coach of the philadelphia eagles in the next few days. at gillette stadium, derrick gunn, comcast sportsnet. did you miss this game? pay attention. nfc divisional playoffs, packers/cardinals. final seconds. packers down a touchdown. last chance for green bay. aaron rodgers with the hail mary and jeff janice who only had two catches all season answers prayers with a ridiculous catch. we go to overtime. first drive after the hail mary, a 75-yard larry fitzgerald catch and run sets this up. he takes the flip out of the backfield and scores. cardinals prevail, 26-20. to the ice for the second straight saturday the flyers and sixers shared the wells fargo center. last week the flyers won and the sixers lost. we start with the flyers hosting the rangers. third period action, flyers on the power play. ticktacktoe passing, a thing of beauty. claude giroux to simmons. tied at 2. this went to a shootout. you're looking at the only go of
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the shootout, matt zuccarello finds the back of the net. rangers win 3-2. flyers earn one point. nicki minaj taking in the sixers and trail placers with her man, meek mills. okafor getting going in the early going. okafor with 25 points. good defense leads to a turnover here. ish smith sets up sampson end of the alley-oop. sixers win 114-89. >> this was a fun game to be a part of. everybody clicking, everybody's shots were falling. it was a great game for the team. >> i think it's fantastic for the city to be reminded of our young guys progress. and get a win like that is good for all of us. >> how about some college hoops, an angry jay wright, perhaps because his nova team went over five minutes without a point against georgetown. josh hart broke that drought with this drive and finish. he had 15 points, 12 boards. look at this pass from the
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freshman. catches it back door. thing of beauty. he had 15 points. nova survives an old-time big east battle, 55-50. temple hosting cincinnati. this was battle of attrition. quinton decosey scores 22 in this one. final seconds, decosey misses the drive, but jaylen bond with the putback. it doesn't go. we go to overtime. two overtimes, 20 seconds remaining. bond, the rebound. this time it goes. 67-65 was the final. owls win. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. talking weather now. in florida, at least two people are dead and several others are injured after two suspected tornadoes blew through the central part of the state early this morning. damage reported to a number of homes near siesta key. more than 17,000 people are without power. back in our area a different
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picture. we're lucky if you think about it. plenty of people outside up in the pocono mountains. skiing and snowboarding today, as it is cold enough to make snow finally. the resorts are getting it all done this winter. temperatures not really going to climb much more. couple of degrees, high of 39, then we'll be in for a big chill over monday and tuesday, the beginning part of the week. keep that in mind as you head out that will do it for us on this sunday. "meet the press" is next.
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this sunday, the democratic showdo showdown. that object in hillary clinton's rear-view mirror is closer than she appears, she now knows she's in a dead heat in iowa and new hampshire. >> if he has a plan he should roll it out and explain it to people so you can make an informed decision. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders join me this morning. plus, the republican, donald trump opening an even bigger lead. while the trump/cruz bromance comes to an end. >> bank loans from goldman sachs, bank loans from citibank folks. >> this morning, two republicans hoping to benefit from the trump/cruz fight, senator marco rubio and former florida governor jeb bush. and my sit down with amal clooney, the human rights lawyer and w


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