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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we'll be up 3 degrees from the 6:00 number but into the middle 30s at lunchtime. we'll be back in the 40s with bright sunny skies. let's get an update on traffic. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're wanting to expressway around 4th street. no problems here. no construction closing it down. westbound, that's where those cars are going toward the schuylkill expressway or if you have to get to the 30th street station eastbound to 95. no restrekzs there. watch out on the northeast boulevard. traffic lights are out. police are by buy bury road and new compton. looking better than it did a few weeks ago. you can see we're all dry. cars having no problem getting
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around the curves. when i get back in a few minutes we'll check out more. >> jessica, thanks. they arrests a man overnight for posting threats online. >> he's 23 years old. they sayon line threats sometime yes. they say the threats were posted to social media accounts, facebook and instagram, and they say those threats came after they had investigating another separate series of threats on social media. yesterday, early yesterday morning chester police arrested a 17-year-old girl. they say she posted threats against several schools in this section of delaware county. they arrested her at a home in chester township and school went on as scheduled yesterday morning. that arrest of the 17-year-old girl happened before dawn and
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then sometime in the overnight hours police then investigated this second separate threat. they say that the threat was posted in retaliation for the qn
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4:34 am or nbc app. it's 4:34. today the bishop will announce the goal for the click charities appeal. this morning at st. katherine day school in win woord archbishop hugh will talk about why the initiative is important in serving the need of the philadelphia area. also governor jark martell will recognize the hard work of the employees who stayed on top of the snow removal during last week's blizzard. he'll present a tribute to deldot storm crew. right now there are case of the zika virus in 24 different
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countries and there is no known cure. still ahead we talk to the local health officials about what you need to know about this health crisis before you travel. and flooding problems continue at the jersey shore. check out the weather conditions that fire houses see in their own firehouse and how you can help out. >> bumdle up this morning. it's cold outside. if it's still on the ground, it has refrozen overnight burke that changes during the day. your neighborhood forecast is just ahead.
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cold zone this morning which, of course, means the melting yesterday, falling temperatures, we're looking at some icy spots this morning. will not last all day. just like yesterday we'll see the temperatures climb into the
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40s this afternoon. so daytime melting, that will happen once again. in fact, you can count on that over the next few days. look at reading. 15 degrees. 26 degrees with a few scattered clouds. in philadelphia, we will see lots of sunshine, but at the shore, cape may colder in the city at 25 degrees right now. nice and clear. look at the delaware. barely moving. not a ripple there or barely a ripple. so not much in the way of wind. this morning it's going stay light. this afternoon it stays light. tomorrow the wind returns. this morning you'll have to bundle up. look at the teens for pottstown, doylestown. williams ton is 20. it's dropped into the teens. it's cold. the wind is not an issue. the radar shows no signs of any
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precipitation anywhere near us. sunshine, a few scattered clouds. fleetwood, pennsburg in the upper 20s today. upper 40s for king of prussia and at the shore a little bit warmer with partly sunny skies later on after bright sunshine. cape may, a high of 44 degrees. milford and millville right into the middle 40s today. the wind stays light for wilmington, woodstown. bright sunshine today and light wind today. there are going to be some clouds. mostly sunny skies, late clouds and the seven-day. why not take a peek. 20 in the morning, 40s in the afternoon. it is done by saturday.
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45 saturday. >> crazy. let's get a look at your ride to work. jessica boyington has a look at that. jessica? >> we're not seeing as much snow over into the side shoulders and the off-ramps. use some caution and be careful in case anything froze from overnight. as you see here on the schuylkill expressway and spring garden, no problems. heading eastbound to the vine street expressway, things are doing a great. you can see taking a fly through there, no problems. north or southbound from 30 to the schuylkill expressway. if you head in either direction, you're good. this is actually approaching the bridge. the toll plaza bridge over here. no openings scheduled right now. same for the burlington bristol.
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and the rest of the area bridges are nice and clear. no problems heading into philadelphia. the walt, the bend, tracy. el chapo's arrest thanks to sean penn has the makings of a thriller. next new animation shows how the drug leader did it step by step. and president obama now has less than a year in office, so what's next. hear one idea that could keep him in washington for a very long time. did you know there's a cough liquid
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that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym® twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym®. the zika virus is spreading across the americas. the cdc says there are cases in 24 countries and territories. the world health organization says the virus could spread to the entire western hemisphere. nbc's lauren mayk is live in our digital center to let you know
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what to expect when traveling. >> doctors say don't panic, first of all, but people, especially pregnant women, need to know the risks here. nbc philadelphia 10 at the airport last night. some showing concerns. the zika virus causes minor symptoms in children and adults but it can cause birth defects. they say to avoid mosquitos in the caribbean and south america and watch for symptoms. >> if you the symptoms and you've been to one of the countries recently and you're pregnant t next thing you do is call your doctor. >> american has given commerce traveling to those countries the option to postpone their trip or get a refund. if you're traveling, doctors
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recommend wearing long sleevd clothing, mosquito repel ant and watching for those symptoms. some scientists are taking directly to the mosquitos carrying the disease. scientists of a british firm have created genetically modified mosquitos that curb reproduction. they hope to get them to mate with the unmodified mosquitos and they say the offspring will not survive. they're already trying out their method in parts of brazil. live in the digital operations center, i'm lauren mayk. it's quarter to 5:00. this is new video showing mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman arising back in prison. this shows guzman being fingerprinted, blood tested and photographed from the prison in
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which he escaped in july. there's video of him stealing a car moments before his arrest. here's animated video that recreates guzman's escape. it shows him go through a tunnel and use a make shift railroad powered by a motorcycle, it shows him being aided by another person. guzman was captured following a secret interview with sean penn. he's currently in the process of being extradited to the u.s. you can see that app on nbc 10 sa and hover boards pose a safety risk. customs and border patrol intercepted thousands of counterfeit hover boards. they were coming to the u.s. from china. >> once this processing gets finished, i'm confident the seizure value will exceed $10
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million. >> some of the seized hover boards have fake battery packs that don't meet safety standards and could cause fires. in california police are looking for an assault rifle after a deputy lost it. this is a picture of an ar-15 like the one that went missing on tuesday night. the deputy set the rifle on the trunk of his patrol car, accidentally drove away and didn't realize it was gone until the next day. volunteers are trying to determine how many people are living on the streets in cumberland county. they stand out to take account of the homeless. the first presbyterian church there is to give the county enough ber to make sure there are enough services to help the homeless. >> we-to-solve the problem of homelessness, you need to know how many you have and you need to know the demographics, for example, is it families,
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singles, veterans, how long have they been homeless. we're trying to get to the statistics to help resolve the problem. >> it will help guide plans to decrease homelessness in kuemperland as well as to show need to bring more federal aid to the county. nbc 10 spent months on the street in gets to know young people as part of our in-depth report. it notes they're an invisible population desperately in need of help. you can learn more and hear of the young homeless. an nbc 10 exclusive. it's 4:48. president obama still has a year left in office, but what's next for him when his term is over? might he be interested in serving on the supreme court? the subject came up at a campaign event in iowa. someone asked clinton if she'd name obama to the high court.
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her response, wow, what a great idea. she said the supreme court needs new justices who in her words actually understands the challenges we face. most parents arrived at the school yesterday in work clothes but one parent turned up in her pjs and said she was running late and her priority was to drop her child off on time. >> soaking wet. [ inaudible ] >> the principal said she sent out the notice when parents turned up in pajamas even at a christmas concert and said it's a good example for children to see parents setting up their day. right now let's check the conditions on the garden state parkway.
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jessica boyington has that. jessica? >> i figure we'd check down the shore to check for slippery spots. so far it's okay. this is around the grade a toll plaza. no problems and no snow over into the side shoulder, so everything looking dry at least there at that point on the garden state parkway. here's 26 street around penrose avenue. you can see everyone moving along nicely there. you can still see some snow over into the side shoulders but otherwise it's a good drive. we're in the green right now. we have no problems with our drive westbound or eastbound to valley forge. a 23-minute trip. mass transit, if you haven't heard we're stepped up. running on time with no delays. aisle check in with more of your area cameras when i come back.
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ten minutes before 4:00. we're waiting for sunshine and we'll see it. the wind has really settled down overnight. that's allowed the temperatures to plummet. that's 18 degrees lower. the wind is very calm. big patch of ice. that's where you would expect it at the ice rink but there are other slippery spots to be found this morning. it melted. it did not dry out. teens for doylestown and pottstown. blue belle is down to 16 degrees and 18 in lachb yet hill. go father north and west, eag eagleville sl in the 20s. solidly in the teens for pottstown, upper providence. gilbertsville is 14 this morning. you have to bundle up but with clear skies we're in for lots of sunshine. like the last couple of days, a nice warmup. that's a cold front that's going to return today. may produce a snow shower
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tomorrow. is that swing through the area it will be above freezing. so accumulation is unlikely and most areas won't see flake one. by the afternoon sunshine takes over for tomorrow. for the day,its going to be sunshine for the morning and for most of the afternoon you might see a few scattered clouds late in the day. 40s this afternoon. nicely above freezing later today. tomorrow, back in the frozen zone. 28 in center city, colder in the suburbs. there will be clouds around and a brief snow shower mainly to the north and northeast in the city. 40 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the warmup happens over the weekend after a cold morning saturday. 45 the high. nice and mild for sunday. 50 degrees. and look at this. a bit of fog monday morning. could be thick to start with. but then 54 degrees monday
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afternoon. closer to 60 in spite of the chance of showers later tuesday and rain on wednesday. >> all right, bill. thanks for that. seven minutes before 5:00. we continue to follow breaking news. next in a live report at 5:00, police arrested a man overnight for making online threats against officers. also under water, it's not just homes and businesses at the jersey shore. see how firefighters are dealing with it and how you can help. did you know there's a cough liquid
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that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym® twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym®. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. no problem with cars getting through, but definitely potentially -- actually some slippery spots over into the shoulders as you can see some snow there. here's new jersey on the new jersey turnpike on the delaware memorial bridge. no problems there. if you're heading back into new jersey right now, no delays.
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we'll have updates for you from our cameras in the next five minutes. 4:55. the philadelphia auto show is about to get rolling. yesterday mayor kenny road shotgun in this viper. it's owned by jon bon jovi. this is the show's 115th year. now, another car that will be sure to turn heads at this year's show is the fiat that carried pope francis through philadelphia last september. one of the fiats used by the pope will be auctioned off friday and another will be on display. proceeds from the auction will benefit various charities. organizers drove one of the papal fiats. in the seat was singing sensation bobby hill. do you remember him? so cute. you might remember he was the boy with the golden voice.
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♪ >> he captured worldwide attention when he sang for the pope. well, the reading terminal market isn't just for food anymore. nbc 10 was there for the launch of movies at the market. they'll feature movies every month. you pay what you want to pay, but you have to make a reservation. three minutes before 5:00, new safety concerns in the aftermath of the blizzard. while many homes and businesses were damaged so were firehouses and now one department needs your help. when emergency calls brought firefighters into the storm saturday, they first had to step foot in the flood and since hurricane sandy flooded the 29th street firehouse, it's only been used to house vehicles. this weekend water rushed into the firehouse again. >> we come back to the same issues that started it with floodwaters in the building with
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nothing being done. it's frustrated. >> ocean city saysite committed to finding a solution. floods like this have damaged the dining hall which the department rents out to raise money and the floor will cost $10,000. the company is asking for donations. >> an update to a story we brought you yesterday. we showed an police officer cleaning off. she pulled the driver over because she had snow flying from her roof. the woman said she couldn't do it herself because she couldn't reach that high. it is illegal to drive euro car with snow on the roof. instead of giving her a ticket officer leech gave her a helping hand. leech said it's all in a day's
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work. >> the department is filled with a bunch of people like myself, we do our best to try to help everyone in the town out it. just makes us happy. it's part of our job. >> a passing driver noticed the good deed and called the department and they posted the dash cam video on social media. an officer helped a driver who got stuck in the snow. to see more stories of officers and other people helping others out, you can go to our nbc 10 app. >> love to see it. a lot of people helpling their neighbors. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. we're following several breaking news stories right here on nbc 10. first a live look at the chester police department. right now one man is under arrest after posting threats to
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chester police online. we'll tell you how it's connected to others in the area. al breaking news overnight one man is shot after being shot. officers say 20 bullets were fired at the scene. we'll tell you what investigators are looking for right now. melting snow with highs in the 40s. first it is a cold start with icy spots iffer your morning commute. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news" tore. i'm lauren mayk. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's start with the cold weather and bill henley in the weather center. bill? >> it's that cycle. cold mornings but melting in the afternoon it's going be a great day on the ice rink at penn's landing. the ice you'll find on the sidewalks and streets refreezing overnight, not so nye nice. still falling in al lenstown and pottstown. wilmington, 26 degrees.


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