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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> 6:00, the season's first major winter storm 48 hours away. the system is still on the west coast now. be prepared tonight. tracking snow totals that could bring a foot of snow in parts of our region. so, now is the time to get ready. you could be stuck at home the entire weekend waiting to dig out. it not snow but coastal flooding that's a concern at jersey shore now. high tides and full moon only make that threat worse. we're in atlantic count with how crews are already getting beaches ready. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. approaching storm's impact becoming clearer tonight. for right now, bone-chilling cold has a grip on the area. yeah, even dogs are wearing
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coats in south philly today. it what's ahead for the weekend that we begin with tonight. as we said, some counties in our area bracing for more than a foot of snow. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here. this isn't a quick storm, is it? >> no, it is not a quick storm. it's going to last friday night through potentially saturday night. and maybe even into early sunday morning. so we are talking about a lot of snow with this. snowfall forecast for the area. this will be getting updated as we go into tomorrow and friday. computer models coming out over the next 48 hours that will be watching with this. as we go into parts of northern delaware and new jersey areas like chester county, we could see 14 inches or more through the time frame of friday night through saturday possibly 10 inches or more, philadelphia up to trenton. and maybe 6 inches or more into lehigh valley though the snow is going to start to cut off closer to the poconos. so that's where the lower
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amounts would be. so this is something we will be tweaking as we go through the next couple of days. future weather here puts storm down across the southeast by thursday evening. watch start to get the snowfall by friday afternoon. still to the south. most of the day friday dry. friday overnight saturday, snow moves in from the south. new jersey and delaware, washington by the way, under a blizzard watch. we will have windy, snowy conditions. in ensaturday morning. most of the area snow covered at that point with windy conditions any track shift would change that rain/snow line. we will be updating that. winter storm watches for the area. heavy snow expect, lowering visibility, gusty winds near 35 miles an hour. yes, power outages are possible as we go into the weekend. coming up, more about this and the chance for light snow showers for tonight. that's straight ahead. >> tonight, the first wave of treatment to make plowing
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philadelphia streets easier this weekend. the street department saying it will start using brine, salt and water. the goal is to clean up streets as quickly as possible. >> we're trying to put into place every piece of equipment we have, get chains on every wheel that we have, plows on every vehicle that can carry a plow. >> as far as highways across philadelphia are concerned, penndot plans to begin treating them tomorrow. on friday, plows put on trucks, loaded up with salt and be in position once snow begins to fall friday. for the airlines, they're predicting delays and cancellations this weekend. so, some area lines wave the change fee. united, delta, american, southwest and jetblue, all issuing travel advisories for airports in the northeast including philadelphia international. and this means it is free to change your trip. another concern, along the new jersey coast, a new full moon this weekend could make problems even worse there. bulldozers on the beach, shore
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facing potential for severe beach erosion. crews hard at work. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenburg with more on efforts under way. >> reporter: jim, bulldozers were out here on the beach in long port. beach aaccess paths blocked width large piles of sand ahead of the storm which could bring serious coastal flooding across three high tides starting saturday. >> try to get everything up off the floor as much as we can. >> reporter: robert wagner's mission to help his boss move anything in this garage in north wildwood that could be damaged by water. >> picking up containers and stuff like that off the ground, putting it up high so in case floodwater does come in through the bay. >> reporter: many streets could be waterlogged this weekend. at 5:00 tonight, code red system cou called every local phone number
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ujing people to get ready for the storm and possibility of widespread moderate to major coastal flooding. >> you never know what the storms are going to do deliver. that's why the preparation is so important. >> reporter: preparation in long port included closing up beach access paths with piles of sand to keep ocean from rushing into streets. in atlantic city, this woman was getting her family ready for what officials say would be the worst flooding since hurricane sandy. >> we want to get bags in case to put in front of the doors, because we don't know how high it's going to be in in it starts to flood. >> be prepared to be stuck inside 24, 48 hours, and don't drive through floodwaters. >> reporter: along the back bay today, public works crews tested flood pumps to make sure they're working properly. >> this helps alleviate that road flooding and hopefully in this case keep water from getting in anybody's houses.
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>> reporter: tonight, atlantic city electric says crews are gearing up to work around the clock, if the storm knocks out power. customers should also be prepared for potential power outages. that could last several days. live tonight in long port, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. delaware beach faced the possibility of significant flooding. parts of lewes and sussex county sit very load. officials expect rising waters. officials say they're trying to work with residents and businesses on emergency plans. people in maple glenn, montgomery county, no way taking this storm lightly. remember storms of 2014 and repeated power outages that resulted. that's why they're preparing now. downed trees and power lines knocked out lights and heat for thousands in the area. this time, stocking up on firewood and food, and making sure they have a backup place to stay. >> it's scary because you don't
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know when your power's going back on. it's cold. and especially the snow, it's not easy to travel. >> emergency shelters opened if the power does go out. many township municipal buildings house residents if need be. tonight in lower marion, officials debating the rules of snow shoveling. comes after two black men shoveling last year detained and questioned. that sparked o ee outrage. a proposal presented last week would make an exception for snow shoveling and raise the age exemption from 16 to 22. now's a great time to download the nbc 10 app before the winter storm arrives. a long list of tools available, including latest forecasts, of course. also, hour by hour live radar, blogs from first alert chief metrologist glenn "hurricane"
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schwartz. see live cameras from nbc 10 skycam network. sign up for weather alerts and notifications about school closings and delays. we continue to follow breaking news, we first brought you 20 minutes of nonstop news at 4:00. philadelphia police department put on alert today after someone threatened to shoot officers in philly. tonight, a possible suspect is in custody in new york, after threatening nypd officers as well. nbc 10's lauren mayk live in northeast philadelphia with this. this threat, of course, comes weeks after that officer was ambushed and shot here in philly. >> that's right. two weeks tomorrow. and this latest threat showing some coordination between agencies with new york, telling philadelphia, and now also federal authorities, the fbi joining in this investigation. i spoke with the philadelphia police commissioner here who tells me howevofficers have to
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mindful of the climate they're in. philadelphia officers already on alert today had another reason. >> nypd received an anonymous threat basic will i indicating that a male up there, who they have identified, wishes to inflict harm upon police officers both up there and possibly philadelphia. >> reporter: commissioner ross telling nbc 10 philadelphia police were alerted. >> we do not know if this threat is credible. nypd and authorities are running on this. >> reporter: reporting the tipster claims the man pledged alee alee allegiant to isis. it comes two weeks after the shooting in philadelphia. ambush put officer jesse hartnett in the hospital and prompted changes on the street. >> as you know, as a result of the tragedy we have doubled up officers which is not tra igs diddle for us. we will remain that way for some time until we figure out what's
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going on with this. >> reporter: officer hartnett, shot in the arm three times, recovering. his condition upgraded to stable. a fend tells us he's not hooked up to wires and free to move around. he could go home, soon. >> reporter: as far as this latest threat, i asked about any connection to philadelphia. i'm told this man does have connections to several addresses here in philadelphia. again, he is in custody in new york this evening. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> new at 6:00, kidnapper will spend 15 years in prison for grabbing a worker on jeweler's row in a plot to steal cash and jewelry. pleading guilty. three men tasered and tortured her for the code to the store's safe and tossed her out of a van. police arrested them in south carolina. the other two suspects also pleaded guilty. they're awaiting sentencing. cleanup efforts near 22nd
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and locust following last night's fire. the building encased in ice today as fire inspectors worked to determine what cause the the blaze. a task they say could take days to complete. live look tonight. parts of the building, ex-pleased frex-please posed free standing masonry could be demolished. coming up, i am tracking that winter storm for at area as we go into the weekend. could see light snow showers tonight. not part of the winter storm we expect later on. but i will show you snow totals, what you may be able to expect as we go through saturday. plus, preparing for the worst. tonight, what's happening now so your power stays on during the weekend snowstorm. chip kelly facing questions about his new team and what went wrong here in philadelphia.
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strong winds and a half foot of show. what are utility crews doing today? doug shimell to tell us more about it. >> reporter: anywhere there are
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power lines and trees, remotely close together, utility companies are taking no chances. >> power goes out, probably almost every storm. it depends how bad the storm is. >> reporter: when crews from ppl appeared on shady lane, marisa knew why they pick west rock hill township. >> we can be out just that day, we could be out to seven days. we tend to be one of the last to be turned on. >> reporter: many power companies have been stepping up their regular tree trimming to try to minimize branches falling on electric lines during saturday's storm. >> track the areas where we have the largest number of outages and prioritize those earlier in the year. >> reporter: storms sometimes find their way past all the best intentions. >> recommend people charge their electronic devices. charge your phones. charge your ipad.
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make sure you've got power. >> reporter: utilities say, if you happen to lose power, use fully charged devices to call them or reach online to report an outage. don't assume somebody else has. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. we have this for team in philadelphia, you you cannot save parking spots with cones. police releasing a clip to know people know with #nosavesies. that's rapper drake in the video there. police say you can report on people saving spots and call and once again, #nosavesies. the winter storm will create problems for almost everyone in the viewing area. let's et go the latest on forecast with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> snowplows working through the night friday into saturday. that's the way it looks now. we are talking about the winter
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storm friday, later on friday, now talking about overnight into saturday and most of the day on saturday. expected snowfall total, i do have for you, so you can see what to expect in your area as we go into the weekend. aside from the snow, also talking about coastal flooding concerns with the strong onshore wind. now, north and west, below freezing in the upper 20s, around 30 degrees. 33 now in philadelphia. 29 in millville. 29 dover. even light snow showers approaching the area. this is not the winter storm, it's not part of the winter storm. it's not related to it. but a small clipper system working its way towards our area. and we could see very light snow showers or even flurries as we go late into tonight. locally, approaching parts of land cast somewhere chester counties. i don't think it will be a big deal. future weather showing light snow in parts of extreme south jersey delaware. that would be by 11:00. maybe a half an inch or less
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accumulating, be careful, though. that will be sticking to any untreated surfaces. now again, that's not going to be a big weather system moving through, dry by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. then we look into the end of the week. friday, there's the snowstorm friday morning. it starts to get stronger. intensifies as it gets closer friday afternoon. now evening commute 5:00 p.m. it is just to our south. so, the slightest shift in timing with the shift in the track or potential speed up in this storm would be putting snow in and around the evening commute at this point. looking at it approaching the area. still a couple days out. we do expect this to change a bit. 11:00 p.m., rain/snow line offshore. snow continues to accumulate 8:00 saturday morning. looking at snow falling, still accumulating across the area. it will be windy. low visibility. i do not recommend travel. notice rain snow, snow line is cutting off in the poconos. so this is a storm that we could
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be seeing little in the poconos and heavier bands elsewhere, possibly new jersey. we will be watching all of this as we go through the rest of the week for updates, even tonight and tomorrow morning, we'll have more updates. 2:00 saturday afternoon, snow expected to fall. rain/snow line trying to make its way inland. but that will be determined by the track. so that is something we need to watch closely. onshore winds could be gusting near 60 miles an hour along the shore. we also have a full moon occurring with high tide. so these are the times to watch. saturday morning, saturday evening, and sunday morning, for any coastal flooding and watching that rain/snow line at the same time. so, snowfall forecast, there's a blizzard watch for washington, d.c. area, otherwise looking at high amounts here. 14 inches or more up into parts of chester county, northern delaware, entiinterior new jers 10 inches or more philadelphia into trenton, interior sections of new jerseyan closer to lehigh
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valley, 6 inches or more. we expect lower amounts, closer to the poconos that you get. tonight, late snow showers, 25 for the low in philadelphia. 20 areas north and west. i don't think everyone will see light snow showers but some parts will. tomorrow, sunny, cold, dry. 35 to 38 for the high. late friday, snow moves in. overnight, accumulating into saturday. windy also, winds uft going, near 35 miles an hour inland. a chance we could have power outages, too. and you'll want to again try to avoid the roadways saturday. so, we are looking at a system that is going to be moving in overnight into your weekend but clearing as we go into sunday. after the newscast, on facebook talking about the storm 6:45. we'll be taking questions from you as well. we'll be updating you. >> go to facebook page. >> yes, after the show talking more live on facebook. >> when is the next update of
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computer models. >> more tonight. more updates tonight, before the 11:00 p.m. newscast. before 11:00 p.m. show, more updates. may tweak snowfall totals. overnight, more updates. meteorologist bill henley would have them tomorrow morning. then afternoon, more after that. we have a lot of updates coming in before the storm actually gets however. >> keep tweaking the forecast. >> yes, we've got to nail it down as we get closer. >> john with sports. >> jim, coming up, chip kelly introduced outside san francisco. what went wrong in philly in way only chip kelly can explain.
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget.
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that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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this is sportsdesk. brought to you by xfinity. x1 from exfxfinity will change way you experience tv. >> a day aftint introducing petp kelly was introduced in the bay area. chip said that 49ers gm trent ball i can will have full cell of the 53-man roster and he's fine with that. a typical chip kelly answer on what went wrong here. >> if you're a coach, after every game you self-scout after every season, you self-scout what we did well, what we did poorly, how can we improve as a team. and i was in the process of that. really i don't think its and a self-scout, to me, probably because i got fired i'm looked
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at it as an autopsy. i'm in the middle of the autopsy now looking at it. i sent toxicologist reports out, i'll give you a full answer in terms of what went on. >> they don't look pretty. frank confirmed that reports that the eagles have hired frank reich at offensive coordinator. the 54-year-old former quarterback spent the last three seasons as chargers' coordinator. san diego finished top ten last season. i'm john boruk.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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event tonight but not related to the major storm coming. >> light snow showers overnight expected. not a big deal, though. some could stick. but we go into friday night and overnight. and saturday, we have a big event going on here. its a winter storm. and this is going to be containing heavy snowfall across the area. windy conditions. we'll update numbers for you on snowfall forecasts coming up at
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11:00? live on facebook in 15 minutes. >> after this. for all of us, i'm jim rosenfield. nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. developing news tonight. a monster winter storm bearing down. blizzard watches up, in some places forecast for the kind of snow they haven't seen in 100 years. 50 million americans bracing for impact. on the attack, sarah palin hits the trail with donald trump. and what she said about her son's domestic violence arrest, ptsd and the president, raising eyebrows. roller coaster plunge on wall street. retirement savings taking another hit as the price of oil continues to fall with no end in sight. new developments in the toxic water crisis in michigan. one of the -- what the did the governor know and when did he know it. and a rescue. a hollywood star turned real-life action hero. "nightly news" begins


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