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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now today the jersey shore is bracing to more flooding. for smrome the damage brought o by the blizzard is just as severe as super storm sandy. a live report is coming up. from the shore to the city, we're also live in fairmount
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will residents will be trying to figure out what to do with all that snow out their front door. now to a live look at philadelphia international airport where plow crews there are also doing their work to clear the runways. we know that the airport will resume normal operations gradually today and airlines will be bringing back arrivals and departures. good morning and welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 6:00 on this sunday. we have drew smith in wildwood, lauren mayk in the lehigh valley and michelle grossman is tracking the cold. >> it's a cold start, subpoenas mainly in the 20s. feels like the team it is in most spots. below zero in mt. pocono. so off to a cold start. this is a big clean vup day and we will be cold to start out our day. a live look outside, waking up to just a few clouds. we have lots of snow. as we look at the latest totals, allen town airport number one at
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31.7. that was a record for them. 28.2 in malvern and then philadelphia airport coming in at 22.4 puts fourth. and 21.5 in springtown. we're finally dry. the snow has moved out. we'll clean up and clear out today. but we are left over with cold air this morning. 22 degrees in philadelphia. 22 in millville. 18 this allentown, 12 in lancaster. 11 in mt. pocono. hard to get those temperatures up overnight with all the snow over there. winds are out of the north, that's a cold direction. we're looking winds anywhere from 5 up to 16 miles per hour. gusting higher than that in some spots. but even these winds compared to yesterday a big improvement. 16 miles per hour in atlantic city and mt. pocono and 13 miles per hour in wilmington. so today we're looking at a sunny and breezy day. 33 to 36. although we will get the temperature up near the freezing hark, it may even be above
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freezing. that will cause some melting which could refreeze later on tonight as we see temperatures dropping back into the teens. so a cold night tonight and then temperatures into the 40s throughout much of the workweek. we're tracking more rain in our 7 day. and then possibility for another coastal storm next week end. but that looks to be off the coast at some point and something we'll watch throughout the week. it's still flooded at the jersey shore this morning and as another high tide is approaching, the concern is more water especially from the back bays that will make its way on to the streets and into people's home. drew smith is live in wildwood to show us the latest conditions. and drew, you were in wildwood yesterday, so you've seen the evolution of this storm. >> reporter: absolutely. and michelle just talking about the wind. yesterday we could barely stand up here. today a huge difference. it's still breezy out here, but if you want to take a look at what the wind has done, you can see the stop sign is kind of bent out of place. the water is down there, as well. the flooding is still in the streets and we're seeing all
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sorts of damage across the islands of cape may county. we shot some video yesterday of what the rescue crews were up against as they had to evacuate people from homes because the water came in from the back bay, started to flood a lot of the streets here and eventually started to go inside homes and businesses. several people had to be evacuated on these surplus military vehicle that the police and fire department have down here and they were taken to shelters. we spoke to some people at one of the shelters yesterday. listen. >> it's making me want to move away from the shore, but i love the shore. >> they're under investigation a stress and not happy, they have been forced to leave their homes. >> reporter: damage was
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extensive, but we couldn't get over there because the water was still high this morning. so again, another high tide coming up and we're expecting to seat streets fill up with even more water than is here now. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. atlantic city electric has the most outages in our area. nearly 19,000 customers are still in the dark this morning with most of them in cape may county. delmarva power says about 300 outages remain in delaware. pse and g, peco and ppl reporting minimal outages. nbc 10 was on east main street early this morning as plows cleared the streets and crews started to dig out from the blizzard of 2016. only essential workers like these crews out there are allowed on the roads this delaware as this cleanup begins. a state of emergency remains in effect across delaware despite the governor's orders, many drivers took to the roads yesterday. delaware state police reported that by 8:00 last night, troopers had responded to 150
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accidents. plus another 16 in which somebody was hurt. there were also 260 disabled vehicles littering the state highways. >> i went to turn down here and i got stuck. the snow is just too deep. >> yeah, way too deep. parts of delaware received more than 20 inches of snow which is why coastal flood warning is in effect for the southern part of the state until noon today. storm force 10 has been out on the road this morning. you're looking at the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike where it's pretty deserted. many folks appear to be listening tos the warning from state tisofficials urginging drivers to stay off the roads. the northeast extension of course leads in to the lehigh valley which is where we find lauren mayk to show us the progress made there. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, that video that you were just showing there, we're pointing something out for drivers. as we were going along 76, it
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was pretty good and then we hit that patch of snow and potentially ice town there. so things can change quickly. you want to be careful if you do have to head out to work today. let me show you what the roads look like. they have been really working to clear them. we've seen a lot of plow trucks out here, both big ones and little ones. the roads may look clear, but you can see what this snow looks like and you can see what they have been dealing with and how they have been really just moving these huge, huge piles of snow, this heavy snow to try to get it off of these roadways. and let people move around a little bit. we'll show you what we are looking at right here. and give you some perspective of the kind of snow we are dealing with. we have sort of cleared a path here. this is the curb. we want to be safe, we want to know where the curb is. but this is actually how much snow you're dealing with. i could go right down in there and probably a little bit
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farther. you can contained can kind of h crunchy sound down there. and you know that it is will heavy. when i pull my boot out, it will be heavy when you pull that snow up in a shovel. so be careful if you are shoveling the snow out there. but rosemary, this is what they are dealing with today. and what they will be trying to clear out. live this allentown, i'm lauren make owiy mayk, nbc 10 news. >> snow blowers is the name of the game. the entire reongion will be digging out today. crews have managed to reclear mt of the major, but it may be a while before we see blacktop on the secondary roads.
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d doug shimell and his photographer ran into some whiteout conditions. and he spoke to a man who went to a wedding. >> they wouldn't let them cancel the wedding, so i offered my services of driving with a four-wheel drive truck if thib needed a ride from the clurmg to the church to the reception. congratulations to kevin and car then. on one hand it's sad that they weren't able to reschedule it, but on the other hand, they will never forget this. memories that they will never forget. >> wedding in the snowstorm. >> exactly. >> if they he can survive a blizzard, i guess they can survive anything. let's check in with michelle gross thmann grossmann. she's tracking some conditions that may be changing throughout the day because the temperature will rise and then maybe dip back down. >> and that will be a problem later tonight with refreezing
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and icy spots into honemonday morning. but this morning we're starting out bitterly cold. pretty view, though, from the pocono mountains. the trail looking awesome. it will be cold, but we'll see the winds dissipating. so a nice afternoon to ski. 11 in mt. pocono, 18 in pottstown, 22 in philadelphia. 22 in dover. we do have winds this morning and we're seeing a windchill of just 13 in philadelphia. feels like 6 below zero in mt. pocono, 1 below zero in lancaster, 10 in millville and 12 is what it feels like this at a-t-l-a-n-t-i a-t-l-a-n-t-i-c. so it is cold. we have a coastal flood warning high tide between 7:00 and 8:00. and then back bays an hour after that. again looking at the potential for more street flooding, more property damage. winds gusting up to 22 miles per
6:13 am
hour in mout. pocono and 23 mil per hour in millville. so around freezing by this afternoon. sunny and breezy. we'll reach a high of 32 degrees. we'll talk more about the refreezes tonight and actually a mild 7 day, we'll talk more about that coming up. >> the blizzard of 2016 is over, but the snow it dumped on our region isn't going anywhere anytime soon. mitch blacher, i understand a lot of the side streets are backed up? >> reporter: and we're keeping an eye on whether or not they are getting plowed and cleared. that story coming up.
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quarter after 6:00. 20 degrees on this sunday. as philadelphia cleans up from the blizzard of 2016, the side streets are really a big concern. how long will it take for the plows to get there and then what? this was the scene at the italian are market in south philadelphia around lunchtime yesterday. few people out and about, but we did find these pigeons fooe s f on top of a snow covered calf. mitch. >> reporter: about every 10 or so minutes, we see snowplows coming through. right now we're basically dealing with ice as the temperature is well below freezing. i want to take you down 20th street. this shall a good representation. passable, but icy. a lot of areas to be careful with.
6:17 am
the snowplows were able to get on to the sidewalks so that folks didn't have to it get out and remove that snow themselves. if we can come back out here live, we can show you some of the aftermath. you can see the cars that have been snowed in. it will be very difficult for these folks to dig out as the snowplows continue to clear the roads and make them pass able. but certainly did plow in folks in. that's the latest from fairmount. i'm match black mitch blacher. and the shoveling is
6:18 am
difficult. . and they tear they will have to it figure out again when they get up this morning. >> i'm hoping that it's not as bad, i'm not sure. a giant iceberg on top of the car. and i was working on it and i figured let me try this one first, come back. >> and then you'll being a kell that. >> i'm going to try. >> of course today will be a dig out day all over the region. you enter your church sanctuary during the blizzard to find this. yeah. you're looking at the roof of a chester county church that just caved in from the weight of 20 inches of snow. it happened at the calvary fellowship church. several feet of snow poured in through the gaping hole. the breach touched off the building's sprinkler system which flooded the sanctuary. we spoke to the reverend and restoration expert about the damage. >> it was just likeniagara falls. >> worst i've seen in this area.
6:19 am
we've dealt with worse across the country, but this is the worst i've seen here in chester county. >> the restoration crews tell us that the repairs will take at least six months and could cost upwards of a million dollars. the church will be offering worshippers a live stream of its sunday service a little bit later on today. a massive stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike remains closed this morning as emergency crews work to clear out a 500 car backup from the western part of the state. from tractor trailers to tour buses, cars, suvs, hundreds of drivers were paralyzed prompting the national guard to call in troops to rescue the stranded drivers. governor tom wolf says emergency crews are delivering supplies and officials are working to move folks to shelters if needed. the governor also says that each car had to be checked at least once and workers had to deliver food as well as fuel to make sure that engines would keep running so that people could
6:20 am
heat their cars while they were stuck. good sunday morning first alert weather day once again, we have 30 inches of snow in some spots this morning. we're dry on radar, that's the good news. and we will see sunshine today, but we are definitely in cleanup mode today. it's a cold start, it's a windy start. and we're looking for the potential for more coastal flooding at the beaches. otherwise looking at morning blowing snow, we had the wind in place. not the like yesterday, but still winds anywhere 10 up to 20 miles per hour. gusting higher than that in some spot. and then we'll reach a high of 32 degrees, sunshine, we'll see some melting that will cause refreezing later on tonight. otherwise 22 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north/northwest at 7 miles per hour. feels more like 13 across the area. below zero in other spots. so temperatures this morning 11 degrees in mt. pocono, 15 in
6:21 am
reading, 18 in allentown, 22 in bensalem. south and east, 25 in atlantic city, 22 in dover. so it is bitterly cold. and you factor in the winds, and it feels colder than that. feels like 6 below zero mt. pocono, 1 below zero in lancaster. the windchill in philadelphia, just 13 and it feels like 10 in fillville, new jersey. a live look outside, we're looking at the pocono mountains looking great there. good day to go skiing today. and snow totals in the philadelphia county area, we forecasted 17 to 23 inches address look what happened, it verified so well. 22.4 in philadelphia. fourth largest storm. 17 bpt 8 in bridgesburg and. finally dry on radar. we love that. big difference compared to this time yesterday. we had that snow move out overnight and now we're starting the clearing process. another spot that may not be clearing for at least a few
6:22 am
hour, he do have another high tide cycle, this morning we still have water in the streets along the beaches and we do have a coastal flood warning until noon and that is for the counties in the green color. so high tide times 7:45 delaware beaches, cape may 8:00, and 7:26 atlantic city. and bays about an hour after this. so we could see additional street flooding and moderate property damage. to today, though, sunny and breezy, 33 to 36. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour. so breezy this morning, we'll see the wind dissipating throughout the day. tonight temperatures will drop back into the tens. we'll see a refreezing as we head out to school and work on monday. "7-day forecast," 32 today, more sunshine on monday, but look at that overnight low, 17, that's what we'll wake up to in the city even colder north and west, 37. by tuesday, how long skies, a chance for a shower, maybe a few
6:23 am
snow flakes mixing in. in the pocono, 44. partly sunny wednesday, 39. temperatures not bad this week. 39 is normal this time of year. so 37 on thursday, mostly sunny skies. partly sunny friday, 40. and then saturday, a mixture of sun and cloud, milder, 44 degrees. so we could see the potential for melting and refreezing every day this week. so something we'll watch closely. >> we've been talking about the coastal flooding down the shore that of course happened yesterday into today. and there is still more concerns about it. earlier this morning you mentioned the back bays could really be a problem. >> right. and we have high hyde for the ocean around 7:00, 8:00. and then the back bays are an hour later. and when the back bays start to flood, there is nowhere for the water to go. it just gets shoved up and it can't retreat back. so we're already starting out with water in the streets and we'll just add to that. we've seen pictures from all over and they're tremendous.
6:24 am
we'll see it once again today. >> we've been checking in with drew smith, so we'll be watching him down the shore to see what happens around that high tide. thanks. throughout the storm, we've asked our nbc 10 viewers to see it, share it. and you've been sending us freight pictugreat pictures and video like this clip from shelby. it show as deserted westchester pike. yeah, normally very busy. you can send us your photos through the nbc 10 app.
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6:26. 20 degrees outside. while there is still plenty of cleanup left to do, some folks are taking the time to enjoy the blizzard of 2016. it is the weekend, right? they shared tear videos with us on social media, posted their
6:27 am
pictures. keith jones has the highlights. >> reporter: from atvs climbing the art museum steps in philly to lowering your 98-year-old grandmother into feet of snow and nailing a snow angel. safe to say you found a way to make it work like this guy did using a hoverboard to shovel the white stuff. the blizzard, though, came fast and lasted for hours. this time lapse video was sent in from sewell where i experienced it firsthand. i broadcast my trek from the hotel to the station in montgomery county. i chose to bundle up. while others dressed down, way down. too far down some would argue. swimming it in the heavy snow.
6:28 am
speaking of taking the plunge, we brought you love in rittenhouse square. jason and lizy visiting from scranton and we can happily report -- >> i said yes. >> reporter: so did thousands of children. they enjoyed the winter storm. but all was not joyful. this video from sea isle city. you could hear the wind and see the dangerous flooding at 34th and central, high tide covered cars and trucks during a memorable blizzard that touched us all. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> the blizzard left its mark all over our region. and this morning we're getting a better look at the aftermath. we'll have live reports from the jersey shore and the lehigh valley coming up. plus michelle grossmann is tracking frigid temperatures. >> that's right. temperatures starting in the 20s. windchills below zero this some
6:29 am
spots. so everybody will be outside with our shovels and it will be cold. but mostly sunny once we get the sun going. a live look outside waking up to just a few clouds. we'll have the full forecast coming up. ♪ you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too.
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the shore is bracing for the next high tide set to arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning. it follows this severe coastal flooding caused by the blizzard of 2016. we have a live report on the conditions coming up. now it's time to clean up and dig out. the work to get everything back together and back to normal is just beginning. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:31 on this sunday, 20 degrees outside. we start off with our live team
6:32 am
coverage, drew smith down the shore in wildwood this morning, lauren mayk is in the lehigh valley, we begin with first alert meteorologist michelle grossmann. we're cleaning up this morning, but you are cleaning up to bitterly cold temperatures. a live look outside, partly cloudy skies. just a few clouds. we will see mostly sun in i skies throughout the day, but yesterday, what a day it was. snow totals across the area, forecasted totals 23 to 30. and look how these verified. we got a ton of snow yesterday. collegeville, 26 inches of snow before king of prussia, 26.1. and i can only imagine what is at high door as i head home later on this afternoon. 22 right now in philadelphia, 11
6:33 am
mt. pocono, 21 in mt. holly. you factor in the winds, we're seeing winds anywhere from 10 up to 20 miles per hour. so it feels like 6 below zero, point pocono feeling like 1 below zero. windchill in philadelphia just 13. the concern this morning, another coastal flood warning extended until lunchtime and that's because we have another cycle of high tides this morning between 7 ouk and 8:00. that will be for the oceans and then an hour later for the back base. and the potential for more street flooding and property damage and beach krerosion. still breezy this morning. 25 by 9:00, 30 by lunchtime and up to 32 later on this afternoon. so we will get to near the freezing mark with sunshine, we'll's some melting of the snow. and that will refreeze later
6:34 am
tonight with frigid temperatures. we have seen some incredible images from down the shore of the coastal flooding, the arrester math of tafter math of blizzard of 2016. and now there are more concerns. drew smith is live this wildwood this morning with details on the high tide rolling in. >> reporter: yeah, and to give you an idea of how powerful the winds and floods have been down here in cape may county, you can take a look at this grocery cart on the side of the street, floodwaters still here on park avenue. and if we walk here, you can see the shopping center where that came from is all the way down there. i want on give you a listen. you can hear the water coming out. that water coming from underneath the liquor store where we're set up here. the water just seeped into everything. it's all over the place hours after the last high tide. and again we're expecting another threat. let's show you some video from yesterday of what the crews had to deal with as they started to perform some water rescues out
6:35 am
here. snow and ice floating down the street. we know from one of the mayors that they had to rescue at least 50 people who saw water coming into their homes. a lot of those people had to be taken to shelters. they knew this was coming. the nbc 10 meteorologists forecasted it, but they hadn't seen water this high before. listen. >> they didn't tell us nothing. no evacuation. they didn't tell us where to go. they didn't say nothing. so everybody in my position that are waking up, i'm not the only one that's cramped in a one floor apartment. there's many more. >> reporter: yeah, and a lot of people had to call police to get rescue. and they had to bring the trucks in which they only have a couple of those military surplus trucks to pick people up with. so people were calling police yesterday and they had to wait up to four hours for a rescue. but the people that we spoke to
6:36 am
said they were thankful that they were able to get into someplace warm. a lot of those people will stay in the shelter again as we're expecting more flooding from high tide in just about an hour. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> very reminiscent of super storm sandy. thanks, drew. it too manpower to get this ambulance out of the snow in allentown. it got stuck but fortunately no pargtd patients were inside. let's check in now with lauren mayk, she's live in allen town this morning. she's been talking to people who are up this morning getting the plowing done, shoveling, snow blowing. it will be a long day ahead. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this is certainly not a leisurely sunday morning for folks, but this is one of their stops. we're along lehigh street. let me show you what is going on. you can see folks pulling in,
6:37 am
trying to get a cup of coffee. as i've been watching the vehicles coming in here, it has been a lot of workers, a lot of folks who has to be out in the snow. they are either heading to work or they are perhaps taking a break from work. i spoke to one gentleman as he was heading out for the day. >> i think it's the biggest one we've ever had. wow, took me a while to dig out my house, but i got out. >> how long did it take you? >> about an hour, but thank god i had a blower. you got to have them today. >> reporter: he was trying to stay warm today and said that -- we talked about shoveling also and how safe you have to be. that's why he likes those blowers so you don't have to be lifting those heavy shovels full of this snow. but it really is the folks who are going out to work that we
6:38 am
have been seeing on the roads. a lot of plows out there, not a lot of other folks, certainly not a lot of smaller cars. and that's something that you do want to be careful about. there are slick parts so you want to be careful. don't go out yet if you don't have to. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. 6:38 on this sunday. 20 degrees outside. as we take a live look at philadelphia international, you can see just through the fence here that crews are plowing the runway. they want to get everything ready for the airlines because we know that the airlines will do their best to get arrivals and departures back on schedule as the day continues. i just did a quick check and it looks like there might be shall departures heading out at 3:30 this afternoon. so it will be a few hours before operations are back to normal. we'll be right back.
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you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless. what a difference a day makes. we had the snow and winds howling. the coastal flooding. we're in the cleanup mode. we'll see sunshine returning later this afternoon and we're actually off to a nice start. look at this beautiful view. big difference compared to yesterday. the beautiful moon. so we're seeing clear skies, mostly sunny skies once the sun does come up. a beautiful shot out there. we had the snow move through yesterday leaving 30 inches in bethlehem, over two feet in collegeville, trenton 2rks 2. talleyville, 14.2. so this morning we're left over with the cold, we're looking at
6:42 am
temperatures right around 11 degrees in mt. pocono, 15 in reading, 12 thin lancaster, 22 millville and 27 in wildwood. cold start, snow on the ground. hard to get the temperatures up. and we're looking at winds, also. a windchill of 6 below zero in mt. pocono, feels like 1 below zero in lancaster. just 13 in philadelphia. so you want to dress for the teens. the big concern this morning, more coastal flood warning until moon with the potential for more coastal flooding and street flooding, property damage, beach erosion. winds gusting to near 20 miles per hour in wildwood, up to 22 in mt. pocono. so winds nothing compared to yesterday, but still breezy to start out our sun. today 33 to 36. lots of sunshine, so that will be really nice for our cleanup, but we will get the temperatures above freezing in some spots. that will melt the snow and are refreezing tonight. more about that coming up.
6:43 am
now let's take a live look at 8th and market streets in center city. you can see the streets are still snow covered. just a few cars on the roads. we still have to remind you to be safe today. as you heard michelle mention, there is a chance that some of the snow and ice will melt and then refreeze creating very slick conditions. a little bit later on this morning at 10:00, philadelphia mayor jim kenny and other officials will holded ea news conference. street clearing is expected to be a top issue especially on the side streets. we'll hear you the believing in the emergency operation center when it happens. and stay with us, we'll have a live report on the conditions in philly coming up in the city's fair mount neighborhood in just a few moments. the big diggout will certainly kick into high gear today. as philadelphia and the rest of the region recovers from the blizzard of 2016. here is a live look over philadelphia where many of the rooftops are covered in snow.
6:44 am
stay with us.
6:45 am
6:46 am
what to do with the snow. that is the big question this morning for many philadelphia residents. even if your street gets plowed, all that snow does is bury the cars on the side of the road. if you're digging out your sidewalk, your front walk, you can't put the snow back in the street, so what to do. that's the big question today people will be dealing with. mitch blacher has been checking out the conditions in fairmount. >> reporter: so this is a pretty
6:47 am
good representation what have we've seen around the fairmount section of philadelphia on 20th street, you can see the streets, they have been treated ever since wednesday and it's a lot of slush. here is the real problem. the real problem is for the folks who will try get out of here, their cars are completely plowed in and this snow, it is quickly turning to ice. this is very thick chunky ice. very difficult to get through it. and get out of here. that's the latest from fairmount section of philadelphia. mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. now let's talk about power outages. atlantic city electric, nearly 19,000 customers are still in the dark this morning. most in cape may county. delmarva power says about 300 outages remain in delaware. pse&g, peco and ppl reporting only minimal outages. philadelphia international
6:48 am
airport expects to resume normal operations gradually this morning. here is another live look at the airport. as you can see the plows are making their way along the runway, clearing everything off. passengers should be checking this with their airlines before going to the airport to find out when the departures and arrivals are scheduled. as i mentioned, i did a quick check on, there are shall flight some flights scheduled this afternoon, just a few, but again, that may change. now that the blizzard has moved out and the cleanup is beginning, transportation officials are also getting back to work. they're trying to get service back up and running as quickly as possible. here's what we know about septa. bus service will be restored order a route by route basis starting around 10:00 this morning. city trolleys will also resume are w. so some some delays. high speed line and regional rail service are still shut down at this hour. but again, that may change as the day continues.
6:49 am
new jersey transit officials tell nbc 10 that rail, bus, right lal and access link service will all resume oncen cans allow for it. no word on an exact time yet. amtrak will continue to operate on a modified schedule. passengers who already have reservations should check their train status on amtrak's website before you head to the 30th street station. good sunday morning, we are cleaning up today. we're waking up to just a few clouds. that will help with the cleanup, but it is bitterly cold. temperatures mainly in the 20s, windchills in the teens. even below zero in some spots. so we're off to a cold start with the wind in place. and we will see sunshine today. looking at the potential for more coastal flooding along the shore point, i'll pinpoint the high tide time for you. also morning blowing snow with the wind this place, so as you're out and about today, you're driving around, getting your car back, you could look at the potential for more blowing snow across the area.
6:50 am
now refreezing tonight, we will get near freezing today, with sunshine, we will see melting and temperatures plummet once again tonight. so the potential for icy spots tonight into your monday morning. 22 degrees right now in philadelphia with clear skies. winds out of tfof the north/nort at 7 miles per hour will. temperatures are cold. 11 in mt. pocono, 18 this poin pottstown, south and east mainly the 20s. so a cold start. you want to bundle up especially if you will be outside shoveling because it feels colder than it actually is. winds straight out of the north. and winds anywhere from 5 up to 16 miles per hour. gusting higher than that in atlantic city. 13 miles per hour in allentown. so with the winds, windchill 6 below zero mt. pocono, feels like the teens in philadelphia and 10 in dover. as you head out this morning, get the kids and yourself dressed, dress for these temperatures.
6:51 am
love this shot. the lots of snow in the pocono mountains. good ski day. finally dry, the snow has moved out. we have a coastal flood warning until noon. high tide mainly between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. this morning. 8:00 along cape may beaches and closer to atlantic city, 7:26. back bays about an hour later than that. so we will watch this between 7:00 and 9:00. coastal concerns, looking at the potential for more street flooding and property damage and also the potential for more beach erosion. not a pretty sight there yesterday. we will deal with the thigh tid cycle again today. today sunny and breezy, 33 to 36. we will see the winds dissipating throughout the day. light winds tonight, clearer skies. we'll call it partly cloudy. that will drop temperatures into the teens, 10 degrees north and west of the city. the potential for rereezing on
6:52 am
monday morning. mostly sunny monday. by tuesday, 44 degrees. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. chance for showers. maybe a few snowflakes mixing in in the poconos. otherwise a relatively mild day back above normal, 44. then by wednesday, temperatures right around normal for this time of year. typically we come in at 40, so wednesday forecasted high of 39. a quiet day. mixture of sun and cloud, sunny and cold. saturday, milder, 44 degrees. >> at the very least the sun today should help people as they get out into the snow and start to shovel out. >> absolutely. and you kind of want do that early. you don't want to melt and then it gets tougher to shovel. heavier already, and we have a lot of snow. so be careful. take breaks. if you feel winded, you want to sit down and get it done early. >> or get a couple bucks and pay the kids down the block. >> exactly.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
here is a live look at camel back mountain resort. plenty of snow there for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy a little bit later on today. but keep in mind it is going to
6:56 am
be very cold in these early morning hours. eventually the temperature will rise around that freezing mark, but then it may dip down and again we could see that melting and refreezing. so keep that in mind when you do head out. a lot of basketball games wiped out by the blizzard have been rescheduled. temple men's game against smu will be played today at noon. the temple biwomen's game will played at a later date. villanov villanova's game will be take at 1:00. temple's gymnastics steam finally free after spending nearly 30 hours stuck on a bus on the pennsylvania turnpike during the blizzard. cheers of joy, their bus started moving around 9:00 last night. police had to move dividers on the turnpike so the bus could turn around. while they were stuck, the national guard dropped off the military rations.
6:57 am
the coach tells us all things considered, could have been a lot worse. >> we're kind of making our time watching movies and our girls are good. we know the situation is better than some. >> the team hopes to be back on campus later on today. as most of us get ready it on dig out from the blizzard of 2016, the jersey shore is dealing with more flooding right now. drew smith is live in wildwood. drew. >> reporter: and before people can pick up a mess of property damage out here, they will deal with more sea water in their streets. we'll show you some of that damage plus talk about that threat coming up. and it is launching right now, you can see there in south philadelphia near the sports complex, giving you a bird's eye view of the blizzard after math. plenty of snow covered streets
6:58 am
and a snowy lincoln financial field. we'll check in with matt delucia next. a big cleanup day today. it will be a cold one. we're look at temperatures in the 20s and winds this morning it feels more like the teens in a lot of spots. feels like below zero in others. so we'll talk about that. also the potential for refreezing tonight. and a look at your 7 day coming up.
6:59 am
7:00 am
this morning we're showing you the blizzard after math. neighbors begin the big dig after the storm dumped record setting amounts of snow. we have you covered from the shore to the city to the suburbs. flooding fears, it may have stopped snowing, but not everybody is breathing a sigh of relief. residents along the coast are bracing for another high tide that could cause more problems down the shore. a live report from wildwood is minutes away. clearing the streets. the officials in philadelphia are working on a plan to get rid of all the snow that socked in neighborhoods all over the city. next details on when we'll get an update on their efforts.


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