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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, it's the first day back to work for many peopleç since the this storm. the problem is many streets are still filled with ice and snow. they are still digging out. here's a live look from storm force 10 in one neighborhood where you can get through that street but take a look at those cars. we are going around to some of the hardest hit neighborhoods so you know what you'll deal with when you leave your house. along the shore, the problem, flooding. we'll show you how the cleanup there is going this morning. 6:01. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm lauren mayk. a lot of the slush from yesterday that could have turned to ice overnight because it's been so cold. >> the only thing that would stop it from turning to ice is treat, if it had been treated with salt. temperatures plummeted overnight. clear skies. look at the water.
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it's barely moving. very little wind to no wind. those are the ingredients, along with dry air, to allow the temperatures to really come down. wilmington, down to 13 degrees. northeast philadelphia at 16 degrees. single digits in interior new jersey. millville at 6 and 7 right now in toms river. south philadelphia down to 8. it is frozen solid even with the higher numbers, they're still cold enough to see icy conditions this morning. the shoulders of some of those roads are iffy. during the day, 8:00, still frozen. through the morning commute, the temperatures will be below freezing. we'll get filtered sunshine, scattered clouds, enough sunshine for a pretty good warmup.ç 29 by this afternoon. by 2:00, it will be 35 degrees and it will still be climbing. we're in for melting this afternoon. i'll go through the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood,
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show you what to expect later this afternoon. jessica boyington is on the lookout for those icy spots this morning. >> icy spots out there, too, as well, bill. again, more focusing on the secondary roads. not as much of the majors and also the off ramps for those majors. we do have a few accidents to talk about, a few problems, one out in ebb harbor township on the garden state parkway. southbound around the white house pike, exit 40. no huge delay or backups behind that for the moment. northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge, no problems there yet. a little bit of snow over into the shoulder. for the most part, we're doing okay. if you see something that looks wet, it may be icy, a black ice situation. give yourself extra time. we also have reduced speeds on the bridges. the betsy ross is clear, down to
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25 miles an hour for the speed restrictions on the tacony palmyra and the burlington bristol. >> the snow emergency is official. >> for a lot of folks it may not feel that way. a lot of folks telling us, you are not going anywhere today. this is one of the places where they have that problem, deanna. >> problem seems to be everywhere. we saw a number of south philly streets that look like this. this isç 9th street. you sea a car, a van parked in the middle of the street. people have had to let down this way and find alternate ways to get around on side streets. two parking tickets on that van from over the weekend. it's been here apparently ever since. we did ask the mayor/spokeswoman what the protocol is for vehicles like this. take a welcome at the street
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here. if you try and dig into it, the snow is frozen solid on the ground. when plows get here, if thing going to come down the street, they have their work cut out for them. you can see that south street is passable. it has been plowed. that gentleman had to climb over large monds of snow. we did talk to him. he said he normally walks in the streets wayway b wawa wawa waww that is stull a problem. the mayor is expected to give a briefing at 2:00 this afternoon on the city's efforts. as soon as we've been here, we saw one plow coming down south street. he said he is a private contractor. you have been asked if you are parked on stay streets no the to park close to corners because of
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the salt trucks and the plows that need to make those sharp turns. we've put in a request for philadelphia asking if they have snow related emergencies from overnight or this morning. we're waiting to are that request to be answered as well. that's latest, reporting live in south philadelphia, deanna durante,ç nbc 10 news. let's talk about mass transit. septa hold us the rails will have a slow start. right now, only limited bus routes are running. switch every og to amtrak. acela express, the northeast regional and other train service will operate on a modified schedule again today. you're good to go on nj transit. you should allow extra travel time. at philly international, things are slowly getting back to normal. skyforce 10 is over the airport yesterday. we checked with the airport this morning, nearly 100 flights were canceled.
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lauren? >> 6:06. that's right. there are 1,400 flights canceled at washington's dulles and reagan errants. each have one runway open for flights this morning. baltimore international will gradually resume regular operations. let's take a live look at washington, d.c. where federal offices are still closed today. metro d.c. got about two feet of snow. the house has postponed this coming week, including one on overriding president barack obama's health care veto. back here at home, it is a messy monday morning. >> in norristown, the conditions are so bad, a local official is already apologizing. drew smith is in storm force in norristown lacking at the blizzard aftermath. we're hearing, it looks like a war zone. show us. >> reporter: it's not nice out here. let's take a look at this
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parkingç lot where we're drivi in skyforce 10. this is the best surface we've seen out here. i wanted to show you, for contrast, we see a private plow over here. take a look at the snow banks. they're huge. there's not much place left to put it. this is elm street. it's covered in snow right here. even in storm force 10, which is specially equipped to deal with these conditions, we've been skidding out all over the place. a lot of the roads have turned into one-way streets. that's because there's so much snow, there's no place for the cars to travel. as you were saying when you were coming to me, one of the councilmen is publicly apologizing for the citiance response to this storm. we were out talking to somebody having to walk to work this morning.
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listen what he has to say. >> do something. that's best i can say. plow the roads so it can be easy for the next person to ride through the streets. >> a lot of people are walking on the streets. a lot of the car aren't parked in the correct spot. the city went be doing ticketing until wednesday. one person said he'll be speaking with city council about changes here. stay tuned to that. we've been trying to rim out to him as çwell. live in storm force 10. we launched skyforce 10 to get a look at conditions across our area. skyforce 10 is in burlington county in mt. laurel. a lot of people still have to
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dig out their cars. some parking lots are cleared but some side streets are not. after this, skyforce 10 heads to philadelphia to give us a bird's eye view of what it looks like in the city. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:10. the temperatures plummeted overnight. the roads, some of them might be fine. the shoulders are iffy. single digiis in new jersey. pottstown at 13 degrees. 17 in pennsauken and 10 degrees in hatton field. a cold start. this some of those have aroughed in the lehigh valley. we'll get filtered sunshine. the temperatures will warm up. more than than they did yesterday. middle 30s for reading, allentown, sunshine, just above freezing in doylestown.
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37 for mt. holly and 36 degrees for norristown. still snow on the ground in cape may and atlantic city. that will be melting this afternoon. maybe not completely but less snow on the ground later today as the temperatures from wilmington. if you are heading out to work this look they are doing okay, the mathers but it's hard to get to them. >> from your neighborhood. that might be the tricky part. we talked about this, snow pushed up against the skies. lanes might be reduced. jessica has you updated. >> definitely the on and off ramps are what we're focused on. potentially slippery because of the cold temperatures. for right now we're trying to focus on incidents happening around the area.
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this is egg harbor along the white horse pike. over in delaware, this is why we have spreet restrictions. even majors, here's the vine street expressway, around 8th street. slippery conditions around there. and not a lot of tonight over on to the shoulder. it will be okay, just watch out for the off ramps. a will the more snow coverage coming your way. >> and we're also talking bigs. plus, the possibility of a new candidate? the blizzard aftermath continues, neighbors helping neighbors. we'll tell you the story behind this picture.
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it's 6:15. we launch skyforce 10 to give you a view of the aftermath of the snowstorm, the cleanup. we checked camden county, burlington county, now back in philadelphia. you soon see road crews on the side of the road. this is what happened. a lot of people got stuck on the side of the road in various areas, not dug out, so the snowplows have to move around them. we're giving you a birds eye view of all the conditions around our region. >> one of the problems right there, that snow creeps on to the roads. you may be okay if you're in the middle lanes but watchç out on the side lawns. >> most of the majors are clear. as you said, maybe limited, reduced lanes right there. this morning, you are waking up with the snow emergency lifted in philadelphia. it's over. people are still buried. cars are covered everywhere. mass transit is beginning to
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return to normal. we'll get an update from septa in 15 minutes. they do recommend giving yourself extra time. most schools are closed today. those are scrolling on the bottom of your screen and on our nbc 10 app. you're looking right night at wilmington. here it will be days, perhaps longer, before the snow disappedis a pa disappe disappears from the streets. some of the roads remain impassable. city offices and schools are closed there today. 6:17. today, income new jersey officil assess the damage and beach erosion from blizzard 2016. the tour will start in orley beach, ocean county and wrap up in cape may county. the matchup is set for super
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bowl 50. the carolina panthers will meet the denver broncos in santa clara, colorado, february 7th. the broncos and peyton manning held off a last-minute rally from the patriots to win the afc championship. 6:18. we've been talking about road conditions, showing them to you with skyforce ç10. let's see what jessica is seeing. >> what are you seeing out there this morning? >> we don't have a lot of delays so far. we'll have a later rush if anything. a lot of people are off of school and are probably taking the day and having a longer weekend. where we do seem to be a problem, is over in the shoulders, whether it be the less or the right. >> prime example right here. out in the lehigh valley around lehigh streets. this is over into the right-hand shoulder.
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for whatever reason we have more snow over into the shoulders there. you can see the major, the actual roadway is doing just fine. it's those off ramps where you'll get stuck. northbound between the p.a. turnpike and exit 31 ties things up there. as we move over into new jersey, we're on the white horse pike right now, in berlin, right around cross keys road. it's okay, a little bit of a shiny roadway there. you are seeing cars in order to move through the area. over into the shoulders and taking the sharp turns are what we're worried about for right now. as for mass transit, they are on a snow schedule. regular weekday service for new jersey transit and d.a.r.t. running on regular service this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 6:00. we are frozen this morning. treatedç roads, they're doing okay. everything else will be dicy to start with. 23 in philadelphia. much of the area is much colder, including the pocono mountains, in the teens, back to making snow. did not get enough from mother nature in the mountains. 13 in pottstown, dropped to 6 degrees. chester county, 4 in westtown. 26 in westchester. other parts of westchester, even cooler, though. pockets of cold air that will slowly ease as the day goes on. even though it's a cold start each of these locations will be above freezing this afternoon. it's going to be dry today. we will see sunshine and a few scattered clouds today. tomorrow, look at the snow moving through parts of nebraska and south dakota and minnesota. that's coming our way tomorrow
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afternoon. but watch what happens over the next 12 hours. it's beginning to tap into the warmer air. so instead of getting snow, we'll be tracking rain showers through the ohio valley and first thing tomorrow morning at 6:00, not much to show you here. tomorrow afternoon, the wet weather starts to move in with clouds at 1:00 this afternoon, dry, during the later afternoon and evening hours. a chance of scattered showers for tomorrow. that's rain showers as the temperatures will be even warmer than they will shall today. we'll see a good warmup today with mostly to partly sunny skies, afternoon temperatures, warmer than yesterday. 35 to 38 degrees. the wind will stay light. that will help with the warmup. >> cold tonight. just cold enough for some refreezing overnight tonight.ç 43 tomorrow afternoon. there's that chance of some late-day showers on tuesday. dry on wednesday, near 40 in the afternoon, then a chance of late
6:22 am
showers on thursday. snow showers possible as it will be colder read heading into thursday evening. there's another coastal system, this one looks like it will stay farther south and east but it could become closer to add a wintry mix for delaware and south jersey on friday. we'll be drying out and warming up this weekend. >> after that rain, it doesn't look like we'll get cold enough that it will freeze, right? >> i think it will get cold enough. if it doesn't dre out it will be freezing. we're not talking about a lot of rhawn, just scattered light rain showers. >> got it. thanks, bill. let's take another live look at storm force 10 out surveying the conditions. it looks like some roads have been barely touched. we want to know if your roads are cleared. send us your pictures or video oz are tweet us.
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6:26. skyforce 10 is surveying the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016 taking you county by county. just moved from philly, now we're in warminster, bucks county. that is a plow and also someone shoveling. he looks like he was shoveling the sidewalk there but the plow needed to get some of these streets cleared this morning. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we are watching the roadways for you today. and we see slippery spots. 295 around mt. laurel, new jersey. we're focusing on the shoulders and the off ramps. more updates when i come back at 6:30. [ no audio ] .ç
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we're live in storm force 10. if you take a look at the roads within still unplowed, impassable in some places. we'll show you where, if you're waking up in some areas, you may not be able to drive on your street.
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twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. this is nbc 10 news. right now on nbc 10 news today, still digging out on this monday morning. some cars are still buried right now. whatever melted yesterday, well, that turned icy overnight. this is a live look this morning from south philadelphia. now a live picture from norristown, from storm force 10. one official in norristown is apologizing for what he calls a snow removal failure. right now we're just about to get an update from septa on mass transit. we'll bring that to you live.
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good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm tracy davidson. most schools are closed today. watch the bottom of your screen, school closings are scrolling and they're also on the nbc 10 app. we're tracking an icy commute this morning. let's street with meteorologist bill henley. >> temperatures across the board are frozen, well below freezing for most of the area. you still see snow and ice at beach avenue in cape may, a live view from the marquis de lafayette. then tire region has seen temperatures really come down. they're still falling at this hour. 14 in pottstown, northeast philadelphia 16 degrees, south philly at 8 degrees this morning. we will see sunshine. sun is less than an hour before it comes up and the temperatures will be coming up along with that sunshine. scattered clouds but enough sunshine to warm us from 21 at 8:00 to 29 degrees at 11:00 and really helping with the warmup,
6:32 am
the very light wind this morning. that continues this afternoon. a southwesterly wind at 4 miles an hour. 35 degrees and still climbing at 2:00 this afternoon. we'll goç through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. show you the temperatures you can expect later today. jessica boyington is watching for icy spots this morning. >> that's right, bill. we're on 95 right now. watching delays as well. this is around cottman avenue. something is in the process of happening. you can see fire engines heading toward the scene right now. we'll have to keep you updated on what this is for right now. mostly what we've been seeing are disabled vehicles off on the shoulder. here's woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. this looks like it's on the northbound side. average speeds 43 miles an hour. we're starting to dip down. as for an accident in plymouth meeting, watch out for that on
6:33 am
the northeast extension between the pa turnpike and exit 31. egg harbor township, another accident scene causing small delays in here on the garden state parkway southbound at white horse park, it is blocking the right-hand lane. deanna durante live in south philadelphia where there's still a lot of work to be done. deanna, show us. >> reporter: well, take a look here, if you're walking anywhere here today, this is what the sidewalk looks like. this is the crosswalk at 9th and south street. when you look down, there is a path for people to walk on the sidewalks. take a look at video we shot a little while ago. we did see one plow come down here along south street heading south about an hour ago. the driver told us he was a contractor working for the city of philadelphia, working to clear the streets here. people are out on foot, starting to get in their cars andár+e off to work and school. a number of people saying that two days after the snowstorm
6:34 am
they're still a little frustrated. >> i just don't think philadelphia deals with snow as well as some of the northern -- more northern cities, maybe because it doesn't get as much. >> i walked in the streets anyway. >> you have to be careful. there's not a lot of room for cars. >> that's true. keep your head on a swivel and take one step at a time. >> you're looking live at a van stopped in the middle of 9th street. that street not plowed at all. that's the latest from south philly, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. happening right now, septa is updating the public on its service. 60% of routes are now operating. we want to give you a live look. let's listen in and hear what they have to say. >> malvern on the paoli line is currently suspended while amtrak works on frozen switches. delays can be expected all day and some trains are short cars. also, parking lots have very
6:35 am
large snow piles in them. and we have lost up to 30% of the spaces in certain stations. we will work all week long to recover parking spaces and, in many cases, we'll even truck snow out. cct, today we will carry dialysis, medical and work appointments only. lucy and portion breeze, route 204 and 05 are all running. our employees will continue to work hard to restore the entire network. we are coordinating with the city and the four suburban -- >> that was a live updaée from septa on conditions not just the service that is trying to get back into service but also what you'll find when you go to the parking lot saying in some places 30% of those spaces are just not there anymore. that's something to keep in muned if you are hemun ed -- mind if you are heading to mass transit.
6:36 am
one borough leader is apologizing because he says the streets look like they're practically untouched. drew smith is in storm force. he's been surveying what it looks like in norristown. drew, tell us what it looks like. >> tracy, i stepped outside storm force 10 right now. we can't even drive this way. i want to show you this. this is a shovel. this is what someone was using to clear out their area. it broke. we'll hop into the car and we'll have to turn left on to astor street here. the train station is directly in front of us here in norristown. if you're trying to get there, you're not going to be able to drive down that way. >> another problem we're seeing, a lot of the streets have turned into one-way streets because there hasn't been plowing
6:37 am
happening here. there's so much snow that it's taking up most of the road. a lot of these cars are haphazardly parked. a lot of them also are not dug out yet. we have been talking to people who are waking up early. they're not happy with what they're seeing on the streets right now. they're hoping that overnight plows could get through and maybe helpç them. if they wanted to dig out their cars maybe they could get going today. it looks like a lot of people would have a snow day here today because it is impact to drive. other folks are walking to work we've seen. the montgomery county courthouse, government offices are all closed. that is because people cannot get to the courthouse because this is the road situation in montgomery county in norristown itself today. also, just note that we've been having trouble driving around. we are in a specially equipped vehicle, storm force 10. if that gives you any idea, that you're probably not going to drive in this area.
6:38 am
sky force 10 is also in montgomery county over king of prussia right now. we were in philadelphia, moved over montgomery county, over king of prussia. there are cars on the road. likely the main roads, though. >> the problem is as drew just show us, when you get past the main roads into some of the neighborhoods, folks can't get to these roads because they can't get their cars out several days after the big storm. >> we're working our way to chester county. now let's go to camden county. the wegmans supermarket in cherry i had along route 70, a plow driver was out early clearing the parking lots for the shoppers. if you have to pick up groceries, still use caution on the road. >> check out this snow-filled street in west philadelphia. nbc 10 found this scene a few minutes ago. people living along 44th and astin will no doubt have a hard time digging out their cars this
6:39 am
morning and once they do, even moving along the street. while then tireç region is working its way back from the blizzard of 2016, make sure you have the nbc 10 app on your smartphone, it will give you alerts and warnings. 6:39. 22 degrees in philadelphia. now it's weather news. after decision 2016, tonight is the last chance for the democratic field to make its argument to the iowa. the iowa caucuses are one week aw away. donald trump is brushing aside critics who said he went too far with his remark about gun violence. the republican white house hopeful faces supporters in iowa on saturday saying they would stick with him even if he shot someone. here's trump's response to those who took issue that that
6:40 am
comment. >> i have people so loyal, far greater loyalty than any other candidate by double, triple, quadruple. >> taking aim at ted cruz, promised no the to shoot anyone during his campaign. it looks as if former new york mayor michael bloomberg may run for president. he is seriously considering running as an independent. blomberg would decide by march with him entering the race if only donald trump, ted cruz and bernie sanders are close to winning their races. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes before 7:00. we're getting closer to sunrise. the temperatures, they're getting colder. you'll find icy spots at the started yestepde9ñ we'll see that happening again today. in between an afternoon melt, the temperatures will climb. we'll see sunshine to warm more so than we did yesterday. chance of more wet weather, that happens tomorrow. but this time, it looks like rain showers as the temperatures
6:41 am
will be even higher tomorrow. this morning, it's cold enough for icy spots through the morning commute. 14 in doylestown, northeast philadelphia at the airport, 16 degrees. look at millville. 6 degrees this morning. that's 22 degrees colder than it was yesterday. getting closer to sunrise, you can see the sky starting to brighten over blue mountain, that's blue mountain in the pocono mountains. they've been making snow overnight. temperatures climb to near freezing this afternoon. what we won't get a lot of, this is a good thing, is wind. the wind chill won't be a factor. with less wind and sunshine, we'll see a quick warmup in spite of all the snow that's on the ground. a few scattered clouds but nothing falling from the skies today. today, 35 for camelback, 35 in pennsburg and morgantown. partly to mostly sunny skies. warmer in abington and morristown. the wind stays light and bright.
6:42 am
more melting for ventnor, avalon and cape may. move inland, the light winds, sunshine, scattered clouds. no additional precipitation today. 37 for philadelphia, wilmington 35, malvern will warm to 35 degrees this afternoon. warmer weather ahead and the chance of more showers, wet weather, snow and rain possible in the seven-day forecast. i've got the timing when i'm back in ten. >> bill, thanks. 6:42 right now. we've been checking the roads, storm force, sky force. we also have a network of cameras. >> jessica boyington joining us with that. what are you seeing this morning? >> we are seeing accidents now, one on 95 around academy road. over on the northbound side, creating delay. it is fortunately over into the left-hand shoulder. just a few moments ago we did see our cameras at cotman avenue, fire engines heading toward the scene. this is a brand new accident. at least we have the police activity trying to get it cleaned up. not a huge delay headed northbound. typically we see the delay
6:43 am
headed southbound today. it's a slow good for right now. we did have speed restrictions on the burlington bristol and the tacony palmyra. you're heading into philadelphia on any of them, you're okay. on the betsy ross, tacony palmyra, burlington bristol, they're clear. the restrictions are gone, out of there, no problems on the ben or the walt. a business owner is telling us about a harrowing story about being held up at gun point. >> as i'm probably where you're standing, the gunman approaches, he opens the door before i can get to it. i see the gun. >> coming up, the owner of the popular barbecue restaurant, what the gunman made him do before running off. and we'll take you county by county. live over the 422 ramp to 76. we'll continue to follow this. follow skyforce 10, give you an
6:44 am
update on what you'll face when you head out the door today.
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6:47. hundreds of schools closed today. we know you're busy, too. we want to make it easy to figure out whether your child's school is closed today, tomorrow or whenever. we'll text or e-mail when your school is closed, delayed or getting out early. sign up for the alerts on our nbc 10 app or a record ç31.9 inches of sw fell in allentown, smashing a previous high during the blizzard of 1996. police in montgomery county are investigating the death of a pregnant teenager. a family member told nbc 10 that 18-year-old briahna gerloff died saturday after shoveling snow outside her pottstown home.
6:48 am
gerloff's family says she was eight months pregnant. also suffered from several heart defects. authorities have not officially linked her death to shovel. at least 30 people have died as a result of the snowstorm that buried the east coast. the deaths occurred in car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning and heart attacks while shoveling snow. one of those shoveling deaths wa in allentown. in muhlenberg county, berks county, a 56-year-old man died of carbon monoxide poisoning after a passing snowplow trapped him inside his running car. in north jersey, a mother her 1-year-old died from carbon monoxide poisoning while watching the child's father shovel snow outside the car. the 3-year-old daughter is in critical condition. the entire extent of the damage in new jersey will not be known for days. hundreds of homes there were under water and dozens of people in need of rescue, including this little girl. this picture was snapped in north wildwood at 17th and delaware.
6:49 am
a police officer carried a young girl through waist deep water to get her to safety. and stay tuned this morning for the "today" show. jacob rascon will be live in wildwood. 11 minutes before 7:00. 22 degrees. in other news this morning, the own of a local barbecue wrestled with an armed robber and ended up begging for his life. a suspect hitç phoebe's bar-b-. >> he kind of looked at me in pity and i had the money in my hand and he grabbed it. he took off. >> the owner tells nbc 10 that violent crimes like this don't normally happen in that neighborhood. detectives are checking to see if surveillance video in the area offers any clues. 6:49. let's check back in now with skyforce 10 in the paoli area this morning. take a look at all this snow.
6:50 am
what we've been doing this morning is going county by county and area by area so you can see what you'll be dealing with when you head out and try to get back on the roads to go to work. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it is clear outside and cold. we are solidly frozen this morning. the temperatures have plummeted overnight. we're getting closer to sunrise. we'll see enough sunshine for a pretty good warmup during the day with clear skies and light wind. look at delaware this morning, barely any movement there. it's calm in philadelphia international. those are the ingredients that allow the temperatures to really fall. while it's 23 at the airport, it's much colder in much of the area. solidly frozen at cape may, though getting closer to sunrise, just a few scattered clouds out there. we'll see some of the clouds move through today. but any wet weather will wait until later tomorrow. 14 right now in wilmington.
6:51 am
look at millville, toms river, single digits. and in bucks county, 20 degrees in levittown. long horn is down to 13, ç14 degrees here. 30 inches of snow fell in perkasie, they're at 14 degrees, dropped to 9 degrees, lower than it was when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. if could still get a little bit colder before the sun starts to warm things up. what you won't see today is any activity here it's completely dry on the radar. snow moves through nebraska, south dakota and minnesota. watch the change that happens over the next 12 hours. that snow taps into warmer air. chicago will be getting some rain and it will be scattered rain showers that move through the ohio valley by 7:00 tomorrow morning. western pennsylvania, you'll see a few light showers. for us, it's tomorrow afternoon.
6:52 am
we cowl see showers develop for the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. that's just rain. temperatures will be warmer and sunshine fades late in the day. the clouds moving through the philadelphia area during the evening hours. we could see rain showers late tomorrow. and then clearing out and anything that hasn't dried up could be refreezing come thursday mortgage. today, mostly sunny and warmer. yesterday we did peak above freezing, just barely. we'll be in the middle to upper 30s to see more melting happening today. not quite as cold tomorrow morning. up to 43 degrees as clouds increase during the day. there's a chance of scattered, mainly light rain showers for tuesday. then it gets colder wednesday. sunshine, clouds, 38 degrees wednesday afternoon. even colder on thursday morning, down to 17 degrees. there's a chance of someç scattered snow showers late on thursday. and friday morning, we cowl see a wintry mix in the areas south
6:53 am
and east. just a chance of that happening. drying out and milder this weekend, up to 46 sunday. >> thanks, bill. 6:53 on the first monday morning after that blizzard. folks are heading back to work this morning. >> let's see what the roads look like. jessica boyington has been monitoring them. >> for the most part we're doing okay. the volume lighter then normal. we are watching slippery spots over into the shoulders and off of the on and off ramp. here's an accident over into the shoulder on 95 around academy road. it is on the northbound side and into the shoulder, only blocking that part of the lane. traffic still moves by. a little bit of a delay behind that scene. that again, is headed northbound. that's not where we see a huge delay in the morning time. it's southbound. the southbound lanes are doing a bit better, at least around this spot, around academy road. the garden state parkway, jersey, we saw flooding and moisture and wetness. that is going to turn into a slippier spot with these cold
6:54 am
temperatures, right around the cape may toll plaza. no problems or delays there even with the icy conditions. egg harbor township at the garden state parkway, watch out for this one blocking the left lane. right now, skyforce 10 is surveying the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016. we're taking you county by county. we're in paoli. you're looking at paoli pike and fairview this morning and all that snow.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
it's three minutes before 7:00. time to get a check of the stories you'll need to know about as you start your morning. >> team coverage on what you can expect the first monday after the blizzard.
6:58 am
another major story happening today. the suspect ofç accused of ambushing philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett is schedule for a preliminary hearing today. edward archer faces a list of charges including attempted murder. police say archer ambushed officer hartnett in his police cruiser earlier this month. the officer managed to stop the alleged gunman and fired back. officer hartnett returned home over the weekend. i'm deanna durante in south philadelphia. from streets that are passable and cars driving to streets where cars are stuck and have been for days. that is what people are waking up to in the city of philadelphia this morning. that's the latest from south philly. i'm deanna durante. back to you. i'm drew smith live in storm force 10. we are driving in norristown, the county seat of montgomery county. take a look at what the streets look luke today. a lot of the side streets have a
6:59 am
ton of snow on them. a lot of people going to wake up stuck in their homes today. back to you. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching slippery roads today. the majors are doing okay. the on and off ramps to the majors that we're worried about. no delays at the new jersey turnpike. you can see northbound they are approaching an accident scene around gloucester. still checking out 95 where we have this big accident scene over into the left-hand lane on the northbound side. >> we launched skyforce 10 to survey the aftermath of the blizzard taking you county by county. we've taken you to five hours in the last hour. now near wayne. . no shortage of cold air this morning. if it didn't get cleared yesterday, it has refrozen this morning. there was melting with all that sunshine yesterday. cape may has refrozen. the temperatures have come down. it will be a slow warmup.
7:00 am
we will be in the 30s this afternoon. >> thanks so much, bill. the "today" show is next. we'll see you for local updates in just minutes. good morning. the dig out. tens of millions grappling the snow and ice this morning after the historic blizzard pummelled the east coast. >> getting back to business as usual is going to take a considerable amount of time. >> the nation's capital still shut down. airports clogged with hundreds of new flights cancelled today. guess what? al says there may be another storm coming this week. breaking overnight. >> everything went flying and people and, yeah, pretty intense. >> severe turbulence injuries at least seven passengers and crew members aboard a flight bound for milan. the plane forced to land in canada. will he run? former new york city major mi


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