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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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promise. >> live in south philadelphia. george? >> reporter: denise, the answer is they have made tremendous progress on that front. the problem streets that remain are those streets that had to be dug out with a backhoe rather than plowed across the top of. for most philadelphia drivers, this storm's leftovers have been removed from the travel lanes. but the parking impact still lingers. >> reporter: on street corner after street corner, across philadelphia, these mountains of snow linger four days after the weekend's historic storm. and many philadelphia drivers are finding, they can now get where they're going. the trouble is getting into a parking spot. >> i was trying to get in and stuck. >> reporter: spinning tires? >> yep, spinning tires. i shouldn't have driven. >> reporter: the wheels of the city are turning again with school kids returning to classes and parking meters and kiosks
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enforced again. nearly two feet of snow now largely under control. >> i've soon a lot of bobcats coming down the street, cleaning side streets. >> reporter: the city said 92% of all residential streets were passable and they'll be at 99% by close of business today. clearing out school bus stops late yesterday kept the streets department shy of its 100% goal. >> about 230 locations that came to us yesterday afternoon and we kind of modified our service to make sure that the children got to school safe. >> reporter: but until the remaining snow piles melt away, residents up in port richmond claiming their parking shots. the city's no savies campaign having a limited impact here among those who feel their dug-out spot is theirs alone. >> like we respect each other, you know? if somebody dig out, we'll find someplace else. >> reporter: so the 1% of city streets that remain unpassable at this point, the streets
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department says, as you can imagine, mostly smaller streets, and especially those smaller streets where snow blew in on top of the snow that actually fell there. live tonight in south philadelphia, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> wilmington's mayor took to facebook to apologize to residents who still have snow on their streets. in its post, mayor williams said the city got a season's worth of snow at once. but as mayor, he takes full responsibility. nbc 10 drove all over the city today, only found a couple of streets still covered in snow. even those streets were pass ibl. the warmer temperatures are helping clear the streets but the city has crews out trying to knock down snow piles. >> the response was good. the main arteries down here, you know, they were pretty much clear. secondary streets, you know, you have to allow for accumulation and then move on it, they only had so many trucks. >> wilmington workers team up
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with private contractors to remove snow but the city only has two spots to put the snow it removes from city streets. that slows down the cleanup process. >> conditions in allentown are improving. there were about 40 trucks on the road today. front end loaders moved the snow from the ground to awaiting truck. it's taken to a nearby landfill. one of the truck drivers told us he's been working 12-hour shifts since the snow fell. he says he's never seen snowfall like this before. >> this is -- this is -- this is quite the thing here. a lot of -- it's like being in buffalo or something, i imagine. >> tonight, crews will be working on lyndon, washington, 13th and liberty streets. the struggle to clear streets in the lehigh valley forced school districts to close for a third straight day. now the allentown school district says it will have to close thursday as well. easton and bethlehem schools
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will both open for the first time this week. easton will be on a two-hour delay. >> hugs and kisses before heading into the classroom today. nbc 10 at our lady of hope catholic elementary school at 13th and jackson streets in south philadelphia, the first day back for philadelphia public and parochial students since the blizzard of 2016. check for the latest. students need to watch their step as they head off to school. >> melting snow could freeze over later tonight. chief metrologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. when can we expect the drop? >> i don't expect it to be happening over the next few hours. talking well after midnight for the area and toward daybreak where you reach the lowest temperature generally. we've had a lot of sunshine during the day today. not a lot of wind. and the temperature will be going down below freezing, just
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about everywhere during the night tonight. down to 37 in pots town now. that's the cold spot. they'll below freezing by 10:00. late tonight, after midnight, we're going to see the refreezing, pretty widespread. anything that looks wet is likely to be icy. remember, sidewalks and driveways have a lot more ice generally than the streets. and that's where a lot of people end up getting hurt. the coldest night of the week here, temperatures down to about 11, 12 degrees in allentown, bethlehem, 15. kutztown, 15. new hop, that's by daybreak. everything frozen solid. 13 pottstown, 16 torenton. a huge warm-up on the way we'll let you know how warm it's going to get in a few minutes.
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some of the other stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." murder investigation is under way in mercer county, new jersey. after a woman found bludgeoned to death. police in east windsor say the body of the 73-year-old was found in this house on mozart court last night. the victim's daughter-in-law may have information related to the murder. the 45-year-old disappeared and may have fled in 2000 nissan quest minivan with new jersey plates. warning, someone tried to lure two children into a car with a promise of candy. there were two separate attempts, one in oaklyn, camden, the other in evesham township. both happened on the same day. police in evesham have a neighbor's home security video and it shows a dark volvo entering a secluded and upscale neighborhood. the driver stopped two boys, 10 and 11, who then run off. police later learned that same car was involved if a previous
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attempted luring of three boys in the same day an hour earlier in oaklyn. >> the vehicle stopped at which time the driver, the male, asked the children if they'd like any candy. heads up move by the older child, pulls the cell phone, pretends he's calling the police. >> in both incidents, the male driver reportedly in his 60s with graying hair. police cannot zero in on a license plate. new information from bucks county. the high school basketball coach seen if this video has lost his coaching job. in the video, neshaminy jerry divine appears to bump a referee. the board voted to dismiss divine as coach. he'll keep the teaching position. also he was cited for harassm t harassment. lawyers have been ordered to
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represent fattah in the chase. if the lawyers do not stay with the case, he fears the trial could be delayed. scheduled to begin early may. fattah's lawyer say he hadn't paid them in months. accused of bribery and money laundering. he denies the charges. the congressman is married to renee chenault-fattah. renee is on leave from the station. imagine getting more paid time off from work to spend with your new baby. that's what members of a delaware house committee talked been the bill entitles full-time state employees with one year of service 12 weeks of paid leave after the birth of a child or adoption. if both parents work for the state, each would be eligible for paid leave. volunteers took to the streets in philadelphia to count the number of young people without a place to call home. the youth home ms count takes place four times a year volunteers began at love park before fanning out across the city. the count led by the nonprofit
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valley youth house. digital team spent months on the streets getting to know homeless people. you can learn more and hear stories of the people who have been homeless in an nbc 10 digital exclusive called "faces of homeless youth" on next, nbc 10 gets an inside look at the allegations against bill cosby. we'll hear what happened inside the judge's chambers as lawyers argued over information in the case next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." plus this -- >> fire stations flooded. new frustrations for firefighters reeling from sandy. >> water gets under the concrete. >> why one fire company could use your help. i had to get a picture. i want to remember this. this is amazing. >> yes, amazing rescue in the middle of the blizzard. how this group of strangers saved a driver whose truck was teetering off the edge.
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we're hearing what happened in a judge's chambers as lawyering argued over the
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allegations against bill cosby. >> harry hairston, what can you tell us? >> i spoke with the judge in her chambers prior to the latest status hearing. she declined my request to sit in the hearing held in chambers. we obtained this recording of the proceedings. the fight is over the legal files, believed to contain interviews with other women who accuse cosby of sexual assault. the attorney who represents seven cosby accusers in a defamation case subpoenaed the attorney for the file in december. >> what we are after is the documents that were gathered by miss troiani's discovery. >> reporter: yesterday the judge questioned the relevance between the sexual assault case file to the civil lawsuit. >> what do you expect to find in the troiani. case file?
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>> i expect to find highly relevant information about mr. cosby and his dealing with several of the plaintiffs in the massachusetts litigation. >> reporter: he believes the case files have information involving at least four of cosby's accusers. cosby's attorney argues the case file is not relevant to the defamation claims and suggests he depose other accusers for their testimony. a short time ago, i spoke with and the attorney, she tells me she does not object to the subpoena and will do whatever the court orders. judge brody may make a ruling next month after hearing more arguments by both sides. >> the national weather service just confirmed a tornado passed through south florida this morning. this was the scene in broward county. there are overturned vehicle, downed power lines and severe damage to buildings.
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the tornado had wind speeds between 90 to 100 miles an hour. and it's the cliff-hanger that's drawn worldwide attention. part of the bluff beneath the pacifica california apartment building is falling to pieces. still, some residents insist this is safe. they're fighting to stay in their homes, even as their apartment building teeters on the edge. they say they aren't ready to say good-bye to the view, and are challenging an evacuation order. >> where else can you live along the coast for like $1500 a month? this is look a poor man's malibu. >> to say we have to get out, why? if it falls, it's not going to fall in ten seconds, plenty of time to get out the front door. >> really. some residents are heeding the order, there's no firm dead lun to move out. more rain is expected in the area later this week. back now to our first alert weather coverage on the blizzard of 2016.
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skyforce 10 live over bridgeport montgomery county. this is at jefferson streets. the plows working hard to clear away all of the snow. four days after the blizzard hit. and allentown man's death over the weekend ruled an accident related to the winter storm. 55-year-old michael may died of carbon monoxide poisoning sunday morning. he was in his car while attempting to clear snow around his vehicle when he was overcome by exhaust fumes. the death is the fifth weather-related death and second carbon monoxide death in pennsylvania linked to the blizzard of 2016. that list includes three victims who died while shoveling snow. a picture capturing a daring rescue during the height of the winter storm in western pennsylvania last week. a group of good samaritans formed a human chain to save a life. it happened friday on the pennsylvania turnpike in pittsburgh. >> joe holden spoke to a rescuer who says he was so moved he felt
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compelled to stop and take a picture. >> reporter: it was an incredible act of courage by a group of strangers on pennsylvania turnpike. >> trying to help this driver, diesel fuel everywhere, truck's smokin'. >> reporter: the storm was intensifying. the driver lost control of his rig near bedford. the truck dangling off the highway. a driver with pleasant trucking scaled down the hill, checking on the driver. >> i didn't hear anyone from the top of the hill say anything. i didn't hear anyone come up with a plan. i just saw it happen. >> reporter: what happened next, nearly brought him to tears. >> to me it looked like just this spontaneous instinctive thing that everyone started hooking their arms together. >> reporter: the driver was hurt but he didn't interfere with the chain of helping hands. he stepped back and snapped this picture. >> i knew i had to get a picture. i want to remember this. this is amazing. this is inspiring. >> reporter: this was the beginning of 48 hours of trouble on the turn pib.
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down the road, traffic would come to a halt where some drivers were stranded for 30 hours. four the father, his mind getting home in one piece. his heart warmed by what unfolded on a cold, snowy, pennsylvania highway. >> when it comes down to it, someone in a catastrophic, dangerous situation, most people i think their instinct is i've got to help. >> that was joe holden reporting. that tractor-trailer is still stuck on the embankment. officials plan to close part of the turnpike tomorrow to recover that big rig. they will shut down 86-mile stretch of the turnpike between 9:00 a.m. and noon tomorrow. westbound lanes will be closed from breeze wood to new stanton. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> that's a mountainous part of the pennsylvania turnpike, it's not just flat like the eastern part of the state is. and that makes travel in those kind of conditions even more
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dangerous. we've got our own more minor issues. but it's still an issue, ice potentially in the morning as whatever melts refreezes during the night tonight. we've got more melting each day as we head through the weekend and into next week and a nice weekend for those who want something opposite of what we saw last weekend. a lot of sunshine today. not a lot of wind. 13 miles an hour at the airport now. 42 degrees, six degrees colder than this time yesterday. making it feel like it's in the 30s. nothing compared to the way it fell a couple of days ago. it's 37 in pottstown. 38 redding. 39 in west chester. in allentown, most other places are in the 40s. wilmington, dropped to 39 degrees. and it's 40 degrees in dover, millville, atlantic city. we have temperatures that are going to be dropping into mid-20s overnight in
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philadelphia area. maybe down close to 20 degree mark. suburbs will be much colder, places that had a lot of snow and didn't get a lot of melt. we have a lot of clouds around, much of the state, maybe flurries in the pocono. but rest of the area is pretty dry. much of the country's pretty dry, too. a weak front here in the midwest. just a few snow flurries with that. and that may not make it through the area at least snowflakes the front will come through and that will cool things off a bit on friday. that's about it. you can see the snow pretty much stays in those mountains in southwestern pennsylvania. if you ever drive from philadelphia to pittsburgh, you know what i mean. it is not like traveling in the middle of the country here. a pattern change. we've got the chilly air overnight. and then things are going to change. jet stream changing its pattern, colder air back into the west.
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warm air surges up the east coast as we head into the end of the weekend and early next week. go into the 50s and maybe even 60 degrees before all of this is over with. 18 for the low in philadelphia tonight. 12 in some of the coldest suburbs. and remember watch out for anything that might be frozen tomorrow morning. the sun for much of the day, clouds late in the day, gone a lot of melting. sun's rays are stronger in late january than they are in late december. temperatures into low 40s. and then the seven-day forecast, cool down a little bit on friday and it's a windy day, too. then we start warming up during the day on saturday after that chilly morning. we'll be in the teens in the suburbs. the rest of the weekend mild. sunday, 52 degrees. and that's not as warm as it gets. it goes warmer than that. 57 degrees on monday, perhaps up to 60 by tuesday when the first
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real chance of showers starts. >> 60, thank you. what's inside all of the boxes? police say they're filled with one of the most popular items on the market right now. why officers have confiscated thousands of them, coming up. plus, special guests who got to take a ride in the pope's car. they're jamming a little bit.
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federal agents seizes shipments of hoverboards head for homes around the country. customs and border protection investigators intercepted the imitators as they passed through chicago, pulling multiple
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shipments before they could reach the market. the counterfeit hoverboards coming to the u.s. from china. >> once this process gets finished, i'm confident the seizure value will exceed $10 million. >> officials seized around 60,000 since january 1st. but that number is expected to grow. the philadelphia auto show's about to get rolling. >> mayor jim kenney helped kick things off. kenny riding shotgun as this dodge viper was driven into auto show. the viper belongs to rocker jon bon jovi and the show runs this saturday through february 7th at the pennsylvania convention center. look at that big smile there. this is the 115th year of the show. another car sure to turn heads at the auto show the fiat that carried pope francis through philadelphia in september. the car will be auctioned off at the show this friday. we were there as that same fiat was driven into the auto show
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today. you would recognize the guy in the passenger seat, papal singing sensation bobby hill. you may remember bobby as the boy with the golden voice. he captured worldwide attention when he sang for pope francis during the festival of families in philadelphia. >> firefighters weren't just the first responders during the blizzard of 2016. >> some of them were also victims of the damage. take a look at the video. firefighters trying to do their work while their station is flooded. even though the water is gone, the damage is far from over. we'll have that story next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." new video of the philadelphia police officer ambushed if his own patrol car. how officers from another city showed their gratitude for his her reexactions.
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the sun certainly doing its job today with temperatures in the 40s, all that snow from the blizzard of 2016 is beginning to melt. and it's leaving behind a wet mess. the first alert weather team will show how that can lead to problems with ice. >> another wet mess of the jersey shore. take a look. this is just one of the local fire departments that was flooded during the weekend's blizzard. >> nbc 10 jersey shore bureau
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reporter ted greenberg live with more on that. ted? >> reporter: i'm told firefighters had to come out of the trailer and then trudge through floodwaters, just to get their to their emergency vehicle. that water's gone but for some headaches remain. >> reporter: flames, high winds and water, jersey shore firefighters battled them all in the weekend nor'easter, even flooding in their own firehouses. >> water gets under the concrete and it starts to break it part from underneath. >> reporter: corrosive saltwater that surged into the beach haven volunteer fire company on saturday. >> all of these cracks are every flood they get worse. >> reporter: four floods in three years damaged the floor of the building's dining hall which the department rents out to raise money. members are worried the room will soon become unusable, but say replacing the floor will cost tens of thousands of dollars. >> any help that the public can
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give us, we're greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: this ladder truck, damaged by sandy, then repaired, got swamped a second time, but i'm told it's been cleaned, still operational, and replacement was already on order. some ocean city firefighters had to step foot in prij frigid wat >> ridiculous. >> reporter: since sandy flooded the firehouse in 2012, it's only been used for housing department vehicles, with this neighboring trailer serving as home base for the professional firefighters stationed here. then this weekend, water poured inside the firehouse again. >> to come back to the same issue that started it with floodwaters inability, with nothing being done, you know, it's frustrating. >> reporter: i reached out to the city for comment. a spokesman would say the resort is committed to finding a
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solution that would not be affected by flooding. live in ocean city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> traffic confusion and frustration in allentown today. nbc 10 on allen street, so much snow on this side street, only one car can get by at a time but cars ended up face-to-face. some drivers honked, others got out of the vehicles to come up with a plan and work it out. drivers want the city to do a better job with side streets. >> the city's doing the best they can but still a lot of snow in the alleys. they've done main streets but it's little streets giving us problems. >> took about ten minutes for all cars to back out and to get through one by one. no doubt, it is a scene playing out in quite a few places across the region. check in with nbc 10's tim furlong live. our shot is of those streets and roads trying to be cleared. tim? >> reporter: yeah, that's right.
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this is bridgeport montgomery county, you can see on fourth street one of the streets where people were complaining about. they're still working at it, trying get the snow out. we're starting to see areas where the snow's doing the -- the sun is helping to do the job for the crews and melling it away. as we came out to the western suburbs, you can see more snow on the ground. there's more work to do. as we pan over across the river, into the norristown area, we can say we're not seeing as many crews working. we're seeing clear side streets. we came out here after having heard on our broadcast how bad some of the streets were, some of complaints, council people saying they had concerns of how things were being handled. it looks better, as far as we can see. i'm sure there's some streets and people going, my street's not great. but from up in the air, we can see progress made especially on the major streets and side
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streets. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. as the snow started to melt, that can also cause real problems with the ice. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. glenn, all of that water going to refreeze overnight. >> yeah. it's going to take a while especially in philadelphia. but it is going to get well below freezing everywhere. and it is below freezing nowhere at this point, not even in the pocono. the current temperatures, well, it's dropped below freezing this past 15 minutes, mt. pocono down to 31. every other place, several degrees above freezing. we don't have anything frozen now. but it looks like water, it is water. but later tonight, it's a different story because we have that refreeze, temperatures go back below freezing, there's not a lot of wind to dry things out either. so if it looks wet, you have to assume that it's icy. don't forget about the sidewalks and the driveways because a lot
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of people don't take care of that. all of a sudden you go out your front door, next trip is to the hospital. we've got 11 degrees by morning in allentown and bethlehem. 16 pottstown, 17 in lands dale. and a lot of places are going to be in the teens by tomorrow morning as you see here. wilmington at 17. lancaster at 13. atlantic city, a mild 23, at least compared to the rest of the area, even in philadelphia. we may be below 20 degrees. but we are going to be seeing a huge warm-up as we head into the weekend. more about that with the seven day in a few minutes. >> here's some other stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." a 17-year-old camden girl facing murder charges in death of a 13-year-old boy this month. found shot near beacon and line streets january 7th. he later died at the hospital. the 17-year-old facing attempted
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murder charges for a separate shooting back in october of 2015. a special honor today for philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett ambushed this month. members came to philly to personally show their support. >> new york city police department silently walking beside you, silently cheering you on the entire time. >> officers from the nypd's 17th precinct gave officer hartnett a plaque honoring him for his heroic actions. they spent time visiting and took a group picture together. three weeks ago, hartnett ambushed, shot several times in the arm, but managed to chase after and fire at his attacker, who was later arrested. the officer hartnett came home from the hospital friday. the fraternal order of police plans to hold a benefit tomorrow. prevention, intervention,
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treatment, recovery, that was a title of an opioid symposium today. governor tom wolf was there. a huge panel made up of district attorneys, judges, doctors, drug and alcohol experts, and university professors shared their knowledge. they talked about ways to deal with the painkiller and heroin epidemic across the state. according to a state agency focused on rising health care costs, the number of people hospitalized for an overdose of pain pills, more than tripled between 2000 and 2014. for heroin, that number has doubled. still ahead, two teenagers in new jersey reunite with the firefighters who saved them from icy river. plus, we all need a little help cleaning up from the blizzard. now one police officer's act of kindness shared all over social media. hear from her next.
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update on a story we brought you last night on nbc 10 newsuz 1ews at 1 11:00 a video of a police officer cleaning snow off on an elderly woman's car. we spoke with that officer today. the video has nearly 18,000 views on facebook. the officer pulled the driver over because she had snow flying from her roof. the woman says she couldn't do it herself because she couldn't reach that high. instead of giving her a ticket, the officer gave her a helping hand. leech says it's all in a day's work. >> the department still filled with a bunch of people like myself, we do our best to try to help everyone in the town and it makes us happy, part of our job. >> a passing driver notices the officer's good deed and called the department who found the dash cam video and posted it
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online. donald trump is not backing down. the republican front-runner says he won't take part in the next debate. why experts think it could help him win votes. and coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," the white house invites nbc 10 over for a visit. our jim rosenfield joins us live from washington, d.c., with what he and the president just chatted about.
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more drama in the race for the white house. in a big question tonight is donald trump dropping out of the much-anticipated last debate before voting starts in iowa? a brilliant move or a big mistake? nbc's steve handelsman is in washington with the latest. >> are you afraid? >> reporter: another trump headline grab. >> i said bye, bye, okay? >> reporter: backing the of the debate on fox. >> a huge risk. we've searing republicans bounce on him saying he's too scared to go toe to toe with fox news. >> reporter: it's not fear, not fox, trump says. it fox moderator megyn kelly who says was unfair at first debate in august. refusing to pull kelly, capitulating to politician's ultimate tims violates journalist standards.
5:45 pm
trump, tapping cruz on stage, seven points up in today's monmouth poll, trump protecting his iowa lead, and impressing voters. >> they see strength, they see a guy who's not going to be bullied by a network that they like, by the way. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders went to the white house to discuss policy with president obama who made no endorsement but wrote the book on victory in iowa. >> i'm not saying we can do what barack obama did in 2008. i wish we could, i don't think we can. but if there is a large turnout, i think we win. >> reporter: iowa bowling alley, hillary clinton agreed, turnout is key. >> and i am asking all of you to go to the caucus monday night because if you stand up for me then, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: clinton and sanders tied now in iowa polls. steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> 2016 democratic national convention won't arrive in
5:46 pm
philadelphia until july. those putting together the massive event need help now. so far, 7,000 people from around the country are registered to volunteer. they need 10,000. today at 11:00 we spoke to the volunteer director to see what kind of jobs are available. >> looking for volunteers as young as 14. if you want to come out with youth group, as a family, neighborhood, we'll welcome it. >> volunteers are needed for transportation, convenient support, and to work with the press and social media. find out more about available positions on or nbc 10 app. a rare opportunity at thomas jefferson university hospital today in center city, philadelphia. former atlanta mayor and congressman andrew young spoke about gun violence across the country. >> it's not boots on the ground. it's not guns. the best answer to a bullet is a job. >> young is a former ambassador
5:47 pm
to the united nations, and was the closest man to dr. martin luther king jr. at the time of his assassination. he talked about cultivating future generations. he told us the big focus should be on building jobs. >> the biggest problem we have on earth now is that there are 1.2 billion jobs all over the world and 6.5 billion people. that's not enough jobs. we're going to have 7 billion people probably in 2020. if we don't have another billion or 2 billion jobs, we're going to have more troubles all over the world. >> young was at jefferson to commemorate king's values of compassion, inclusion and service. today, council president clark announced a new partnership between the city and the pennsylvania horticultural society. it's called land care re-entry.
5:48 pm
it offers former inmates jobs in landscapi landscaping, maintenance, construct. we were there while dozens interviewed for a position. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> sometimes you get the best sunsets with clouds, as i always say, wait until you see this in a second. we've got a refreeze again tonight. we melted during the day today. it freezes tonight. temperatures go down into the teens. more melting, of course, each day. heiss undershaping up. wait until you see temperatures. and look at this. cape may with clouds in the background. just picture perfect end to the day there. makes you feel kind of calm and rested and peaceful, done it? 42 degrees in philadelphia now. 13 mile an hour wind making it feel like it's 35 which of course is not that chilly for
5:49 pm
this time of the year. temperature dropping into the mid-20s, in philadelphia itself. but into the teens and suburbs as there is more and more concrete showing up around philadelphia and that keeps the temperature up more at night. 31 in mt. pocono. but above freezing, just about everywhere else. only 36 in lancaster and coatesville. 37 pottstown. it's cooling off. 36 blue bell. won't be too long before we get below freezing. 36 kennet square, 39 wilmington, washington township. 40 wrightstown. atlantic city airport and lewis, delaware. as the offshore wind keeps the ocean nice and calm. we've had clouds generally across northern pennsylvania, could be a couple of flurries in the pocono. but that's about it. the storm that we were watching over the weekend for later in the week looks like it's going
5:50 pm
to stay far enough offshore to not bother anybody. a weak front coming in from the midwest and looks like any snow with that is going to be hung up in the mountains and not come across, some of the latest computer guidance, this case even misses the poconos. so if that doesn't get any precipitation here, we may stay dry until even tuesday of next week. the cold air retreats. arctic air is going to be far away as we go through the weekend and into the week and a mild air returns. and we haven't seen much of that in month of february -- late january here. and you can see, as we go into the beginning of february, we're going to see some really mild weather. february 3rd, talking about temperatures perhaps near 60. not going to last but doesn't
5:51 pm
happen too often. 18 degrees philadelphia for a low tonight. 12 north and west. won't be any wind by daybreak. watch out for the refreezing and icy patches. we have a lot of sunshine tomorrow. clouds late in the day. more melting, temperatures into the low 40s. and we melt even more as we head through the weekend. a little bit colder friday, and windier. so you should feel that difference. and then it's chilly on saturday morning. but after that, warms up. once we get to sunday morning, we don't get below freezing for a few days. we get up to 57 monday, near 60 tuesday with the first shot of showers. lester holt joins us live from washington, d.c. with a look at nightly news. >> good evening. >> good evening. coming up, from washington, one-on-one conversation with bernie sanders fresh off his meeting with the president. why the alarm is being raised by
5:52 pm
an aggressive response to the zika virus and an act of bravery. back to you now in philly. >> thank you. see you at 6:30. coming up -- nbc 10 gets a personal invitation from president obama. jim rosenfield joins us live from the white house where he just sat down with the commander in chief.
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armed protesters still occupy an oregon refuge, 24 hours after a member of the group was killed, and the leaders taken into custody by police and federal agents. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has more. >> reporter: it happened along this stretch of highway 395, remote area police and federal agents say they picked to reduce the chance of violence. but as officers pulled over a caravan of leaders from anti-government protest group, 45 miles from the oregon wild life refuge they occupied for almost a month. something went wong. >> one man died yesterday as we attempted to take him into custody. because there's an ongoing investigation, i cannot comment on the details. >> reporter: 54-year-old was shot and killed. he had become a spokesman for the group and told nbc does. >> honestly, there are things more important than your life.
5:56 pm
free done is one of them. >> reporter: eight protesters taken into custody, including the leader, bundy and his brother ryan, treated for a gunshot wound after his arrest. armed protesters remain in control of the national wildlife refuge, calling for the release of two oregon ranchers convicted of lighting fires on government land and demanding local control of all federal lands. while today sheriff dave ward emotionally called for them to leave. >> tearing our community apart. this can't happen anymore. this can't happen in america and it can't happen in harney county. >> reporter: a county in the crosshairs of stand-off and national debate that's turned violent now. jay gray, nbc news. >> coming up income, "nbc 10 news at 6:00," a visit to the white house. nbc 10 is the only local media outlet to get an invitation from president obama. jim rosenfield live from the white house with why the
5:57 pm
president is focused on philadelphia. now, lots of snow melting today with warmer temperatures. but of course in for refreezing tonight. time-out the temperatures, next. plus, attempted child luring, partially caught on camera in south jersey. live with the warning from police on what they think this crime is connected to. "nbc 10 news at 6:00" starts right after this.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," first it melts, then it refreezes. the aftermath of the blizzard could make your sidewalks and side streets icy tonight. that's as if some roads are totally clogged with snow four days after the storm. i'm jacqueline london. jim rosenfield is on special assignment. philadelphia officials wanted all city streets at least passable by close of business today. now, they say 99% of streets are ready for cars. and the snow is no longer an excuse to break parking rules. the philadelphia parking authority is back to enforcing parking meters and towing the rule breakers. we sent george spencer all over the city to check out the cleanup progress. he found mostly happy residents finally able to get down their
6:00 pm
streets. >> reporter: in fairmont, we saw the mountains of pleaued snow, so common across the city's neighborhoods, piled up by crews working to clear philly streets after the weekend storm dumped nearly two feet. >> perfectly clear. no problem. >> reporter: on a small street? >> yes. yes. unbelievable cleanup. they did really well. >> reporter: for the first time today, the city seemed to be getting back to its routine. parking meters and kiosked. >> today bet than yesterday. >> reporter: improvement? >> especially back there. >> reporter: sharon deeds tells us, even side streets are now in good shape. the city said 99% of residential streets would be passable by close of business today. just shy of its 100% goal with the lingering problems on the city's smallest streets. >> there are som


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