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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  January 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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it is cleanup time across the region. here a live look from sky force 10 giving us a bird's eye view of neighborhoods. the blizzard may be over, now the diggout begins. let's take a live look in the lehigh valley where al lynn up to allentown received some of the most snow. it may be a challenge for plow trucks and a half debatiga navi streets. nd and the jersey shore bracing for more flooding this morning as the final high tide rolls through. we'll get an update on the damage in wildwood next. this is "nbc 10 news today."
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i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this sunday. 22 degrees outside. we have live team coverage as folks all over the area prepare to burrow out of the blizzard of 2016. the good news is that it's done any, winds have died down. but it will be a real challenge for folks. we're showing you the aftermath from the lehigh valley to the shore. we begin with michelle grossmann who is tagging the up and down temperatures that could cause problems later on in the day. >> that's right, very cold right now. we're starting out frigid, so bundle up. but by the afternoon, we will see temperatures at or about freezing. we will see sunshine and that will melt some of the snow. and then tonight we plummet right back down. overlooking boathouse row, so pretty. and take a look the a some of the totals. 31.7 at the allentown airport. that is the biggest storm they have had, 28.2 in malvern.
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philadelphia airport coming in at 22.4. and spring town 21.5. so we made it in to the top five of all time storms in philadelphia. and we are just starting to clean up today. so radar showing nothing is falling. that snow moved out overnight, that is the good news. and we're left over with cold air. it is cold this morning with temperatures mainly in the 20s. teens to the north and west. 14 right now in mt. pocono. 19 in reading. 23 in philadelphia. 27 in wildwood. you factor in the winds, they're nothing like yesterday, but we're still seeing a windchill of 1 below zero in mt. pocono, feels like 2 in lancaster, feels like 12 in philadelphia. and windchill in atlantic city is 9. so as you head out to shovel, dress for those temperatures because that's what it feels like. so wart scear the scarf and cov any exposed extremities. we have drew smith at the shore and we'll see what is happening there. we had the tide between 7:00 and
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8:00. so today sunny and breezy, 33 to 36. winds will dissipate throughout the afternoon. as tonight we'll see temperatures into the teens. and that will freeze whatever melts today. so we could start out pretty icy on monday. we'll talk about that and also tracking some rain in your 7 day. we continue the blizzard of 2016 team coverage down the shore where coastal flooding has been at its worst since super storm sandy. this is video of drew smith yesterday at the height of the blizzard. wind gusts were at full force. a day later the winds are gone and drew smith is live for us again in wildwood, this time not necessarily having to brace because of the wind. drew, we haven't checked in with you yet since that high tide rolled in this morning. so tell us what you're seeing and how it compared to yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, this is the source of all of our problems
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down here. barrier islands throughout cape may county. i want to show you the difference between last night's high tide and what we're seeing flow on to this parking lot right now. you can see all of this debris. that's where it was yesterday. today you you see it's a little further in. so a little less severe, but still flooding. you can see the 1r50streets are beginning to fill with water for the third time in a couple of days. and you can see some yellow tape, that is not a crime scene, that is part of the supermarket parking lot we're in and the sign for the acme supermarket was blown over in the storm. and thousand onnow once again i surrounded with water p we talked with somebody who was coming over here to the supermarket, this is one of the few places that has power on this side of the island. so they were heading over here to try to get some warm food. and he told us about the losses he's suffered himself. >> a lot of people lost
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everything. a couple people that i know lost their house, they live in west wildwood, the worst place to have property. >> reporter: and right now, west wildwood is where it flooded first. we're just a couple of streets down from there. and as you can see, the bay is feeding water once again on to the island. and i just check this had with somebody who was down on the other side, the ocean is that way. and if you've been to wildwood, you know the ocean is pretty far from the boardwalk. a huge beach. i'm told right now there is water all on top of that huge beach. goes right up against the boardwalk. we'll check in again with you in about 30 hints and show you some of the damage we've been seeing. drew smith, nbc 10 news. at 10:00 this morning, chris christie will be at the transportation yard to update the progress crews have made on the roads all across the garden state. we anticipate he will also discuss some of the damage down
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the shore. let's talk about power outages thousand. atlantic city electric that the most. around 18,000 customers are still in the dark. most of them are in cape may county. delmarva power says about 100 outages remain. pse&g, peco and ppl reporting only minimal outages. let's head now to philadelphia where you can see that road crews have made a lot of progress especially on the primaries. this is in south philadelphia near broad and washington. we check in now with mitch blacher, he's been driving around the city this morning. he joins us live from northern liberties. i have tried to drive through that after a major storm, it's really tough and tight in those narrow streets. >> reporter: it is. all over the city it can be tough and tight on many of these streets. as we've driven around, we wound up here in northern liberties as we're waiting for the news conference from the mayor kenney
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to update us on the status of the diggout. but there have been different conditions. some of the smaller streets as you said for example in south philadelphia have some work to do. over here in northern liberties, you can see on spring garden, it's a sheet of ice pretty much underneath the snow. it's slippery, cars going pretty slow. but it is passable. that's the major message across philadelphia. we found most streets are passable. keep in mind the crews, they have 2500 miles of road to plow and to clear throughout the entire city of philadelphia. that's about 400 different crews, about 700 different personnel and staff all responsible for all of that extensive road network. 2500 miles in all throughout the city of philadelphia as we a wait a live press conference at 10:00 a.m., which we of course will carry live for you right here on nbc 10. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news.
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and lauren mayk is live in allentown. and as we heard from michelle, this storm was a record-setter there. >> reporter: yeah, rose harry, the sun is out, it is a beautiful day, but this also means that we are finally really getting a look at what they have to deal with here in allentown. take a look behind me, we can finally really see all of this snow. it is not the snowing right now which means there is a little bit of a break to deal with it, but just look at that expanse of white here. and if you look over to the sides, you can see some of the snow that has already been plowed. they have done a good job of getting the roads plowed and some of the parking lots. but you really get an idea of how much stuff they have to deal with afterwards and where they will put it all. the mayor of allentown stopped by and i was table to taable to about what happens next. >> we've been surveying across
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the city and also getting sandwiches for a lot of our snow crews. they have been out all night. all of the mains are open which is pretty amazing. we usually get about 32 inches per season. so this is like a whole season of snow in one big snowstorm. and it's been pretty taxing on the street crews, but they have opened up the main roads and are now working on the secondary roads and hopefully we'll punch through all those streets by the end of the day today. >> reporter: that will hopefully allow people to move around especially tomorrow. but today a lot of work if folks at their homes. let me show you what the snow looks like here in allentown. you can see this is untouched. and when i sort of paw through it, it's dense. it really is very dense. if it's been sitting out there in your yard for a while, it's probably been packed down, things have blown up on it. so be aware of that as you go out to start shoveling, start
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trying to move it, that it will be heavy. it is going to be dense and it is going to be a big job. live in allentown, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. let's head to newark, delaware. nbc 10 was on east main street early this morning as plows cleared the roads. only essential workers are allowed on the roads in delaware as the cleanup gets under way. later this morning, jack markell will update the public. we may hear more on some of the restrictions on the roads being lifted. again, as soon as we get more info, we will pass it along. despite the governor's orders, many driver distas did take to roads. and by 8:00 last night, troopers had responded to 150 accidents, plus 16 others that had injuries. there were also 260 disabled vehicles like this one littering the state highway. >> i went to turn down here and
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just got stuk. the snow is just too deep. >> parts of delaware received more than 20 inches of snow, which is why coastal flood warning is still in effect today until noon in the southern part of the state. safe to say worshippers won't be headed here this morning. you're looking at the roof of a chester county church that caved in from the weight of at least 20 inches of snow. it happened at the calvary fellowship church. several feet of snow poured in. and the breach touched off the building's sprinkler system. and that sprinkler system flooded the sanctuary. yesterday we spoke to the reverend and a restoration expert about the damage. >> it was just like niagara fall. the snow was flooding. >> the worst i've seen in this area. we've dealt with worse across
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country, but this is the worst in chester county. >> the repairs could take up to six months. the church will offer a live stream of sunday service later this morning. 22 degrees outside. the blizzard of 2016 has brought public transportation to a grinding halt. here is a live look of the norristown high speed line in delaware county. still to come on nbc 10 news today, we have an update from septa about when all of their operations will be back to normal. we'll talk about it after the break.
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welcome back on this sunday morning. we're cleaning up in cold temperatures. we're off to a very cold start with windchills in the teens and we will rise near the freezing mark right around 32. so taking a look outdoors, poke though mounta pocono mountains, a lot of skiers enjoying the snow. we had 30 inches in bush kill, allentown 31.9. that was an all-time record. and parts of southern new jersey, we saw mainly in the 20s. so 20 in camden. berlin 13 inches. and around 12.5 in elmer. otherwise we're dealing with the cold today. looking at temperatures in the 20s. teens to the north and west. 19 right now in reading. 19 in pottstown. just 14 in mout. pocono, 22 in atlantic city. you factor in the winds, it
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feels like 1 below zero in mt. pocono, 8 in pottstowpottstown, lancaster. so bundle up as you head out. you will do the cleanup, you want to make sure you cover any exposed skin. wear the scarves, gloves. so for today we'll see a lot of sunshine. by 11:00, mostly sunny, 25. by lunchtime, 32, breezy. and still the sun shining. and by 5:00, we'll start to see the sun setting. a cold night tonight, we will see the temperatures dropping and we'll probably see some icy spots on monday. we'll talk more about that and then tracking some rain for your tuesday. this morning sky force 10 is giving us an aerial view of the mounds of snow piled high from the blizzard of 2016. matt delucia is live in delaware county. and this morning you were in south philly, then university city. give us an idea of what you're seeing across the area.
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>> reporter: well, most of the major roads are passel. you can drive through them. i'll give you a look, though, at one of the situations that we're seeing in terms of the rails. a lot of the services have been shut down. this is the norristown high speed line and the 69th street up to bryn mawr, shut down at this point. and snow clearing operations are under way. you see right there, that tractor is using a jet begengino blow the snow off of the rails. we're hearing that service between 69th street and bryn mawr should begin later today and full service from 69th street to norristown transportation center, that is expected to return for the tuesday morning rush house. as for regional rail, service on all septa regional rail lines will remain suspended today. we just got that update. septa and traam track working t make sure the lines are safe and reliable for passengers and
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crew. so they are working to clear that and make sure that we can possibly have service restored by tomorrow morning. but as we look at the rail lines here, this tractor is moving fairly slow. i mean, making some progress here. but there is so much work that needs to be done. i can tell you we flew over i-76, 202, most of those conditions are good. 76 looks really good at this point. everything is plowed. we did come upon a tractor trailer that was stalled and stuck in a mound of snow on route 30 right by 202. so there are still some situations that are remaining out there. but a lot of the homes and neighborhoods and side streets, that is where it's tough to get the plows through. and you have a lot of people really struggling and shoveling for a long time today. but over here, the rails hopefully service will resume in a reasonable amount of time.
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matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a quick reminder for drivers. don't forget to clear the snow off the roof of your car. of course you will get your windshield with the scrapers and brushes, but remember, a lot has piled high on the roof and it can create a hazard if you head out on the roads. and here a live look at i 176 at 422 in reading. few people out there this morning and that's okay. stay home. we're showing you pictures of the conditions all across our region. take it easy today. as you heard michelle say, the roads can be slick. >>
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9:22 on this sunday morning. sky force 10 is up above upper darby where you can see some crews are out there working to get the roads cleared. as we think about what may happen tomorrow, be sure to tune into nbc 10 this evening and of course tomorrow morning because we may be getting some updates from the schools. possible delay, closures. again, we'll have that all for you today and then into tomorrow. a group of students from omaha who were stranded for hours on the pennsylvania turnpike yesterday decided to make use of their time by holding mass. they even built an altar out of snow. the students were returning home from the annual march for life in washington when they got stuck. more than 500 cars, buses and trucks became stranded friday night as the snow started to
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fall. national guard members had to help them dig out on the turn pike throughout the evening. catholics in our area can miss mass this morning if they don't feel safe to venture out. the archdiocese of philadelphia as well as the diocese of trenton and allentown have all announced that catholics will be excused from attending mass today because of the blizzard. camden diocese individuals catholics to be cautious if they do choose to go to church. churches will be open for anybody who can get there. priests and pastors suggest that anyone who stays home should watch mass on the internet, pray, meditate or read the bible. this time yesterday we were tracking heavy now and that is now out of here. and now just in cleanup mode. and we are high tide between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning, and now back bays. so moderate coastal flooding.
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we'll continue to watch that. morning blowing snows. still a wind in place. not like yesterday, but still breezy and could blow around some of that wind. we'll keep the temperatures right around freezing if not a little above along with some sunshine, so we could see some refreezing later on tonight and that would be for your monday morning commute. outside it is 23 degrees, lots of sunshine. so it looks really pretty. winds out of the north/northwest. definitely need the sunglasses. temperatures are bitterly cold. 23 in philadelphia, 22 in trenton. south and east, p temperatures mainly in the 20s. so bundle up the kids. dress for the teens in some spots because we have a windchill in the teens. some spots below zero. winds out of the north we're seeing anywhere from 5 up to 15 miles per hour. 16 miles per hour though northeast philadelphia. 16 miles per hour in wilmington,
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gusting a little higher than that in some spots. so you combine the winds along with the air temperature and you get a windchill. so it will feel like 12 degrees as you're out and about sledding. feels like 12 in philadelphia. the windchill in mt. pocono, 1 below zero and it feels like # in 9 in the atlantic city. a good day to enjoy the snow. see something nice trails. so finally on radar, we like to see this this. and we will keep it dry all day. one spot that is not dry, the streets at the beaches. still the potential coastal flood. warning stemd xtended until noo. additional beach erosion and also property damage just like what we saw yesterday. today 33 to 36. "7-day forecast," 32 today, 37
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on monday. tuesday more clouds coming in the forecast and we're tracking the chance for showers. black to normal temperatures on wednesday. dry, partly sunny, 39 degrees. dare i say a little boring compared to yesterday. partly sunny on friday. 40. saturday, milder, 44. that will feel good after the cold temperatures we had yesterday in the 20s and 32 mice possibility of closures or delays tomorrow morning. and you have to position about the buses trying to get down the small streets. >> and so if the streets are so compacted right now with snow, it won't go anywhere today. soo it will be a challenge. >> and because of the potential refreezing, schools might not make the calls p until early tomorrow morning.
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>> and we could see this a couple times. >> so stay with nbc 10. we'll of course keep you posted and pass along any information from our local school. throughout the storm, we've been asking our nbc 10 viewers to see and then share it. we really appreciate it. you've been sending us great pictures and video like this. this comes to us from shelby this delaware county. guess where this is? westchester pike right in the heart normally packed busy. deserted yesterday. you can send us your photos through the nbc 10 app. we'll have highlights throughout the morning.
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and so the dig out begins on this sunday after the storm. from philadelphia to the lehigh valley and down shore, we have you covered this morning. of course today the big concern, all the heavy snow piled on top of people's homes, on top of people's cars. we'll take you county by county connors. it's 9:30. we have live team coverage as
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people begin to clean up. we begin with michelle grossmann, she's tracking some frigid temperatures right now that will eventually warm up just a bit. >> we had anywhere from 10 up to 30 inches. 23.5 in souderton. 26.1 in king of prussia. and then it impacted the friday evening commute, they were the first to see the snow, but when it was all said and done, less there. 17 in will greenville. dover, 14.2. today we're left over with the job of cleaning up in cold weather. temperatures manically in the 20s right now, but we are dry to radar. we will keep the day dry. temperatures mainly from the 20s
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south and east. 14 in mt. pocono, 19 in pottstown. 27 in wildwood. 22 in atlantic city. you fact or in the wind, it feels colder than it actually is. feels like 1 below zero in mt. pocono, windchill in allentown is just 10. 6 in lancaster, 12 is the windchill this philadelphia. so if you're going sledding or shovel the driveway, dress for temperatures like this because this is what it will feel like on your body. so feels like 12 in philadelphia. planning the rest of your afternoon, we'll hit a high of 32. sunny and breezy along with the sunshine, we could see some melting. and then tonight we will see the temperatures plummeting. that could refreeze whatever melted. so an icy start on monday and rain coming in on tuesday. thankful, perhaps that's the feeling in pocono mountains as folks are excited that there is plenty of snow for skiing and snow boarding. but you have to take your time
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getting there today. lauren mayk is live in allentown. >> reporter: that's important because this is the time when the sun is out, folks are getting out a little bit. i want to show you something that is not quite as obvious as the snow. take a look at the roads and something that we have noticed. there is a lot of slush that you might see on the roads, but take a look at what this is turning in to. it is turning in to ice and it is freezing. the temperature out here in allentown this morning is 16 degrees. and as michelle was just talking about, that is the kind of thing you're seeing across our region and that is causing whatever is on the roads to then freeze which could be a dangerous situation. i actually ran into some folks who were coming home from work. take a listen. >> it was bad. it was dangerous. on the way to work there was a lot of people stuck.
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it was crazy. >> i worked two shifts, like 16 hours. and she also -- >> same here. >> because people couldn't make it in because of the weather. >> exactly. >> so have you been home yet? >> no. >> do you know what to expect is this. >> i expect my bed and rest. >> reporter: some good rest, they deserve it. yeah, they worked extra because some folks just could not get in because of the weather. they were nice enough to do that. but it is a good reminder to what we'll rather find when we do venture out. you'll find icy roads and a lot of snow. so just slow down and take it easy. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. let's head down the shore now, take a look at this video a viewer sent to us in atlantic county. you can see it looks like waves
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in front of the acme and what appears to be white caps in the parking lot. we will show you more of this to give you a scope of what folks are dealing with along the coast line. let's check in now with drew smith. he's live in wildwood where they just had high tide roll in. and of course the concern is more flooding on top of what they received yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, the flood sirens went off and they're asking people to go to higher ground. i want to pan over here, you can see one of the few trucks that we've seen driving out here, that is actually a public works truck. atlantic city electric drove by, too. people seem to go get the message that they won't be driving through these streets which are starting to look like a network of canals. we have fresh video, we walked through some of the neighborhoods to see what i'm were doing.
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there just aren't many people out this morning. some people got off the islands. but those people who are still staying here are trying to wait out the last high tide that has been causing problems. the only trucks that we've seen have been the wildwood police have been driving around in those big military style vehicles. and they were out evacuating people. we just talked with somebody who came out to the grocery store, she said she hasn't seen this kind of devastation in a long time. >> in the garage, we got a few inches. but i know there were people that lost -- they went into their homes an people lost their cars. >> reporter: back live now, you can see again the water has risen since we last talked to you. so if you thought this was a little less severe than yesterday, that can be deceiving. and if we can pan to the right, there is a car packing down that
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street, that truck opener seems to have decided that he won't chance getting across this intersection. so once again dealing with serious flooding here in wildwood. drew smith, nbc 10 news. atlantic city electric has the most power outages in our area. around 18,000 customers still in the dark this morning with most in cape may county. delmarva power says about 100 outages remain in delaware. pse&g, peco and ppl reporting only minor outages. service on all accept pa regional rail lines will remain suspended. they expect service to begin operating with delays tomorrow morning. accept septa business service will be on a route to route basis starting at 10:00. trolleys will resume with some delays. norristown high speed line will begin later today.
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you saw a little earlier that they're trying to plow those tracks. full service on the norristown high speed line from 59th street to the transportation center is expected to return to normal tuesday morning. new jersey transit officials tell nbc 10 that rails, bus, light rail and access link service will all resume once conditions allow for it. we don't have an exact time yet, but we do continue to check in with them. amtrak will operate on a modified schedule today. passengers who already have reservations are urged to check status on amtrak's website. a little bit later on today, the agency will update its riders on service changes plans for tomorrow. let's talk about philadelphia international airport.runways are all clear. there were a few arrivals that came in today, but the airlines canceled almost all of the flights this morning. gradually airline service will resume by the afternoon. in fact at 3:00 this afternoon,
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american plans to resume about 50% of its remaining flights. passengers should check with their carrier before going to the airport to find out specific information for your flight or for any of your loved ones who may be coming back to philadelphia. at 9:39 on this sunday, 22 degrees outside. we continue to show you pictures all around the region. this is new jersey 73. these from the network of traffic cameras. again, it is slick out there. no need to speed today. if you have to get somewhere, just take it easy.
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sky force 10 is high above the ground assessing the aftermath of the blizzard. matt delucia is live now over claymont. matt, not too along ago you were in pennsylvania. compare the two states. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, we're seeing still whiteout conditions on the ground from the air. just snow everywhere. people are starting to dig out.
9:43 am
and, boy, do they have a task ahead of them. you see all the folks on this road where it looks like a plow may have gotten through at some point, but people have been plowed in, they're trying to dig their cars out and really an uphill task at this point. very few people are on the roads in delaware. there are still driving restrictions this effect. and we are expecting an update from the governor jack markell at about 11:00 this morning. i also believe we do have some video of a scene that we were just at in philadelphia, the overbrook section of the city where we have a roof collapse. you see it right there. it was a metal roof collapsed on it a house there. it looks like it may is been part of a porch structure. but firefighters were responding to that scene. we haven't heard of any injuries
9:44 am
involved with that. but a lot of people now busy with the snow blowers and shovels. and we will be right back.
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welcome back. we are digging out, cleaning up and enjoying the snow in the pocono mountains. lots of skiers taking advantage of the snow that fell yesterday. we had anywhere from 10 inches to over 30 inches in some spots. another problem we had yesterday was the coastal flooding at the beaches. we had high tide this morning. so we're still dealing with that. street flooding, beach erosion and property damage. the warning until noop fn. we will keep it dry all day and enjoy a lot of sunshine. grab the sunglasses, you will need it. 20 degrees in allentown, a cold start, 18 in lancaster, 23 in
9:47 am
philadelphia. 24 in millville. 27 right now in wildwood. and 22 in atlantic city. it feels like the teens in a lot of spots. and below zero in many spots, too. so winds are gusting up to 29 mountain in mt. pocono, 18 in pottstown, 17 in wildwood. this is a big improvement, too, compared to yesterday. so for today, by 11:00, 25 and breezy, mostly sunny, 2:00, 32. and then by 5:00, that sun goes back down, it's 28 degrees. frigid tonight, we'll see any refreezing of snow that melted today. so could be an icy start to your monday. >> michelle, it's interesting to talk about and think about the evolution of this storm. delaware saw some of the first flakes. but the majority of the snow, we all got hit, but north and west got quite a bit of it. >> that's right. i was watching tim and i know it was tough to travel. and then when it was all said
9:48 am
and done, the storm was further to the north and west, about 30 miles off than what was expected. so most of the snow fell north and west. >> delaware still dealing with a lot this morning. let's check in with matt delucia, he's live over claymont new castle county. >> reporter: yeah, this is what we're seeing out here in terms of the snow. mostly on the side streets p. but you're looking at 495 right there, mostly clear. and this is really what we're been sealieing with the major highways. but you're seeing very few cars. we're expecting an update on possible lifting of the driving restrictions from dell care's governor. but at the moment, not many cars are out there on the roadways. and if you take a look at these neighborhoods, just a stark contrast where you see mostly clear highway, but then the sight streside streets are a complete mess. people will be digging out for a while.
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>> reporter: good morning. "life" live in sky force 10, we're showing you the aftermath of the blizzard. a lot of white on the ground, a lot of people going to be digging out. we've seen a lot of snow blowers and shovels. and for the snow shoveling forecast, let's head it over to michelle grossmann. how cool to be up there and see all the snow that fell yesterday. anywhere from 10 inches up to 30 inches of snow. even 30 plus in some spots yesterday. so, yeah, we're shoveling and digging out. it's cold if you're out there right now. so you want to bundle up. we're also looking at the coastal flooding at the beaches
9:52 am
once again. morning blowing snow, not too bad. we're seeing breezy conditions. but still could see some blowing snow. and then refreezing concerns tonight. taking a look outdoors, 23 degrees. in the teens north and west. 23 in philadelphia. south and east, mainly looking at the 20s, as well. 22 in atlantic city, 22 dover and 24 in millville. so there is your frigid start. the winds out of the north, the cold canadian air. and we're seeing winds anywhere from 10 up to 20 miles per hour. 16 miles per hour in wilmington, 8 in allentown, 10 in lancaster and 15 in atlantic city. so we have the cold air, the winds. and it feels a lot colder than it is. it feels like below zero in some spots. we're finally dry. snow moved out overnight and we're left with the coastal flood warning along at the coast
9:53 am
until noob. and drew smith is down at the beaches following this for us. for today, sunny and breezy, 33 to 36. we'll get to neert freezing mark if not a little above it along with some sunshine. we'll see some melting. and this could create problems later on tonight with frigid temperatures in to the teens. right around 10 in allentown. so we could see some refreezing. that could cause additional problems on monday along with the snow still on the streets. winds out of the northwest 10 on 20 miles per hour. 7 day forecast, teens on monday to start out, then cold still, 37. tuesday, mostly cloudy, chance for some showers. may see a few wet snowflakes mixing in north and west. 39 on wednesday, by thursday mostly sunny skies, 37. partly sunny on friday. and then milder on saturday.
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we know the philadelphia international airport expects airlines will gradually resume service throughout the day. matt tadelucia is in sky force just south of the airport. matt. >> reporter: and we'll give you a look here and you can see what we're seeing up here. a lot of plows just trying to make sure that these runways are all clear. in fact we do see a couple of the raun waunways that are clea. you can see in that area right there. so there is still a lot more work to be done with these plows and huge space that this airport
9:57 am
encompasses. so when you have a lot of snowfall, it does take a lot of time to get the runways clear. a position that generally we would not be in because planes will be landing and taking off from here. but you see there is no activity at the airport right now. no planes are landing. no planes are taking off. there were a few arrivals that we heard that came in early this morning, but almost all of the morning flights have been canceled. as you said, we're hoping that service will resume by the afternoon. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we continue our team coverage of the big dig out after the blizzard of 2016. this morning we're live in northern liberties at the emergency operations center, office of emergency management. where mayor jim kenney will be giving us an update. we will carry that news conference live on air and on the nbc 10 app. and we're cleaning up and digs out. at least we have some sunshine
9:58 am
today. but it is cold. some spots in the teens. a great day to go skating. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? ♪
9:59 am
sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. ♪ waterlogged in wildwood. another high tide rolled in this morning just as residents were
10:00 am
getting ready to clean up. and you can see on some of that water we've got ice coating it. and water just one of the problems people are facing after the blizzard. and today many if not most of us across the area will be digging out from the massive amounts of sn snow. that's exactly what they're doing at philadelphia international so that operations can get back to normal. record setting weekend. the blizzard of 2016 blanketed allentown under a mountain of snow. in fact allentown received the most for our roonegion. we'll take you there for a live report coming up. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rose harry cir harry connor


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