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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> turn yourself in. >> the family of a murder victim had that message for the killer. this morning police in newscastle county have a person of interest in the man's death. a live report straight ahead. a septa bus stabbing sends a passenger to the hospital. only nbc 10 has the video showing an attack that started with a dispute over a bus fare. and ended with a passenger in critical condition. >> i didn't think i would have him back again. >> spca impersonators fake
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animal rescuers and pull off a hooift. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. we begin today with meteorologist michelle grossman. she's watching our weekend weather. good morning. >> not a bad forecast for the weekend we'll be quiet at least. chilly today but close to normal and warmer on sunday. let's take a look outdoors because we're dry this morning. breezy in some spots. mostly clear skies. temperatures mainly in the 20s, 26 in. 23 in allentown. 19 degrees in lancaster. 26 in atlantic city. 26 in millville. there's your cold start. you need the layers this morning. northwesterly flow that's giving us a breeze especially to north and west. 6 miles per hour in mount pocono. starting to dissipate. wind chills there colder than the actual air temperature. feels like 17 in philadelphia. feeling like 12 in mount pocono. feels like 11 this morning at
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lancaster and wind chill in atlantic city is just 17 degrees. so as you step out this morning you want to dress for the teens because that's what it feels like on your monday wear the layers. start that car earlier. planning the rest of your saturday plan on a dry one. by 7:00 we'll see -- this is not the right one. 35 by 7:00. that's right. then by later on this afternoon we're look at 41 degrees. normal for this time of the year later on sunday we'll pop into the 50s, 60s during the work week and tracking some rain. we'll do that in a few minutes. >> new this morning, parts of i-95 south in bucks county is closed. >> state police are investigating an accident in cornwall heights. people have to get off at state road and get back on atwood haven. that portion of 95 south is closed due an accident investigation. we have a crew on the way to
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the. as soon as we have some video and information we'll share it from our delaware bureau, police are looking for this person of interest in a murder case that left a community on edge and a family in mourning. drew smith is live in the neighborhood where this murder happened in new castle county. drew, fill us in on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. a police officer is still posted here at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in the mallard point area. they are looking for gregory parker. he lives in this home with his girlfriend but not been seen here since police arrived thursday night to find a body inside. sean spence who also goes by sean johnson was found what police would describe with significant physical injuries. investigators collected evidence inside the home all day yesterday. they want to ask gregory parker some questions he's a person of interest in this murder. neighbors told us he would walk around, talk with them and he coached basketball. police say this was not a random act but we don't know what the exact motive was.
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the victim's co-workers shared their reaction with us. >> i was like, wow, are you serious? it was a shock. it was a total shock. so i mean i know a lot of people out there and i gave my condolences to the family. he's a real special guy. >> police are actively looking for parker but have not found him yet. they are looking for tips from the hunt to try to track him down. in new castle i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. this morning only nbc 10 has video showing a stabbing attack that began with a dispute over bus fare on septa and ended with a passenger in critical condition. on the left side of your screen you can see the two men brawling. we'll show you that video in just a moment. this fight unfolded along the route 56 bus trip from northeast philadelphia to knight toup.
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the boa the man boarded with an invalid bus pass. passengers got off enseptember the victim. >> it happened so fast. oh, he stabbed me. and he said oh, he stabbed me. >> again here's that video of a portion of this attack, really the aftermath of it. you can see that the man simply walked away from the scene. again police are still looking for the attacker this morning. in other news on this saturday morning, philadelphia police are expected to make an arrest after two guns got inside ben lyfranklin high school yesterday. nbc 10 was there as police took teenagers in for questioning. right now the teens are not facing any charges. investigators tell us a group of kid started fighting near a stairwell inside the school. that's when a security guard heard a gun go off. >> my daughter usually go to
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lunch around 12:15. so she usually calls me around that time. she called me a little before and said there's a lockdown. i asked why. there was a shooting at the school. >> no one was hurt. police found one gun and a shell casing in the stairwell. a family dog is home again after his owners say a group of people stole him. they were impersonating the spca. brenda johnson has king the rottweiler back again. she claimed several people showed up at her door tuesday night claim took from the pennsylvania spca. they said they took the dog after threatening her with animal cruelty charges. this image shows king hanging by a chain around her neck. johnson said he was jumping. >> it's not right. whatever they did to me they will do it to other people and they really took advantage of us. >> nbc 10 spoke with the pennsylvania spca which helped
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bring king back home. other animal rescue groups tell us they did not threaten johnson they didn't have anything to do with this. no charges have filed but johnson tells us she plans to take some legal action. next, camping out for kicks. these folks are braving the frigid temperatures with hopes of landing some very cool sneakers. we'll tell you how much you have to spend for the limited edition. more campaign mud slinging a day boycotting the gop debate. donald trump was back at it targeting ted cruz. we'll hear how cruz is responding to donald's latest insult.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. . welcome back on this saturday morning. big difference come fired this time last week. last week we were tracking a blizzard. this weekend still quiet. today chilly. tomorrow milder into the 50s. live look outside. quiet this morning.
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mostly clear. off to a pretty cold start. temperatures mainly in the 20s. this is a live look from our adventure aquarium camera. five degrees colder than yesterday. three degrees colder in wilmington and dover and millville compared to 24 hours ago and degrees colder in atlantic city. that's mainly putting us in the 20s. 27 in northeast philadelphia. 24 in wrightstown. 26 in philadelphia. north and west in the low 20s. some spots in the teens. 17 in shenandoah as well as the teens in lancaster, 22 in pottstown, 23 degrees in mount pocono, 23 in doylestown. south and east temperatures in thor 20s. 26 at the atlantic city airport. 26 in millville and 27 in mount holly. factor in the wind and we're seeing a little bit of a breeze. it feels like the teens in philadelphia, feeling like just 12 in mount pocono, feels like 11 in lancaster and 17 is the wind chill in. up to 41 degrees later on this
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afternoon. milder on sunday. we'll have those numbers coming up. the cold temperatures aren't stopping these die-hard shoe lovers from camping out right now. they are waiting in line outside the store in center city to buy the new air jordan sneakers. they go for $650 a pair. one guy came down from connecticut for a chance to own them. >> i want to wear them. i want to have them. and potentially sell them in the future. because they will be worth more if i try sell them than retail. they will be worth double than the retail price. >> i need these. because they are limited. very limited. only certain cities got them. i need them. >> one guy has been in line since 8:00 a.m. yesterday waiting for the store to open at 8:00 a.m. today. next the pope's fiat rolls off the auction block. we'll tell you who bought it and for how much at the annual
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philadelphia auto show. a poisoned city. why a gap solution to flint's water crisis may not be the answer to the problem. is ♪
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. we have new information this morning in the flint michigan water crisis tests show that the filters given residents may not be effective against the levels of lead in the water. according to officials the filters only filter lead up to 150 parts per billion. the highest reading of lead has measured,000 parts per billion. the latest numbers prompted federal and state leaders to warn flint residents to get their water tested. we now know of more cases of
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the zika virus here in the u.s. two new cases have been confirmed in texas and illinois and that brings a total of 36 cases in 11 states and washington, d.c. the zika virus spread through mosquitoes. president obama and the president of brazil have discussed their concerns about the outbreak. right now brazil is seeing a wave of birth defects caused by the zika virus. six to eight people in pennsylvania have been tested for the virus but no cases have been confirmed. they were tested because they had traveled to an area affected by the virus. doctors tell us they are advising expectant mothers to use caution when they travel. >> i had somebody call me last week about a trip to cancun and my advice was if she could postpone it that would be the safest way to avoid any exposure during the pregnancy. >> active areas include mexico and parts of central and south america. homes in peru in the meantime are being fumigated after the
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first case of zika virus was discovered there. they are trying to wipe out mosquitos that spread the conspirators. victims bring got the, contracted the virus during a trip to venezuela. back here in our area officials in chester county say they got nearly two tons of prescription drugs off the streets just last year. the collection is tied to the county's drug dropbox program. police stations across chester county have secure boxes where folks can safely get rid of their prescription medications. officials belief the program helps fight the crisis of addiction to pain. now to decision 2016. hillary clinton's campaign says it wants the state department to release about two dozen emails from her private server that the department labelled as top secret. yesterday the state department released its latest batch of emails from clinton's home server when she was secretary of state. a spokesman for the democratic presidential candidate is questioning the secrecy of the
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messages. he is questioning the timing of the issue which is coming just days before the iowa caucuses. the polls now have hillary clinton tied with bernie sanders in iowa. vermont senator says that he won't make an issue of clinton's emails but he's right now calling her out for a fundraiser she held in philadelphia earlier this week. yesterday sanders slammed clinton for her ties to the financial industry. franklin square capital partners, an investment firm hosted the clinton fundraiser in philly. "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt asked clinton about the criticism in an exclusive one on one interview yesterday. >> we both have stood up to wall street. i stood up before most people stood up back when i was a senator. we both have plans. mine is more expansive, tougher, more effective, comprehensive. >> clinton told lester holt she's broad have a broad base of support across the country. in the republican race for the
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white house ted cruz is brushing off the latest result from donald trump. yesterday the billionaire businessman mocked crews's canadian birth calling him an anchor baby. the texas senator said trump is welcome to say whatever he wants. the iowa caucuses are set for monday. nbc 10 lauren mayk is in iowa for the caucus. look for her live report starting today on nbc 10 news at 11:00. you need the layers this morning. temperatures in the 20s. wind chills colder than that by this afternoon we'll be pretty close where we're supposed to be. 41 degrees that's the forecasted high later on this afternoon then we'll see temperatures climbing from there. weather headlines on your saturday morning. chilly today around 41. right on the money where we're supposed to be. milder on sunday in the low 50s and then 60s during your work week. that will come at a cost with thunderstorms and eventually
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cold weather returning. 26 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. five degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. little colder but pretty close to where we started out on friday morning, this morning another chance for refreezing onto roadways. just be careful. 23 degrees in ooun. 20 in mount pocono. 22 in pottstown. 27 in bensalem. looking at 20s, 26 in atlantic city, 27 in dover and 26 in millville, new jersey. there's your cold start. factor in the winds. feels colder than it is. wind chills in the teens. 12 degrees. feels like mount pocono wind chill, lancaster 11. feeling like 17 in philadelphia as well as atlantic city and millville and feels like 18 in dover, delaware. taking a look outdoors still dark this morning. we'll see the sun come up during the 7:00 hour. we'll see mostly sunny skies and then partly sunny skies in the afternoon. overall a nice day. future weather as we go throughout time.
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partly sunny this afternoon. around 41 degrees. temperature drop back down tonight. not quite as cold as it is this morning. still below freezing in philadelphia. drop down 31 degrees sunday morning and then into the 20s north and west. sunday afternoon milder than today. right around 53 degrees sunday afternoon. so about 12 degrees above what's typical. monday we'll see the clouds coming in later on monday and then eventually we'll see chance for showers on monday as well. today highs cross the region mainly in the 30s north and west. 40 in northeast philadelphia. south and east temperatures in the low 40s. then closer to the city we'll top out around 41 degrees in philadelphia. 41 that's your forecasted high. tomorrow 43. monday clouds come in later along with showers. 58. tuesday mostly sunny 53. wednesday 63. we could break a record. the record that day is 62. warm also, windy and
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thunderstorms later on in the afternoon that's followed by cold air and back in the 40s by friday. ahead, blizzard aftermath. we'll tell you who is stepping up today to help the victims of last week's flooding at the shore. plus when animals attack. this young boy is recovering after a rabid raccoon pounced on him. now officials have a warning for more residents in new jersey.
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. 6:24 and 26 degrees outside this saturday. this morning we're talking about the winners and losers on wall street. cnbc's michelle caruso-cabrera takes a look at this past week in business. >> mcdonald's and facebook wowed investors, amazon not so much. mcdonald's solid earnings giving investors a hunger for the festivity food giant stock. the addition of all day breakfast last october helped sales beat expectations. mcdonald's shares jumped to an all time high during the week. sometimes your best is not enough.
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amazon posted record quarterly profits but wall street was expecting even before. weak guidance for this quarter didn't help. amazon shares sank 10%. but the stock is up 80%. facebook posting its first billion profit for a single quarter along with strong gains and share of digital advertiser. chevron losing money for the first quarter since 2002 as oil prices remain near multiyear lows. the company says another 4,000 will be let go this year. u.s. economy showed less grow. just .7 of a percent. weaker consumer spending and business investment were the chief culprits for the slow down. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera, get all your business news on cnbc. septa's new west terminal at the 69th street transportation center is officially opened. officials cut the ribbon in upper darby marking the
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completion of several improvement projects. new state-of-the-art west terminal features reconstructed platform, a new track and road surfaces plus safety cameras. the $19 million project is part of step-'s rebuilding for the future program. this morning police are looking for a person of interest in a murder out of new castle county, delaware. this morning they are trying to track that person of interest down. nbc 10's drew smith is live with latest development. drew? >> reporter: police continue their search at this hour the family of the victim is also waiting for answers. you'll hear from them and why they are so confused as to why he was during that murder this week. >> you'll need the layers this morning. temperatures in the 20s. mid-to-upper 20s depending on where you are. great day to go skiing. looking at pocono mountains. today dry as we head throughout the day and temperatures topping out in the 30s. we'll talk more about the chilly air today and milder on sunday,
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warmer during the work week. we'll talk about that too coming up. patients across the country have spoken.
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. i really hope that whoever did this, they find him. >> this morning police in delaware are on the hunt for a person of interest wanted in a murder. the quiet new castle neighborhood a live report on the investigation is straight ahead. street fighting septa riders will explain what toledo these bare knuckle brawlers and how it escalated. >> a cold start to our weekend. but that soon change. we'll tell you when we get close to 60 in the first alert forecast. good morning welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 6:30 on this saturday. let's get the right our weekend weather now with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. have to get through some mornings in the 20s before we
6:30 am
get to 60. >> cold this morning. refreezing in some spots. wind chills in the teens in a lot of spots. we'll get to the 60s. tomorrowing nice into the low 50s. today we'll be pretty close to normal in the low 40s. live look outside waking up to mostly clear skies. partly cloudy by later on afternoon. overall quiet weekend a nice weekend for january. 23 degrees in allentown. 19 in lancaster. 26 in philadelphia. 26 in mill via. 27 in dover and 28 degrees in wildwood. factor in the winds i want feels colder than it. feels like 12 in mount pocono. wind chill in lancaster 11 degrees. feels like the teens in philadelphia, 17 what it feels like. feels like 14 in wilmington, delaware. as you head out this morning dress for teens. wear the layers. start the car earlier if you can. as you plan the rest of your saturday plan on mostly sunny skies and then more cloud cover in the afternoon we'll call it partly sunny.
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lunch time 27. by 4:00, 41 degrees. into the 50s on sunday. eventually into the 60s during the work week. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> this morning a new castle man is on the run after police say he's their person of interest in a murder investigation. nbc 10's drew smith is live in new castle county with more about this person of interest and the victim in this case. drew? >> reporter: police are still active weather working this case this morning. police are posted outside the home of gregory parker where he lived with his girlfriend. they are still holding the crime scene here because they hope they can find parker soon. he's wanted in connection with the death of sean spence who went by sean johnson. someone beat him to death. it's unwhat spence was doing inside this home. police found the body somebody called 911 asking for a welfare. we spoke with spence's brother
6:32 am
who is trying to figure out how this could have happened. >> family going through turmoil right now. i just came here trying to figure out -- i don't know what my brother was doing out here. i've never seen him out here or with this guy. >> that guy he's reto referring gregory parker. tipsters could be eligible for a reward for information. live in new castle i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. thanks for that, drew. this morning only nbc 10 has the video showing a stabbing attack that began with a dispute over bus fare and ended with a septa passenger in critical condition. we first told you about stabbing as breaking news yesterday afternoon. this the attacker is still on the loose. now as you can see in this video on the left side of your screen two men begin brawling. the fight unfolded on the route 56 bus from northeast
6:33 am
philadelphia. a man boarded the bus with an invalid bus pass. the driver pulled over in frankfurt and called police. other passengers got off except the victim who allegedly told the man with the bad pass to get off the bus and stop holding up the ride the stabbing victim is expected to survive in this case. in the meantime police are still looking for the attacker who simply walked way from that scene. today family and friends will hold a material for brianna at her home in pottstown. the 18-year-old collapsed and died a week ago after shoveling snow just outside of her house. the family has said she was eight months pregnant and had a heart condition. authorities have not linked her death to shoveling. there was a rescue in trenton last night. firefighters pulled a person from this burning house. sky sfo rs was over the scene on south clinton avenue. the victim was flown to injuries. investigators are now working to
6:34 am
find out how the fire started. we have a warning about rapid a coons in new jersey. a raccoon found in magnolia, camden county earlier this week have tested positive for rabb rehabilitarabies. that raccoon attacked a 6-year-old on his way to school in bergen county on wednesday. the animal jumped onto boy's back and began scratching and biting his face. the child has a number of cuts and wounds but he's out of the hospital and back home. a man who heard child's mother screaming for help ended up killing the animal. there is a final push to get 100,000 uninsured philadelphians to sign up for affordable health care coverage. the deadline is tomorrow, january 31st. philadelphia is one of 20 cities target by the obama administration. the city with the most sign ups win a visit by president obama. there are enrollment events coming up over the weekend here in our area. today and tomorrow sign up apartment methodist hospital
6:35 am
south philadelphia. in montgomery county, you'll find an independence blew cross mobile enrollment center on city avenue. that's happening today and tomorrow. be sure to bring all of your important information including your social security number, your address and, of course, any income information. from our sister station telemundo 62 immigration advocates are celebrating the decision to close a burks county detention center. the pennsylvania department of human services says it will not renew the license for the berks county residential center. according to officials holding immigrant children and adults there is not consistent with facility's license as a child residential center. immigrant advocates tell us it's about time. >> basically stating that the state of pennsylvania stands with our community and saying that family detention is wrong. >> the facility's license expires on february 21st and
6:36 am
advocates expect that facility will close on that very day. there are only two other facilities like it in the country. it's unclear what will happen to families staying there now. >> down the shore today several service organization will be offering help to flood victims in the wildwood. high water from last weekend's blizzard swamped homes and streets and forced evacuations. the american red cross, salvation army, united way and a number of catholic charities are some of the groups who are offering the aid. if you do need assistance you can go to the wildwood city hall today from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. the multiagency resource center is organize the relief effort. next, back in town. former philly cole hamels returns to the area to help future pitching stars. we'll explain what he's doing to pass on his knowledge of the game. ♪
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. this time last week we were tracking a blizzard, now we're just tracking some really nice weather this weekend, quiet today. quiet on sunday. and temperatures right around normal later on this afternoon, even warmer on sun. taking a look outdoors taking a look at the pocono mountains. go skiing, go sledding because we're looking at temperatures in the 30s later on this afternoon and looking at dry skies throughout the afternoon. the sun start domg up a little bit and we'll see mostly sunny skies and then partly cloudy later this afternoon. several degrees colder in mount pocono. five colder in philadelphia and four degrees colder in atlantic city compared to 24 hours. that's putting us in the low, mid-to-upper 20s. 20 in mount pocono. 23 in allentown.
6:40 am
26 in philadelphia. south and east mainly looking at mid-to-upper 20s. 26 in atlantic city. 27 in dover and 28 degrees in wildwood. so for today we're looking at sun and clouds. more sunshine in the morning and more clouds mixing in the afternoon. we'll top out around 41, 42 thi afternoon. 41 is normal for this time of year. tonight dropping back below freezing. be careful sunday morning. then into the 50s later on sunday eventually into the 60s later in the work week. today former philly's ace cole hamels will host his foundation's annual pitching clinic. hamel will join other major leaguers and pebts in giving kids tips on pitching, hitting, nutrition and mental toughness. proceeds will go educational proceeds in philadelphia and africa. clinics run today and tomorrow at the maple sports institute. runners get ready. monday you can begin registering
6:41 am
for the lottery for the blue cross broad street run. registration runs through february 12th. lottery selections are random so you will have an equal chance no matter when you sign up between now and the 12th. if you're not language to run watch the race live on may 1st right here on nbc 10. next a mother and her infant daughter get caught up in a high-speed car chase. we'll show you how this dramatic video all played out. plus a final resting place for david bowie. how his family will say good-bye to the rock legend.
6:42 am
6:43 am
. a warning you may find some of the new video here in this next story a little bit
6:44 am
disturbing. you're looking at a high-speed car chase in argentina yesterday. traffic cameras show police pursuing suspect in a stolen car in buenos aires. at one point the fleeing cars struck a mother and her daughter. the babied on the ground. the woman got caught onto hood of the car. incredibly the mother and child had only minor injuries. police eventually caught up to the suspects after authorities say they hit a parked car. back here in the u.s. in southern california authorities looking for two escaped inmates after a third turned himself in. the jail break was an inside job. police arrested that third inmate. it's been a week since three men broke out of a maximum security jail and stole this white van. authorities have also arrested the prison employee an english teacher who allegedly brought in maps showing images of the jail's roof tops that may have helped the men escape. according to investigators the teacher had a personal with one of the inmates. the men were in prison for
6:45 am
murder, mayhem and torture. it looks as if david bowie's final resting place will be the indonesian island of bali. the late rock legend wanted his ashes scattered in bali. bowie left most of his $100 million estate to his widow and two children. he died at the age of 69 after a battle with cancer. facebook is cracking down on gun sales. the social media site is banning users from coordinating private sales of firearms. same thing goes for instagram. a spokesperson says the ban does not apply to licensed gun dealers purchases that are completed off of facebook. on monday we're expecting to get new details on last year's deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. those details will come from national transportation safety board. investigators say speed was a fact orwhen the train jumped the tracks last may.
6:46 am
the crash killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. well, this familiar fiat was the star attraction at last night's auto black tie tailgate and auction. pope francis rode in the fiat during his visit to philadelphia. dealer michael chapman won the car with a bid of $82,000. the money will go the neuorology division. today the philadelphia auto show opens for a nine day run at the pennsylvania convention center. miss america 2016 will be there today to take photos and to sign autographs. it will be a nice day to head to the auto show or wherever you're headed. we're looking at a quiet weekend. today chilly but normal for this time of year. then we'll start to heat up throughout the week into the 60s as we head towards the middle of the week. weather headlines. hope you're having a good one. seasonally chilly today. off to a cold start. wind chills in the teen.
6:47 am
into the low 40s later on this afternoon. we'll keep it dry. that's the good news. milder on sunday into the low 50s and eventually hitting 63 degrees by later on this work week. right now 26 in philadelphia. ly clear skies. winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. five degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. anywhere five to eight degrees colder spoets compared to 24 hours degree. 23 in allentown. 26 degrees in atlantic city. so a pretty start to the day. nothing complain about this morning. we're not track blizzard. very quiet and starting to see these skies brighten and see them brighten as we head through the next half hour. temperatures mainly in the 20s to north and west. 20 in mount pocono. 23 in allentown. 26 in philadelphia. 26 in millville and 28 degrees in wildwood, new jersey. factor the winds being light this morning but still of 16 in pottstown. 12 in mount pocono.
6:48 am
17 in philadelphia. so we are feeling cold this morning. you need the layers us a head out. you could lose the scarf at least later on this afternoon. we're looking at low 40s. future weather partly sunny later this afternoon. chilly and cold tonight once again. we'll see temperatures dropping down back below freezing. not as cold this morning but still below freezing. watch out for icy tomorrow morning. milder on sunday into the low 50s. that's a nice ring to it. 53 trees and then as we head towards tuesday up to 48 trees. future weather monday we bring in more cloud, bring back the chance of showers. today a nice one. sun and clouds 40 to 43. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tonight dropping back to 31 in philadelphia, 24 north and west. a cold start once again on sunday before we warm know the 50s on sunday. 42 today. 53 on sunday. partly sunny skies. clouds increase. shower later. back in the low 50s tuesday still well above-normal.
6:49 am
mostly sunny. wednesday clouds in the forecast. windy. warm. could see a thunderstorm later. wednesday bringing in the cold air on thursday. mostly sunny 48 and cold one on friday partly sunny back to normal temperatures, 41. >> 6:49 on this saturday. minutes before the start of the "today" show. let's check in with erika hill and craig melvin. they join us from new york. good morning, guys. >> good morning, rosemary. coming up, all eyes on iowa just two days to go before the caucuses. hillary clinton's emails are the focus this after 22 were deemed to be top secret. how could that affect monday's caucus? we'll be live in des moines. >> we got the latest onto case of a man who is featured in "making a murderer." steven avery's lawyers could help to free him. >> the high energy sport of drone racing. we'll take you inside a new competition that has a lot of
6:50 am
folks talking. >> and dylan is rolling with the pros at the bowling alley. we'll have those stories and much more. sorry i couldn't hear you when you were coming to us. >> i figured you were tweeting or doing something. we all got them up we understand, erika. we'll see you twice at 7:00. >> it really was a script. i promise. >> let's talk about super bowl now. okay. we know eagles aren't in it but i'm sure plenty of people will be partying next weekend and be spending. according to a new survey that's out, national retail federation survey on super bowl spending. viewers and party goers will spend an average of 82 bucks and 19 cents on food, decor, team awell and much more. that's up dollars 4 from last year. the highest in the survey's history. san francisco is ready for is
6:51 am
super bowl crowd. thousands will gather in super bowl city for a night filled with fireworks and festivities. main location will have concerts, food, interactive fun for the family while nfl experience allows fans to see if they are as fast as their favorite players. take a look. >> the eagles continue to lock up skie offensive players, actually three this week. right tackle johnson has a new six year deal. lane is the highest paid right tackle in the nfl but probably going to move to left tackle when jason pet serious done and that could be after this coming season. lane has never missed a game due to injury. >> i like to get stuff done early and get locked in. i was happy when the deal came along. something you don't want to pass up. i want to be here the rest of my career. i got a lot of guys are like my brothers. >> and one of his brothers has
6:52 am
resigned to a three year deal. brent celek. he's fifth all time in birds history in reception. >> this is one of the greatest days of my life to be able to say that i'm going a philadelphia eagle for life is a dream come true. my agent called me the night of my birthday and said, you know, we got a deal done. and, you know, i looked over at my wife. i was so excited. i probably had tears coming out of my eyes. >> and take a look at who is in town here in philadelphia. arguably the most exciting athlete in pro sports right now, yes, it is steph curry. he's shooting around at the wells fargo center last night getting ready to play the sixers tonight. he's the nba's leading score. out wells fargo center. he went through three bad losing seasons he came into the nba before golden state turned into
6:53 am
a championship contender and he thinks the sixers can rebuild quicker than we all think. >> it doesn't take much. just takes obviously health, building through the draft and guys that you have to build a core that you can grow around. >> take a look at this. a kid wants an autograph from steph curry. doesn't have access. what does doe? he hangs two clip boards on wires from up above here where the warriors enter. that's a jersey and a clipboard with a "sports illustrated" steph curry interview. then curry wants some video because this kid is so creative. now that we showed this, take a look. that's pretty cool. steph curry is a good guy for stopping to sign. i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend.
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♪ have you seen this kind of video from a police department. this is great. this comes from the university of delaware police department. the school post this song, "cop line bling."
6:57 am
it's a spoof of drake's hotline bling. this song, this version of the song encourages students to call police any time they need help. that's awesome. >> they are into it. >> they are really good. >> yes i would not look like that if i was doing it. so important to hear that message. >> weather awesome compared to this time last week. look outside. starting to brighten up. a little breezy. it's cold so you need the layers. you need the heat. 27 in philadelphia. 21 in allentown 18 degrees in lancaster. 4 in atlantic city. by this afternoon 42. pretty close to normal for this time of year. by sun 53. 58 on monday. may see a late shower and in the 60s by wednesday. >> that will do it for us now. "today" show is coming up and then michelle and i will see you back here at 9:00 for a full hour of. have a good one.
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good morning. top secret surprise. a bombshell dropped in the days before the iowa caucus. the clinton campaign scrambling after 22 e-mails on her server were deemed top secret. >> there was never information sent or received marked classified to me. >> republican rivals pounce. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief. >> this is getting more serious. >> are these e-mails a game changer? we are live in iowa. new evidence? the lawyer for stephen avery, the sub of the series "making a murderer" says she can prove her client's


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