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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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♪ the rumble in the garden state, the ground shook so hard it was enough to damage homes. tonight, we know what caused the shaking and it was not an earthquake. >> a hero's welcome of a philadelphia police officer honored weeks after being ambushed on the street and i ask president obama how he plans to stop it from happening again. >> what can you do in your final months in office to make the streets of philadelphia, camden, wilmington, safer? >> good evening.
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>> i went one on one with president obama during an exclusive interview at the white house, i asked him about gun violence and what he can do to save more families in our area from the grief of losing a loved one. for michael and carol hagen life changed forever july 4th weekend three years ago. >> i was watering the flowers out front before mass a sunday. and two plain clothes officers pulled up. >> they came to their home to tell them that their 32-year-old son michael, an i.t. consultant was gunned down. >> that right there, worst day of my life. worst absolute day of my life. when you lose one of your children to gun violence. >> since the hag en's lost their son, more than 600 others have died in gun violence on the streets of philadelphia, 233
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homicides last year alone and up from 207 from last year. >> scary, our son was killed in society hill. it's everywhere. >> hi, jim. >> mr. president. >> good to see you. >> i asked the president about the ever present gun violence. >> tell our viewers, mr. president, what you can do in your final months in office to make the streets of philadelphia, camden, wilmington, safer? >> we have been working close with the philadelphia community, both to try to track guns that are being used in crime. i have put forward executive orders to make sure they are doing serious background checks. >> what we found through research is that what you have had is an existing inventory of illegal guns in the city that span years if not decades. >> and it helps young men who show potential. >> the president pointed to philly's effort mentoring youth
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through the white house initiative, called my brother's keeper. >> if they are doing better, we can reduce the violence, because on a lot of it is the result of impoverished kids that drop out of school, and get in the gun trade. giving them options is important. >> this young man said it has helped him toward being a community organizer. >> i come from a environment of negativity, i do in the place myself and tie myself to it. >> as for the hagen's their son's killer is still at large. they applaud the president in pushing gun requirements. he believes that it should be like buying a car, title and gun registry every year to keep track of guns. >> you spoke about affordable hoik with the president and a
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deadline that was coming up. >> we were invited to the white house to get the word out about the challenge of the philadelphia residents that are still uninsured to get them to sign up for affordable hoik. you can hear how affordable it can be. >> the delaware house tonight rejected a bill to get rid of the state's death penalty. it was defeated 23-16 after barely clearing the senate last year. it would have abolished capital punishment. new jersey abolished the death penalty. they are waiting for a report from a task force to look in to issue, death penalty supporters are fighting the moratorium in
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court. that is the sound that rattled people across new jersey today, many people thought it was an earthquake, they took to social media and nbc 10 viewers called our newsroom trying to find out what was going on. >> the mystery is solved and it was not a earthquake. it's reported that the u.s. military is taking responsibility. >> so this started shaking? >> yeah, shaking hard. >> mary mitchell said that the rumble rocked her furniture and rattled ceiling tiles out of place. >> just a few steps down the boardwalk, the workers in a massage parlor felt it too. nearby, he was just washing in to his store. >> i was coming up from the parking lot, i saw the gate, it was moving. >> it was shaking. >> it was shaking really bad. >> indeed, people felt the rumble all the way to long
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island. you could hear the rattle of that garage door in egg harbor township and you can see the cracks left in the walls in this home. shop owners said they were not the only ones scared, people that were out walking, noticed it and rushed up to the boardwalk, frightened and confused. >> people were running off the beach. it was like a panic. we were panicked too. >> the 9-1-1 calls poured in saying that they got calls of loud noises and shaking and they said we are aware of the ongo g ing tremors, they said it was not an earthquake, but a series of sonic booms, created by flight tests of a f-35c jet like this. it can travel faster than the
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speed of sound. >> they must be preparing for something good. i'm happy they are on our side. >> george spencer, nbc 10 news. the blizzard that rocked the region last weekend ranks as the fourth worst snow storm to hit the northeast since 1950. it was announced today. the agency classifies the storm as a category 4, with crippling impact. nearly 24 million people saw at least 20 inches of snow. >> we knew it had an impact, now we know how much. right now, no showers headed our way. glenn? >> yes, things are quiet right now, we do have snow showers heading through pennsylvania and in to central pennsylvania already, the main batch is in ohio, it will take a while to get here. first, the temperature-s will go below freezing, after the morning rush, that is when some
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of the snow showers will start to come in from the northwest, perhaps mixed with rain showers in parts of the area. that is what we are following for tomorrow. we will break it down hour by hour across the area and then talk about the huge warm-up on the way. with the seven day in a few minutes. >> new at 11:00, ambushed but not defeated. tonight, a philadelphia police officer was honored weeks after a gunman attacked him on the street. >> he had attended a fundraiser in his own honor tonight. we report from northeast philadelphia. >> here packed in the silent auction, we have many big names but this is the one name people want on their backs and he is a hero. the officer's message, i'm thankful. his fellow officers say a sound
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training and instincts and bravery represent him alive after the violent assassination attempt. >> the way he did not quit, that's the biggest part. he did not quit. >> the members of the nypd presented him with a plaque yesterday. today he joined hundreds of people, even the mayor, some driving hours to attend the fundraiser, many did not even know the officer, but had a common goal. >> meet up with him and shake his hand and say, hey, thank you very much for doing your job and to understand that we are here for you. >> it's one for the good guys, he was lucky that night. could very well been in the ground by now. >> that is why they call him a warrior. this was just a week ago. the hero officer leaving the hospital in a wheelchair after several surgeries. days later, he is thankful on two feet. >> you know, he just wants to
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express his thanks to everyone. he is thankful to be here. >> nbc 10 news. >> and philadelphia police hosted a career fair just for women today. police say simply put, there are far more men on the force than women. they are trying to create more diversity. recruiters and female officers share their experiences as job seekers to encourage more women to consider a career in law enforcement. >> from our delaware bureau, chris kuhn's family will get their stolen ford explorer back. six people bailed out of the vehicles and no one was arrested at the scene. and there was no apparent damage to the explorer. the senator's wife left the car warming up outside their home in the highlands neighborhood this morning. >> experts say the zika virus is
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spreading explosively in latin america. so tonight the fda is working to stop blood donations from people that traveled to regions where the virus is prevalent. people have tested positive in new york. it could cause pregnant women to miscarry or deliver babies with abnormally small brains. >> they are not sure what sparked a 4-alarm fire. an update was given tonight in a public safety meeting. many residents thanked the fire department for keeping everyone safe in that fire along locust street, but others are saying they are getting mixed messages of whether they can recover any of their property. officials promised to work with them to save some of their belongings. >> could the flint water crisis happen here? the new report about philadelphia's drinking water that has lawmakers demanding action. and everyone on this stage,
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is stupid, fat and ugly. >> ted cruz poking fun at donald trump, what happened when cruz found himself in the hot seat since trump was not on stage. >> also, making a murder, it's become a national obsession, now steven avery's lawyers are coming to our area to talk about the case. >> a big warm up is on the way, i will tell you when it will arrive and how warm it will get in the first alert forecast.
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please attack ted, please attack ted. >> senator ted cruz wasn't too happy with some of the questions during the republican debate. tonight, he found himself the main target of his gop rivals since donald trump decided to skip the showdown and hold his
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own event. >> we reports tonight from des moines. >> he is an entertaining guy. he is the greatest show on earth. >> donald trump was missing at tonight's debate on fox. but still mocked. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on the stage is stupid, fat and ugly and ben you are a terrible surgeon. now, that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> nearby at his own event, trump fired back. >> look at the cameras like the academy awards. this is like the academy awards. >> trump raised money, $5 million he said for wounded warriors. invited rival on stage. >> i've been greedy, greedy, greedy, i grabbed all the money i could get, i'm greedy, and now i want to be greedy for the united states. i want to grab all the money. >> back at the debate, ted cruz was center stage. >> to rebuilding our navy, our air force, our army. >> but polling second to trump
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cruz was a target. >> the only budget that ted has ever voted for is a budget that rand paul sponsored that brags about defense spending. >> everyone please attack ted. >> it is a debate, sir. >> four days till the vote. trump with a seven point lead over cruz and rubio polling third in iowa. the debaters were trying something tougher to motivate iowans to show up for them monday night. from the south jersey bureau. the new jersey sierra club is going to try to stop a pipeline being built. the pipeline was approved last month, but the group said it's dangerous and unnecessary and will cause a loss of habitat. business and labor groups support the pipeline because it creates a second source of fuel
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to the rng. >> philadelphia city council will investigate how the city tests drinking water. after a report that suggests that the procedures are worse than flint, michigan. they will hold hearings on the issue. the water sample he will methods were said that they can hide the types of problems that could make people sick. >> commitment to the autism community, that is what state lawmaker dennis o'brien was honored for tonight. officials with the philadelphia autism -- he was honored toentd. the big barrel country music festival will not return for a second year, today the promoters pulled the plug on the three-day festival scheduled for june. the festival's organizers,
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red frog events and golden voice promote the firefly music festival in dover. that will be back. organizers did not give a reason for the cancellation. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> another day with a lot of melting and now, the temperatures are going below freezing. we are getting the re-freeze, there will be a bit of ice around in the morning in the usual spots. we are tracking snow showers that will hit parts of the area tomorrow, and a big warm-up that will hit the entire area as we head through the weekend. we have dry conditions across the area now, it's 36 in philadelphia with a south-southwest wind, so, it's not all that cold yet. it's 28 in allen town, 30 in pots town, and 31 in west chester. we have temperatures below freezing in a good bit of the area already and they will go down more as we go to day break.
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it will be just enough below freezing to cause the icing. now, you can see in philadelphia as we go through, 7:00 a.m., 27 and then up to 37 by 11:00 a.m. and that will be important because there may be snow showers at the time. speaking of snow, there's not much left in southern delaware and extreme south jersey, this is the snow cover map, the latest one for this evening. and as we go to northern delaware less than six inches in many areas and in philadelphia, much of the city is down below six inches, we have plenty of it in lehi valley and in montgomery. here comes another batch, this is with a cold front, these are snow showers coming now in to central pennsylvania, looks like it will come in generally after the morning rush, look how cold it is poconos and lehi valley as we go through the morning, by 10:00 a.m., we start to see a
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bit of light snow showers, a bit more toward midday. but by then the temperatures above freezing, just melts it. going to be a lot of wind though, so go through the afternoon, once again, few scattered snow showers. and by the time it gets cold enough, the snow is over. how about in philadelphia on i-95 corridor and around new jersey, temperatures are jumping up when the snow showers come in the middle of the day or so, give or take a couple of hours, temperatures above freezing and maybe mixing in with rain showers, especially in new jersey. >> mostly clear with the re-freeze late. 22 for philadelphia, and -- the wind will be a big issue tomorrow, 15-25, gusting to 40, rain and snow showers, temperatures struggling to get up to 40. but it's not going to struggle over the weekend after that cold start saturday morning, milder in the afternoon. 54 sunday, and closer to 60,
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monday and tuesday, and maybe even a little warmer on wednesday, and we could see thunderstorms. ♪ >> local bands battled it out for a chance to entertain at this year's wing bowl. sugar house casino hosted the battle of the bands. and the group, 80s revenge was crowned the winner. >> dennis rodman is going to be there. who are the eagles interviewing for the top personnel job and we will hear from coach doug peterson on how much input he has in picking players and what is michael phelps diving in to tonight, we will explain why it works. next.
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this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. i'm john clark, could the eagles be working on a long-term contract with pro bowler, fletcher cox? he wants to be with the eagles for the long hall he said, he can be a free agent after this up coming season, but he wants to stay and the eagles want him to be here. the birds are interviewing candidates for the head of personnel. they will be interviewing steelers coordinator, brandon hunt. they watched the final practice at the senior bowl in alabama and doug, is going to have some input on the players the eagles will draft. >> the biggest thing is just the evaluation process, you know, and having, having my say on certain positions, certain guys, again, we have talked about this before. i mean, it's going to be a
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collaborative effort, there's -- i'm doing to have to rely on assistant coaches and howie's team and our scouts do a great job. >> collaboration, on to the nhl, flames defenseman wideman has been suspended for this. he will have a hearing. take a look, last night, he takes a big hit in the corner, goes down. as he goes back to his bench. watch what he does. he cross checks the referee, don henderson in the back right here. wow, wideman said he was dazed from the hit before and he looked up at the last second and saw the ref, he was not penalized on the ice. the ref was in the hospital until 5:00 a.m. in the morning, now to finish it. to arizona state, the student section has a tradition. when the opponent is shooting free throws they have a curtain of distraction. they distract the shooter. tonight, they have a special guest from behind the curtain. can you see who it is? it is gold medalist michael phelps in a speedo with a bunch of medals distracting the shooters. here is the first free throw.
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sink or swim. he misses. so it's working. second free throw, and oregon state, he is going to miss again. oregon state, only made 9 of 20 free throws. opposing teams miss a higher percentage of free throws there more than anywhere else. it works. i'm john clark, we are right back.
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two key players in the popular documentary, "making a murder" are coming to our area. they will speak at the theater in glenn side, the event will be happening april 1st and tickets go on sale tomorrow. >> dateline will take on the case. you can catch it all new tomorrow night at 10:00 before nbc news at 11:00. >> it's so soon, if you say
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snow, people get gun shy. >> we are melting a lot of it and what we will get tomorrow is not doing to add to it, because it looks like it will melt and then it really gets warm over the weekend and a lot more melts. >> thanks for watching. >> goodnight.
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no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- billy joel, j.k. simmons, and featuring the legendary


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