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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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streets. >> reporter: in fairmont, we saw the mountains of pleaued snow, so common across the city's neighborhoods, piled up by crews working to clear philly streets after the weekend storm dumped nearly two feet. >> perfectly clear. no problem. >> reporter: on a small street? >> yes. yes. unbelievable cleanup. they did really well. >> reporter: for the first time today, the city seemed to be getting back to its routine. parking meters and kiosked. >> today bet than yesterday. >> reporter: improvement? >> especially back there. >> reporter: sharon deeds tells us, even side streets are now in good shape. the city said 99% of residential streets would be passable by close of business today. just shy of its 100% goal with the lingering problems on the city's smallest streets. >> there are some everywhere, we
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tried to show attention across the board but where there's a heavier concentration, that's where the problems are. >> reporter: with the progress on the travel lanes, street parking remains a challenge for tens of thousands of phillie residents. some areas homeowners are saving spots with cones and lawn f furniture. others cars are wiggling in between huge piles of snow. >> you come up on a spot, either a mountain of snow or car inside it already. >> reporter: the city says it was not able to clear every single residential street because some were covered with so much blown snow heed that to be dug out with backhoes. those are smaller streets and the commissioner hopes to have them addressed by tomorrow. george speps spencer, nbc 10. washington, since the storm started on friday, the distrache
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has issued $1 million of parking tickets and more than 65,000 in fines. d.c.'s snow emergency still in effect for 25 more minutes. in delaware tonight, the mayor of wilmington is apologizing to people who still have snow on their streets. nbc 10's delaware bureau reporter tim furlong checked on conditions today. now monitoring the traffic from skyforce 10. >> reporter: that's right. on the ground in wilmington all day. i found people amazingly patient. also found side streets with snow. you can see right now, at this hour, four days after the storm, still at it. this is right next to the elementary school in wilmington. crews loaded snow in a big dump truck to be taken away. most want to say good-bye to the snow. so much to handle at one time. >> i definitely think there could have been more preparation. >> reporter: angela thinks wilmington wasn't as prepared as
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it could have been for the storm. today spinning honda tires out of the snowy spot they occupied since snow started falling. we did find some snow covered streets in wilmington today. we also found people still shoveling. but the plows, sun, warmer temperatures have teamed up to make every street at least passable. today, the mayor took to facebook to apologize to residen residents. as mayor he accepts full responsibility. >> i didn't experience any difficulty. >> reporter: this woman hasn't had problems on the streets waughing with her kids she has noticed residents have cleared sidewalks. today we found front end loaders going back to clear the huge plows piles the plows left. a slow process slower, most people tell us they're willing to be patient. >> considering the amount of snow and the rate it was falling, i think they did a good job, you know.
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>> reporter: and as we come back live here in the city of wilmington, you can see work continues tonight. it's been so warm, we've had rain and sun, that helped the crews do their job. but a lot of work to be done in many spots. we did find a couple of people who say the city could have done more to salt and brine the street. they think wilmington did okay. the city not specifically in the snow removal business. they had to do it and a lot of snow to deal with. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. as the melting and refreezing continues tonight, some schools are planning to close tomorrow, while others will open late. allentown schools will be closed tomorrow. octorara will open two hours late and also easton will open two hours late. find out the moment the school decides to close or delay with the nbc 10 app. sign up for alerts. a lot of melting snow in your neighborhood, like this scene in allentown.
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much of what's melted is in line to refreeze overnight. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking refreezing process. what are people in for tonight and tomorrow? >> clear skies and the light wind, that's going to allow the temperature to drop. snow on the ground, that allows the temperature to go down more. main roads tend to be dry. side roads you get the snow and it melts and that's where you have the issue. still above freezing everywhere outside the poconos but it's 33 in pottstown. on the verge of going below freezing, at least in some colder spots. by let's say, 9:00, 10:00, a lot of the area will be below freezing. went that happens, of course, whatever melted, freezes. it looks wet. assume that it's icy. especially tomorrow morning when we'll be at our lowest point. and don't forget sidewalks and
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driveways where a lot of people have trouble because they're not cleared. and they can get slippery. so as we go through the next several hours, seeing temperatures dropping in through the 20s, and that's when everything's going to be freezing up. i'll let you mow whknow when it warming up in a few minutes. from the nbc 10 south jersey bureau, police think two attempted child lurings in two counties could be related, and one was partially caught on camera. the first happened in oaklyn, camden county. the second more than a half hour away across county lines on peter hurd way in evesham, burlington. cydney long got the video you saw first on 10. live at evesham police. >> reporter: i can tell you, police believe the same older male driver in the same car approached two groups of boys in two separate towns on the very same afternoon both times using
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a cliched proposition. but when kids did not bite in oaklyn, he tried again here in evesham. this is a neighbor's home security video of a 10 and 11-year-old boy. minding their own business. >> they were scared. i mean they did a great thing picking the phone. >> reporter: police say, once kids went beyond the trees in evesham, a suspicious, dark volvo approached and backed up. you can see headlighted in the top right corner of your screen. >> which time the driver, the male, asked the children if they would like any candy. >> reporter: it was an immediate red flag for the kids. rebecca thompson is a friend. >> we know the boy. he ran home, said he was going to call 911. >> reporter: the driver had gray hair, in his 60s, teenager and with long, blond hair his passenger. the two sped off. it's clear on camera, the neighborhood was unfamiliar turf. evesham say the video speaks volumed. >> they believe they saw
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something. this shows what the children are advising parents and police did happen. the vehicle description was right on. the direction of travel, it stopping. >> reporter: police learned it was the same car that approached three boys an hour prior to this incident. >> that's something that i did not hear until you told me. we were not aware of that. >> reporter: in oaklyn, camden county, a half hour away, on manner avenue, offering candy to three boy whose refused. >> we are all very well-connected, we know each other, all of the kids. we do know when a car doesn't belong. >> police have not yet been able to zero in aon a license plate. they are working with d.o.t. to see if highway traffic cameras may have seen it between the 4:00 and 5:00 hour saturday january 16th. they added the female passenger that witnesses noticed in oaklyn was a much older female in her 60s. cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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>> congressman chaka fattah's lawyers ordered to continue to representing him in a criminal case. even though he's stopped paying them. the judge said the lawyers don't stay with the case, he fears the trial could be delayed. it's scheduled to begin in early may. fattah's lawyers hasn't paid them in months and they want to quit. fattah's accused of bribery and money laundering. the congressman is married to renee chenault-fattah. renee is on leave from the station. next, on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," live at the white house. nbc 10 is the only local media invited to do a sit-down interview with president obama. jim rosenfield joins us live next with what the president told him. first a live look outside from skyforce 10 over the river front ice rink in wilmington. you're watching "nbc 10 news at 6:00." hey gus! good to see you again! the usual? veggie burger with the works. see ya.
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a special invitation from the white house. nbc 10 is at only media invited to interview president obama today. jim rosenfield joins us live from the white house, where he just finished chatting with the president. what was on the president's mind
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that he extended this invitation? >> reporter: the looming sunday deadline to get people to sign up for obamacare coverage. philadelphia is one of 20 cities part of challenge to boost enrollment. we first got the invitation friday as the blizzard was about to bear down on the valley. we said, yes, it's a go. we came to the white house. we had extensive briefings with member of the administration. but just five minutes with president obama. that was after his meeting today with the democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. why the invite to say, philly, let's get some of the 100,000 uninsured in philadelphia to make that january 31st deadline, raise awareness. right now philly is in the top five for new sign-ups in 2016. the winning city gets a visit from the president. but how affordable is all of this really for the average person? what are some glitches they're finding that raise their premiums because they can't get tax subsidies.
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we asked the president about that. we'll get into that tomorrow, starting at 6:00. >> your time with the president was short. did you have a chance to ask him about any other issues? >> reporter: it was short. but we did ask him about gun violence, s especially in light the philly police officer hartnett ambushed on the streets of philadelphia. we asked what can you realistically do about the problem of gun violence in philadelphia, wilmington, camden, in the waning days of your administration. hear what he has to say about that tomorrow. >> thank you. speaking of the president, hopeful bernie sanders visited the white house today. the two met privately in the oval office for more than an hour. the moeeting comes days after speculation president obama was supporting hillary clinton. >> there was some discussion the other day about a politico interview tipping the scale toward secretary clinton. i don't believe that at all.
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>> white house press secretary josh earnest has repeatedly said president obama does not plan to endorse a candidate during the democratic primary nor make public who he vets for in the illinois primary. hillary clinton is in philadelphia to raise money for a campaign. her campaign has been secretive about the exact location. rocker john bn bon jovi will pl for donors who give at least $1,000 to the campaignen the national convention arrives in philadelphia this summer. those putting together the massive event need help now. so far, 7,000 people from around the country are registered to volunteer. the dmc needs 10,000 volunteers for transportation, event support, and to work with the press and social media. grant money will help local students study water purification. nbc 10 at science leadership
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academy in north philadelphia today the state farm youth advisory board handed over a check for $99,000. students will use the money to create the solar water purification system. long after the floodwaters receded some firefighters are still facing a slew of frustrations from the weekend's nor'easter. members of the beach haven volunteer fire company had a major mess after ice-filled water poured into their station. four floods in over three years caused cracks in the floor of the building's dining hall which the department rents out to raise money. >> it's becoming an issue that no longer can be fixed. any help that the public can give us, we're greatly appreciating. >> the fire company has a big turkey dinner fund-raiser february 13th. last one in october had to be canceled because of flooding.
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three building -- rebuilding begins at a beach that got walloped by the storm. crews brought in sand. protective sand mounds were almost completely washed out by the storm. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> very often after a big storm we get an extended period of frigid weather. the snow just stays there. not this time. we have had a lot of nice melting each day. but we also get a refreeze again tonight, especially as the wind goes relatively calm. melting, that will continue each day as we head into the weekend. nice weekend for most of us. quite different from the weekend we saw last weekend, you might recall, little stuff falling from the sky. well, traffic is doing just fine on the main highway, some of those small streets that are a
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problem. 41 degrees right now, the wind diminishing, down to nine miles an hour. at moment 33 in potstown. 35 in allentown, 37 redding. 38 in mt. holly. 36 in wilmington. and in dover. and 35 in millville. temperatures below freezing within a couple of hours. by morning, we're going to be seeing temperatures way below freeze, in the teens across a good bit of the area. down to 12 in redding and allentown and even atlantic city, dover 23 degrees. every part of the area's going to be below freezing tonight. could see a couple of flurries in the poconos but that's about it. that could happen with the weak front coming across the area. it's weak and often we don't get the snow coming over the mountains in western pennsylvania. that looks like the case tomorrow. you can see that area of snow
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looks rather empressive. but there it goes. very hard sometimes for that snow to go past the mountains, as soon as you get that westerly wind it goes downslope and that tends to dry the atmosphere out. friday looks dry and the weekend, too. chilly tonight. but we have a significant change in the weather pattern. the jet stream shifting, warm air building, and coming right in this way as we go into the weekend, into the 50s. and maybe even up to 60 before we get a cold front coming through. clear and cold with the refreezing tonight. 18 for the low in philadelphia. 12 north and west. tomorrow, after that early freeze, temperatures will be jumping into the 40s, with fair amount of sunshine, get a lot more melting once again. then you'll have another refreeze as a cold front comes through. chillier on friday.
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but it warms up over the weekend by sunday afternoon. 52 degrees. and then it gets warmer after that. 57 monday. and the first chance of rain coming in on tuesday. we could hit 60. >> that's a good forecast. ahead in sports, new eagles head coach doug peterson on his first trip to the super bowl as the man in charge.
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this is sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity. x1 will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm amy fadool. eagles brass continues scouting
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asenior bowl in mobile, alabama. the first of a number of predraft scouting event that lead up to the draft in april. eagles owner attending practice with doug peter son. discussing the difference in scouting now as head coach as opposed previously as acoordinator. >> watching the entire field of talent not the offensive side anymore which anybody that is involved with football, you know, obviously knows a little bit about everything. but that's the biggest thing. >> with the big contingent of the eagles coaching staff in mobile, questions surrounding the future of quarterback sam bradford. pederson provided insight on where the team stands with sam. >> sam and i have had a great conversation a couple days ago. look forward to working with him. you know, it's just something we continue, again, continue to evaluate, we'll pull that trigger one way or the other
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when the time comes. he'd love to be back. that's the thing we've got to continue to look at. he's a kid that would fit the type of offensive structure that i'll bring. >> the flyers and capitals tonight. washington the top team in the nhl leads the east by ten points. steve mason is out as shawn couturier. flyers captain giroux talked about facing his former teammate. >> you're ex-teammates, it's a -- at first it's weird but it's pretty fun. >> another game. i think there's one player there that i played with. it's no different than playing against any other team other than i wore that jersey before. >> it's been a little while. the sixers visit the piston tonight.
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both missing second straight games with illness. okafor will take in all star weekend as part of the rising stars game. both players part of the team usa. that will wrap up for sports. more news back after this. winter is hard on your nose.
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fadool. real warm-up on the way. >> yeah. it's warmed up a little bit. sun's rays are more powerful late january than they are in late december. more powerful every day. you can see, sunshine every day, above freezing every day. so a lot of that snow's going to be gone by a week from now. tonight's a cold night. everything that mels will refreeze and by tomorrow morning, you need to be careful of what's around. anything that looks like it is liquid is going to be ice. >> right. >> in the morning. >> still have to be cautious a few days. by the time we get 60, we're
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good. >> no more snow. >> jacqueline london. the newsen its with nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. developing news tonight. trump standoff. an intense drama building as the front-runner goes to war with fox news, refusing to show up for the final debate before iowa, slammed by his rivals. what's behind trump's drastic move? also, one-on-one with bernie sanders. his oval office meeting with president obama days after the president seemed to tip his hand in favor of hillary clinton. deadly shootout. federal agents and a dramatic confrontation with government protesters. the group's leader arrested, the siege still not over. and walmart controversy. the world's largest retailer about to shutter over 150 stores leaving neighborhoods across 15 states fresh out of luck for food. "nightly news" begins right now.


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