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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  January 24, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EST

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morning just as residents were getting ready to clean up. and you can see on some of that water we've got ice coating it. and water just one of the problems people are facing after the blizzard. and today many if not most of us across the area will be digging out from the massive amounts of sn snow. that's exactly what they're doing at philadelphia international so that operations can get back to normal. record setting weekend. the blizzard of 2016 blanketed allentown under a mountain of snow. in fact allentown received the most for our roonegion. we'll take you there for a live report coming up. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rose harry cir harry connor
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jim kenney is giving an update on the state of the city, what is happening in philadelphia, what they plan do in the next 24 hours. we expect that update here at the office of emergency management to begin very shortly. they told us 10:00, so it should be very soon. also we know that new jersey governor chris christie will be giving a briefing on conditions in the garden state. we imagine that he will be talking about some of the damage down at the shore. >> and of course as we mentioned, we do have live team coverage of the cleanup after the big blizzard. we begin with matt delucia aboard sky force 10, he's been showing us conditions on some of the major roads, some of the side streets. >> reporter: this is a view that is very rare. we are the only aircraft in the sky over philadelphia international airport right now. no planes have been taking off or landing at least not from what we can see right here.
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and we've been getting the updates from the airport. hopefully service will gradually resume by the afternoon. a lot of plows hard at work. making sure that the runways are clear because we have snow covered and ice covered runways, that is not good for planes to take off and land. we've also seen some of the crews trying to heat up some of the surfaces, just on get everything up and running. this is a very big airport. we see a lot of gates look like they have been cleared out. we'll stay in this area and check out the roadways roadways trains and every form of infrastructure that has been affected by the blizzard of 2016. but right now, over-philadelphia
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international airport, it is pretty much dead with the exception of the crews who are working very, very hard to get everything up and running. i see at least a couple dozen of these trucks in all directions here just plowing every stretch of runway. we'll head deeper into philadelphia and give you another look at what people are dealing with there. for now i'm live in sky force 10, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now let's check in with governor chris christie, he's giving a briefing on what is happening in the garden state today. >> thank you all for coming. for the people in the state, enjoying a a beautiful day today. be careful shoveling your snow. it's really heavy wet snow. we've had no death so is far in the state from this storm. i'd hate it see that happen today. so be careful moving that snow around today. if you have younger folks who can help you with it, get them to do it. thank you all very much.
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>> kruf chrchris christie givin brief update about what is happening. we did hear him say that of course he wants everybody to be safe out there. we know that especially down the shore, there have been coastal flooding problems. let's check in with drew smith in wildwood. drew, you were there yesterday, you are here today, so you have seen the it full range of will this storm. talk to us about the aftermath and what people down there will be dealing with as we get into the workweek. >> reporter: well, several new developments i want to talk about. we just checked this with police and we know that the route 149 bridge northern access to northern wildwood is now closed because of the flooding. getting bad enough wanting to close it. and you see a lot of atlantic city electric utility trucks. they just came here about ten
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minutes ago, it's a staging area for them right new. they had to get out of the floodwaters because they were trying to restore power for the thousands still without power here. but they wanted to come up and have a little meeting here during the worst of the high tide flooding. if we pan out, you can take a look at one of the trucks heading into the water. it's pretty high up on the truck and that is a big truck. so officials recommending nobody drives through here. that is the latest here. we're keeping an eye on the high tide. next we'll take a look at some of the beach erosion which we're told is pretty bad today. >> again, the advice stay on which the roads and be careful. now let's check in at the office of emergency management in philadelphia. >> good morning. the blizzard warning concluded just after midnight this
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morning. today we have nice sunshine and dry weather anticipated, which will certainly help with the clearing operations throughout the rers of the day. there could be some snow melt which could lead to pooling of water and that could refreeze tonight. so again just be mindful of that. and certainly take it easy on the monday morning commute. the eoc transitioned to a partial activation at 8:00 a.m. today. we continue to focus on transportation and snow clearing and public safety. the eoc will close at some point today. the priorities will continue to be focusing on access for our emergency vehicles and assisting the streets department with clearance, coordinating with the philadelphia parking authority and other entities. the biggest challenge is to get vehicles navigating through the city as quickly as possible.
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i'm happy to report that we were certainly anticipating power outages and downed trees. but we had very few outages throughout the duration of the storm. and no tree emergencies to report. i will now turn it over to the deputy managing director to brief on transportation and plowing. >> good morning. we continue to plow and salt throughout the entire city on all of our primary and secondary routes. ourto widen the streets to make them as clear as possible for travel. additionally we're working on our residential streets to open those as well. we are experiencing some challenges with cars that have been left in the roadway. that is slowing the plowing and salting process. so we ask for you to dig them
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out and remove them so streets can be plowed properly. we're at full deployment and we will maintain that status. over 400 throughs are on the streets and 600 personnel are in action. it's critical that our citizens do not put snow back into the streets. that hampers the plowing operation in a great way. on the residential streets, it's not capable of handling the heaviest of snows when you have 4 feet of snow piled in the street after a 22 inch snowstorm. so please do not put snow back into the street. our operations at the airport have resumed. travelers are encouraged to check phl do the organize to determine their status with regard to their flights. and now i'll turn it over to the general manager of septa. >> thank you. some portions of our service region were especially hard hit
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by the storm. receiving over 2 feet of snow. where conditions provide for safe and reliable service, we are already operating. here is the rundown on all of our modes. market frankfurt and broadway subway lines have both been running tip husbandcontinuously the storm and will continue on without the delays at this point. city trolley, all routes are new up and running but with delays. suburban trolleys, route 101 is running to just short of media. the route 102 sharon hill line will return to service late today. authorize r norristown high speed line, we have a jet engine work to ing t clear the third rail. we expect to restore service between 69th and bryn mawr late
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today. and the remainder of the line to norristown late tomorrow. butt. in tbus. in the city, we're focusing on 11 priority routes before nine are already up and running.the 11 priority routes before nine are already up and running. they typically feed the market, frankfurt and broadway subway that are suburban, we have nin with we will look to operate but have not got them up and running yet. conditions were not the safe. we will add nonpriority routes as we can throughout the day so people are encouraged to look for the most recent information and i'll tell you where in a minute. regional rail service will not run today with the about exception of the airport high speed line which has just been returned to service.
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that is good news. it will run between temple and the airport hourly. our employees and contractors are working on track switches and stations all throughout the system. they will work today, tonight to make the operation safe and reliable. parking will be a challenge throughout the week, but we will actually start trucking out snow very soon out of the stations where we've lost large numbers of spaces. much of the regional rail system should be running tomorrow but with delays. cct, today, only patients undergoing dunder going dialysis treatment will be carried. tomorrow, dialysis and medical appointments and exception work trips will be carried. i'd like to that can all of our employees that are battling very difficult conditions not only just where they're working, but even traveling to get to remote locations on our railroad. this is a very fluid situation.
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you should look for updates on our septa website at twitter account,@septa. and social media can be connected through @septa social. thank you. and now mayor jim kenney. >> good morning. first want to start off by thanking the citizens of the city for heeding the warnings and cooperating with us. very few instances did people try to venture out. we had some issues relative to cars. but by and large, our citizens helped very much in making our ability to attack the storm in the way in which we did. this will be a long time plowing and cleaning operation. and i want to think that the city worker positive it their work. hundreds of people worked around the clock and they will continue to do so. please continue to partner with us. i will say a few words about our city workers. the people who are in this room who have been here for -- i see your faces every time i come in
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here. but as importantly the streets department, sanitation department worker, our complete people, 311 people, had the privilege of going out to whitaker avenue yesterday, those folks are soldiers in the war against mother nature. they were taking 15 minute cat naps and then back on the trucks and plows, hauling salt, fixing cars, fixing vehicles. anyone who ever says our city workers aren't dedicated to the city, they're dead wrong. i watched it firsthand yesterday and i want to thank them personally for their sacrifice in this difficult situation. please don't throw your snow back into the street. it pages it hard makes it harde streets cleared. so please try to cooperate with
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that. as i said yesterday, please look after your neighbors especially our elderly and shut-ins. i know people will begin to venture out take because of their cabin fever and the sun is out and i totally understand that. so if you're walking your way to the frsupermarket or corner sto, please knock on the door of a senior our shut-in, see if they need anything. and while you're out there, it's very important that you do not walk in the street. i recognize because it's the weekend, many business owners may have not gotten their sidewalks cleared. but wherever you can, walk on the sidewalk and not in the street. it is an extremely dangerous situation with you to be out there with cars beginning to utilize the streets again. and also please be extra careful, watch out for pedestrians, don't show off your four-wheel drive. try to make sure people are safe and that we get through this together. and thanks to the parking authority, all vehicles in ppa
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garages today can stay until tuesday morning at the $5 cost. and as importantly also, the city will be open for business tomorrow. so we want to make sure that our workers and customers take their time to get to the city offices, but we will be open for business. the best way for us to get back to a normal routine. so if you have any question, we'd be happy to answer. >> you said the city will be open. in what capacity? any limitations? >> the limitations are that we've had the fourth largest snowstorm in the city's history. so based on that, that's where we'll be limited. but as i said earlier, city workers were doing a yeoman's job yesterday and they will get too work and we'll get open and get back to business. mother nature threw us this curve ball and i think we
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responded quite well. okay. thank you very much. good luck. >> you've been listening to philadelphia mayor jim kenney and other city officials give a briefing on the status of philadelphia, the response to the fourth largest storm in the city's history. and also on the right hand side of your screen, you saw sky force 10 showing us people digging out their cars. and that's what we heard. streets department right now has 400 plows, full deployment on the roads. what they need people do is dig out your cars. if you left them abandoned, if you can dig it out, that will help the crews get down the narrow roads. and other news from the press conference, city offices will be open tomorrow so keep that in mind. through few outages, no doned
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trees. of course the concern moving forward is that there may be some snow melt take aoday and t refreeze. michelle grossman has more on that. we're looking at the potential for that. it could be an icy start to your monday. this is a beautiful shot the overlooking boathouse row. we're finally dry. radar is clear. and we're starting to dig out and clean up. we're cold, though. you want to bundle up as you dig out. 22 in allentown. 19 in lancaster. 25 in philadelphia. 24 in dover. 27 in wildwood. also seeing the winds gusting. sustained anywhere from 10 up to 20 miles per hour, but gusting at 28 miles per hour in mt. pocono, up to 26 in wilmington,
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18 in wildwood. so it field li feels like the tt of spots. some concerns still at the shore. coastal flood warning until noon. all the counties along the coast in the dark green color still potential for that flooding. as we go throughout day, lots of sunshine, breezy. by 2:00, 32. and i think that's where we'll top out. but that's enough to melt some snow out there with the sunshine especially. it will be breezy. by 5:00, the sun setting, 28 degrees. and we will see the temperature plummeting overnight. so we'll be frigid as we wake up, also icy on tuesday.
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at 10:21, lauren mayk is live for us this morning in allentown. allentown saw some of the most snow for our region and the cleanup is under way. >> reporter: they are digging out this morning. they got 30 inches here. position about what that actually looks like. i'm standing in the midst of some of the snow that they will be cleaning up here. you see a sea of white here.
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and this is the stuff that they will have to be removing. as the mayor told me today, they basically got a season's worth of snow all at one time. i got a chance to talk to him a little bit and i asked him about what they will do with all the stuff. >> that's a good question. we got about 20 additional trucks on top of all the trucks that we have. every piece of equipment that we have is out plowing, picking up snow. we're trying to cart it away at this point, dumping it in our parks and in parking lots. >> reporter: and i also asked him about what residents here can do to help them to make this cleanup a little easier. he mentioned several things. one would be about it you do get stuck, if your vehicle gets stuck, dig yourself out. he mentioned one vehicle was left to an important bridge and that really tied things up, it
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hammerpered efforts. the other thing is to help your neighbors, as well, if they can't get out, if it there are elderly neighbors, help them out because this is a big job. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. good morning. i'm matt toddelucia over temple university where a lot of people starting to shovel out all of the snow. we'll give you another live look, we're traveling throughout the area here in sky force 10.
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good morning. i'm matt delucia live in sky
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force 10. this is broad and diamond streets. you see a lot of people starting to clean up from the blizzard of 2016. cars out there on the roadways, a lot of people getting out with snow blowers and shovels. so the cleanup will be going on for a good part of the day. i'm matt delucia. back to you. >> and our coverage continues this morning. we have extended our coverage at the 11:30.
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loathing on the campaign trail. the republican establishment takes a deep breath and decides to stand with trump. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters. it's incredible. >> while insurgents start to back ted cruz. >> the washington establishment knows who's willing to keep the gravy train going. >> donald trump joins me this morning. plus, now it's the democrats' turn to worry and sanders surges. >> we are doing far, far, far better than hillary clinton against donald trump and the other republican candidates. >> their establishment frets over nominating a socialist and wonder what is wrong with hillary clinton. >> i'm not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make in the the real world.


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