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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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there? >> reporter: keith, i can tell you they not only heard these loud booms but could feel it. the ground shaking beneath their feet and they could feel their homes shaking as well. as well as window pains. we wanted to talk to a liquor store, we wanted to ask if the bottles had fallen down and ask if they had you have. they could all feel these tremors and the rumbling through the afternoon. they were mystified by it but the shaking was not visible enough to be caught on their security or surveillance videos. now look at this video. many in the area reached out to nbc 10, whether by twitter or facebook, by phone to share their experience today. angel andtiv tiffany, their thot was that this was an earthquake, they could feel it mostly on the side of the home that faces eastward toward the house and is about 15 miles outside of atlantic city.
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also, take a look at these giant cracks, these photographs, a homeowner says these were caused by the booms and his home shaking. it happened on susan drive and police responded to the home and then sent these pictures exclusively to nbc 10. tiffany is glad her sister's home was not damaged but this ordeal was scary. >> the windows shook, the doors were shattering back and forth. my nephew was crying. he didn't know what was going on. >> we thought it was an earthquake at first because it felt like the ground was rumbling and the house was shaking. i never felt an earthquake so i didn't know what to expect. after the second we said an earthquake. now after the eighth one we have no idea what's going on. >> reporter: of course our folks in the newsroom as you heard we're making calls and found out that aircraft from the naval test wing atlantic were
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conducting routine flight tests this afternoon that included activities that may have resulted in the sonic booms. they tell us they use navy and air force aircraft and they are based out of the naval air station in maryland. but people here could definitely feel it. live in galloway, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. a sonic boom according to nasa is what you hear when an aircraft flies faster than the speed of sound. we'll continue to follow this story, in the meantime we put more information on the nbc 10 app and posted reaction to the sonic boom on social media. back to the cleanup from the blitz of 2016. probably seen those massive piles of snow and parking lots across the area. here crews were trying to get some of the snow out by dumping it into trucks but in some areas the snow is way too high. schools in reading will remain closed tomorrow as snow removal
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continues there. according to the district some streets haven't been plowed to allow enough room for buses. add to that the piles of snow on the corners, unshoveled sidewalks, that you would cobe dangerous for 13,000 students who walk to school. >> i can't just look at one neighborhood or maybe five schools, i have to look at all 19 schools. and make sure that the conditions are safe for all kids. >> as a result of taking one week off, spring break will only be two days. reading and allentown announced closings tomorrow. for a full list check out the list on or the nbc 10 app. for the first time since last weekend trash collection resumes for wilmington residents who live east of i-95. trucks took a break from picking up garbage to help with snow removal in the city. tomorrow, trash pickup resumes for those west of the
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interstate. not saying what mother nature is helping to melt some of that snow. let's get an update on the temperatures, warmer temperatures i should add, from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> you don't want it to warm up too fast or get too much rain. then you end up with flood threats and we have had issues after big storms with that. right now we're seeing just about to see a beautiful sunset. about 10, 12 minutes from now. and of course when you have clouds around are the beauty is more than the instant the sun sets. we had a few snow flurries on radar back across the lehigh valley and poconos, they have fallen apart. this area is what we're watching for tomorrow. it's a cold front that's going to come through and whipping the winds around and could create snow shower. for tonight we're just watching the temperature drop below freezing again, we saw it
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melting. and then it refreezes. this is going to happen again tonight. so what looks wet for the early morning hours is likely to be icy and don't forget the sidewalks and driveways where there is a lot of slip and falling going around. at least one of our colleagues broke his ankle really badly too. slipping on the ice. we have temperatures going down into the 20s as we go through the evening hours on thursday, and into friday morning. and then a chance of snow showers, more on the timing and the warm-up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much, glenn. tonight new information on the man accused of making threats against a chester police department. david millbourn is charged with harassment and taking terroristic threats. harry has an update. what's the latest? >> reporter: you know, there was a news conference, investigators
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telling me they do believe that the suspect may have mental health issues but nonetheless, those threats that he allegedly made sent cops and the fbi scrambling. police tell "nbc 10 news" 23-year-old david mill bourn posted threats to kill cops. he calmly confessed to police when they arrested him at his home yesterday. >> he admitted he made threat against the chester city officers and their families, that he posted that threat, and he intended and hoped to carry it out. >> he was unarmed and didn't appear to have access to guns. according to investigators millbourn made the threats because police arrested a 17-year-old girl who made threatening posts earlier this week. her threats called for shooting black students at chichester high school and at a community school. >> we do not believe they knew each other. >> the cyber crime team tracked
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down the 17-year-old. >> that search warrant led to an address, we then assembled a team of over 30 law enforcement officers that went to that address, surrounded that address. >> the delaware district attorney says the 17-year-old confessed she acted on a dare, she got through social media. it's a new form of swatting when someone uses technology to hide their identity and make false threats of violence attempting to get s.w.a.t. teams involved. >> in this case what happened is they opened up a fake account and instagram and put the threatening message on the fake account, then shut it down with the hope they are not traced. >> the district attorney tells me that the 17-year-old is remorseful and will be charged as a juvenile. reporting live in chester, harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." some of the other stories on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00,
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24-year-old georgie calanddatz was arrested for a shooting. police say he shot a 46-year-old truck driver on tuesday in bensalem. sky force 10 was over it. they aren't sure of the motive. >> delaware governor jack markell is proposing to increase the state budget by more than 5%. the move comes months after fellow democrats expressed concerns about delaware's dire financial situation. the $4.1 billion proposal would include a ratz for state employees and annual pay increases for teachers. >> despite opposition, the construction of a natural gas pipeline in new jersey cleared a hurdle. the state board of public utilities approved the 28 mile pipe line that would run from bordentown to lakehurst through burlington, monmouth and ocean counties. supporters say it would act as a back up if natural gas service
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was lost or interrupted. opponents stay it's environmentally unsafe. the measure has to be approved by the state and town commission. a community will come together for the philadelphia police officer recovering after being shot during an ambush, nbc 10 was there as officer jesse hartnett left the hospital friday. tonight the fraternal order of police lodge 5 will hold a fund-raiser for hartnett. he is expected to be there, he still has a long road to recovery with at least one surgery in his future. all of the proceeds will go toward his recovery. three weeks ago he was ambushed in west philadelphia, shot several times in the arm but managed to chase after and then fire at his attacker who was later arrested. happening now to go back to the first debate about the death penalty. lawmakers could vote tonight to abolish it. we'll hear from the father of one murder victim who says that would be a mistake. >> plus, one philadelphia's
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oldest hospitals is getting read the close. neighbors worried their health and safety are put at risk. nbc 10 asks local leaders what they are doing to protect the community. plus, new concerns about the zika virus. we're tracking new cases in the united states and when officials will consider declaring a global emergency.
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two words spreading explosively. that's how the world health organization describes the zika virus. today we learned a pregnant woman from new york was diagnosed after visiting one of the affected countries. more than two dozen people in 11 states and washington, d.c. have tested positive for the virus. researchers expect to begin very early clinical trials on a vaccine some time this year. >> doesn't mean we have a vaccine ready. that's going to take years but the starting on the vaccine trial will be an accelerated process based on our prior experience with vaccines against similar viruses like west nile. >> the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting of independent experts on monday. we have a lot more information about the virus on the nbc 10 app including the countries with the travel advisory and a list of questions and answers. speaking of health care tonight
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people in the fair mount section of philadelphia say their health is put into jeopardy. st. joseph seas their neighborhood hospital, but it's planning to close next year and consolidate with girard medical center. nbc 10's matt delucia talked to neighbors worried and angry. >> reporter: the clock is ticking on the planned closure of one of the oldest hospitals in philadelphia. st. joseph's has been around since the mid 1800s but slated to close at the end of march. >> i suspect that sometime. >> in front of a roomful of concerned residents state representative curtis thomas said he was outraged. >> north philadelphia health system had a responsibility to say something to the community at large. >> reporter: north philadelphia health system which operates st. joseph says it plans to consolidate into one campus but in doing so will result in the layoff of hundreds of employees. >> for many years they have been an asset to the community and
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the people that'sing displaced where will they go? >> reporter: one of the concerns is not just what will happen to the patients who are currently at this hospital, but what happens in the future when people in this neighborhood need medical care? >> what are you planning to do now? >> well, we'll do what is possible to see if the hospital can stay open. if there is any way possible. that's what we are intending to do. >> i think we have to be concerned about the future. not only for st. joe's but also of girard medical center. >> reporter: thomas wants to delay the closing. north philadelphia health system says it's about strengthening operations at girard, some nearby say money aside, closing hospitals doesn't help anyone. >> women's medical, and a few other hospitals, and each time it gets -- you have to go further away to get proper service. and it's just horrifying. >> reporter: matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> the hospital will hold more
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meetings tomorrow and on saturday, those take place at several times all throughout the day. president obama's creating a federal task force to accelerate cancer research. he's putting vice president joe biden in charge of the drive to streamline government efforts. biden visited penn medicine earlier this month to kick off the initiative. the goal is to double the rate of progress on treatment and prevention of cancer. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney stopped by belmont charter school today. he wanted a closer look at a medical clinic inside the school that recently opened. after the school day the clinic is open to the public. >> high honors today for the men and women who helped guide our children into higher education. the first lady welcomed school guidance counselors from across the country to the white house. the ceremony's part of mrs. obama's reach higher initiative. it's an effort to inspire
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students of the u.s. to complete their education past high school. one of the honorees is nicole, she is a counselor at overbrook high school in pine hill, camden county. >> not knowing what to expect in your field every day, the job, sometimes thankless bet to get award and honor you realize people support us and realize the work we're doing. >> a counselor from arizona was named counselor of the year. a bill aimed at raising the minimum wage in delaware passed the state senate. the bill would increase the minimum wage by 50 cents a year over four years. that means in four years delaware's minimum wayne would be $10.50. nou now, the bill has to pass the house before the governor can sign it. those opposed fear it will limit job opportunities in the state. >> curious here is a look at the current minimum wage rates across the region. pennsylvania, it's $7.25.
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in new jersey, the number jumps to $8.38. and minimum wage currently in delaware is $8.25. decision 2016 now. the republican presidential candidates will scare off in their final debate before the iowa caucuses on monday. front-runner donald trump won't be there. trump is boycotting the fox news debate after he has feuded with the network anchor megyn kelly. jim schultz thinks that trump is making himself look pet you lent to voters. but trump could be helping himself by avoiding a poor debate performance. >> it's part of a do no harm strategy it could help, he is leading in the polls and he's not a very good debater and he from time to time says things that could get himself in trouble. so if it's part of the larger strategy to keep out of trouble and keep maintain his lead then it might be a good thing. >> he also thinks the rest of
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the field will use this trumless debate as a chance for more time to showcase their ideas. that's especially true for ted cruz who is leading in iowa earlier this month. >> cruz i think you're going to see him start attacking the chair and attacking donald trump on a number of issues, in particular on running away from the issues in iowa, he will continue that mantra. >> and you can see much more of the dynamics of tonight's debate without donald trump, coming up at 6:30 on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. it's always a tricky thing to get rid of 20 to 30 inches of snow. you got to do it day by day. you don't want to get rid of it all at the same time or you end 1 a flood threat. you get melting, refreezing and night. we've got another one of those cases coming again tonight. we're tracking some possible snow showers during the day
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tomorrow. don't think it will amount to much of anything. and the big warm-up that's going to amount to a lot because temperatures are really going to be jumping. well, the sun setting almost at this very moment officially. and got a beautiful one out there. 41 degrees, the winds southwest at 6 miles an hour. so, there's not much of a wind chill. and the temperature still above freezing everywhere but in mount pocono. 38 in pottstown. 39 in trenton. and wilmington and glassboro. 37 degrees in dover with the clearer skies and calm winds. and as we go through the night tonight here is the latest in from the computer model. philadelphia, we're right around the freezing mark, most of the night and then we drop off a little bit as we head toward the morning rush. and of course that would be the time we would be likely to see some of that icing. what is left as far as the
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snowfall, nothing. in southern delaware and extreme south jersey. in northern delaware we have the blue, more than six inches of snow and as we head toward philadelphia we're six inches in many areas. and of course more as you go farther to the north. the lehigh valley uncle buck, upper montgomery we're 10 inches or more. we've gotten rid of the areas with the pink which was 18 inches or more. we saw that last night. we have a couple of systems. here is a weak one in eastern pennsylvania now, had a little bit of snow on the radar. as it's fallen apart, this has not. got some rain showers ahead of snow showers as the cold front moves through. that's what we're going to be watching for tomorrow. we go through the night tonight, temperatures dropping through the freezing mark into the 20s in some areas by daybreak.
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there it is, 7:00 a.m. down to 23 degrees in allentown, 24 in doylestown. and then during the day as you can see, temperatures are above freezing. possible rain showers. in new jersey, some possible mix rain and snow. possible snow showers. a strong system and you look, temperatures well above freezing. just melts. as it comes down. now can reduce visibility temporarily, that may be the main issue if that happens. as we go through the rest of the weekend, though, into next week, the cold air retreats, the mild air comes back and temperatures get way into the 50s. if not even higher. 28 for low in philadelphia, 22 north and west. remember that refreezing toward daybreak and the morning rush. windy and colder, 15 to 25
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gusting to 40. a chance after snow shower in the afternoon, may be a couple of rain showers especially new jersey, and then high temperatures struggling to reach 40 degrees, that's the coldest day in quite a while. not nearly as cold saturday, sunday is into the 50s. monday and tuesday you're close to 60 and by wednesday could be even warmer than that with a chance of thunderstorms. >> that is unreal. glenn, thank you. i want you to look at this one. talk about a cliffhanger. nbc 10 has new voideo of a truc on the pennsylvania turnpike. plus, who wouldn't want to give dogs like this little guy a loving home. sometimes the cost of owning a pet can get in the way. see how a local organization is helping people afford their next furry friend.
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>> did you see the post about bones? a locale pet insurance company took to social media to find this 7-month-old a home. nbc 10 at pet plan in delaware county, the company has partnered with the pennsylvania spca and nbc 10's clear the shelters, they provide health insurance for your pet so those vet bills aren't so expensive. >> with treatment options you
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want to choose the best possible treatment for your pet. you don't want to choose the one that you can afford. with pet insurance you don't have to worry about that. >> chris told thaws between 30 and 50% of pet owners overseas have insurance for their pets. in america, though, it's about 1%. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 part of a national effort to pair shelter animals with loving families. our campaign clear the shelters found thousands of pets new homes last summer. this year's campaign will be held in july. >> the white house is pushing more americans to get health insurance, but coming up a local woman tells us why signing up wasn't as simple as she thought. the big name who had his suv swiped from outside his home. plus, what thieves stumbled upon that made it an easy steal.
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happening now, lawmakers in delaware are debating if the state should abolish the death penalty. the vote is expected soon. nbc 10's tim furlong is looking into the potential impact at their decision. he joins us live in wilmington. >> reporter: keith, it's going to be a long night. they are starting to debate now. 14 people on death row, dozens of other capital murder cases in the pipeline. it depends on who you ask as to their feelings about taking the
5:31 pm
death penalty off the table in delaware. what did he think should happen to the man who murdered his son? >> kill him. i believe in an eye for an eye. it's not going to bring my son back. >> that's what delaware did. shannon johnson was put to death in 2012, the last person to receive the death penalty in delaware. the hamlines, the troopers association and many believe the death penalty is a deterrent and the ultimate punishment. but in dover today. >> vote for thehlúr bill. get the bill done. >> we found the head of the naacp and many pushing to end the death penalty in delaware, arguing murder is murder, and that the state shouldn't be in the bissel killing even killing killers. >> it is a civil rights issue, it's a human rights issue and we really can free ourselves in this state to do amazing things if we put the death penalty behind us. >> i think we should do better to the people we accused of a crime. >> they say their son's killer
5:32 pm
got what he deserved. he says the death penalty is only there for those who deserve it. >> i don't plan on killing people so i'm not worrying about the death penalty. >> and going back and forth with people in dover about to begin debating the bill. we're told this could go on for hours. stay with nbc 10 on line and on air. we'll have the latest for you. the governor has said he will sign the law if it gets to his desk and passes the house. live in wilmington, tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. the death penalty is under debate in pennsylvania as well. last year govern tom wolf issued a moratorium and appointed a task force and is waiting their report. supporters are fighting his decision in court. new jersey abolished the death penalty in 2007. >> here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia. it happened around 1:30 this
5:33 pm
morning. the victims are recovering at a hospital. he was shot while driving on north eighth. police found a minivan nearby with a bunch of bullet holes but no victims inside. instead police say they found drugs. >> might remember this. an 86-mile stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike slated to be closed today. it was and the reason, that right there, crews had to rescue a tractor-trailer that went over an embankment in bedford county. it happened during this weekend's blizzard. traffic diverted off of the turnpike at the breezewood interchange, the same stretch that was closed sunday. more than 500 cars, trucks and buses stuck in the snow, could be rescued. quite a mess and boy, what a difference a couple of days make. let's bring in glenn "hurricane" schwartz. a lot of that is melting. >> even in that part of the state. that's a nasty stretch on the pennsylvania turnpike. i had to travel it in snow
5:34 pm
myself. it is scary. well, this is not. this is a beautiful sunset over lake wallenpaupack in the pocono mountains, and there are some clouds around but those snow flurries on the radar, they just fell apart and so, there's no threat for anything tonight. tomorrow, we're going to be watching this area that's in michigan and down to northwestern ohio. see if we get snow showers out of that. the temperatures still above the freezing mark everywhere except the poconos but it is going to go below freezing. we're going to see that refreezing of the melted snow during the day today. so if it looks wet early tomorrow morning, it's likely to be icy. so you have to be careful there and especially the sidewalks and driveways where a lot of people end up in trouble. you can see as we go through the night tonight, the temperatures dropping below the freezing mark. but not as low as it was this
5:35 pm
morning. so a chilly start to the day but then we're going to be seeing the temperature go back up. going down slowly tonight with clouds and also some very light winds. a big warm-up is on the way and i'll have details in a few minutes. >> look forward to that. you have three days left to avoid hefty obama care fines, philadelphia's one of 20 major cities targeted by the white house to boost enrollment. nbc 10's jim rosenfield was the only local journalist invited by the president to talk about the sign-up challenge. he joins us now. jim, president obama's enthusiastic about philly. >> oh, yes, very enthusiastic. the president and his team are pushing hard to get about 100,000 more philadelphians to pick and pay for health care coverage by sunday's deadline. their message is that most people, 7 out of 10 they say, will spend less on premiums than on their cell phone bill. but for people like starlis smith who was uninsure forward
5:36 pm
seven years it's not that simple. >> why doesn't the $75 plan that the obama administration kept touting to us work for you? >> worth the peace of mind with the deductible. >> what was it. >>. 6,000. >> $6,000. >> so smith finally enrolled because she wanted a safety net and didn't want to pay the fine which starts at $695 but she selected a different plan with a much lower deductible but higher premium. you'll hear more about that and also hear what the president had to say when i asked him if obamacare is a tough sell in philadelphia. join us at 6:00 for more of my exclusive interview with the president on obamacare challenges in our area. jim rosenfield, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. coming up, two teenagers in new jersey reunite with the firefighters who saved them from
5:37 pm
an icy river. >> question for you too. are you tired of just liking something on facebook? you'll soon have more options. we'll look at the top contenders next.
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>> the federal trade commission is making a change to its website to make things easier for victims of identity theft. the first time identity theft victims will be able to get a free personalized identity theft recovery plan. a result of new enhancements to the identity website the system will allow victims to file a complaint quickly with the ftc and create the documents they need to alert police, credit bureaus and the irs. >> move over thumbs up. facebook users will soon have
5:40 pm
more ways to expraes their feelings on the network after months of testing outside the u.s., ceo mark zuckerberg says five new emotions will be added to facebook. the new reactions will include symbols for angry, sad, wow, ha-ha, yeah, and love. no official time table on when the new features will be available. >> try to read that and sound professional. we've got a question for you. who benefits the most from donald trump's absence from the republican debate. we'll look at that in a live report from iowa, coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
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♪ a day of remembrance for the challenger crew who died aboard the space shuttle 30 years ago. nasa marked the anniversary with a special ceremony. the challenger exploded 73 seconds into launch. a booster engine failed and caused the space shuttle to explode. all seven crew members died including krista ma mckau live. >> the teen and his mother fled to mexico after couch allegedly violated probation. couch killed four people while drunk driving in 2013, his attorney successfully argued that his privileged lifestyle prevented him from knowing right from wrong. the democratic national convention is on time, on track
5:44 pm
and on budget for this summer in philadelphia. jair jim kenney met with the members of the committee today. he assured that the convention will be an economic boost for down town businesses, who may not have seen any profits from pope francis being in town. >> we have one venue at wells fargo, our hotels and our restaurants, bars, pubs and everything open in between. >> the dnc is hosting a series of workshops to help businesses and will answer questions for restaurant workers during a twitter chat next month. decision 2016 now, the republican presidential candidates, they will debate in over three hours from now. up like all of their other debates there will be no fireworks from donald trump. the front-runner is boycotting the fox news debate. steve handelsman joins us live from des moines. could trump change his mind and
5:45 pm
decide to attend because if he doesn't some experts predict that his absence will hurt his campaign. >> reporter: he could change his mind, sure. i think you know, if he made peace with fox and they made peace with him and he had some spin he won, he could do it. but i got to tell you, there is no expectation here at the debate site of the iowa event center in des moines that trump is going to do that. they already are preparing for his rally across town at drake university. a couple of the candidates at least huckabee and some others say they are going to do what they have to and enjoy the trump spotlight he is apparently inviting other republicans who want to take part in his debate to join him there. it's going to be a vivid display, if these things go off as looks like they will go off simultaneously at one time the debate over here and trump here. of not just the divisions and the republicans party but how powerful donald trump is.
5:46 pm
he writes his own rules and he has different rules for des moines before this caucus. >> this is getting interesting. speaking of the other candidates who do you think stands to benefit the most with donald trump not being on the stage tonight? >> reporter: a couple things. let me get back to what you said before about what this is going to help trump or hurt. who does it help and hurt who is not named donald trump? you've got cruz who is going to be center stage because he's the one polling second, and so they are not going to have an empty podium to try to embarrass trump. they are going to put ted cruz in the center, and that puts him in the center of fire by all of the other candidates who want to take over from cruz the number two spot, the top challenger position to don at trump. that could be marco rubio for example. a lot think that rubio who is polling third in iowa, pretty good debater is going to go after cruz. that's not going to be good for cruz. could be good for rubio. donald trump, does it help or
5:47 pm
hurt him? it looks to be a gamble. a lot of republicans i spoke to today at least some i spoke to today in iowa who are not trump backers are peeved, but trump backers like the idea, keith, because look what it does. it has him protecting his lead, it makes him look tough and strong and leaves his people like cruz and rubio open to be attacked and him free from attack. so stay tuned. a couple of competing events from here in iowa. >> a lot to look at. always great hearing from you. thank you. you can count on nbc 10 for coverage of the iowa caucuses on monday, nbc 10's lauren mayk is heading to iowa to report from the campaign trail. you can see lauren's live report starting saturday night on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. that's almost as interesting as the weather. the sun shining over
5:48 pm
philadelphia museum of art today, you can a few more blades of grass through the snow. people navigating, walk up or down the famous rocky steps. what a change from what we saw just a few days ago. we get a little bit of melting every day. remember, refreezes again at night. that will happen again tonight. we're tracking snow showers that may move through parts of the area tomorrow. and then a warm-up that's going to move through the entire area as we head through the weekend and into next week. we have just partly cloudy skies right now and nice sunset. 41 degrees, the wind fairly light and is going to get lighter as we go through the night. and the temperature not dropping a lot. in philadelphia. but by 5:00 a.m. down to 29 degrees. certainly cold enough to ice up
5:49 pm
anything that melted during the day. so the rest of the area will be below freezing as well. so already at the freezing mark in quakertown at 32. 34 in bluebell, dropped in coatesville to 34. these are live updated temperatures. 37 degrees in reading and allentown. 36 at kane net square, 38 in washington township. 39 in trenton, 40 in wrightstown and mount holly and millville and woodbine, lewis, delaware 39. as you saw earlier there is no snow left in extreme southern delaware and south jersey. near the shore. you can see a little band of clouds moving through now. this is a little more impressive band back to the west. this thing is pretty much fallen apart as any snow flurries are concerned. this area looks like it's increasing a little bit with some rain showers at the leading edge, and in the cold air we have snow showers.
5:50 pm
so that's the system coming through tomorrow. it's a cold front, and watch what happens to the temperatures. okay, we go below freezing during the night tonight. the morning rush, yes, it's below freezing. could be icy spots. and then temperatures go back up during the day. so we're in the upper 30s near 40 degrees, so even if we get snow showers, just pretty much melt unless it came down really, really hard. could see some rain showers ahead of it. just like what is happening now. and we could get a little bit of a burst of snow for a few minutes. that's what a snow shower is as opposed to snow flurry. and then by the afternoon rush looks like it's pretty much all gone. and then we have a pretty nice weekend ahead. mostly cloudy tonight with the refreeze late, 28 for the low in philadelphia, 22 north and west. tomorrow the wind the main issue. gusting up to 40 miles an hour
5:51 pm
and chance of a snow shower, midday, early afternoon hours, possible rain showers ahead of that. and then of a little colder than today. temperatures start warming up after that chilly morning on saturday. and then we've got temperatures in the 50s by sunday and closer to 60 monday, tuesday and wednesday. maybe even some thunderstorms by wednesday. >> wacky weather. glenn, thank you. lester holt joins us with a look at what's coming up on nightly news. good to see you. >> hi, keith. enjoy those temperatures, everybody deserves a break. coming up tonight stealing the spotlight the latest on trump's debate and his standwarf fox news as the clinton sanders race tightens to a virtual tie. we have the election cover stord you, and zika and why experts think they can draw a line here amid an explosive spread of the virus elsewhere. and why does it seem the hot shows are sold out the minute tickets go on sale a. new report
5:52 pm
offers an eye opening explanation, we'll tell you more about it, see you tonight at 6:30. back to you. >> i wondered p that. thank you so much. see you in about 40 minutes from now. >> i want to get to this first. two teenagers learning the hard way about the dangers of walking on ice. fortunately a gropp of firefighters came to their rescue. now those are thanking the men.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
the dangers of thin ice were brought home to a pair of north jersey teens yesterday. firefighters plunged into freezing waters to rescue two boys who fell through. brian thompson talked to the boys who spent nearly ten minutes in frigid water screaming for help. >> i was terrified. it was cold, could barely move, could barely move my legs. terrified. >> learning the hard way the danger of walking on ice. news 4 was the only camera there as the boys reunited with the firefighters who saved their lives tuesday afternoon. >> they were hypothermic and fading fast. >> firefighters frurushed to th scene. one crawling out on the
5:56 pm
weakening ice to snatch them. the lead firefighter breaking through into the water. >> did i have that initial oh, no, this is cold, yes, i did. >> but tethered and backed up by several these boys were pulled to safety, one saying -- >> thank you, thank you, i love you so much. >> never go out on the ice two inches or less. five inches for an atv, 8 to 12 for a car, 12 to 15 for a medium truck. >> this time you got a second chance. >> both now say they want to be firefighters. firefighters saying while some ice may be safe, river ice never is. >> absolutely no ice out there was safe to walk on. not in this river, this is constant moving water. >> i learned a lesson for myself is not to go on the ice any more. >> quhil there are many factors that can affect the safety of walking on ice perhaps the warm weather we expect may be the biggest threat right now. in paterson, brian thompson for
5:57 pm
"nbc 10 news." >> coming up next, the search for what caused the big boom that sent things shaking along the jersey shore. >> plus, driveway disappearance. the car theft outside a home making headlines because of who the wheels belonged to. and why the thieves had an easy time taking it. >> tracking freezing temperatures tonight that could mean an icy threat in spots in the morning. plus, snowflakes for some areas that's ahead in my first alert forecast. >> i like coming to philly anyway so i'm looking for an excuse. >> the president's plea to philadelphia, what he wants from the city. i go one on one after an exclusive invitation to the white house next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00.
5:58 pm
hey gus! good to see you again! the usual? veggie burger with the works. see ya. sounds good matt! thanks! gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania!
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that's me. and this is for you! gus bucks ! the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery- with top prizes of a hundred grand. it's the best game yet. 'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'! >> heard something like a boom or a swishing sound, then the house, the windows were shaking. it was scary. >> she's one of many to feel the shaking that rattled the jersey shore this afternoon. shaking that one man says caused the cracks in his home you see here. social media lit up with reports of rumbling this afternoon. >> those reports came in from cumberland county up to new york city. tonight we know the rumbling was caused by sonic booms, booms that were caused by routine
6:00 pm
military flight testing over the atlantic. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> we did, we know that a fighter jet caused the loud sonic booms that could be felt all across new jersey and we know exactly where those jets were flying, navy aircraft doing routine testing that sits offshore about 15 miles from where we're standing is atlantic city. after a series of phone calls we spoke to officials with the naval test wing in maryland. they sent us this map of where they run those routine missions in a sector called w-107. we also got new video in to nbc 10 as well. let's look at this jet in action. the f-31-c, a joint strike fighter jet used that range 107 that sits off


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