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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 fir weather. now your nbc 10 fir weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. right now on nbc at 11:00. the big dig. the cleanup has a long way to go today. take a look from sky force 10 over montgomery county and a lot of unplowed streets and it's a situation that has prompted a local lawmaker to apologize. earlier sky force was overbroad and washington where a massive pile of snow is growing. crews were using this empty lot there to dump snow that's been picked up off the streets. here is a live look from beach
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avenue in cape may. the cleanup in so many shore towns continues this morning. it is a slippery start to the workweek in many parts of our area. conditions are good along i-95 and south philadelphia near the gerard point bridge, but those side streets, those are another story this morning. be careful out there. the morning commute was sluggish in old york road in elkins park montgomery count pep one driver had to push his car after getting stuck. good morning. i'm lauren mayk. it will definitely take days if not weeks for our region to recover from blizzard 2016. septa is back up and running, but not without delays today. jim kenney will update the store recovery efforts and cars are still buried under snow. we have live team coverage on this messy monday as cleanup
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continues in the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016. let's begin with nbc 10's drew smith who is live in sky force 10 this morning. drew, where are you now and what are you seeing down there. >> we have the nice ride. we can go right over the messes on the roads and let's show you that. down below us right now up in norristown and we're above chain street and you can see there are a lot of cars that are just abandoned in the middle of the street. right now we've seen a lot of cars trying to pull out and trying to dig out. you can see right here some folks are suveling themselves and they haven't gotten much help in terms of street plowing. it looks like the sidewalk is better cleared than the street itself. >> including the courthouse and its offices shut down. piles of snow on the streets of morris town.
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this guy had to get out and shovel to break free. >> they got the plows and once i seen that i said it's -- it's really bad. >> greg is clearing parking lots and sidewalks today. he walked to this job because the street outside his house is impassable by car. >> it's like a lot of streets and stuff that got missed that i feel that should have gotten cleared, you know, for emergencies. >> these chairs serving as space savers and we see people chose to walk. >> it is a big, huge mess and i don't have a lot of help. >> these snow covered roads can get dangerous and you can see the truck crept cautiously along. >> wow! i've been snowed in the house for two days right here and it's a mess. >> a borough councilman took to facebook to apologize for what he called an unacceptable snow response failure. i can imagine he would do that.
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they do a terrible job. >> back live, we called that councilman, he did say that the borough would consider changes to its snow removal process. you can see who is working hard. so much snow on that road, but once they get it cleared there is some question if they'll be able to drive out of there. >> live from sky force ten, nbc 10 news. >> now to south philly at the corner of south and ninth streets, throughout philadelphia and a van is blocking an entire street and no traffic getting by here. officials have ticketed the vehicle and that's not helping the situation. the entire block still covered with snow untouched by city plows. some drivers are trying to navigate high walls of snow in allentown. a record 39.9 inches of snow fell in the city during the blizzard and that smashed the previous high during the blizzard of 1996.
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once you get your car out, then you turn your attention for the roads. time now for a check on traffic with the nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we are doing great on the major. so if you have to go out today try to take the majors as much as you possibly can and the offramps that aren't really plowed and becoming dangerous situations. here we go, let's start with the good news. and no problems in either direction and you can see the roadways are really dry and definitely dryer than they were this morning and here's the drive time and 95 in schuylkill and in the blue route, and southbound still a 15-minute trip and most of the majors having no delays or backups and right around route 38 and you can see the same story here and they are dry and there is snow in the shoulders and the off-ramp proving to be slightly slippery. we do have some delays for them as well as amtrak running with
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modified service. patco is running on regular service and dart also resumed normal transit service today, lauren? >> thanks, jessica. today new jersey officials will start assessing beach erosion and shore damage from the blizzard of 2016. lieutenant governor kim guidano and environmental protection commissioner will visit several beach communities today. it will start in ocean county and wrap up in north wildwood cape may county. our live team coverage of the aftermath of blizzard 2016 continues now with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill, got any good news for us about getting this stuff out of here? >> it will be a while before we see any dirt. it is snow covered and we will see some melting during the day. look at the sunshine. this is the river rank at pen's landing. in fact, we're already warmer than yesterday. northeast philadelphia, 32
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degrees and that's five degrees above yesterday's temperature. very little wind, bright sunshine and a good warm-up and 41 degrees and allentown, a nice recovery from the teens this morning and 32 degrees and 34 above freezing in wilmington so it is melting slowly. this is a satellite imagery and you can see the clouds that are moving and that's not snow, you can see it from space. you can see the very heavy snow in lancaster county and south jersey and delaware, too. so it will take some time for that snow to melt especially the snow drifts and that is being piled up by all of the shoveling and a few scattered clouds at 1:00 this afternoon and we'll see sunshine and 35 degrees at 4:00 and then the numbers drop right back down to freezing this evening and what melts during the day and does not dry up during the day today will likely refreeze overnight tonight and i'm tracking some showers, and a look at the futurecast when i'm back later this half hour.
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>> thanks, bill. here is a live look for 31st street where amtrak will double their plans a bit. there are some delayed trains and 30th street station is a little busier than usual for a monday morning. and now you're looking at center city from our camera atop the loews hotel. if your car is parked under layers of snow or trapped in ice the city will give you a break today. the philadelphia parking authority will not enforce kiosk or parking violations. it will ticket you for parking in front of hire hydrants and handicapped spaces and for double parking. in center city this is the jefferson station. they found themselves sitting and waiting for trains to arrive. for many folks it took twice the amount of time to get where they're going. >> i want to take the regional rail and two were delayed, but it was okay.
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two were delayed and i got on the third one and it was packed, but it was good. >> parking spacers also limited at season that regional spaces because of the snow in the parking lot. >> today you are good to go on new jersey transit. the agency's trains, busses and light rail are all back in service on a regular weekday schedule. riders, though, are urged to allow for extra travel time. no decision yet on whether schools will reopen across our area tomorrow. to find out if your child's school is closed or if it's on a delay, we've got you covered the minute it happens with the nbc 10 app. you can sign up for alerts and we'll send you a text or email. >> while the entire region is, woing its way back from the blizzard 2016, make sure you have your app up on the smartphone and tablet and that will give you weather alerts and warnings that you can customize for your neighborhood. our live coverage of the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016 continues. drew smith is live from
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skyforce 10, have you made it over to chester county? what are you seeing? >> yeah, lauren. we're above chester county and headed county by county. the main roads are doing okay, but neighborhoods, back roads not so much. still digging out this morning. we'll be right back. icy spots this morning disappearing this afternoon and an ice melt ahead and that's not the end of the cold weather or the wet weather. i'm tracking some showers that could arrive later tomorrow. a look at the futurecast just ahead.
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and we're live in skyforce 10. you can see plows still working. we're above payoli in which of thor county. they're working on a lot of the side streets and this street is fairly well plowed and he's taking care of the shoulder. we noticed when we were on the ground that a lot of the streets in the suburbs have turned into one-way streets because they haven't been able to push the snow off to the side. we'll keep moving county by county, but that's the latest from skyforce 10 news. the owner of a barbecue restaurant wrestled with an armed robber and then ended up begging for his life. the gunman took some cash and ran off. the victim talked to nbc 10 about why he thinks his life was
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spared. >> he just looked at me in pity, and i had the money in the hand and he grabbed it and he took o off. the owner tells nbc 10 violent crimes like this don't normally happen in that neighborhood. detectives are checking to see if surveillance video in the area offers any clues. the winter storm affected millions of people up and down the east coast. nbc 10 national correspondent edward lawrence gives us a big-picture view of the impact from washington, d.c. >> reporter: i'm calling this the big dig. tens of thousands of people in the suburbs of maryland and washington, d.c., all of the way to the outskirts of new york are digging out. you can see around the u.s. capitol we're dealing with almost knee-high snow and others are dealing with 30 inches on the road because plows can't get to it. still, emergency equipment has to go through that so they're going through 24 inches of snow
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to get to the emergency. many in traffic accidents and other folks were killed when they were shoveling snow and had heart attacks. at least one person was hit by a plow. the governor of maryland said they were in recovery mode at the moment trying to get the streets back to normal and get life back to normal. this wasn't just snow. this storm hit the new jersey shoer w shore with a lot of water and flooding communities in the jersey shore putting people out of their homes. now as the water is receding over the next couple of days, folks will come back in and assess the damage there and this is the first storm that ever dropped 19 inches of snow in washington, d.c. and in new york city at the same time. reporting in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news. the u.s. house of representatives has postponed votes this week because of the snowstorm. the majority leader says the house won't be holding votes tomorrow or wednesday. that means the vote to everride
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president bush's veto of the obamacare repeal won't happen until next week and the u.s. senate plans to get back to work on wednesday night. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. a cold start this morning and we have sunshine and the cold is easing. you might find icy spots and shadowy spots. the entire area will warm above freezing this afternoon. melting conditions today, re-freezing tonight and tomorrow, tracking some showers, most likely rain showers for our area. 32 now in doylestown and up to 37 in northeast philadelphia and melville is in the single digits this morning. looking like the pocono mountains have clouds overhead and it is snow covered and the temperatures were in single digits and warming up. the winds are light and that's helping with the warm-up today from allentown to wild wood and very little wind and it will stay light all day long.
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a few scattered clouds and they're off to the north and west. some of these will be warming through and they will come through dry, but tomorrow is a different story. behind these clouds is a bit of snow that is going to be moving to the east and tapping into warmer air and more moisture coming up from the south upon create rain as it heads to the east, but that's tomorrow. for today, mostly cloudy in the camelback areas and 33 for bethlehem and 34 this afternoon and fleetwood. the seven-day forecast well, we will be warming into the low 40s tomorrow and clouds will be increasing after a morning low of 29 degrees and 42 the high on tuesday. dry wednesday, clouds and sunshine, 38 degrees and then clouds return for thursday. there is a chance you'll see some wet weather. just a chance and we'll see a coastal system that will produce some light snow mixing with rain into portions of delaware and south jersey. a high of 39 degrees thursday afternoon and then clearing out
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on friday, 41 into the 40s this weekend and a bit milder on sunday and we'll see some more melting over the weekend and there will still be snow on the ground on sunday afternoon. i'm drew on skyforce 10 and we're taking a look at the conditions on the roads county by county for the state park. you can see snow covering a lot of fields and the roads looking okay in this part and we'll be right back with another check. thanks. it may seem like common sense, but emergency rooms are seeing more people coming in with injuries related to snow. before you head outside today we'll tell you what you need to do to keep in mind before you pick up that shovel.
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back live in skyforce 10. we are above delaware county right now headed toward new county castle, dill wear. you can see it's cleanup time and they're cleaning a private parking lot and i have to head it out to a lot of people shoveling out and it's time to get back to work for some people. this business here not far from concordville is cleaning out and making good progress, not as bad as norristown, as we were above earlier. so we're right now live above delaware county and i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. jersey shore residents are cleaning up and snow is not the
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issue and instead they're dealing with damage from floods that some homeowners say were worse than those seen during super storm sandy. jacob rascon is there to show us some of the effects. >> reporter: a lot of them will find incredible damage. at this home behind me, three docks floated hundreds of feet and landed on the driveway. there is another driveway with a boat on it and then from above you are able to see through this drone video that the sea wall crumbled and needs a total remake. that's what collapsed and allowed the bay to flood this area. hundreds of homes were surrounded. at the peak there were five to six feet of water. we toured the area yesterday when the water had gone down a little bit with the mayor and saw home after home. a lot of them, of course, built up higher anticipating flooding, but many of them, in fact the mayor says probably around 100 have water that actually got
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inside. as you know, a lot of the jersey shore saw a little bit of flooding, usually light to moderate, but here on the southern tip they really got it hard. the people who live here say this for them is a lot worse than sandy and, in fact, is the worst they've probably ever seen. the governor, of course, is back on the campaign trail, but the lieutenant governor, we are told will be out surveying the damage, though it's unclear if she'll make it this far. >> jacob rascon, nbc news, west wildwood, new jersey. doctors always see an increase to shoveling with the first winter snowfall of the winter season. people overexert themselves and they don't use proper form when shoveling snow. bend at the legs when shoveling and not at the back so you don't strain your muscles. >> i think what people don't recognize is that shoveling snow especially in the cold actually increases the heart rate and blood pressure far more than
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people realize. it's not the same as running because you're stationary, but the actual sudden rise in blood pressure can actually be dangerous to people who have heart conditions that they knew about and sometimes people who had underlying heart conditions that have not yet come to attention. the philadelphia area doctors tell us they often see an increase in emergency room visits during the winter. most of thosed ha visits are du slip and fall injuries. aaa will keep you safe on the roads. see and be seen. clean off your vehicle completely and make sure your headlights, taillights and turn signals are working and start your engine and let your car run to make sure your battery is good to go. pack an emergency kit with you and watch out for icy spots on bridge e ra bridges, ramps and highways and keep your distance between you and the driver in front of you. the live coverage of the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016 continues now. skyforce 10 is live over new castle county delaware over the
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concord mall there. you can see just a sea of white snow, but there is some work being done. some machinery out there plowing it all away. we'll check in with nbc 10's drew smith just ahead. plus more than just a bumpy ride. passenger from an airline ride forced the plane to be diverted.
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>> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. sky force 10 is up and giving us a bird's-eye view of the blizzard's aftermath this morning. both homes and businesses, well, they both have to dig out and right now you're looking at the concord mall area in new castle county delaware. the big dig under way there with a little bit of help from a plow. and in philadelphia, people along north broad street this
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morning were digging out very hard in front of an auto repair shop and they used a combination of shovels and snow blowers to try to get the job done. >> residents also using a snow blower and shovel combo to clear a driveway on montgomery county. an nbc 10 staffer shot this video on leadham street in jenkinstown. here's where things stand on this monday after the storm. septa is up and running, but not without some delays. jim kenney has scheduled a 2:00 p.m. news conference to update us on storm efforts. many cars are still buried beneath all that snow. people along north broad street this morning digging out cars in front of this auto repair shop, as you saw there, a lot of work to be done. you can see that there has been some plowing, but those cars are still stuck in the snow.
11:30 am
a snow blower does help in these situations and helps to clear away that snow and also helps your back a little bit other than shoveling. this is in jenkinstown. >> again, we want to remind you, septa is up and running and we expect you to get an update on the mayor of philadelphia and we know there are a lot of streets and we'll hear more about that this morning as you try to dig out and get where you're going today. we do have live team coverage as the cleanup continues in the aftermath of the blizzard and drew smith is live in skyforce 10. tell us where you are and what you're seeing. i'll bet it's a lot of white snow. >> yeah, lauren. everything covered in white except for roads reached by cars, and we are live above the concord ball right now in new castle county. we can show you where the plows are currently working trying to
11:31 am
clear that all out with people not at school and work they may want to come out and shop so they have their work cut out for them so people can have a place to park. >> i want to show you video that we captured on the ground over in norristown, montgomery county which was in rough shape today. let's just say that was the least for a lot of people and we're talking about right in the middle of the borough and they're clearing out their sidewalks and a lot of the plows didn't make it out there and they're waiting to get bailed out and a lot of cars there covered in snow. people getting a little upset and even one of the borough councilman said he wanted to apologize which was a failure in the snow removal process. people there getting restless and not being able to drive on the roads that the plows haven't reached yet. >> and look at the streets. i don't think any of the back streets will be any better. it seems like it will never get done. do something.
11:32 am
that's not the same. >> back live now, we are still in new castle county and the roofs are covered with the snow, but people have been doing a good job of clearing their driveways and in some cases as you can see right here the driveways are better cleared than the roads themselves which are still waiting another trip from the plows. that's the latest live in skyforce ten about new castle county and i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. thanks, drew. at philadelphia international airport things are slowly getting back to normal and 10% are flights are canceled by airlines and otherwise operations are normal there and the runways are clear. skyforce 10 was over camden county early this morning and this was the scene over a wegman's supermarket in cherry hill. they were coming out early to clear the parking lot. if you do want to pick up groceries, you have to use caution on the roads. it could be slippery. our live team coverage of the aftermath of the blizzard
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continues with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. a chilly start to the day, and i hear there is a warm-up in the works? >> we're experiencing one and temperatures will be trending warmer over the next few days. what doesn't get cleared by man, it will be mother nature to the rescue and a big warm up at the jersey shore. this is live view from cape may and the market and lafayette hotel and temperatures in the low 40s and while it's right up to freezing at philadelphia international and some spots warmer than that and look at northeast philadelphia. 37 right now and south philadelphia plummeted overnight and the temperatures were in the ing single digits and now 38 degrees and that's a huge warm-up and the warm-up will continue into the afternoon hours. so looking good today. and a lot of melting going on. melt during the day and refreezes as we go in tonight unless it driveways up and the sunshine will certainly help with that and we'll see scattered clouds at time and a few more clouds and later on in
11:34 am
the afternoon at 4:00 and by this evening the temperatures will start falling once again and refreezing overnight and the chance of more wet weather. before we get to the weekend, i have the seven-day forecast and the timing when i'm back later this half hour. let's go to nbc 10's drew smith and he's live on skyforce 10. drew, one thing that we were happy to see were some plows out there. >> yeah. we're starting to see some plows and this neighborhood hasn't been touched very well and we're still in new castle county just about to go over the delaware river and the interstates look pretty good and there you see it right there, the interstate highway 10 care of, first and the onramps and we're getting snow blown out there and the travel there has been good and it's when you go to the secondary roads when you will slip and skid and we can definitely tell you right here, all these homes and the main road in between, yeah, that's
11:35 am
plowed and the roads in this area here and definitely looking at still some snow covering and that is the latest, and we'll head into the delaware river and head into new jersey and show you conditions there on the other side. >> thanks, drew. it is a day off from work or from school for a lot of people in our area and some of them are hitting the slopes and here is a look at camelback resort in the poconos having fun with the snow. good news for the slopes and the blizzard is socking a lot of other businesses. restaurants, theaters, entert n entertainment venues closed during the height of the storm will lose $850 million. another economist says the money will balance out once you figure in spending on food and shovels and all of those other winter items. >> the blizzard may have lasted hours, but thanks to nbc 10 viewer dave schott we can show you the entire storm in just a matter of seconds. if you want to relive it, take a
11:36 am
look at this. it is the time lapse of the blizzard of 2016. most of us bundle up when we head outside to shovel snow. not this guy. our nbc crew spotted steve jordan this was in westchester. he spent a couple of hours outside digging out for the blizzard. why no shirt? his reason was simple. >> my neighbor needed help on her car, so, it got hot. i took my shirt off. >> there you go. >> you can work up a sweat even in frigid temperatures when the sun is out and you're trying to move a record amount of snow. some foxboro r broxborough got creative. it's a giant serpent. see it, share it. we want to see more of your blizzard 2016 photos and send it
11:37 am
right to the nbc 10 app. we have gallery of pictures from nbc 10 viewers. turbulence injured people and forced the plane to divert to canada. it was headed from mime tami to milan, italy. the injured were put on ambulances. emergency, workers took three flight attendants to a local hospital for further evaluation. >> and everything went flying and people and it was pretty intense. >> reporter: an american airlines spokesman said he didn't think any of the injuries were life-threatening. and we're live in skyforce 10 above gloucester county, new jersey, right now. we're seeing a lot of frozen rivers, ponds and a lot of snow covering pretty much anywhere that's not roadway and there are still roads out there that are not plowed and we'll show you
11:38 am
the troubled spots on the other side of of this break. there is more wet weather ahead. right now i have more sunshine, but i'm tracking more showers and a chance for more snow for parts in the area. i have the seven-day forecast just ahead.
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and we're live in skyforce 10 in logan township here and
11:41 am
you can see the plows are trying to clean up the last of the snow that's hampering work for some people who did manage to make it into work today. mostly industrial area over here, and i want to show you the creek just to show you how cold it is out there in addition to the snow that's covering the fields out here. you can see on the creek here. this whole area is covered with floating ice chunks. that's another thing you're going to be seeing as you get out and start to dig out and start to shovel out. we're live over gloucester county, new jersey, nbc 10 news. to decision 2016 now. the iowa caucuses one week from die t-- the former mayor of new york, peter alexander reports he is now contemplating a late run of his own. >> could it be the battle of the multibillionaires?
11:42 am
donald trump says he'd welcome a michael bloomberg bid. >> i would love to have him come in because i love the competition, frankly. i love bloomberg to come in. with aides drawing up plan for a third party campaign, it's likely the former new york city mayor would only run if the general election matched up trump or ted cruz against bernie sanders. hillary clinton is vowing that won't be necessary. >> well, i'm going to relief him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> reporter: analysts weren't giving guarantees especially with a candidate with close ties to wall street who is one of the leading voices for strict gun control. rand paul mocked the idea. another liberal billionaire from new york city? i think that slot is taken. trump may think he's almost untouchable. imagine any other candidate saying this to praise his supporter's loyalty. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. later brushing off criticism.
11:43 am
far greater loyalty than any other candidate by double, triple, quadruple and i love my people. >> reporter: but there's plenty of love to go around. the des moines register's coveted endorsement going to clinton and marco rubio with snl embracing a campaign that's already offering an embarrassment of riches. >> rock 'n' roller, holy roller, pushing strollers, stroll bowler with the s.f. moeller. >> she's a firecracker. she's a real pistol. she's crazy, isn't she? >> ta, ta, ta, ta, ta! >> that was peter alexander reporting. texas senator ted cruz was once again on the campaign trail in iowa. he told a gathering he would scrap the iranian nuclear deal and repeal every word of obamacare. on the democratic side vermont senator bernie sanders took questions from voters in iowa falls. he spoke about ways to extend
11:44 am
the life of the social security trust fund. democratic presidential field will discuss the issues in des moines, iowa. it is a final chance for hillary clinton and martin o'malley to share the stage before next week's caucuses. sanders and clinton are running neck and neck in iowa. the irs wants to make sure that you know about some changes when it comes to filing taxes for 2015. if you are prone to procrastinate, you do have extra days to file this year. the deadline has been moved to april 18th because the 15th is a holiday in washington, d.c. the 1095 forms describing where you purchased your health insurance. if you don't have health insurance the penalty you pay will go up. well, kids have them all the time. so who says adults can't get in on the fun. we're talking about play dates, not for kids, but for seniors. a new series of good, clean, old-fashioned fun for grown-ups is about to begin. playwright director and actor jerry perna created a new
11:45 am
series, playing for life and begins this wednesday at the gershwin y at center city. thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me, lauren. >> explain to us what this is. if you go to one of these play dates, what will you get? >> my company cree brings creativity and senior day centers. we use story telling, improvisation, play reading and whatever works with a particular group and you do not have to have any acting or theater experience to take part in these groups. it's all about having fun and sometimes it's about telling your story, too. i've had world war ii veterans and people from all different backgrounds tell their stories and we turn them into shows and we turn them into events. >> do you have to do any kind of memorization or anything like that? people might be worried about -- i have -- i might not -- that might not be a skill that i
11:46 am
have. >> memorization is absolutely not required unless you want to the improve your memory skills which these programs have been proven to do. so it's really up to the individual, but i certainly don't push the issue. >> who would you recommend this for? who are the best bets for this? well, i've had people from 57 to 100. one of the people that i work with in one of my groups in media is 100 years old, and i would recommend it for anybody of any background, any -- anybody can really have fun with this and improve their memory skills and just have a blast. >> how did you come up with this? >> um, i started doing this on and off about 15 years ago, and i really started my business two years ago because i saw in working with older actors and in working with older people that this could have a useful -- a
11:47 am
useful purpose for people and it gets people very often in assisted living communities, people can really shut down and go within themselves. they, at times, can be rather isolated places. and i just saw a need and i'm doing my best to fill it. >> are you surprised at the talent out there? >> constantly. yeah. absolutely. people who came in very much shut down. they tend to open up and i've been really pleasantly surprised and so have their families when they come and see the work that we do, and that is incredibly gratifying. to me that's the most gratifying thing is to see somebody open up and to have a son or a daughter come up to me and say i had no idea that my mother or my father was capable of doing that. so that's pretty cool for me and for them. >> what a neat experience. jerry, thank you so much for joining us and telling bus this. we want to give folks some of the details on this.
11:48 am
>> yeah. >> in case they want to go and participate. the series playing for life begins this wednesday, january 27th, at 10:00 a.m. at the gershman y. admission is free and didn't cost you anything, but you do need to register for each session and you can get information on our website and we put that on there for you and it's nbc and of course, you can check out the nbc 10 app. >> can i also throw in that this is a result of the grant from the henrietta works foundation, the memorial. that's very important and they're supporting this so people can enjoy this for free. >> helping to make it happen. >> thank you, lauren. >> appreciate it. we have new video just into our newsroom and this is from the delaware beaches. this little seal was found stranded along route 1 in sussex county. it was stopping traffic and workers from the research and rehabilitation institute, they
11:49 am
rescued the animal at 10:00 this morning and it looks like it's doing okay, bill? your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley sdwloo we are melting this morning and the temperatures are climbing and blue sky over the city and this is live view at the nbc 10 studios. a few scattered clouds blowing through the area and the winds at the surface right on the ground level are very light to nonexistent this morning. a southwesterly wind at just 3 miles an hour at philadelphia international and up 5 degrees compared to yesterday, right now 32 degrees and climbing and we're headed to the upper 30s this afternoon and those icy spots while the shoulder is still a problem and some of the side streets and you might see a little bit of ice even into the early afternoon hours in shady spots, but the temperatures have already made significant progress and 37 in washington township and northeast philadelphia is at 27 degrees and still in the 20s in
11:50 am
lancaster and pottstown and in delaware and south jersey and 37 degrees and 44 in woodvine. that's a big warm-up and you'll see 40s at the shore, as well and radar completely clear today. tomorrow is a different story. you can see a little bit of wet weather moving through louisiana and into mississippi. that's going to team up with this snow that is heading just to the north of minneapolis in minnesota. this storm system will push to the east and will be arriving here tomorrow afternoon but look at the rain, chicago, for this evening and we will see rain with warmer temperatures for tomorrow. tomorrow morning at 7:00, the showers are well to our west. by the time they start rolling in during the afternoon and evening hours for the philadelphia area, that's mainly light rain at 5:00 tuesday afternoon and as it pushes to the southeast, it doesn't look all that impressive. still rain at 9:00 in the evening, but if there are any showers left overnight into wednesday morning, we could see
11:51 am
some snowflakes as that system moves out. either way it doesn't look like a lot of precipitation and no sign of any precipitation. partly sunny skies and completely dry. 30s this afternoon and some spots may reach low 40s. what doesn't dry out or what isn't treated will drop down to 29 degrees so we'll see a refreeze by tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon into the 40s. the warming trend continues. the chance of showers, tuesday afternoon and that is a cold front coming through with the chance of showers. so that will drop the temperatures wednesday and we may see some early snowflakes and raindrops on wednesday, but i think most of the area will stay dry and dry on thursday. clouds will be increasing and there was a chance we could see some showers at the coast and delaware and south jersey, that's looking less likely today so any clouds that build up thursday will be clearing out on friday and partly sunny saturday and warmer, more melting going on this weekend and there will
11:52 am
still be snow on the ground on sunday as we warm up to 46 degrees. we'll be right back.
11:53 am
that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
11:54 am
unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. you're looking now at twin celebrations in denver and charlotte and that's because the broncos and the panthers are both headed to super bowl 50. peyton manning's team took the
11:55 am
championship yesterday and cam newton's spot on the nfc title last night. >> kourtney kardashian pays a visit toddlen degeneres show and then on nbc 10 news at 4:00 and this afternoon nbc 10 has covered county by county as the three states dig out from the blizzard of 2016 and we1q:é wanu to know about a law you could be breaking when it comes to clearing your car from the snow. we'll explain this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. right now let's get another check of conditions out there from sky force 10 after we find nbc 10's drew smith. he's joining us live from there. drew, it lookses like some folks are having fun this monday. >> yeah, lauren, it's not all about work and we all need to be focused on shoveling and plowing. if this is a snow day, this is what you want to be doing and the kids have had a couple of days sliding down the snow and gloucester county, that guy
11:56 am
seems tired out now and they've been climbing up and sliding down the hill every day and most of the roads back here and at least the main roads in the center of town and still a lot of work to dig out and clean up and time to take a break and enjoy a little fun. we are live above gloucester county, new jersey, i'm in skyforce 10, back to you, lauren. let's check in with bill henley for another look at the forecast for this arch. i thought they'd be catching up on their homework. i'm a little surprise to see them out enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures. the seven-day forecast, you can see up and down, daytime melting and nighttime freezing and there is a chance of scattered, mainly rain showers late tomorrow can end in a few snowflakes and little to no accumulation early wednesday morning and clearing out late this afternoon and look at the warm-up over the weekend and it's a gradual warm up. it does look like we'll be heading into the 50s next week. >> wow! 50s?
11:57 am
>> i see melting in our future. >> the 50s are the new 80s, by the way. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm lauren mayk. have a great day, everyone.
11:58 am
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>> steve: kayla, call me, baby. i want to know how you're doing. this is the fourth or fifth message now. the deal is dial. i love you. [phone beeps] you off to school? >> joey: uh, yeah. >> steve: you haven't heard from your mom, have you? >> jy: uh, just that message she sent about how she'd be out of touch for a while. >> steve: yeah. well, there's a while and then there's a while. you'd think she would have called before she went into that meeting. >> joey: yeah, well, who knows why anybody does anything? >> steve: what? joe. >> rafe: no, no, no. of coursm


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