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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  January 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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. an investigation into the murder of a man found dead inside this new castle county home has police on the hunt for a person of interest this morning. we're live at the incriminacrim with details. recovery continues for communities at the jersey shore where last weekend's storm caused serious damage. today there's help for those flood victims. we'll tell you who is stepping up and where residents can sign up. partly sunny a bit blustery for our saturday. you can see those wind mills working in south philly. there's a warm up in the first alert forecast. good morning welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. let's get to our weekend weather with michelle grossman. i would be remiss if i didn't mention where we were one week ago today. >> last week we were tracking the blizzard. today a quiet day, quiet
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weekend. we have a pretty quiet week ahead. a couple of days we're expecting rain but not snow. quiet this morning. partly cloudy skies. we have temperatures that are cold this morning. so if you're headed out early this morning dress for the 20s. feels like teens. 27 right now in philadelphia. 20 in mount pocono. 17 degrees in lancaster. 27 in millville. 27 in atlantic city. 28 degrees in wildwood, new jersey. factor in the winds it feels colder than that. 6 degrees in mount pocono. 9 in lancaster. 17 is what it feels like in philadelphia. the wind chill in millville 18 as well as dover and it feels like 17 in atlantic city. so for today enjoy it because we're planning on a quiet day. normal in terms of temperatures. chilly for, 41 degrees that's chilly but right on the money. 8:00 mostly sunny skies. by lunch time 37. by 4:00 partly sunny 40 degrees. near normal today. milder on sunday in the 50s and into the 60s during the work
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week. we'll talk more about that coming up. happening now part of i-95 southbound in bucks county is closed. state police are investigating an accident in cornwall heights. because of the closure southbound traffic has to get off of 95 at street road and then get back on atwood haven road. we have a crew at the accident scene. as soon as we have new video and information we'll pass it along to you. this morning a new castle man is on the run after police say he's their person of interest in a murder investigation. nbc 10 drew smith is live in new castle with more information about this person of interest than the victim in this case. >> reporter: good morning. police are still keeping an eye on this home. this is a quiet neighborhood. the crime scene tape is still up and police say their person of interest who they want to speak with lives here with his girlfriend. that man's name is gregory parker. neighbors told us he played in some professional basketball leagues and coached and said and he was nice guy. police want to speak to him
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about this killing of sean spence. police collected evidence all day yesterday. they arrived thursday night after a welfare check call. that's when they found the body. spence's brother arrived here on the scene and has a message for parker. >> turn yourself in, man. i mean he wasn't perfect. nobody worth killing. but turn yourself in. >> reporter: police say this was not a random act. they wouldn't release more details about a possible motive in this case. spence's family told us that he was beaten to death. live in new castle, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. this morning only nbc 10 has the video showing a stabbing attack that began with a dispute over bus fare and ended with a septa passenger in critical condition. we first told you about this stabbing as breaking news yesterday afternoon. this morning the attacker is still on the loose. take a look on the left side of
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your screen you can see the two men brawling. a business owner who didn't want to reveal his identity tells us the fight unfolded on the route 56 bus. a man boarded with an invalid bus pass. the driver pulled over in frankfurt and called police. other passengers got off except the victim. he told the man with the bad pass to get off the bus, stop holding everybody up. stabbing victim is expected to survive in this case. police are still looking for the attacker who simply walked away from the scene. today family and friends will hold a material forberry an a at her home in pottstown. the 18-year-old collapsed and died a week ago after shoveling snow outside of her house. the family said she was eight months pregnant and had a heart condition. authorities have not linked her death to shoveling. down the shore today several service organizations will be offering help to flood victims in the wildwood.
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high water from last week's blizzard swamped homes and streets and forced evacuations. american red cross, salvation army, the united way and various catholic charities are some of the groups offering aid. if you need assistance come to wildwood city hall today from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. the multiagency resource center is organizing the relief effort. on monday we are expecting to get new details on last year's deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia's port of richmond neighborhood. those details will come from the national transportation safety board. investigators have said that speed was a factor when the train jumped the tracks last may. the crash killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. in trenton last night firefighters pulled a person from a burning house, sky force 10 was over the scene. we learned the victim was flown to the hospital with serious injuries. investigators are now working to
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find out how the fires exactly started. now to an update on a new castle county cold case. a grand jury indicted two pennsylvania men in a 2013 murder for hire. this is ryan shover's mugshot. michael command is also charged. his body was found in wilmington in 2013. compelli was beaten to death. this morning a montgomery county man is facing charges after police tell us he was caught with child pornography. they confiscated videos and photographs from robert giuffrid a's home. he's charged with more than 100 counts of possession of child porn. from our sister station, a burks county facility being used as a federal immigration detention center is using its state license. the pennsylvania department of
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human services say it will not renew the license for the berks county residential center. according to the state holding immigrant children and adults is not consistent with facility's license as a child residential center. immigrant advocates are celebrating the decision. >> basically stating that the state of pennsylvania stands with our community and saying family detention is wrong. >> the facility's license expires on february 21st and advocates expect it will close on that day. there are only two other facilities similar to it in the country. it's unclear what will happen to the families staying there right now. next, a facebook crackdown. how the social media giant is tightening the rules to keep people from selling a dangerous item online. plus this -- >> the meals program last week did have to be cancelled. >> a local charity without heat. forced them to cancel some
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programs for kids in need. still ahead we'll tell you how they are doing right now. what they are doing to take matters into their own hands.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. it's a cold start. if you're headed out this morning we're in the 20s in most spot. feeling like teens and single digits in other spots. little breeze out there. we're dry. we'll have a dry weekend. mostly sunny to start out with and partly cloudy later this afternoon. here's a live look outside. overlooking center city from our adventure aquarium camera. in the 20s across the area. 26 in trenton, new jersey. 23 in kensington square. to the north and west temperatures mainly in the 20s, 25 in allentown, 23 in reading, 23 in blew bell, 17 degrees in lancaster. south and east temperatures mainly in the 20s. 27 at the atlantic city airport and 28 degrees in mount holly.
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winds are out of the northwest. that's a cool wind. we're looking at breezy conditions in some spots. winds anywhere from 5 up to 15 miles per hour. up to 13 in wildwood. that's giving us a wind chill of 6 degrees in mount pocono. feels like 9 in lancaster and feeling like 17 in philadelphia. today mixture of sun and clouds, 40 to 42 pretty close where we're supposed to be. 41 is normal. into the 50s on sunday and then into the 60s during your work week. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> runners get ready. monday you can begin registering for the lottery for blue cross broad street run. registration runs through february 12th. lottery selections are random so you'll have an equal chance no matter when you sign up. if you are not running you can watch the race live on may 1st right here on nbc 10. today former philly's ace cole hamel will host a pitching
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client. eem join other major leaguers in giving kids hitting, pitching, nutrition and mental toughness. proceeds will go to educational programs. the clinics run today and tomorrow at the maple zone sports institute in garnet valley, delaware county. 5:42 on this saturday. just about 26 degrees outside. the eagles sign up their third offensive player this week and the warriors steph curry is in town to face the sixers. find out what he thinks of the sixer rebuilding project. that's all coming up next in sports. and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®.
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no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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. we need to take care of the kids first and foremost. >> a broken boiler left some children in the cold in a charity in roxborough. northern children's services serve kids and women in need but now they've been forced to cancel some after programs. nbc 10 cydney long takes a look at the impact and the charity's
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unique approach to get the help that it needs. >> reporter: built in the 1920s the northern services of roxborough used to be an orphanage. today they serve dozens of poverty stricken women and young children around the clock, sometimes overnight with warm meals daily and after school care. >> our hope was that we could survive the winter on the repairs. >> reporter: but last week right before the major snowstorm an ageing boiler gave up for the last time. >> just spewing water. we had to turn it off immediately, turn the oil off immediately. and then evacuate everybody from the building. >> reporter: staff and underprivileged students had to be turned away for two days that left three of the main buildings on campus like an ice cube. they can't use the kitchen or heat the gym. >> the children are starting to be affected by it. you can't give good quality time with them when you have to shuffle them from one warm location to another. >> reporter: this is the
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administrative staff bundled in coats and scarves. >> for us a significant blow and then with the staff really needing to be able to do their jobs with adoption and foster care. >> reporter: president and ceo had hoped the ageing 50-year-old boilers would survive the winter. the nonprofit started go fund me page. >> ideally we would like to get a new boiler in the next two weeks but we've now are looking close to $200,000. >> reporter: they will also incur an asbesto containment. >> this morning five people are dead in an avalanche in western canada. the victims were snow mobiling yesterday in british columbia when a wall of snow hit them. crews say three separate groups of snow mobile were caught in the avalanche. some were rescued.
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officials say the avalanche was triggered by human activity and more incidents are possible after days of heavy rain and snow. in southern california authorities looking for two escaped inmates after a third turned himself in. their jail break was inside job. police arrested that third inmate yesterday. it's been a week since the three men broke out of the maximum security jail. authorities have also arrested this prison employee an english teacher they say who brought in maps showing images of the jail's rooftop that may have helped the men escape. according to the authorities teacher had a personal relationship with one of the inmates. >> that would obviously go beyond the student-teacher relationship we would expect. >> the inmates escaped by cutting through steel, climbing pass duct work and razor war an propelling to the ground using bedsheets. they are wanted for murder,
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mayhem and torture. a warning you may find some of this video in this next story disturbing. you're looking at a high-speed car chase in argentina. police are pursuing suspects in a stole engineer car in buenos aires. at one point the fleeing cars struck a mother and her infant daughter. the baby landed on the ground. the woman got caught onto hood of the car. incredibly the mother and child had just minor injuries. police eventually caught up to the suspects after authorities say they hit a parked car. facebook is cracking down on gun sales. the social media site is banning users from coordinating private sales of firearms. same goes for instagram. the spokesperson said the ban does not apply to licensed gun dealers for purchases completed off of facebook. talking sports now. the eagles are not in the super bowl. but there will still be plenty of partying next weekend and those planning to celebrate super bowl 50 plan to spend
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more. according to the national retail federation survey on super bowl spending. finds viewer and party goers will spend average of $82.19 on food, decor, team apparel and much more. that's up more than $4 from last year and the highest in survey's history. well we're waking up to a cold start. temperatures in the 20s. feeling like the teens. by this afternoon pretty close where we're supposed to be. then we'll warm up tomorrow and through the seven day. some days into the 60s. weather headlines on your saturday morning, seasonably chilly today. to the 40s. around 41 degrees. then by monday or by sunday, milder into the 50s, by monday, still in the 50s but eventually in the 60s during your work week. a weekend. pretty nice weekend overall. now 27 degrees we're looking at mostly clear skies winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. little breezy in some spots and
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one degree colder compared to this time yesterday in philadelphia. temperatures in the north and west mainly in the 20s. 20 in mount pocono. 25 in allentown. 17 in lancaster. 27 in philadelphia. south and east temperatures mainly in the 20s. 25 in glassboro. 27 in atlantic city 28 degrees in dover, delaware. factor in the winds, feels colder than it is. that gives us the wind chill and what it feels like. 9 in lancaster. wind chill in pottstown 16 feeling like 17 in philadelphia feels like 18 in millville, new jersey. winds out of the northwest straight from canada, cold air this morning. we're looking at winds up to 15 miles per hour, mount pocono, little breezy there. 13 miles per hour in wildwood and up to 9 in millville, new jersey. otherwise quiet this morning. mostly clear in philadelphia. we'll see mostly clear skies throughout the morning and partly cloudy later on this afternoon. mixture of sun and clouds this afternoon chilly bust right around normal.
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could be worse. remember last saturday? tonight cold night. temperatures dropping to 31 degrees in philadelphia and 20s north and west. not quite as cold as it is this morning. partly sunny skies on sunday if not mostly sunny and temperatures climbing into throw 50s. highs across the area. we're looking at the 30s mainly to the north and west. mount pocono 38 degrees in quaker town 38 reading and doylestown. along the coast temperatures mainly in the 40s, 42 in atlantic city. 41 in vineland. 40 this afternoon in chester, delaware. sunday forecast or chester, p.a. 42 degrees today. partly sunny skies. 53. that will feel good. monday chance of showers. clouds build in late also.
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58. tuesday mostly sunny mild. 53. wednesday this is the day we're watching. warm wind. shoot up to near 63 degrees. then thunderstorms. that will break the warmth. bring that back cold air by thursday. mostly sunny 48 and chilly on friday. partly sunny, 41. the eagles continue to lock up some key offensive players actually three this week. right tackle johnson has a new six year deal for $35 million guaranteed. not bad. he's now the highest paid right tackle in the nfl but will move to left tackle when jason peters is done and that could be after this season. lane has never missed a game due to injury. >> i like to get stuff down. i was happy when the deal came along. something you don't want to pass up. i want to be here the rest of my career. i got a lot of guys that are like my brothers.
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>> and one of his brothers has resigned to a three year deal. brent celek. he's fifth all time in birds history. only eagle who has been on the team longer his snapper. >> this is one of the greatest days in my life. to say i'll be a philadelphia eagle for slief a dream come true. my act called me the night of my birthday saying we got a deal done. i looked over at my wife. i was so excited. i probably had tears coming out of my eyes. >> take a look at who is in town here in philadelphia, arguably the most exciting at athlete in pro sports. yes it is steph curry. he's being around at the wells fargo center last night getting ready to play the 76ers. it will be a sold out wells fargo center. he went through three bad losing seasons when he came into the
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nba before golden state turned into a championship contender and he thinks the sixers can rebuild quicker than we think. >> it doesn't take much. it just takes, obviously, health, building through the draft and guys you have to build a core that you can grow around. >> take a look at this. a wanted an autograph from steph curry. what does doe? he hangs two clip words on wires from up above here where the warriors enter. so the kid got an autograph. steph curry played around. then he want ad video because this kid is so creative. now that we showed this. that's pretty cool. kid is a genius. i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend. the orders were rushing in.
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♪ this is a video from university delaware's police department is on the verge of going virtually. it's called "copline bling." it's a spoof of rapper drake's hotline bling. this version of the strong encourages to call police any time they need help. hey today a big event is happening at xfinity live in south philly specifically for beer lovers. winter fest kicks off at 2:00 this afternoon. you can sample 150 beers from 75 crack breweries. there will be live dj's, contests and warm up at fire pit, play games and win prizes. the time is 5:57 anthony saturday. 26 degrees outside. this morning police are looking
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for a person of interest after finding a man dead inside of a new castle county home. nbc 10 drew smith is live in the neighborhood following the investigation. drew? >> reporter: police are hoping clues from the neighbors and tips can help them track down that person of interest. we're also share reaction from people who knew the victim coming up. >> need layers this morning. temperatures are cold in the 20s. feels like the teens in a lot of spots. feels like 6 in mount pocono. a live look outside. a great day to be active. we'll be close to normal in terms of temperatures partly sunny skies and warmer for the rest of the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up.
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>> turn yourself in. >> the family of a murder victim had that message for the killer. this morning police in newscastle county have a person of interest in the man's death. a live report straight ahead. a septa bus stabbing sends a passenger to the hospital. only nbc 10 has the video showing an attack that started with a dispute over a bus fare. and ended with a passenger in critical condition. >> i didn't think i would have him back again. >>


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