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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. back to school. students in philadelphia will return to the classroom for the first time following the blizzard. but some city streets are still causing problems for drivers. all day melt. today we're tracking showers and expecting to hit highs in the 40s. which will help get rid of some of that snow out there. >> i hope you didn't settle. we deserve better than the crumbs we've gotten. >> state takeover. governor chris christie announces a plan to take control of atlantic city but not everyone is all in with that decision. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> umbrellas necessary to start with but you won't need them all day. look at the raid wedaradar, tha streaming across the area. mullica township into southern
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burlington county. snow is trying to come into the area, trying to mix snowflakes in. it's unlikely and you won't see them stick if they do fall. the temperatures are mild, upper 30s in pottstown, doylestown, coatesville is 5 degrees above freezing this morning. rain can come down. might see a snowflake mixing in as it ends but it will not be sticking. there was no refreeze overnight. look at northeast philadelphia at 42 degrees. south philly, 39 degrees. it's melting right now. and still raining in parts of the area. the rain comes to an end this morning. 37 grows at 10:00. we'll get breaks of sunshine later this morning and into this afternoon. the temperatures climbing back into the 40s, close to where we are right now. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. we're still watching this accident scene on 95, around route 1. a little bit of a shaky camera
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out there. fy step out of the way a little bit within you can see one of the vehicles -- the vehicle actually that has been pushed off into the center median in a slippery spot. police activity into the left-hand shoulder as well. wasn't blocking any of the lanes the last time we checked. with this activity, it does cut off but it is only on the left-hand shoulder. traffic still moving through the area. 95 northbound right around route 1. we also have an accident from route 422 eastbound to the off ramp to 202 southbound this morning with some temporary stoppages and crew on the scene trying to get that area under control. so no backups now because of that. every once in a while, a few cars have to stay put for a couple minutes behind that scene. also, watch for a road obstruction in sickerlerville, williams town erial road between cross keys. a driver is charged with dui
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overnight after this accident in ball ka k bala cynwyd. he told firefighters he thought he was taking the ft. washington exit. he ended up driving off the road and down the embankment. he was not hurt. happening today in philadelphia, kids will put down the shovels and sleds and pick up their books for the first time since the blizzard hit the city. it's back to school for public and parochial schools despite snow-filled streets. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in manayunk this morning. no more snow days but still snow out there. >> yes, you know, there is still a lot of snow out there. of course not as much as we saw days ago. there's been some melting. some of the rain we've seen has been helping to wash it away. kids will be coming up the steps in a little while in manayunk at umbria and hermitage streets.ç i want you to remember, kids
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will be out, you may not see the little head s beyond the snow piles. take it easy. this is a high traffic area heading into the city as you come through manayunk area from the burbs. the city is saying streets will be passable by the end of the day. they're hoping that all streets will be passable. that doesn't mean all streets will be clear. blacktop, that's what the city determines is a clear street right here on umbria. you may have side streets where you still have snow packing. maybe a plow has gone through once or twice. you don't see blacktop. that according to the city is passable street. within you look up hermitage, you can see snow and ice right on this road even though it's right next to a school. all philadelphia schools back in session as the city gets back to normal after the blizzard of 2016. reporting live in manayunk, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. just about five minutes past
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5:00 right now. atlantic city residents say it's time to fight plans for a stay takeover. yesterday, governor christie announced the city will intervene. council members assured angry residents that no deal has been struck. they expect to negotiate a plan with state leaders and say a takeover is off the table. >> we elected our mayor and our council members. nobody has the right to come in here and take away our right to self-govern. >> nbc 10's matt delucia will be live in atlantic city in the next half hour with an update on the battle. 5:05. today a philadelphia veterans affairs executive will ask a judge to overturn her demotion and pay cut at a hearing. last year, the v.a. demoted diana rubens from director to assistant director of its regional office in germantown. v.a. inspectors accused rubens of arranging her own move from washington to philadelphia so she could be closer to her family in delaware.
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that move cost the government more than $250,000. rubens took the fifth at a heari hearing. the pennsylvania state senate is expected to issue a report today on whether to remove kathleen kane as attorney general. yesterday the house judiciary committee voted unanimously to launch an investigation into whether kane should be removed for misbehavior in office. she faces charges that she leaked secret grand jury information to the media and then lied about it under oath. it is one year today since the roof collapse at a center city store. now a teacher hurt inside that store is suing. last january, part of a neighboring office building crashed into the roof of the lieu ululemon athletic store. ali friedman was more thenç a dozen people inside the store. she had shoulder surgery and needs surgery on her spine. friedman's lawyer says the office building collapsed because it was not properly
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maintained an inspect. they are suing the owners of the building. >> ali's been in rehab four days a week for the last year. she is probably going to be out of work. she's a special ed teacher for, for probably another six months. this with her spine fused, this will have life-long implications for her. >> friedman is scheduled for surgery later today. 5:07 and 40 degrees in philadelphia. today decision 2016 comes to philadelphia where hillary clinton will hold a fund-raiser. franklin square partners will host the presidential candidate tonight. rocker jon bon jovi will perform for donors who will give at least a thousand dollars to attend. philadelphia is a regular stop for clinton fund-raisers. the former secretary of state also received the liberty medal here in 2013. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both stumped in iowa yesterday. clinton is trying to fend off sanders who's gaining in iowa. sanders is leading clinton in
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new hampshire. he will meet with president obama at the white house later today and so will nbc 10's jim rosenfield. jim is headed to the white house today for an exclusive one-on-one interview with president obama. and you can see his report starting later today on nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 5:00. we have a rainy start this morning. i'm tracking rain showers through the area. the best news here is that it didn't get cold enough for icing this morning. so we're meting out of this hour and we're in store for an all-day melt with temperatures staying above freezing, until we get it tonight, then a shift in the wind will make the difference with the temperatures. this weekend, it's going to be dry. dry once we get past the showers for the next several days. right now, cold is taking a break. 38 degrees in doylestown. 42 in northeast philadelphia. rain has tapered off in northeast philadelphia. it's still coming down in
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delaware and south jersey. beach avenue is damp. we've seen some rain showers at the shore. these showers will be swinging through new jersey first thing this morning. look close. you see some cold air. it's trying to mix in, trying to change it over to snow. a little bit of mixing will be fine. the temperatures above freezing, the ground is too warm for it to stick. radar shows the light rain is really starting to thin out over salem county and doesn't look too serious in the sea isle city area. not going to be a serious threat this morning. the rain ends and we dry out for the rest of day. the winds have shifted. even though we stay above freezing, these winds bring in colder air for tonight. this afternoon, sunshine takes over. mt. pocono, 33 degrees, near 40 in allentown an quakertown. into the low 40s for trenton, mt. holly, norristown, 49 degrees. the rain coming to an end this morning at the jersey shore. this afternoon, middle to upper 40s along the coast.
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42 degrees for dover and vineland up to 42. a few showers to start with this morning and it will dry out completely today. 43 in philadelphia and nearby 40 for westchester, wilmington and swedesboro. seven-day forecast with a look at the weekend when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks, bill. it is 5:10 this morning we take a look at traffic starting out on 95. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. what are you seeing. >> we've been watching this accident seen on 95 for the last hour or so. this is around route 1. this poor guy off into the center median. which does seem to be snow covered here as well. we have plesac test on the scene of the northbound side of 95 right now. blocking out the left-hand shoulder. part of that left-hand lane may be a little bit disrupted but you can see traffic moving along nicely by the scene. around route 1, 95 northbound is where you'll see some of those problems. here's the 42 freeway around the atlantic city expressway.
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you can still see snow covering some of the side areas but the roadways are clear. no problems there. this is headed northbound, if you're heading into philadelphia. no problems there and no problems if you're headed down the shore right now. if you are in new jersey, local areas, there are reports of road obstructions in sticklerville, williamstown erial road, northbound and southbound between cross keys and jarvis road. >> jessica, thanks. 11 minutes past 5:00. we're following a developing story out of seattle. two people are dead, others hurt after a shooting at a homeless camp we'll explain why police say this was not a random act. and the oregon standoff turns deadly. anti-government protesters are under arrest. one person is dead following a shootout. we'll tell you what led up to the violence. and this -- garbage truck explosion. we'll explain what caused this blast caught on cell phone video.
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at 5:14 and 40 degrees in philadelphia, we're following a developing story out of seattle, washington, where police are searching for two people of interest after a deadly shooting at a homeless camp last night. two people are dead, three others are hurt. investigators say the victims lived at the encampment and that the shooting, quote, was very targeted. in oregon, an anti-government protest that lasted nearly a month is over. here's new video we got in this
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morning of police near the scene of several arrests and an apparent shootout where one of the protesters was killed. the protesters said they were demonstrating against government tyranny. bundy was among eight people arrested. 5:15 and no one was hurt after a garbage truck exploded into mercer county. take a look.ç this is cole phone video, you're looking at it, shows the moment the truck blew up in hamilton township yesterday. you can see the smoke and huge flames shooting into the air. we're told the truck ran on natural gas and one of the gas tanks exploded after a battery caught fire. a witness told us the blast was so powerful, it blew a huge hole into one house and sent a gas tank flying through another. >> it was an 80-year-old lady reading her paper in her living room. she got up for whatever reason, saw the truck, went to her kitchen, no longer did she get
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into her kitchen, the tank went through her house. >> the police evacuated some nearby homes as a precaution. 5:16. two state officials will lead the investigation into an alleged cover-up of problems of the city's water system. doctors began testing children in the community yesterday. parents are concerned about the level of lead in their kids' blood after being exposed to the toxic water. happening today, a decision is expected on whether to turn the water at the u.s. side of niagara falls into a trickle. new york state officials are meeting to discuss plans to replace bridges linking the mainland to islands near the edge of the falls. in order to replace the 115-year-old bridges, the water on the american side of the falls would have to be redirected to the canadian side. today a western portion of the pennsylvania turnpike will close for a salvage operation.
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starting this morning at 9:00, an 86 miles of the westbound turnpike will close from breezewood to new stanton. this will help crews retrieve a tractor-trailer that went over an embankment during the blizzard. this is a picture of the turnpike on saturday. hundreds of drivers were stranded during the blizzard, many for more than 24 hours. 5:17. let's check your ride to work on this wednesday, including 422. >> jessica boyington joining us for that. jessica? >> we have a problem on 422 right now. it's more focus on the off ramp. 422 east headed to 202 southbound. you can see that highlighted in here. we have activity and work crews on the scene. providing temporary closures. cars can't get through all morning. they have them open and then they close them again, there will be one lane going by on this off ramp. something to watch out for, especially considering a lot of
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these off ramps are slippery this morning. 95 around route 1. we did have an earlier accident here. they must have zoomed out the cameras a moment ago or it may look like it's back in here. with the lights coming towards us, it's difficult to see. it seems to be this accident has cleared out of the way. el moving through. no problems on 95, around route 1 on the northbound side. mass transit doing great so far this morning, no problems or delays for amtrak, new jersey transit, d.a.r.t., patco. for septa, expect some trains running with a few cars short. there may be overcrowding on your train this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. 18 minutes after 5:00. may need an umbrella to start with this morning. ran showers in the area. but you won't need it this afternoon. gray skies over center city. the rain is just tapering off in the city right now. it was very light overnight. 41 degrees in philadelphia. much warmer than yesterday.
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in fact, 16 degrees warmer than yesterday morning at this time. we are above freezing for the entire area this morning. good thing, too. it's damp outside, not just melting which is happening right now but also light rain. you can see beach avenue is getting some of that this morning. clouds overhead, behind those clouds, that is rain, mixed in with a few snowflakes, may not even reach the ground. even if it does, the ground still warm this morning, it won't be an issue during the day. we are melting today. the rain comes to an end. we'll get sunshine and see the melting process continue through to the afternoon hours. 6:00 this morning, 36 degrees in philadelphia, above freezing in delaware and south jersey. look how quickly those showers push offshore. look at the clearing north and west. the clouds move on out of here. the winds shift during the day. we're not going to see the big warmup we had yesterday when we hit 50 degrees yesterday afternoon. it will stay above freezing and stay melting through the afternoon hours. we'll be in the low 40s, early this afternoon. it gets cold, though, tonight,
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riding innen 0 the same winds. showers ending this morning, then clearing skies. high temperatures during the afternoon in the upper 30s and low 40s. some areas actually, that's cooler than it is right now. and then it gets cold tonight. we'll freeze tomorrow morning, 17 degrees up to 40 in the afternoon. bright sunshine for thursday. but thursday night, some clouds come in for friday morning. but clearing out during the day. another warmup to 40. this weekend, a cold morning on saturday, in the teens but in the afternoon we make pretty good progress. 45 on saturday. 50 degrees sunday with partly sunny skies. then it looks like we're in for dense fog, especially monday morning which could continue into the afternoon, possibly even a few showers, clearing out tuesday with a high of 53. >> thanks, bill. google is taking steps to secure the future of drone deliveries. we'll explain how it would work, coming up next in a live report. plus, more controversy for chris christie after weekend flooding.
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>> i don't know what you expect me to do. you want me to go down there with a mop? >> back in new jersey, the governor had more to say. we'll hear what he's now saying to flood victims on the jersey ç shore. it is back to the future for the delorean. we'll explain how the iconic car will make its way to the road again.
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5:23 right now. 40 degrees in philadelphia. jp morgan chase rolling out atms that will let you withdraw
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cash with your smartphone instead of an atm or debitç ca. you don't have to stick to the normal 20, 40, 60 dollars. the new atms will dispense 5 and 1 dollar bills as well. lawe have the cnbc business news. google files a patent for drone delivery receptacles. google says it could start drone delivery by next year. over on wall street, one day up, one day down for the markets. stocks rallied on tuesday. however, oil is tracking lower today ahead of key government reports on supplies. we get reports on new home sales and earnings from boeing and
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facebook. the dow raising 282 on tuesday to 16,167. thes that -- nasdaq up as well. the company is recalling thousands of pickup trucks because of faulty air bags. they can explode with too much force. there have been ten deaths linked to the faurllty inflater made by takata. the car made famous by the movie is going back into production in texas. our houston affiliate says a lone star state factory will start making deloreans for the first time in three decades. the company will use authentic parts that have been warehoused for years ever since the original delorean company went bankrupt. they estimate they have enough supplies to build about 300 cars.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. 5:25. 40 degrees. we are above freezing. that's a good thing. it is raining in much of the area, including the jersey shore. that's a live view from cape may, the marquis de lafayette hotel. rain won't last all day. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour, just ahead. right now, jessica boyington is watching the koods in the first alert traffic center. >> we'll still watching lane restrictions on route 422 eastbound around 202 southbound. you can see brake lights moving past the scene. we had an earlier accident there and now we have road crews on the scene trying to get things cleaned up with temporary stoppages. you can see that car stopping right there. we'll have updates on this scene and more when i come back at 5:30. and hitting the roads and back to school. you may be more comfortable driving on the streets now that they are clear but there are other things to look out for. we'll tell you about it, coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. back to class. this morning schools will open their doors for the first time since the blizzard crippled philadelphia. as crews work to remove leftover snow from the streets.ç >> bring two mops, one to mop up and one to stick some place where the sun don't shine. >> some people in new jersey had harsh words for governor chris christie for his comments
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following this weekend's flooding we'll hear how he is defending his response to the storm. state takeover. new jersey wants control of atlantic city but some people in ac say elected leaders should not fold. it's 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm lauren mayk. let's start with weather. >> it is raining outside. beach avenue getting some rain. the rain is stretching across delaware and south jersey and just starting to taper off in philadelphia. a few snowflakes could be mixing in, not to worry. we're well above freezing this morning. there's no refreezing overnight. that is a gentle rain falling into burlington county, atlantic county, ocean county, for philadelphia, a few light rain drops. it's already ending north and west. it will not be cloudy all day. look at the temperatures. upper 30s for allentown,


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