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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, we're getting a look at the man police arrested after they say he threatened local officers. good morning. i'm lauren mayk. the threats were made against police online and followed a threat made against schools yesterday in chester. chester police are getting ready to hold a news conference in just a few hours. nbc 10's drew smith is live outside the police station there. drew, you spoke with the commissioner already. let us know what you're finding out. >> reporter: well, lauren, the commissioner says he has to tak these sorts of threats seriously, especially after that threat earlier this week against the local schools. they worked with multiple agencies here in delaware county to find their guy.
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david milbourne is in custody right now. this is david milbourne's mugshot. he's charged with making terroristic threats and harassment. concerns came from expletive posts on instagram and facebook pages which the poster said he had a gun buried under a house and trigger happy. >> instead of threatening, come forward and speak to the police station tell them what's going on how you feel. >> reporter: he showed what police identified as the threat to people in chester. >> there is no excuse. and i'm glad they got him. >> reporter: at the address where investigators say milbourne lived in media, no one could tell us much about him, but the community is on edge after another threat aimed at local schools. a 17-year-old girl was arrested for making the school threat earlier this week. police say milbourne confessed to telling that girl to do it. >> i'm so glad it didn't escalate. i have lots of family and children and things going to these schools and a lot of people didn't send their kids to
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school because of the situation. >> reporter: we should learn more about this case and the threat earlier this week and how police are investigating coming up at our 1:30 p.m. news conference. we'll have a crew here for that. and also just about 30 minutes i'll be back here to tell you about what the police here are doing to investigate these types of threats and advances they're making and how the community played a role in this particular case. live in chester, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, drew. this morning chester city police are investigating two deadly shootings, three men were shot outside the village deli on morton avenue. one died, two others are being treated at chester medical center. later a half mile away stormforce 10 flew over another crime scene in chester. someone shot and killed a man in his car on upland street. police have not made any arrests in either shooting. investigators say they don't know yet if the shootings are related. police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia that sent one man to the hospital. the shooting happened around 1:30 this morning at eighth and
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somerset street. that's right near a middle school. this morning the victim is recovering at temple university hospital. he was shot while driving on north eighth street. he backed into and damaged several other cars before running away. police also found a minivan in the street with a bunch of visible bullet holes but no other victims inside. instead, police found drugs. in all police picked up about 20 shell casings from at least two guns, one neighbor's glass front door was shattered during the gunfight. police are still searching for whoever is responsible. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. our region is getting another chance to thaw out today. here's a live look at market street in center city where temperatures are climbing above freezing again. how warm will it get? nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the answer. sounds pretty good, bill. >> actually, it's a really nice day and turnaround from this morning when parts of the area were in the single digits. blue sky, few thin scattered
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clouds. not a lot of wind today. that allowed temperatures to get cold overnight, but during the day that's going to allow for a pretty quick warmup. in fact, we're already at 38 degrees in philadelphia. the wind at 6 miles an hour and will stay below 10 miles an hour during the day. most of the area calm to start now just a light breeze blowing in wilmington and trenton, at the shore, 3 miles an hour at wildwood. sunshine. and the temperatures will keep climbing as we go through the afternoon. 1:00 today, 40 degrees, just a 6 miles an hour wind at 4:00. that's when we'll start to see some scattered clouds coming in. 42 degrees. once the sun is down it's going to be a quick cooldown to 36 by 7:00 this evening. clouds will be increasing tonight. and there may be some snowflakes before we get to the weekend, lauren. i've got the futurecast when i'm back in just a few minutes. thanks, bill. stormforce 10 was over an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a car in salem county less than two hours
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ago. this is on straugnsville road. a western portion of the pennsylvania turnpike is closed right now so crews can remove this tractor-trailer that went over an embankment during the blizzard. this is between breezewood bedford county and new stanton, westmoreland county. crews hope to have the turnpike reopened this afternoon, hundreds of cars, buses and trucks were stranded on the turnpike during the blizzard, some for more than a day. time for a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. what are you seeing, jessica? >> it's a pretty quiet drive. right now we've passed rush hour time. we're around route 73 right now on the new jersey turnpike right around the intersection no problems, but there are some electrical repairs on route 73 around 295 with some lane restrictions to pay attention to. also on the garden state parkway pretty much down the shore, northbound right around exit 36 at 322 there's construction
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there. and lane restrictions. and then offramp is closed until 3:00 this afternoon. now, checking in with the area bridges, we've got a lot of bridge openings this morning on the burlington bristol and taconh-palmyra. no problems right now on the betsy ross or the takoni-palmyra. the schuylkill expressway looks great. from the blue to the expressway 14 minutes no problems heading into center city but watch out for a little bit of sun glare, lauren. thanks, jessica. from our south jersey bureau, police are warning families to be on the look out after two separate child luring attempts. one happened in oakland, camden county. the other in evesham township, both on the same day. home security video shows a dark volvo going into a secluded and upscale neighborhood. the driver stops two boys, 10 and 11 years old who then run
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off. >> the vehicle stopped, at which time the driver, the male, asked the children if they would like any candy. really had not moved by the older child 11 years old pulled out his cell phone and pretended he was calling the police. >> police say the driver in both cases was in his 60s with gray hair. police later learned that same car was involved in an attempted luring of three boys just an hour earlier in oakland. investigators are still working to come up with a license plate number. happening today, our community will come together for the philadelphia police officer recovering after being shot during an ambush. the fraternal order of police lodge number 5 will hold a fundraiser for officer jesse hartnett. hartnett is expected to be there. all of the proceeds will go towards his recovery. yesterday members of the new york police department came to philadelphia to personally show their support. >> the new york city police department will be soundly walking beside you, silently
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cheering you on. >> officers from the nypd's 17th precinct gave officer hartnett a plaque honoring him for his heroic actions. they spent some time visiting with hartnett and took a group picture together. three weeks ago hartnett was ambushed in west philadelphia. he was shot several times in the arm but managed to chase after and fire at his attacker who was later arrested. officer hartnett came home from the hospital last friday. police looking for some new recruits in abington township. a little boy dressed as a superhero, the caption, can't be batman, be an abington police officer. on march 12th a written exam for recruits looking to join the force. you can check out the application by tapping the nbc 10 app. today governor jack markel will officially note the hard work. during a ceremony in dover he'll present a tribute to the storm
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crew. donald trump is not backing down. the republican front-runner -- >> you and i had an agreement that you wouldn't ask me that. >> republican front-runner has another tense television exchange. we'll show you who was persuading the real estate mogul to attend tonight's debate. and this time next year president obama will be out of a job. what will he do next? hillary clinton discuss one idea with her supporters. tell you about it coming up. won't be long and we'll be out of the cold, but before that happens we could see some snow showers. futurecast hour by hour just ahead. ou're 50 to 85,
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happening now, at this hour the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch is on a plane on his way back to the united states from mexico. 18-year-old ethan couch and his mother were arrested in mexico last month following a more than two-week long manhunt. couch was sentenced to ten years of drug and alcohol free probation following his conviction in a deadly drunk driving accident. he recently dropped his effort to fight deportation. he's expected to arrive in dallas shortly after noon east coast time. this morning police in oregon have three more protesters in custody who were occupying a wildlife refuge. dwaine emer, dillon anderson and jason patrick of georgia. all three turned themselves in last night at a checkpoint outside the refuge. and this is video from their arrest. over the past two days nearly a
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dozen members of the group have been arrested. as many as seven people remain inside the refuge. the group has occupied the facility since the beginning of the month. and they say they plan to stay until federally owned land is returned to the people. also last night, a candle light vigil was held for the man killed by officers when authorities arrested protest leaders earlier this week. people walked down the street holding pictures, meanwhile one of the leaders arrested on tuesday told protesters to abandon the reserve and go home. the united states is asking for nato's help to fight isis in the middle east. nato's secretary general says the u.s. wants the alliance to provide surveillance planes called the airborne warning and control system. defense ministers will discuss this defense at their meeting early next month. nato is not directly involved in fighting isis in syria and iraq, although the u.s. leads a coalition of nations that does include all 28 nato allies. just days from the iowa
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caucuses, a new nbc news/"the wall street journal" poll finds among iowa voters donald trump leads with 32%. ted cruz at 25%. now, that is a big change from earlier this month when cruz led trump by 4 points. we're just hours away from a republican presidential debate minus donald trump. nbc's peter alexander reports on the new wrinkle in the already-wild race with the iowa caucuses only four days away. >> reporter: donald trump betting he's bigger than fox news. the republican front-runner will be in des moines tonight, but not at the final gop debate before iowa. instead, touting a special event benefitting veterans at the exact same time at a college auditorium just miles away. late wednesday trump defended his fox news boycott on fox news. >> i was not treated well by fox. they came out with this ridiculous p.r. statement, it was like drawn up by a child. and it was a taunt. and i said, you know, how much of this do you take.
11:15 am
>> reporter: host bill o'riley all but begged. >> what happened -- >> as i -- >> so many vanilla shakes. forgive. go forward. answer the questions. look out for the folks. just want you to consider it. you owe me milk shakes. >> reporter: trump refusing to back down. >> even though you and i had an agreement that you wouldn't ask me that, which we did, i will therefore forget that you asked me that. but it's not up to me, bill. >> reporter: here in iowa. >> if gentle donald cannot handle megyn kelly -- >> reporter: rival ted cruz hasn't given up even naming a time and place, telling hallie jackson, iowans should be offended by trump. >> the men and women of iowa deserve to look the candidate in the eye and have a sense of the questions whether we are in fact consistent concerns or simply saying what's politically
11:16 am
expedient to get elected. >> reporter: across the booshd trump's challenges piled on calling chris christie saying a mistake. >> i think any time you get a podium and a microphone and 15 million to 20 million people watching in an election campaign, you should take it. >> reporter: jeb bush not buying it telling reporters i've got a $20 bet he shows up. but rushing to trump's defense, rush limbaugh. >> donald trump knows that by not showing up he's owning the entire event. >> reporter: still, long before trump ever attacked moderator megyn kelly, he praised her. this exchange from 2011 a debate trump was trying to host discussion. now going viral. >> do you really think you're a better moderator than i am? >> no, i couldn't beat you. there would be no contest. you have done a great job by the way, and i mean it. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. nbc 10 was there as hillary clinton walked into a fundraiser in south philadelphia last night. took the stage at the party nominee dnc right here in
11:17 am
philadelphia this july. first she'll have to win the primary fight with bernie sanders and martin o'malley. whoever is the nominee, city officials tell nbc 10 they're getting ready for the big event. the convention will see less security than the papal visit and likely more spending at bars and restaurants. >> not going to be locked down. as a matter of fact this will be an opportunity for restaurants and other night life and groups and bars and restaurants to shine and make money. >> we're expecting anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 attendees. >> organizing officials say they are hoping to find 10,000 volunteers for the week-long convention. they say people are already booking hotel packages for that week. now, before last night's fundraiser clinton spoke at mother bethel a.m.e. church. she met with african-american ministers from all over the country including mother bethel's reverend mark kelly tyler. they touched on criminal justice reform, jobs, equal pay and women's health. again, those iowa caucuses are
11:18 am
coming up on monday, and i'm going to be there bringing you an up close look. make sure you're watching nbc 10 news for the very latest on decision 2016. nbc 10 goes one-on-one with the current commander in chief. we're the only local news station invited to the white house to get an interview with president obama. nbc 10's jim rosenfield spent the day sitting in on briefings with the president's administration and then spoke one-on-one with president obama, mainly about the affordable care act. there is a push to get the 100,000 uninsured philadelphians to sign up by january 31st. philly is one of the cities targeted by the administration. the city with the most sign-ups gets a visit from the president. and you can watch jim rosenfield's interview with the president tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00 and 11:00. president obama still has a year left in office, but what is next for him when his term is over? might he be interested in serving on the supreme court? that subject came up at a campaign event for hillary clinton in iowa yesterday.
11:19 am
someone asked her if she would name obama to the high court if she is elected president. her response, wow, what a great idea. she also said the supreme court needs new justices who in her words actually understand the challenges we face. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 11:00. we've got sunshine. and the slow melt continues through the day today after a very cold start this morning. cold again tonight. tomorrow morning we'll have some clouds. there is a chance of some scattered snow showers. not everybody will see them. and this weekend they'll be out of the picture. and we start a warmup that will have us looking at record warmth, potential for that early next week. right now it's warming up nicely. bright sunshine, mt. pocono, 29 degrees, 38 in northeast philadelphia. atlantic city, it was in the 20s this morning, low 20s at that at the airport. now 42 degrees. that's up 20 degrees.
11:20 am
stormforce 10 flying this morning see some high clouds in this view. closer view of those clouds. you can still see some snow on the ground, but we are seeing more ground too as the snow slowly melts over the last few days. that continues this afternoon. pretty nice day for flying. lots of sunshine at the shore. and a nice warmup there too with nothing but sunshine today, it looks like we'll stay dry even though there will be a few clouds late this afternoon it will stay dry. the nearest showers are offshore. and then you could see this little bit of activity moving into northwestern pennsylvania. this is what we're watching for tomorrow morning. the temperatures will be cold enough 4:00 in the morning to see clouds to the north, 26 degrees in allentown and doylestown. a few snow showers developing in the pocono mountains could move into some of the northern and western suburbs. they're a little delayed. that's good news. that helps the temperatures to climb before those showers move in. so there's a chance that we'll see those change over to rain showers at 2:00 in the afternoon. then they're completely out of here later tomorrow.
11:21 am
the wind will be blowing tomorrow, which we won't see a lot of today. mostly calm. and mostly sunny too. high temperatures in the low to mid-40s this afternoon. those clouds come in tonight with slight chance of some scattered snow showers. little to no accumulation with the few areas that will see them tomorrow, 40 the afternoon high temperature. that's after a morning low of 27 degrees. the warmup starts after a cold morning on saturday 23 first thing saturday morning. 45 in the afternoon. sunday, 50 degrees, possibly even warmer sunday afternoon. and it will be warmer for monday, tuesday and wednesday. a bit of fog monday morning. and then 54 in the afternoon. we could hit 60 degrees on tuesday. that's near record warmth. the record from 1988 is 61 degrees. and rain arrives late tuesday and sticks around wednesday. still mild though with a high of 58. thanks, bill. 60 degrees, can you believe it? well, it's a video that went viral. a local officer lends a helping hand to a driver after the
11:22 am
snowstorm. now that officer is speaking out. you'll hear from her in our next half hour. and global action is being taken to confront the zika virus. who is set to hold an emergency meeting and we'll tell you what women should know if you're planning to get pregnant. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan,
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the united nations will hold an emergency meeting on monday to decide if the zika virus should be considered an international health emergency. right now the cdc says there are zika cases in 24 countries and
11:25 am
territories. health officials warn there could be 3 to 4 million cases in the americas over the next year. nbc 10 at philadelphia international airport last night where travelers told us they are concerned about the mosquito transmitted illness. zika causes mild symptoms in adults and children, but it is of special risk to pregnant women because it can harm an unborn child and cause birth defects. there is no cure or vaccine for the virus. doctors say the key is avoiding mosquito bites in zika effected countries, in the caribbean and central and south america and to watch out for symptoms. >> pretty straightforward, fever, rash, joint pains and pink eye. so if you have the symptoms and you've been to one of the countries recently and you're pregnant, then the next thing you do is call your doctor. >> airlines such as united and american have given customers traveling to zika effected countries the option to postpone their trip or to get a refund. brazil is struggling to contain the virus as more babies are
11:26 am
being born with abnormally small heads, a defect linked to this illness. health authorities are warning women in brazil to avoid getting pregnant for anywhere up to two years. a sao palo research company plans to develop a vaccine in record time, but that could still take three to five years. crews in southern mexico are fumigating homes to kill mosquitos in an attempt to prevent the zika virus. there are 18 reported cases of zika in that country. a walk to school turns dangerous for a 6-year-old, scratched and bitten. we'll tell you what attacked a young boy in new jersey coming up. and new rides reveal car lovers will soon get a look at the latest models at this year's philadelphia auto show. before they do, we have a preview just ahead in our next half hour.
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this is nbc 10 news. a new arrest. this morning we're getting a look at the man police say threatened local officers. the threats against police were made online. and they follow a threat made against schools yesterday in chester. chester police are getting ready to hold a news conference in just about two hours. nbc 10's drew smith is live at police headquarters this morning. drew. >> reporter: and, lauren, we expect to hear more in-depth details about both of these cases at this 1:30 news conference. but i was able to speak with the police commissioner and he says he's really appreciative of the support the department got from the community on this, people calling in right away telling them about these threats. and really expressing some disgust about them. david milbourne is in custody facing charges of making threats and harassment. investigators say the threats posted on social media were aimed at the police. and there were even mentions of targeted officers family members. this all follows another threat to schools in the area. the commissioner says milbourne confessed to putting a
11:31 am
17-year-old girl up to that particular threat. investigators are checking into that link further. people we talked to say there's just no excuse for this. >> instead of threatening, come forward and speak to the police station, tell them what's going on, how you feel. >> reporter: and the department here is investing in new technology, i'm told, to track these types of threats. this is a cooperative effort between a lot of different agencies here in delaware county. the commissioner stressed the importance as well of identifying these issues before anyone is able to act on the threats. and it appears in this case they were able to do that. live in chester, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, drew. checking out our nbc 10 headlines, a car and a tractor-trailer collided in salem county this morning. stormforce 10 was over the crash around 9:15 this morning. this was on straughns mill road. we're working to find out if anyone was hurt. right now crews are removing this tractor-trailer that went over an em bangment on the pennsylvania turnpike during the blizzard. while that was happening a
11:32 am
western portion of the turnpike is closed between bedford county and westmoreland county. and police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia that sent one man to the hospital. the victim was driving on north eighth street when he was shot and then backed into several cars before running away. police also found a minivan in the street with visible bullet holes but no other victims inside. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. one of the few places you'll see ice on the ground today is at the blue cross riverrink. that's because temperatures are climbing above freezing and should melt any leftover icy patches on streets and walkways. how high will those temperatures go, nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley joins us with that. bill, let's hope maybe it melts some of those snow piles too. >> yeah, that's a slow melt that's happening. we can see some melting happening in the pocono mountains. just the other day completely covered with snow, there's still some ice and a little bit of snow, but even in the mountains sunshine is melting things with temperatures just below
11:33 am
freezing. some 20s right now in the pocono mountains. we're already at 38 in philadelphia. there's still some cold spots, pottstown just below freezing but nicely above in the 40s in millville and atlantic city. rox borough, northeast philadelphia, airport all in the upper 30s. along the delaware river trail it is 40 degrees. and 40s is where we're headed this afternoon. plenty of sunshine to start with at least. 40 degrees at 1:00. 42 at 4:00. there will be some scattered clouds coming in, but i think we'll stay dry during the day today. a chance of some snowflakes before we get to the weekend. and then a big warmup, lauren. those snow piles will be coming down. wait until you see the seven-day forecast in just a bit. >> thanks, bill. well, an update now on a story we brought you yesterday. we showed you video of a police officer cleaning the snow off an elderly woman's car. we spoke with that officer about her good deed. this video has tens of thousands of views on facebook.
11:34 am
officer helena pulled the driver over because she had snow flying from her roof. the woman said she couldn't do it herself because she couldn't reach that high. it's illegal to drive with snow on your car in new jersey and pennsylvania, but instead of giving her a ticket officer leach gave her a helping hand. leach says it's all in a day's work. >> the department is filled with bunch of people like myself we just do our best to just try to help everyone in the town out and just makes us happy. it's part of our job. >> a passing driver noticed officer leach's good deed and called the department who found the dashcam video and posted it online. images of people helping others are a theme in the aftermath of the blizzard of 2016. check out this picture of the camden county police department tweeted. it shows an officer helping to free a driver whose truck got stuck in the snow in camden's liberty park. to see more stories of officers and other people helping others out, you can go to our nbc 10 app. police hope this new video
11:35 am
will lead them to a man who stole a person's wallet right off a counter. this happened at a market in south philadelphia. it was on january 16th at the family and friends shopping market on south marshall street. now, when the customer was distracted with lottery tiblgts, the man in the gray hooded sweatshirt grabbed the wallet and walked out of the store. it's a hot new technology and now the philadelphia controller's office says drones should be used to help inspect dangerous buildings. he says he flew his own drone over several city neighborhoods. he found missing roofs, weak and unsafe structures and signs of squatters. while he says drones can view nearly 60 houses in 30 seconds. and he says the drones would not replace inspectors. today, the delaware state house will vote on a bill to repeal the death penalty. the senate narrowly cleared the bill last year. governor jack markel says he would sign the measure if it reaches his desk. the bill would abolish capital
11:36 am
punishment for first-degree murder but not apply to inmates on death row right now. well, tonight wilmington's council will hold a meeting on the city's efforts to fight crime. once each quarter the council will review how the city and its police force are come plying with rejss of the state crime commission. last year the crime commission recommended wilmington add officers to a homicide and violent crimes unit. it also advised the police department to improve relationships with the community. the race between senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton is getting even closer in iowa. and just last night he criticized the former secretary of state for her visit to philadelphia. here's nbc's andrea mitchell. >> i will work my heart out for you -- >> reporter: this morning our new nbc news/marist poll has hillary clinton and bernie sanders virtually tied in iowa. >> you're going to have to fight. and that's what this campaign is about. >> reporter: clinton holds a
11:37 am
small lead over sanders, 48% to 45%, within the margin of error. >> i know that i will be a better president because of what i've learned here in iowa. >> reporter: during an interview with politico this week, president obama praised clinton. and on wednesday sanders got his own meeting with the president afterward telling lester holt, obama promised to stay neutral. >> i think what he has indicated, what vice president biden has indicated, it's up to the voters. >> reporter: in new hampshire, sanders has a crushing 19-point lead over clinton. and with no debates before the granite state primary, the new hampshire union leader and msnbc have proposed one more next week. a debate not sanctioned by the democratic party. clinton tells chris matthews she'll show up if sanders does. overnight the sanders campaign proposed three more debates starting in march saying, quote, if the clinton campaign will commit to this schedule, we would ask the dnc to arrange a debate in new hampshire on february 4th. late wednesday sanders hit clinton for leaving iowa to
11:38 am
attend a fundraiser back east. >> she is raising money from a philadelphia investment firm. >> reporter: fighting back, the clinton campaign released this photo showing the candidate meeting with a group of african-american faith leaders before attending that investment house fundraiser headlined by bon jovi. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. again, those caucuses are this monday. i'll be there reporting from iowa with an up close look at the action. make sure you're watching nbc 10 news for the very latest information on decision 2016. well, a 6-year-old boy in new jersey is recovering this morning after he was attacked by a raccoon. look at the scratches and bite marks on his face. the boy was walking to school with his mother near paramus yesterday when the raccoon jumped onto his back. >> i was just thinking and then screaming for help. >> a neighbor getting ready for work heard the mother screaming
11:39 am
and ran to help. he was able to get the raccoon off of the boy. the animal is dead. reminder if you see raccoons out during the day, that usually means they're rabid. while we are dealing with the aftermath of the blizzard, some hometown baseball fans are in sunny florida right now fulfilling a fantasy. it is phillies fantasy camp and it is in clearwater, florida. looks a little different, doesn't it? nearly 150 fans enjoyed some time on the diamond with phillies legends. they got to play on a major league field with major league coaches. pitchers and catchers report to spring training on february 17th. the reading terminal market is not just for food anymore. nbc 10 was in center city last night for the launch of movies at the market. they'll feature one film a month from now through may. and get this, you can pay what you wish. one thing to keep in mind here though, you do need to make a reservation. it's a new look that is coming to a popular social network. facebook is rolling out some changes.
11:40 am
see what will soon be popping up in your news feeds. that's ahead. we got a few weather changes ahead too including quite a warmup. seven-day forecast just ahead.
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11:42 am
this is nbc 10 news. health officials in kansas are investigating an outbreak of norovirus at a movie theater. more than 100 people became ill last week after visiting the new theater that also served meals.
11:43 am
the owners are cooperating with this investigation, but they don't believe the venue had anything to do with the outbreak. but a health inspector witnessed an employee handling raw and ready to serve chicken with the same glove. starting today thousands of people who rely on their local walmart store are going to have to find somewhere else to shop. with very little warning the retail chain is closing more than 150 stores throughout the country. nbc's natalie morales has that story. >> reporter: it's devastating for a lot of people. right now many of the walmarts are the only grocery and pharmacy around, in some places closing the store will leave behind a food desert, meaning no supermarket within ten miles. >> when you don't have the transportation or don't have the means to get to where you need to get to, it's going to hurt. >> reporter: and the pain will be widespread. walmart is shutting down 154 stores in 27 states and puerto rico creating food deserts in three states, alabama, arkansas
11:44 am
and kansas. >> they're packing up and leaving the town high and dry. >> reporter: for nearly half a century rene smith's family owned a small grocery store in a tiny town of oriental, north carolina. a year and a half ago walmart came to oriental forcing rene to board up her store. it's a similar story in many towns. in ashburn, georgia, in italy. >> go through the expense of building a building and a store and then -- >> reporter: a spokesperson for walmart told nbc news we never want to walk away from the opportunity to serve customers, especially in underserved areas. we share the community's disappointment about this difficult decision. >> i don't like it. i don't like it at all. and it makes it inconvenient. i love this store.
11:45 am
>> that was nbc's natalie morales reporting. well, a new poll ranks hawaii as the state with the overall highest well being. t based on physical health, community feelings of purpose and also financial well being. hawaii had the most people who felt positively about their daily lives. alaska came in second while west virginia had the lowest ranking overall. on a whole americans said their lives were better last year than in previous years. we checked with the states in our area ranked on the well being list, delaware was 27th, new jersey was number 32 and right behind that was pennsylvania at 33. federal agents seized shipments of fake hover boards headed for homes around the country. and they say they can pose a safety risk. customs and border protection investigators intercepted 16,000 imitation boards as they passed through chicago this month. agents say the counterfeit hover boards were coming to the u.s. from china.
11:46 am
>> once this processing gets finished, i'm confident the seizure value will exceed $10 million. >> some of the seized hover boards had fake battery packs that don't meet safety standards and they could cause fires. it won't be long before you'll have more choices than just giving a post a thumbs up on facebook. ceo mark zuckerberg said new emoticons will be added to the network pretty soon. including love, ha ha, yay, wow, sad anduñou angry. it's a big weekend for car lovers. the philadelphia auto show is atted pennsylvania convention center this weekend. this is the show's 115th year. cars rolled into the convention center yesterday. the auto show will take up 700,000 feet of exhibit space. visitors will get a chance to see the latest pre-production models and get an up close look at the vehicles that will soon be available at local dealerships. and for more on bha to expect a
11:47 am
this year's show we're joined by the chairman of the philadelphia auto show. welcome. thanks so much for joining us. >> lauren, thanks for having me and nbc 10 thanks for having me. pretty exciting time right now. >> this is an annual stop for a lot of folks. tell me what's new this year first of all. >> we're really fortunate. we have virtually every vehicle considered over the next zerl months. the show is more evolved about entertainment, children with families and a fun day. even if you're not in the market, find out new technology and enjoy the day in philadelphia. we're blessed. the weather looks great, which really helps. >> speaking of technology, does it also include the things that you would find inside your car as opposed to just, you know, what it looks like on the outside? >> the displays will blow you
11:48 am
away. a lot of the displays are there to show you how the car runs. we have four simulators where you can drive vehicles on the showroom floor. we have the experience inside. so you can be in the jeep driving inside the building. and then most of the manufacturers are providing electric into the cars so you can get in and work the features of the car and feel that technology. plus, they all have product consultants on hand. not salespeople, mind you. >> can't drive it off the lot. >> come and relax and enjoy without discussing price. you can look at window stickers, that's it. enjoy the product, immerse yourself in it. consultant is there to make sure you understand the vehicle and what you're considering. >> a big draw for you this year that is one of these pope mobiles we may call them. one of the fiats that the pope used while he was here in philadelphia, actually two of them. >> i feel blessed by the pope, i'm an auto dealer and for two years i get to be chairman and the first year we have the pope mobile. and that's kind of an
11:49 am
irreplaceable asset. it's a once in a lifetime deal. when i got that phone call i was giddy over it because i was immersed in the pope's visit just like everyone else. so we have both of them. in fact, friday night it's not too late to get tickets for our black tie tailgate by the way which really helps our local hospital. we're going to auction one of those off and all the money is going to go to catholic charities, which is a terrific asset. and we'll have at least one of the fiats on displays. so you can get within feet of the same car the pope was in for the entire weekend he was here. pretty exciting. >> that is a draw for sure. david, thank you so much for joining us. >> lauren, thank you. >> we'll give you a little more information about this. the auto show, again, kicks off on saturday. it runs until february 7th. and for more information we have put a link on our nbc 10 mobile app and also on thanks again. >> thank you, lauren. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> just before noon we've got
11:50 am
sunshine today. and it looks like some clear sailing into the weekend. so no problem getting to the auto show. today, no problem with more of the snow melting, bright sunshine, the temperatures are now above freezing. but we're still running a little cooler than yesterday at this time down by 3 degrees, 38 degrees, it was so cold this morning, it's taking some time for temperatures to recover. winds out of the south-southwest at 6 miles an hour. that's a nice change from the gusty winds we had yesterday. what a beautiful day for skiing. look at that blue sky over camel back. skiers hitting the slopes. sunshine will be bright and into the lower 40s in the mountains. 34 right now in trenton, up to 38 at philadelphia international. some upper 30s for coatsville, nice warmup. in the 20s in allentown and reading, not for long upper 30s this afternoon. 40 in middletown. and millville got quite cold this morning in the teens now 43 degrees. still warming up 45 in wood vine. a few scattered clouds possible at times, but mainly sunny this afternoon. until this band of clouds moves
11:51 am
in. it looks impressive. but that will move through the area dry. behind it there are some snow showers. we're watching these closely. there's a possibility tomorrow morning some of these snow showers will be moving in. this is 10:00 tonight. you can see there in western pennsylvania. we'll get some breaks in the clouds overnight tonight. so it gets cold. and then some scattered snow showers 7:00 in the morning in the pocono mountains. they'll try to move into the lehigh valley, montgomery county, most will be falling apart. by afternoon, early afternoon, they'll be warming up. so if there are any residual showers, those will be rain showers. and it clears out tomorrow afternoon. so bright sunshine today. you'll need your sunglasses. mostly sunny, calm to very light wind and afternoon temperatures in the 40s today. we'll get those clouds overnight tonight. and a cold start tomorrow morning, an isolated snow shower mainly north and east of the city. i think most areas won't see the first flake. and then this weekend a cold morning, yes, on saturday. but a nice warmup saturday
11:52 am
afternoon. even warmer on sunday. and then look at the warmup next week. a bit of fog monday morning, 54 in the afternoon. the record high is 61 from 1988 on tuesday. we could hit 60 degrees, possibly flirting with that record in the afternoon. then rain tuesday night and wednesday is likely with a high of 58. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's ellen's birthday show with channing tatum and youtube sensation. that is nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon understanding the zika virus. this virus spreads so it's a concern. so today we're asking a local doctor about the threat the virus poses to pregnant women, how it impacts other adults and children and the precautions you can take to protect your family. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. bill henley back with us for a look at this really kind of amazingly warm weather we're going to have. >> beautiful. and we're in really good shape as we head into the weekend and next week and the next round of real serious wet weather won't come in the form of snow. it will be rain. and before it gets here a pretty good warmup. here's another look at the seven-day forecast. look at all those 40s. >> look at that 60. >> okay. that one does stand out.
11:56 am
61 is the record on tuesday. we'll be very close to that. and there is a chance we'll see a snow shower tomorrow morning that's more likely in the pocono mountains, some of the northern suburbs, a brief snow shower but 40 in the afternoon. any snowflakes will quickly disappear. a cold morning on saturday. and then we really ease out of the cold on sunday. 50 degrees at least. we may see enough sunshine to warm above the 50 degree mark on sunday. and a bit of fog monday won't last 54 in the afternoon. and there's that warmer air that's surging ahead of some showers for later on tuesday. those will be rain showers. look at wednesday morning. 46 degrees will be the low temperature. so it will be nothing but rain coming through on wednesday. and still mild. that system will bring in some warm air with it. so a nice break. we'll be watching the snow melting right on through the weekend. it will be nice and warm when i return from iowa. >> yes. we'll welcome you with warmth. >> all right. thanks, bill. well, thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00, i'm lauren mayk. for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day everyone. enjoy that weather.
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