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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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day and joining us live at the scene. >> you spoke with the victim's brother. >> reporter: i did. very upset and we're starting to piece this together. the woman who lives in this house behind me works in new york during the week but last night police were asked to check on her boyfriend who lives her. they found he was gone and another man dead on the first floor. >> today for some reason he didn't go. >> reporter: his brother shawn called family all the time but didn't call last night or today. >> next thing i got a phone call saying that they found my brother dead. >> police say shawn was murdered here in this home last night, his family says he was beaten to death. police are looking for the guy who lives here, greg parker was well known in the neighborhood. he walked to wawa every day, a former basketball player, greg has a website where he offers coaching to kids. police want to talk to him. >> victim's family doesn't know parker or why shawn was with
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him. they do now have advice for parker. >> turn yourself in, man. ain't nobody worth killing. but if you are out there turn yourself in. before somebody else find you. hope the police find you before we do. >> reporter: it's funny neighbors were upset when they thought parker was the victim. they are astounded that police are looking at him as the killer. parker is a big guy, 6'8", 225 pounds, if you see him you should call 911 right away. live in new castle, tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> a startling discovery after a bullet was fired in a philadelphia high school. a gun was found stashed behind a radiator but it's not the gun used. only nbc 10 was there to get this video of three teenagers in handcuffs being led into central detectives. police tell us a group of kids started fighting near a stairwell at ben franklin high school. a guard heard a single gun shot
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go off but the kids scattered. students say the school was immediately put into lockdown. >> they had to stay in the classroom. she said she didn't know because she didn't hear but kids that came out that they let out said they heard shots. >> no one was hurt. police have not found the gun that matches the shell casing found but they did find a different gun behind a radiator in the school, a lot of questions not answered yet who fired the gun, how did two guns get fast school metal detectors. well, a week after the blizzard of 2016 got started here we're getting another taste of winter weather. nothing like last week, though. our cameras capturing flurries earlier today. take a live look at eighth and market streets in center city. streets are dry, you don't have to worry about more snow but you can expect a refreeze and for more thune let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane"
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schwartz. >> after the refreeze much warmer weather. >> especially starting on sunday when temperatures are going to be going so high we're going to get a lot more melting than we've even seen. this beautiful shot right there, sunset in the distant sky. and, we're going to be seeing some clearing tonight. we had some snow showers go through, nothing left but a couple of little snowflakes. a couple in bucks county. the temperature getting closer to the freezing mark. 33 in pottstown, 34 in reading. so it will be just an hour or two before some of these places get below freezing. and we are still seeing wind gusts up to as high as 30 miles per hour in mount pocono. these are down, just in the last hour so. we are seeing that wind diminish and we'll see that continue. we go through the night, even in philadelphia, the wind is going to be diminishing, down to the single digits. and the temperature going down
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too. but we're talking about record warmth in the seven-day forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes. >> effective leader for the city? >> i am being the best leader i possibly can, moving forward, we are doing a great job. >> embattled allentown mayor ed powlouski ignoring calls for resignation even though the fbi is investigating his administration. the annual state of the city address the mayor said the city is strong. mitch blacher was there and asked tough questions before his speech. >> reporter: the mayor talked about diminishing crime. >> the state of our city is and continues to be strong. >> reporter: he spoke of economic growth. >> i have faith, faith in allentown. >> reporter: on stage there was no mention of allegations his administration traded city contracts for campaign contributions, off stage we brought it up. >> were you involved in steering any contracts to campaign contributors? >> i can't talk about an ongoing
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investigation. >> reporter: the fbi raided his office and charged one official from his administration. >> do you fear an indict snmt. >> we got a great story to tell here. we've got a great city, my focus is on the state of the city speech today. >> also missing was any member of allentown city council which a week ago asked for the mayor's resignation. >> can you be an effective leader for the city? >> i am being the best leader i can, moving forward, we are doing a great job here. >> reporter: he pointed to the cleanup in the face of an historic storm. allentown got more than 32 inches and took all week but the roads are now clear. for those who heard the mayor -- >> i thought it was inspirational. did a great job. >> i don't believe this is the place or the time to talk about it. >> few questions about what the fbi continues investigating. >> let's show them what we as allentown can do, when we all do it together. thank you very much.
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>> in allentown, mitch blacher, "nbc 10 news." tonight, we know of more cases of the zika virus in the u.s. two new cases were confirmed in texas and illinois. >> both infected people likely caught the mosquito-borne illness in latin america. the virus can cause severe birth defects. right now no cases are confirmed, each person tested had traveled toen a area affected by the virus. doctors tell us they are advising expectant mothers to use caution right now. >> had somebody call me last week about a trip to cancun and my advice was if she could postpone it that would be the safest way. >> brazil seeing a wave of birth defects. since there are so many concerns about the spread of the virus we
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brought in an expert. >> dr. stacey gorski is with the university of the sciences, since 4:00 today she has been answering your questions about the outbreak. so here's part of what brenda wrote on facebook. i understand this is a concern especially to women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. i want to know is this virus in the system for life? >> that's a great question. i will say studies done look forge the try russ in the blood after a patient has come in experiencing symptoms that resemble that of the zika virus, typically they found it out to 11 days. but that's not to say that it couldn't be in other tissues and we're not detecting it in the blood. the short answer is we don't know. we need a lot more basic research to be done to understand what the pathophysiology, what cell it'su infe infecting, how long does it stay in the body and is that different in pregnant women. >> as you mentioned earlier on
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the newscast we're still far away from any vaccine. thank you for answering the viewers questions. >> for more about the outbreak be sure to check out the nbc 10 app or >> the clock istic forge you to get health insurance for the rest of this year. the open enrollment deadline is january they 1, if you want to sign up under the affordable care act that's coming up sunday. hoping to sign up 100,000 uninsured. agents were in kensington today signing up residents. the mobile center will open from 10 to 4 tomorrow and sunday. there will be one at the bala cynwyd shopping center as well until 8:00 p.m. this weekend. i spoke with president obama about the affordable care act in an exclusive interview watch that full interview on our website or the nbc 10 app.
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>> new information on a new castle county cold case, a grantd jury indicted two pennsylvania men 182013 murder for hire. this is ryan's mug shot. michael cayman is also charged in the murder. the body was found in wilmington 2013. cappelli had been beaten to death with a bat. investigators believe he was murder forward life insurance money. >> a montgomery man is facing charges after police tell us he was caught with child pornography. they confiscated videos and photographs. he is charged with more than 100 counts of possession of child pornography. >> chester county officials say they have nearly 4,000 pounds of prescription drugs off the streets last year made possible by the county's drug drop box program. police stations across the county have secured drop boxes where people can get rid of
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prescription meds. they believe it helps fight addiction to pain pills. the first campaign to prevent sexual assaults on high school and college campuses part of the national it's on us initiative. the governor wolf made the announcement today and more than 40 colleges and universities across the state are now taking part. the campaign is all about raising awareness, preventing sexual assault and how to respond if it happens. >> septa's new west terminal at the 69th street center open. the ribbon was cut marking the finish of several improvement projects. the state-of-the-art west terminal features a recontrukted platform and track and safety cameras. the 19.6 million project is part of rebuilding for the future program. >> the program last week did have to be canceled. >> a local charity without heat
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forced them to cancel some programs for children in need. >> plus, made headlines when pope francis came to town. someone else is about to get a chance to own the pope's fiat. >> feel like winter now but you could see the return of some spring-like weather. you head through the weekend and beyond. details in my seven-day forecast.
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we need to take care of the kids first and foremost. >> a broken boiler has left some children in the cold at a charity in roxborough. helping children and women in need, forced to cancel some programs. >> cydney long has a look at the impact and the unique approach to getting the help it needs. >> reporter: built in the 1920s, the northern children's services used to be an orphanage. they serve dozens of women and young children sometimes overnight with warm meals and after school care. >> our hope we could survive the winter often the repairs. >> last week before the major snowstorm an aging boiler gave up for the last time.
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>> spewing water and so we had to turn it off immediately. turn the oil off immediately. and then evacuate everybody from the building. >> reporter: staff and underprivileged students had to be turned away for two days that left three of the main buildings like an ice cube. they can't run the kitchen or heat the gym. >> the children are really starting to be affected by it. you can't give good quality time with them when you have to shuffle them from one location to another. >> reporter: judith is among the staff bundled to do their jobs. >> for us a significant blow. with the staff really, needing to be able to do their jobs with adoption and foster care. >> reporter: the president and ceo had hoped the aging 50-year-old boilers would survive the winter. the nonprofit start add go fund me page. >> we'd like to try to get a new boiler in the next two weeks. but we now are looking close to
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$200,000. >> reporter: they will incur asbestos abatement costs, they are praying the community they serve will hear their plea. >> we need to take care of the kids first. >> reporter: cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> wishing the best for them. car lovers have a reason to celebrate. >> because the philadelphia auto show revved up today at the pennsylvania convention center. if you didn't make it there today you have time the show runs through february 7. you can check out more than 700 car models. tickets for adults, $14. seniors, kids and active military members get a discount. a group of special education students from the archdiocese of philadelphia got to check out one really special one at the show. they had an up close and personal view of a fiat, the same used by pope francis when he was in philadelphia last september. tonight that famous fiat will be auctioned during a gala. people in our area remember this. enjoying seeing the pontiff who
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is known for simplicity, zooming around town in that little car right there. >> yeah, i got to see him in his car. he drove past the station. remember that one time. yeah. they waved. we've got some refreezing going on again, we have melting during the day, the refreezing tonight. moisture from the rain and snow showers, that could create some icy spots as well. we've got warmer weather starting on sunday. a lot warmer. then it gets warmer, 50s, going into the 60s. the average high about 40 degrees right now. it's 38 at the moment, 20-mile-an-hour wind still, but it's not as windy as it was an hour ago and each hour through the rest of the efrpg that wind will go down. 33 pottstown, a cool spot.
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other than the poconos where it's 25 degrees already. and it's 35 at glassboro and wilmington and millville, 36 in dover, atlantic city international. and snow continues to melt. but not at night. it's cooling down again. and here we go in philadelphia down into the 20s. several hours below freezing, by 6:00 a.m. 26 degrees, that will be the coolest of the weekend. we have no snow left in extreme southern delaware and coastal new jersey. but of course as you get farther to the north there's still some left, light blue color that is going to be coming up has 3-plus inches of snow. that's around the wilmington area. south philly, center city, but as you go toward chestnut hill, mount airy, northeast philly, more snow. six inches plus. then in the purple areas we head
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to the lehigh valley, that's a foot or more couple days ago it was 18 or more. that's melting too. it's 38 in philadelphia. warmer to the west. 50 in st. louis, some of that headed this way. some of the 76-degree air in dallas, 66 in wichita, there is some warm air. some of that headed this way. now the snow showers are headed out, so no more threats of any of that for the next several days. the arctic air is leaving, cold afr is leaving, mild air is going to be returning. clearing and cold with refreeze, 23 for the low in philadelphia, 17 in the suburbs, tomorrow a lot of sunshine especially in the morning. not a much wind, temperatures in the 40s. so won't feel as cold as today. sunday is going to feel a lot warmer. a beautiful day, 54 degrees, chance of showers and warm on
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monday. still mild on tuesday, then really warm wednesday, that could be the record-breaker. and also some thunderstorms before winter temperatures return. >> i'm john clark. eagles sign a play tear a long term contract. what eagle teared up when he got his new deal. the sixers the most exciting player in the nba all next.
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i'm john clark. everything comes in threes, the eagles locking up the third player this week, right tackle lane johnson gets left tackle money. he has a new 6-year deal for $35
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million guaranteed. so now the highest paid right tackle in the nfl. probably move to left tackle when jason peters is done that could be after this season. lane has been durable and dependable. >> i would like to get stuff done early and get locked in. i was happy. something you don't want to pass up. i want to be here the rest of my career. i got a lot of guys in this locker room like my brothers. >> one of his brothers got locked up, brent celek on a 3-year deal. he is fifth all time in history in receptions, he wants to spend his entire career here. >> this is one of the greatest days of my life. to be able to say i'm going to be a philadelphia eagle for life, it's a dream come true. my agent called me the night of my birthday and said you know, we got a deal done. i looked vor at my wife, i was so excited. i probably had tears coming out of my eyes.
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>> glad he's staying chargers are going to stay in san diego but could join the rams in los angeles after that. how about claude giroux. the flyer all-star game tomorrow night going be in the acracapul rasy competition. it's 3 on 3 for 20 minute gamesch sounds exhausting. >> i'm not too sure what to expect for 20 minutes. we are used to five minutes, but i think we have to pace ourselves a little bit. i think it's we'll have to have a system going on. >> sixersing withing in the best in the nba, golden state, 17-point favorite and okafor should be back. he did practice. the warriors scoring more than an nba team on pace for the most wins in a season and steph curry may be the most exciting player in sports right now. >> we haven't seen a player like him come, i haven't, my life
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time, you all lived a lot longer than me. maybe you have. he's a great player. he knows how to get the ball. he doesn't need much space but shoot any type of shot. >> he is right. and the philly product and jesse biddle was designated for assignment by the phillies. puffs knows winter...
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>> last night below freezing for a while. >> we've got strange ups and downs going on in the seven-day forecast. it's going to warm up tomorrow after that chilly start, and then 54 degrees on sunday. 60 monday. 54 tuesday. record likely, 64 on wednesday. and we could see thunderstorms then. but cold air is going to come back. it's not the end of winterment though ground hog day is coming. the official word hasn't come in yet. >> of course. we have to hear what the groundhog has to say. >> sure. >> for all of us here, the news
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continues now with "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. breaking news. tonight top so credit bombshell. a majoror twist in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal has the campaign scrambling, and we're with her exclusively three days till iowa. also, the fight night fallout. donald trump declares victory and ignites a new firestorm with a controversial comment about ted cruz. captured after that daring il break. a dangerous escapee turns himself in. two more on the run as a jail employee is accused of aiding the escape. we're at the outbreak each center of this zika pandemic where the virus is exploding. children and families living in fear. and a dramatic takedown on camera. anti-government protests, a chase, a crash and the moment fbi agents opened fire. "nightly news" begins right now.


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