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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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10 app as well. let's get you updated on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> i'm tracking wet weather. this time around, rain drops are falling. temperatures have stayed warm all night. this is live with a rainy view of center city. the light rain is starting to taper off in philadelphia. it is steady, still light in delaware and south jersey. you can see it's just crossing the delaware right now. might see a few snowflakes as colder air is trying to move in. it's not an issue as the ground temperatures, air temperatures are all above freezing in the area. 40s right now for philadelphia, trenton, wilmington, look at millville and south jersey. dover, both at 44 degrees. even north and west, significantly warmer than yesterday. the pocono mountains are above freezing at this hour. that will help wash away some of the salt and lingering snow still on the ground. showers tapering off by 9:00. the clouds still in place, 36 degrees. we'll get sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours.
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38 degrees at lunch time and climbing. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has a look at first alert traffic. >> we're watching an accident scene on 95, not causing a huge disruption, at least so far. this is right around route 1. you can see flashing lights all right here. it's pretty much into the left-hand shoulder. you can see traffic squeezing by to the right-hand side. not causing any disruption there of course. but again, it's 95 northbound around route 1. out in conshohocken, watch out for construction on balligomingo road. and heading out the door for mass transit, no problems or days fday s -- delays for amtrak, patco, new jersey transit or d.a.r.t. there may be some crowding on septa trains. crews are focus on moving
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piles of snow from street parking spots and parking lots. i stopped and took this video on the way into work. you can see the machine moving snow along montgomery avenue, lower marion township, montgomery county. classes were canceled because of the ongoing blizzard cleanup. some work still remains for road crews. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in manayunk. talk to us about the progress they've made so far. >> right now the city is saying about 80% of the streets are clear or passable. now, here's the difference. clear obviously within you look here at umbria and hermitage street, you can see pavement. that's what they mean by clear. passable, we've soon a number of streets where you still have snow and ice. that's passable, you can still drive on them even though you can't see blacktop. that is concerning for some residents. take a look at video we shot last night in west oak lane. people there were so frustrated, they say they didn't have any
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crews show up at all in the last three days. they had shovels in hand, brought dhir ktheir kids out an started shoveling the street so they could get to work and school today. they put the muscle into the streets last night. the city is ep ho all ro-- hopi roads will be passable by midday today. here in manayunk, hilly area, kind of the place we know we'll see lots of ice and snow piling up on the streets. the main streets here are clear. the side streets, the city says, passable. the city is becoming back to normal. cars are out on the roads, people are heading to work. we've even seen a number of trash and recycling trucks out picking up those items left on the curb. that's very latest, reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. allentown brought in
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additional help to deal with the snow removal there. the city paid extra private contractors to clear the know. the workers used front end loaders to get the job done. the blizzard of 2016 set records for snowfall in allentown. the sanitation division is helping with plowing and snow removal. normal trash collection resumes tomorrow for residents east of 95, residents west of 95 will have their trash picked up on friday. 4:34. if you still haven't gotten around to shoveling your sidewalk, it could cost you. here's proof. an auto repair shop owner in jenkintown, montgomery county learned the hard way. he was ticketed for not clearing business sidewalks within ten hours. his regular plow operator canceled and he and his sons did the best they could using two snow blowers and shovels. the business owner says the law is unrealistic in this case.
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>> you're not giving people enough time. what if i'm an 80-year-old or 90-year-old guy. you're going to give me a ticket because i can't get out there and move four feet of çsnow. >> they say they have to enforce the ordinance so people get out there and clear the sidewalks. a new program in camden county puts prison inmates to work clearing snow. inmates spent yesterday shoveling in the city of camden. the county launched the program two years ago to help elderly residents who can't shovel themselves out. one resident told nbc 10 the inmates are a big help. >> makes me feel real good. real good. we really appreciate it. makes us feel at ease that we don't have to worry about, in case an ambulance comes. you never know. >> the work program runs year round. in the warmer months inmates
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spend the time cleaning up parks and other public spaces. the war of words continue between governor chris christie and residents down the shore. the governor again yesterday said the damage did not compare to hurricane sandy but for the people of west wildwood that was adding insult to injury. the mayor of that community says there's between $5 million and $10 million in damage and residents are outraged at the governor's comments. >> he said we didn't have any problems with water because we did. >> you didn't step foot here and seen for yourself. >> christie did confirm he apologized to the mayor of north wildwood after he called him crazy during a town hall in new hampshire on monday. christie says he got carried away. donald trump says he's the reason for ratings gold during republican debates. the presidential candidate says he's skipping tomorrow night's matchup. we'll tell you why.
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check out a car thief at work. find out why the stolen vehicle is so important to one young driver. we are skipping the subfreezing temperatures this morning. that's good news. because there's some rain that's blowing through the area right now. 41 degrees at 4:37. hour by hour forecast, just ahead.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 4:39 this morning. we are getting a break from the really cold temperatures. which is great because i'm tracking rain moving through the area. it is not adding to icy situation that we've had the last few mornings because we are melting out this morning. it's going to be an all day melt. temperatures above freezing even in the pocono mountains. we are in for dry weather. once we get past the rain this
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morning, a dry stretch that will carry us on through the weekend. 39 degrees in reading. 44 in philadelphia and 40s in cape may. it was a good warmup yesterday, 50 yesterday afternoon. today we're starting off with rain and clouds. they'll be clearing out this afternoon. the showers are already starting to taper off for philadelphia. a few sprinkles left in chester county. steady rainfall in central new castle county, salem county in new jersey and at the shore, ship bottom getting rain but atlantic city has been in and out this morning and sea isle city is getting a brack right now. the showers push through and we dry out for the rest of the day. then it gets cold tonight. enjoy the warmer air while it's here. the winds have shifted. that will bring the cold back gnat area for tonight. it's a 12 mile-an-hour wind in reading. temperatures stay above freezing all day long. you'll see sunshine, mt. pocono, 33 degrees, 38 in allentown and a few rain drops this morning for trenton and mt. holly. the rain has already ended in
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doylestown and at the shore, a few more hours of rainfall, light rainfall, then it's offshore. w$!=q! beach, low 40s in vineland and dover and we will drop down into the 30s and then warm back to near the low 40s for westchester, drexel hill and swedesboro and up to 43 degrees in philadelphia. the weekend will be dry. but cold. saturday morning. we're looking at temperatures in the teens. we will see a warmup on saturday but even milder on sunday. and it's a trend that is going to continue. i have the seven-day forecast when i come back, tracy, in ten minutes. >> thanks for that, bill. 4:41. let's check your ride to work. looking at 442 right now. jessica boyington has that. >> we had an accident earlier on 422 eastbound, the ramp to route 202 southbound. you can see that police activity here. they have crews on the scene. they're doing temporary stoppages at this off ramp.
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no backup hundreded that. there's only one or two cars trying to get through this area if it stays here, the accident scene and cleanup will progress and create quite a backup. there's an accident on 95 northbound around route 1 northbound to watch out for. on the white horse pike, you can seat roadways look damp around the area. but no snow over into the shoulder. just over into the side parts of the street. you can see the enter section looking nice and clear this morning. we'll have more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes. tracy. >> jessica, thanks for that. tomorrow night, the republican presidential candidate's debate the last time before the iowa caucuses. guess who is not going to be there? next, donald trump explains why he's skipping the prime time debate. and calls to the 311 call center has been stocked since the snowstorm. hear what some of the most frequent calls are about.
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4:45 and 4 degre4 degrees i philadelphia. hillary clinton and donald trump are maintaining their leads. with less than a week to the iowa caucuses, the survey monkey weekly election tracking poll gives clinton a 4% lead over sanders and donald trump leads ted cruz by more than 20 points. donald trump says he's not going to be at the last republican debate before the iowa caucuses. why isn't trump planning to show up? >> donald trump has had tensions with fox news throughout the campaign and he has said fox moderator megyn kelly has treated him unfairly. the real estate mogul held a news conference and said he did not want to help boost fox's ratings and its profits. >> why should the networks continue getting rich on these
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debates? give some to the wounded warriors.making a fortune. let's see how much money fox will make on the debate without me. >> instead of attending the debate, trump will hold a separate event that would raise money for wounded warriors and veterans. with trump a no show, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, chris christie and jaohn kasich and rand paul willing on the main stage. meanwhile, trump picked up an endorsement from evangelical leader jerry falwell jr.  he's the son ofç jerry falwell who founded liberty university. cruz launched his campaign at liberty university as well. according to a new report, cruz is warning that trump could be unstoppable if he wins the iowa caucuses. the christian broadcasting network obtained this video
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reportedly of cruz telling a group of pastors that it is up to them to stop trump from winning the republican nomination. >> if donald wins iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there's a very good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> in the video, cruz says he is the only republican with a chance of beating trump. nbc news has not verified this video's authenticity. the iowa caulks are next monday. in the digital operations center, i'm lauren mayk. tracy, back to you. >> thanks. 4:47. pennsylvania's primary battle is officially under way. candidates for federal and state offices can gather petition signatures to qualify for the april 26th primary ballot. the deadline is submit the petition is february 16th. voters can expect democrats seeking to challenge senator pat toomey and replace embattled
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candidate kathleen kane. the attorneys for fattah say they want out. the congressman said he's focused on fund-raising for his re-election campaign and will deal with his defense fund after the april elections. the judge advised fattah to re-evaluate his priorities. >> i can't meet a payment arrangement that requires me to short change my re-election effort in order to meet a burden to pay a law firm for a trial that may or may not actually take place on may 2nd. >> the congressman says he hopes to hire a larger law firm that will be able to work with his financial situation. fattah is accused of accepting bribes and misusing nonprofit funds and government grants. the trial is scheduled to begin on may 2nd. he's married to renee
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chenault-fattah. she's on leave from nbc 10. the cdc reports the number of people who have died from drug overdoses involving heroin or opiate pain relievers rose 200% in the last 15 years. investigators are trying to figure out why a school bus suddenly accelerated and hit a principal at an elementary school in indiana, killing her. before she died, theç principa was able to push two children out of harm's way yesterday afternoon. they're both listed in serious condition. the driver says she's not sure what caused the bus to take off. police say it was inspected just last friday and no problems were found. a texas family hopes police will catch the thieves who stole a toy car that belonged to a toddler with autism. you see the theft on this surveillance video. a girl hops out of the vehicle and grabs the car from claudia
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ortega's front lawn. she stuffs it into the front seat and the vehicle speeds away. the car belongs to 3-year-old santiago ortega. >> they weren't really nice people. the neighbor's kids were like, we tried to stop them. we were yelling at them but they kept doing what they really wanted to do. >> ortega hopes the surveillance video will help catch the thieves. let's check the conditions on 95. jessica boyington has that. jessica? >> we're watching an accident scene, tracy but it's not causing a huge backup. this is 95 around route 1. this accident scene is over into the left-hand shoulder, not blocking any of the lanes right now. there is police activity on the scene. definitely something to watch out for on 95 on the northbound side. still an accident scene on the ramp from 422 eastbound to route 202 southbound. they have temporary stoppages in place here as well. traffic will be stopped for certain points in the morning
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until this is cleared and just to get by. right now, no delay behind that scene at all. moving over into the jersey shore, route 9 around route 109 in lower township and cape may county, no problems here. you can see through this intersection we're okay. we are dry for the most part, a little bit of snow or slippery spots that appear to be over into the right-hand shoulder or left-hand shoulder on either side. pretty much this intersection is doing great. the 42 freeway, keeping it in new jersey right now, northbound 55 to the walt whitman bridge, no problems, a five-minute drive time into philadelphia. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. cloudy start and a damp start this morning. we have rain in the area. but it's not going to last all day. i did say rain. the temperatures are above freezing this morning. the rain has moved through philadelphia. you can see the clouds over the comcast center in center city. 44 degrees at philadelphia international. what an improvement over yesterday at this time. that's 19 degrees warmer.
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but something has changed. the winds have shifted. that's going to milwaukee a difference tonight. it will get cold again overnight tonight. this morning, even in the pocono mountains, temperatures are running above freezing. it's closer to the freezing mark. now 33 degrees in mt. pocono. you can see things are still looking snowy at blue mountain this morning. we're starting off with cloudy skies. the clouds will be thuning out this afternoon. the last showers will move through this morning by 9:00 they will beç done. that is rain for most of the area. one little spot of snow is possible as colder air is moving in. i do not expect it to stick as the grounded is just too warm this morning. and then it dries out. we' we'll stay dry through the weekend. look at the rain in delaware and south jersey, some snow in some spots, mixing in snowflakes but the temperatures staying above freezing, middle 30s for wilmington at 8:00 in the morning and then sunshine will take over as those clouds blow out, 40s this afternoon.
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near 40 degrees, even for allentown and reading. and then it gets cold overnight tonight. during the day, not bad. showers will be ending and clearing skies and we'll be melting all day. significant amount of this snow has disappeared since the weekend. northwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour. if it's still on ground tonight, it will freeze solid. it will get cold in a hurry. 17 degrees tomorrow morning. a nice rebound with bright sunshine thursday afternoon. we'll be in that cycle for the next few days, near 40 on friday after our temperature just below freezing in the morning. back into the cold zone saturday morning, 19 agrees. with bright sunshine saturday we'll make it into the 40s in the afternoon. closer to 50 degrees on sunday. could see serious fog monday morning. there's a chance it may slow to clear during the day on monday. then a warmup tuesday with a chance of some showers late in the day. 53 degrees. >> all right, bill, thanks. seven minutes before 5:00 right
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now. you might be a little snow weary because of all the snow, but these guys are having fun in it. skyforce 10 over the philadelphia zoo yesterday to give you a loaning at how the animals are loving the snow. on the ground you can see zoo officials tell us that the polar bear, the red panda cubs and tigers just love snow. meantime, philadelphia students head back to klos today. but the work to clear the city streets isn't over yet. next, in a live report, we'll update you on the progress of road crews. also next -- >> i knew i wasn't making it to the hospital. >> she went into labor in the middle of the blizzard. but it's what happened next that makes this new mom's story so special. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life...
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and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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good morning, everyone. it's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. giving you a check of area cameras. here's route 100 around route 113. it's a wet commute out there.
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traffic still managing to get along fine. hamilton township, new jersey, 295, around route 33. not a lot of cars in the area. these roadways are particularly dry. we will have more updates for you on 95 and 422. a few accidents out there, when i come back in the 5:00 hour. snow scraper is essential when it comes to clearing off your car after a winter storm. what happens when you accidentally leave your scraper in the car that's buried in snow? this elkins park resident made that error. she had to get creative. >> this is my broom with one of my husband's socks because i couldn't get the brush for the car out of the trunk, you know, i had to come up with some other way to clear my car without maybe scratching it too much. >> i think that's ingenious. i wouldn't have thought about the sock ever. she said next time she'll remember to get her brush out of
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the trunk before the snow falls. philadelphia's 311 call center issen hadaling an avalanche of questions and requests. they've answered 24,000 calls higher than normal. agents said they're getting thousands of requests through social media. one of those popular questions is can i report a property owner for not clearing snow or ice from their sidewalk? 311 answers that question by telling callers property owners have to clear a path at least three feet wide on their sidewalks within six hours of a snow emergency. and yes, you can report violations to 311. the streets department will investigate within one business day. the department can issue violations to property owners who haven't cleared their sidewalks as required by that city code. for 311's top five question and requests, tap the nbc 10 app. so there's a baby boy, couldn't wait to get into the world. >> really couldn't wait until the snowstorm was over. he was born in a car in the lehigh valley as the blizzard of
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2016 was winding down but not quite over yet. mariah bryant told nbc 10 about how she performed the roadside delivery of her own baby. she was on her way to the hospital sunday morning when her contractions got stronger. she pulled over on route 22 and delivered the baby while her friend stood outside the car and called 911. >> the sense of calmness i felt was completely unreal. i wasn't panicked. i didn't feel pan. >> brantly arrived a month early at 4 pounds 8 ounces. both mom and baby are doing well. congratulations to them. a snow baby. >> yes, snow baby. congratulations. she felt a sense of calm? maybe it was all that cold out there. >> wow. good for her. you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now.
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back to school. students in philadelphia will return to the classroom for the first time following the blizzard. but some city streets are still causing problems for drivers. all day melt. today we're tracking showers and expecting to hit highs in the 40s. which will help get rid of some of that snow out there. >> i hope you didn't settle. we deserve better than the crumbs we've gotten. >> state takeover. governor chris christie announces a plan to take control of atlantic city but not everyone is all in with that decision. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> umbrellas necessary to start with but you won't need them all day. look at the raid wedaradar, tha streaming across the area.


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