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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoeta kotb live from rockefeller plaza. >> wine day wednesday. midweek, january 27, 2016. jenna bush hager filling in while kath takes time off. this is sean mendez. it's called "i know what you did last summer." it's also got camilla. >> i like it. wait. ♪ i know, i know, i know >> nice. we have a great show, you guys. we are chockful of celebs today. >> oh, gosh. >> jamie lynn sigler is going to sit down and talk with us, and as you know if you watched
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earlier today, she has revealed that she's been battling ms and has been doing it for 15 years. she said it was a secret she held close to her heart. she didn't want anybody to know about it. she's such a sweet, strong woman. >> i can't wait. and then we also have comedian chelsea handler. >> oh, my god. >> who knows what she's going to do? she's talking about her more serious side and her new series on "netflix" that has everyone talking. >> if you are thinking about selling your home or you want to freshen it up, we have one of the stars from "million dollar listings new york," and he will tell us the three things that every single homeowner should do in the next few months. that's -- >> i'm excited. >> would you like some words of wisdom? >> please. >> why not? i saw this today. ready? a reporter asked the couple how did you manage to stay together for 65 years, and the woman
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replied we were born in a time when if something was broke, we would fix it, not throw it away. >> i love that. >> isn't that beautiful? well, you know what's funny, i'm working on a piece that's going to run during valentine's week, and i'm not going to give the thing away because it's going to be i think kind of fun, but we did sit down with some couples that had been married 50 years plus, and there was a room full of these couples. i have to tell you, what you gleen from watching people who have been married 52 years, 58 years, 63 years, and they all -- first of all, they were all laughing, which was part of what i loved. >> key. >> key. one of the couples i loved in particular, and they said we never ever ever go to bed mad. i said wow. he says, yeah. every night i kiss her good night, and every morning i kiss her good morning. so you never go to bed mad? he said one time i was mad. >> what did you do? >> i went to sleep on the couch. then guess what happened? she said i opened my eyes and i looked on the floor next to me
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and there he was sleeping. they were sorry, and they got up and went to the bedroom. being married 60 plus years, you kind of get it. your folks have been married a long time. >> my parents have been married a long time, but my grandparents have been married, like, 70 plus. >> isn't that amazing? >> henry and i always ask. we have three couples we just adore. my cousin and her husband. henry's parents. he has polio, and she stuck with him in this loving amazing way. then my grandparents. whatever they wanted at our wedding. my grandparents, i can't even talk about because i'll cry, but we always ask my grandparents whenever we get a chance to talk about their love and how they've kept it going because i don't think it's always been easy, but what they say is that they
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both -- i see this. it's true. it's not just words. both go 75% of the way. you can't just go 50%. they've done it. now you go into their house in houston or maine. they're watching "law and order" really loud. they're holding each other's hands. >> oh, my god. that's great. >> i know your day was amazing because when you see these people -- >> when you see love in front of you. you talk about it being tactile. every couple was reaching across and doing this, without even thinking about it. they weren't sitting like, you know, rigid. they were always touching and all that. it just -- you know what, it gives you hope because it is true. a lot of marriages end. they go none of them had big weddings. none of them had big engagements. it was big nothing. all they did was they built it on love. >> they focused on the marriage, not the parties. >> the wedding. yes. >> recently -- this really will
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make me cry, but i have to say it. i was with my grandma, and i said, you know, my grandpa is older, and my grandma is too, jeez. i said do you ever think about the day when gampy won't be here anymore, and she said no because there won't be a day. he'll die, and i will die right after. i can't imagine a life without him. you know, henry and i can complain about mundane -- you can't top it in life to get bogged down by life, but when i think about that, i'm, like, jeez, can i -- who cares about the dishes? who cares about the dirty underwear he leaves on the ground? they're not dirty. you know, it's about the commitment and putting it first. >> i love that we started with that because we're about to make a sharp turn to something that's not so mushy. guess what, one direction may break up. i know. >> speaking of marriages. >> talk about heartbreaking. no, we don't know if it's true, but the band did debut a new music video, and it's called
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entitled "history." >> some are saying that's what's on the rearview mirror. it's over. some people say they're taking a break. anyway, you decide. >> take a look. ♪ all of the rumors all of the fights but we always find a way to make out alive ♪ ♪ thought we were going strong thought we were holding on ♪ ♪ you and me got a whole lot of history ♪ ♪ but we'll let it go and make some more ♪ ♪ we can live forever ♪ we can live forever ♪ baby, don't you know we can live forever ♪ >> now we need the kleenex. >> your grandparents and now
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this. >> we can't handle it. i think they're definitely over, right? wron. >> that's kind of emotional that video. who thought that was going to be emotional? >> you know how many tweens will be crying today? >> that's a great song. right? we don't know. we're saying it. if you have watched "the bachelor" like some of you have been doing, and we know, i wonder if you wonder, well, if i were ever on "the bachelor" as one of the women, how long would i make it down the list? would i get ejected in the beginning? would i stay after the first ceremony? who knows? >> thank goodness buzz feed created a quiz just to answer that question. there are eight questions to answer. here are just a few. >> if you fill these out, you'll know -- take it with us. okay. what's your drink of choice? you could choose water, coffee, beer, white wine. >> that was all of them? >> i thought it was water, coffee, or beer? i chose water. then i thought it was white wine or red wine or shots.
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i said shots. i need water. i'm not crazy. >> we need water, but this isn't the one thing you can drink for the rest of your life. it's not like you're strand odd an island. >> maybe it is. >> this is if you were on the bachelor. >> is that what it scienced. >> did you read the question? >> i picked -- all right. okay. number two -- >> this isn't -- >> number two, pick a dream date location. here are the choices. nashville, paris, london, new york city, rome, or tokyo? we both said paris. we're just seeing our answers now together. we're not faking. >> no. >> what is your personal theme song? the choices were drunk in love by beyonce, shake it off by tale swift, mama's broken heart, i write sins not tragedies by panic at the disco, or misery business by paramore or "here" by alicia cara. >> i chose shake it off. >> and i chose drunk in love.
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>> choose a job title. here with your choices. >> i love the job titles. >> amateur wine critic, cat lady, aspiring internet star, stock photo model, part-time yogi or dental hygenist. >> i said inspiring internet star. >> i know myself. i am the cat lady. >> you are not. your cat doesn't even live here. >> don't say that. he is in my heart always. he is just in dallas where he is living a better life. >> are you here for the right reasons? here are the choices. this is what "the bachelor" would say. the answers are yes, of course. wait. yes is one. yes, of course. yes, of course. the second one is i'm here for love. the third one is if i'm right. the fourth one is i'm not here to make friends. finally, looks around shiftily. last one is i'm open angling for a spinoff. >> yes, of course.
10:10 am
>> define right. >> and here are the results. i may -- >> you may get to the hometown date. >> they say you've met the bachelor's family. he met yours. unfortunately, your mom doesn't know about this whole thing and doesn't want to give you a rose because somebody in your family has doubts. >> oh, sad. >> poor, jenna. i only made it to the first -- >> here's why. please read. >> unfortunately, the bachelor couldn't remember your name on the group date. he hoped he would translate into a sympathy rose, but it didn't. >> you shouldn't have said the cat lady thing. i think if you didn't do the cat lady thing. >> yeah, but i want to be true to myself. >> you are more of an internet -- you are kind of an internet star. you would rather dance in an empty room than sit on the couch. >> and watch a cat? hmm, wrong. >> we have a new best friend that's out there, and we want to know what you think of it. gigi hadid, who is beloved by our donna and many others. >> have you not seen the new picture of gigi? >> she's one of our producers, and she's obsessed with gigi
10:11 am
hadid. >> she's young and hip. >> any time we get her in studio, we try to do it. this is gigi at fashion week. these are her jeans. >> this is the extreme ripped jean look. >> if you can tell, they go all the way up to the thigh. >> glamour called them the hot new denim trend. >> the thing about them, you wear ripped jeans. >> yeah, but i don't wear mine up like that. i wear the kind of jeans that everybody wears. >> yeah, yeah. i wear those. the thing is if they go -- henry always loves when i wear them too. again, i married an 80-year-old man in a 34-year-old body -- or whatever he is, 38. where did you get those? did you fall out of a car? like, what happened? did you get dragged so they ripped it. no, babe. you bought them like that? how old are you? nobody ever says that to you? >> no. my mom does not -- she doesn't like them because she thinks they look trashy.
10:12 am
>> i don't think i could pull off going with the pockets hanging down. >> first of all, we see our spanx through them. >> you don't wear spanx with jeans. >> oh, yes, i do. >> there is a baby who needs to be held by his brother, and sometimes holding a newborn can be scary, so check out this brother's first time holding his baby brother. >> your hand right there. see. good job. you look like you've done that. zoom one more. one more. one more. we got to see. >> he lays in your hand right there. >> watch. calm, calm. and you look like you've done this -- [ crying ] >> do you want to know the truth? i sort of felt like that the first time i held a baby. i cried first, and the first reaction was love. the second was, please, don't cry. >> coming up, we'll color you pretty with the hottest cue are for spring. sometimes we coordinated with her. >> we didn't mean to.
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only at olive garden. we're all family here. breadstick lovers, your new favorite lunch is here, breadstick sandwiches. zishgts for six sanz jamie lynn sigler was one of the most talked about families off tv. she played meadow on the hbo hit series "the sopranos." >> she just revealed she's been living with ms for over 15 years. >> something she first talked about in people making sfleen, and now she's sharing her story with, you and today has the dam broken? does it just feel like, oh, thank god, it's all out? >> it does. it was an overwhelming day the day that the news was breaking. i was in bed with my husband, and i woke up, and i was, like, shaking and crying because i felt so vulnerable and bare. when you hold a secret for that long, it's strange to share it with that many people.
10:17 am
i was so humbled and i felt the love. it was really nice. >> what were people saying when they heard you had -- >> a lot of people that have ms and just said thank you for speaking up and a lot of people, too, i'm not in the spotlight, but i had a hard time telling people too. it's a really hard thing to accept, and another reason it took me that long too was because i couldn't accept that i had it. i tried everything. i've flown to different countries and tried every quick fix, anything so i could get rid of this disease and move on with my life, but ultimately it is a part of my life, but it's not my whole life. it's not who i am. it doesn't define me. you know, i'm trying to change people's ideas about this disease. >> you were just 20 when you were diagnosed. why did you decide to keep it a secret for so long? >> i was advised and i felt that people would judge me, that people would put limits on me that i didn't necessarily need. i was afraid i wouldn't get hired for work. i was afraid i would get fired
10:18 am
from my job. a million different things. also, just, like i didn't want to accept it myself. i didn't want to admit to myself that i had it. >> for a lot of it you didn't even feel sick. >> no. >> you were asymptom attic. >> did you think to yourself do i have this? >> i only thought about it when i had to give myself my injection no. i was on broadway at the time. when the symptoms did start to happen, it was hard. you know, 26 years old, and, like, all of a sudden i want to run for a cab, and i can't run. just the ability is no longer there. you know, things that are hard to talk about, but if i'm being open and honest, i'm being open and hones. you have to deal with incontinence issues, which is common for women with ms. i have a young son. you try and keep up with them. it's exhausting for anyone.
10:19 am
you know, he knows that mommy will play baseball with him, but mommy doesn't run the bases. you adjust. >> you have an adorable husband. you're newly married. he is so handsome. >> i agree. >> when you started dating him, did you initially -- did you reveal to him right away? >> yeah. i told him about a week in. i could have kept it a secret, but why? it's a big part of my life, and we fell in love really fast, and i thought he needs to know everything about me. it's a lot. i have bad days. i have days that i'm depressed, and i'm sad, and sometimes he can't fix it, and he just has to let me work through it. it's a hard thing that you have to figure out as a team. >> how does it feel having that kind of love in your life? >> i'm so lucky. >> having a son and a husband. you can see it when you talk about them, you can see that.
10:20 am
>> oh, that's so nice. i'm really, really lucky. i don't think i would be here today without them. >> talk about how having bo, how having your 2-year-old boy has brought new life to your life? >> oh, my god, he has changed everything for the better. i mean, i -- you know, when i was pregnant, i was riddled with fear that i wouldn't be able to take care of him. i thought what if he runs away, and i can't chase him and protect him, and he gets hurt? i just -- i was so afraid. to be here now, he is 2 1/2, and, like, i don't mean to, like, float my own boat, but i'm killing it as a mom, and i'm doing it. he doesn't know the difference. i'm so proud of myself and empowered, and i think that has helped me a lot with being able to share, you know, what i have. >> well, you are empowering so many people today. we can't thank you enough for coming and sharing with us today. >> thank you. >> you're rocking it. >> you are. >> you guys are so sweet. i'm shocked i'm not crying.
10:21 am
>> we are. we are. >> oh, they're going to make me cry. i know it. >> well, we are. >> i'm hungry, then i'm crying. >> chelsea handler like you've mmmm mmmm....mmmm mmm mmm mmmm mmmm, yoplait
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we are celebrating wedded bliss with a spouse edition of "who knew?" >> what color dress did sarah jessica parker wear in her wedding ceremony with matthew broderick? pink? black? or -- >> i'm on the way to. >> the queen of late night talk has something new to show you. >> three real selling secrets from one of the stars of "million dollar know how you earn the title ... world's best mom? by starting each day with a perfectly balanced mug of... i've got this. mom!
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10:27 am
and not for the next several days. what you will need is a jacket. the wind is blowing, and that's cleared things up in the pocono mountains but keeping a lid on our temperatures. temperatures going nowhere fast. 31 mt. pocono, 30 and holding in philadelphia. we'll see more sunshine in the city. look how nicely it's clearing out, but don't expect a warmup thanks to that gusty northwesterly wind. then it's cold tonight. thanks, bill. let's get a check on traffic from jessica boyington. and, jessica, you're seeing some of that wind, right? >> we're seeing the wind. you can tell by our cameras behind me. this is on the 95 around the betsy ross bridge. we also have a situation here next to the offramp. you can see no real delay if you can actually focus on this accident scene, also involving a tractor-trailer with police activity on the scene there as well. watch out for ramp restrictions on the 30 bypass eastbound on the ramp near 202 northbound. thanks, jessica. if you haven't gotten around to
10:28 am
shoveling your sidewalk, it could cost you. an auto repair shop owner learned that the hard way. police ticketed blake cooper for not clearing his business's sidewalks within ten hours after the snow stopped. cooper says his regular plow operator canceled. this cell phone video showed the moment a garbage truck exploded yesterday in hamilton township, mercer county. that was one of the gas tanks blowing up. i'm lauren mayk, now back to the "today" show. we will have a full hour of news coming up at 1 sk.
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>> it's wine day wednesday. hoed wra is across the street at the shop at nbc studios ready to play our weekly trivia game who knew. i didn't know it was national spouses day. we're about to test your knowledge on famous couples. the answer if correct, the winner gets $100. if not, they get a signed copy of hoda's new book "where we belong." they're still winners. here in the studio anya, set director of the >> did you know it was spouse's day. >> i did know that. you hear about these things. >> over the break before the tease we asked what color dress did sarah jessica parker wear at her wedding ceremony with matthew broderick? was it, a, pink, b, black, or c,
10:31 am
green? hoda and i did not know the answer. >> well, the answer is black. she wore a black dress. she said she would wear white if she did it all over again. 90% of brides say they're wearing white to their wedding. >> who do you have over there? >> what's your name, sweelty? >> brook. >> where are you from? >> i'm from texas. >> girl, let's play. all right. here we go. this actress auditioned to play her future husband's girlfriend in a tv show in the 199 0z but didn't get the part? was it jada pink et smith, reece witherspoon, or jennifer aniston? >> i'm going to have to go with jada pinkett. >> it's right! [ applause ] >> okay. so tell us about that. >> it's true. it's true. they met. she was auditioning for his love interest role. she didn't get the part. nia long got the part, but they started dating, and later got married in 1997. >> a long marriage ever since.
10:32 am
>> long marriage. >> hoda, who else do you have? >> awww, we love it. what's your name? >> tammy. >> where are you from? >> texas. >> among u.s. presidents and first ladies, which couple holds the distinction of having the longest marriage? jimmy carter and rosalynn carter, george h.w. bush and barbara bush, ronald reagan and nancy reagan? no pressure. no pressure. jenna is just inside. >> george bush. >> she's right. yes! >> yes, i love that the texas girl knew that fellow texans -- >> of course, you do. they're your grandparents. they've been married 71 years. the next in line would be the carters. >> my grandma always said if they outlive them, the carters could win. >> hoda, who do you got? >> what's your name? >> tony. >> tony is turning -- >> 70, and i'm from fort lauderdale. >> go, girl. tony is a force of nature. i've lesched a lot from her
10:33 am
already. finish the lyrics to this song which billy joel wrote about his then wife christy brinkley. ♪ uptown girl she's been living in her uptown world ♪ >> love you whatever, i -- [ buzzer ] >> wait a minute. good news. you get a book. it's what she wanted. >> i actually think she would win with that verse. >> a back street guy and her mom never told her why. those are really the lyrics. sorry. >> thank you so much, anya. >> thank you. >> okay. chelsea did comedy. chelsea did late night, and now chelsea handler is here next. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away
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10:38 am
orl who is the queen of late night talk as host of "chelsea lately." >> now she's brought her controversial humor to netflix. controversial. her new series "chelsea does." she dives into important topics like race and drugs. >> but it does get personal with chelsea when she takes on the topic of marriage, and she consults with a team of experts. take a look. >> as a 40-year-old, i can get up and show you my body and stuff. do you think that i'm too old to get married? [ kids say no ] >> you think that i have a decent figure? [ kids say yes ] >> thank you. i know. >> thank you. i know. that was a little genius bit there. >> it's great to be validated by 2-year-olds. >> sometimes more refreshing to talk to than adults. >> exactly. i would love to hang out with a bunch of 2-year-olds. not as my children. you can rent them and -- >> i have one you can borrow. you want to borrow mine? >> i would borrow that. >> rent them. >> by the way, we've missed you
10:39 am
from tv. >> oh, thank you. >> we were wondering when is chelsea coming back, and what's she going to do? you kind of made a splash. what are you going to do? >> i'm back. i'm on netflix. i'm happy to be on netflix. it's the best place for me to be. >> why is that? >> people are smart. they give their opinions, and they respect them. it's a whole new world for me. i get to do documentary that is are totally me. they're not documentaries like i think i'm barbara walters. obviously no one is. not even barbara walters is. just because i'm fascinated why people continue to get marriage, and then one on racism, someone on silicon valley because that's all about technology, and i hate technology, and i hate my phone, and i want it all to go away. it's supposed to make your life easier, and it's not. then one on drugs because obviously i'm me. >> the drug one, you actually go to peru and par take? >> i do a lot of drugs throughout the documentary just to illustrate to people --
10:40 am
>> was it -- >> it's called iowatha. it's a hallucinogen. >> you girls are so white. you're so white, okay? it's a plant-based drug that is -- you do it with a shaman, and you hallucinate. another one of my favorite things to do. you kind of see all this imagery from your childhood. some people it really transforms their lives. >> did it transform yours? >> no, because i've done a lot of drugs, and it didn't get to me. smoo what do you think about the whole controversy of the oscars and the racism and chris rock? >> i don't think chris rock is going to back out. he has to represent. he is going to go. being a touchy subject for a white person to comment ate on. i don't really have any business commenting on it. i'm not black, and i don't know what it feels like to be excluded. it is hard to say. black people to be nominated every year. you can't just nominate them because they're black. they have to be nominated -- there aren't enough black movies. absolutely. it's a tricky argument and one
10:41 am
that i shouldn't comment on. >> but you just did. >> i did, so already in trouble. >> i visited "chelsea lately" when you were there, and it felt like such a family. i was telling that to hoda this morning. does this new show feel that way too? the people you are working with. >> i have some people from my old show that's on my new show. not tons. it's a completely different thing that i'm doing. it's not serious. it's more serious than what i was doing, which is anything. you know what i mean? it's still me and it's still fun and funny and stupid. me asking really stupid questions. i wanted to make it broader so we could talk about politics, we could talk about sexism and racism and drugs. i don't want it to be about celebrities because it's booring if it's the only thing you're doing. we're just starting up getting ready for any new show, which will be in may, but these documentaries, it's like a bridge to kind of show people the direction i'm going. >> if you had to compare your new talk show to some other show, what would it be something like? >> nothing. all those talk shows to me --
10:42 am
there are 11 of them now, and the last thing i want to do is put another show like that on the air. you know what i mean? samantha b, thank goodness is a woman that can now answer the question, i don't know i have an accent all of a sudden. answer. trans-atlantic. answer the question now for everybody what does it feel like to be a woman in late night? oh. >> you're so glad you don't have to answer that. >> shut up with that question. i've been so annoyed that i had to leave late night. that's how annoying that question was. >> when you touch something, it turns gold. you can check out chelsea does on netflix right now. >> okay. next, before and after pics to get your household. that's after this. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh
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10:48 am
right place. >> look no further than -- he is young for his signature high kick and high profits. >> he shares your secrets, whether are you selling or sprucing up. >> how are you? >> you're beautiful. >> look at you, fancy. >> thank you. new suit. >> i like you to break it down into three tips. >> affordable tips. >> what's the presell splurge. >> it's all about the purge. decluttering. this is basically free because everybody can clean. the whole idea is that people are moving because they want more space, right? you don't want to look at photos of your place or come home and can't imagine themselves living there. >> this is a before. >> before. a nice living room. very busy carpet. dogs. the dogs have to go, right? >> go where? >> they have to get out. the photos. then the book shelves are very cluttered. too many volumes. the after photo when we have declutter. it's the same actual apartment. it's the same. we have very few items here.
10:49 am
the carpet went away, and all that light. that's what you want. you want people to be soothed when they come in. not too many going on. not too busy. >> should you be losing all kinds of personal pictures and personal effects and stuff like that. >> trophies, religious items. i tell my sellers, start packing. even before you move out. pretend you're moving out. put everything in boxes. >> i think one of the major -- people like to clean out. that's why people like to move. >> we only need one-third of the things that we own. we own a lot of stuff. >> number two. >> the neutrals is about making all depersonalize, neutral lore. this is a perfectly fine kitchen. the chairs are a little big. this is a lot going on over here in the back splash. the whole idea is to make it soothing. the after which is the exact same kitchen. it looks like two different kitchens, but it's not. new back splash. repainted white.
10:50 am
really, really fresh. >> how much would in a cost? >> this is just a couple of -- $2,000 is my guess. >> total. >> is that fur on those chairs? look at you, fancy. >> understated stylish and really inexpensive. this is -- you know, my point is you should do this to increase the value of the home, right, but anybody should do this. it's just a better place. a happier place to cook in general for anyone. >> you get rid of those two chairs. >> and make the -- >> there's a lot going on that back splash. a lot going on. >> next, light it up. talk about lighting. >> light, it's just a happier place. oh. everybody loves light, right? i love many different light sources, like a glow. it's the easiest, least expensive way to make it sophisticated ask stylish. this one light source, why would you take photos during the night? you know what i mean. this is -- it looks like a different room. it is the exact same room, same furniture. we opened it up. the mirrors are genius. they sht a light source, but they reflect the light.
10:51 am
they make everything look so much bigger. one, two, three, four points of light. what a big difference. >> boy. you're right. why photograph at night. you're right. >> also, like, parking spaces. basements. when you have a house. just buy those very cheap. go to ikea. the lights -- the floor lamps. >>. >> how much did it cost to redo? >> a few hundred dollars, and the whole apartment. >> freddy, thank you. >> thank you for all you do. >> all right, guys. coming up. everything is rosy when lilliana is around. >> she's got the hottest totes for spring. just under $50.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
here we are in lilliana's intimate dressing room. >> oh, i love this. >> it's like invading your privacy. >> you are always welcome. >> we find our fun spring
10:55 am
fashion and there's two colors. >> yes. >> colors of the year. >> you are actually in the colors now. okay. jenna, you are in serenity, which is a gorgeous blue. >> we did not do this on purpose. >> how did that happen? >> you guys are always on trend, okay? >> i don't know. >> hoda, you are in rose quartz. >> pantone did two colors instead of one. sfroo do you think they did it because of us? >> yes. they picked the two best models. let's talk about rose quartz. it's a super easy color to wear. here we have it in a jacket. this is from h & m. it's only $49.99. it's a light weight coat. it can be perfect for spring or layer it under a heavier coat. then we did great shoes. those are from lulu's.comes. i love the ideas of a minibag. that's the new silhouette for spring. then a scarfing. everybody needs a scarf. it's nice to add a little bit of color if you are wearing a black coat or brown coat. add a pop of color. wrap it around. >> when hoda walked in in this.
10:56 am
i lot of this. it's a neutral. this is like a neutral pink. sometimes colors of the year are really bold, and you are scared to wear them. then on kelly i love this jacket. it's from macy's bar three. under $50. then we have great accessories on the table as well. shoes, again, from that open cage look. under $40. they look so expensive. we have a great bag that's from urban outfitters cross-body. that petite style, which is really important this season. a blanket scarf, which i love. this is a big poncho style. >> wrap it around. >> $25 on that, and then this is my favorite accessory. okay. the little fur pom pom's. these are only $14.99 from tj max. look. i just attached it to the bag. >> it's so cute. >> you can stick it on one of your -- >> it's faux fur, right? >> lilliana, thank you so much. tomorrow from "fifty shades of black" jaen seymour is here. >> also, ambush makeovers and
10:57 am
how to organize your house in one minute or less. >> what? >> plus, if it's okay to ask someone to use their
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, the snowcation is over for thousands of our school in the area. children returned to classes for the first time since the blizzard. and here is a live look over market street in center city, philadelphia. main roads just fine today, but some side streetds are still a mess. the philadelphia streets department says its goal is to make sure all of them are 100% passable by the end of the day today. and here is one place that really could use a plow. nbc 10 took this video along


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