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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  January 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, the shore is bracing for the next high tide set to happen in a few others following severe coastal flooding called by the blizzard. now that the blizzard has passed, it's time on dig out. we're live in allentown. here and across our region, we have a lot of snow to clean up. it's 5:30 on this sunday. we have live team coverage of the blizzard. drew smith is live in wildwood, lauren is in the lehigh valley. an michelle is tracking frigid temperatures that could pose
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some real problems. >> yeah, it is bitterly cold. we're seeing temperatures below freezing. by this afternoon, we may get to the freezing mark. maybe a degree above that. that will cause problems with refreezing. but right now, we're kind of in cleanup mode. we have clear skies, partly cloudy skies now. still dark, but we will see mostly sunny skies later on. the good news is the snow is out of here and this is what we're left with. the latest snow totals. we had pretty much a season's worth of snow in just one day in many thoughts. allentown airport broke a record, 31.7, 28.2 in malvern, 21.5 in spring town. other totals, mainly in the 10 up to 30 inches, 30 in bethlehem, 25.5 in caln. so taking a look at radar, we are finally dry. the snow has moved off to the north and east and we're
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starting to clean up. we did still have major concerns at the shore, coastal flood warning until noon. you can see all those counties in the green color. we do have another high tide cycle between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. so remember the ocean is first and then the bay comes about an hour after that. so high tide at the delaware beaches right around 7:45, cape may county, 8:00 a.m. and atlantic city, 7:26. so that is something we will be watching very closely. we have the potential for more flooding and property damage. so we mentioned the temperature. 11 in mt. pocono, 17 in reading. you will fee that as you step out this morning. 25 in wildwood. want to show you the winds. 22 miles per hour in mt. pocono and up to 7 wind gusts in wildwood. they will diminish throughout the day. we'll clean up today and then the potential for refreezing later on tonight. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> and as you heard michelle
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say, we are a few hours away from the next high tide and there is expected to be more coastal flooding. drew smith is live in wildwood where some streets are still covered in water, snow and ice. >> reporter: yeah, people will wake up this morning on several of the barrier islands down here in cape hmay county to this scene. firefighters worked all day yesterday rescuing people from the rising water out here, all from the back bay where we are. and even closer, we couldn't even get down there this morning because the water was still so high. we went through two high tide cycles yesterday. the first in the morning reached record levels, water rushed into homes and businesses. we sawmill taker style trucks managing to go down the streets, rescue people. and they had to go to a shelter in wildwood as well as in cape hey county. we spoke to one of the people who evacuated and he told us
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what he went through. listen. >> when i woke up, i heard dripping sounds. and when i got off of my bed to see what the dripping sound was, i stepped in 2 inches of water and that's when i realized i was being flooded. >> and power outages are still a problem. we just checked, about 1,000 up in atlantic county still without power, 15,000 here in cape may. and the danger is not over. like i said, the water continues to come in from the back bays and we're only expecting to see that rise. in wildwood, i'm drew smith. nbc 10 news. and more on the power outages, the atlantic city electric has the most outages in our area. nearly 19,000 customers are still in the dark with most of them this cape may county. delmarva power says about 300 youtda a
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outages remain in delaware. it took some real manpower to get some blaps out of the s amb snow in allentown. fortunately no patients were inside. let's check in now with lauren mayk, she spoke to some drivers who have been very busy. >> reporter: i heard michelle say 31 at the airport and that is right across from us. let's me turn around and show you what the roads are like here. i can tell you that most of the folks we saw on the roads this morning are tow truck drivers. big and small. he they are actually doing a pretty good job of keeping the major roads pretty clear. but let me show you what we saw as we headed down this road down here just not far from us. a neighborhood that was basically snowed in just as we arrived, a big tow truck -- or a
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big plow came to the rescue and started plowing the snow out of here and helping these folks. of course if you are one of these cars parked on the street here, you may still have quite a time getting out of here. so a big job here. but they did make quite a bit of progress. where we are at this wa-wa, this is a place that some of the plow drivers will come to maybe get warm inside, maybe get a little coffee, get a snack. and i want to show you what a driver had to say to us when he just had a few minutes to rest. take a listen. how long have you been out at this point? >> 24 hours. it's a lot of snow. i heard my friend say it was like record-setting. so you can see it. there is a lot of snow. >> reporter: yeah, 24 hours. i asked him how he was doing. he said tired. but after he finishes his work
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plowing the home depot parking lot down the street, he is planning to go home to take care of his parents, help shaome oth folks. so his work not quite over yet. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10. >> and here is a live look at center city. not many cars out on the road. this morning at 10:00, philadelphia mayor and other officials will hold a news conference about the city's response to the blizzard of 2016. street clearing is expected to be a top issue. we'll bring you his briefing when it happens. and stay with us, we'll have a live report on the conditions in philly coming up at 5:45 in the city's fairmont neighborhood. at 5:37, we continue to to watch severe flooding at the jersey shore. the next high tide rolls in just about two hours. this morning we're live in wildwood, philadelphia and allentown as you just saw where
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neighbors will have their work cut out for them as the cleanup is just beginning. now here is a live look again over center city. we do have the eighth and market street shot. next an update on when public transportation will start running again. stay with us. [coughing]
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on this sunday morning, still in first alert weather mode because many of us have 30 inches of snow on our front lawns. sunshine is returning later on this afternoon. one spot that got snow so happy about that the pok know mountains. beautiful this morning. and radar is finally dry. the last of the snow moved out overnight and we're finally clearing out the radar and we will bring this sunshine later on today. it is cold, though.
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so you may want to wait a bit before you start the shoveling process again. 15 in allentown. just 11 in mt. pocono. 17 in reading. 25 in millville. it's also windy. we will be windy this morning and breezy this afternoon. winds lessening as we go throughout the day. winds straight out of the north at 10 miles per hour in northeast philadelphia, up tot.r in atlantic city. this afternoon we will see the sunshine returning. it will be pretty, but you may want to wear the shades with all the sun reflecting off the snow. 33 to 36 degrees. also be careful of blowing snow this morning. we'll take a look at your 7 day coming up. now that the blizzard of 2016 is moving outs cleanup begins. septa says bus service will be restored on a route to route
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basis starting at 10:00 this morning. city trolleys will also resume with some delays. and then later today we'll get an update on the high speed line and regional rail service which are still shut down at this hour. new jersey transit officials tell nbc 10 that rail, bus, light rail and access link service will all resume once conditions allow. no word on an exact time yet. and passengers who already have reservations are urged to check status on amtrak's website. and passengers should also check with and i remembirlines before the airport. >> the big diggout will kick into high gear today as the region recovers from the blizzard. let's take a live look over philadelphia where we'll have a live report from fair mocmont cg up. ♪
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5:44 on this sunday. 22 degrees outside as we take a live look at center city. very different picture than this time yesterday when it looked practically white out there. we had the whiteout conditions yesterday. the big concern in philadelphia are the small side streets. many of them are not plowed yet. what to do with the snow? that's the big question this morning in philadelphia as the city tries to burrow out from under the blizzard of 2016. many city streets are plowed, but as i mentioned, there are still many others that are not. mitch blacher is live in fairmount. >> reporter: and actually most of the roads around here are passable, the snow and plow crews have done a remarkable job. you can see this is callowhill
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street by 20th. most of these streets around this area are fairly plowed, passable. the city started treating the streets as early as wednesday. since then, they have had more than 400 snow plows and almost 700 workers working to clear the streets. just in the past five hint, we've seen a couple of plows come through. in fact they have been so suck he successful in the city that we saw one plow on the sidewalk as we've seen people out today starting to head to work. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10. the big diggout got under way late yesterday and last knight. and george spencer was in south philly where folks got started liberating their cars and sidewalks from all the snow. >> really is a lot of snow. a lot of work. >> what is your biggest challenge at this point? >> just getting it from here to there. >> finding a place to put it,
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too? >> yeah. >> philadelphia officials are still urging drivers to stay off the streets so crews can continue do their jobs and plow the roads. from philadelphia to delaware, everyone took a hit from the storm. in wilmington, they saw horn 20 inches of snow and some of the strnkest wi strongest wind gusts. it was close to normal snowfall amounts for the entire season. coastal flood warning for southern delaware is in effect until thoon todp until noon tod. we found this tractor trailer stuck in the snow in bethlehem last night and blocked four lanes of traffic near route 378 for hours. good sunday morning. big difference compared to this time yesterday. the snow has stopped and we're left over with snowy streets out there and cold conditions. a little windy, we'll see the winds dissipating throughout the day. and pretty big concern still at the beaches. so we'll talk more about that.
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but weather headlines on your sunday, we're looking at the potential for moderate coastal flooding. high tide between 7:00 and #:8:. and we'll have the winds in place, so be careful as you head out this morning. and then we'll get close to the freezing mark later on this afternoon. we'll have some sunshine so we will have melting and then the potential for refreezing tonight. so monday morning you may be dealing with slippery streets. right now winds out of the north. temperatures across the area, just 11 in mt. pocono, 17 in reading. 23 in philadelphia. south and east we're mainly looking at the 20s, also. 21 in glassboro, 27 in atlantic city. we have the wind in place, the cold temperatures. one place to be today later on this afternoon, snow in the pocono mountains. so a really pretty shot.
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the snow moved out overnight, it left 30 plus inches this some spots. right now we're dealing with the cold, we're dealing with the winds anywhere from 5 up to 15 miles per hour. even up to 20 in atlantic city. so 8 miles per hour in philadelphia, 14 in mout. pocon and 15 done to the south. 22-mile-per-hour wind gust in mt. pocono, but this is nothing compared to what they saw yesterday especially at the beaches. feels more like the teens and single digits across the area. feels like below zero in mt. pocono, 14 in philadelphia. so here is the coastal flood warning until noon for the counties in that green. we do have high tide between 7:00 and 8:00, so along the delaware beaches, 7:45. as we move up the coast, 8:00 cape may and then atlantic city around 7:26. back bays are about an hour later. so potential of more bay flooding throughout the morning.
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today sunny and breezy, finally the sunshine is coming back. you will need the sunglasses because the sun will reflect right off the white snow. winds are dissipating throughout the afternoon. so 32 today, right at the freezing hark if not a degree above with sunshine, it will melt some of that snow. and then digits in the teens tonight. we'll see refreezing early on honest. we'll get warm once again monday and tuesday, 44, chance of showers on tuesday. looks like we could see a little snow in the pocono mountains, but warm everywhere else. but notice the temperatures are mild, so we'll see the potential for refreezing once again. 39 on wednesday, dry, sun and clouds. thursday we're looking at mostly sunny skies, cold, 37. and into the 40s on friday and saturday. we're looking at the poe owe for possibly another coastal storm this week he said, but it looks
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like it will track off the coastal. >> michelle, you mentioned school tomorrow. you of course have two children and we were talking about this before the broadcast this morning that that may be an issue. >> i was laying in bed last night and that's all i was thinking about. because i picture these buses on the side streets and we'll get close to freezing today, sunshine in let the snow and then it will refreeze. and all you need is the thin layer of ice, so it will be a problem tomorrow morning and then we have several days above freezing this week. so we may see this a couple times this week. >> of course all the closures and delays coming into us, so be sure to check out the nbc 10 app and through the overnight hours. because as soon as we get the information, we'll pass it along to you. we were not the only ones walloped by the blizzard of 2016. up and down the east coast, millions of people will be spending their sunday shoveling. the storm also left thousands of travelers stranded. jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> reporter: the first blizzard
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of 2016 has slowly died down after burying major east coast cities inasmuch as 3 feet of snow. the storm shut down air, rail and highway travel. now comes the recovery part, getting roads passable again. that's keith howard's job. >> anybody trying to get out, some people have patience, shall people don't have patience. but when you go through a neighborhood and you see people come out clapping. >> reporter: washington and new york city were buried. en joyed for pandas and children who sled down the u.s. capitol lawn. and snow borders who couldn't get to a mountain. >> pretty sure it's not legal. >> reporter: the blizzard slammed over 70 million people, hundreds of thousands lost power. and thousand there is widespread flooding in new jersey and other mid-atlantic states. >> we have shelters open in every county in the state. they are ready to take people. and keep them warn and get them fed and all the rest. >> reporter: many airport runways and roads will remain
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closed while plows try to move the snow. officials are begging people to stay home. >> you go out on the road, all it takes is one car to get stuck and now that road is not passable and the plows can't plow that road. and the situation quickly descends into chaos. >> reporter: chaotic historic and record-breaking blizzard, which many are now happy to see go. jennifer johnson, thnbc news, washington. you just saw new jersey governor chris christie in that report. at 10:00 this morning, he will be at the transportation yard to update the progress of highway cleanup all across the garden state. 5:53. # 2 degrees outside. still ahead on nbc 10 news today, shaome harrowing momentsn the storm for a gymnastics team from philly. we'll tell you how they finally got on their way after getting
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stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike during the height of the blizzard. see it, share it. you send us pictures of your experiences during the blizzard and we post them online and on air. this picture of baby olaf comes to us from our viewer jenny. and fire made out of ice. an amazing snow sculpture. you can send us your blizzard photos through the nbc 10 app.
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a lot of basketball games are now rescheduled. the temple men's will be played at noon today and women's will be played at a later today. and villanova versus providence is today at 1:00. and a gymnastics team finally freed after being stuck
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on the turnpike. their bus started moving around 9:00 last night. police had to move dividers so the bus could turn off. the national guard dropped off military rations for the girls. the coach says it could have been a lot worse. >> we're kind of making our time watching movies and our girls have kept their spirits up. we know our situation is nowhere near as hard as others. >> the team stayed at a hotel overnight. they hope to be back on campus later today. we're not sure who enjoyed the snow more here. little olivia or her dog tucker. lori septembnt this video of he daughter on a make shift dog sled of sorts. send us your through the app. and while the snow may have stopped the blizzard of 2016 is still causing some trouble this morning. the jersey shore is bracing for
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more flooding when high tide hits in just a few hours. drew smith is live in wildwood. >> reporter: yeah, people on the jersey shore not waking up to snow on their streets, but water. it's still all flooded out here. we'll explain the coming threat today. >> reporter: and i'm laura mayk live in allentown where they are clearing the roads, but there is a big job ahead. i'll show you how much snow they're dealing with. >> and that snow moved out finally and we're clear this morning. partly cloudy skies. we'll see mostly sunny by later this afternoon. but it will be a cleanup process. here is a live look. temperatures in the 20s. feels like below zero in some spots. and we have wind also. we'll talk more about that coming up.
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right now today the jersey shore is bracing to more flooding. for smrome the damage brought o by the blizzard is just as severe as super storm sandy. a live report is coming up. from the shore to the city, we're also live


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